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BE… Ready to experience an empowering approach to custom home building. Building a custom home doesn’t need to take over your life or create extra stress, we’ve all got enough of that already. We’re all about making the building process fun, streamlined and convenient. Contact us to learn more about our you-centered process that comes with “yes” built in. . . . #hehomes #downtown #indianapolis #homebuilding #customhome #indy #dreamhome - @hehomes on Instagram

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I am so excited to be a part of the #Supercharge Challenge with @anandchulani. The Supercharge Challenge started on 10th September and is a 10-day Challenge that brings together a team of prolific experts to EMPOWER YOU with all the tools to super-charge yourselves to be at your best everyday, no matter what! Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually! Register NOW at: https://www.thesuperchargechallenge.com/ and join the Private Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2743596192583783/?ref=share) and catch up with the amazing last 8 days! Ill be LIVE on the Facebook Group tomorrow from 9.00 AM New York Time / 2:00PM UK time / 6:30PM India time sharing my story! Would love you all to be there with me! Lets Touch and Inspire Lives Together! Hope to see you there! - @shahsparsh on Instagram

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Argento color oro. - @fiammeorociclismo on Instagram



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- No Money Down Real Estate Investing

「 𝐌 𝐄 𝐓 𝐀 𝐃 𝐈 𝐍 𝐇 𝐀 」 .╰͓➩՚𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑚𝑒: 𝐽𝑜𝑠𝑒𝑒 𝑡𝑜 𝑇𝑜𝑟𝑎 𝑡𝑜 𝑆𝑎𝑘𝑎𝑛𝑎


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- unique gadgets

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#CareForKids program kicks off this Friday! When you purchase a $50 #CareForKids card at select retailers, get 20% off! The first 100 shoppers on 10/16 to show qualifying receipts will get a $20 #TysonsGalleria gift card. 100% of the card sales benefit @childrensnational. #TysonsCares ™@tysonsgalleria @bethesdarow #georgetown @calypsostbarth @georgetowncupcake @sassanovaboutique @urbanchicgeorgetown - @washingtonianmoms on Instagram


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It’s National Nonprofit Day! This is a day to acknowledge the positive impact that nonprofit organizations have on our local communities and around the world. At North House we are extremely proud of our work in our special North Durham Community. 💙💙💙 #proudcommunitymembers #northhouse #northdurham #nonprofit #nationaldaytocelebrate - @northhouse_uxb on Instagram

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Grand theft bicycle... #mikeandalexys #yyj #victoriabuzz - @mikeandalexys on Instagram


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- Marcia cross

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Nach langen Zug- oder Autofahrten entspannt aussteigen. Dank des Quickchange sitzen Sie auf langen Fahrten bequemer, denn der Adapter ermöglicht es den Prothesenfuß einfach abzunehmen und den Stumpf in eine für Sie angenehme Position zu bringen. #ottobock #prosthetics #prosthetic #amputee - @ottobockde on Instagram


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If you knew my father you would know he was the most intelligent, and caring man you could meet. He was the rock of our family, and I’m at a loss for words. I can’t fathom the thought that I will never have a conversation with him again. My father was In the hospital for COVID, and he did not leave. I beg you all to please wear a mask, and care for the ones around you. My family loss an essential piece that will never be replaced. I love you dad. - @sadtad_ on Instagram

joy again - Looking Out For You

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- Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Anime chill sad aesthetic video wallpaper. Name: blind girl. Artist:popopoka in Twitter

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Thank You to my amazing clients and friends for entrusting me to sell their beautiful home in Spring Valley! This home had a special meaning to me and my extended family where lots of wonderful memories were built. I would love to help you in selling or buying your home 🏡. My network of stagers, contractors, and industry colleagues will ensure you have the best closing experience. #VanessaValdiviaRealtorHou #Ilovehoustonrealestate #springvalleyvillage #springbranchhouston #happyclients #houstonrealestate - @valdivia_vanessa on Instagram

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Exciting news! The Santa Fe Plaza and Santa Fe Market Trail was named the “Best Public Improvement” in a city with a population of more than 50,000. “The Santa Fe project was a huge milestone in the development and revitalization of the landscape of Downtown Temple,” Temple City Manager Brynn Myers said. “It has brought jobs, increased foot traffic and really been a beautiful addition to our city that our residents and visitors just love.” Visit the award-winning Santa Fe Plaza (301 Santa Fe Way) and Santa Fe Market Trail! - @cityoftempleparks on Instagram

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‼️Planifica tu nueva #cocina‼️ En Decomueble encontrarás Calidad, Innovación y Diseño, todo lo que necesitas para una cocina perfecta. 👉 www.decomueble.es 📍TIENDAS FÍSICAS Cambados Av. Villagarcia, s/n 36630 Corbillon, Cambados (Pontevedra) Vilagarcía de Arousa Bosque de los desamparados, 1 36600 Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra) - @decomueble_salnes on Instagram

♨✏𝙹𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚎, 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚃𝚒𝚐𝚎𝚛 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝙵𝚒𝚜𝚑⚘


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#הקיץ אוטוטו נגמר ואיתו הבילוי בים ובבריכה, אבל מה עם הכתמים שהשמש השאירה על הפנים? הם לא צריכים להישאר. הטיפ הראשון שלנו הוא להימנע מנזקי שמש על ידי מקדמי הגנה. הטיפ השני הוא שאם בכל זאת הופיעו כתמים, ניתן להסיר אותם. בעזרת מספר טיפולים בודדים בשילוב טכנולוגיות ולעיתים פילינג - ניתן להעלים את כתמי השמש והנימים שהופיעו על פני הפנים. הטיפולים יעילים גם להצערת העור והעלמת סימני ההזדקנות. ורנר קליניק - 03-6353183 . . . . . #ורנרקליניק #רפואתעור #רפואהאסתטית #כתמישמש #נזקישמש #שמש #פילינג #אנטיאייגינג - @vernerclinic on Instagram


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One of the consequences of the fear surrounding #Covid_19 is blood donations are down. The need is still there. Proud of my team for stepping up today! #GiveBlood #SaveALife @medicregionalbloodcenter - @glennjacobstn on Instagram


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Girls that golf! #kidscamp #jrgolfer #letslearn #fore BBB . . . . . #summer #fun #golf #tennis #swimming #games #safetyfirst #outside #friends #family #camp #getthemoutside #outofthehouse #vncc #vermontnationalcountryclub #southburlington #vt - @vermontnational on Instagram

「 𝐌 𝐄 𝐓 𝐀 𝐃 𝐈 𝐍 𝐇 𝐀 」 .╰͓➩՚𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑚𝑒: 𝐽𝑜𝑠𝑒𝑒 𝑡𝑜 𝑇𝑜𝑟𝑎 𝑡𝑜 𝑆𝑎𝑘𝑎𝑛𝑎

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- Facial cosmetic surgery

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NOW OPEN TILL 9PM ! ! ! MORE TEAM MEMBERS ! ! ! #gentillymail #nolagraphicdesign #igersneworleans #nolabusiness #nola #gentilly #chillygentilly #gentillyterrace - @gentilly_mail_and_copy on Instagram

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After years of @ebaysinsta prototyping his own standing chair, he came to us to make a finished/cleaned up version of his design. He allowed us to put our own personal touches on this chair. We added remote-release gas springs internally routed through the back posts so the buttons come right out of the canes, titanium clevises to last, and pivot-able push-canes for ease of use. The weight without rear wheels came out to 21lbs and 29.4lbs with rear wheels. We love these custom projects... stayed tuned - @handsonconcepts on Instagram

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Last weekend, our track friend Bud Lewis crushed his goal of 100 laps before his 100th birthday and raised over 117K for the @sunshinedivision ✨🥳 On the track, he walks with a team of family and devoted fans along with him to cheer him on. Last weekend, all the Bud fans turned up for his birthday lap (ourselves included!)👏 Full video feature- @theoregonian IGTV #budlewis #goals #hero #goodnews - @sadieann on Instagram

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Please be sure to make eye 👀 contact with drivers 🚙 before crossing 🚶🏻‍♂️the street. Drivers, yield 🛑 to pedestrians! #CApedestriansafetymonth #walkandrolllongbeach #gosafelyca - @lbhealthdept on Instagram

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Did you know that namesake Mary J. L. Black, as the librarian for Fort William, created a culturally successful yet working class library that by 1917 distributed approximately 90,000 volumes annually? A total of 11 sites are being featured - plus bonus content - for our digital experience! Explore online some of our city’s heritage sites and important landmarks beginning September 1st. Tag a friend and invite them to follow along as well! #thunderbay #doorsopenthunderbay #doorsopenontario #visitthunderbay #onecityfiftyyears - @doorsopenthunderbay on Instagram


¡SÍ, es cierto! ¡Todo el mundo cuenta! Tú cuentas. Llena hoy mismo el #censo2020 y crea un cambio en tu comunidad. Tus 10 minutos para llenar el cuestionario tienen un impacto de 10 años en nuestras escuelas, hospitales, carreteras y mucho más. #HazteContar. Vale la pena. www.2020census.gov/es - @unidosnow on Instagram

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Seeing positive feedback like this MAKES OUR DAY! ✔️ If youre a fan of C.A.R.S, we want to hear from YOU! Google us and leave a review! #feedback #goodvibes #reviews #sharethelove #caraccident - @caraccidentalreferralservices on Instagram

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The Yepp Maxi bike seat allows you to comfortably and safely transport a child from the age of 8 months to 6 years in the Babboe Slim. 🧡 - - - - - - - - - - #babboe #babboemoment #cargobike #bakfiets #lastenrad #velocargo #mamafiets #momlife #dadlife #mamaleben #smile #fun #kids #igkids #view #Instagood #photooftheday #bike #bicycle #bikelife #biker #instabike #instacycling #cycling #cyclinglife #dogsofinstagram #family #like4follow #follow4follow #follow - @babboe_cargobike on Instagram

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- Storage Rental

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- Giant Lawn Games

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Ahhhh esse casal... 🥰 Hoje provaram nosso estrogonofe de filé! @suelyagmilani sempre muito delicada, atenciosa e amorosa...⚘ Venham mais vezes! 😍🥰 - @ornellas_restaurante on Instagram

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We’ve only used this ONCE and it’s become our new favourite household cleaning item. Kicking ourselves that we didn’t get this years ago. We pressure cleaned all the old dirt off the exterior of our house plus we cleaned the colour bond shed wall & panels. It’s amazing how much a good clean can make such a difference to the outside of your home. We still need to pressure wash our sandstone garden bed,driveway & back patio area. Really excited to see the difference it does to back patio area. I’ve hosed and scrubbed that area but it still looks filthy so fingers crossed the pressure washer brings it back to life. SWIPE to see a few videos I find so satisfying 🤣 • ⁣ @karcher_australia • ⁣ •⁣ #honestreview #notpaid #gifted #clean #cleaning #cleaninghacks #cleaningtips #cleaningservice #sparkjoy #garage #cars #car #boat #boating #home #homesweethome #homecleaning #hinching #mariekondo #musthave #musthaves - @teresarosevenet on Instagram

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- Adult: Bikes For Carrying Families

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- Gabrielle Solis

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Nazionale paralimpica a lavoro a Lignano. #roadtotokyo #tokyo2020🇯🇵 #pratice - @fitet_official on Instagram

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- 101 Dalmatians Costumes

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Niet zo snel meer als vroeger. - @nijholtbert on Instagram

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Nem sempre as receitas caseiras dão conta de limpeza profundas. Contrate um profissional, chame a Higimáxima Campos. #higimaximacampos #sofalimpo #colchaolimpo #sofadossonhos #limpezadesofa #limpezadecolchao #antesedepoisreal #casaorganizada #produtosdelimpeza #limpezacampos #limpezarj #lardocelar #higienizacaodeestofados #limpezadesofarj #camposdosgoytacazes - @higimaximacampos on Instagram

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What in the liver damnatian is this! Im the only liver that can be loved upon! - Nash Mom - Thats Vanja. You lived with him for over a year and thats your Momma Terri, aka the Mother of Damnatians. Also, he likes the clinic unlike you. Traitors! Just you wait, its going to rain for the rest of the month. Ill show you a liver Dal! - Nash The Muddening - Coming Late September #vettechlife #veterinarylife #vetvisit #liverdals #liverdalmatiansofinstagram #liverdalmatian #bigdog #dalmatian #goodboy #dogthoughts #vettechsofinstagram #jealousdog - @rupert_and_deafinitely_darcy on Instagram

