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- Badminton Teaching

the fish just straight vibin

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- Cursed_planecrash

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- am i supposed to know what this means?

Da Canyon Baby Animation | paco.peace #animation #tiktokanimator


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- Bike


🖤 be Faana Mohabbat ka Anjaam

from illness to solidarity illness solidarity fist justice

- Sounds about right

Anime boy (oc )

group holidays for disabled people

Spending time in China with Takeo Suzuki from @UTCGlobal discussing the fantastic undergraduate and graduate programs in the @UTCRollinsCOB #Day1 #Shanghai #UTCGlobal #UTCRollinsCOB - @utcbizdean on Instagram

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Do it for you! 😎🏠 - @britneetanner on Instagram

ꕤ᳕҇ⵓ❗; — ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ʀᴇᴘᴏsᴛ. 驥👻ᩡ

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- Good things happened this year

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- Very blursed karen


Puede q este un poco inactiva pero bueno:)

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- Lola attended Sunday mass online. Ako na lang nag-volunteer sa pag-collect ng offertory.

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Real feels - @cambeducation on Instagram

The sweetest wedding speech ever? This little boy’s words will melt your heart 🥺❤️

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- #Ruthkanda

iCarlee-hee | Michael Jackson

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- Had to share the speech with my mini troll in hopes to strengthen her inner self worth. I know mine isnt all it is cracked up to be.

¿Cómo funciona el psicoanálisis?

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✅ Regelmäßiges Training ist wichtig für Dein Immunsystem. Nach fast 3 Monaten Corona-Lockdown solltest Du daher unbedingt wieder ins Training einsteigen. 🙆‍♂️👟 Wie Dir das am besten gelingt, liest Du in unserem Blog. 🖋️ #immunsystem #corona #stayfit #health #böblingen #gesundheit #trainingnachcorona #wiedereinstieg #stayhealthy #immunityboost https://bit.ly/3dZvTnc - @impuls_essenz on Instagram

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- Facts

Scammer ‘Sells’ This Disabled Woman A PS5 For $450 And Never Sends It, So She Decides To Mess Up His Life

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- Mom and Dad were wrong.

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We are proud to announce that Crane 2-IN-1 Warm Mist Humidifier and Personal Steam Inhaler are one of the best humidifiers by experts! This unit converts as a Personal Inhaler which can be used for relieving congestion caused by colds or flu, throat irritation, and stuffy nose. Its perfect for preventing getting sick and will help keep virus transmission at bay. Get this for P4,999.75 Inquire now! - @crane_ph on Instagram


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- The inhibitor chip!


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New year, new bikes 😂 . . @brapmode . . . . #motofam #kawasaki #motorcyclememes #newmotorcycle #chicksthatride #bikelife #supersport #motogp #motorsport #powersport #brapmode #dirtbikes #streetbikes #sportbike #motorcyclecrash #cbr1000rr #yamahar1 #yamahar6 #r1 #fz07 #ducati #motorcycles #motocross #supermoto #ktm690 #2wheelslovers #tesla #superduke #motorcyclemafia #kawasakininja - @accessories.international on Instagram


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- we use advanced machine learning to detect adult content

ADHD and The Struggle with Food

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- Best Exercise Bike


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- Really?

Angela | Stranger Things | Pfp

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- Thanks Republicans!

neurodiversity autism awareness autism autistic people with autism

- Funny Baby Shower Gifts


- Scute

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she said “hold up wait a minute” 😭😭😭😭 • your time is invaluable! you can never get it back. • trading time for money isn’t the only option though 👀😏 • out here we trade our value & the learning of a skill set for money. 🤑 • tag somebody you know at work like this below 👇🏽 - @leavona_ on Instagram

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- Meirl

autismawareness autism awareness day world autism awareness day autism autistic

- Victoria Pendleton

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- Ride on Toys

our time now make this place where everyone can thrive disabled disability blind

- Harper needs this

i think you shouldnt laugh at people with disabilities phil collins south park s4e4 e404

- Same

our time now build a country where all of us can thrive thriving thrive wheel chair

