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park boeun ੈ♡‧₊˚

watching tv trevor south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me

- Just finished the tunnel entrance that goes directly under downtown, got some inspiration from Santa Monica ad SF.

silly clyde


hurvajz parking

- Haven’t seen one of these in a looong time

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bruh teenager south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me

- When people sit outside a grocery store and block traffic. Also when people litter.

❝stan marsh❞ ✧ ೃ༄

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wheel chair parking car park

- When I first moved into my new place this dude spied on me for like 3 weeks

Craig x tweek south park creek fanart

he forgor

chef south park south park chef low poly nintendo64

“We try to recycle everything we can and then dispose of the rest. Most roofing waste goes in the landfill but if we do like a gravel or concrete tile tear off we can recycle those products.” - Jesse, Project Manager. ⁠ ⁠ We are consciously working on tracking and taking action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible. Now more than ever we need to do our best to align out operations to the needs of our environment and the people around us. Hiring us means working with a Climate Smart Certified Business 🌎🙌 Our choices matter and drive change. #northwoodroofing ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ ⁠ #northwoodroofing #northwood #surreyroofing #langleyroofing #bclocalowned #climatesmartcertifiedbusiness #certifiedroofers #environmentalcertified #roofing #consciousconsumer #consciouschoices #drivingchange - @northwoodroofing on Instagram

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crazy driving crazy driving bad parking parking

- The way this person parked behind me so it’s hard to get out.

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mikes birthday !!

farting farting rainbow south park post covid south park event2 oops i farted

As we move into the fall, the Events DC Community Nights at Park Up DC (presented by @broccolicity and @rcnconnects) have come to an end. ⠀ We would like to thank everyone that attended for your support, as well as our sponsors @pepsi and @andpizza. ⠀ Earlier this month, we wrapped up an amazing summer of fun family-friendly movies by offering backpacks and school supplies to the first 25 arrivals. Two lucky attendees were also winners of our raffle for BOSE noise-canceling headphones. We wish our DC students the best this school year and look forward to seeing you next summer! - @eventsdc on Instagram

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parkying parking uw u

Subaru ?? 🤔🤔🤔 - @engraved_blueprint_art on Instagram

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laughing eric cartman south park s13e5 fish sticks

- Mad Max is moving in across the street ... [pic]

South Park Kyle

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parking bad stop using your cats

- These parked cars are alternating between sedans and vw beetles


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sad eric cartman south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me

♥️😍 - on Instagram

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in a parking lot jordan davis slow dance in a parking lot song in parking parking

- Album covers parody

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dancing leopold butters stotch south park south park credigree weed st patricks day south park s25e6

Before and after repair on a 2019 Tesla Model 3. Yes we are a Tesla approved body shop. #tesla #repair #certified #repairedright #model3 #quarterpanel #doorreplacement #autobody #collisionrepair - @tpautobody on Instagram

❝Eric Cartman❞ ✧ ೃ༄

sid seixeiro tim and sid parking garage small car

- I am the predator of the road! --Toyota Celica

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joonie bbl update

facepalm eric cartman south park disappointed oh no

- These gloves are on a fence, giving the finger.

kyle cartman and stan!


show up ignace aleya car cgi 3d object

- Architectural sketches

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worried stan marsh south park fat butt and pancake head s7e5

- I understand that finding a parking spot can be tough sometimes, but don’t be a prick and block someone in. Had to take a cab last night since I couldn’t leave the driveway.

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crash parking car women driver

- Never seen a Prowler irl before and there’s one in my high school parking lot this morning

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farting farting rainbow south park post covid south park event2 oops i farted

It was our pleasure to host @exoticcarshowdown @gtrgil @lilylindquist. Thanks to the @theaglesnest for the amazing food and pastry. - @downtown_village on Instagram

❝Jimmy Valmer❞ ✧ ೃ༄


carline parking sydney

ANTISIPASI KUMPULAN PEMOTOR, AKSES TAMAN MENTENG DI TUTUP Menteng - Jajaran Polsek Metro Menteng menutup akses jalan HOS Cokroaminoto depan Taman Menteng pada Sabtu 27 September 2020 Penutupan jalan bertujuan mengantisipasi adanya para pengendara motor yang kerap berkumpul dikawasan Taman Menteng dalam rangka Penindakan Protokol Kesehatan Pencegahan Penyebaran Virus Covid-19. #ayopakaimasker #ayocucitangan #ayojagajarak #ayojauhikeramaian - @humaspolresjakartapusat on Instagram

South Park Jesus with guns

It’s a date!

looking around tweek tweak south park gnomes s4e17

- Parking lot paint job termination failure.

