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- A 15 year old boy or a 35 year old Lesbian?

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Man Arrogantly Parks His Brand-New Corvette In A Disabled Spot, So A Father Comes Up With A Brilliant Act Of Petty Revenge

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@wingridershonda with some original content! Go follow them! #cr500af #cr250 #hondasonly #prohonda#dirtbikes#cr500af #cr250#crfs#oldschool#dmforpost - @pro.honda on Instagram

iCarlee-hee | Michael Jackson

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My plan: Step 1 -take care of booboo Step 2 -UFC champion - @anjurew on Instagram


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Scammer ‘Sells’ This Disabled Woman A PS5 For $450 And Never Sends It, So She Decides To Mess Up His Life

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60 people whose great sense of humor outshines their disability or illness


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Do you remember where you were 6 mos. ago? On 3/12/20, my mom & I busted out our compression socks & embarked on a trip of a lifetime, what we refer to as “our casual overnighter to Argentina”. The final destination was Antartica. We made it to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the 🌍 , where we got authentic malbec, paella, ♥️ palpitations & a side of anxiety. 2 hrs after we got to our hotel, the man who arranged our trip told us we had to go home. Our return flights, scheduled for 2 weeks in the future, were cancelled & they were closing the borders. We quickly scrambled to get flights home, but spotty internet & no habla Espanol meant we go to the airport 1st thing in the am. We got the last seats on a flight from Ushuaia-Buenos Aires & direct from BA- LAX w. a 10 hr layover. During our layover in BA, I applied acupressure beads on weary travelers. The beads help reduce stress & anxiety. Natural Xanax, if you will. I’d brought them to alleviate seasickness. Little did I know how handy they’d be. 72 hours & 14K miles after we departed LAX, we arrived back at LAX. We sailed through Global Entry w. no additional precautions like temperature checks ~1 hour. The following day I drove my mom back to Sacramento, w. the intention of staying a week. That was 3/16/20. Through it all we maintained a good outlook. #mindsetmatters I’ve moved 3 times this YEAR (Yes in 2020). I lived in the same place in NYC for 10 years & my first apartment in LA for 2. Moving is 1 of the most stressful things a person can do. Something is pushing me, however grueling &uncomfortable. I’ll go w. the flow instead of fighting against it I’m not where I thought I would be, but I wouldn’t change it for the world I’m grateful for the invaluable foundation of diet & lifestyle habits I’ve learned, formed & relied on Everything is funny if you wait long enough, some things are funny right away (thank you @rebeccalrobinson) Everything is figureoutable (thank you @marieforleo) As the great prophet, Ferris Bueller claimed in the 1986 hit “Life moves pretty fast. If you dont stop &look around once in a while, you could miss it” How do you stay calm in stressful situations? - @msshanarobinson on Instagram

I Am A Disabled Artist And I Paint Fairies Using My iPad (5 Pics)

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A brand new graphic novel in this fresh and fun series spin-off of The Baby-sitters Club, featuring Kristy’s little stepsister! #babysittersclub #scholastic #scholasticaustralia #books #childrensbooks #childrenspublishing #booklovers #bookworm #bookstagram #instabook - @scholastic_au on Instagram

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- Me and my tricycle. 1962

our time now build a country where all of us can thrive thriving thrive wheel chair

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Happy first day of summer! Hoping the sun comes out one day soon. #summer #summer2019 #june #junegloom #california #losangeles #music - @eddievanhalen on Instagram

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Accessibility for all 🔥 Please be mindful 🧡 Too many times these fun scooters get left in inconvenient spots. Also if you can always make sure sidewalks are clear ✨ - @mypinehills on Instagram

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- German boys at a gumball machine, 1955 [620 x 620]

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The only lockdown blues are the skies above! Hooning the meanstreets of Sandringham, stopping for a photo opp with @jacindaardern .. double thumbs-up from me! #sandringham #mtalbert #jacindaardern #nzprimeminister @nzlabour - @toptui on Instagram

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- And I run for all lives which matter... HolUp

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Finally many colors of Luxus back available! COVID-19 delayed a lot of our production, now it is finally getting better - for now. #einrad #einräder #Luxus #Farbe #wiederda #backinstock #uni #learner #einsteiger #youcandoit #challengeyourself #challenge #trainer #quax - @quaxunicycles on Instagram

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you bleed faster and harder then any girl Ive ever meet blood centers never disappoint - @connor_henryoffical on Instagram

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#ProstateCancerAwarenessMonth on the new #CancerCare podcast presented by AZCCC. #radiationoncologist Dr. Justin Famoso shares thoughts on early symptoms of #prostatecancer, diagnosis, options, and what patients can expect before and after #cancertreatment along with a new clinical trial for prostate cancer from AZCCC. Listen now on the YouTube page of Arizona Center for Cancer Care. Please share with your friends and loved ones to raise more #prostatecancerawareness! #radiation #radiationoncology - @arizonacenterforcancercare on Instagram