- Maternal and child products

autismawareness autism awareness day julievangrol world autism awareness day autism

- How to Begin Your Career as a Peeping Tom of the Elderly

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- Three wheel bicycle

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- Sad to report that the alternative route was a lot less raunchy than I was led to believe

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- Laughing for 20 mins

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- Metro Station

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Thank you FITREC for this amazing recognition and for the ongoing support of my work. Only a few professionals reach this milestone and I am humbled and very grateful. In Wellness, because it’s inclusive by nature of mental, physical and emotional health (not just one) it can be hard to find an appropriate industry organisation where ones’ skills can be accurately supported and seen. I feel very much at home with FITREC. Thank you. ❤️🙏 Posted @withregram • @fitrec_org CONGRATULATIONS, @flicmanning of @corethentic, for becoming one of Australias few 300 Rated fitness professionals. The current average rating across all FITREC professionals is 111, proving that Flic is unquestionably among the elite in our industry. Were proud to support her in her fitness career. You can view her FITREC Profile via the link in our bio. Professionals are the heart of our industry but for too long have been too broadly categorised. By contrast, the FITREC rating shows that every professional is an individual. The industry has changed. So has registration. Join FITREC today at fitrec.org #fitrec #fitrecorg #wellness #fitnessprofessional #wellnesscoach #selfcare #holisticpractitioner #femaleceo #femalefitness #fitnessentrepreneur #wellnessentrepreneuer #meditationprofessional - @flicmanning on Instagram

what the hell does that mean wth disabled music insulting confused

- bike

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- Origami airplane

diversability disability justice disabled wheelchair handicapped

- Ann Carrington is 1!

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- Boyinaband dropped some hints about that cease and desist letter were so eager for Felix to make a video on

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- gadgets✓

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- I think that the designers brain should be inside there

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- The Google reviews for Barrack Obama Plaza in Moneygall are a good laugh if you have some time to kill

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- Imagine being so opposed to helping others you had to be threatened at gunpoint to do it.

im disabled disabled help me

- Blursed_forbiddenknowledge

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- Saucy bastards!

funny walk walk zombie walk

- Baby Strollers

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Grundlehrgang Trainer C Leistungssport - MTB/Rennsport in Albstadt mit @jan.paffhausen 💪🏼🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️ • • • #wrsv #rennrad #rennsport #mtb #albstadt #cyclinglife #0711 #stuttgart #passion #enthusiast - @wrsv_0711 on Instagram

disabled im out

🧠📓🍎🙋🏻‍♀️✏️🥽 - @heyjaredhey on Instagram

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Do you know how well your brand is doing? What is the overall sentiment surrounding your products and services? Is there anything your clients and customers are not pleased with? These are all important questions that every brand should be asking. Engaging in social listening can help you actively track, analyze, and engage in conversations that are relevant to your brand.⁣ ⁣ The goal is to gain valuable insight to understand how people feel about your brand and how you stack up against your competitors. This insight provides opportunities for you to fix issues in real-time before they get out of control. ⁣ ⁣ Assess your brand’s health: Is it positive or negative?⁣ Industry insights: Find trends, pain points, or identity what consumers are asking for.⁣ Competitive analysis: How do you measure up? Are they doing better or poorly?⁣ ⁣ Engaging with your customers is essential. No one wants to feel ignored or deal with a negative experience and people often take to venting their frustrations out online. Brands that fail to address issues that arise promptly can risk negative consequences.⁣ ⁣ Where to listen online⁣ You should really be listening everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, or Quora. To start listening make a list of:⁣ ⁣ •Your brand name and all handles you use⁣ •Keywords that are relevant to your brand and industry⁣ •Competitors brand names and handles⁣ •Relevant product names⁣ •Slogans , taglines, or phrases related to your industry or your products/services.⁣ •Your branded hashtags as well as those of your competition⁣ Industry influencers⁣ ⁣ Tools for listening online⁣ 1.Sprout Social. This platform has many tools that can help you keep track of your brand’s health and also manage your social content calendar. ⁣ 2. Hootsuite is another social media management tool that has powerful listening features in it. You can add streams to monitor brand mentions, keywords, hashtags and more in real-time.⁣ ⁣ It only takes one bad experience posted online to create a snowball effect. Actively listening and engaging in communication with your consumers in real-time is essential to maintaining optimal brand health. - @rosaievans on Instagram