【Kenny McCormick】

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parallel parking perfect smooth bicycle

- She blocked three people in instead of waiting

✰𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚗 𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚜𝚑 𝚙𝚏𝚙✰

Ricky TPB

awesome randy marsh south park e16e8 sarcastaball

Very enjoyable charge stop at the Westchester Landing side of the Tappanzee/Cuomo Bridge - the latter makes local flinch... - where another @EVconnect station (or 2 x @clippercreekofficial L2 units) serve up some juice while you grab a coffee and walk the crossing. Only made it up to the early stages for photos due to laziness/fatigue (delete as applicable), but it got the #BoltEV to 75% and gave plenty of juice to push on into Connecticut. #NDEW2020 #EVroadtrip #ChevyBolt #EVconnect #ClipperCreek #NationalDriveElectricWeek #DriveElectric #ElectricVehicles #kickgas - @plugandplayev on Instagram

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✧*̥˚ gowon *̥˚✧

parking shaolin soccer force kung

- The logo on this Suzuki Swift


speech bubble in the end half life linkin park meme

- Locomover-se

parking small car fail fail army

- There’s a light post in the most inconvenient spot

smile stan marsh south park s7e7 red mans greed

- @rx8lovers on Instagram

greys anatomy miranda bailey why is there a trailer in my parking spot parking spot parking lot

- Cape Canaveral

speech bubble s15e12 crying igm6

- Lemme just park diagonally

parked again parking

- When you get to the end of a 10,000 piece puzzle and are missing the last piece.

shocked stan marsh kyle broflovski south park no comments

- This car with a Menorah on it

traffic parking parking spot

- Ikea allows local Muslims to pray in their parking lot so they can maintain social distancing

woo hoo kenny mccormick eric cartman south park yay

- Actually more than mildly infuriating; the only space left in the school at collection time. What a dick.

urassayas urassaya sperbund parking lot

- The design of this parking space.

jimmy from south park

- There is now a line just to enter the freaking grocery store

parallel parking fail bad driver

- Ah yes, the famous Prius Type R.

conducting kenny mccormick south park s25e1 south park s25

- There Was An Idiot Asshole Meeting At The Bank

parallel parking fail doh oops blooper

- hmmm

confused eric cartman south park season4ep14 s4e14

- Sweeeet Fiero trike

parallel parking fail bad driver directing traffic

- Die Cut Decals

excited randy marsh south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me

- Some asshat actually parked like this. Manager confronted him, I didnt know I couldnt park there [x-post from r/pics]

despicable me parking parallel parking terrible gru

- I found this outside of a golf course

morenos park

Till Next Time 🤙 Follow #michigan_lifted_truck_club for more bad ass trucks and Facebook - @michigan_lifted_truck_club on Instagram

compact spot office the but

- This stop sign in Hawaii is so sunbleached it almost looks blank.

applause kyle broflovski south park s25e1 south park s25

- Adds At Least 1000hp

cruel intentions cruel intentions sebastian valmont no parking

- New Public Transport Hub few blocks away from my stadium

whoa eric cartman south park terrance and philip behind the blow s5e05

- cant go this way with my bike then...

fail parking car no space are you serious

- Bus stop

bvh garage garagebvh vanhoye suzuki

RESERVATİON FROM DM ..35€ PER DAY, FULL İNCURANCE ..!!#otokiralama #rentacar #forrent #carrental #kundu #belek #antalya #economy #class #fiat #egea #2019 #2020 #automatic #manuel #offers #turkey #rental #company - @luxurycarrent07 on Instagram

parkir mobil lucu miring kepepet

- Left the mall with nothing, but a photo....

damn right eric cartman south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me

- carports

park parallel parking

- Beware!

butters butters south park south park butters gif south park butters sp butters

No traffic jams here. When a rental car industry customer needed service in the USVI, we gave them a solution using our triple-deck barge El Conquistador in St. Thomas to carry 100 vehicles northbound to the U.S. mainland. The documentation, planning and operations teams worked together to ensure a seamless move into Jacksonville, Fla. - @crowleymaritime on Instagram

gato cat park parking accident

MasaAllah - @carcastlelahore on Instagram

hello stan marsh south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me

- This bastards bloodline deserves to end with them

ahzix trick move trick parking

- Departure zone detailing (WIP)

i dont care stan marsh south park south park credigree weed st patricks day south park s25e6

