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Ily forever 💕.

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Vienna ❄️🎅🏼 - @mikebox93 on Instagram

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Meu namorado há 18 anos e pra sempre ❤️a gente se completa❤️amor sempre e pra sempre❤️ - @annagasparoto on Instagram

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A sensação de estar no cume do Mont Blanc é indescritível. #chamonix #montblanc - @eduardo_antonini on Instagram

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Mom and Matt - @mattdgrossholz on Instagram

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Good luck boys @englandcricket We will be watching and supporting you all the way! #cricketisback - @root66 on Instagram


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My little girl best friend, my love ,my daughter. #love #wonderful #person #mylife - @andrewheasman on Instagram


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È stato un onore immenso ricevere il Chi è Chi Award 2020 come miglior ufficio stampa dell’anno per @philosophyofficial ❤️ sono orgoglioso di vincere un riconoscimento così prestigioso a 35 anni ✌🏼grazie a chi mi ha supportato in questi anni e ai miei genitori per avermi permesso di studiare a Milano ed inseguire il mio sogno 💓 - @andreacaravita on Instagram


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Foto ini di ambil di sebuah cafe BBQ di Jakarta Selatan pada tanggal 15 Agustus 2020 saataku sedang menikmati hidup Yup, mungkin itulah istilah aku menikmati hidup. Sbg millenneal pastinya aku punya banyak cita2 & ambisi utk bisa meraih ini dan itu. Dan sejak tahun lalu datang ke even fintechid untuk yang pertama x di JCC dan banyak belajar tentang apa sih fintech itu dan bagaimana bisa mendatangkan return yang baik terutama bagi para millenneal yang juga banyak berperan dalam menciptakan fintech-fintech yang baru Dan karna mendatangi event inilah aku jadi sangat mengenal apa itu P2P Lending dan bagaimana itu bisa menjadi bagian investasi yang sangat menguntungkan. Dengan berpedoman pd pepatah jangan menaruh uang mu dalam 1 keranjang akhirnya aku mulai mengikuti P2P lending Asetku dan semakin mulai belajar banyak bagaimana mengelola keuangan hingga mendatangkan pundi pundi yang semakin banyak ketabungan ku. Hingga saat ini ada beberapa P2P yang aku danai seperti Easy Cash, Koin Work hingga bitcoin Indodax. Sempat teman2 bertanya2, Kok lo berani sih bermain di bisnis itu, kan banyak yg ilegal dan tipu2 dan tentunya dah ratusan kali pertanyaan sprt ini muncul setiap aku mencoba memperkenalkan apa itu Fintech dan P2P, pst pada awal nya semua memiliki opini negative Yup begitu lah klu hny cuma tau kulit nya saja tnp prnh memahami mana P2P yg resmi yang tentunya sdh terdaftar di OJK & dibawah naungan AFPI pastinya dan perusahaan P2P inilah aku berani menaruh uang ku agar lebih cpt berkembang & bnyk return yg ku dpt Dan kini di masa pandemi, bnyk orang yg kelabakan krn keuangan nya kolab. Namun gimana dg aku terutama bisnis P2P. Yess..of course aku gak kesusahan dlm keuangan, nilai investasi ku terus stabil bhkn meningkat selalu & tak ada kata minus. Dan org pun berlomba2 akhirnya ikut & bergabung di P2P. Sdg yg selalu mempunyai opini negative akn terus saja sprt itu Itulah makanya aku tinggal menikmati hidup dg investasi pilihanku. Kubiarkan uang ku yg bekerja, aku tinggal menikmati apa yg ada didepan ku namun tentunya tetap terkontrol & sesuai dengan kebutuhan yah & bkn keinginan #FintechUntukIndonesia #RoadToHariFintechNasional - @miracle_verry on Instagram


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Such a special day bring Joshua to his first ever football match!! Bless him he is absolutely loving it! I still remember my dad taking me to mine at Nottingham Forest. ❤⚽️ - @lukewright204 on Instagram


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#gay #gaybear #gayguy #cutegay #gaylondon #gayuk #gayinsta #gaydaddy #gaybeard #gaybeardedmen #gaybeards #scruffygay #gaysofinsta #gaymen #hotgay #gaydaddybear #daddybeard #gayman #instagay #gaydude #dadbod #gaytravel #gaytrip #gayvaccation #gayholiday #gaycouple #gaytravellers #gayaroundtheword #gayadventures #gaytravelcouple - @the_gay_travel_cubs on Instagram


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On October 30th 2018, Nicola Shepherd-Boden lost her brother, Paul, to melanoma. Here is their story in her words: In 2014, 42-year-old Paul had a mole removed from his back and the biopsy came back as melanoma, so the hospital took a wider margin and were happy with the clearance. As our mum had also had a melanoma removed from her arm several years before, we were not unduly alarmed. After religiously attending his skin check appointments and taking good care of his physical health, fast-forward four years and Paul was diagnosed, by his GP and an out-of-hours GP with Labyrinthitis and prescribed anti-sickness meds and antibiotics. After a week of worsening symptoms when he could not lift his head due to nausea my dad called an ambulance. He was taken to A&E where he was given a CT scan and the devastating news that his melanoma had spread to his abdominal cavity and his brain. He took this news with the strength and bravery that saw him through his final months. He was the most amazing man. Thinking only of his close family, his wife and his 2 small children. The melanoma was so aggressive. He struggled with his eyesight, balance, nausea to name a few. He went from being active to unable to leave the house unaided and we all rallied around to be there for him. Sadly towards the end of Oct 2018 after several setbacks he spent 4 days as an inpatient at Weston Park Hospital before passing away with his family by his side. Paul was just 46 years old with his whole life ahead of him. People need to be aware of the dangers of moles and immediately act on any changes. Skin cancer is so often overlooked, in my opinion. Your skin is your biggest organ and the one we probably abuse the most! Paul inspires me everyday to make people aware of the dangers of skin cancer. He gives me the strength to promote this cause through the way that he managed his own horrendous, short illness. He is my idol, the bravest person I will ever know and if we can prevent only one more person from suffering this horrific fate then some good will have been done. Nicola took part in the 100 Miles in 1 month event for Skcin and Melanoma Focus and has raised £1,785. 💛 - @skcincharity on Instagram

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The one and only Ama Dablam. Despite an ill-fated trip way back in 2012 it’s still pretty much my favourite mountain anywhere in the world #internationalmountainday 🙌🏻 - @sandforddavies on Instagram

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Fyra nervösa bönder laddar upp för speeddejter 💕 Se hur det går i Bonde söker fru ikväll 🧑‍🌾 - @tv4 on Instagram


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- @ricardofgmsales on Instagram


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En mode tournage pour ARD @ard #vegetales #végétal @nadiasammut @karolforestier @weresmartworld - @remathie on Instagram

Meme Berlin 💚


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O #tbt de hoje é dos nossos clientes queridos marcando presença no nosso evento barba, cabelo e bigode. Que delícia é ter vocês aqui. Quando tudo isso passar estaremos juntos em mais um evento. #vivacehomem #tbt #ModaMasculina #homemcapixaba - @vivacehomem on Instagram

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Don’t forget to smile 😁 #windsurfing - @augustin.david.fra545 on Instagram

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Mercedes Benz Colombia realiza el lanzamiento de la nueva GLE Coupé Híbrida, no te pierdas el evento este viernes, 2 de octubre a las 5:30pm en el LIVE de las redes Sociales de Mercedes Benz Colombia de Facebook y su canal de YouTube. @mercedesbenzcolombia #MercedesBenz #MercedesAMG #Colombia #AMGGTFAMILY - @oscartunjo on Instagram

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🥰🥰🥰 @jazdn - @marc_leffman on Instagram


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Exactly 3yrs ago today, we finally shared the launch of @volcantequila to the world 🌍 27 awards and multiple countries later, I could not be prouder of the team & more thankful to you all for your support 🙏🏻 - @trentfraser on Instagram




1,5 jaar geleden maakte ik op de eerste draaidag van de docu deze foto en wat ben ik trots op @fredvanleer en het avontuur wat daarop volgde! Helaas niet in de top 3 van de Gouden Televizier-Ring, maar wat was de weg ernaartoe bijzonder! Dank voor alle stemmen 🙏 en op naar nieuwe avonturen! @videolandonline @strixtelevision @televizier @connyschalkebax @basbrand - @7onathandejong on Instagram

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Where will @433 be in 5 years time ...... 🤔 #strategicmeeting #Buildingthebrand #433 - @demydezeeuw on Instagram


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#раллипено2019 - @igorbulantsev on Instagram

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Happy Birthday my dove, my pidge, my love!! ♥️ - @jada_fka_gia on Instagram



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Unbelievable day! Thank you @ravens for allowing me to continue my dream. Couldn’t have done it without my wife by my side. Thanks for all the support!! #ravensnation #ravensflock 😈 - @nboyle86 on Instagram

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18:00 Live Antka. Zacieramy ręce💪🎬 Wchodźcie na @antek.krolikowski o 18:00 Odpowie na pytania i zdradzi kilka ciekawostek na temat najnowszego filmu.🔥@patryk_vega_official „Pętla” #liveinstagram @antek.krolikowski😎 #polskiaktor #warszawa #pętla #livestory #instaphoto #truestory #world - @zacharzewski_maciej on Instagram

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Always fun when you get to act with your super talented fiancé 💙💙💙 - @justincoombespearce on Instagram

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Новая серия на канале! Спасибо всем, кто с нами 🙌🏼 Ссылка в профиле, а это фото с того съемочного дня 🎥 @drepak 💪🏽 @gocha_chivchyan ⠀ #стройигаси ⠀ #180sx #200sx #240sx #s13 #rps13 #silvia #s15 #odyvia #jdm #gorillaenergy #kartelteam #purple #drift #дрифт #stancenation #stance #workequip #silviamadness #nismo #sr20det #180sxgram #nissan #work #fitment #workequip - @spartak_a on Instagram

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Como ya os hemos anunciado, Xuúmil ha sido nominado a la Mejor apertura de restaurante en 2020 en los Premios Gurmé 2020 de ABC! @gurmecadiz 💥 sin duda alguna, un voto de confianza de todos nuestros clientes y enamorados de la gastronomía, vinos de nuestra tierra y tierras portuguesas ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Existen diferentes categorías en la votación, y en cada categoría hay 6 establecimientos entre los cuales se elegirá el ganador de cada título. Este ganador será elegido por una votación popular, y otra que será escogida por un jurado profesional. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Las votaciones ya están en marcha, os explicamos cómo podéis hacerlo, y ayudarnos así, a conseguir el reconocimiento!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 👉🏻¿Cómo VOTAR? 1. Entra en la página web que tenemos en nuestra biografía: 2. Elígenos entre los restaurantes que aparecen (¡Gracias!) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ La fecha límite para votar es hasta el 2 de Octubre ❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Pero eso no es todo... ¡Vosotros también podéis ganar! Entre los participantes se sortearán 5 vales de 100€ para el Club Gourmet de El Corte Inglés 💥 ¡Una bomba! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ La entrega de premios se celebrará el próximo 26 de Octubre. Contamos con vuestra ayuda 😊 ¡Mucha suerte a todos los participantes! 🙌 ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ #Xuumil #Jerezdelafrontera #gastronomía #fusion #mexico #portugal #vino #vinho #jerez #sherry #sherrywine #sherrylovers #winelove #gastronomiafusion - @xuumil on Instagram