down syndrome huh look back what wtf

Me in the gym.😑 . . #PrintingOnMars . . #ElegooMars #ElegooMar2Pro #ElegooSaturn #ElegooMercuryPlus #Elegoo #resinprinting #3dprinting #3dprinters #3dprinted #engineering #engineers #decoration #LCD #resin #makers #makersgonnamake #diy #jewelrydesign #cosplay #boardgames #miniatures #tech #hack #hackers #WarGames #dental #dental3dprinting - @elegoo_official on Instagram

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- Awesome ads all over Edinburgh for Homophobia, racism, sexism etc. Love them

wheelchair falling

- Medical Devices

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- Homemade go kart

wheelchair fail walking fail walking sucks sitnskate david lebuser

- Baby products

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Real love will lift you up. Dont settle for less. - @adifferentbrave on Instagram

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- Baby Strollers.

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- Home Robot Guides

jamie king ponste9

- Accessible Gardening

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On #ThankfulThursday, we are happy to share the impact of our contactless & virtual services! 🤗 Support our mission & donate: bit.ly/DonateToDF — I was at a low point in my life when I sought help from the Diabetes Foundation. My Diabetes Resource Solutions specialist connected me to personalized resources and programs. The foundation turned my life around, and I now have an A1c of 7.2. I could not have succeeded without the help of this organization. Thank you so much! - DF Participant — #diabetes #livingwithdiabetes #diabetesawareness #livingwithtype1 #livingwithtype2 #JerseyStrong #COVID19 #NewJersey #DiabetesFoundation #diabetesmanagement #diabetescommunity #diabetescare #diabetessupport #diabetesstrong #digitalhealth #instahealth #instadiabetes #diabetescontrol #T1D #T2D #managingdiabetes #insulin4all #gratitude #gratitudeattitude #thankful #thankfulness - @diabetesfoundationnj on Instagram


- Elevator doors - Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art 2012

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- #Sportstech

wheel chair parking car park

- Health & design

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- A full-time employee working for/within a government entity has to rely on charity in order to afford proper transportation.

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- yOu WeRe ThE cHoSeN oNe!

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- Lifestyle

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- cool I things

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Nossa Chaise Passo Doble revestida pelo trabalho do grande mestre artesão do couro, o cearense Espedito Seleiro. A peça faz parte da mostra “Ditos pelo Espedito”, criada por Luis Fernando Dantas proprietário da loja Terrase @terrassepi de Teresina, Piauí com mediação da jornalista @reginagalvaojornalista. Muito orgulho de fazer parte deste trabalho tão lindo que une o design autoral com um dos mais importantes artesãos do nosso país. Foto: @darcibastos #espeditoseleiro #fahrerdesign #mestreespeditoseleiro #designeartesanatobrasileiro - @sergiofahrer on Instagram

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- That’s one hard border alright

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- GDPR in a nutshell

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- @james_breakwell on Instagram

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- Jogging Stroller

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- good chairs

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- Lawn Mower Maintenance

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Link in bio 🤗 - @sschamberofcommerce on Instagram

jesus ricky berwick holy cow oh my gosh amazed

- Google Daydream VR Headset

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Angie wanted to be able to hop on the Constitution Trail for a good workout, but also be able to commute to work sweat free... so we asked, have you ever ridden an e-bike? Nope. Welp.... Angie fell in love instantly with the Specialized Turbo Como after just one ride..., “it’s just so freaking fun she said... like a turbo boost!” Less than one week later she’s commuted to work 3x & named her StrawPerry Como🍓🎶 ..., sounds like a sweet match was made🥰..., ride on Angie! #IamSpecialized #TurboCOMO #SpecializedCOMO #ebike #eassist #youOnlyFaster - @bloomingtoncycle on Instagram

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- happy magic.