- Looks like I picked the wrong day to leave my shin guards at home.

parking fail bad driver crash accident

A reportedly intoxicated driver crashed into a power pole in Naklua this morning while playing with his mobile phone, according to #Pattaya Police. The driver was arrested following the accident. - @thepattayanews on Instagram

hamburg post hamburg ingo ohne flamingo

- This person parked in the middle of the road and left their car there

parking out of control accident bad driver jukin video

- How do we get the wheel chair down?!

no sign no sign erkam akalin erkam gifs

- This parking garage has little red and green lights above the spots to tell you if the spot is occupied. (Please excuse the glare, the little lights don’t work during the day).

parking master

- Growth...

wow stan marsh south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me

- Because the parking lot itself was already annoying enough

shepaug parking parking lot

- The other right

conducting eric cartman south park s25e1 south park s25

- Prius that ran out of gas

wonderdaan desultor wgmis nft pepe

- 2 trucks taking up 3 parking spaces. It wasnt a full lot, but still not necessary to park like that. Hence, only mildly infuriating.

bataan prime

- Wild mushroom formation in public park.

one direction harry styles looking searching binoculars

- Literally the only open parking spot...

clapping stan marsh south park s25e1 south park s25

- Im walking past this Sticker everyday and its always making me laugh


- The way this store added sidewalks on the flower beds so you dont have to walk in them.

conducting stan marsh south park s25e1 south park s25

- An entire parking lot full of matching silver Mercedes were just delivered next to my office.

parallel parking fail bad driver parking

- How is this supposed to work?

watching on my phone eric cartman south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me

- Evidently everyone that parks on the right side of my apartment parking lot had to work today.

parking parallel stunt

- Doing some Scottish #trashtag - 29 bags from the grass verges around the roads near our neighbourhood. Group effort :)

kamikaze morenos park yupie park

- How people park at work

minor inconvenience minor spelling mistake inconvenience bruh nah bro fr

- The crosswalks at the biotech campus where I work are double helixes

applause stan marsh south park s25e1 south park s25

- Custom park in game both day and night mode 😁

parallel parking fail bad driver crash disaster

@swift_loverz - @swift_loverz on Instagram

garage italia panda4x4 icon e

#Teamwork gets this disabled vehicle out of Cliffdale Road this morning! 💯 👉👉Are you stuck in a dead-end job and want an actual CAREER?? 👉👉Do you want to get out of that stuffy, run down office and out in the COMMUNITY?? 👉👉Do you have a PASSION to help people (including pushing cars??) 👉👉Want to drive a company car?? 🚓 👉👉WE ARE HIRING! Visit to learn more!👈👈 - @fayettevillepd on Instagram

homer the simpsons parking disabled fake

- I followed this guy around town for a little while to get a picture. Best I could do without being a creep.

spinning you around by the walmart sign jordan davis slow dance in a parking lot song dance dancing around the sign

2º Encontro SEAT Clube Portugal Patrocinado por @seatportugal Começo por deixar um enorme agradecimento à SEAT Portugal que apoiou este encontro/passeio. E claro a todos os seguidores e convidados presentes. Foi pena alguns seguidores não terem aparecido, sempre dava para ter outros modelos SEAT presentes. Outras oportunidades virão. Desta vez juntamos a malta na zona de Palmela, juntamos 8 SEATs, um encontro que começou junto ao castelo de Palmela e que se desenrolou pelas lindas paisagens da Arrábida até ao Cabo Espichel. Embora um ou outro veículo fuja do objectivo deste clube, foi bonito estarem presentes, há espaço para todos. #seat #seatportugal #seatclubeportugal #seatespaña #seatsport #seates #cupra #cupraoficial #cupraPortugal - @seatclubeportugal on Instagram

parking woody allen bump

- This town has a dedicated craigslist meet up spot

mol limo limo car sharing services car car park

- Police will be watching them stealing your valuable

parkir anak kecil mobil mainan lucu

- Found this one at a hospital in New Mexico. Great parking too btw

mol limo limo car sharing services car car park

- BMW Dealership Study

funny driving parking drive spin

- These assholes who didnt leave space for a 4th car!