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Och här har vi andra hälften av deltagarna som sjunger på fredag! ✨ @m.nederman sjunger Björn Afzelius ”Tusen bitar” @nova.luther sjunger Danny Saucedos ”Så som i himlen” @caspargi sjunger Mando Diaos ”Strövtåg i hembygden” @niklashultbergofficial sjunger Victor Leksells ”Svag” @affehagstrom sjunger Amanda Bergmans version av ”Vintersaga” @paulinajrpancenkov sjunger Carola & Zara Larssons version av ”Säg mig var du står” Bara 2 dagar kvar! Vad tycker du om deras låtval? 🤩 Idol är tillbaka på fredag kl. 20.00 i TV4 och TV4 Play. #IdolSE - @tv4idol on Instagram

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Anthony wasn’t allowed to go swimming as a kid as it was too dangerous. @james.magnussen was... The rest is history🙂 - @bertonicafe on Instagram

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Rolê ou rolé? Polêmica!!!! - @alexescobar74 on Instagram


Who’s excited for COLE HATTER?! 2020 EPIC SPEAKERS are going to bring their ultimate best advice in truly making it an EPIC weekend! Get ready for a magical experience and to learn from the best of the best! @colehatter #LetsDoThis #Epic #Elevate #Thrive #Empower - @epicmastermind619 on Instagram

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Para todos un feliz día del amor!!! - @joselecabrera on Instagram

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Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese - @whalewatchmeplz on Instagram

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Aaaahhh my brother from another mother did us proud today! @rylan is such a pro and fits so well into our gang! I still love him the most though 😘😘 Thankyou for being there today and doing such an awesome job at being horrid little brat to me! 😍 @officialsteps @llatchfordevans @lisascottlee1 @fayetozersmith @ianhwatkins @adamklein84 @kirstyrichardson351 @fascinationmanagement #allthelove - @clairerichardsofficial on Instagram


- Jason Isaacs

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Parabéns meu querido parceiro de estrada @gugustreit Que neste 20 de Setembro o Patrão Velho lá de riba te abençoe com muita saúde, para q tu possa transformar teus sonhos em realidade. Sempre com muitas alegrias e amor! Forte abraço 🥳🎉🎊🥂🍷🎙️📻💙🎶🕺💃🎶🥳🎊🎉 - @albanireal on Instagram

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@mansisheth123 - Love the designs 👍🏻 - @imaagarkar on Instagram

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Sretan 40. rođendan legendi hrvatskog rukometa, Igoru Voriju! @igorvori.official #indexsport #index #rukomet #handball #croatia🇭🇷 #hrvatska🇭🇷 - @indexhr_sport on Instagram

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Za chwilę Wielki Test o klimacie! Eko-duet już gotowy 😘 #wielkitest #tvp1 @badzmyrazem.tvp @hairartist.agnieszkajedlinska @ewelinaosman @olafkasperski - @sylwiadekiert on Instagram

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Stora nyheter! Det är med glädje vi idag kan dela att vi nu utökar vårt samarbete med Elgiganten och lanserar Telness i samtliga butiker & EG online i Sverige! 🚀 Vi ser fram emot att kunna hjälpa ännu fler företagare spara tid och pengar på telefonin. Läs mer på eller på Telekom idag! #telness #elgiganten #telekom - on Instagram

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@bjoernlinnea at @nyhetsmorgon earlier today! 🔥 Head over to @tv4 and watch the whole Interview + live performance. - @lovestreetmusic on Instagram

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Two happy winners of B finals 🇨🇿 Czech sprint girlzz ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #canoe #kayak #womencanoe #canoesprint #kayaksprint #canoesport #race #sprint #worldcup #szeged #szeged2020 #athlete #athleteslife #sport #icfsprint #planetcanoe #czechteam - @jana_jezova on Instagram

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- From the Neuralink livestream :D

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After 5 grueling months we are back in business. We have missed all our regulars, come support your local Kauai inside of the Virgin Active at Table Mall and Sunningdale. For your convenience you can order ahead and pay using the Kauai App so download it now. We also linked to Uber Eats and Mr D for delivery convenience. #cheers #pullinforsomeslaps #aimtoplease #healthyfood #wayoflife #deliveries #kauaiapp #orderahead - @savvasandrew on Instagram

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L’impegnativo e stressante #brainstorming di Barbara e Marco prima di ogni #radiobrunofansclub. 🤣😂 In diretta radio & tv (dtv 256/71/683) dalle 15 alle 17, dal lunedì al venerdì. #radiobruno #diretta #radio #digitaleterrestre - @radiobruno on Instagram

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New icon . . @kevankenney #kevankenney #CfKevanKenney - @cfkevankenney on Instagram

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✅ Após um final de semana de muito aprendizado na ortodontia com, passando para desejar uma boa semana a todos! E lembrar que amanhã voltamos aos atendimentos normais das 8h as 18h / 18h as 21h (com horário marcado p/ o turno da noite) #pacajus #dentistas #ortodontia - @drfelipeandrad on Instagram

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Salid y disfrutad!!! Al fin y al cabo es un juego, hablo de la vida.😌 #barcelona #bfc #campnou #viscaelbarça #mesqueunclub #messi - @juantaraz on Instagram

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Når du først bestemmer deg for å få testet grenser, samt skape et eventyr, kunne vi ikke ha valgt en bedre dag. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For de som lurer på hvor vi tilbragte dagen, så er svaret fra Turtagrø til Gjendesheim. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Du inspirerer @atlepettersen. 💪💪💪 Takk for hjelpen @hokaoneone og 🙏💪 takk også til alle blide folk vi traff på vår vei. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nå gjør jeg meg klar til en kul uke på jobb 🕺 men først blir det biff, pommes frites og potetgull 💪 #hvemvilduvære #gaver - @oeysteinpettersen on Instagram

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Yesterday I met with @kavalkova_volha, co-chair of @epp member party Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) in #Belarus. I stressed our support for Belarusians & the Coordination Council as the legitimate representatives of Belarusian citizens. EPP member parties play a key role in fighting for #democracy in Belarus. - @tonoepp on Instagram

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Nico Schwanz bei uns zu Gast! Seine neue Single Schwerelos könnt ihr demnächst bei uns hören🎶🔥 - @antennekoblenz980 on Instagram

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- The original 13 or 30, Daniel LaRusso

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Lets get to know Michał. 🤩 Previously a courier driver, he grew tired of climbing stairs up and down. 🏃 Excited about our new Toyota Corolla, Michał has seen in our Rent to buy plan a surefire way to own the car faster. So happy you are part of the Splend family. Keep rockin! 💜 #splenduk #splendstories #drivetothrive #owntheroad #customerstory #uberdriver #rideshare #london #toyotacorolla - @splend on Instagram

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Always showing off and finding a way to laugh and smile in the shittest of times. We wish things were different but we love you regardless. Happy Father’s Day 👑, big love to those who’ve lost , or who are currently caring for their dads ! 👊🏽 - @bennycrockerr_ on Instagram

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- Instagram

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Unsere Wälder sind auf die Klimaveränderung nicht vorbereitet. Wir brauchen ein Programm zur Waldrettung, das den Schutz vor das Nutzen der Wälder stellt. Wer das zunehmende Waldsterben ignoriert, spielt mit dem Feuer. Wir müssen den Wald retten, denn er rettet uns. Im Gespräch mit @peter_wohlleben ist diese Woche auch noch mal deutlich geworden: Wir brauchen einen nachhaltige Waldnutzung. Es muss Schluss sein mit monotonen Kiefern- und Fichten-Plantagen, stattdessen brauchen wir möglichst viele Mischwälder mit einem hohen Laubbaumanteil, denn sie sind resistenter gegen steigende Temperaturen und Trockenheit. Auf den Bildern seht ihr, Peter Wohlleben und ich haben gemeinsam beide Wald-Varianten besucht. Mit einem Waldzukunftsfonds von 1 Milliarde Euro wollen wir den Umbau unserer Wälder gezielt vorantreiben. Damit der Umbau nachhaltig gestaltet wird, ist es elementar, die finanziellen Hilfen an ökologische Kriterien zu koppeln. Der Schutz unserer Wälder ist ganz klar ein Langstreckenlauf und kann nicht mal eben übers Knie gebrochen werden. Deswegen ist es so wichtig, dass wir jetzt mit dem Waldschutz anfangen. - @robert.habeck on Instagram

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@theragcompanyde aka @tmdetails aka @thiemo_minati ist DER Mikrofaserexperte schlechthin. Heringbone, Plush, Twisted Loop, weave- bitte was?! Genau: darüber wird er uns in aller Breite aufklären. Thiemo, wir freuen uns auf dich! #dcon2020 #AUTOLACKAFFEN #Detailersofgermany - @autolackaffen on Instagram

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Family-Time - @stefanreiter.chorakeegym on Instagram

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Awesome to work with @annnyberg for the launch of #AthleteAscension 🚀 tonight on @newschannel_8 at 10! Check it out! More info on Athlete Ascension: ⬇️ • • • Athlete Ascension is a program run by a parent and student-athlete to help teach and show high school student athletes the way to getting recruited and creating a team that will help them ascend to the next level! 🚀 - @tjlinta on Instagram

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Sen kväll på kontoret :) #shapenetwork - @mathiasbrostrom on Instagram

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Danas nas je posjetio Ivan Dečak, naš ambasador Anonima, te je iskoristio priliku isprobati našu bogatu kolekciju Garmin satova #garmin #ivandecak #thevoice #darvel #darvelshop - @darvelshop on Instagram

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We know this will be a surprise to most but after 11 years together Carolin and I have decided our relationship needs a new direction, bringing our marriage to an end. The love for our beautiful boys grows stronger day by day as does our friendship as co-parents. To our dear friends please continue to support us as positively as you can for the next stage of our lives. It’s vital that Alex and Sami understand that we will always be a united family. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 - @matt9dawson on Instagram

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Estamos No Ar #novasexperiências #agregandoconhecimento #rádio #jornal #esporte #jornalismoesportivo #radioAHora102.9 📸: @mateuscsouzaa - @ziqueneitzke on Instagram

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Viernes!!! Y mañana juega el🐞!!! 😄 . 📸@jorgejunesphoto 📸 . @aaajoficial #diegodabove #entrenamientos #ceffa #vamosbicho #elsemillerodelmundo #argentinosjrs #argentinosjuniors #aaaj #losbichitoscolorados #eltifondeboyaca #LaPaternal #afa #futbolargentino #futbol #umbroargentina #fotografiadeportiva #canonphotography #sportphotography #sportphotographer #fotografodeportivo #jorgejunesphoto #liveforthestory - @jorgejunesphoto on Instagram