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- Hair Transplant İstanbul

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Bert, Im devastated. 😥💔 You were more than my brother, you were my best friend. You were always looking out for me and because of you, my life has been that much better. Since the day I was born, I always had you. When I was in highschool and you had nice cars, youd lend them to me, even if it meant youd have to take the bus. When good things happened for you, you included me. Most of my highlights are actually because of you. Youve been the exact big brother people wish for. More than I deserved. I cant stop these tears because I was really praying for a miracle today, but I suppose you knew. Bert, I promise that Im going to step up and be there for Zack EVERY step of the way. You made me an uncle and his Godfather, and I promise you Ill be there. For Mara and Vanessa too. Zack is a mini-you and I thank God we have him to carry on your legacy. Brother, Im heartbroken. No matter what we did together, we laughed. Our brotherhood was seamless because we always had eachother. Im not sure how Im going to be able to do this without you, Bert. I miss you so much, my brother. My idol. Please God, take care of my brother Bert Hurstfield in Heaven. 😥🙏💔 - @adamhxoxo on Instagram

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- Elderflower cordial

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Eccoci nella città dei mille culure e del sole con i monopattini elettrici di @helbizofficial. Muoviti in modo #green e #SafeAndClean per la bellissima Napoli. Con #TelepassPay hai il noleggio senza costi di sblocco e gratuito per la prima mezzora. Get #TPower #ProntiPartenzaGreen #Telepass #monopattino #monopattinoelettrico #monopattini #SharingMobility #ElectricMobility #Helbiz #Sostenibilità #Napoli - @telepass on Instagram

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#TBT dele empinando pipa pela primeira vez! ❤️ te amo mielinho 👊🏻🤟🏻 - @fernandosmendesjr on Instagram

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Sneak peek of the new @synergieskin headquarters😱 ​ ​When I first began Synergie Skin I was formulating and manufacturing a handful of products from a tiny skincare clinic in quaint suburbia. In 2011, I made the move from my boutique clinic and decided to take on a warehouse facility. Basically, I inherited a huge box - just four simple walls! Within that box, I created offices, a training and education area, a production warehouse, and most importantly - my laboratory. ​ It was a huge risk to take but as soon as I had the use of the facility at my fingertips the business really began to aggressively expand. This process also allowed me to step back, and fully appreciate the big picture of Synergie Skin.  ​ Soon we will be starting a new chapter. Watch this space! - @terri_vinson on Instagram

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Vill du vinna en av Jon Olssons garagefavoriter? 🔥 Följ vårt konto och skriv vilken produkt du helst skulle vilja vinna med en motivering! 👇 Tävlingen pågår till nästa måndag 5/10 då fyra vinnare koras. 1. Textilvårdsmaskin Se 2 Car från Kärcher till ett värde av 2595:- 2. Däckbytarkit 18V + batterikit 18V och laddare one+ från Ryobi till ett värde av 2590:- 3. Verktygssats 127 delar från Teng Tools till ett värde av 2989:- 4. Förvaringslösningar från Elfa till ett värde av 3000:- Läs mer om våra tävlingsvillkor på BAUHAUS.se/tavlingsregler 🙌 Translation: Do you want to win one of Jon Olssons garage favorites? 🔥 Follow our account and write which product you would like to win and why! 👇 The competition runs until next Monday 5/10 when four winners will be chosen. Read more about our competition conditions at BAUHAUS.se/tavlingsregler. #gördetsjälvkänsla #drömgaraget #tävling #bauhaus #bauhaussverige - @bauhaussverige on Instagram

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Another in the Glamorous Life of a U.S. Senator series. The strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street in front of our house in Washington seems to belong to nobody and, as a result, gets overgrown after it rains. So every now and then, I weed whack it and pick up the trash. (Please note the protective eye wear!) Also note there are no cars parked along the curb; the last time I did this, a guy complained that I got grass on his car. Oh, well. Our little house (908 square feet) seems to be getting smaller by the day as I spend most of my time down here Zooming and conference calling from there. I only go to the Capitol for votes and committee meetings not accessible electronically. I’m getting my work done, but what’s missing is the personal contact and informal conversations with my colleagues. Even the prayer breakfast is virtual, which for the most part is OK, but we’ve learned that trying to sing hymns on Webex just doesn’t work. Thanks to my friend Logan Meltzer who got this shot; his suggestion was that I should claim to be draining the swamp! #tragedyofthecommons #washingtonstreetscene #glamorouslife #senatoratwork - @anguskingmaine on Instagram

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Viviamo distanti felici! In questo periodo delicato vogliamo essere vicini a tutti quelli che soffrono e grati a tutti quelli che si impegnano ogni giorno ad ogni livello per farci superare questa situazione. #restiamoacasa ma sogniamo di riprendere a pedalare il prima possibile, con tutte le attenzioni del caso, ovviamente! --- Grazie a @zio.lupo per la bellissima illustrazione - @boninbike on Instagram

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Our hearts are heavy as one of our Inspirers has passed. After a five-year battle with bone cancer Lily Jordan’s grit and spirit will continue to be an incredible inspiration to us. Her special hashtag -- #TheSunWillRiseAndWeWillTryAgain – will forever keep us mindful that with each new day, the sunrise brings fresh inspiration, purpose, and hope. Lily’s sunrise spirit will live inside us forever! - @mountzjewelers on Instagram

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- Size be like...

our time now build a country where all of us can thrive thriving thrive wheel chair

- Spin class


🩸 La campanya de donació de sang de #Salou suma gairebé un centenar de persones. ✅ La jornada va obtenir 50 litres de sang i uns 7 litres de plasma. 🩸 La campaña de donación de sangre de Salou suma casi un centenar de personas. ✅ La jornada obtuvo 50 litros de sangre y unos 7 litros de plasma. - @ajsalou on Instagram

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Spring savings don’t get fresher than this! Power through more this season with 50% off your second skin*. From mowers and chainsaws to trimmers and beyond, find your perfect match today! Visit your local dealer, or shop online with Husqvarna Click & Collect - @husqvarnanewzealand on Instagram

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Thanks to all our fans donating through the Jim Clicks RunnRoll! All supporting new student-athletes like Daniel Sheyer and Graduate students like Jesse Robinson! Your contributions are gratefully appreciated! Join us at runnroll.arizona.edu - @azadaptiveathletics on Instagram

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AXIO Trainers can be a great strength and conditioning tool for virtually everyone because there are so many benefits and ways to use them. So whether you’re 8 or 80, a professional or aspiring athlete, or just someone looking for a quick and challenging way to improve your health and fitness, AXIO may be right for you. 🤔Now, lets dig a little deeper by looking at how AXIO can challenge our body to modulate force… 💪Here is very fit and active 78 year old female golfer using a single-mass AXIO360 with both hands in a horizontal orientation which provides greater transverse plane rotational resistance. 👉She uses a “frisbee technique” to get the mass inside the AXIO to rotate under control in this position. Notice that she is seated with both her feet off the ground and consider 1️⃣ How does this affect her stability? 2️⃣ How does this affect her ability to sense, generate AND control force? 3️⃣ And where does this force originate from? ⚖️Now compare both videos that show how she generates, stabilizes AND controls force from the AXIO when rotating in different directions… 🤔Do you notice any thing different? And what can we learn from this? #axiotraining #nextlevel #corecontrol - @axiotraining on Instagram

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Os benefícios dos melhores salões do Brasil agora em sua casa! Você já imaginou ter uma Pure Shower em sua residência? E realizar a instalação de uma forma simples? A resposta para essas perguntas é bem clara: sim, vocês podem. A Pure Shower está sempre inovando para atender todos os clientes. Conheça o nosso kit residência disponível para venda em nosso site. Pure Shower: o cuidado com os seus cabelos começa pela água. #pureshowerhome #cabelossaudavel #cuidadoscapilares #belezaesaude #cuidadoscompele #haircare - @pure.shower on Instagram

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Todays #TBT is of that one time I worked with #KyraSedgwick and #JKSimmons on #TheCloser #RolandoMolina #ActorsLife - @real_rolando_molina on Instagram

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Did you know over 85% of the people who buy a property from Maverick decide to purchase a second property (or referring a friend or family member to purchase a property) within the first 6 months after closing? What more can we say... take a look for yourself 👉 https://shrtlnk.co/dkrv8 #property #digitalnomad #realestate #realty #money #business #realestateinvesting #realestateinvestor #investing #investor #invest #investments #travel #holiday #traveling #traveler #landscape #instagood #instagram #igdaily #photo #look #work #entrepreneur #digitalnomad #laptoplifestyle #wealth #success - @investmaverick on Instagram

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Ci sono riuscito!!!! A distanza , alla veneranda età di 91 anni , con occhiale da sole mia nonna ha fatto la mia sbarra online . Se lei può allora possiamo tutti . Forza ce la faremo . Grazie a tutti voi che partecipate alle mie lezioni chi ci sarà domani ? #iorestoacasa #andratuttobene #claudiococino #lasbarrainterrazzo - @claudiococino on Instagram

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NEW: SportsArt G516 Indoor Cycle • The G516 Indoor Cycle features intuitive adjustment points, a clear LCD console to track workout metrics, and a color-changing LED display that indicates workout intensity. • A part of the SportsArt’s ECO-POWR™ Status line which is the embodiment of design, technology, sustainability, and cardiovascular excellence. • Enquire today at info@novofit.com.au • #NovoFit #futureoffitness #commercialfitnessequipment #indoorbike #indoorcycle #ActOnClimate #impact #netzero #zerocarbon #energy #renewable #smartcity #sustainable #renewableenergy #savingtheplanet #green #eco #ecopowr #design #sustainability #gogreen #spreadawareness #ecofriendly #fitness #gym #ecogym #cleanenergy - @novofitaus on Instagram

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I dag har vi stått rundt omkring Bekkestua og hilst på forbipasserende, med 1 meters avstand 😉 Trenger du hjelp med muskler og ledd? Ta kontakt for en uforpliktende prat 😊🤩 #nemusbekkestua #nemus #bekkestua #bekkestuasenter #bekkestuatorg #sol #sommer #kiropraktor #massasje #fysioterapeut - @nemusbekkestua on Instagram


The Madison Area Chamber of Commerces Annual Awards Dinner and Ceremony scheduled for June was canceled due to the pandemic but the Chamber Board is proud to announce seven businesses who have received Achievement Awards for 2020. We will feature them here, one each day. The Pink Pear, 28 Waverly Place, received the Outstanding Merchandising Award for its design and execution in merchandising. Pictured Owners Christine and Paul Kosakowski - @ilovemadisonnj on Instagram

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- Information report

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Last week, Joe Mangano and Sylvester Brown presented Sean Miller and Lynne Berkness with a generous check for $15,000 from Taco Bell Foundation. The funds will be used to support BGCMR’s teen life readiness program. Thank you, Taco Bell Foundation! - @bgcmetrorva on Instagram

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- The white lines are there for a reason

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- @ignezhelenacereccadcam on Instagram

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Il passeggino Jaya ha tutto ciò che è necessario per una corsa comoda 🏄 Inoltre è compatto e leggero allo stesso tempo. Con Jaya sarai letteralmente in grado di andare ovunque con tanta facilità 🛩️🚆🛥️! ⁣ ⁣ Scopri di più su babymilano.it #babymilanoit #negozioonline #negoziobambini #negoziobambinimilano #salinamilano #minisalina #passegginoleggero #novità @bebeconfort_eu ・・・ The Jaya stroller has e-ve-ry-thing thats needed for a comfy ride 🏄 Annnnd its compact and lighweight at the same time. Youll literally be able to go everywhere 🛩️🚆🛥️! ⁣ ⁣ https://www.bebeconfort.com/international/strollers/jaya ⁣ ⁣ #bebeconfort #jaya #stroller #baby #toddler #parenting #momsmusthave - @babymilanoit on Instagram

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- Housing for the Disabled

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TLC-licensed driver Carmen gets ready to deliver emergency meals to vulnerable New Yorkers. - @nyctaxi on Instagram