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Target and The Walt Disney Company have collaborated on an exciting range of accessible costumes so that children with disabilities can join in on all of the dress-up fun too! Over the years, Target have introduced many children’s costumes that are sensory friendly and adaptive. It’s so exciting to see how they continue to work to put smiles on everyone’s faces by helping to make more activities inclusive to all children, no matter their disability ❤️ #DisabilityPride #WaltDisney - @parapride.world on Instagram

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You will make smiles like these happen when you buy a #SmileCookie from September 14-20. Opportunities to do things like attend summer camp or join a sports team are far and few between for youth living with disabilities. Rehabilitation Centre for Childrens LIFE Program fills that void, offering meaningful recreation for all abilities. The full $1 from every Smile Cookie you buy from Winnipeg Tim Hortons will help support the LIFE Program, so youth like Brandon can have fun and create lasting memories. - @childrensrehab on Instagram


‘What if... who hasn’t ever wondered. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Of course I have asked myself this question several times, especially with regard to my disease and my life course. After all, what is the possibility of falling ill woth ALS at the age of 17 and being in a wheelchair from the age of 20. What would my life look like today if it hadn’t turned out this way?’ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo and words by: @bibi_wheelchair_traveller ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Read the full caption at @bibi_wheelchair_traveller ‘s account ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #realtravelwomen #travel #thetravelwomen #womenwhotravel #womentravel #travelwomen #cannonbeach #Oregoncoast #travelUSA #wearebeautiful #sheisnotlost #traveling #women #wanderlust #instagood #travelgram #explore #adventure #instatravel #travels #traveler #traveltheworld #beautiful #diversity #love - @realtravelwomen on Instagram

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Tuesdays are for skating! Join our crew on Letna skating circle every week, 6pm! Cant wait to see you rolling with us ☀️ #rollerdiscoprague #rollerskates #prague #rollergirls #brusle #trekovebrusle #praha #letna #rollerdance #rollerdisco Art by @janajaro_ - @roller_disco_prague on Instagram

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- In response to the Big Wheel.. I bring you the Green Machine.

KONKURRENCE NR. 2⭐️ VIND det populære Scoot and Ride løbehjul🛴 Alt du skal gøre for at deltage er at skrive hvem der skal forkæles med det seje løbehjul og følge @magasindunord_kids her på instagram⭐️ Tag meget gerne en eller flere, som også skal have muligheden for at vinde ~ og så vil vi ELSKE, hvis i vil dele konkurrencen🤩👏🏼 Vinderen findes søndag d. 4. Oktober⭐️ HELD OG LYKKE⭐️ (Konkurrencen er ikke i samarbejde med instagram) - @magasindunord_kids on Instagram


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Happy Birthday unserer lieben Jeannine Gaspár! 🥳🥳🥳 ​. ​Foto: ARD / Christof Arnold ​. ​. ​. ​#sturmderliebe #sdl #ard #jeanninegaspar #vanessasonnbichler #birthday #birthdaygirl #happybirthday #geburtstag #allesgute #herzlichenglückwunsch @jeannine.gaspar - @sturm_der_liebe on Instagram

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🙌 Meet the Viggos 🙌 Mød Dina - en af vores kvindelige chauffører i Viggo: Det giver mig en tilfredsstillelse at vide, at kunden har været glad - og jeg oplever, at jeg kører med mange af de samme igen og igen. I Viggo er vi kæmpe fans af Dina, som er en af vores erfarne chauffører. Hun har kørt som chauffør gennem hele Europa adskillige gange, inden hun startede med at køre Viggo - og så elsker hun elbiler 🚕🔌 Dina kunne også måske godt tænke sig en dag at blive vognkvinde - og så er hun bare helt fantastisk til at give en service, som alle hendes passagerer elsker. Vi skal have flere kvinder ind i transportbranchen - og vi synes, at Dina uden tvivl er et virkelig godt forbillede 🙋🏻‍♀️ #viggotogether #viggo #kvinderitransportbranchen #womeninmobility - @viggo_dk on Instagram