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Поздравляем @eminofficial с открытием нового @crocusfitness в моих любимых Лужниках! 💪🏻❤️ - @innamalikova on Instagram

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Коротко последние 36 часов: 🌑 ночь в Москве, 🌒 завтрак в Адлере, 🌓 обед в Сочи, 🌔 ужин в Питере, 🌘 завтрак в Минеральных Водах, 🌗 обед в Пятигорске, 🌖 ужин в Москве - это просто наши будни (включая субботу :))). 💫а встреча с губернатором Ульяновской области @morozov_si - бесценна💫 Угадайте - где 🌏? - @myakotnikova_elena on Instagram

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There’s an adage that says, “What you focus on is what you get.” When most people talk about focus, they talk about laser focus. They tell you to direct your full attention towards something and put blinders on so you don’t see anything else. We don’t do that. When we talk about focus, we talk about one of the most powerful aspects of success, and that’s the ability to have a wide vision while focusing. Why? Well, if you ask any successful person, you’ll find that about 30% of their success comes down to two factors: luck and coincidence. If you’re hyper- focused on one thing only, you don’t see what’s on the left and right of you, which is where success hangs out when you look at coincidence and luck. That’s why we talk about the macro and micro. You need to see the big picture, even when you’re focusing. That focus is vital, but remember, you’re focusing on the picture of the lifestyle you want, not just the things you want to get. How do we accomplish this and how can you learn it too? Grab the book and get ready to rock life! #humblealpha #humblealphabook #qol #peru - on Instagram

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- Prince William

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Kulturminister Abid Raja fikk æren av å åpne den åtte meter høye skulpturen Eye of the north i Langåsen skulpturpark lørdag. Les hele saken og ser bildeserie på! - @vaganavisa on Instagram


Anagennisi at the 15 year Anniversary Event 🎉🎊🎂🥧🧁🍨🥂🎼🎹🎤🎸🥁 #anagennisi #anagennisiband #15years #kekimori - @anagennisiband on Instagram

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Chwila oddechu na świeżym powietrzu 💞. Kocham ... Pięknego dnia. #warszawa#krakow#bydgoszcz#kielce#rzeszow#bialystok#polishgirl#polishboy#warsaw#szczecin#gdansk#love#poznan#lodz#gorzow#zamosc#zielonagora#bulwaryszczecińskiel#model#gentelmen#Dziwnow#przyjazn#norbertdabek#love#alexpalace#axelpalace#uśmiech#radosc#bulwaryszczecińskie#gs24 - @norbert_dabek on Instagram

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Our last post for the Meet Your Advisors series features JMC Advisor, Max Olivero! Max Olivero is the Field Experience Coordinator with James Madison College at Michigan State University. Max has held this position for six years in which he serves as an academic, internship, civic engagement, and education abroad advisor. He manages JMC’s experiential education Field Experience Program, including a portfolio of 12 international internships, and works closely with on-campus partners and third-party providers to assist students in pursuing their interests in the U.S. and abroad. His favorite college memory was when President Obama came to campus to sign the Farm Bill in 2014. His favorite part of working with JMC students is assisting them in exploring the world, and making change in our local, state, national, and global communities! Max is from Macomb, MI and is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in MSU’s Higher, Adult, Lifelong Education program. His favorite flavor of ice cream is anything at Quality Dairy – especially Mint Chocolate Chip. - @jmcmsu on Instagram

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Bye bye Hermie the Hernia. Oh HELLO sitting in my PJs watching at all the musicians I follow on Instafam doing gigs and stuff for the next month. Big shout out to Nurses Pam and Caroline who brought me biscuits and pineapple juice (amongst all the actual important stuff they do), Dr Barlow for slicing and dicing me like a fine gourmet Christmas ham, and of course Emma for tying my shoelaces and driving me home... In the US it would of cost me SIX GRAND. Phew. #HermieJourney #PaperUnderwear #NHS #DontSneeze - @simonodennis on Instagram

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HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLY! * @billingham22b 🎈 You may be super scary on the surface but we all know youre a big softy at heart. 🎈 *For yesterday. Someone have words with the social media manager. . #saswhodareswins #celebritysaswhodareswins #celebsas #sas #sbs #specialforces #birthday #birthdayboy . @casting_sas_whodareswins_ - @sas_whodareswins on Instagram

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Tanti auguri hermano @ivanbasso #FundacionAlbertoContador #FundacionContadorTeam #PolartecKometaTeam #ciclismo #ivanbasso #cycling #bike #cyclinglife #working #sport #sports #albertocontador #quererespoder #cyclism #bycicle #success #bike @ivanbassodailyblog - @pacoromerorrpp on Instagram

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#berlin42k #finisher #rainrunnersdontcare - @kaiprei on Instagram

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Grade läuft auf RTL das Sommerhaus der Stars, mit der lieben @evanthiabenetatou und Ihrem Verlobten @chris_b.___ ! Wirklich ein sehr sympathisches Paar! War ein toller Tag in Bremen und auch ein sehr schöner Abend mit Euch! Freue mich schon auf unser baldiges Wiedersehen! 😉 #dassommerhausderstars #sommerhausderstars #evabenetatou #rtl @dassommerhausderstars.rtl @bild @promiflash @extratippcom - @oezgoeren.aesthetik on Instagram

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Varios de nuestros integrantes en la XI Perimetral de Aramon-Javalambre el pasado año 2019!! Tan importante como la competición es un buena comida recovery acompañada de amigos... - @gestalgar_trail on Instagram

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Maratona Telethon 2019 - Diamo il nostro contributo alla ricerca, per dare un futuro a tanti bambini malati!!! #paolobelli #telethon #maratonatelethon2019 #maratonatelethon #ricercascientifica #donare #telethon2019 - @pattypasquarella on Instagram

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- Gord,Bob,Don. 10 letters,3 syllables, 100% Canadian.

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Udało się 🙂 choć było to całkiem niezłe wyzwanie. Blisko 26 km za nami w tym ponad 1900 m przewyższenia w pionie i ponad 8 godzin wędrówki. Jak na pierwszą wycieczkę w Tatry, Rysy okazały się wymagające. Nie spodziewałem się, że w końcówce łańcuchy, których się trzymaliśmy będą aż tak przydatne, bo w kilku miejscach przepaść była duża 😬 Ostatecznie poza miło spędzonym czasem był to również trening koncentracji, żeby każdy kolejny krok był wlasciwy i przemyślany. Pozdrawiamy Was i dziękujemy za dzisiejsze kibicowanie i miłe słowa 🙂 #rysy #tatry #polskietatry #mountains #polishmountains #mikomarczyk #pknorlen #orlenteam #skodapolska #michelinpilotsport @pkn.orlen @orlenteam_official @skodapolska @michelinmotorsport @key_to_mobility - @mikomarczyk on Instagram

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Dziś obchodzi 20. urodziny. Powodem do dumy, niewyobrażalną wcześniej szansą rozwoju, spełnieniem marzeń jest praca w takiej drużynie od 14 lat. Dokładnie od 27 września 2006 r. Trochę się zmieniliśmy przez ten czas, ale pasja pozostaje niezmiennie ta sama. - @przemyslaw_iwanczyk on Instagram

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- @dominik_goldeneagle on Instagram

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Best Thanksgiving yet! - @twbradshaw8 on Instagram

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On Saturday 7th March, heaven gained the greatest angel of all, my Dad. He peacefully passed away in the comfort of his own home, after battling cancer for over 13 years. He was surrounded by family that love him and will continue to love him for an eternity. ❤️ My Dad is my hero, my best friend and forever will be. He was always the person that gave the best of everything; love, care, comfort, advise, you name it, he did it ❤️☀️ He was a walking miracle and if I can be even half of the man that he was, I would be over the moon❤️ - @_connoradams on Instagram

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Delighted to have picked up this award last night a lot of time and effort over the course of the year has gone in to this #community #manofthepeople @burgey44 unlucky 😀 - @leebrown538 on Instagram

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- Insurance Broker

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Hoje aconteceu a última reunião do comitê de marketing da @sorridents_franchising e o tema foi a nova campanha que será lançada num mega evento que acontecerá em 22 de outubro... Aguardem as novidades. - @cleber_sorridents on Instagram

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The Epicenter Service Team are the best 💗 Make sure you pop by service desk today to get a rose for breast cancer awareness day. All proceeds will be donated to @brostcancerforbundet #epicenterstockholm - @epicenterstockholm on Instagram

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- RB Leipzig

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Nagy kössz @budapestpark a bizalmat, szeretetet, bariságot! Idén ötödször, egyúttal utoljára a park színpadon a MASSIF😘 #punnanymassif #2000túsz #leszezmégígyse - @meszka on Instagram

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Hoje tivemos o prazer de mostrar o nosso cantinho a pessoas 5 estrelas 😊 Obrigada pela visita e esperamos por uma nova visita 💚 . . . Today we had the pleasure of showing our corner to 5-star people 😊 Thank you for visiting and we look forward to another visit 💚 #shareazores #visitazores #visitportugal #azoresislands #azores #natures #instanature #turismoruralportugal #turismorural #instatravel #travelportugal #greentravel #oillamp #mindfultravel #sustainabletravel #discover_azores #ecotravel #lansdcape #sustainbletourism #ecotraveller #aldeiadacuada - @aldeiacuada on Instagram

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UFC FIGHT ISLAND here we go! #teamcamchida @ufc @camchidamma @jamainehemmings CHECKMAT VN TEAM HQ @checkmateurope @shoyoroll.europe @rrgroup2016 @blitzsport . @musclebar888 @printboss100 #vnhq #gravesend #kent #SYREU #syreurope #syreu #shoyorolleurope #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #ibjjf #uaejj #brasil #uk #kent #checkmatuk #checkmatsp #vnteam #rvteam #vemprabft #blackbelt #faixapreta #martialarts #artesmarciais 🇧🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 - @vnteam on Instagram

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Coffee time☕️#bellagio #italy #comolake #coffee_time #polishboy #familytrip #dolcevita - @dominik.malanowski on Instagram

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Objevovat Česko ve dvou👬 je prostě nádherné! ❤️🏳️‍🌈👨‍❤️‍👨🇨🇿 . . . . . #czechgay #gay #czechboy #gayboy #instagay #czech #gayguy #gayman #selfie #gayczech #gayczechoslovakia #followme #gaystagram #instagood #love #smile #czechrepublic #gaylife #lgbt #gaytourist #gaylove #happy #picoftheday #czechgaycouple #gaycouple #gaypride #loveislove #gaykluci #gaytourism #gayover30 - @2guyslifecz on Instagram

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Saudades meus colegas, meus irmãos , @varelarafa - @rubinhooliveirateatro on Instagram