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It was so good to have the team in from @rampchurchmcr to help us clean the house we are using to house people this week on our resettlement programme our goal is to empower people onto a home and we excited to welcome our latest guests into this new home this week #endinghomelessnessmcr #newstart #love #serving #partnership - @barnabusmcr on Instagram

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Es gibt Neuigkeiten ☝️😉 Ab sofort sind wieder Probetrainings, sowie Gasttrainings (Tageskarte, Monatskarte, Urlaubstarif) bei uns möglich. Auch das Cross-Check-in für Mitglieder aus anderen clever fit Studios ist wieder freigegeben. 😊🙌 #tolleneuigkeiten #wirfreuenunsaufeuch #stayhealthy #fitwärjetztclever #euercleverfitrostockost - @clever_fit_rostock_ost on Instagram

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🎀 EVA SPREY MOP 🎀 Üye indirimli fiyat - 108₺ 📍 Satış fiyatı - 135₺ 📍 +1 YEDEK BEZ HEDİYESİYLE 🎉 -Pratik,yer kaplamayan,kovasız,montajı ve taşıması kolay yenilikçi ürün. -Pratik haznesi isteğinize göre su,deterjan ve esans ekleyerek kullanabilirsiniz. -360 derece döner başlığı sayesinde rahat kullanım sağlar,ulaşılması zor alanlara ulaşmayı kolaylaştırır. -Mikrofiber Mop,parke,fayans mermer ve duvar gibi tüm yüzeylerde çizmeden kullanabiliriz. -Mikrofiber bezi çamaşır makinesinde yıkayabilirsiniz. RENK - KIRMIZI - MAVİ Not : Stokta olan renk gönderilecektir 🤗 - @duzenlievimiz on Instagram

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Look at these happy campers with their new sign! 🏕 #camping #trailerhood #woodsigns #minwaxstain #yqg #yqghandmade #windsoressexcounty #shopsmall #shoplocal #smallbusiness #alittlebitofeverything - @a.littlebitofeverything_ on Instagram

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- Home shopping

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Mr, Mrs & Master Christian Badawi wish all our family & friends a very Merry Christmas & a safe happy prosperous new year. Bring on 2020 cheers 🥂 #merrychristmas #merrychristmas2019 #peace #love #joy #happiness #familyfirst #livelifetothefullest - @foamworld_au on Instagram

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#Repost @taryn_cutera 💪🏼 Feeling flexxy! Great day training with @belindaaloisio and @dr.nima at @skinplusiq on the #trusculptflex today, lots of learning and lots of laughs! 😁😍 #trusculpt #flexfridays #bodysculpting #musclestimulation #loveyourbody - @trusculpt_cutera on Instagram

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- Counseling

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Repost de @juanjoseyunez En el Municipio de Samborondón recibimos la visita de Carlos Acosta, quien durante años ha vendido sus productos en varias urbanizaciones de la parroquia La Puntilla. Carlos, como cualquier vendedor que cumpla con la ley, tendrá mi respaldo para llevar adelante su negocio con tranquilidad. Es momento de apoyarnos y salir juntos. Samborondón es y seguirá siendo un cantón solidario. #JuntosPorNuestrosColores #Samborondón - @pinguino_ec on Instagram

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For greater mobility on the court, check out the #Ottobock Invader Pointer. #GetActive #ottobockaustralia #basketball #passionforparalympics - @ottobock_australia on Instagram

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Deans Hamilton, Durand, and Wall, were on hand today to safely welcome new students with some #BoydNation swag! - @unlvlawschool on Instagram

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I am excited to have had the opportunity to speak at @nasm_fitness for the 6th annual Optima conference, Virtual 2020 Join me, the fitness community and leaders worldwide, all from your own home. I hope to connect with you all to learn and share the latest science in the fitness industry. Optima 2020 will take place over four great days. I’ll see you at Optima! https://nasm.co/3l3ffqN Presentations - 1) Merging Mental Perfomance training in Dietary Practices 2)! Diabetes, we are so close to preventing it. It is always a great experience working with the high energy, positivity, and professionalism of Team NASM. - @fightshape_ricci on Instagram


- hmmm

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Just some random vids from the last few days. This ancient wheelchair is absolutely perfect! I can still walk, but not more than few steps before the pain is too much to handle. So this chair, and my bff are responsible for the first real outings Ive been on in ages, it is AMAZING!!! On the 2nd vid, youve gotta watch it full through, cause Chompy does such a goofy thing! 😆 Alrighty, talk to guys later! ✌ - @differentially_kelly on Instagram

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Moms can get into shape at Stroller Strides every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9am in June. Join us at The Green near Whole Foods. #thedisrictatgreenvalleyranch #strollerstrides #henderson #lasvegas #momfitness - @thedistrictgvr on Instagram

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Enjoying this beautiful day together ❤️✌🏻We hope everyone had an awesome Saturday! Shoes and boots- @littleloviescloset Code AUBREY to save those dollas www.littleloviescloset.com @reppin.it.canada @repkidscanada @reptruenorth @canadiankidsfeature #shoplocal #kidrep #canadianshop #reppinitcanada #reptruenorth #repkidscanada #LLC - @an_okay_mom on Instagram

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Great to see our #MyKeyWorker winner @sammyleslie91 rewarded with a round of golf with @beanymat at the @therenaissanceclub 👏🏻 . Sammy was nominated for all her hard work working on the front line in Aberdeen for the NHS. . #ASILSO - @letgolf @lpga_tour @visitscotland @aberdeenstandard - @ladies_scottish on Instagram

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Personal trainers, Are you looking for a clean, private, and professional studio to attract high ticket sales? @thecoachsden...Now Leasing! www.TheCoachsDen.com #personaltrainers #personaltrainingstudio #Personal training #fitnessspecialist #fitnessdirector #coach #contestprepcoach - @thecoachsden on Instagram

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- Painted concrete porch

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Это будет двухсекционное здание. Фасады облицуют декоративными контрастными плитами серо-белого и кофейного цвета. В доме будет 124 квартиры: 21 однокомнатная, 82 двухкомнатные, 21 трехкомнатная. Придомовую территорию благоустроят и озеленят: обустроят детскую игровую и спортивную площадки, а также площадку для отдыха. ▶️ Подробности 👉🏼 по ссылке в сторис и на stroi.mos.ru - @stroi_mos_ru on Instagram

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Me watching CATS - @mister_carlosreyes on Instagram

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Hoje é dia de apresentar nosso superintendente médico, o Dr Sergio Petrilli. E ele é mesmo super. Super avô, pai, amigo. É também super marido e já comemorou bodas de ouro de sua união. ⠀ É professor da Unifesp e tem pupilos talentosos espalhados pelo País, exercendo com paixão a oncologia pediátrica porque se espelham nele. ⠀ É pediatra, oncologista e um investigador exímio dos melhores tratamentos para crianças e adolescentes com câncer. ⠀ Dr Sergio Petrilli, além de ser o responsável técnico pelo Hospital do GRAACC, é especialista em osteossarcoma, um tipo de tumor infantil que acomete os ossos. ⠀ É perspicaz e tem uma sensibilidade para ver além de seu tempo. Deve ser por isso que há quase 30 anos foi um dos fundadores do GRAACC. 🤗 ⠀ Conheça mais sobre o GRAACC em: graacc.org.br - @instagraacc on Instagram

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Please Santa I have been so kind this year🙏🏻😇 STIGA X NN07 The most luxurious sled ever made. Leather parts made in our saddlery. @stigasportsofficial @nonationality07 #vegtan #snowracer #limitededition #tärnsjöläder - @tarnsjogarveri on Instagram

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- Back patio ideas

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Missing being in an airport ✈ - @gaw548 on Instagram

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This space needed a lot of TLC, so we provided exactly that 😎 @pearlevision in #Mississauga #builditbydesign - @builditbydesign on Instagram

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Voilà à quoi ressemblait un 📱 il y a 35 ans lorsque le premier service de téléphonie cellulaire a été lancé! 😱 Est-ce que vous ou les membres de votre famille en avez déjà eu un? #BellArchives - @bell_francais on Instagram

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Hi, are you looking for an image Editing services provider? please say hello me here ❤️bit.ly/2SRrsTc #imageediting#backgroundremove#photoeditingskills#watermarks#photoediting#photoeditingservice#adagency#interface#branding#logoreveal - @imacmania on Instagram


- ergonomic products

Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that Im not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I dont get in a fight. Ohhhh, back to school. Back to school. Back to school. We’ve got a cool second grader and one sweet kindergartener this year! It’s fine... I’m fine... 😭😍🥳 #firstdayofschool - @toybeck on Instagram

- I remember someone asking about favorite one off characters a while back. While she’s not exactly a one off, I love her. Gladys, everyone.

Fresh vehicle wrap #firehousesubs #cars #steponesigns #food #sos - @steponesigns on Instagram

Running, jumping, walking, skipping, riding.. the list goes on! Which Grimwade House class will be crowned the active champions at the end of this term? Its still too early to tell but we are amazed by the number of entries submitted so far and theres still all of next week to go. Keep it up Grimwade! #mgsoffcampus #melbournegrammar #melbournegrammarschool - @melbournegrammarschool on Instagram

We have teamed up with @UPromise to provide double rewards to all participants in their dining program. From now until the end of the year, we are continuing UPromises mission to Create Rewarding Moments for their members. - @rewardsnetwork on Instagram

ALWAYS UP FOR THE CHALLENGE - Another large Phase @ Casagmo of Ridgefield just about complete. Nothing easy about this job. • Parking/Scheduling • Total Asphalt Removal • 2 Courses of Asphalt • Curbing in between each course • Garage Doors/Overhang YOU NAME IT. Thankfully Mother Nature has been cooperating this week. Another Beautiful day of paving. 🇺🇸 #AMERICANPAVEMENT #IndustryLeader #AsphaltPaving #CondominiumPaving #PavingContractor #RaisedOnBlacktop #Quality #Service #Speed - @americanpavement on Instagram

Happy birthday to my boy @tyler_lankford_ I am sure he will never forget this one. #stayed6 - @tim_lankford1 on Instagram

☺️ Отдых для родителей После дачного сезона, в преддверии зимы очень важно позаботиться о здоровье и отдыхе своих самых близких людей. В санатории «Юбилейный» отдых не только комфортный, но и интересный и доступный. Мы собрали всё самое важное: 🍁 специально разработанные программы по оздоровлению 🍁 интересные развлечения на любой вкус 🍁 сытное трёхразовое питание 🍁 доступная стоимость - от 2300₽ с лечением 🍁 комфортные номера разного уровня 🍁 чистый воздух и огромная территория для неспешных прогулок 🧡 Спланируйте отдых для родителей приятно и на пользу. #bannoye #банное #курортБанное #санаторийЮбилейный #юбилейныйБанное #глцМеталлургМагнитогорск #глцБанное #территорияБлагополучия - @bannoye.official on Instagram

In true fashion as usual. #middlefingersup🖕 #capemayvacation - @micmicmotorbike on Instagram

If Princess Diana has a documentary on Disney+, then that makes her an unofficial Disney Princess, right? Today is Unofficially Royal for the #boundtoberoyalty challenge from @critiquegeek and @thedisneybound ! This is my mom’s favorite princess! @diane.kellar #princessdiana #disneybound - @kellargirlsbound on Instagram

- Me and my tricycle. 1962

Post 3/3: To celebrate the launch of our events group, and the first cruise we did on September 20th, Dr. David Morris brought out his 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen! The FIRST automobile ever patented by Karl Benz. He started up its 3/4 of a horsepower engine, and took us for rides! Then we took off for fudge and a group photo at Lake Wabamun, followed by a scenic drive home.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ If youre interested in joining us for future events you can find a registration form on our website under About Us - Events⁠⠀ _______________________________⁠⠀ #yeg #mbew #amg #cruise #privatecruise #amgcruise #drivingevent #amggt #sl63 #sl550 #c450 #gt63s #1959220S #mbclassic #gts #gle53 #s550 #c43 #c63s #cla45 #edmonton #alberta #sturgeoncounty #1886patentmotorwagen #firstautomobile #patenetmotorwagen #karlbenz #lakewabamun - @mercedesbenzyeg on Instagram

