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Join us and voice your concerns at the Mayors Preliminary 2021 Budget Hearing. You have the right to know what the City of Milwaukee is doing with the budget. Register below, voice your concerns and be heard. Register here: - @blocbyblocmke on Instagram


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☀️ 🌻 The stages of your menstrual cycle mirror the seasons of the year, so we thought the first day of spring (whoop) was the perfect time to ask our friend @_clairebaker_ to use the four seasons to explain the four hormonal phases of the menstrual cycle. ⁠ ⁠ Preview two of the things from her new book 50 Things You Need to Know About Periods - including the four seasons explained - on the blog + jump on our stories for your chance to win your own copy! Available to purchase on our website now too. Happy days - go spring!⁠ - @_tsuno_ on Instagram

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Maybe you’re not racist… but are you anti-racist? How: 1. Create Equality: use your privilege to make change - who can you speak to and who will listen? 2. Identify Your Next Steps: how can you self-educate so that you understand the culture of your Black and POC counterparts? 3. Call Out Racism: if you see it or hear it, speak up! 4. Understand Privilege: learn about your privileges in society and how you can make a difference. 5. Understand Racism: learn the history of racism and how it has affected your Black and POC counterparts. @sevensixagency x @amelia_creative - @badoo on Instagram

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#wellnesswednesday 🌈 . I’ve taken inspo from @count_trackula_ww and although I will be weighing myself weekly, I’ll share with you on a monthly basis...a lot can happen in 30(ish) days and there are some days/weeks where your effort may not match with results so this is a good way of looking at progress over a longer period of time . I’m really pleased with this after the first month of resetting myself on as it really shows that by making a commitment to yourself, you can really make a difference! . I put it down to a few things... 🖊 keeping track of everything that passed my lips (over-estimating where necessary) so I had an honest picture of how I was using my smartpoints 📖 sharing the above info with you guys (I’m sure you love my trackers 👀) really helps me keep accountable 💪🏼 daily sessions @f45_training_holloway as part of the #45daychallenge - this movement also helps keep a positive mindset but am careful to listen to my body and if I need a rest, will rest! 🚶🏼‍♀️taking on the #steptember 300k challenge with @joeswwjourney has been a fun yet motivating way to keep me on my toes and importantly encourage me to get up from my desk which is more vital now being at home 🍷 completing #soberseptember which was a much-needed detox from the Summer - I wouldn’t say that it was the reason I lost this weight as I have successfully got to goal before enjoying gin throughout but I think having no hangovers the next day meant there were no days where I made unhealthy choices because I was tired or didn’t want to cook 🤍 having a hoot! I still enjoyed date nights with @bjl3000 and eating out with friends - you don’t need to restrict yourself with WW! . Onwards we go to October where I will still take one day at a time and be kind to myself and marks the beginning of #dontshopuntilyoudrop with @elizas_ww_story - setting ourselves mini-goals and incentives as we get to our goal again! - @healthyhoots on Instagram

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Onko COLOR.ME -värisarja sinulle tuttu? 🎨 COLOR.ME -värisarja on syntynyt KEVIN.MURPHYn visiosta yhdistää sessiontyöskentely, hiusmuotoilu ja hiusväri. Tämä kompakti värisarja on erittäin suorituskykyinen, antaa luonnollisen lopputuloksen ja toimii optimaalisesti. COLOR.ME on sekoitus teknologiaa ja hellävaraisia, luonnosta saatuja ainesosia, jotka auttavat kosteuttamaan, elvyttämään ja antamaan uskomattoman kiillon. COLOR.ME-värisarjalla on Petan “Cruelty Free” -hyväksyntä. #TheChoicesWeMake Jos kiinnostuit, niin ilmoittaudu @colorme.riikka COLOR.ME START -kurssille! ✨ TI 13.10.20 ONLINE KE 18.11.20 OULU Lisätietoa tarinoissa! Tule myös mukaan kuuntelemaan Paz Bamrolian KM.TV -live COLOR.ME -värin teknologiasta MA 28.9.2020! 👊🏼 #framedapro #frameda #kysylisää #framedaedu #colormebykm #kevinmurphyfinland #kevinmurphyhair #kevinmurphy @kevinmurphyfinland @frameda - @framedapro on Instagram