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incredible weekend completing our year in @leadershipgeorgia, an experience of a lifetime, our class makes me so optimistic for our state’s future - @peter_dale on Instagram

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Curso On-line de Cirurgia Ortognática Minimamente Invasiva. 3 de Outubro. Anyone who works with orthognathic surgery knows that in 10 out of 10 patients the most common concern it is with recovery. Orthognathic still has a bad fame related to morbidity, numbness, immediate swelling and even late swelling. This scenario motivated us by the search to establish the concept of Minimally Invasive Orthognathic Surgery In addition to the modification of approaches and osteotomies, the main change is in the preservation of soft tissues: with the maintenance of muscles, lymphatic system and nerves It is this content and our experience that we will be sharing in this course. It will be online, interactive on October 3rd. Ill wait for you there. #minimallyinvasive - @jonathasdanielclaus on Instagram

Met through @gumball3000 a long time ago, now doing @atlanticroadtrip. Thanks for the journey my friend @team68 💪🏼 📸 @n_cvetty - @larscastelijns on Instagram

Great day in the countryside with my girls xxx - @martinblencowe on Instagram

Super soirée avec mes chouchous 😍 - @sabrylovesballet on Instagram

- Family, Friends, and I - The perks of working closer to home allows me to explore Death Valley with my family and party with friends all on the same weekend, I guess this places isnt all that bad. - @christian_dean on Instagram

ФКУ ІСКА Вітає З Днем Народження заслуженого тренера України та судью міжнародної категорії, Володченко Олександр Анатолійовича ! Своїм величезним спортивним і життєвим досвідом та мудрістю Ви завжди ділиться з молодими спортсменами, студентами , тренерами та суддями ! Бажаємо Вам міцного здоров‘я, сімейного щастя, натхнення та успіхів! Гармонії у житті та домашнього затишку, Божої ласки вам та вашій родині! З Днем Народження Олександр Анатолійович !!! Happy Birthday Grandmaster! Have a Great Day and all the best wishes for You!!! - @iska_ukraine on Instagram

I’m in quarantine for 15 days and I can’t wait to get back outside again! - @budgetbugout on Instagram

Happy Birthday my son 🎉🥳🎁🎂 @briced13 I love you 😘❤️ - @frederic_dehu on Instagram

This is one of the most challenging and fun experiences of my life. X Factor auditions are going GREAT! Can’t wait to show you all the talent we’ve found in Copenhagen 🤩 Aarhus up next ✌️ #XFactor - @djmartinjensen on Instagram

Даже не знаю чего написать. Кайфанули с @mrgrunning в эти выходные на #спбполумарафон. На фото и так все видно. Сначала пробежал по личнику свой пятикилометровый этап, потом успел поболеть за ребят на остальных этапах. В итоге - 1 место в корпоративной эстафете. Улучшили результат московской половинки и это без нашего сильнейшего @ssmikhalev ! (Отдельный тебе привет, ЖелезныйЧеловек) . 2-я победа подряд на стартах #беговоесообщество вселяет уверенности: команда укомплектована, ребята растут. Мы на верном пути. НО. Чтобы победы были слаще, нам нужна конкуренция. Хочется биться с лучшими корпоратами на протяжение всей дистанции. Я считаю, корпоративная эстафета может быть не менее зрелищной индивидуального зачета. Уверен, @runcomrun способны это организовать, наша задача только - собраться, и вместе развивать корпоративный спорт. Уверен, за этим может скрываться прекрастное Будущее! Спасибо всей команде @mrgrunning ! P.S. Отдельное спасибо @runcomrun за организацию этого праздника. Когда удается понаблюдать, как работает этот сложный механизм с миллионом винтиков, всё становится ценнее, чтоли.. #spbhalfmarathon #полумарафонсевернаястолица - @runsfor on Instagram

We’ll definitely miss you but also very excited for your new opportunity and chapter in London 🇬🇧 Much love and all the best! See you soon bro ❤️ - @alex.lalovic on Instagram

- Stefan

UTV LIFE GOES COUNTRY from the Farmers’s Bash with chats and music from country music stars Derek Ryan, Cliona Hagan, Johnny Brady, Mike Denver and Finnish band Steve ‘N Seagulls. Tonight at 9 with Pamela Ballantine - @utvlife_ on Instagram

I asked the players for more and today they delivered. They showed spirit, energy and gave a good fight. Well done. #COYB - @mrancelotti on Instagram

My Brothers from the North @mattyuniq @wbfarmer @dashatoronto @honeycombhospitality @chefakiraback #dashatoronto #akiraback #kingstwest #cfolife - @thomas__702 on Instagram

- @avramovicfilip on Instagram

Сегодня проверил содержание улицы Почтовая в Солнечногорске. Дал поручение службам частично заменить тротуарную плитку, повесить дополнительные фонари на существующие опоры, чтобы осветить пешеходные переходы — да, это временная мера, но она поможет решить вопрос. Тротуар у Пенсионного фонда также восстановят. ⠀ Казалось бы, всё это мелочи, которые не требуют вмешательства главы, но именно из этих мелочей строится комфортное проживание наших жителей, поэтому подобные обращения на «Добродел» всегда держу на личном контроле. Если у вас у дома стоит сухое дерево, плохо убирается двор или не горит фонарь — прошу сообщить об этом в комментариях. Спасибо. ⠀ #нашеПодмосковье #Солнечногорск - @vladimir_slepcov on Instagram

O que realmente quer?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Essa foi uma das perguntas feitas pelo @luciano no @thednamasterclass de 1 ano atrás. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ O caminho foi trilhado e a busca continuará! Hoje o microfone faz parte do meu propósito!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Dar voz as dores e aos conflitos das pessoas é parte daquilo que me faz sentido nessa nova jornada⁣ ⁣⁣ Agradeço demais a experiência e a oportunidade!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #thednamasterclass #1ano #proposito #microfisioterapia #saudeintegral ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ PS. Olhem as pessoas assim como a @danicanal está me olhando 😂 - @diogochristofoli on Instagram

Hoje o @omarcusmarinho vai te mostrar a história de um cantor lírico que foi convidado para estudar na Inglaterra, e até ensinou um pouco de canto ao nosso repórter. Não perca essa palinha, lá nos nossos stories! - @recordtvrio on Instagram

Nice to see you again!!! 🇺🇿 - @joaovabruno on Instagram

This guy comes home tomorrow after getting over COVID. This past month has been so hard being away on set while we didn’t know what would happen. I haven’t even fully processed yet the level of fear and stress I was feeling. I literally don’t know what I would do without him and I’m so grateful that both he and his mom are fine now. #tb to simpler times. Can’t wait till we can all get back to them! ❤️ - @dannykoerber on Instagram

WHAT. AN. EPISODE! . Outstanding effort from all our celeb recruits but special mention must go to @laurensteadmann and @theycallmelocksmith for showing the mindset, resilience and sheer determination to make it through to the end. . Best series yet, some are already saying... . #celebritysaswhodareswins #saswhodareswins #celebsas #dontbelast #escapeandevasion #mindovermuscle #alwaysalittlefurther #battleready #scottishhighlands #scotland #raasay #isleofskye #sas #sbs #hiddenscotland #capture #interrogation #finalphase @antmiddleton @jason_carl_fox @jay__morton @ollie.ollerton @billingham22b @channel4 @casting_sas_whodareswins_ - @sas_whodareswins on Instagram

Nach der gestrigen Konstituierenden Sitzung des Stadtrats freue ich mich auf meine Aufgaben in den Ausschüssen und als Beauftragter der Stadt für Tourismus und Stadtmarketing. @freie.waehler.kempten #Kempten #wirkümmernuns @kempten_rathaus Bild Jörg Spielberg - @joachimsaukel on Instagram

Mød Jesper 👆 De sidste 19 år har han været revisor på BDO-kontoret i Aalborg, hvor han har spredt smil og godt humør og siddet med en bred vifte af opgaver for nordjyske virksomheder og deres ejere. - @bdodk on Instagram

FC Würzburger Kickers stellt Michael Schiele frei – Marco Antwerpen wird neuer Cheftrainer! Die Meldung dazu gibts unter! 🔴⚪ - @wuerzburgerkickers1907 on Instagram

What an amazing week it has been! ❤️ This Monday we received no less than 2 Michelin stars after only 7 months of opening. ⭐️⭐️ Truly – I still can’t believe that this has happened! I’m so honored to receive this recognition, but what I am most proud of is that this was possible to achieve with a restaurant like Alchemist, where we aim towards creating a holistic dining experience through multidisciplinary collaboration featuring art and theatre. Where elements like actors, cow udders, a silicone tounge and dancers all have their role to play. 👅 So, thank you to the @michelinguide for embracing this kind of experience, I think it clearly says that the Michelin Guide is quite openminded. 🧠 And from the bottom of my heart: thank you for all the thousands of messages and congrats I have received this week, it is greatly appreciated and I’m overwhelmed by all the support – I really look forward to replying you all! 🙏 To the best team in the world and to our amazing partners and suppliers: this could not have happened without you! 🔥 To @larsseier : thank you for the constant faith, support and belief in me and Alchemist!❤️ We will keep on pushing and exploring, we have only just scratched the surface! 💪🏻 #alchemistcph - @rasmusmunkalchemist on Instagram

Startup Boston Week (Sept. 21–25) is all VIRTUAL this year — and youre invited! 💻 This free, week-long celebration of innovation has over 70 events and 200 speakers, so theres something for everyone. See the full rundown via the link in our bio. @startupbosorg #CICnow #StartupBoston #StartupBostonWeek #entrepreneurship #innovation #virtual #SBW2020 - @cicboston on Instagram

Tune in to News 10 WHEC TV today at noon! I sat down with Brennan Sommers to talk about the Audacious Believer’s Ultimate Women’s Conference 2019 happening Saturday, April 27th! - There is no on site registration! Secure your seat NOW @ (link in IG bio) - 📸: Jessica Lewis (@lalew_pr ) - #AudaciousBeliever #Rochester #Buffalo #Syracuse #LifeCoachToWomen #WomensEmpowerment #585 #CityOfRochester #VisitRochester - @dantejworth on Instagram

Happy birthday Dziadzia - @topteamonearth on Instagram

- @necio_israel on Instagram

2019 was an incredible year for INFORUM, and we were lucky to share it with all of you! We hosted over 40 events with topics ranging from social activism, #sextech, presidential candidates, food, health, pop culture and much much more! From Queer Eye’s Tan France to Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, from Mayor London Breed to Mayor Pete Buttigieg, we made sure to bring the Bay Area some of the world’s brightest thinkers to share their thoughts with our community. Thank you for continuing to support INFORUM, a Commonwealth Club innovation lab, and see you in 2020 for more exciting programming! - @inforumsf on Instagram

Телевидение в надёжных руках:) Как и освещение событий акции #МЫВМЕСТЕ - @razuvaeva.ksenia on Instagram

