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Easy cheat sheet for measuring equivalents.

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Lunch lady land 🥒 🍕🍋🍝 Serving up lots of cucumbers from the garden this week in our remote cafeteria! Bennie loves his veggies with dips like hummus or tzatziki. Grace, however, is on a strict diet of rice & soy sauce and pasta - no matter what goodness I offer. 🤣🍚 . What’s on the lunch menu in your homeschool?💡Let’s share some ideas. . #school2020 #remotelearning #momlife #pandemic #lunchideas #lunchideasforkids #kidfriendlyfood - @mariasansone on Instagram

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Corte, rale, triture, pique e moa em segundos com o Processador Compacto Oster®! Experimente um produto fácil de usar, com multifunções, prático de limpar e guardar 😍 ⠀ ⠀ #OsterBrasil #Processador - @osterbrasil on Instagram

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Such an honor to be apart of #Rokerthon. Where Al lead 69 chefs to a Guinness World Records title of continuous sandwich making! 🥪 Thanks @alroker @todayshow @todayfood and everyone who made it possible! Don’t forget to donate to Feeding America and World Central Kitchen! 💕Head for all the sandwich recipes! - @klittlecakes on Instagram

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Vegan food at it’s best on this table if you ask me. A simple red lentil stew also known as Dahl. Deeply satisfying, simple to make, healthy, comforting and good on your wallet. This Indian dish is an everyday staple for so many people in India every day for a good reason. One of my family staple dishes as well with an added coconut spiced topping to give it a bit of crunch. This recipe is in my new book VEGAN FOR GOOD together with some more Indian style recipes like a whole roasted cailiflower with a curry sauce, herbed rice, quick mango pickle paired with a tofu scramble or golden milk just in case if you like these flavors just as much as I do 💛✨🙌 Picture from VEGAN FOR GOOD by @clarewinfield #veganforgoodcookbook #wholefoodplantbased #sustainable #consumeless #slowlifestyle #minimalmood #consciousliving #mindfulliving #globalwarming #endanimalagriculture #sustainableliving #buylocal #plantbased #plantpower #plantsovermeat #alifeofintention #govegan #minimalism #organic #earthfriendly #wholesome #eatyourveggies #starchivore #forksoverknives #veganeats #veganism #ritaserano - @ritaserano on Instagram


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COUNTDOWN! Tomorrow you can download our cookbook for free with amazing WILD COOKING recipes. On plates of WILD MOON ⁠ #wildcooking #weresmart @wijndomein_valke_vleug @berghoff_belgium @iluigi_olive_oil @lizzysnieuweoogst @koppertcress @brouwerijdekroon @caffenation_coffee @hollebeekhoeve @lenouveauchef @elflamencodedonana @imperialheritagecaviar @arqanoil @mistteas @ekomenu @youmeal_io @jochenhuyghe @belgian_secrets @pastamanbe 📸 @wim_dmskrs @weresmartworld⁠ #wildmoonceramics #thinkvegetables #weresmartworld # thegreenguide @arqanpremiumoil - @ilse_de_vis on Instagram

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Birthday Cake for my ride or die @christheibert 2 layers of the famous Gourmet mag chocolate cake, one of cinnamon (our wedding cake 🙂), plus whipped ganache cream cheese frosting from @rice.isnice ➡️swipe to see the finished product @nbcsnl (thx Eddie Murphy 🤪) - @kate_previte on Instagram

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Protein is critical to our bodys health and function. #DYK that protein from animal sources, such as beef, contains all 9 amino acids that we need to get from food in order for our bodies to run efficiently? All that and you get 25g of protein in only a 75g serving of beef! - @alberta.beef on Instagram

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