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- Google material design

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- Infographics

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As artists we have various platforms and ways to present our work but lack initiatives -individual or collective- opening conversations about the struggles we face, the random, boring or ugly bits of our day to day lives. Our practice is a job, it is competitive, aggressive, sometimes unfair, most of the time lonely, and always scary. Today I would like to address the topic of failure and rejection, something we are all familiar with, and often fear. As mentioned above we are in a highly competitive field and the way we represent ourselves matters. We share our success and congratulate our peers on their accomplishments even when it sometimes bring us back to our own lack of success, or at least in the way we envision it. I have made a list of all the opportunities I applied to in the past 12 months, so from last September. Here I talk about the opportunities I went after, not the opportunities I have been given, or that emerged from new encounters. I mean me putting myself out there, searching for open calls, spending time writing motivational letters, formatting files, selecting images, and -too often- paying fees to apply. Between September 2019 and now I applied to 36 open calls. Out of these 36 my work was selected five times and shortlisted four. Out of these four I didn’t make the final cut once. This represents a 75% percentage of rejection for 14% of success. What appears in my news and my resume is the tip of the iceberg of hours and hours of draining submission process, self-doubt, deception, frustration, and even sometimes a little bit of anger. Our field is hard, we are hard on each other (that’s what she said) but most of the time we are really hard on ourselves. We need more discussions about the way we work, how it may impact our mental health, how much we’re paid, our financial and social status, inequalities, plagiarism, elitism, nepotism just to name a few. How come we care and are vocal about so many things but when it comes to our industry we are awfully quiet and ridiculous taboos remain in place? Show more vulnerability. Failure means growth. The struggle is real. Hang in there. - @thelivewildcollective on Instagram

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- gantt chart

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Gonna leave this right here so we all can reference it at any time. Try to stay focused on what you can control, which honestly isn’t a lot right now, and let go of the other stuff as best you can. Although it may not seem like it (ahem, wear a mask cough cough), we’re all in this together, and we WILL survive it. Hold on, lean in to your support network, ask for help. And give yourself a break, permission to feel it all. Breathe. . . . . #suicideprevention #stressmanagement #breathe - @hillazstyles on Instagram

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✗ ¦ ↱𝑼𝒔𝒆𝒓 𝑷𝑭𝑷 𝑰𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒔↲ ¦ ✗

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- Anon on how many women like anal

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This is a very important concept to appreciate. The true value of one’s content lies in this middle of this trifecta. Understanding how to make these three concepts “meet in the middle” for the highest ROI is necessary for success. When posting on social media, one must understand and be able to implement it. It’s strategy. It’s a game. And we love it. 💪 - @grandtetonmarketing on Instagram

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#rallyforrestaurants #longbeach #retrorow #bixbyknolls #lbc #toasttab #takeout #giftcard #shoplocal - @toast_pos_longbeach on Instagram

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- Search Marketing

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- Iphone secret codes

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- Interview Weakness Answers


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Ikigai (pronounced Ick-ee-guy) is a Japanese concept that means a reason for being. The word refers to having a direction or purpose in life, that which makes ones life worthwhile, and towards which an individual takes spontaneous and willing actions giving them satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life. What’s your reason for getting up in the morning? #ikigai #japan #japanese #reason #passion #liveyourpassion #purpose #grounded #meaning #mission #profession #vocation #mentalfortitude #spiritual #spiritualabundance #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #healthybody #healthymind #healthyplanet #connection #community #health #nutrition #exercise #podcast #completehuman #biooptimization #personaldevelopement #socialresponsibility - @completehuman on Instagram

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Incoming : Fresh Thoughts. Are you willing to stay #connected? #7UPThinkFresh #TrendingFormat #PostFormat - @7upindia on Instagram