Number 1 TÜRK FM’de Nahide Babashlı ile birlikte sevgili Kadir Çetin’e konuk olduk. Sıradışı anların yaşandığı bu güzel program için üst seviyede bir konukseverlik gösteren başta Kadir Çetin olmak üzere bütün Number TÜRK FM ailesine teşekkür ederiz. @nahidebabashli @djkadircetin @nr1turk @enbeorkestrasi @behzatgerceker 📸 @necdetaltunbudak - @behzatgerceker on Instagram

Good people in Poland! Great competition. Everyone gets a little battered but we push on! @wojciechowski_pv @fot.pawelskraba - @samkendricks on Instagram

@skysportde Was für ein Rennen!!! #mugello @f1sandrabaumgartner Nick #Heidfeld Wir sind immer noch am Diskutieren...@f1 Sooo viele Highlights. Danke für‘s Zuschauen. #f1sky #Hamilton #tuscangp - @sascha_roos_f1 on Instagram

Solheim Cup 2019 Gleaneagles in Schottland! Suzann Pettersen entscheidet mit dem letztem Putt den Solheim Cup für Europa. Was für eine Spannung und Stimmung! @solheimcup2019 @thegleneagleshotel #solheimcup2019 #schottland #golf #gleneagles #golfextra #travel #solheimcup - @golf.extra on Instagram

Se vuoi cambiare le cose, sii il cambiamento ! Il bene comune va oltre l’interesse dei singoli, metti il tuo lavoro a beneficio degli altri, il tuo premio sarà la consapevolezza d’essere stato parte di un progetto universale. Le rivoluzioni fanno male, l’evoluzione permette a tutti di crescere e migliorarsi! #aziendaitalia . . . . . #lavoro #UE #impresa #italia #tricolore #ripartiamo #cambiamento #bestmoments #workfromhome #workhard #nevergiveup #betterworld #ourworld #ido #tryhard #try #futuro #future #coffeebreak #economy #coronavirus #italy #madeinitaly - @andreafm_it on Instagram

- To anyone that shared their concern... My cousin who flew to Thailand to end his life has been picked up by his friends! Literally another half an hour and this story would have a very different ending... Thank you to everyone who wished him well :)

💙 - @stanleylobotka37 on Instagram

🎖️ Gratulation, Thomas Hitzlsperger! Unser #DFB-Botschafter für Vielfalt wird am 1. Oktober von @bundespraesident.steinmeier mit dem Bundesverdienstkreuz ausgezeichnet – für sein Engagement für Toleranz sowie soziale und bildungspolitische Projekte, heißt es u.a. in der Begründung. Mehr als verdient 👏 . . . #hitzlsperger #thomashitzlsperger #vielfalt #tolerenz #deutscherfußballbund #füralle #fußballistbunt - @dfb_verband on Instagram

One of the hardest working men I have the pleasure to work for, along side, and with. 204’s owner and CEO, @butleralton - @line204 on Instagram

#BILLIONAIRES Jeff Bezos Announces The First Bezos Academy, A Free Preschool For Students From Low-Income Families (📸Getty Images) For full article by @forbes by clicking the link in bio ⬆️ - @forbesafrica on Instagram

- South africa tours

Heutiger Betriebsausflug mit meiner Lieblings-Crew 🤩 Exkursion zu den Wildtieren 🐗🐒 . . #krassschule #thea #jessi #dietrich #mondoverde #great #picoftheday #park - @thomas_adamek on Instagram

Some highlights from our off days trekking around the Lake District (so far). Food and views are amazing, can’t say the same for the company 😂 @spektrelive @ollie.simcock @langdalechase @holbeck_ghyll @angelathetton - #cosmictechno #yorkshiredales #lakedistrict #thetrip - @pleasurekraftofficial on Instagram

No i zaczynamy sezon z @jerzy_mielewski. Wy też nie mogliście się tego doczekać tak jak ja? - @kadziewicz_official on Instagram

Nightshoot Die Passion Germany. Photo by Skylynx Productions. #cameraman #nepnetherlands #setlife #diepassion #rtlgermany - @cambition on Instagram

Tune in today as we talk with @krippon about the importance of being an ally and the ways parents can help cultivate inclusive spaces in skating! ⛸🏳️‍🌈 11am NYC 🇺🇸 ET - @skateproud on Instagram

Hoy 22 en SLB. Retomamos el late. Excelentes temas, me alegro mucho volver. Los esperamos junto a Mauricio Valenzuela y Julio Cesar Rodriguez. Saludos!!! - @schilling_sergio on Instagram

@michelcymes ce soir dans Envoyé Spécial. L’un des médecins préférés des français vient nous donner des conseils pour mieux dormir, après un reportage édifiant sur notre manque de sommeil. . Ma vie sans sommeil . #envoyespecial #television #information #sommeil #france2 #francetelevisions - @elise_lucet on Instagram

@seif_elsbei - @zaherjarrah on Instagram

Cheers to 30 years to the Scottish Prince Harry & my favourite dancing queen! I know you couldn’t have imagined a better way to turn 30 than to spend all day every day locked down in a house with me, a true dream come true for you. May you continue to get cuter and grumpier with each passing year & may your ginger hair never turn grey as you age. You are officially Thirty, Flirty & Thriving- watch out world! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 #BirthdayBoy #PrinceHarry #ThirtyFlirtyAndThriving #👨🏻‍🦰 - @notthegirlinthesensibleshoes on Instagram

- Uk charts

De nieuwe premier staat bekend als een voorvechter van gendergelijkheid. Now it’s money time! #letsmakeitfiftyfifty @beslist_feminist - @zij_kant on Instagram

Arena - emisiune la care am participat cu mare drag. O puteți urmări aici : - @tapasztociprian on Instagram

We came, we saw, we conquered! Thank u to @neil152 and paul Rogers for pushing me in the gym cudnt ask for better people to be im my corner much love x - @seanminall on Instagram

Bydgoszcz to żużel, a żużel to Tomasz Gollob. Były Mistrzostwa Europy, będzie mecz Polska - Rosja. Dziś także otworzyliśmy oferty w przetargu na projekt kolejnej trybuny stadionu, a w niedzielę wreszcie dla Polonii w tym sezonie wyszło słońce. Nie byłoby tego bez Tomka Golloba i Jurka Kanclerza. 🔴⚪️ #bydgoszcz #speedway #żużel - @michalsztybel on Instagram

- Vagus nerve stimulator

Schönen CarFriday Euch! Wer möchte die original QLMD-Interieurleiste aus dem M5 gewinnen? Haut nen ordentlichen Kommentar unter diesem Foto raus! Komissar Zufall wählt den Gewinner aus, dazu gibts für drei von Euch ein Teil aus dem @qualmedie Shop! 😘 Viel Glück, Euer Matthias #qualmedie #m5f90 #mgmbh #markusflasch - @qualmedie on Instagram

- @bilal.fares_ on Instagram

My job allows me to cook for some famous people from time to time. This guy was the nicest and most genuine person I’ve met thus far. Actually took time to talk to me and get to know me. So glad I wasn’t off! - @robert_mcclellan on Instagram

Chegamos ao fim de mais uma temporada da PL. Hora de recarregar as baterias dando um tempo das redes sociais. Obrigado por quem acompanhou e incentivou por aqui. Foi uma longa jornada. Nas imagens: viagem com a torcida campeã do City. Coberturas inesquecíveis em Anfield. Parceria muito querida e produtiva com @natgedra na ESPN e os amigos @ulissesneto1 @renato_senise no podcast @correspondentes_premier Foi um grande prazer receber companheiros do Brasil para transmissão especial em Old Trafford. @matheuscobucci @maurocezar000 . Paulo Andrade, puderam zoar o half pint em pessoa. Falando em pint, logo antes da pandemia aos 45 do segundo tempo ainda deu para tomar aquele especial em Liverpool com @marramario Brindamos o título que estava prestes a chegar mas acabou demorando. Cobrir título em loco, este ano, só no Catar! #Liverpool topo do mundo. O resto foi de casa. Outro tipo de desafio. Momentos difíceis para todos. Espero voltar às ruas em breve. E voltarei por aqui também. Até lá. - @j.castelobranco on Instagram

Vor 7 Johr besch du i mis Läbe cho. Höt besch du mis Läbe❤️ danke för die vele schöne Momänt, die bede Chend, dini bedengigslosi Onterstötzig bi allem was ech mache ond dini Liebi ❤️#couplegoals #withmylove❤️ #7years #aniversary - @chregu_s86 on Instagram

Story time: When I was in New York for the #globalredbarmeetup I met this man. I was talking with a friend and saw him in the crowd and he looked very familiar. It then dawned on me exactly who it was and I had a mini heart attack. This is Vianney Halter. He is an independent watchmaker whose watches sparked a new wave of watchmaking, his Antiqua from 1998 is one of the watches that got me interested in watches! I nervously walked over to talk to him and I quickly find out that he is the kindest person in the room! I met some fantastic people but seeing his face light up when I told him how much I loved his work just proves that the independent watch industry is simply better. He was so humble and nice, he genuinely appreciates fans and people who notice his work. This was a strong highlight for my short trip, I am honored to have met you @vianney_halter_official thank you! - @the_young_dano on Instagram

Our absolute privilege in being invited to speak to all of the team at @eyaustralia who tuned in from all around Australia to listen to our story and the impact we are making to our children’s lives at ID Know Yourself. Huge thank you to Amy Cookes, Dylan Booth, Deanella Mack and Melissa Kaltner for hosting and organising this incredible event today. The view was absolutely breath taking! We are very much looking forward to working together further and seeing the impact we can collectively make to our future generations of children in Out of Home Care and Juvenile Justice 👣 - @idknowyourself on Instagram

Today was a good day! - @rosstesta_ on Instagram

7 years ago... before millions of followers, private jets, hundreds of staff, tens of thousands of clients, some of the largest business events in the world . It’s was me and this guy flying all over the place chasing deals like we were both dead broke . I learned how to be productive traveling all those years with @grantcardone . Here are 3 tips I learned watching him in action . 1.) leave out on the first flight and fly back on the last flight - less delays and gets you to your destination early enough to have a decently full day and booking last flight home gets you back in your own bed . 2.) never do just one meeting. Once you book a meeting, spend the next week slamming the area setting up other meetings. Even of they don’t book, drop in on them cold to say hello . 3.) Spend every min focused on production. No movies on the flight, no long lunches killing time until your ONLY appointment, etc. Read business books, catch up on emails, write out your big juicy goals/ideal life . If you could see the Grant that I saw before he blew up... you would know EXACTLY why he did blow up . There is no way around hard work. There are shortcuts to get temporary wins, but work ethic ALWAYS wins in the long run . If you enjoyed these tips - check out Grant’s 4 rules of money in the FREE training at - @jarrodglandt on Instagram

