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Just some random vids from the last few days. This ancient wheelchair is absolutely perfect! I can still walk, but not more than few steps before the pain is too much to handle. So this chair, and my bff are responsible for the first real outings Ive been on in ages, it is AMAZING!!! On the 2nd vid, youve gotta watch it full through, cause Chompy does such a goofy thing! 😆 Alrighty, talk to guys later! ✌ - @differentially_kelly on Instagram

♨✏𝙹𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚎, 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚃𝚒𝚐𝚎𝚛 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝙵𝚒𝚜𝚑⚘

5 Travel Pillows, In Order of Increasing Ridiculousness


- cargo bike for life

Confessions of a Thirty-Something

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Tsuneo × Josee Josee, The tiger and the fish

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Metal Poster Josee And Tsuneo


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Xolo Maridueña (25/Abril/2018)

Rainy Day Activities, Tips, and Ideas

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- McDonalds employee feeds disabled man ice cream (x-post /r/pics)

Anime Original HD Wallpaper by おやすみくるり


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「 𝐉 𝐎 𝐒 𝐄 𝐄 」 .╰͓➩՚𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑚𝑒: 𝐽𝑜𝑠𝑒𝑒 𝑡𝑜 𝑇𝑜𝑟𝑎 𝑡𝑜 𝑆𝑎𝑘𝑎𝑛𝑎

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Monaca Towa

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o tempo pedala... mas à velocidade que eu quiser. Aqui, no querido @craveiral ✨ #craveiralfarmhouse - @iamisabelsilva on Instagram

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Archillect on Twitter


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Xolo Mariduena

Wheelchair with Flowers Sticker - 5 Inches

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nursing homes improve americas nursing homes more staff and better training disability corrieliotta

Marandas dream to bike the Trail of Tears will soon come true thanks to the @eastersealsucp Healthy Living Grant. 🚲 She received an adapted bike which she hopes to start training on for her 2021 journey. #biking #adaptivefitness #allabilities #limitlesspossibilies - @eastersealshq on Instagram

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- PsBattle: Senior couple on their mobility scooters

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♨✏𝙹𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚎, 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚃𝚒𝚐𝚎𝚛 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝙵𝚒𝚜𝚑⚘

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🅷🆂 🆃🆄🅽🅸🅽🅶 new toy for the shop 😉, The wifes late night browsing she knows me way to well love that woman ❤️ - @7he_se7en on Instagram

Compared to EVERYTHING Else | FOLD & GO Electric Wheelchairs®

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Tiny Dancer In Wheelchair Impresses With Ballet Moves

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Chaeryeong | Itzy

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🥇 - @bertdb on Instagram

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- Introducing... Strollerblading

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PSBB : Pembatasan Sosial Boleh Bersepeda 🚫😁🙏 #3sixty #3sixtybikeindonesia #3sixtyindonesia #3sixtyphotography #3sixtyownerindonesia - @imamsoebagyo on Instagram

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🚨🛴CONCOURS TROTTINETTE 🛴🚨 💨 20km d’autonomie, vitesse maximale de 20km/h. La nouvelle trottinette Mi Electric Scooter est la monture idéale à la campagne comme à la ville ! Pour tenter d’en gagner une : 1. Abonne-toi à @xiaomi.france 📲 2. Tague au moins 3 personnes en commentaire 👥 3. Partage le post en story pour avoir plus de chances de gagner. 🛴 🎁 1 gagnant(e) sera tiré(e) au sort vendredi prochain ! Bonne chance ! #XiaomiFrance #XiaomiFR #MiElectricScooter #trottinettexiaomi #MiElectricScooterEssential #trottinette #concours #concoursinstagram #jeuconcours #giveaway #cadeau #contest #jeu #jeuxconcours #concoursinsta #instaconcours - @xiaomi.france on Instagram