Young gun, big dreams 💭 - @razorworldwide on Instagram

“How has living in Seattle (apart from your siblings) versus living in LA (with your siblings) impacted your connection to your heritage and/or culture?” “Living in LA is like living in another part of Korea.  Theres a big presence of Koreans in LA and Korea Town has grown so big ever since we came to the USA that you virtually dont even need to speak any English and be able to survive fine in LA.  Hence the reason why some of my older siblings who have lived there since they came to the USA dont speak good English even though they have been in the USA for over 40+ years. As for me, when I got a job here in Seattle and met my husband  at work, since then I have lived in Seattle for [the] last 25 years. Therefore, my families in LA believe that living in Seattle has somewhat changed me and that I have become more Americanized. While that may be a true statement, I believe living in Seattle has not changed my views and core values I have.  I am still very much Korean and enjoy visiting my sisters in LA. I feel like when I go to LA, I am in Korea and feel like home. So I go to LA quite often like 3-4 times a year and even bought a 2nd home in LA.” “How does marrying a Chinese-American impact your relation to your culture?” “I believe marrying a Chinese-American did not impact my cultural views.  That is because Koreans and Chinese share similar cultures and histories. Additionally, while my husband came to Seattle, WA when he was an infant (less than 2 yrs old) and his parents did not teach him to speak Chinese, he was  raised with Chinese culture as core values. Therefore, we share the same core values. There are small cultural differences and therefore, we have had conflicting viewpoints but more important core values are the same.” -Sunny Hsieh (Audrey Hsiehs’ mother, center wearing orange ) #SUKSAJEEP #집 (1/4) - @seattleuksa on Instagram

- Adaptive Equipment

Interested in this stunning property? Then search for Www.kippertree.com/properties/218 Or click on the link in our bio🏠 _________________________________ #farmhouse #mansion #goldenvisaportugal #goldenvisaproperty #aveiro #portugal #iloveportugal #livingabroad #buyingahome #mansion #luxuryhomes #casasluxuosas #casasmodernas #farm #luxuryproperties #realestate #easywaytosellyourhouse #sellinghomes #kippertree - @_kippertree_ on Instagram

Headed home. Until next summer. #rockharborcapecod #covidsummer - @kalikopley on Instagram

M&P Courier has started Home pick-up from your doorstep to facilitate your courier needs during the lockdown. Stay Home! Stay Safe! Stay Courier Connected! For more details and your pickup, please call us at (021) 111 202 202 or visit our website, www.mulphilog.com #OrangeIsTheNewCourier - @mullerandphippscourier on Instagram

Résultat de notre travail. La mode est faite pour tous. Sans critère de taille, World of Models est fait pour ceux qui aiment la mode et qui veulent la changer. Tous les modèles en photos, sont sélectionnés pour les championnats du monde de la Mode à Dubai 2021 ✌🙂👍. Si toi aussi tu veux faire partie de la famille World Of Models qui est le plus grand casting mode d Europe alors écris nous en pv et follow nous. 😁✌ Commente et like si tu veux faire partie des prochains shooting photos. #casting #worldofmodels #lamodepourtous - @worldofmodels_official on Instagram

Si hay algo que duele en la vida, es despedirse de una persona tan amada. Que entrego tanto amor. Pero tuve la oportunidad de decirte que te amaba y que me llenaste el alma de amor y agradezco a Dios por darme esa oportunidad antes de irte con EL. Te voy a necesitar tanto, pero no tengo dudas que te voy a ver y que estas descansando después de tantos años luchando por tu vida, te mereces este descanso mi viejita loca. Me duele el alma no verte, pero estas bien, lo sé, lo dijiste. El cielo se gana un Angel tan hermoso,con tanto amor, con tanta fortaleza, con tanta vida para dar. TE AMO. Te voy amar siempre, tu gitana siempre❤️💫⭐️ - @gianepalet on Instagram

- What I made back in 7th grade. Good memories [building]

Anders Olsson är inte bara en av Sveriges bästa paralympier genom tiderna, han är också en fantastisk inspiratör. I veckan skänkte han en armcykel till Fritidsbanken Hagfors för att ge fler möjlighet att testa på paracykel🙌🤩 Om du själv saknar utrustning, kolla in närmaste @fritidsbanken så hjälper dem dig att komma igång😃 #parasportswe #idrottsglädje #fritidsbanken - @parasportswe on Instagram

- BMW Dealership Study

🌀 This is a beautiful modern staircase built by @ghiloni_custom_builders at one of their recent projects in New Albany, Ohio. . Awesome job! . . 🌙✨Love + Gratitude✨🌙 . #granvilleohio #newalbanyohio #columbusohio #midwestliving #dreamhomes #custommade #homebuilder #stairs #woodworking #cablerailing #woodandmetal #modernhomes #design #interiordesign #styleinspiration #homedecor #lovesndgratitude - @henryleiterfoto on Instagram

🏍🗺 Il @bar_dellelica ® in Tour in Umbria! Non poteva mancare una tappa presso Umbria Kinetics dove è nato #AirTender®. 🗣 Gli ingegneri, i meccanici e i commerciali dellazienda, hanno accolto i numerosi motociclisti iscritti al Club, raccontando la storia dellazienda e della rivoluzionaria tecnologia AirTender®. 👥 Allevento sono intervenuti anche il Sindaco di Foligno, Stefano Zuccarini e il Consigliere Comunale con incarico al Trasporto e alla Protezione Civile, Ivano Ceccucci, esperto motociclista e uno dei primi felici possessori di AirTender®. La #SuspensionRevolution non è solo un prodotto, ma una comunità, unoccasione per parlare di moto con i motociclisti e condividere la passione per le due ruote! 🌐 link in bio #UmbriaKinetics #MadeInItaly with love 🇮🇹❤️ - @umbriakinetics_airtender on Instagram

Been putting the meow in homeowner for 730 days now! 🐾 #stoptakingphotosofyourhouse - @emskiebear on Instagram

- January 2016 Clients & Photos

Cuidar do sorriso de quem amamos é a maior felicidade que podemos ter. ☺️ Um privilégio receber minha irmã no consultório! Ainda mais quando ela traz esse presente: a mais nova Mini Dentista contratada para o meu consultório em regime de parceria! 😷💖 .  Quem vem realizar os procedimentos com esta fofura? Eu garanto que ela vai deixar vocês de boca aberta com tanta dedicação e delicadeza, facilitando o trabalho dela rsrsrs... 😅 . O sonho desta pequena é ser dentista, igual à Dinda! ♥️ E a Dinda aqui se aproveita pra alimentar esses desejos. Melhor ajudante não há! Ela aprende tudo direitinho no consultório pra repetir em casa com as bonecas, com o irmão, com o papai, com a mamãe.. . #doradadinda #doramericana #minidentista #dradora #minime #odontopediatria #odontoporamor #odontofortaleza #dracamilamontalverne - @dracamilamontalverne on Instagram

- Scute

Yom Tov #YomKippur - @metfoods on Instagram

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE 🥳🏡🥂 Fra 1/9 bliver vi silkeborgensere, og vi glæder os helt vildt! @rasmusmoelsted #weboughtahouse #husejere - @katrinekm on Instagram

Earlier this week, we received this heart-warming message: As a family we would like to say thank you so much to Caudwell and the other kind charity that helped fund our daughter’s trike, we feel very blessed thank you so much, Betsy loves her trike and it will be invaluable to her, allowing her to ride a bike like her sister! 💜💗💜 - @caudwellchildren on Instagram

❤️❤️ - @sarahdanter on Instagram

- Cars Early

- June 2015 New Customers

Schon irgendwie ein seltsames Bild, aber ich fand’s lustig 😂 #justdoit #weird #different #havefun - @robin._bow on Instagram

@signorinotilegallery showroom reception counter progress shops - @pazzimarbleandgranite on Instagram

- Pedicure chairs for sale

Tonight’s #skateboarding adventure - he pushed himself to try a steeper incline, but it a couple times, got a couple scrapes, and got back up every time. Couple teens gave some tips, and a little skater girl (“I hope we see her there again”) stopped by to offer access to her first aid kit. - @ikeif on Instagram

This beautiful 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom is available today! Brand new #HighRise community in #DowntownHouston. Book your appointment for a tour at 713.751.1900! - @camdendowntown on Instagram

- Accessible Kitchens

- @ ADA 残疾人橱柜

Have you heard about our #tenontuesdays - @teamlongenecker.realtors Brad Longenecker was out this morning taking part! For more information visit our website or Facebook! - @downtownlebanonpa on Instagram

Kinderpostzegels horen echt bij Nederland. Al 72 jaar gaan kinderen langs de deuren om geld in te zamelen voor andere kinderen. Ik ben ontzettend blij dat de Kinderpostzegelactie ondanks de coronacrisis toch door kan gaan. Met een speciale box en met bestelformulieren kunnen kinderen veilig langs de deuren. En dit jaar worden de postzegels voor het eerst online verkocht. Een mooi staaltje Nederlands aanpassingsvermogen. Het laat eens te meer zien hoe goed er in ons land naar elkaar wordt omgekeken. En dat is precies waar de Kinderpostzegelactie voor staat: omkijken naar elkaar. Dit jaar wordt er geld ingezameld voor kinderen in een onveilige thuissituatie, bijvoorbeeld kinderen die thuis te maken krijgen met geweld of verwaarlozing. Ik wens alle kinderen van groep 7 en 8 veel succes, dat jullie maar veel postzegels mogen verkopen! - @minpres on Instagram

Sempre incerto sul “Salgo/Non salgo sul podio” - alla fine vince sempre la prima, per ovvie necessità! 😂 Col Maestro✨ #donatorenzetti @obiettivorchestra @filarmonicatrt - @gstillitano98 on Instagram

Mi hijito acuático - @beto_dujovne.ok on Instagram

- Homemade go kart

- Barbie sstyff

🏡 🏘🏡 Sold!!!!! (5x) That’s right, we closed 5 houses today! Congrats to our clients. This market is HOT 🔥 #Realestate #realtor #buyer #sellers #castrovalley #bayarea #homes #house #sold #buying #bayarearealestate #jonandleslie #comingsoon #sanleandro #hayward #clientswhobecomefriends #hubsandwifeteam #pending #weloverealestate #looking #searching #home #townhouse #bayarearealtors #jon #leslie - @mrjonfoster on Instagram

“I never thought bikes would have made such a positive change in our lives! We lost my husband, (their father) a little over a year ago. He was the one who would get them outside to throw the football and fish but I didn’t fill his shoes the same way. Now they are out riding! Off the Xbox, making new friends, and drinking a lot more water! They have even been getting in less fights with one another. Charles and Chase are 10 year-old twins. I can’t thank BYOBikes enough! We are even hoping to give back and help build some bikes at an upcoming event ♥️♥️♥️” - Katrina T. We can’t help kids like Charles and Chase without your support. 🤲 Donate Now! (link in bio) - @byobikes on Instagram

Accessibility for all 🔥 Please be mindful 🧡 Too many times these fun scooters get left in inconvenient spots. Also if you can always make sure sidewalks are clear ✨ - @mypinehills on Instagram

With da boys - @jrlngram on Instagram

- Its Never too late

- A patient with achondroplasia (dwarfism) before & after having an arm, and two leg lengthening treatments. Before the process she had a mature height of 3’10” — after she stands 4’11, and gained 4 inches of arm length!