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- blursed chairs

wheelchair dancing happy happy dance cheering

- Babies Strollers

sitting on wheelchair joypixels person with disability manual wheelchair wheelchair

I was made aware this morning that people are inferring things/support/positions from this tweet. I have been on a deadline working all day, every day, for months. I also do not go on Facebook and I rarely post on Twitter. I have an assistant who posts for me on my author page and Twitter is .... Twitter. This tweet had NOTHING to do with anyone but me. Me. I was not signaling support. I was not condemning a specific person or group. I had NO idea that any of what I’m being accused of was even happening. I still don’t know the specifics and I don’t want to know. When I said in my tweet that I have tried to put my feelings into words for a long time, I meant it. Yesterday was Sunday and I spent much of it reflecting on the Corinthians verse about how “love never fails.” That got me thinking about what love is and WHY it never fails. The word zealot came into my mind in relation to Christ. He wasn’t a zealot, and I’m sure many people wanted him to be. That was the inspiration for the post. I have been torn up about the state of the world for a long time. Anyone who actually knows me, knows how I’ve tried to conduct myself and treat people. I have distanced myself so much from the book world these last few years that I have almost fallen off my porch. I thought about deleting the tweet when I was informed this morning about how it was being taken and shown screen shots of people talking about me on Facebook. 😂 But I decided that too will be misconstrued or taken as guilt or support or who knows what. I will clarify one more time: I don’t want any part of social media contention. I will not participate in it. I will not stir it. I will not give it a home. I will not carry a sign or give it a hug or a high five. As I said in my Twitter post, which again had NOTHING to do with the book world, I will not be a zealot. It’s not who I am or how I have always conducted myself. The life I live will have to speak for itself. It will not be lived or shared here. And that is all. - @amy.harmon2 on Instagram

im gay and disabled unique love myself ryan hayes

Target and The Walt Disney Company have collaborated on an exciting range of accessible costumes so that children with disabilities can join in on all of the dress-up fun too! Over the years, Target have introduced many children’s costumes that are sensory friendly and adaptive. It’s so exciting to see how they continue to work to put smiles on everyone’s faces by helping to make more activities inclusive to all children, no matter their disability ❤️ #DisabilityPride #WaltDisney - @parapride.world on Instagram

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- hmmm

the office steve carell michael scott do you know what its like to be disabled disabled

- KraftMaid Cabinets

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- bike

tunny handicapped

Yesterday, Cristiana Ulivi from @rsq1italia provided #training course and #RSQ1 device to the medical staff of @officialsscnapoli. #repost - @rsq1.takingcare on Instagram

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- the weekly shopping


#variispartner ✨I didnt realize how much I missed SoulCycle! Weve all found new ways to work out at home over the last few months but I didnt realize how much I missed class until I took my first one on my new @SoulCycle At-Home Bike powered by @Variis. That feeling that you get in a SoulCycle class is just something special! The music is amazing, the instructors are the best and its one of my favorite ways to sweat! I would love to hear from you guys how youre sweating at home! Whats your favorite workout right now? #variis - @ekammeyer on Instagram

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- Best Off Road Hoverboards 2017

disabled itcrowd


sitting on wheelchair joypixels person with disability manual wheelchair wheelchair

- Access group


Don’t miss the big giveaway on the Tactical Baby Gear Facebook page! Over $900 value + @woobiebrothersapparel hoodie. Go enter now. Picking a winner in the morning. - @tacticalbabygear on Instagram

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Can’t get enough of messages like this. I love connecting, helping and giving value to others and it has been awesome to see people diving into this summit. #talentdevelopment #talentdevelopmentvirtualsummit - @andy_storch on Instagram

disabled wheelchair drift lets go silly

All about rowing these days 🙌🏼💦 Via Hydrow User @josephineskriver #Hydrow #LiveOutdoorReality #HydrowAtHome #josephineskriver #rowing #fitness #homeworkout - @hydrow_by_crew on Instagram

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- sounds about right...