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The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (@UAMShealth) hosts a free Move for PD class for people with #Parkinsons. The one-hour classes are held twice a week and incorporate 30 minutes of PWR!Moves® movements to aide in mobility, along with 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training. ⠀ ⠀ Susan, 72, has been living with Parkinson’s for almost seven years. She is a #hospice physician who continues to work part time, so she knows the benefit of regular exercise for everyone. She was already exercising by playing #pickleball several times a week when she started attending the Parkinson’s Wellness Recover (PWR!) Moves® classes at the UAMS Donald W. Reynold’s Institute on Aging Ottenheimer Therapy and Fitness Center in summer 2019. “The exercises in the Parkinsons program were different,” Susan said. “They were things that really were specific to #ParkinsonsDisease. For me, that was mostly balance. #Balance has been something really important for me to work on.”⠀ ⠀ Susan enjoys the social aspect of the classes, which are her main source of interaction with other people with Parkinson’s. She also likes that the instructor and #physicaltherapist provide the rationale behind what the #exercises target and why they work. “I think exercising, now with the help of the PWR! Moves classes, has really helped slow the progression of my disease.”⠀ ⠀ UAMS hopes stories like Susan’s #motivate others with Parkinson’s to join the program. Plans are underway to study the impacts of this #exercise program on individuals with Parkinson’s disease, specifically, how exercise affects physical and cognitive performance. There are also preliminary plans to bring this type of exercise to participants in a home environment when travel or distance to travel are barriers.⠀ ⠀ #Community #CommunityGrants #Together4PD @uarkansas #arkansas #littlerock - @parkinsondotorg on Instagram

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Congrats to @emergingmindsest Services for becoming the first clinic in Ottawa, Canada, to earn the Certified Autism Center™ designation! The team received advanced autism training and certification. In addition, some members also earned telepractice certifications from IBCCES. Learn more in link in our bio @ibcces #autismsupport #autismawareness #ottawa #teletherapy - @ibcces on Instagram

- Cant hold us down...

- Eletric bike


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- Drunvalo Melchizedek

- I like to think breaking my back has its advantages...

- Aboriginal Education in Canada

- Post officers on their brand new Autopeds scooters, 1917.

- 2014 National Play Therapy Week February 2-8

- Robotics in Healthcare

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🎙 Speech 🎙 I promise that I will make it my mission to fight for equality. I believe education is a main tool to fighting inequality. That’s why I will change the curriculum to teach about the struggles that women and minorities face, including micro aggressions, in Britain because as a society we need to understand the injustices people face in their day to day life. I will also include minority and women’s history in the curriculum in an attempt to make a fairer, better Britain. There is too much casual bigotry in our education system so I will make sure that teachers will be trained to recognise subtle bigotry and punish accordingly. In addition to this there will also be harsher punishments for bigoted teachers. Many members of the LGBTQ+ community receive little to none sex education. This is totally unacceptable and we will include homosexual relationships in sex education. Minorities and women are constantly treated differently for who they are and this will be the first step to changing that. Education is a human right and that is why I will abolish tuition fees. Nobody should have better access to education simply because they have more money than someone else. We must fight for a more equal society and this includes education. Everyone should have access to the same level of education regardless of their financial situation. [226 Words] - @barbarakeeleyukmg on Instagram

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- My friend took this photo of an airport security attendant (somewhere in America)

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Starting September off with an intention setting practice tomorrow for @ethelsclub members. Join me! Send me a DM if you’re interested in their online social & wellness community for BIPOC.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #meditation #guidedmeditation #intentionalliving #intentionsetting #september #newmewhodis #manifestation #manifestingmindset #meditationpractice #meditatedaily #meditacion #community #bipoc #afrolatina #afrocaribbean #ethelsclub #communityovercompetition #communitylove - @ritualwerk on Instagram

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- This handicapped sign is broken in a way that it suits my disability.

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riding bikes together while the weather is still nice 👨‍🦱🚲❤️🚲👩🏻 this is another editorial illustration in response to @washingtonposts recent article about the unexpected ways the pandemic is bringing us closer romantically 💖📰 • • • • • #editorialart #editorialillustrator #editorialillustrations #illustrationhowl #yumeillustrations #alltheseillustrations #illustrationdigital #ipadproartist #illustree #ballpitmag #creativeboom #wrapmagazine #dailydesignpick #contemporaryillustration #visualsnack #tdkpeepshow #socfeature #illustrationnow #editorialillustration #itsnicethat #procreateillustration #illustrationoftheday #illustrate #thedesigntip #illustration_daily #illustrateddoris #theillustrationroom #behance #illustratie #quarantineartclub - @jonhanlan on Instagram

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Meet our VBF Global Ambassador of the week, Mikaela Battaglia ‼️ @m_battaglia96 The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation Global Ambassadors are here to spread awareness in the vascular birthmark community ♥️ Our program is making some big moves in the upcoming weeks. To get more involved, please join us on a zoom call, Sunday, Sept 27 @ 12pm EST. 📅 (msg me for the zoom login info) 🔴 If you haven’t registered, please - visit www.birthmark.org/ambassador Check out more about Mikaela here: https://birthmark.org/ambassador/mikaela-battaglia/ @vbirthmarks - @vbf_global_ambassadors on Instagram