In Europe you take city breaks, to Copenhagen and Rome and Paris. It doesnt have to be that exotic either - I had minibreaks all over the UK, from Cornwall to Coventry, with drives across the country looking at scenery, sampling cider, admiring cows and buildings and everything that wasnt London. But in Australia, not so much, until COVID and our city break in Newcastle. We caught a tourist bus made to look like a heritage tram (!), walked along the foreshore to Nobbys Head Lighthouse and watched surfers play with the wild waves, looked at where the beaches and ocean pools would be if they hadnt been swallowed by the east coast low. We stayed in a hotel looking over the water and went out for cocktails and burgers. It wasnt Venice, but it was awesome. So, where next? . . . . . . . #travelwriter #travelwriting #newcastlensw #familytravel #travelwithkids #travellingkids #weekendsaway - @meganholbeck on Instagram

#Closed #WhoIsNext #Langstonrealtygroup - @therealtoreric on Instagram

Got up early this morning to go for a 4 mile roll! I actually enjoyed it 😊. Stopped at the bottom of my drive on the way back for a photoshoot 😅. Think the run tired me out though because my eyes are literally starting to close while Im typing this! So im gunna go now so I can nap 😆😴😴 . . . . . . . . #rgkwheelchairs #rgk #sport #fitness #sci #spinalcordinjury #instafit #gymshark #nike #push - @francescamariaantoniazzi on Instagram

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When you think its safe to sleep in your own house!!! You get a cast tattoo that you didnt even ask for. Its been like this for days now!! So if you see me out get a good laugh and a pic!! You got me. You little #(÷&=÷*#$!!! @ryley.alston21 Oh you got me good!!! Game on. Hahaha!! #likefatherlikeson - @lewis_alston on Instagram

Captain Tom Moore has been knighted in the Queens first official engagement in person since lockdown. Congratulations Captain Sir Tom Moore! #knighthood - @britweek on Instagram

- @cleonice.souza.3133 on Instagram

Mi first case of the week. 56 y/o with moderate obstructive sleep apnea, class II and facial underprojection. Bimaxillary surgery with counterclockwise rotation & chin advancement. I have also used our published technique for intraoral platysma suspensión in order to maximize the face lift effect. 👉bimaxillary surgery is the only long term potentially curative treatment for moderate & severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea 👉Preoperative orthodontic management by @anamolinacoral allowed for simultaneous correction of her class II malocclusion 👉Note the effects on soft tissue support of the face & neck and profile improvement. A 1’5 hour surgical procedure can definitely change a patient’s life... #orthognathicsurgery #orthofacialsurgery #osas #facelift #ortodoncia #chin #orthodontics #facialaesthetics #antiaging #apneadelsueño #barcelonareferenceplane #mandible #rejuvenation #classii #maxillofacial #lovemyjob @maxillofacialbcn - @federico_hernandez_alfaro on Instagram

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JoBeth Hamon works at a mental health nonprofit and serves as the City Councilor for OKC’s Ward 6. She lives without a car and uses her feet, bike and the city’s bus system to get around. In her free time, she likes to read and cuddle with her pup, DJ. . Check out our #BikeToWorkWeek stories and follow @jbforokc for tips on commuting and see what its like to #BikeThere . And how about that handlebar tape, is that an Italian Moka Coffee maker complete with lightning bolts? ☕️⚡️👀 - @rideokc on Instagram

Ual! A Parente Odontologia Integrada agora conta com a tecnologia do Scanner iTero Element 5D.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Esse é o primeiro scanner intra-oral que ajuda na detecção de lesão de cárie interproximal1. Ele faz o scan das estruturas de um dente (esmalte e dentina) em tempo real, revela a estrutura interna do dente e sem usar radiação nociva.⠀ ⠀ Incrível não é mesmo? ⠀ A Parente Odontologia Integrada está sempre trazendo o melhor da tecnologia odontológica para seus pacientes.⠀ ⠀ 📲WhatsApp: (88) 9.9900 2828 - ☎Telefone: (88) 3613 1594. #Sobral⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #SobralCE #Sobralense #SobralCIty #Tiangua #Massape #Meruoca #Forquilha #Groairas #Carire #Varjota #Granja #Camocim⠀⠀⠀ - @parenteodontologiaintegrada on Instagram

Children are dying daily from neglect and abuse in America. The time to ACT is now. Share this post to raise awareness or visit americanspcc.org to make a donation. All proceeds go directly to improving their lives. #IAmTheFuture - @american_spcc on Instagram

- So many problems with this picture, the face, the speed, the part of the road shes on... if you find more leave it in the comments

“Piedi a terra sempre “ Bisogna studiare e confrontarsi ogni giorno con la realtà, essere sempre pronti ad aggiungere più qualità. A volte c’è da fare anche il passo più lungo della gamba ed osare, accettando il rischio,quel rischio che potrebbe farti volare e cambiare . Bisogna sempre sognare avendo alte prospettive e non accontentarsi mai per poter crescere. Purtroppo il tempo non ci da la possibilità di tornare indietro. Possiamo solo ricominciare da capo e se siamo fortunati , andare avanti e decidere il finale . Ricominciamo con la stessa voglia e la stessa grinta di prima Vi Aspettiamo ! Info 0862414983 @magione.papale_relais @barbuscia_spa @michelinguide #abruzzo #restaurant #michelinstar #michelin #laquila#michelinguide #williamzonfa - @william.zonfa on Instagram

- Man on mobility scooter taking his snake for a walk around tooting common this afternoon

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Six years ago I had a vision of bringing cyclists into my area because I didnt see many cyclist riding in Haldimand County I wanted others to experience what the county has to offer. Five years later, I hosted 800 riders at my event. THIS TIME IM DREAMING BIGGER Im planning a record breaking event once the COVID-19 virus is beaten. Im looking for event organizers from across the country to organize a Canada wide event. Lets show the world how Canadian cyclists celebrate the end of this crisis. Lets get every rider in Canada wearing the same jersey and show support for those who were on the front line or have suffered from this nasty virus. If you are wish to help offer any idea, be involved as a local organizer or you know someone who would be interested and has some experience please contact me at DunnvilleGrandTour@gmail.com. #covid #cycling #covid19 #canadacovid19 - @dunnvillegrandtour on Instagram

A brand new entryway leading to a brand new kitchen! Next Stage Team: Project Developer - Patricia Metis Designer - Nicole Guilbert Project Manager - Tim Kistler Lead Carpenter: Damian Aguilar Ready to transform your home? Wed love to talk, fill out a consultation request at nextstagedesign.com Flooring: @manningtonfloors Stair Railing: @coynestairinc . . . . . . . #entryway #entrywayremodel #foyer #foyerremodel #staircase #staircaseremodel #homeremodel #interiordesign #remodeling #kitchenremodel - @nextstagedesign on Instagram

Let us introduce you to our next board member- this is Marcia 😊. Marcia joined the board of the Calgary Chapter, Celiac Association in November 2018. Both her and her husband have celiac disease, along with a number of other family members. Marcia completed her “run” by scooting with her husband and three young children. Please donate ❤️ today to help Marcia raise money for the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association. Https://raceroster.com/events/2020/23445/Scotiabank-calgary-marathon-2020/pledge/participant/9241450 - @calgaryceliac on Instagram

Saatanya si kecil bermain musik 🥁🎙️🎶 Dengan ELC Key Boom Board si kecil bisa merekam, bernyanyi bahkan menjadi DJ. Yuk, kunjungi store ELC terdekat atau kunjungi elc.co.id atau bisa juga melalui chat ke nomer whatsapp +62 21 29181155 #elcindo #elcmainsamaanak #playathomewithelc - @elcindo on Instagram

Tune in to the @golfchannel today to see Renasant golf pro @a_mc10 in the opening round of the @shopritelpga. She will be mic’d up. Let’s go Ally! #RiseWithRenasant - @renasantbank on Instagram

Congratulations to my amazing dad who has reached his target weight and shed over 3 stone (19kg) in weight.⁣ ⁣ How did he do it? ⁣ After years of being pestered by his family he stopped eating sugary and processed food and upped his daily exercise regime. ⁣ My brother and I bought him an Apple Watch for Christmas so he could see how much he moves each day. He’s now become obsessed with closing each of his exercise rings and each week we have a competition via the watch to see who can get the most exercise points. My mum tells me he’s been out for walks at 9pm because he can see I’ve gone ahead of him on the score board. Love it! ⁣ ⁣ Having goals is such an important part of life. Whether it’s a list of things you want to do in life or just healthy daily habits you want to embed in your lifestyle, having clear goals will help you get there. ⁣ ⁣ Add in competition which not only pushes you further but like sugar it can keep you coming back for more which in terms of exercise can only be a good thing. Goals, exercise, healthy food and competition can all lead to the release of all the amazing natural chemicals in the brain that help unlock that inner happiness (it’s in there gang, I promise!). ⁣ ⁣ All of these have helped but it’s 100% my Dad’s determination and drive that’s got him to where he is. Super proud of him and love that he’s feeling the best he has in years. Love you Dad Xx ⁣😍 #weightlossjourney #motivation #goalsetting #competition #applewatch - @101survive on Instagram

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It’s often said that in order to continue growing and become successful you should always surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.⁣ ⁣ One easy way to do that is to marry someone MUCH smarter (and better looking) than you, and then work in the same building with her. That pretty much ensures you’ll never be the smartest person in any room. ⁣ ⁣ Follow her @restorept_ri for great self care tips from a Physical Therapist, then have her take care of your physical therapy needs inside the walls of @olympia_fitnessri ! - @steve_zarriello on Instagram

Today was a beautiful day hanging out at our new station on the corner of High and Lemon! It was great to get to meet a few neighbors and we were happy to sign up some new members today for free memberships in partnership with Independent Health and support from @bnmcbuffalo #reddybikebuffalony #explorebuffalo #bikeshare #onebuffalo #buffalove #buffalony #getoutsideandexplore - @reddy_bikes on Instagram

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Some of our wild & crazy team here at the Homestead. First we have Tess - that’s me! Your behind the scenes digital whiz, events planner and taking your calls. Then we have Sandy, our schools coordinator and amazing historian. Then the dream team couple, Carol making sure we’ve got the funds and her partner in crime Mick, our resident Caretaker always greeting our @thebarrackstocal guests with a smile! And behind the camera? That’s our boss/amazing photographer Sandra. And absent from class - Rennae, providing you the 5 star service at The Barracks!!! 🌟 - @tocalhomestead on Instagram

Time to stride with your tribe mama!⠀ ⠀ 👉🏼Stroller Strides @ 9:30 on Zoom⠀ ⠀ 👉🏽Kissing Hand Playgroup @ 10:30 on Zoom⠀ ⠀ .⠀ ⠀ .⠀ ⠀ .⠀ ⠀ .⠀ ⠀ .⠀ ⠀ #FIT4MOM #strollerstrides #bodyback #FIT4MOMprograms #themotherhoodisreal #mamahoodsisterhood #communityinmotherhood #strengthinmotherhood #strollerbarre #strides360 #fitmomsrock #stayactivesanantonio #workingmons #stayathomemoms #allthemoms #fitnessformoms #prenatalfitness #postpartumfitness #fitmoms #athomeworkouts - @fit4mom_alamoranch_helotes on Instagram

. 7 years ago I had just finished what should have been a 350 mile bike ride from Paris to London finishing on the Horseguards Parade - This ended up being a 420 mile ride hitting every undulation France had to offer, oh and throw in some horrendous weather to the mix and that was us sat in London with a very well deserved beer! ⁣ ⁣ This was the start of my Cycling journey. Riding my bike is what makes me feel free, I love it!⁣ ⁣ 4 different bikes, several helmets and inner-tubes and a few crashes along the way and I am still loving being on my bike! ⁣ ⁣ Even my Wife and Son are into cycling now!⁣ ⁣ 𝘱𝘴 - 𝘈𝘭𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘴 𝘸𝘦𝘢𝘳 𝘢 𝘩𝘦𝘭𝘮𝘦𝘵, 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘯 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘱𝘰𝘱𝘱𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘱𝘴! 𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘴𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘭𝘪𝘧𝘦! - @joshboggi_public on Instagram

Good Neighbor Award Finalist Vickie Lobo furnishes apartments for people starting over after overcoming challenges such as homelessness, domestic violence, drug addiction, and medical tragedies. Read more and vote for her to earn bonus grant funding by clicking the link in our bio. #GoodNeighborAwards #RealtorsAreGoodNeighbors - @realtormag on Instagram

My youth lifting group started tonight at Limitless🥰 I am so excited to teach kids proper form, empower them, and show them how great it feels to be strong💪#youthlifting #startthemyoung #powerlifter #powerlifting #iamlimitless #pregnantnotpowerless #limitlesselitegym @usalimitless - @mamalimitless on Instagram

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A new beginning of another chapter in life about to start.. #officiallynewhomeownerishh 🥰🙈 - @sharenbubblie on Instagram

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Seu banheiro também está precisando de uma boa reforma? 💡👷🏽‍♀️🔨 . #flaviabastianiarquitetura #arquitetaportoalegre #arquitetosportoalegre #arquitetospoa #reformasportoalegre #reformadebanheiro #reformatotal #banheironovo #banheiroreformado #banheiroclaro #comoreformarbanheiro #revestimentosparabanheiros #banheiromoderno #banheirosimples #banheirodecorado #imoveisantigos #apartamentoantigo #reformadeapartamento #reformaapartamentoantigo - @flaviabastianiarquitetura on Instagram