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- studying medicine


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#Blog titles that work and drive massive traffic #blogging #blogger #blog #bloggers #newjerseyblogs #newjerseyblog #newjerseyblogger #newjersey #newjerseybloggers #nj #njbloggers #njblog #njblogs #njblogger #jersey #jerseyshore #ramsey #parsippany #secaucus #tomsriver #redbank #parlin #clarknj #atlanticcity #pointpleasant #andover - @njbloggers on Instagram

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Yao @universalmusicgroup your Uniport strings sentences together worse than a toddler. Pathetic. - @fransme on Instagram

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Training in a sport like boxing whether to compete or just to train will exactly whats listed. Youll feel alot better mentally and physically. - @coachrodolfov on Instagram

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- Design Thinking

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- Infographics and Education

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Take a look at this new infographic published this weekend. Alongside a full poster published at the European Society of Human Genetics conference, it illustrates the staggering diagnostic odyssey many people affected by rare diseases experience and was created through the EURORDIS-led Community Engagement Taskforce within the Solve-RD project #diagnosis - @eurordis on Instagram

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- conference poster

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- @friendsrrg on Instagram

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Are you aware of the ego in you? Can you recognize the ego in society? #whatsyournOrm?⁠ —⁠ From The Power of Now by @eckharttolle⁠ —⁠ #ournOrmVision: Humans sharing their favorite quotes to inspire each other. How can we apply lessons from our personal growth to transform Humanity from the inside out? Were the voice of The Planet, so lets define the future together. - @ournorm on Instagram

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Para falar em como preservar saúde precisamos entender os modelos de envelhecimento e trabalhar na qualidade de interaçōes gene ambiente No @summit.2020 e e @pedrocarrerabastos traremos convidados para compartilhar conhecimento sobre saúde e medicina personalizada. Nosso estilo de vida se expressa de forma singular em rotas moleculares e bioquímicas que antecedem as doenças crônicas e o envelhecimento ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Se você quer saber mais não perca o #lifestyle&personizedsummit @e4agencia @summit.2020 @lalifestylemed @institutoassaly - @vaniaassaly on Instagram

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When we talk about call-in versus call-out strategies, the debate often becomes moralistic - Calling out is bad because it creates division and disposability! Calling in doesnt center the survivors of violence and is too easy on perpetrators! However, different strategies serve different purposes, and may be more or less appropriate depending on the situation and ones personal ethical values. I am personally committed to a mostly de-escalatory paradigm. However, de-escalation is not always possible or desirable for everyone, particularly in situations where power is being abused. Structured risk mapping feels useful because it allows us to pause and think through the strengths and flaws of each strategy for a given situation. My own belief is that the red zone strategies in this diagram are usually most appropriate when used to push against large systems and institutions of power where human rights atrocities are being committed. I think of yellow zone strategies as effective at pushing leaders to stop pursuing a particular course of action, or when a person in the community has committed a very serious harm. And I think of green zone strategies as being most desirable for the vast majority of interpersonal conflicts. However, others may have other valid perspectives. One issue that is very important to me is the relative survivability of each level of conflict escalation. The potentially harmful impacts of each kind of strategy are mediated by power. When we use red or yellow strategies against CEOs, millionaires, and politicians, their power usually allow them to evade serious consequences. But when we use them against vulnerable people, escalatory strategies have the potential to cause permanent harm, or even death, and these outcomes are often beyond our control. I think it’s up to each person to decide for themselves when and whether escalation or de-escalation is the more desirable strategy. My hope is simply that we start to become more skillful and intentional about making the choice. - @kaichengthom on Instagram