parking parkin go where

- Lot of white cars at the park today

parking car how i park parking lot lift up

- Someone drove through spilled paint.

mol limo limo car sharing services car car park

- Perfectly polished car

parking fail crash accident bad driver

- How our HR person likes to make sure nobody leaves early

broken garage door failarmy crashing sports car car crash

- The Progressive car got in an accident

why car parking lol

- /r/shitty_car_mods, sponsored by the city of Houston

sanolga usj macao i love usj macao neon

- Fail Design

tv land king of queens parking like a boss last spot

- This green light indicating a free space that isnt actually free.

parking parkin go shuttle bus bus transfer

- Name a more iconic Kiwi duo

michael scott the office dunder mifflin parking bad parking

- Need an id on these bikes.

p button symbols joypixels parking sign parking zone

- Saw a rose gold BMW the other day... I wonder if it matches their iPhone.

classic mini classicmini stunt austin

- Piano crosswalks are being installed in my towns downtown area.

parking lots recreational vehicle confusing busy rush

- The way the shadow is cast onto this car

meeting bad parking car break glass fail

- This car...

Construction is finally underway but we are still open for business. Come see us for sales, parts and service! . . . #younghyundai #younghyundaiogden #ogden #ogdenutah #webercounty #cardealer #hyundai #hyundaidealer #northernutah - @young_hyundai on Instagram

- Someone threw out the trash in the malls parking lot

- 2010 Shelby GT500

- Finally caught a feral outside ny house.

- Lets block the sidewalk shall we. Not like there is any room on the street.

- The driver just turned on hazard lights and went off shopping.

- better use allll the space

- BIG Urban Roads 5 Lane Asymmetrical Road Pack is now Available on Steam Workshop

In deep solidarity with the people of the United States and with gratitude to all first responders who put themselves at risk to keep us safe, The Consulate General of Israel posted these messages on billboards on the 1-10 freeway in Baldwin Park. Israel stands with the US! #westandtogether - @consul.general.hillel.newman on Instagram

- at least they tried

- It is getting real for Europeans

- The way this curb takes up the parking space...

fromzerotohero😎 #balenoclubindonesia @balenoclubindonesia_official @suzukibalenoclub - @rangga.setya_ on Instagram

- I came. I saw. I pulled over. I took a picture. I have to change my pants.

- People who park like this.

Lots of #artists #painting in the @kotisstreetart Outdoor #Gallery today! @ginaelizabethfranco @jennariceart @1998olson @tinker_bird_ @artbynugget @graffitibymanix were all sharing their art today! #graffiti #streetart ##greensboro #murals #art - @kotisstreetart on Instagram

- New Cadillac Silverado

- hmmm

- Extrawide parking spots only for women in South Korea. Cause everybody knows women are horrible drivers!

#MembershipMonday is here!🙌 When you sign up for an EverWash unlimited monthly membership, you can wash your vehicle every day of the month! Find your nearest EverWash location and wash today at - @everwashcc on Instagram

El proceso de migración de transito comprende la selección de los funcionarios y funcionarias del Cuerpo Técnico de Vigilancia de Transporte Terrestre a nivel nacional, por ello a mediados del mes de junio en las instalaciones de la Sede del Comando de Unidad Barinas, se produjo la concentración de los efectivos activos uniformados para formalizar su intención de formar parte de la naciente Policía Nacional y más importante aún la conformación de la Dirección de Vigilancia, estamento normado dentro de la Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela. Dentro de este mismo orden de ideas, se direcciono con los Comandantes de Unidades, la presentación de un Coordinador (a) de Control de Estudios de los Centros de Formación UNES quien realiza los enlaces a efectos de minimizar el nivel incertidumbre y canalizar las inquietudes manifiestas por los efectivos uniformados. #PolicíaDeTránsito #CPNB - @transito.cpnb on Instagram

- greenbelt park

- This is how the border between Spain and Portugal is closed in the less travelled roads (Photo by the local newspaper).

- Roberto Burle Marx

- Buying a Set of Wheels

- Anyone know what car this is?

- Pigeons taking shelter from the rain.

- Me and my coworkers red cars are parked by ascending dark hues.

- Speed limit is only 40kph

- My first Trip to Lucknow and I was Shocked to see that people park their vehicles in between the Road.