Şehrimizdeki bisiklet yollarımızı yeniliyoruz... #AşklaÇalışıyoruz - @crmbelediyesi on Instagram

«Voir autant d’enfants à vélo est certainement le constat le plus réjouissant de l’année 2020! Des petits apprenant à se tenir en équilibre sur leur vélo, des jeunes se déplaçant dans leur quartier apaisé, des familles explorant la ville en toute quiétude, bref, de nouvelles habitudes ont vu le jour. Entendre les témoignages de parents emballés de se déplacer plus souvent à vélo avec leurs enfants en ville...» https://www.velo.qc.ca/enjeux-et-positions/points-de-vue/mon-ecole-a-velo/ - @veloquebec on Instagram

I love getting a chance to chat with @brookewalker on @studio5ksl from time to time!!! Today, we talked about 4 fun day-date ideas you can do (especially if you have kids who are in school!!). 1. Plan a lunch picnic!! Level-up the date by getting @picnic_under_thestars to setup a romantic spot for you!! 2. Quarantine kits from @thekreativekiln allow you to get creative with clay at home!!! 3. Golfing!! Make a fun at-home mini golf course, go to @topgolf (and go for half off on Tuesdays!), or find a golf course near you (the pga passbook can save you some $$). 4. Download the @drybarcomedy app!! Don’t we all need to just sit and cuddle and laugh right now?! Visit the link in our profile to find the whole interview!!! - @goingcourting on Instagram

We Welcome another Van to the growing team at Lejas Electrical Group #lejaselectrical #electrician #electrical #vans #building #fitout - @lejas_elec on Instagram

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One last obstacle for @markpjames1 & myself to navigate before the finish line in #Bridlington at the end of #wayoftheroses - @matfro27 on Instagram

This is the second employee recruitment video that we have produced with @librocu. This promotional video focuses on the positive impact that Libro and their employees have on the communities that they serve. If you swipe — you will see two additional shorter 15-30 second edits that we created as well. - @mcalpine.inc on Instagram

STRはベビーカーに見えるかもしれませんが、実は機能的な三輪車でもあります。 生後6か月から3才までの乗り物はSTR1台でOK 👌 - @smartrikejapan on Instagram

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There are a few open delivery slots for tomorrow, so please don’t delay... (And yes, we will happily recycle your spent (but rinsed 😉) growlers!) - @endorffeine on Instagram

⠀ The Queensborough Community Centre will reopen Monday, September 21!⠀ ⠀ 🚨Advanced reservation is required for all visits (no drop-ins). ⠀ ✅ Group fitness classes, fitness centre, and youth and seniors services will be available.⠀ ✅ New safety measures will be in place and there may be limitations on available activities/amenities. ⠀ ✅ Please come dressed in active wear and bring a pre-filled water bottle for fitness activities. ⠀ Tap the link in bio to visit newwestcity.ca/welcome-back to learn more about new safety measures in place and to book your activity.⠀ ⠀ 📚 The New Westminster Public Library branch location at QCC will reopen Tuesday, September 22.⠀ Visit @nwplibrary or nwpl.ca for details.⠀ Recreation facilities will continue to reopen over September and October. Welcome back! - @newwestrec on Instagram

KONKURRENCE NR. 2⭐️ VIND det populære Scoot and Ride løbehjul🛴 Alt du skal gøre for at deltage er at skrive hvem der skal forkæles med det seje løbehjul og følge @magasindunord_kids her på instagram⭐️ Tag meget gerne en eller flere, som også skal have muligheden for at vinde ~ og så vil vi ELSKE, hvis i vil dele konkurrencen🤩👏🏼 Vinderen findes søndag d. 4. Oktober⭐️ HELD OG LYKKE⭐️ (Konkurrencen er ikke i samarbejde med instagram) - @magasindunord_kids on Instagram

Mein Blutdruck ist ideal, der Fersensporn ist besser und mein Stresslevel ist gesunken. Ich konnte täglich zusehen, wie ich abnehme. Das sind nur ein paar Aussagen von Ina, die nun 7,8kg leichter ist. Vielen Dank für dein Feedback 🙏🍀 #daswegistdasziel #sanoschwarzheide #sanofamilie - @gesundheitsstudio_sano on Instagram

Pretty pretty! 😍 #boxwheelchairs #wcmx #nemesis #courtchair #wheelchair #instarad #fabricationporn #TeamCAF - @box_wheelchairs on Instagram

Vandaag start de @SchoolopSeef #Schoolbrengweek. Het zonnetje 🌞schijnt! Hoe breng jij deze week de kinderen naar school? Ga je lekker een stukje fietsen 🚴‍♀️ of kies je voor een gezellige wandeling 🚶‍♂️ met dit mooie weer? - @capelle_ijssel on Instagram

Husband and wife, Katie and Ryan, were admitted to the hospital within days of each other after testing positive for COVID. When their care team found out Katie and Ryan were being released on the same day, they went all out to make their return home as memorable as possible. We wish Katie and Ryan all the best. #COVIDSurvivors ❤️ - @torrancememorial on Instagram

Fragt ihr euch auch immer wieder, wie die Situation einkaufen im rolli praktikabler und einfacher werden kann, @dm_deutschland hat meiner Meinung nach einer sehr praktische Lösung für genau dieses Problem gefunden. @dm_deutschland #einkaufen #rolli #erleichterung - @isi_kempe on Instagram

Ótima localização!📍 No centro da cidade de João Pessoa☀, perto de tudo e perfeito pra descansar💤 💻 www.lagoaparkhotel.com.br ☎ (83) 3015-1414 📌 Parque Sólon de Lucena, 19 - Centro, João Pessoa - PB #lagoaparkhotel #jampa #paraiba #joaopessoaparaiba #paraíba #paraibaturismo #destinoparaiba - @lagoaparkhotel on Instagram

VitalKIDS esta muy feliz de ver tratamiento finalizado de uno de nuestros pacientes: Dominick!!! No comía bien, estaba bajo peso y con riesgo de desnutrición..... Ahora es un niño sano: un niño Feliz!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀#pediatria #pediatraenbogota #bogota #consultadepediatría #alimentacion - @vitalkids_grupopediatrico on Instagram

Hace algunas semanas dimos de alta a Don Armando, quien después de estar internado y luchar por su salud durante 15 días en el Centro de Enfermedades Respiratorias de Jaltenango, Chiapas, se recuperó, y ahora está de regreso disfrutando a su familia. En Compañeros En Salud, hacemos nuestro máximo esfuerzo todos los días para que pacientes como Don Armando salgan adelante de la mejor manera posible y puedan seguir compartiendo sus vidas con sus seres queridos. - @companerosensalud on Instagram

Happy faces! 😎Congratulations to these great customers who are now enjoying their nicer/newer vehicles! #morristownchevrolet #lifetimepowertrainwarranty #morristown - @pedroschevrolet on Instagram

🚨 Roller Skates meet Kangoo Jump Boots 🚨 I’m happy to present to you my featured entrepreneur for the Indianapolis @toyotausa EnTOURage, @indysweattbounce of the @sweattboxxwellnesscenter. I sat down with her and got an inside look into her business and what drives her to keep pushing forward to change the narrative. We also created a simple routine that combines roller skates and Kangoo boots. Check out my stories to see today’s adventure! . . #ToyotaEnTOURage #ElevateEntrepreneurs #ToyotaPartner #cars #TRD #trdcamry #shareblackstories #indyblackchamber #Rollerskates #blackbuisness #success #indianapolis #downtownindy #visitindy #skatelife #rollerskater ##PersonalTraining #womenandweights #SweattBouNce #KangooJumps #BounceBoots - @muffyskates on Instagram

Our patient Ava was unable to attend her daily therapy sessions, due to lockdown and shielding. Our medical team helped Ava’s family as they worked with the NHS and Local Authority to ensure she could access the innovative Innowalk machine that she needs at home. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #patient #lockdown #shielding #coronavirus #covid19 #testimonial #London #hospital #geneticdisorder #technology #medical #amazing #patientstory #childrenshealth #nhs - @theportlandhospital on Instagram

GIVEAWAY TIME! To WIN this awesome Razor Prize Pack valued at $767, follow these simple steps: 1. Follow @razor_australia 2. Tag 3 friends who would also LOVE the chance to win this amazing prize. 3. Enter as many times as you like. Competition closes 30th September 2020 Australian residents only Winner will be notified by DM early October GOOD LUCK 🤙 #razorscooter #razoraustralia #razor_australia #scooter #giveaway #win #competition - @razor_australia on Instagram

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TR Polished finish #tilitewheelchair @tiliteelite - @tiliteelite on Instagram

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Take that Sally. Sporting new hurricane galoshes, also known as Southport slippers - @jimhamilton555 on Instagram

Today, we were able to give some essential items to our seniors. Thank you to @lasmercedescorp for your support in helping our community. #MyPrideHialeah - @cityofhialeah on Instagram

Orange is the color of hunger awareness because it calls attention to an issue that is often invisible. That is why Mayor Ty Peabody decorated @cityofindianwells with orange palm trees that would inspire his residents to donate to end hunger in our Desert Region. It is a common misconception that only certain people will face food insecurity when in reality hunger is a problem that can affect anyone equally, and wholly. From working class families, individuals with steady jobs, seniors on a fixed-income, or our children in school. @feedingamerica and our national network of sister food banks recognize that hunger is felt no matter your identity or occupation. Even Mayor Peabody recognizes it is difficult for him to do a good job on an empty stomach. Take action to end the cycle of hunger and help every individual in our community strive to be their best selves! Visit our website to learn how you can support FIND’s work to end hunger during #HungerActionMonth, 🔗 in bio - @find_food_bank on Instagram

【ご滞在中の記憶に残る体験を~150年前から京都で受け継がれた伝統ある人力車での観光~】 明治から大正・昭和初期に移動手段として用いられた人力車での観光は、目線が高い分、見えるもののすべてが新鮮。 えびす屋東山店の俥夫のみなさんは、コロナ感染拡大防止対策の上、お客さまにあわせたご案内、また徒歩以上、自転車未満の絶妙なスピードで、一味違う京都観光にご案内いたします。 ザ・ホテル青龍 京都清水で体験いただけるアクティビティのご紹介は下記Webサイトをご覧ください。 ➤ https://www.princehotels.co.jp/seiryu-kiyomizu/activity/ 【A memorable experience during your stay/ Sightseeing with a traditional rickshaw that has been inherited in Kyoto for 150 years】 From the Meiji era to the Taisho and early Showa eras, rickshaws have been used for transportation and now inherited for sightseeing activity. When you go sightseeing by rickshaw, all you can see would be fresh because eye sight is higher than usual. Drivers implement measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19 and take guests to distinctive sightseeing in Kyoto by customized guiding and exquisite speed which faster than walking, slower than bicycle. #thehotelseiryukyotokiyomizu #ザホテル青龍京都清水 #記憶を刻み未来へつなぐ #えびす屋 #人力車 #京都 #kyoto #伝統 #歴史的建造物 #アクティビティ - @thehotelseiryukyotokiyomizu on Instagram

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Manutenção preventiva nas esteiras da @trgfitnessbr - @claudineifitness on Instagram

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Begeistert Groß und Klein, unser #powerschaum 💦🚲🚗 @waschwerk_usingen #waschstraße #waschpark #sbwaschanlage #saugerhalle #usingen #neuanspach #wehrheim @avia_talk - @waschwerk_usingen on Instagram

A BIG thank you to everyone who came out for the C3 Kids Duathlon on Friday! We all appreciated your *socially distanced * smiling faces! Stay tuned for more fun opportunities :) - @c3crosstraining on Instagram

Hoje é o Dia Nacional do Atleta Paraolímpico e nós trouxemos um #tbt especial da visita da @atletabethgomesoficial. A paratleta santista, é bicampeã nos Parapan-Americanos, e visitou a nossa instituição, neste ano. A Beth Gomes é uma inspiração para nossas crianças, mulher guerreira, dedicada e um exemplo. Sua visita foi uma festa. Estamos aqui na luta para que possamos fazer parte da história de muitos guerreiros e guerreiras como a Beth❤. #paratleta #inspiração #atleta #tbt - @casadaesperancadesantos on Instagram