Me manque, PARIS ❤️ . . . . #balayage #ombre #ombrehair #balayageombre #blonde #brunette #morenailuminada #haircare #porto #hairstyles #madrid #london #barcelona #paris #lisboa #truss #wella #schwarzkopf #brae #hairstylist #bestofhair #cabelosaudavel #portugal - on Instagram

In the “makeshift” studio recording the next episode of the Rapaport Diamond Podcast, with @joshuafreedman1 and producer David Ehrlich. Stay tuned... @rapaportgroup #nevertoooldforahoodie #diamonds - @gingerkraw on Instagram

On 9th October, #Radio1Dance, a 24hour Dance music stream launches on @bbcsounds... Im really pleased that my @bbcradio1 show will be providing the soundtrack to drive-time every Monday to Thursday. #R1Dance #BBCSounds #PeteTong #Drivetime #BBCRadio - @petetongofficial on Instagram

Happy Birthday, dear Francisca! Muito amor e saúde! #franciscabotelho #amoresaude #happybirthday - @marquinhusny on Instagram

Another fun day in the studio! #actor #actorslife #voiceactor #auditions #filmactor #homestudio - @trevorbnagle on Instagram

@dzananmusa je ponos Bosne i Hercegovine i uzor mladima. @city_of_sarajevo će uvijek u okviru svojih mogućnosti ulagati u sport. @abdulah_skaka - @city_of_sarajevo on Instagram

It was so much fun filming the music video for my upcoming single, Catching Up. I can’t wait for everyone to see it this coming Friday, September 18th! . . . #newsingle #musicvideo #newmusic #comingsoon #staytuned #indieartist #folkmusic #indiefolk #altfolk #folkmusicontario #canadian #canadianmusic #ontario #simcoecounty #outdoors #video #singersongwriter #cello #acousticguitar #badassofacoustic - on Instagram

- @travisoneill on Instagram

Fruto de muito trabalho e dedicação irmão @roncaglio22! Seguimos juntos nessa caminhada 🔴⚪ #familiafivecompany #fivecompany #slbenfica - @felipemnapoli on Instagram

Rivierans guldgossar! När Rivieran har stängt har vi öppet. Välkomna till oss ikväll @misterfrenchse - @willenoren on Instagram

Ut å nyter svalbardsommern ☀️😎 #mittsvalbard #visitnorway #longyearbyen #spitsbergen - @martinpaulsen1 on Instagram

Man, here’s to 26! Another badass year with even more badass people! I wanted to spread a simple message after the fight on the mic but didn’t get the chance. @realcoleworld said it best, Love Yourz.. Take care of the people who take care of you and appreciate your journey no matter where you’re at in it, there’s beauty in the struggle. “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours..” Much love everyone✊🏼 #KD - @kydriscoll on Instagram

Zullen we nog even klappen voor de mensen in de zorg? #locatiefotografie #zakelijkevenement fotografie #fotografie #menselijkefotograaf #evenementfotograaf #evenementfotografie #zakelijkebijeenkomst #locatiefotograaf - on Instagram

- Punchline rap

- PsBattle: Gordon Ramsay and his son Oscar

- Ryder Cup

THX Bro @greckoe 🤟🏼 Have fun with your new weekender 🧳 🇮🇹#morenopisano #collection #highquality #designlover #design #interiordesign #designers #designer #fashion #style #luxury #handcrafted #lifestyle #label #sweetdreams #inspiration #fashion #style #weekender #camouflage #potd - @moreno_pisano on Instagram

- So my friend Just met Ander Herrera at Manchester Airport on his way to Barcelona

- Competition Time

As a Development Coordinator, Stefan supports the development team with permit applications, hiring consultants, and building design development while learning the skills of a Development Manager. Hes been with Wesgroup for over 7 years, and is most proud of having worked on Avalon 1 and 2, which welcomed 359 new homes to River District earlier this year. After a varied experience in Accounting for over 4 years at Wesgroup, I decided to take a risk on changing my career path and was very fortunate to have my request accommodated. Since then, I havent looked back and have been well supported by the entire development team. This speaks volumes to the type of organization that Wesgroup is and the opportunities available here. - @wesgroup on Instagram

The Traveler of Sardinia 😎#sardinia#thegoodtime#ifeelgood#ifeelfree#guidelife #guideofsardinia #wonderfullife❤️ #holidayofdreams😍 - @sardiniatraveldesign on Instagram

Gipfelstürmer ⛰🏞... #jochberg#berge#bayern#bavaria#walchensee#kochelsee#kochelamsee#wandern#trekking#aufstieg#hochhinauf#gipfelstürmer#gipfel#buddies#bestbuddies#friends#bestfriends#smile#goodtimes#goodvibes#aussicht#schönezeit#ausblick#panorama#panoramablick#goodday#besttimes#qualitytime#deuter#mountainwarehouse - @agenda_001 on Instagram

When you are still older than the aircraft you are flying on... Boeing 757... . . . . @crew.wings @flight_attendant_crewlife @americanair @flightattendantsource @aastews #travel #layoverlife #scruff #cancersurvivor #gayscruff #flightattendantlife #crewlife #gaytravel #flightattendant #layover #cabincrew #travelblogger #vegetarian #flightcrew #aastews #crewlife #crewlife✈️ #crewlifestyle #elliotlondon #fitnessjourney #instagay - @elliotlondon on Instagram

Sentindo de perto o frio catarinense - @guidalfarra on Instagram

#diadeltrabajadorradial 20 años haciendo radio. Duna ❤ Zero ❤ - @guendelman on Instagram

En plus de régler vos cas, @jujucourbet et son équipe vous promettent de la bonne humeur dans #CaPeutVousArriver du lundi au vendredi de 9h30 à 11h30 sur #RTL 👌🏼😍🎙 - @rtl_france on Instagram

IG vs REALITY #whatsupguystodayimflyingprivate - @itsyourboyvan on Instagram

De voorbereidingen voor de Rally 2020 zijn in volle gang! Het beloofd weer een prachtig evenement te worden met dit jaar nieuwe elementen toegevoegd! #workinprogress#stayinformed#rallyvoorghana#rijssen - @rallyghana2020 on Instagram

Почти 3 года я не выкладывал постов в ленту и думаю, пришло время исправлять эту ситуацию и начинать вести Инстаграмм. Пришло время рассказать, что произошло за последние 3 года. Итак: . ✅Я за это время успел получить три диплома о высшем образовании, хотя даже сам не знаю зачем мне столько🤷‍♂️ . ✅Ушёл с головой в бизнес: открыл с партнером несколько компаний и работаем в сфере госзакупок. Идеальный бизнес особенно в условиях кризиса, ведь у людей деньги постепенно заканчиваются, а государство имеет почти безграничный запас💰 . ✅Так и не нашёл ещё невесту и не женился (Информация для всех родственников и друзей, которые ждут, чтобы погулять на свадьбе)👰❌ . ✅Побывал на нескольких международных стажировках и добавил в свой список путешествий примерно 10 посещенных стран✈️ . ✅И, наконец-то, открыл для себя Азию, посетил Китай. Китай-это мировой центр производства всего что есть сейчас в мире. Ну и конечно изысканная азиатская кухня, великая китайская стена и всеми любимые панды🇨🇳 . И эта лишь часть того что произошло за это время. За три года жизнь кардинально поменялась и это только начало. Дальше больше!💪 #ДневникГосзакупщика #moscow #krd #china #бизнес #госзакупки #камбэк - @viktormalnev on Instagram

- @andrey_omsk_mma on Instagram

Eine Königin sollte vor ihrem Schloss frühstücken 😘- ich liebe dich ♥️-267 Monate Mr. und Mrs. Wolf #love #forever #lieblingsmensch #potsdam #heimat #etwasverrückt #traumfrau #sansoussi - @karstenuramonawolf on Instagram

Love God, love people - on Instagram

Ejercicio de 10 vs 7. Detalle: juego de posesión, de posición y de situación. Poseer la pelota a partir de la posición de los jugadores en situaciones de partido. Forma: dos conjuntos de 7 jugadores y 3 comodines (un eje, dos laterales), que se alternan entre los dos equipos. El equipo de 10 tiene la posesión, con la obligación de progresar sin perder la pelota, frente a la presión de los otros siete. Objetivo: Marcar superioridad numérica, buscando el hombre libre, encontrando los espacios para descomponer la defensa rival. Superficie: desde área grande hasta área grande. - @sampaolioficial on Instagram

V Mozirskem gaju je potekalo že jubilejno, 10. tekmovanje za najtežjo bučo. Zmagovalno bučo, ki je tehtala 713 kilogramov, je pridelal Janko Lovše, ki je tudi lastnik državnega rekorda z bučo, težko 794,5 kilograma. Buče velikanke so morali na prizorišče pripeljati z viličarjem. Več na 📸@fotobobo69 - @mmcrtvslo on Instagram

#fürimmerdeutschermeister #freundschaft #tochter #isso - @fischkreutz on Instagram

Absolutely brilliant gin tasting in Hoedspruit with our two favourite ladies 🤩🍸 - @justin4d on Instagram

Самая холодная смена - @mary.scorpio on Instagram

Another Wallabies game, another loss Aus vs All Blacks - @michael_dinov on Instagram

Esta semana empieza la CHAMPION LEAGUE. Desde aquí queremos desear toda la suerte en esta competición a los árbitros que recientemente han pasado por SD. El último que nos visitó fue Mateu Lahoz que dejó patente su buen estado de forma. #deporteseguro - @vithassaluddeportiva on Instagram

#tb do jednego z moich ostatnich odcinków, było mega! @magdabereda była w dużym szoku (tak słyszałem! ) kto widział ten odcinek? :) dziękuje @parkavenuewarsaw za udostępnienie pięknego mieszkania :) - @magicofy on Instagram

So good to be out in the middle of the #gabba and can’t wait for the #ashes Pitch might be looking a little green already - @chrisrogers55 on Instagram

Мамуля, я тебя очень люблю! Ты у меня самая-самая! С праздником тебя❤️ . #мама #деньмамы #деньматери #моямама #майкоп #кафедомик #кафедомикмайкоп #адыгея #vsco #vscocam - @sergey_reshetov on Instagram

Medical checks✅ @oranjehockey @teamnlinsta @topsupportanna #medical #sports #screening #health #performance #cardiology #lung #orthopedics #exercise #blood @tokyo2020 #preparation #connyvanbentum - @wartvanzoest on Instagram

Happy Birthday to the most amazing brother, father and uncle. We are all so fortunate to have you in our lives. Can’t thank you enough for how amazing you have been to my kids and for all you have done for me, and watching you with your girls is something every father should see . Love you bro happy birthday @jeffmarchand - @bmarch63 on Instagram

Från imorse 😊 Länk till klipp i kommentarerna.👇 - @igorardoris on Instagram

- HRH Mette-Marit of Norway has defected to Sweden.