London Heathrow Airport has been certified as a COVID-19 3-Star Airport by Skytrax. The COVID-19 audit assessed terminals currently in use at Heathrow, Terminal 2 and Terminal 5. There were some good measures relating to the thoroughness of information signage, availability of hand sanitiser, and adherence to face mask usage. However, there were too many inconsistent areas of the COVID-19 criteria to warrant a rating higher than 3-Star based on the latest audit analysis. Presently, Heathrow Airport has good theoretical policies and procedures to improve hygiene and customer safety during COVID-19, but these are lacking in scope and consistency to achieve the COVID-19 4-Star rating requirements. #skytrax #cleaning #hygiene #reducerisk #covid19 #3star #aviation - @skytrax_uk on Instagram

- This hedge is trimmed to allow you to fully open your car door.

- Asshole parking level.... Infiniti

- One of the default district names

- Worst parking I’ve ever encountered

- This guy parks like this every. day. and I have to walk around his car just to get home.

- Were ready in Manchester.

- A very Canadian highway traffic jam today in Ottawa, Ontario.

- I purposely park in the far end of parking lots to avoid others, and yet....

- The way these parking bays are lined up. (X-post /r/badparking)

- The placement of the accessibility ramp in this parking lot.

- This Steak n Shake Parking Lot

- :Street Art:

- the tables have turned

- Free Landscape Removal

- So this just happened at our grocery store.

- A line for food assistance in Reading, PA. August 31, 2020.

- Locksmith Service

- Parking lot striper pro tip: he who promises the most parking spaces gets awarded the contract! (nevermind the ability to get in or out if the lot’s full)

- someone stole our parts truck last night and drove it through the gate...


- A pair of Astins in their natural habitat

- People who cant be considerate of anyone else.

- How to tell if a redneck parks next to you...

- The way my neighbors park their cars in a 2 car driveway.

- hmmm

- It’s a white and silver SUV only meet up

Lite new learns. Swipe right for a laugh.getting sharp for EBRO 2020 🎥: @lw.flexer (aka mr who can’t record) #bikelife #bike #wheelieworldstar #wheelieworldwide #wheeliebike #bikesupgunsdown #bikeride #catchmeintraffic #fail #sebikes #sebike #wheelie #973bikelife #bstto #explore #explorepage - @bs.kaine on Instagram

⚪ BLACK & WHITE DE RESPEITO ⚫ um clique show desses não deve passar despercebido não é mesmo? Belos Argos da nossa dupla de amigos @fabinhofilhoo e @andersoonfreiree botando pressão 😎💥 foto enviada pelo nosso grupo de WhatsApp. Tem um Fiat Argo em Sergipe? Envie-nos foto do seu carrão e se preferir, participe do nosso grupo do WhatsApp e compartilhe com a gente, solicite link via Direct 💡 #fiat #fiatbr #fiatargo #fiatchrysler #fiatargobrasil #teamfca #vcdecidefiat #manualtransmission #allblack #black #blackout #teamfca #argo #brazil #sergipe #carlife #cargram #carspotting #porngarage #fiatracers #italiancar #italia #italiandesign #performance - @argoclubese on Instagram

Tonight around 6:35pm CST I followed a citizen who was people pulled over by TN State Troopers for the purpose of filming their interaction. As I approached the vehicles, (while remaining a safe distance away on a public sidewalk) a trooper shouted at me, “Get back!”, or something similar to that. I responded colorfully that I was on a sidewalk & that I am filming. Apparently he did not approve of my verbiage, because he then begins to threaten me by saying, “Go ‘head & use that language again young man”. When I ask him what he is threatening me with, he approaches me & says that I will be arrested if I impede with the traffic stop. I ask the trooper why his hand is on his gun to which he responds, “Because that’s the way it always is.” He then steps on my foot while getting directly in my face, all without wearing a mask. I then document his name & badge number & find out he is Trooper Briggs. A notorious figure at the Capitol protest. I laugh because of fucking course it’s this guy. Then he rips my mask off my face & walks (flees) away. Absolutely dumbfounded I begin asking the other troopers if they were going to do anything. I was met with a blank stare. Seconds later Trooper Briggs straight up says, “No I did not” when I shout about him ripping my mask off my face. “I’m tired of you people making stuff up.” -Trooper Harvey Briggs Make this man famous. ✨💫🌈⚡️ - @agoldenalt7 on Instagram

- 2Dr cars.

- Literally rolled into the shop. Customer dropping off his Maserati Quattroporte

- Horrid Pontiac at the mall

- Courtyards

- Almost nothing about this park job is right.