INSTALAN NUEVOS REDUCTORES DE VELOCIDAD EN ZONA URBANA DE LA COMUNA Ante las constantes solicitudes de seguridad vial por parte de vecinos y vecinas de nuestra comuna, y en el marco de un plan llevado a cabo por el Departamento de Tránsito Municipal, encabezado por su director, Claudio Nash y bajo la instrucción del alcalde, Jaime González, es que hace algunos días se implementaron cuatro nuevos reductores de velocidad en la zona urbana de nuestra comuna, específicamente, en las calles General Velásquez con av. España, María Luisa Araneda (sector Bosques de Chile), Papa León XIII y Pío X con Pío XIII. El objetivo de la instalación de estos resaltos, en donde además uno de ellos cuenta con un espejo exterior para mejor visibilidad, es resguardar la seguridad de vecinos, vecinas y comunidad en general que circula por dichos sectores, permitiendo reducir la velocidad con la que transitaban los vehículos diariamente. #ReductoresDeVelocidad #MayorSeguridadVial - @municipalidaddesanvicente on Instagram

BICICLETAS DE MANO PARA LA INCLUSION SOCIAL La Fundación Jean Maggi @fundjeanmaggi es una organización privada sin fines de lucro creada para contribuir y ayudat a los niños con discapacidad a través del deporte. Fue fundada en 2016 en Córdoba por @jeanmaggiok y María Victoria Milano. . Consideran que el movimiento funciona como una excelente herramienta de inclusión donde la persona puede desarrollarse deportiva, personal y socialmente. Para eso, pusieron una fábrica de bicicletas de mano que regalan a niños y jóvenes de 8 a 18 años contribuyendo así al bienestar de las personas con discapacidad, a sus familias y a su entorno. . El creador de este proyecto solidario Jean Maggi sufrió los efectos de la poliomielitis al poco tiempo de nacer, situación que lo dejó sin movilidad en sus piernas. Hasta los 6 años utilizó muletas, después bastones canadienses, a los 40 sumó silla de ruedas y a los 50, accedió a unas piernas especiales provenientes de Estados Unidos. . En 2000 padeció un infarto que también lo puso en jaque. Pero todo esto no le impidió llevar una vida plena: participó en maratones en Nueva York, Roma y Madrid, jugó al básquet, al tenis, hizo equitación y representó a Argentina en los juegos Paraolímpicos de invierno. Cruzó la Cordillera de los Andes y accedió con una bicicleta adaptada especialmente, al punto más alto del Himalaya al que se puede llegar con un vehículo de esas características. . Podés conocer más de su historia en el documental El Límite Infinito, recientemente estrenado en #Netflix. . Si conocés a algún niño o niña que necesite una de estas bicicletas de mano y su familia no tiene los recursos económicos para acceder a esta bici, contactate con @fundjeanmaggi . + Información en www.fundacionjeanmaggi.org . #IdeasQueMotivan #QueSeaViral #Solidario #run #EllimiteInfinito #BicicletaDeMano #JeanMaggi #Bicicleta #Bike - @queseaviral on Instagram

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Sí, es cierto, este año ha sido bastante particular. Uno en el que probablemente nos propusimos distintos tipos de metas, pero, por circunstancias de la vida misma, muchas de ellas no las hemos podido cumplir. Aunque viéndolo desde otro punto de vista, quizás durante todo este tiempo nos pudimos dar cuenta de cosas que antes no veíamos. ⁣ Porque muchas veces no se trata de abandonar un sueño, sino de poder transformarlo según la visión que tengamos en cada momento de nuestra vida. Lo importante es mantener la esencia y tener claro que seguir soñando y creyendo en nuestras metas, nos recuerda que nuestras posibilidades son infinitas. 🙌✨ #Entel - @entel on Instagram

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Improving patients health one day at a time💪 . . . . . . #chiropractic #chiropractor #tuesday #health #adjustment #childrenchiropractic #chiro #chiropractors #getadjusted #subluxation #adjustment #backpain #neckpain #spinehealth - @miamichiropractor on Instagram

- The shop I work at hosted a 16 kids bike race. 1 block uphill. Heres my boss and coworker trying to win.

#smile 🥂 is #friday #newsmile Wow what a change! I bet He is smiling more and more 😉🤩 #porcelainveneers #smiledesign done with 💯 % digital protocol; from planning to final restorations #cerec #primescan #ambermill #amberpress @javasquezsmiles #doraldentallab #miami #dentist #miamidentist4usmiles #veneers #doral #coralgables #miamibeach #pinecrest #kendall #brickell 🔥🔥 - @miamidentist4u on Instagram

🙌Great work from Scott! 📷 @scottsgreatwalk4telethon - @lifespanfitness on Instagram

Contamos con un grupo de especialista en las diferentes áreas odontológicas. Atendemos de lunes a sábado de 8 am a 3 pm (previa cita) Te esperamos en Los Palos Grandes, edificio Caroni, piso 1, oficina 3. Entre 4ta avenida y 1ra transversal (detrás de parque cristal). Caracas #dentalworld #periodoncia #venezuela #endodoncia #ortodoncia #odontologo #implantesdentales #coronas #diseñandosonrisas #odonto #smile #sonrielealmundo #caracas #odontolove #dentalphotography #dentistry #smiledesign #cirugiabucal #dentalclinic #dentalart - @dentalworld on Instagram

Wow! What an incredible experience it was to run for @teamfriendship_ for their virtual race. While I ran the half marathon with @we_love_refael @jwolfgod decided to finish his 50 miles with us. A huge thank you to @aron_erps for coming out and capturing it all from start to finish! Thank you to @lakewoodpolicenj @paraflight.aero @chaimozerdessler @eli_szmidt @tedcohen21 @thespecialchildrenscenter @centerrunsonlove and those who helped out with the escort!! Big thanks to @paintpals_faceart @rachelboyer @mbdmoving @zakikranz and to all those who helped out with the finish line! - @elishkarofsky on Instagram

🏡 Sold! Congratulations Karina Elias on another close and more happy clients! 👩‍❤️‍👨🔑 #Realestate #realtor #buyer #sellers #castrovalley #bayarea #homes #house #sold #buying #bayarearealestate #jonandleslie #comingsoon #exp #clientswhobecomefriends #hubsandwifeteam #pending #weloverealestate #looking #searching #home #bayarearealtors #jon #leslie - @jlrealestategroupcv on Instagram

Yes, that is the one and only @bensollee with a cello strapped to a bike! Bike enthusiasts of Davis (and beyond)--join us for a FREE community bike ride with touring singer/songwriter, cellist, and bike activist Ben Sollee! The bike fun starts at 1pm meeting at @kens_bsb and ending at @sudwerkbrew for some food truck, short film screening, and maybe some live music! Full show tonight at Vets Memorial Theatre with tix available online (link in bio). Doors at 7, opening acts at 7:30, followed by Ben Sollee & Kentucky Native - @davislivemusic on Instagram

- My new favorite photo of my daughter and me. We ride a few miles through the neighborhood before I head out for training rides.

Con Climanet, disfruta esos momentos donde te olvidas de las preocupaciones y te concentras en tus pasiones. #Climanet #Pasiones #DVH - @dvhclimanet on Instagram

- Cooper City Homes For Sale by Broker Patty Da Silva of Green Realty Properties

Thank you to Alamo Today and Danville Today News for the story about Wheelchair Foundation and our From The Heart Schools Program. You can read it now by visiting our website wheelchairfoundation.org (link in bio) - @wheelchairfoundation on Instagram

Giving back to the community is one of the greatest perks here at Rick Ball Ford - @rickballfordlincoln_sedalia on Instagram

Como montar o equipamento. E ela fez certinho 👏👏👏 @luizleocadiori @projetoeica @pradosdive #cmas #cbpds #proAcqua @esportelazerjuventuderj @coletivoconstruindopontes @valneicostarosa @valeria.carvalho7792 @jonas_licurgo @profleocadio @feuchard.ph @hudson_rocha @tavaress.erick @tubaraoparalimpico @antonioluciobr1 @danielgoncalvesrugby @daniellegilson @paulapequeno @quelen.cardoso @felipebornier @raquelpcd @dricacadeirante - @scubaforalladaptado on Instagram

💜 𝗣𝗘𝗥𝗙𝗘𝗖𝗧𝗘 𝗠𝗜𝗫 𝗩𝗢𝗢𝗥 𝗟𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗡 𝗘𝗡 𝗪𝗘𝗥𝗞𝗘𝗡. Robert van Büseck vertelt over het leef- en werkgeluk dat hij vindt in Meppel. Lees je mee? ‘In 2006 kwam ik als geboren Amsterdammer met mijn Friese vrouw Esther en twee dochtertjes vanuit Amstelveen, onder de rook van Schiphol, naar Meppel. Een prik op de kaart bracht ons hier. Snelwegen, treinstation, goede voorzieningen, een open gemeenschap en een authentiek centrum. De perfecte mix voor leven en werken. En dat idee hadden meer mensen in die periode toen de Berggierslanden verrezen. De tijd vliegt in Meppel. Onze drie kinderen zitten inmiddels op de middelbare school. En zo was vorig jaar een mooi moment om het nieuwe groen te verruilen voor de karakteristieke, ook groene, stad. Na een heerlijke tijd in de Berggierslanden met uitzicht over het Staphorsterveld wonen we inmiddels ruim een jaar aan het Zuideinde. Wat een genot om middenin de historie en reuring te leven en toch het gevoel van buiten helemaal niet verloren te zijn. Meppel is voor ons inmiddels een blijvertje. Of liever, wij zijn blijvertjes in Meppel. Sinds 2012 ben ik eigenaar van de Olijslager Groep, een 66-jarige verfgroothandel uit Emmen. Toevallig is Meppel na de flinke groei van de afgelopen jaren bijna het geografische centrum van ons bedrijf. Met 23 verkooplocaties van Apeldoorn tot Delfzijl en van Emmen tot Dokkum leveren we oplossingen voor de bouw aan professionele gebruikers en winkels. Waar je ook heengaat, vanuit Meppel is het altijd maximaal een uur. Wat een vrijheid! Dat Meppel voor ons leven zo’n goede keuze zou zijn, hadden we niet voorzien. Geboren worden in Mokum en wie weet ooit sterven in Mini-Mokum. Ach…. waarom ook niet?’ Robert van Büseck Olijslager Groep Foto credits: Karin Jongman www.karinjongman-fotografie.nl #meppeldiepgeluk #werkgeluk #gelukdelen #meppel #nijeveen #ondernemen #leven #perfectemixlevenenwerken #ondernemersklimaat #durven #doen - @meppel.diepgeluk on Instagram

Wir drehen wieder und freuen uns (unter Einhaltung der Vorsichtsmaßnahmen in Bezug auf Corona natürlich!) auf: #wirbleibenfreunde 🎉. @zdfmediathek. Mit #ulrikekriener (links im Bild) als „Dorothee“ und #henryhübchen (rechts im Bild) als „Volker“ in den Hauptrollen. Das Drehbuch schrieb #gabrielekreis , Regie führt #hansjörgthurn . Außerdem dabei: #marcelhensema #brigittezeh #dietmarhorcicka #mariusborghoff #giannimeurer #johannagastdorf #Charlottecrome #alvazeh #zachariaszeh #mariawardzinska #jasperdiedrichsen #danagolombek Copyright: ZDF/ Georges Pauly - @relevant_film on Instagram

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Which friend are you?? . Post 🏋🏻‍♀️ or 🤳 in comments! . . 🔑 Member: @thenamesedna . . @streetparking @streetparkingmembers #streetparking #streetparkingmembers #fitness #workout #homegym #garagegym #homeworkout #simpleworkout #morethannothing #consistencyiskey #controlyourfitness - @streetparking on Instagram