@patopopular and the Argentum Essential. 💯 #allequalwatch - @allequalstyle on Instagram

Great day out at the #giantscauseway @thaliaheffernan - @ryan_mc_s on Instagram

- Grey hair men

Закончился очередной выезд на глубину, готовимся к следующему в сентябре. Поедем опять в бухту Веселкина @veselkafishing , там очень комфортно тренировать и тренироваться! #vostokapnea #freedivingschool #обучениефридайвингу #japansee - @duvlar on Instagram

- @rago746 on Instagram

Muito feliz em finalmente podermos anunciar a renovação do @roncaglio22 com o @slbenfica . Que você continue brilhando com essa camisa irmão! #fivecompany #futsal #slbenfica - @gabrielnapoli on Instagram

Welcome home. 🤗 #jrnylife _______________ We’re back in the United States, and as one journey ends and another begins, our sweet friends welcomed us home to the Big Apple. Special thanks to our hosts with the most @leahpeps and @wze70118. 🙌🏻 - on Instagram

♥️ #top #beautiful #love #loveyou #loveyourself #boys #photo #green #mountains #mountain #gaylove #thebest - @beppebriga on Instagram

Redo för workshop med fokus på Smart Specialisering inom Sport - @dalasportsacademy on Instagram

I really miss competing 🥺 - @niklasraseck on Instagram

В погоне за искусством #штукиматильда - @mashamatilda on Instagram

#skiing #flimslaaxfalera #obenistsonne - @sebi.insta on Instagram

- @christophe_c_wella on Instagram

Niebawem pierwsze efekty pracy nad projektem DON&RL9 „STAMINA”. Miło mi, że mogę realizować ten projekt. W studio humory dopisują :) 13 lutego pierwszy singiel „MANSA MUSA” Gural-Sitek-ReTo #STAMINA #DON #RL9 #MANSAMUSA - @jaroslawbaran on Instagram

🇫🇷 Clap de fin sur une édition très spéciale 🔚 . @signatech_alpine_elf termine 4e (catégorie LMP2) lors de cette 88e édition des @24heuresdumans 🏁 (@pierreragues @anegrao @thomas_laurent_85) Un immense travail de la part de toute l’équipe sur ce double tour d’horloge ! Le podium était tout près... Au top l’équipe ! 🙌🏻👏🏻 . Déçu pour @sarthe_objectif_24 et le @graffracing (@vcapillaire @jamesallenracedriver @charles_milesi) mais ce n’est que partie remise 🤜🏻🤛🏻 - 🇺🇸 End clap of a very special edition 🔚 . @signatech_alpine_elf finished 4th (LMP2 category) during this 88th edition of @24heuresdumans 🏁 (@pierreragues @anegrao @thomas_laurent_85) Huge work from the whole team on this twice round-the-clock event ! The podium was very close ... You rock it team ! 🙌🏻👏🏻 . Disappointed for @sarthe_objectif_24 and the @graffracing (@vcapillaire @jamesallenracedriver @charles_milesi) but its only a postponement 🤜🏻🤛🏻 - #24hdumans #signatechalpine #alpine #so24 #graff #motorsport - @leo.payen on Instagram

- @yannis_papastamatiou on Instagram

A new participant is joining us today for our for 11 am livestream worship service! Choir member Chris Carter will be joining us live as our cantor leading hymns this morning. - @stbartsnyc on Instagram

Out wiv the boyz #family #friends #goodvibes - @krispearson_ on Instagram

Siamo in radio !!!!!!! - @rimoldigno_padre on Instagram

3e ce soir à Chorzow avec 5m62. Une chose est sure, mes jambes n’étaient pas avec moi aujourd’hui 😂 Vu mon échauffement catastrophique, je m’en sort pas si mal 🙈. Un peu de récupération et Ostrava mardi pour se rattraper avec @cypres.jules 👊🏼 📸 @bensoreau - @airlavillenie on Instagram

So pumped for this guy....@400gradi_au voted the best pizza in the Oceania region for the 3rd consecutive year!! Keep surging forward and well done on the accolade @johnny.di.francesco #400gradi #pizza #teamwork #worldclass 👌🍕 - @glenn_flood on Instagram

Le 15 Septembre à 21h00 : Émission « Par les temps qui courent » sur France Culture ! Merci à Marie Richeux pour cette conversation passionnante, riche et libre. À réécouter : • @franceculture #parlestempsquicourent #mariericheux @lagrenouillere_ #alexandregauthier #gaultetmillau #relaischateaux #lesgrandestablesdumonde #omnivore2020 #omnivorefoodfestival #omnivore #Paris - @alexandregauthier_ on Instagram

Decibel weekend was weer genieten met ze alle👌🏼 #decibel #decibeloutdoor #decibelweekend #festivals - @dion.vanleeuwen on Instagram

Dzielna Pacjentka odebrana z Madalińskiego 🤝 #friends #family #kawa #mokotow #warszawa - @koltonroman on Instagram

- Alessandro

- PsBattle: A Bearded Vulture

It’s fantastic to be open and seeing great faces back in the venue ! We welcomed the England Legend Teddy Sheringham to the Sky Bar and it was a pleasure to look after him and his group Afternoon tea has sold out and we have Limited tables available tonight so please get in touch to secure Link in Bio . . . . #level8 #level8skybar #roofbar #roofterrace #hilton #hotel #reservation #champagne #bournemouth #dorset #beach #sunshine #staycation - @level8skybar on Instagram

Pour ceux qui ont suivi l’émission sur @vivacitertbf avec @michel20cent cette après midi? 1) Je m’étire après ma séance de pilates 2) Je lance des noix de cajou dans la tronche de mon assistant 3) Je répète déjà mes mouvements de chef d’orchestre pour le jeudi 28 novembre Infos et réservations : - @renaudrutten on Instagram

Pitti time - @lucamartines on Instagram

Druhá várka fotek z nedělní akce @rozchodime_lukase z Pyšel 😊👍🏻 Foto📸 @pavelmikeska #SkokProPomoc #RozchodimeLukase #Pysely #CharitativniAkce #KloboukDolu #fmxjunioracademyofpetrpilat #DaliborGondik #GymPys #RozjetyVeverky #Lišamani #FMX #FreestyleMotocross #Motokros #Motocross #Motorky #ExtremeSports #StredoceskyKraj #CeskaRepublika #Pilnik #PetrPilat - @petrpilat on Instagram

- Chris Ramsey

Loving this photo from last weeks coffee stop. Photo taken by the selfie queen of londons glittering fringe @angie_m_lawrence 🌟 . . . . . #coffee #boy #london #gayuk #gay - @kaneverrall on Instagram

Happy Father’s Day you fkin legend ❤️ - @thogden on Instagram

This week’s podcast is with the brilliant and the colourful Ronnie Davies. Ronnie was Chris Eubank’s long-time trainer. He was a former Southern Area champion who retired at the age of 24. He would work as a builder by day and fight by night. As a trainer, he’s worked with Eubank Sr and Jr, Tony Oakey, Henry Castle, Neil Ali Ford, Mark Baker, Scott Welch and many more. Loaded with stories, he talks extensively about his time with the Eubanks, including private planes, cliff-jumping and fight week bungee jumps #boxing #podcast #boxinglifestories - @trisdixon on Instagram

Kiev #ukraine #odesa # - @perko.shapes on Instagram

#tbt por uma educação física de qualidade, com um dos maiores representantes da área, num módulo da pós graduação na UFPR. 🚀 Só agradeço professor @dilmarguedesjr . . . #edfisica #treinamentodeforça #personaltrainer #hipertrofia #periodização - @prof.rafaleite on Instagram

Anoche junto a @jaimecamil en Camilo! Que les parecio la entrevista? - @eganacnn on Instagram

Aktori ka bërë realitet ëndrrën e tij më të madhe! 🙈 Lexo për detajet #olsibylyku #iconstylealbania - @iconstyle_al on Instagram

„Lass dich nicht k.o.-tropfen“ - der „Weisse Ring“ klärt zusammen mit Tom Wlaschiha auf. Wichtiges und immer noch aktuelles Thema! (Link in Bio) 📣🗯📣 @weisser_ring @tomwlaschiha . . . . . #weisserring #prävention #lassdichnichtkotropfen #aufklärung #tomwlaschiha #damitopfernichtalleinesind #starterschauspielschule - @starter_schauspielschule on Instagram

Един велик човек и шампион покорил всички възможни върхове в спорта! Армен Назарян @nazaryan_74 Факт, който може би не знаете за него, че е голям майстор на шашлиците 🥩👌🏽 - - - #nazaryan #wrestling #armenia #bulgaria #olympicchampion #grecoromanwrestling - @suples.master on Instagram

“Znamo što Osijek znači u hrvatskom nogometu - to je ponos Slavonije!” 🤍💙 - @nkosijek on Instagram

Recomendación en Armenia, Bogotá y Cali @margiestetic excelente calidad y servicio. #recomendado #margiestetictarmenia #recomendación #Armenia #gay #gaymen #gayman #gayboy #Quindío - @pipegonzalez4 on Instagram

Happy Mother’s Day!!!! Such an amazing brunch at @juliettebkny to celebrate the day with @randidee1 whose birthday is also tomorrow. Happy bday! Everyone wish her a happy bday!!! Also, so great reconnecting with everyone on Instagram over these past few days! Time to explore Manhattan (translation: watch game of thrones). #juliettebkny #brunch #brunchnyc #mothersday #callmom #nycfood #runstagram #gameofthrones - @meiselasb on Instagram

Metas de Setembro/20 Batidas!!! Pós pandemia e um recomeço, nos orgulhamos por não termos demitido nenhum de nossos colaboradores, enxugamos despesas, revisamos processos, nos fortalecemos, gratos e felizes com todos clientes que acreditam em nossas potencialidades e também aos nossos parceiros profissionais, estamos prontos para Outubro/2020. #rosalvoponte #rosalvoponteatelierdecriacao #parceriaondeointetesseesoaqualidade #rosalvopontedecoracoes #dicasdoponte #noivas #noivos - @rosalvoponteatelierdecriacao on Instagram

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 👌 - @danalannn on Instagram

So blessed to found my passion early in life... - @mr._biomechanic on Instagram

Our cute catalogue shoot for scarves and shawls with my colleague Costa shot on Madh Island 🌴 • • #scarves #shawls #catalogue #shoot #shooting #photoshoot #photography #photooftheday #modeling #model #indianmodel #mumbaimodel #firangi #mumbaiactress #indianactress #actress #bollywood #bollywoodactress #cute #couple #coupleshoot - @iamleysankarim on Instagram

Four races in five weeks is tough for everyone in @f1 (especially the triple headers). For me one of the challenges is maintaining my training whilst travelling this much. On top of that standing in a garage, being on my feet so much over the race weekends and holding the pit board out over 120 times creates a fair bit of tension in the calves, lower and shoulders... My gym has been these two bands plus foam roller with a combination of body weight training and high intensity interval work. The massage ball and roller have been my portable therapist keeping me in one piece! #TravelTraining #RussianGP #F1 - @markarnall_traveltraining on Instagram