wheelchair fail

- Priorities

- hmmm

- No cure

- 2meirl4meirl

- Funny Baby Shower Gifts

So a few of you know but most probably don’t that I’ve been having issues with my wrist since my last year in college...after finally getting scans it turns out I had some pretty extensive damage in there so yesterday I had a wrist reconstruction to fix it all 👨🏻‍⚕️🔪 I look & feel a bit rough at the moment but I’m just happy that it’s been fixed now & I’m one step closer to being back to my best...bring on rehab 🏀💪🏼 #imnowlefthanded - @aliciafroling9 on Instagram

- (bum) (bum) (dun-don)

The newly designed B-52 Ejection Seat. Info@motoart.com for availability #buff #b52bomber #ejectionseat - @motoartstudios on Instagram


- Beach Love

- Dirt Bike Riding

- Toxic comments on the Mike Hosking Facebook page

- Mens willingness to protect and help women has always been greater than their desire to oppress and dominate

- Oof owie my eyes

- Bike Stuff

- Acts Of Kindness

- Gifts for Tech Lovers

- Post Pregnancy Workout

- Travel Systems

- Hookah Pipes!

- Folding Electric Wheelchair

- we did it reddit

- Baby Gear

- Meme

Today were happy to be back and rolling around #OleMiss and the @universityofhouston - with more universities on the way! - @starshiprobots on Instagram

- Hello Fellow DANK Memers

- me_irl

- Neuroplasticity

- Elliptical Trainers

- Ideas

Now at @costco @ridejetson Bolt electric bike for $299. Goes up to 15 mph and has a 15 mile range. • • • • • • • • #costco #costcofinds #costcohaul #costcodeals #costcodoesitagain #electricbike #bike #biking #bikingadventures #excersise #outdoors #utah #beutahful #slc #saltlakecity #parkcity #moab #moabutah #utahcounty #christmas #christmasgifts #getoutside - @utah_costco_deals on Instagram

- me_irl

That time I was constantly offensive, because of a sky dive injury. - @bigdandthekidstableofficial on Instagram

- Disgusting

- Bike Things

- Wow so deep

- Domme’s have such a bad habit of not keeping their hands to themselves. Naughty, naughty. 😋

- Technically the truth but damn


- Gun Accessories

- Science, Nature/Environmental

- Childhood memories

- So basically she’s a pedo

- Best Double Stroller

No podía usar otra foto más que ésta para contar que me sumo al equipo de @chicasguapastv ! Voy a estar compartiendo viajes en el programa de Argentina y en el Instagram ! Con la genia de @lucia_ugarte y su súper equipo 🙌🏻 gracias Lu !! Amor total 🤍✨ Mañana domingo 12hs por AmericaTV. Nos vemos ahí ! #chicasguapas #viajes #travel - @flordaneu on Instagram


- RIP Luigi Colani

- Cant deny that the kid has talent.

- You are a slave when you use the self checkout

- Madlad

- Cart

- H. Design

- Bikes

- This Chair for People Who Love To Sit Cross-Legged

- Self Propelled Wheelchairs

- Thats a PC though?

- Contrast/ Black & White | Future Aesthetics

[1 day left] Electric scooters are great. But they are not created for sharing economy: they break easily, batteries need to be charged too often and there are no comfortable ways to change them. We have a better idea. @unicorn.scooters . #breaktheusual . #Unicorn #unicornscooter #unicornscooters #unicornsharing #Scooter #scooters #scooterlife #scooterlovers #escooter #electricscooter #electricscooters #birdscooters #limescooter #enjoytheride #City #citylife #urban #urbanlife #transport #commute #trafficsucks #citylovers #Traffic #trafficjam #congestion #polution #ecology #urbanmobility - @city.birds on Instagram

- Bicycles

- Bug Bite Thing in the News

- I cant trust this ad for some reason

- Probably been posted before but its sooo cool

- Flu Prevention

- Lightweight wheelchair

- Bicycle

🏰👑 #burgeltz • @ninaxmercedes _______________________________________ - @arollinggirlsworld on Instagram

- Get the boat and quickly

- Parenting hacks

- I too would like to know.