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Curtis tried these out and couldn’t believe how Smooth the SoftWheels are “No jarring in my back and easy to get up lips and curbs, a lot smoother and very fluid to push” These work awesome with our lightest Titanium Chair on the market - the Scorpion and SoftWheel makes an amazing combination. #melrosewheelchairs #softwheel . #Melrose #softwheels #wheelchair #titanium #carbonfiber #suspension #adventure #wheelchairbasketball #wheelchairrugby #disabilityawareness #disability #disabled #paraplegic #tetraplegic #wheelchairskills #wheelchairsports #scorpion - @melrosewheelchairs on Instagram

My mom & dad. Veilig binnen trainen. Zo zien we het graag. Onze webshop is open en we leveren nog uit! #binnentrainen #hometrainer #fitnesswinkel #veiligbinnen #veiligtrainen #fitnessgesloten #fitnesskingbenelux - @fitnesskingbenelux on Instagram

Chegamos a fase mais temida, a cadeira de rodas. Confesso que, por certo tempo procrastinei esse encontro e pedi a Deus a preparação necessária para quando o momento chegasse. O momento chegou, te sentei ali e você abriu esse sorriso, que garotinha maravilhosa. Deus já havia preparado tudo, meu coração estava sereno e tranquilo. Vivo pra você e sei o quanto a cadeira vai ajudar a melhorar a sua qualidade de vida. Cremos que essa é uma fase temporária, mas também pedimos a Deus um coração humilde para aceitar a vontade dele, mesmo que n seja igual a nossa. Eu te amo!!! Obrigada por ensinar a mamãe o valor da vida, o valor de viver. Obrigada por ter me tornado a mulher que hoje sou! #minhamenina #sindromecongenitadozikavirus #vencendoamicrocefalia #zikavirus #pne - @jessicalainnifranca on Instagram

When people ask what i been up to.... We got 10 jobs. Dress up for each one on point. - @grindendlessly on Instagram

Spinalkanalstenose & FDM Effektiv mit FDM behandelt. Jahrelange hartnäckige Schmerzen können zielgerichtet und nachhaltig behandelt werden mit dem Fasziendistorsionsmodell. Das Hauptproblem des Patienten war es das seine Gehstrecke immer kürzer wurde und massive einschiessende Rückenschmerzen ihm seine Mobilität und Lebensqualität raubten. Durch die zielorientoerte Behandlung mit FDM konnte die Gehstrecke deutlich verlängert werden und die Schmerzen waren fast komplett weg. Trotz jahrelangem Leidensweg mit vielen Spritzen und Arztbesuchen konnte dem Patienten geholfen werden. Oft hemmen alte oder nicht richtig erkannte/behandelte Verletzungen oder Blockaden die volle Leistungsfähigkeit des Körpers. Gerade hier ist eine Intervention mit FDM sinnvoll. Willst auch du wissen wie dir das Fasziendistorsionmodell bei deinen Schmerzen helfen kann? Dann melde dich gerne bei mir. Schönen Donnerstag! #Cadolzburg #Biosignatur #Fasziendistorsionsmodell #fdm #efdma #gesundundstark #Mindset #gesundheitbeginntimkopf - @hajo_von_hase on Instagram

Do you think that every child should be safe at school? ⠀ ⠀ 64% of trans pupils experience transphobic bullying at school. ⠀ ⠀ Together we can make sure that school is a safe place where all children are free to learn – http://www.togetherlgbt.com ⠀ ⠀ #TogetherWithTrans - @lgbtfdn on Instagram

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Josh rides around playing the Super Mario Brothers theme, bringing smiles and joy to those that hear and see him! Always a good time on the patio! #chicagopatio #lincolnpark #funtimes - @j9winebar on Instagram

From @sinaichicago: #Therapists at Schwab are thankful for places like @gpconservatory for offering outdoor and socially distanced enjoyable experiences where they can feel safe bringing patients to for an afternoon. Patients were able to learn about plants and flowers, practice pushing their chairs in the community, and enjoy some fresh air outside of the hospital. Since most patients haven’t been able to spend any time outside in weeks, opportunities like these are priceless. ❤️❤️❤️ . . . . . #garfieldparkconservatory #garfieldpark #chicagowestside #westsidechicago #gardens #gardensofinstagram #nature #naturephotography #naturelovers #healing #healingjourney #nurses #doctors #covid #nurselife #nursesofinstagram #nursing #coronavirus #healthcare #medicine #stayhealthy #thankyou #healthcareworkers #natureheals - @gpconservatory on Instagram

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This is ESSENTIAL viewing. Season 6 of #superstore is back Oct 22 on @Nbc! - @laurenelizabethash on Instagram

- Juan Manuel Correa visits the site of last years crash with Anthoine Hubert

Happy last day my friend looking forward to more adventures - @msdenise1955 on Instagram

SOLIDARIDAD: Clinica Solidaria PBO Nuevas misiones en Cordoba. Todo un éxito en la tierra de mis padres. El agradecimiento de los peques, lo más satisfactorio Gracias a @fisioaquiles por ceder sus espacios. Gracias al tesón de @silviafloriaguillera que lo ha organizado y gestionado todo, con mucho amor. SOLIDARITY: Erbs solidarity clinic New missions in Cordoba. Great success in my parents city. The gratitude of the little ones, the most satisfying - @drsoldado on Instagram

However you decide to get ready for Raise the Roof Virtual 5K, remember to tag us! Palm Beach Outlets #5KforQHKids - @quantumhouse on Instagram

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One-on-one relationships. At-home nurturing. Positive role models. We are here to help your family thrive this fall. #BuildingStrongerFamilies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD5uxO20l4M - @cnstsanantonio on Instagram

Here we grow again!!! Were so excited to welcome the customers and team members of Kellys Pest Control in Saraland, Alabama to the Arrow Exterminators family! The Saraland service center represents our 127th service center overall, and our 9th service center in the state of Alabama! Welcome to the team! #ArrowStrong - @arrowexterminators on Instagram

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Yesterday I had the moving experience of meeting Marie, who was one of the Queensland Ambulance Paramedic’s who treated me on the day of my injury. Marie was one of four Paramedics who stabilized me at Ballymore before transferring me to hospital, she recalled the moment in great detail much of which I’ve never heard. To say I’m thankful and grateful seems insignificant because no words can explain the feelings you have towards someone who has saved your life. Thank god we went for coffee in public because I would’ve been a blubbering mess otherwise! Thanks to Marie and all the other incredible Paramedics out there doing amazing work. We love you 💚 - @perrycrosss on Instagram

Sunday was a bright spot in a disappointing year. Amber (@amber.morgan.518) and Thomas (@thomasrichard6) each took on and conquered, the Sitrin Health Care Center Wheelchair Challenge - one of our favorite traditions. By completing the 15K in a standard wheelchair, in the time limit, they will each receive a custom-built, racing chair! The Boilermaker Wheelchair Division sponsored by @sitrinhealthcare and @nbtbank is one of the largest and most competitive fields in the country. ・・・⁠⠀ #boilermaker15k #morethanarace #itssupposedtobehard • #wheelchairracing #wheelchairdivision #3run5 #runupstate #uticany #runitfast #running #run #runner #instarunner #runhappy #longdistancerunning #instarunners #instarun #runnerscommunity #runnersofinstagram #runtoinspire #runforfun #happyrunner #runnerslife #runforlife #runrunrun #runningislife - @boilermaker15k on Instagram

- Dental care with happy ending

👏YOU DID IT!👏 Back in the spring we asked you to support #GivingTuesdayNow so we could give Jenna a new bike. Your donations allowed us to give her a specialized handcycle tricycle for a summer full of bike rides. Thank you for giving Jenna freedom and joy! - @childrensrehab on Instagram

🔴SUCESOS Detenida una auxiliar de una residencia de Villacarriedo (C.O.C., 42) por un delito de robo con violencia. Se aprovechó de su trabajo para sustraerle con fuerza las joyas a una anciana de la residencia sin importarle hacerle heridas para conseguir su objetivo.⠀ ⠀ Han sido recuperadas todas gracias a que el establecimiento que las compró las ha devuelto voluntariamente - @ahoracantabria on Instagram

In support of our Thalhimer Gives partner, @fetchacure, today is Bring Your Dog to Work Day! Each participant made a donation of $20 to FETCH in order to bring in their furry friend! #ThalhimerGives - @thalhimer1913 on Instagram

This Friday and Saturday Fin will be taking on his biggest challenge to raise money for Alzheimer’s in memory of his Nan. Follow the link below for his full story. http://shorturl.at/gwHK0 Hes been training like a beast during lockdown. He starts his 30 mile run at the Rugby Club at 5pm on Friday night. He will take on a 27mile row through the night and then a 130 mile static bike ride at the club on Saturday. Please take a few minutes to read his story on his just giving page and donate if you can. If you are around come up to the club to support him. @challengedementia - @horshamrugbyclub on Instagram

- @rugmuncherz on Instagram

Every Mable client is different. Take Grant, for example. A sailing champion, an avid wheelchair rugby player and now taking on the world of blow carting where he can reach up to 100km per hour (look it up!). Grant reminds people what is possible when you have big ideas and a never give up attitude. 😊 Find awesome connections on Mable today! - @mable_australia on Instagram

@ellery.wheels hi hello back in action after a literal month off my skates!! and i unlocked baby’s first trick: this tiny rear wheel manual!! 🥳 what was your first trick?? i was rained out for awhile then life got in the way, but boy did cruising on these courts for an hour and a half feel GREAT today!! i was genuinely surprised at how easy it was to get back into the groove - i was expecting to be baby deer legs again for awhile but i was able to just hop up and go. 🤗 feels so good to roll again and i do not want this long of a break between skates ever again if i can help it!! #moxiskatedaily #moxirollerskates #moxiskates #moxilolly #rollerskating #rollerskates #rollerbabe #skatediary #safetyissexy #wearahelmet #repost - @skatersocksusa on Instagram

📽🦽Retour en images du tournage de @France5tv «@lemagdelasante» #Vannes sur laire de jeux inclusive de Tohannic, unique en Bretagne. #accessibilité #bretagne - @villedevannes on Instagram

John Vinci is working on a set of architectural drawings of the Garrick Theater that (next year?) will be exhibited at the Alphawood Foundation here in Chicago. The Garrick was an extraordinary building designed by Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan that was woefully demolished in 1961 despite a campaign to save it. Image (1) John Vinci this morning (2) Vinci, early 60s, at rest on a bed of Sullivan ornament (3) Vinci and Richard Nickel on the roof of the Garrick Theater (4) Nickel marches to save the Garrick (5) Vinci in 1961 researching Sullivan fragments at the Auditorium Theater (6) Vinci at IIT [1959?] (7) Vinci and me this morning. This post with the GREATEST of RESPECT to John. I hope my career will someday warrant a similar post from someone else. - @jasonpickleman on Instagram

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3 mal hat’s geklingelt und das erste Fischer E-Bike 🚲 hat einen neuen glücklichen Besitzer 🎉 Sabine aus Saarbrücken radelt ab jetzt elektrisch durch den Spätsommer und hat sich riesig gefreut! In unserer Story erfahrt ihr, wie auch ihr @wetter.mueller.official zu euch nach Hause lockt 😏 *Werbung/Gewinnspiel #ebike #bike #radfahren #radeln #gewinnspiel #radiosalü #radio #saarbrücken #potd #saarland #saarland_pics - @radiosalue on Instagram

Check out the new Cube Cargo Dual Hybrid bike. Carries up to 60kgs safely for over 200km!!🚴🚴 #lovecycling - @cyclesuperstore on Instagram

I get question sometimes who is your inspiration and I always answer an influential woman. But now if you ask me, its my mom. She is the strongest person I know. Some of you may know, last month she got a stroke, she has a history of high blood pressure and stress. Even though it has effected her right side of the body but she doesnt let it faze her. Less than a month she has bounced back and is recovering so well day by day. I pray one day I have her strength to never give up. ❤❤ - @kellycahill.26 on Instagram

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🌊 Sortie à Binic avec les adhérentes et adhérents de la délégation des Côtes d’Armor ! Au programme : restaurant sur la plage, balade en bord de mer, et de grands sourires. 😄 ☀️ La délégation sera ouverte tout lété et innove cette année avec la location dun mobil home accessible à Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, afin doffrir une vraie pause estivale à ses adhérentes et adhérents, qui pourront venir y dormir par petits groupes. 🤗 #APFFrancehandicap #handicap #association #déconfinement #vacances #été #bretagne #plage #joie #partage - @apfhandicap on Instagram