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#lisboa #bicicleta #lisbon #cyclechic #bicycle #cycling #boy #girl #gira #sharedbike #LisboaParaPessoas #bicicultura - @lxcyclechic on Instagram

the studio on drugs hey hey hey hey dentist

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- My first Schwinn

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Shopping stores, we went into Zara looking for baby clothes but the clothes where down stairs. They didn’t have a lift in the store but outside in the main plaza area there was a lift to go down to the ground floor of where the store would be. But again this was not mentioned or singled anywhere and the worker that I asked was even kind of annoyed that we asked. If it was more clearly singled we wouldn’t have to ask! But I got to go down this fun ramp that for once was not to steep to go up or down. #eindhoven #eindhovencity #eindhovencaptured #eindhovendegekste #eindhoven_ehv #eindhoven_streetview #toegankelijkheid #accessibility #accessibilitymatters #accessibilityforall #lebenmitbehinderung #behinderung #rolstoel #rolstoelleven #wheelchair #wheelchairlife #wheelchairgirl #wheelchairtravel #dagjeuit #nederland_ontdekt #chronicallyill #chronicpain #chronicallyfabulous #disability #disabilityawareness #disabilityrights #disabilityinclusion #disabilitylife #walkingstick #ramp - @stickwithchloe on Instagram

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KONKURRENCE NR. 2⭐️ VIND det populære Scoot and Ride løbehjul🛴 Alt du skal gøre for at deltage er at skrive hvem der skal forkæles med det seje løbehjul og følge @magasindunord_kids her på instagram⭐️ Tag meget gerne en eller flere, som også skal have muligheden for at vinde ~ og så vil vi ELSKE, hvis i vil dele konkurrencen🤩👏🏼 Vinderen findes søndag d. 4. Oktober⭐️ HELD OG LYKKE⭐️ (Konkurrencen er ikke i samarbejde med instagram) - @magasindunord_kids on Instagram

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Thanks! @thetemplet @kvarteretvictoria @alidavoodi #modmoto #modmotominis #kvvictoria #kvarteretvictoria #templet See you next week at @gentlemansride #dgr2019 #gentlemansride - @modmotominis on Instagram

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- In the spirit of posting things you can buy: Ames Hose Reel Cart. BIFL nominee.

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- Kick Scooter

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Too strong for the chain? Or too strong for ergs? #chainbreaker Swipe right for slowmotion➡ @worldrowingofficial @rp3rowingusa @rp3rowing @rowingbible @just.rowingisking @rowingcelebration @fatergosllc 🎥@timo.piontek @stephanriemekasten #rowing #rudern #destroyer #sprint #sprinter #eskalation #sport #roadtotokyo #tokyo2021 #power #fit #fitness #sport #workout #work #skulls #giessen #frankfurt - @marc.wber on Instagram

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- Tired of riding your Elliptical Bike outside? Now you can use it in the safety and comfort of the indoors!

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- Parking your scooter in a parking spot instead of by the bike rack...also, my phone didnt focus fast. 2 for 1

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- I installed an adult seat

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STRはベビーカーに見えるかもしれませんが、実は機能的な三輪車でもあります。 生後6か月から3才までの乗り物はSTR1台でOK 👌 - @smartrikejapan on Instagram

%E0%A4%AA%E0%A4%B0%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%B6%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%B0%E0%A4%AE major deependra singh amit sadh jeet ki zidd %E0%A4%85%E0%A4%AA%E0%A4%82%E0%A4%97

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- Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

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- Best Exercise Bike

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- Happy Children

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- PsBattle: Man riding a recumbent bike.

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Passeio de domingo - @espacoanaflor on Instagram

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- Best Adult Tricycle

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I get question sometimes who is your inspiration and I always answer an influential woman. But now if you ask me, its my mom. She is the strongest person I know. Some of you may know, last month she got a stroke, she has a history of high blood pressure and stress. Even though it has effected her right side of the body but she doesnt let it faze her. Less than a month she has bounced back and is recovering so well day by day. I pray one day I have her strength to never give up. ❤❤ - @kellycahill.26 on Instagram

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- Phoebe Dykstra

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- Best Exercise Bike

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📽🦽Retour en images du tournage de @France5tv «@lemagdelasante» #Vannes sur laire de jeux inclusive de Tohannic, unique en Bretagne. #accessibilité #bretagne - @villedevannes on Instagram

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- H. Design

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- Bullitt bike

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- bald beard styles

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- adult kick Scooters

Mikiya Kobayashi projetou a scooter elétrica ILY-Ai. Esculpida em madeira o conceito de ciclomotor ILY-Ai foi desenvolvido por Kobayashi (Tóquio) em colaboração com a empresa automotiva Aisin Seiki e Karimoku, um dos principais fabricantes de móveis de madeira do Japão. Concebida para espaços públicos interiores e exteriores, a scooter é composta por uma estrutura de alumínio com uma caixa de madeira macia. Mikiya Kobayashi designed the ILY-Ai electric scooter. Carved from wood, the ILY-Ai moped concept was developed by Kobayashi (Tokyo) in collaboration with the automotive company Aisin Seiki and Karimoku, one of the leading wooden furniture manufacturers in Japan. Designed for public indoor and outdoor spaces, the scooter is composed of an aluminum structure with a soft wooden box. - @mercadoartedesign on Instagram