- Buggy

- Chair with Me

- Gifts For Women

- Bicycles

- Amazing Inventions

First family vacation with our little one! 🚗👶🏼🌲🌅🐶 - @thestylezar on Instagram

- A-dec 500 Dental Equipment

- Accessoires

Maybe I’ll try out finger guns // credit/permission: @juliareinstein - @uuppod on Instagram

Fact of the Day: 86% of females turn to social media for opinions and advice on what to buy. #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing #entrepreneur #marketingtips #advertising #digitalmarketingkochi #smm #digitalmarketingagency #marketingagency #collabzey #Influencermarketing #onlinemarketingkerala #collabzey - @collabzey on Instagram

- Accessible Travel

- Moto atv

- Figura Humana

- They... do?

- Swings

- Powered wheelchair

- Play Vehicles

- This whole thing

- Dude couldn’t just buy a flesh light

- Homemade go kart

- Babies

Reminiscing about our pieces from our first collection SWAY. Here’s rocking the ROCKER . . The rocking chair was an attempt at creating a visual delight out a highly functional piece of furniture. The lines of the chair are inspired by Corbusier’s paintings which were known to be highly flamboyant but yet imperfect.   The Bent Teak Wood, Metal and Rattan Rocking Chair is our tryst with nostalgia and brings back memories of that chair that our grandmother used to sit on and tell us stories. And just for that this rocking chair comes with its own built-in Bookshelf at the back.   SPECIFICATIONS LXBXH : 550mm X 1100mm X 1200mm Material: Teak Wood, Rattan and Brass Type: Rocking chair The size, fabric and polish of the chair can be customized. Kindly DM / Email for enquiries and orders. Visit our website for more details. https://www.needapod.com/ Photography: Nivedita Gupta #sway #swayseries #wood #teakwood #brass #materials #furniture #productdesign #pod #handcrafted #makeinindia #craftsmanship #nexttopdesigner #productdesigner#designfair #woodwork #handmade #p_roduct  #chair #rockingchair #rocker #quality #minimal #luxury #lifestyle #furnituredesign #designer - @pod_piecesofdesire on Instagram

- adult tricycle

- Bike Board

- Recliners and Sofas

- Housing for the Disabled

- Curious

- Best Prams

- City scooter

- self driving

- Crime Skeleton | Adventure Gear | Rare Item - Gives Advantage and a 1d6 Bonus when used for Intimidation tests.

- Doona Car Seat

Plant Powered Expo in full swing and we are ready! 🌱💯 . . Catch us at the stand for free goodies 💜 . . #plantpowered #plantbased #vegan #veganfood #whatveganseat #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #govegan #vegansofinstagram #veganlife #crueltyfree #plantbaseddiet #veganism #plantpower #veganrecipes #veganfoodie #poweredbyplants #dairyfree #vegancommunity #healthy #glutenfree #veganeats #plantstrong #veganfoodporn #healthyfood #veganlifestyle #vegetarian #veganpower #sidehustle #meetup - @thepvlse on Instagram

- Mini Car

- coffee dripper

- Futuristic Flying Objects

- Blursed_Crime_skeleton

- Outdoor Gym Equipment

- Is it just me or does this guys arms seem... off?

The new CorSense HRV sensor is live on Kickstarter! https://elitehrv.com/corsense Link in bio! #accurate #intelligent #corsense -- #hrv #heartratevariability #quantified #quanitifiedself #wearables #healthtech #fitness #optimization #recovery #activerecovery #exercisescience #sportscience #functionalmedicine #kickstarter #indiegogo #CrossFit #spartan #spartanrace #crowdfunding #knowthyself - @elitehrv on Instagram

- Back This

- NEW 2028 Tesla Cybercycle

- One Wheel Scooters

- Mobility Aids

- Steampunk belt

- Victorwardian obsession.

- Hot take for theater nerds ‘Ban actors from thrusting during sex jokes in Shakespeare productions 2K19’

- bicycle

- Holiday Survival Guide

- Characters with disabilities

- Bookmarked Websites

- In the spirit of posting things you can buy: Ames Hose Reel Cart. BIFL nominee.