A verbal altercation outside of Walmart in Victorville resulted in one man being stabbed Thursday morning. Read more at #vvng #news #crime - @victorvalleynews on Instagram

- hmmm

O novo sistema de controle de acesso permite maior conforto e comodidade aos usuários. Todavia, as orientações passadas pelo Departamento. de Segurança, em relação ao uso do sistema, devem ser seguidas para que não ocorram vulnerabilidades. Os tags distribuídos por ocasião do cadastramento devem ser obrigatoriamente afixados nos veículos. Qualquer outra forma de utilização dos tags fragiliza a segurança no acesso aos residenciais. #alphavillejacuhy #segurança #qualidadedevida - @alphavillejacuhy on Instagram

- The way this cars stripe lines up with the line of the parking lot

Это настоящий рай... Автор: @akhmediar.anuarbekov, спасибо! 🔻 Поставь лайк❤️ и подпишись на аккаунты, у нас еще много интересного. Если у тебя есть классные фотки твоего Хая, то присылай их нам в Директ📩 . . #тойотаклуб #тойотахайлендер #тойотахайлэндер #тойотахайландер #тойотахайлендр #тойотаклуброссия #тойотамосква #тойотатюмень #хайлендер #хайлендерклуб #хайлендерклубалматы #toyotahighlander #highlander #тойотаиркутск #тойотакз #тойотаспб #хайлендер2016 #хайлендер2014 #хайлендер2015 #toyotahighlander2014 #toyotahighlander2015 #toyotahighlander2016 #highlander #highlander2014 #highlander2015  #highlander2016 #highlanderclub  #хаилендер #toyotahighlander - @toyota_highlander_club on Instagram

- 24 Karat magic

- This bridge

I bid adieu to the hospital that I first went to. Where I started honing my craft! What Ill miss the most is the amazing people I got to work with!! That was the real dream! - @isingleglove on Instagram

- Well I didnt feel like going to work anyway

- This handicap parking spot

- When you can afford a condominium unit and a car but cant afford a parking slot so you end up parking in the sidewalk

- They powerwashed the lines instead of painting them

- A two hour line at a bakery in South Florida for cinnamon rolls!

- The sidewalk is already mostly taken up by parked cars, and they did this.

- Innovative Advertising

- This crossing in Slovakia

- The Maserati Levante is the nicest Acura MDX Ive seen.

- What; was there an asshole convention or something?!

Jalapeño 🌶 no pueden llegarme 🔥🤷🏽‍♂️ ni en sus sueño 😴 las barras ✍🏽 y el Pikete 🥶están violentos 💢 de la music 🎵 estoy hambriento 😋 si les tiro 👀 los dejo sangrientos 👹👹 que tú tienes gente ❌?? cb también tengo 🤷🏽‍♂️👹 A mi no me gusta 👎🏽 roncar 😘 pero conmigo ni Rafael 🎾 va a Nadal 🏊 me avisan 🧐 si alguno ya quiere guayar 🤔🔥 lo de ustedes aparentar 🤦🏽‍♂️ yo en un minuto ⏰ los voy a esparashar ☠️ esto No es movido ⚡️y yo los puse a bailar 🕺. #Lapresion⚡️ #TienenQueApretarr - @jsilvapr on Instagram

- I thought I’d share more of my work being a porter. One of the best feelings ever after fixing a crooked line of cars.

- hmmm

- hmmm

Primeiro Encontro Do Argo clube show demais 😍😍😍♥️ - on Instagram

Glimpse into the future - @jaypaulskie on Instagram

- Police truck

- Regular city street turned into a post-apocalyptic movie set

- Share your experiences with BIG Roads

- How did they even get the car in there

- Posted on fb by my cousin that always seems to have SRT4 parts for the low for the last 4 years

- This.

Washing day with our friend The Corvette! - @seat.leon.cupra on Instagram

- Pedestrian bridge

- Parking

- Neighbor parks oil leaking car in front of my house instead of his

- This row had one dark one amongst many lighter ones.

- hmmm

- A trio of Lexus NXs parked next to one another.

- A little pond

Mercedes AMG c43 cabrio🤩💥 - @carspotterdaan_ on Instagram

- This guy riding around on his home-made two-story bike in my neighborhood today

- I don’t know you but I know I hate you

- Im not even sure a normal vehicle could fit in this space. At a Walmart.