Last weekend, our track friend Bud Lewis crushed his goal of 100 laps before his 100th birthday and raised over 117K for the @sunshinedivision ✨🥳 On the track, he walks with a team of family and devoted fans along with him to cheer him on. Last weekend, all the Bud fans turned up for his birthday lap (ourselves included!)👏 Full video feature- @theoregonian IGTV #budlewis #goals #hero #goodnews - @sadieann on Instagram

- Three wheel bicycle


- Bike Trails

Accessibility for all 🔥 Please be mindful 🧡 Too many times these fun scooters get left in inconvenient spots. Also if you can always make sure sidewalks are clear ✨ - @mypinehills on Instagram

- Funny Baby Shower Gifts

- Doona Car Seat

- Scute

- Bicycle 丨 Bike

Linha de cadeira de rodas ativa para uso diário e prática de exercícios físicos. Monobloco em alumínio com assento e encosto rígido regulável como o apoio dos pés. As rodas traseiras são @spinergywheels em fibra de carbono, com pneus @schwalbetires e rodas frontais Speed 4” polegadas de alta performance @jumperequipamentos #jumperteam @dragabrielefisio @dra.mariademello.to @cleuza.braga.7 @adpostural @re.galante #terapiaocupacional #fisioterapia #paraplegia #paraplegic #cadeiraderodas #wheelchair #cadeirantes #cadeiraderodasadaptada #cadeirantefeliz - @jumperequipamentos on Instagram

\フレームのみでの販売開始しました/  マルチバスケットやベビーシートとフレームを組み合わせると、ショッピングカートやトラベルシステムに変身します😆✨  フレームはスタンダードタイプとハンドブレーキ付きのブレーキタイプの2種類ご用意してます! ※ウレタンハンドルのみとなります。  #airbuggy#エアバギー#トラベルシステム#マルチバスケット#マキシコシ #ブリタックス#maxicosi#britax#対面ベビーカー#ベビーカー#3輪ベビーカー#女の子ママ#男の子ママ#出産準備#ベビーカー選び#ベビー用品#ココブレーキ - @airbuggy_onlinestore on Instagram

- Exercises and workouts to do

#Shanghai#exhibition#history#fair#old#ancient#war#development#people#buildings#photos#photography #photoshoot#art #weekend#شنغهاي#الصين#معرض#عرض#تطور#قديم#تاريخ#زمان#بناية#عمارة#تصوير#فوتوغرافي #فن#عربة#vehicle - @everyany13 on Instagram

- silver cross prams

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TR Polished finish #tilitewheelchair @tiliteelite - @tiliteelite on Instagram

- Used Fitness Equipment For Sale

- better safe than sorry

- Cykelmeck

- 1992 sip and see how

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- Black

Saatanya si kecil bermain musik 🥁🎙️🎶 Dengan ELC Key Boom Board si kecil bisa merekam, bernyanyi bahkan menjadi DJ. Yuk, kunjungi store ELC terdekat atau kunjungi elc.co.id atau bisa juga melalui chat ke nomer whatsapp +62 21 29181155 #elcindo #elcmainsamaanak #playathomewithelc - @elcindo on Instagram

- Babies Strollers

- Cycling affiche / poster / art

Thank you to @beagomezj for sharing this wonderful photo with us! #tiliteelite #tilitewheelchair - @tiliteelite on Instagram

- A student rode an office chair to school

- Disability IS Sexy

- One Wheel Scooters

Curious how I work? 🤔 Our dedicated team of engineers and pilots work diligently to make sure that Im always in peak shape! Engineers are constantly improving on my design and adding new and exciting features. Pilots guide me around the busy streets of Toronto with the use of a gaming joystick and the help of my built-in cameras and GPS system. Without my team none of this would be possible! #BetterTogether _______________ #tinymile #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #together #delivery #deliveryservice #deliveryrobot #ai #robot #robotics #toronto #canada #downtowntoronto #gta #corcktown #leslieville #leslievilebia #food #ritual #ritualone - @tinymiledelivery on Instagram