Have decided that a Mongoose circa 1980 might be just what I need for safe Covid transport. #myscale - @christine_chanway on Instagram

- They dont get up from their chairs... - every Boomer ever

Yes, that is the one and only @bensollee with a cello strapped to a bike! Bike enthusiasts of Davis (and beyond)--join us for a FREE community bike ride with touring singer/songwriter, cellist, and bike activist Ben Sollee! The bike fun starts at 1pm meeting at @kens_bsb and ending at @sudwerkbrew for some food truck, short film screening, and maybe some live music! Full show tonight at Vets Memorial Theatre with tix available online (link in bio). Doors at 7, opening acts at 7:30, followed by Ben Sollee & Kentucky Native - @davislivemusic on Instagram

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Snap! Its back! Weve seen a huge uptake in the past few months of clients investing in indoor trainers. While initially, COVID meant that we had to isolate and train indoors, a large number of new indoor training enthusiasts have realized the benefits of a completely controlled training experience. As we know in Cape Town, you can have 4 seasons in one day! Then there are work and family schedules that often limit our time to get out and train. Indoor training can be completely customized, is time effective and your environment can be controlled via fans, air conditioners, and all sorts of accessories. Were just here today to let you know that we have 5 Wahoo Kickr Snaps back in stock! Our stock is literally flying at the moment, so you can grab yours in-store or alternatively secure it online and pick it up in-store, or have it delivered directly to your door. Link is in our bio. . . . . . . . . . #wahoo #wahooligan #trainer #training #cyclist #cycling #indoortraining #indoortrainers - @olympiccycles on Instagram

#MyLIQUIMOLY - @mabras.world on Instagram

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New office is going well... #socialdistancing #wfhlife #theworldsgonemad - @ddaynaa on Instagram

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\フレームのみでの販売開始しました/  マルチバスケットやベビーシートとフレームを組み合わせると、ショッピングカートやトラベルシステムに変身します😆✨  フレームはスタンダードタイプとハンドブレーキ付きのブレーキタイプの2種類ご用意してます! ※ウレタンハンドルのみとなります。  #airbuggy#エアバギー#トラベルシステム#マルチバスケット#マキシコシ #ブリタックス#maxicosi#britax#対面ベビーカー#ベビーカー#3輪ベビーカー#女の子ママ#男の子ママ#出産準備#ベビーカー選び#ベビー用品#ココブレーキ - @airbuggy_onlinestore on Instagram

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KONKURRENCE NR. 2⭐️ VIND det populære Scoot and Ride løbehjul🛴 Alt du skal gøre for at deltage er at skrive hvem der skal forkæles med det seje løbehjul og følge @magasindunord_kids her på instagram⭐️ Tag meget gerne en eller flere, som også skal have muligheden for at vinde ~ og så vil vi ELSKE, hvis i vil dele konkurrencen🤩👏🏼 Vinderen findes søndag d. 4. Oktober⭐️ HELD OG LYKKE⭐️ (Konkurrencen er ikke i samarbejde med instagram) - @magasindunord_kids on Instagram

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⁣It still blows my mind when I see hospitals serving sick patients processed pudding, macaroni and cheese, pasta …. and ice pops?!⠀ ⠀ How in the world can someone heal properly when they’re given only processed foods and sugar?⠀ ⠀ This is essentially doing nothing but working AGAINST your body’s ability to heal and recover.⠀ ⠀ Our bodies are incredible self-healing machines if we give them the environment to do so. ⠀ ⠀ We need to do better. ⠀ ⠀ It first starts with education and the understanding that food is medicine. ⠀ ⠀ Dr Ann 💛⠀ ⠀ #foodasmedicine #integrativemedicine #cleaneatingmovement #creatinghabits #nutritionforwomen #womenshealthmatters #enviornmentalhealth #chronicillness #chronicillnessdiet #chronicillnessquotes #chronicillnesproblems #biohackingsuccess #biohackinglife #preventativehealth⠀ ⠀ - @annshippymd on Instagram