- This manhole/ traffic line alignment -_-

- How this driver parked.

- A mild heart attack 🤦‍♂️

- Parking space?

San Ysidro ready lane. - @garitastijuana on Instagram

- Respect to Home Depot for having spots specifically for our veterans.

- Tagged and Bagged.

- Why not?

- How about a fully functional undeground parking? New Sydney project video in progress.

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- This guy parked in the middle of the street

- This just happened right outside my block

- Cant figure how to park today

- My coworker can’t park

Pellaro oltre alla cura per le cufe al pianoterra, vanta numerose opere ingegneristiche idrauliche Foto di Michael Zumbo IV - @city_storti on Instagram

- This is where those American tax dollars went(taken on military base)

- I was at a cross walk when I decided to turn around. Im glad I did. [E30 M3]

- Blocking the way

- Neighborhood where every driveway is half the length of a car and barely wide enough for one.

- Maserati Levante compared to Nissan Qashqai

- Solo trip 🌿

- Guy driving around Philly with a cat in a cage on top of his car

- An email came in causing the haptic feedback to vibrate just as I was pressing the shutter button to take this photo on my iPhone 6.

- Animal inspired

- Handicap and pregnant parking spots at a Mexican shopping mall.

- Motorcycle parking spots at the Harley dealership.

- People that park really really close to you on both sides.

- BMW Dealership Study

- How hard is it to park properly

- Honda HR-V

- Parking spot at a seafood restaurant in Block Island, RI consists of sea creatures as parking lines

- This person... Smh bro why would you park like that

- This jerk who parked on two handicap lanes even though he wasn’t even handicapped, taken in Luleå, Sweden

- Every car parked in front of my apartment is white.

- This moron taking up 2 handicap spaces

- Big ol Rims and Skinny Tires

- This happened on my way home from work Monday. How?

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- Campaign/Posters

- Spiderman was here)))

- Came across then at a Mexican restaurant

- hmmm

- What is the purpose of this

- So I went to Walmart Today...

- My city’s bike lane

- I can’t park my own car in my drive way thanks to this dickhead

#ZebraCrossUntukPenyeberangJalan - @koalisipejalankaki on Instagram

- Come on, its right there!

- Red coconut Bay phase Ⅲ project

- Some kid parked his or hers bike

- When the Random( ) function fails

- D-bag took up two spaces. Nope, still enough room for my bug.

- Why even have a parking space at all?

- Architecture model making

- The handicap spot is the furthest one from the door.

- 2019 bad parking winner

New car, new people, new adventures🤘🏼#CL9 #UN93 #clubbanger3000 - @mr.automotive on Instagram

- It looks like that speed bump was painted around that car.

- People Who Park Bikes Like This.

- The Elusive Four Spot Squat

- Blursed Accident

- anyone else get THOSE customers? parking lots empty but sure, park in front of the open bay...

- Absolutely nothing but a parking lot

- Duct tape racing stripes from a distance.

- These parking lines and parking breakers arent aligned properly

- Nothing unusual. He came to shop at the lokal supermarket. Lowin’ CH

- Main street through University

- Someone had fun

- Really makes one think.

- See these two parking spaces? All for me!

- I found this in an Impound in Dubai [OC]

- Are we not gonna talk about the outside of the office from season 1? What happened to this place?

- Crown Vic Demonstrating Off-road Capability

- At least the middle car is almost parked correctly....

We are Extreme Fight Club 🔥 - @extremefightclub on Instagram

- Parking Space 9 and 3/4

- This barrier will keep even the drunkest of drunks out

- This guy blasted away at every stop light but I always caught him at the next. I wouldnt mind a car like that but I love my bike.

- Driving the wrong way down a one way, turned left to go the wrong way down another one way.

- Bright coloured parking signs

- The cement blocks dont line up with the parking spaces.

- Rare to see the sign imprints of two bankrupt department stores on the same building, especially when the store on the right closed in the late 90s

- The shadow align with the parking lot line

- Bad Parking

- Blursed_UnblockMe

- Why and how do people park like this?

“One way” loosely translates to “idiot parking only” Tag yourself if this is your submission for credit. #tbay #tbayparkjobs #thunderbay - @thunderbayparkjobs on Instagram


- Nothing wrong here

- This a-hole parked in the bike lane

- You know, were living in a society!

- Parking jobs like this, that you see multiple times every day in China

- Customer decided to clean out their car in the parking lot of my business.