- A comb bike rack, made in LA

Some of you are still enjoying the lazy mornings 😴For the rest of us the schoolyear has already started. Whos excited for the first day of school? We bet the parents are #backtoschool - @urbanarrow on Instagram

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Chegamos a fase mais temida, a cadeira de rodas. Confesso que, por certo tempo procrastinei esse encontro e pedi a Deus a preparação necessária para quando o momento chegasse. O momento chegou, te sentei ali e você abriu esse sorriso, que garotinha maravilhosa. Deus já havia preparado tudo, meu coração estava sereno e tranquilo. Vivo pra você e sei o quanto a cadeira vai ajudar a melhorar a sua qualidade de vida. Cremos que essa é uma fase temporária, mas também pedimos a Deus um coração humilde para aceitar a vontade dele, mesmo que n seja igual a nossa. Eu te amo!!! Obrigada por ensinar a mamãe o valor da vida, o valor de viver. Obrigada por ter me tornado a mulher que hoje sou! #minhamenina #sindromecongenitadozikavirus #vencendoamicrocefalia #zikavirus #pne - @jessicalainnifranca on Instagram

- Balance boards

- Adult: Electric Scooters

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- vanity light bar brushed nickel

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- 2 wheel self balancing scooter

New stock this week, soon available in your favorite shop - @trybike on Instagram

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- Electric scootaaaa

- Bike WorkShop Ideas


- Bike cargo trailer

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- Blursed Madlad rider

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Résultat de notre travail. La mode est faite pour tous. Sans critère de taille, World of Models est fait pour ceux qui aiment la mode et qui veulent la changer. Tous les modèles en photos, sont sélectionnés pour les championnats du monde de la Mode à Dubai 2021 ✌🙂👍. Si toi aussi tu veux faire partie de la famille World Of Models qui est le plus grand casting mode d Europe alors écris nous en pv et follow nous. 😁✌ Commente et like si tu veux faire partie des prochains shooting photos. #casting #worldofmodels #lamodepourtous - @worldofmodels_official on Instagram

- Future Tech

- Juan Manuel Correa visits the site of last years crash with Anthoine Hubert

- Self Propelled Wheelchairs

«Voir autant d’enfants à vélo est certainement le constat le plus réjouissant de l’année 2020! Des petits apprenant à se tenir en équilibre sur leur vélo, des jeunes se déplaçant dans leur quartier apaisé, des familles explorant la ville en toute quiétude, bref, de nouvelles habitudes ont vu le jour. Entendre les témoignages de parents emballés de se déplacer plus souvent à vélo avec leurs enfants en ville...» https://www.velo.qc.ca/enjeux-et-positions/points-de-vue/mon-ecole-a-velo/ - @veloquebec on Instagram

- Yanko Design

- Homemade go kart

E hoje, completa 6 anos do dia que eu realmente entendi o significado de AMOR! Foi quando eu ouvi o som mais doce e fino que meus ouvidos poderiam captar, o seu choro! Quando eu vi com meus olhos o olhar mais puro, inocente e sincero que eu poderia ter conhecido! Foi a examente 6anos atrás que a busca para dar algo melhor para você me tornou o homem que eu sou, e você assim como seu irmão me transformam cada dia mais! Adoraria encontrar adjetivos para poder descrever o quando seu sorriso juntamente com essa linda vozinha vem ecoando até mim dizendo; PAPAI! Parabens meu amorzinho, minha princesinha, meu presente preciso! Que você continue crescendo com saúde, FELIZ E COM ESSE ABRAÇO APERTADO QUE EU ESTOU LOUCO PARA SENTIR!!! PAPAI TE AMA! #lolofaz6 #papaielolo #minhamotivacao #fotoqeuamo - @alexrosseti on Instagram

Seksehhh 😱🤭 - @gowes_couple on Instagram

E dopo la tempesta, il sole ☀️ #ticinocoaching #bebrave #top10 - @ticinocoaching on Instagram

Butch things I did this week; Fixed a tricycle, sanded a table, went river rafting with my bff, kicked it with my bffs (redundant), gave the stink eye to some dude who was trying to fuck with my pool game. - @eraebrown on Instagram

Велотренажёр Kettler Axos Cycle M Состояние как у нового. Цена 3500 руб. Телефон 8-920-352-30-12 - @mr.lor__ on Instagram

- This Amish man having a smoke and checking his phone.