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Mikiya Kobayashi projetou a scooter elétrica ILY-Ai. Esculpida em madeira o conceito de ciclomotor ILY-Ai foi desenvolvido por Kobayashi (Tóquio) em colaboração com a empresa automotiva Aisin Seiki e Karimoku, um dos principais fabricantes de móveis de madeira do Japão. Concebida para espaços públicos interiores e exteriores, a scooter é composta por uma estrutura de alumínio com uma caixa de madeira macia. Mikiya Kobayashi designed the ILY-Ai electric scooter. Carved from wood, the ILY-Ai moped concept was developed by Kobayashi (Tokyo) in collaboration with the automotive company Aisin Seiki and Karimoku, one of the leading wooden furniture manufacturers in Japan. Designed for public indoor and outdoor spaces, the scooter is composed of an aluminum structure with a soft wooden box. - @mercadoartedesign on Instagram

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Accessibility for all 🔥 Please be mindful 🧡 Too many times these fun scooters get left in inconvenient spots. Also if you can always make sure sidewalks are clear ✨ - @mypinehills on Instagram

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S.M.A.R.T. Goals All of us have previously set goals in life that we failed to achieve. Sometimes due to external circumstances, sometimes due to a change in priorities or simply due to lack of organisation and motivation. However, people often also fail because their goals are not well defined. In this video our trainer and general manager @ashykirby breaks down the concept of S.M.A.R.T goals. S.M.A.R.T is an acronym for: ۰ Specific: Well defined, clear and unambiguous . e.g. Weight loss or muscle gain or getting better at a particular lift. ۰ Measurable: within specific criteria e.g. lose 2kg. ۰ Achievable: Attainable and not impossible to achieve. ۰ Realistic: within reach given all important variables/constraints. 2kg weight loss in 2 months is realistic for most healthy people. ۰ Timely: with clearly defined timeline including a start and end date. Once you have SMART goal it becomes a lot easier to focus on execution and keep yourself accountable, which means you are much more likely to actually achieve it. If you would like us to SMART test you goals, please feel free to type them in the comments below 👇 and we well be in touch with feedback and tips. #smartgoals #goalsetting #actualfitness #fitness #personaltraining #health #wellness - @actual_fitness on Instagram

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Thank you for the photo feature @newmobilitymag! I loved working with Dr. Morgan, and Im looking forward to working with many more Paralympians in my career. 💪😁 #publishedphotographer #paralympian #wheelchairracer #disabledandstrong #disabledathlete #adaptiveathlete #wheelchairathlete #disabledphotographer #adaptivephotographer #wheelchairphotographer #athleticphotography #disabledandproud #adaptive #studiophotography #stlouisphotography #stlphotographer #advocate #wheelchairlife - @lizrajchart on Instagram

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It is definitely sinking in that my journey at the RNCM is coming to an end — what an experience these last 2 years have been. I’m hugely grateful to @rncmlive for facilitating a live final recital. It was a new and enjoyable experience getting to stream it to close friends and family over Zoom! 💻👀 Thank you to everyone who I’ve shared this particular part of my journey with — it has been such a pleasure! Onwards to the next chapter... 🙌🏻☺️ #masters #masterofmusic #mmus #musician #grateful #graduating #goodtimes #rncm #popularmusic #nextchapter #journey #studying #dowhatyoulove - @matthewapeacock on Instagram

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HOOBOX is at JLABS@TMC developing the world’s most precise facial recognition software for healthcare applications. #jlabs #hoobox #robotics #wheelie #johnsonandjohnson - @hooboxofficial on Instagram

Introducing the All-New HydroMassage Lounge 440X; The Next Generation of Water Massage. Learn more (link in bio) #hydromassage #Lounge440X #30years - @hydromassage on Instagram

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As sapatilhas são delicadas e femininas. Elas trazem um certo ar romântico ao seu visual. Mas também podem compor looks criativos, divertidos e ousados. Quem se identifica? #Sapatilhas #ArlindoAma ;-) - @arlindogrund on Instagram

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Need Wheelchair Exercise? Our new Paramill wheelchair treadmill allows you to exercise indoors and and stay in shape throughout the winter or any bad weather conditions. - @marksiegel23 on Instagram

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