Huge thank you to @patriotledger for helping tell the story of NVNA and Hospice’s 100-year history! Click the link in our bio for the article. We’ve spent 100 years caring for the people in this amazing community, and we’re looking forward to another 100 more.⁣ ⁣ #nvnaandhospice #nvna #the12 #nonprofit #fundraising #charity #charitableevent #2020 #dinnerparty #patroche #patrochehospicehome #turkeyhill #hingham #norwell #southshore #massachusetts #the12event #02043 #02061 #homecare #100 #100years #patriotledger - @nvnaandhospice on Instagram

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Last week, Team Cleveland practiced for the Cyborg Olympics in our Center! Mark and his team will be competing in the Cyborg Olympics in Switzerland this May. Mark is completely paralyzed from the waist down. With the help of technology, electrodes send pulses of electricity into his leg muscles, which allow him to pedal the bike. Good luck to Team Cleveland - we’ll be cheering for you!🏅 - @cleconventions on Instagram

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- When this 90 yr old vet started to stand up the President leaned in and told him he didnt have to stand. This patriot stood, saying, No Sir, youre the President

- Global Warming

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TODAY is your chance to #BeAVoter - @stocktonvotes on Instagram

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👏YOU DID IT!👏 Back in the spring we asked you to support #GivingTuesdayNow so we could give Jenna a new bike. Your donations allowed us to give her a specialized handcycle tricycle for a summer full of bike rides. Thank you for giving Jenna freedom and joy! - @childrensrehab on Instagram

Learning remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 13-year-old Sage Lappas noticed a problem when she would go for walks around her neighborhood: trash (now accompanied with masks and gloves) were lining the streets of the place she called home. She began picking up the litter herself, but then she decided to take action. Lappas started ‘Adopt-A-Block,’ which allows residents in the Downtown area to pick streets that they can maintain throughout the summer. Click the link in the bio to read more about Lappas’ work. - @jerseycitytimes on Instagram

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Washington DC. Our last family vacation! - @malbidecor on Instagram

- Best Pins From The World ♡♡

Gabby spent the last 9.5 months in the Canandaigua office with us and was officially cleared today! Best of luck this spring season! #brownstonedifference - @brownstonephysicaltherapy on Instagram

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Riding Low in the Mile High City! #adultbigwheels #denver #bigwheels #highrollerusa - @highrollerusa on Instagram

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- 6 Funniest Movie Moments That Were Unscripted

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Primera copa del mundo en Pisa, Italia para Hugo Alderete, representante de la selección adaptada argentina. Finalizó 19 ° en el máximo nivel #esgrimaadaptada #fencing - @esgrima.adaptada.arg on Instagram

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Yes, that is the one and only @bensollee with a cello strapped to a bike! Bike enthusiasts of Davis (and beyond)--join us for a FREE community bike ride with touring singer/songwriter, cellist, and bike activist Ben Sollee! The bike fun starts at 1pm meeting at @kens_bsb and ending at @sudwerkbrew for some food truck, short film screening, and maybe some live music! Full show tonight at Vets Memorial Theatre with tix available online (link in bio). Doors at 7, opening acts at 7:30, followed by Ben Sollee & Kentucky Native - @davislivemusic on Instagram

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The Red Cross has an emergency blood shortage! Please help if you can! #americanredcross #savealife #proudmom #summerfun - @lauriestern on Instagram

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- @kill_._._fish on Instagram

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a DRAW THIS IN YOUR STYLE challenge 🤧 - this illustration became my first physical print and so I thought it’ll be pretty cool for it to also be the illustration for my first ever #dtiys super stoked and can’t wait to see one of my favourite pieces to date in all of your own unique styles! Rules: 🤧 Like, Follow and Share this post! (i wanna know who’s participating !!) 🤧 Draw this illustration in your own style. Feel free to change anything (it just has to have someone wearing a pair of headphones connected to a heart) 🤧 Post my original artwork on the second slide 🤧 Use the hashtags #idrewstyeguy and #dtiyschallenge in the post description 🤧 Tag and mention me on your post (both in the illustration and the description) so I get notified. I don’t wanna miss anyone !! - I’ll be reposting EVERY entry in my stories and story highlight-ing my favourites no deadlines cos I know some of yall are just the best procrastinators but don’t keep me waiting lah - aight, that’s all. till then, stay warm yall. - @styeguy on Instagram

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- Juan Manuel Correa visits the site of last years crash with Anthoine Hubert

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Being able to delegate housecleaning is both a luxury and a necessity. I hate to imagine the state of my home if I didn’t have my house cleaners visiting every 2 weeks. Such a help. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #nationalday #nationaldays #nationalholidays #nationaldaycalendar #celebration #celebrate #celebratetoday #holiday #party #seizetheday #seesthisday #everydayisaholiday #celebrateeveryday #carpediem #itsaday #calendar #whatstoday #whatdayisit #celebratenationaldays #celebrateeveryday #instadaily #nationalprofessionalhousecleanersday #professionalhousecleanersday #housecleaners #doingthelordswork - @seesthisday on Instagram

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