- Bikers

- Useful Electronic Workbench

- Best Prams

- How Technology Makes Ease

- Lannister*s Outlet

- Me and my tricycle. 1962

- Active Passive Trainers

- Babies first year

- Bicycle/w motor

noslisu試乗会行ってきました。 面白いし快適!子供も乗りたがったので跨がらせてみました🚵‍♂ 新しいコミューターになるか!? It may be a new city vehicle, 3-wheels commuter noslisu! There are 2 concepts motor- assisted tricycle🚲 and small EV🚗 More about noslisu from below links: @noslisu_official https://noslisu.jp/ https://twitter.com/noslisu Entry photo challenge #lumixmobility hosted by @lumix Location: #マリンピア神戸 神戸市, 兵庫県 #lumixg9 #lumix14140mm f4.5 1/400s 26mm ISO320 Chaptured: September 27 2020 #lumixmoment #changingphotography #raw_wheels #wherelumixgoes #photooftheday #lumix #ig_best_of_theday #cnw_all_hubs #everyones_photo_club #be_one_bridges #total_bikes #pasion_por_locomocion #fever_locomotion #total_vehicles #三井アウトレットパーク #アウトレット #こどもとおでかけ #3wheeler #noslisu #電動自転車 #igcjp #kawasaki #worldbestvehicles #electricvehicle #worldbestsport #kobecameraclub - @sf_vechles on Instagram

- Housing for the Disabled

- My Dad has been in a wheelchair for 30+ years, and today he wanted to try an electric scooter. I strapped him on and we went for a ride!

- Projects to try

- Golf Push Cart

- For Jamie

- Bicycle

- Wheelchair-bound food delivery woman. Nothing is impossible.

- Best Baby Prams

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- Bikes

- Surfs up.

- pretty people

- Scooter design

- Brayn c

- Lightweight wheelchair

- Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

- 2 wheel self balancing scooter

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🆕📽️ Thank you to @gbwheelchairrugby star @kyliegrimes7 for coming down to talk to @therollingrunner about her epic double marathon challenge! You can donate via the link in our bio. Keep an eye out for some more content from these two in the next few weeks! #COYQ #BuildingBrighterFutures - @harlequinsfoundation on Instagram

BICICLETAS DE MANO PARA LA INCLUSION SOCIAL La Fundación Jean Maggi @fundjeanmaggi es una organización privada sin fines de lucro creada para contribuir y ayudat a los niños con discapacidad a través del deporte. Fue fundada en 2016 en Córdoba por @jeanmaggiok y María Victoria Milano. . Consideran que el movimiento funciona como una excelente herramienta de inclusión donde la persona puede desarrollarse deportiva, personal y socialmente. Para eso, pusieron una fábrica de bicicletas de mano que regalan a niños y jóvenes de 8 a 18 años contribuyendo así al bienestar de las personas con discapacidad, a sus familias y a su entorno. . El creador de este proyecto solidario Jean Maggi sufrió los efectos de la poliomielitis al poco tiempo de nacer, situación que lo dejó sin movilidad en sus piernas. Hasta los 6 años utilizó muletas, después bastones canadienses, a los 40 sumó silla de ruedas y a los 50, accedió a unas piernas especiales provenientes de Estados Unidos. . En 2000 padeció un infarto que también lo puso en jaque. Pero todo esto no le impidió llevar una vida plena: participó en maratones en Nueva York, Roma y Madrid, jugó al básquet, al tenis, hizo equitación y representó a Argentina en los juegos Paraolímpicos de invierno. Cruzó la Cordillera de los Andes y accedió con una bicicleta adaptada especialmente, al punto más alto del Himalaya al que se puede llegar con un vehículo de esas características. . Podés conocer más de su historia en el documental El Límite Infinito, recientemente estrenado en #Netflix. . Si conocés a algún niño o niña que necesite una de estas bicicletas de mano y su familia no tiene los recursos económicos para acceder a esta bici, contactate con @fundjeanmaggi . + Información en www.fundacionjeanmaggi.org . #IdeasQueMotivan #QueSeaViral #Solidario #run #EllimiteInfinito #BicicletaDeMano #JeanMaggi #Bicicleta #Bike - @queseaviral on Instagram

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First cyclist that drove his bicycle around the world was Fred A. Birchmore. He pedaled for 25,000 miles and traveled other 15,000 miles by boat. He wore out 7 sets of tires. Every mile counts. 🚲🌎💚⁠ ⁠ #wintherbikes #yournextcarisabike⁠ ⁠#wintherkangaroo #kangaroobike - @wintherbikes on Instagram