Verbier crew Audi testdrive . . . #audidrivingexperience #verbier #audi - @iangepts on Instagram

Merci @brucejouanny et @le_tone 🤙🏼😍 - @calus36 on Instagram

Always inspiring to work with professional athletes! Bye, bye disc problems 👋🏻 see you back on the court tonight, captain🤙🏻 #healthyspinehealthylife#chiropractic#nodrugsnoneedlesnoknives - @mr._biomechanic on Instagram

Dzień dobry 😉 Dziś szybka pobudka o 2:30, ostatnie pakowanie rzeczy i w końcu wyruszyliśmy do Małego Cichego na krótki odpoczynek 😉 Tym razem Prowadzi najlepszy kierowca na świecie swoją niezawodną Hondzią 😁 @wloszkaaa92 ❤❤❤ Miłego weekendu 😎 Kierunek #zakopane 😁 #motocyklista #waucie #love #polskakobieta #polishgirl #kobieta #polishboy #weekend #couplegoals #couple #poranek #facet #dziendobry #man #woman #lecimy #instapoland #igerspoland #piątek #maleciche #małeciche - @maciusoo on Instagram

Wrapping up this round of the new book and really feeling I’m on the short roads. Feels like both a joyride and raging battle. Here’s why... I write because I cannot not write. To work on this book is to do what makes me happy. And to pursue what makes my soul come alive. And yet, to go to places i’ve never gone and to keep pushing toward the finish after 9 months on this one project is gruelling. There’s misery involved. To finish when I feel like stopping. I’m really tired. Cognitively. Emotional. Spiritually. Because i’ve given so much. So far. I’ll start writing more about writing, I think. Two things I’ll share today First, “Write From Real.” The more open and vulnerable you can be the scarier the process is because you’re putting your naked heart into the world. But if you have the courage to do this, you’ll connect with all those having the same experience. And put words to their reality. Second, “Write Bad to Write Good.” The more you write the better you’ll get. Don’t wait until you’re an amazing writer. That’s just a an excuse bred from fear. Start writing. Today. From your truth. The universe will reward you for such bravery. The world needs your magic. Begin getting it onto paper. Today. With love and respect, robin 🙏🏼 - @robinsharma on Instagram

Once again an awesome crowd and great fun had commentating the city2surf with @glenhawke #city2surf - @craig_mottram on Instagram

Еден убав спомен од 2013 година. Среќен роденден легендо, Mirko CRO COP! #tbt - @edennaeden on Instagram

The winner of the Dance With Me remix contest is.... 🥁🥁🥁🥁 - @sickindividuals on Instagram

Ананасовый сироп-оп-оп-оп-оп😂😋 @anna_alkhim 🍍❤️ - @ucupcake on Instagram

Next stop Manchester! @jonasshark ready for @cagewarriors #sharktime #sharkweek - @akiracorassani on Instagram

WE DID WHAT?? YESS WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!🔑🏡 - @dilivio777 on Instagram

Hoje o #RBSNotícias é com eles 😍 Elói e Léo trazem todas as informações do Rio Grande do Sul para vocês 💙 - @rbstv on Instagram

Missing our Italian family 🇮🇹 #ThrowbackTuesday to an incredible lunch-in with Mr. Horacio Pagani, @Brett_David , and @PaganiMiami ❤️ Pagani is truly family and were wishing the team back in Modena the best during these times. #TeamPrestige cant wait to be with our Italian brothers and sisters soon. . . . #Miami #InstaCars #CarsOfInsta #Cars #Car #Automobile #Vehicle #Automobiles #Vehicles #TeamPrestige #Lifestyle #LifestylePhotography - @theprestigeexperience on Instagram

@doppelpacktoni war gerade auf ein nettes Pläuschchen bei uns und hat sich seinen neuen QASHQAI abgeholt! Wenn du auch einen haben willst, wir haben genug lagernd: . . #nissan #qashqai #tonipolster #kooperation #tageszulassung #vorführwagen #gebrauchtwagen #lagerfahrzeuge #nissanwien - on Instagram

Wczoraj w tłumaczyłem, że PiS chce podzielić nasze województwo, bo ma w tym interes polityczny. Mieszkańcy nic na tym nie zyskają, mogą tylko stracić. Łapy precz od Mazowsza! - @andrzejrozenek2019 on Instagram

Loving being in the @skysports box today #EngVsAus - @stuartbroad8 on Instagram

Day 1 crew - @brandonidavis on Instagram

Pár momentek z dnešní oslavy narozenin 🎉🎊. Slavil náš pan šéf a my mu přejeme jen to nejlepší ✊😊. #lepsitvcrew #oslava #party #celebrate #celebration #narozeniny #sef #boss #sranda #laught #momentphotography #moments #photography #momentky - @lepsi_tv on Instagram

.. life does not give us a purpose , we give life a purpose .. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #friendshipgoals #wethebest #haveagoodday - @sharpele_nebunu on Instagram

Za chwilę mistrzowski Sportowy Wieczór! @iglaszyte @tvpsport - @sylwiadekiert on Instagram

Thank you very much @eckart.witzigmann! It was an honor to be a part of such a great event and to receive the Eckart 2020. Thank you Otto Geisel and @theresageisel for a perfect organization. @noi.techpark, @parkhotellaurin. @pierregagnaire #eckart2020 #award #eckartwitzigmannpreis #eckartwitzigmann #winners #südtirol - @johannes_nuding on Instagram

We love to see our returning customers. Today Peter was exchanging his BMW M140i and upgrading to this stunning #M2 Competition in Stockheim Silver. - @berrybmwgroup on Instagram

Eid Mubarak for all my brothers and sisters in the world 🤲🏼 - @ibrahimafellay on Instagram

404 - @samsonmusiikki on Instagram

Det var kjekkt i går og prøve at ta hjem fjellet til dere som inte har møjligheten i år. Vi lærte mye på denne gang men syns det gikk bra. Mye flotte folk som.stille opp på mine ider. #strandafjellet #roaldenlive2020 #fjordpanoramarestaurant #strandahotel #friflyt #sunnmørsalpane #Sunnmørsposten#ski#norge#norway#gjensidige #livestream #nytstranda - @andersakevitt50 on Instagram

Um feliz dia a todos os atuantes essa profissão mágica que eu ainda sonho em exercer — 21/11, Dia do Radialista #diadoradialista #radio #radialista #dial #fm #am #vivaoradio - @bernardoedler on Instagram

☝️ Para tomar buenas decisiones hay que abrir bien los ojos. ¡Acompaña a Ricardo Muñoz y Yerko Álvarez cada día a las 7 AM en #GranAngular! 📻✌️ - @radiomistral on Instagram

One of lifes treasures is a moment of serene contemplation with those closest to us - @bwilberforce on Instagram

Una de las mejores mañanas de la semana para mí es la del jueves. Somos @telenueve al Amanecer. Hoy con camisa de @tocheargentina Jean de @unitedjeansok Zapatos de @blengio.calzados.oficial . - @alejoriveraoficial on Instagram

Vi är innerligt stolta över att få vara med och bidra till #Givingpeople som hjälper nödställda barnfamiljer i Sverige med mat, kläder, skor etc. Kolla in @Stairways_2_heaven och missa inte chansen att förena nytta med nöje... Trappträning för alla 17.00-18.00 nu på torsdag den 14maj med @robert_kronberg @Givingpeople @Stairways_2_heaven @robert_kronberg #löpning #löparskor #göteborg #skoinlägg #ortopediskainlägg - @lopsko on Instagram

Happy birthday to my best mate @nick_russian the smile in every photo says it all, I hope you have a wonderful birthday, you couldn’t ask for a better person to enjoy life with. Love you mate - @danbeckwith on Instagram

- @tas.vytau on Instagram

Pre covid on Camp Nou sidelines with my little mate @keary7 - @jamestedesco on Instagram

Zaprosiłam kumpli, by o ⚽️ pogadać 😝 @marcinzewlakow @zbigniew_zakrzewski_zaki @warta.poznan @piastgliwicesa @ekstraklasa_official @tvpsport - @sylwiadekiert on Instagram

Pierre Boulard the man responsible for buying superstars like Douvan, Quevaga, Benie Des Dieux and many more to Willie Mullins! 🇫🇷 🏇 - @racingblogger on Instagram

- @emanuele_dale on Instagram

Когда меня спрашивают друзья, особенно те кто знают о моем профессиональном образовании полученным в юности, «неужели ты так любишь тряпочки, что столько лет уже ты работаешь в этой индустрии?!». Обычно я начинаю отшучиваться, что мужчине, если он попал в эту отрасль, очень сложно отсюда уйти. Ведь каждый день тебя окружают только прекрасные женщины, который очень увлечены с тобой одним и тем же делом… ))) Но на самом деле, в этом бизнесе меня удерживает в первую очередь то, что называется настоящей профессиональной дружбой. Когда ты сам много лет увлечен идеей развития интерьерного и текстильного рынков в нашей стране, и вот на своем пути ты встречаешь людей, которые также увлечены этой идеей и многое уже делают для этого, от этого снова появляются силы для новых шагов, идей, коллабораций. Я всегда очень радуюсь, когда появляется возможность, спокойно послушать чью-то лекцию или семинар. Особенно от коллег по цеху, с которыми во многом солидарен и в мыслях и в подходах. На этот раз у меня состоялось очень интересное знакомство с замечательным дизайнером, - Еленой Гуменной @elenagumennaya. Она выступала в качестве Спикера на Форуме в Новосибирске. Лена пишет свою книгу, и после общения с ней, я весь теперь в ожидании её первого тиража. А в целом друзья, в Новосибирске было круто!!! Спасибо всем кто принял участие и поддержал HomeFest в Новосибирске!!! - @shekotoff on Instagram

Pēc 10 sekundēm smaids no lūpām pazuda, kad pateicu, ka tikko no Ķīnas esmu atgriezies. 😂😂😂 - @janisutans on Instagram

SEMPRE NOS VISITANDO E NOS OFERECENDO APOIO .. JA VIRARAM AMIGOS O DELEGADO PALUMBO @delegadopalumbo E NOSSO JOGADOR DO PALMEIRAS LINDO E MEU MODELO WENDEL @wndel_palmeiras E AMIGO AUGUSTO RESENDE @augustorezzende NA @glamfashionteam @novobras #amizade #together #apoio #novobrasil - @novobras on Instagram

Happy birthday to #TheFlyingFinn and Double #F1 #WorldChampion @f1mikahakkinen 🎉🍾🏁 - here with @nickhrsp and @olliechapman at a Hilton/McLaren event on the eve of the Spanish Grand Prix back in 2017! #UnlockingPeoplePerformance #OurMotorsportDNA #Leadership #Teamwork #Performance #Mindset #Ignition #EIgnition #IgnitionPerformance #MikaHakkinen #Mclaren #Mercedes #HappyBirthday - @ignitionperform on Instagram