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(WE ARE DOING RAFFLE ) For the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, 18.6 Miles Long-range Battery, Up to 15.5 MPH, Easy Fold-n-Carry Design, Ultra-Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter (US Version with Warranty) IF YOU WANT TO WIN it’s $50 DOLLARS TO GET IN THE RAFFLE . GOOD LUCKY 🙏💯🛴 - @mielectricscooter on Instagram

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🌊 Sortie à Binic avec les adhérentes et adhérents de la délégation des Côtes d’Armor ! Au programme : restaurant sur la plage, balade en bord de mer, et de grands sourires. 😄 ☀️ La délégation sera ouverte tout lété et innove cette année avec la location dun mobil home accessible à Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, afin doffrir une vraie pause estivale à ses adhérentes et adhérents, qui pourront venir y dormir par petits groupes. 🤗 #APFFrancehandicap #handicap #association #déconfinement #vacances #été #bretagne #plage #joie #partage - @apfhandicap on Instagram

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After years of @ebaysinsta prototyping his own standing chair, he came to us to make a finished/cleaned up version of his design. He allowed us to put our own personal touches on this chair. We added remote-release gas springs internally routed through the back posts so the buttons come right out of the canes, titanium clevises to last, and pivot-able push-canes for ease of use. The weight without rear wheels came out to 21lbs and 29.4lbs with rear wheels. We love these custom projects... stayed tuned - @handsonconcepts on Instagram

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Kursi Roda Traveling 🔻 READY STOCK di PT. KARUNIA MEDIKA SEJAHTERA 🔻 Informasi pemesanan dan detail produk : 🏥 PT. Karunia Medika Sejahtera JL Sakura Blok F no 46 RT 06/ RW 04 ( prumnas Mulyasari ) Mulyasari - Majenang 📱: 0853 2090 7626 ( WhatsApp ) Website : https://karuniamedikasejahtera.com/ #supplieralkes #distribusialkes #infomajenang #exploremajenang #infocilacap #cilacapbercahaya #insta_majenang - @karuniamedikas on Instagram

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Whip your hair back and forth and ride with me this week! W AUG 12 6:40PM GAGA VS BEYONCÉ TH AUG 13 9:30AM FRI AUG 14 4:20PM *SUB FOR @KELSJARVIS SAT AUG 15 9:30AM SUN AUG 16 8:20AM *SUB FOR @BETHHARTWELL 📸: @phil9945 - @evvie_f on Instagram

👏YOU DID IT!👏 Back in the spring we asked you to support #GivingTuesdayNow so we could give Jenna a new bike. Your donations allowed us to give her a specialized handcycle tricycle for a summer full of bike rides. Thank you for giving Jenna freedom and joy! - @childrensrehab on Instagram

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Need Wheelchair Exercise? Our new Paramill wheelchair treadmill allows you to exercise indoors and and stay in shape throughout the winter or any bad weather conditions. - @marksiegel23 on Instagram

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Earlier this week, we received this heart-warming message: As a family we would like to say thank you so much to Caudwell and the other kind charity that helped fund our daughter’s trike, we feel very blessed thank you so much, Betsy loves her trike and it will be invaluable to her, allowing her to ride a bike like her sister! 💜💗💜 - @caudwellchildren on Instagram

Got up early this morning to go for a 4 mile roll! I actually enjoyed it 😊. Stopped at the bottom of my drive on the way back for a photoshoot 😅. Think the run tired me out though because my eyes are literally starting to close while Im typing this! So im gunna go now so I can nap 😆😴😴 . . . . . . . . #rgkwheelchairs #rgk #sport #fitness #sci #spinalcordinjury #instafit #gymshark #nike #push - @francescamariaantoniazzi on Instagram

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Curtis tried these out and couldn’t believe how Smooth the SoftWheels are “No jarring in my back and easy to get up lips and curbs, a lot smoother and very fluid to push” These work awesome with our lightest Titanium Chair on the market - the Scorpion and SoftWheel makes an amazing combination. #melrosewheelchairs #softwheel . #Melrose #softwheels #wheelchair #titanium #carbonfiber #suspension #adventure #wheelchairbasketball #wheelchairrugby #disabilityawareness #disability #disabled #paraplegic #tetraplegic #wheelchairskills #wheelchairsports #scorpion - @melrosewheelchairs on Instagram