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- bücher, dichter und ich

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This week brought the disappointing news that the much anticipated Philip Guston survey exhibition, to be held at the Tate, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston has been postponed until 2024. In light of this situation I found myself asking what Guston himself might have done? I suspect, as usual, he’d have gone to the studio and faced the canvas as his court; Guston himself having once said that doing this was like being ‘…prosecutor, defendant, jury and judge’. Covid-19 has precipitated so many issues for the arts sector with many artists and makers having seen their shows cancelled or curtailed at this time. But perhaps the one place we can still take solace in is the studio. Who doesn’t remember their first studio, and who doesn’t long for their return to it when absent? Ask an artist what they most desire? Time in the studio is nearly always top of the list. Studios are places of risk, challenge and courage. Guston articulates this experience well. In tribute to our studios and the incredible talents of our peers, ASP has highlighted the STUDIO IN VIEWs of many participating in #artistsupportpledge Do check them out above, with a pic of Guston in his studio. For a guide on doing your own STUDIO IN VIEW see website (link in bio) ••••••••••••• Repost and tell your friends, colleagues and collectors. For a users guide please see the HOW TO page on the website (link in bio). Artist Support Pledge is a Not For Profit company (12613409)©️and ™️ 2020 Matthew Burrows all rights reserved. If you would like to Support the work of ASP please see the Give page at #artistsupportpledge #livegenerously #guston #studio #agenerousculture #culture #art #makers #framers #contemporaryart #livecreatively #exhibtgenerosity #generosityisinfectious #unityindiversity #neweconomy #supportartists #sustainableliving #savingcultures #craftscouncil @craftscouncil @matthewburrowsstudio @lizgilmore_art @the_guston_foundation - @artistsupportpledge on Instagram

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- Cardiovascular Disease

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- Look at these frequently [Collaged Repost]


Some Decolonizing tips for your new moon ritual ~ 🌙 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ [Image Description: Tips for Decolonizing Your Altar with Sacred Alchemist:⁣ ⁣ Purchase crystals, stones and gems from ethically sourced spaces (or go crystal mining and collect your own!)⁣ ⁣ Understand the indigenous roots and origins of culturally and spiritually relevant symbols and items.⁣ ⁣ Remove capitalism from the mix: Sometimes the best things you can place on your altar are hand me downs, gifts from nature, photos of loved ones, your art—things that are personal to YOU.⁣ ⁣ Tap into ancestral wisdom: Turn to your own roots to honor and embody practices you can share with your ancestors.]⁣ - @sacred.alchemist on Instagram

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- Deutsch

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- Card UI

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- Pistol for women

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- Ah yes, the 8th deadly sin

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🤔 - @mypandashallfly on Instagram

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- [Racefans] Vettel’s team radio exchange

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- parent forms

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🌏 Starting today, the Figma Community is beginning to roll out to all users. Search and browse thousands of design systems, illustrations, wireframes, icons and even board games. Visit the link in our bio to learn more! - @figmadesign on Instagram

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- Dashboard Mobile

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- Longer press for quick glance view design idea when selecting Pokémon for battling or trades.

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- ETH2 Staking Options

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Have many of these have you googled? 😂 #thebump - @thebump on Instagram

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- 1 and 0s, Software

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This guy 2020 🇺🇸 - @getskorch on Instagram

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- [meta] Bugfix for the flowchart

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Sometimes, the only difference between “Fear” and “Excitement” is what we label it. What’s something that feels both terrifying and exciting to you? - @resetnyc on Instagram

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- apt de junior

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Too many borders can make a design look really busy. Heres a few ideas that are a bit more subtle. - @uipatterns on Instagram

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- Levels of Consciousness (awareness, psychology)

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#keepgoing 🖤 - @montoyaroyale on Instagram

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Over the past year, Ive been working with the concept of the sacred transfeminine - the notion of a mythology that contains psychologically resonant archetypes of transfeminine people in the same way that cisgendered masculinity and femininity are so often framed with archetypal devices such as the earth mother and the hunter-provider. Human beings need mythology to ground and understand ourselves - this is why Jungian archetypes, the Meyers-Briggs, astrology in its many forms, Ayurvedic typology, and other types of cosmologies have retained such popularity over the centuries. Yet in the colonial, Christianized era, gender diverse peoples have been largely erased from mythology - relegated to scientific curiosities or freakish imitations of cisgender tropes. Yet the shadow of the sacred transfeminine looms large in the contemporary consciousness: Ancient, powerful, and deeply challenging. The transfeminine is figured as both monster and mystic, she is rendered as both hideous and deeply erotic - so feared and desired that our society has tried to destroy her. The very idea of a man in a dress remains so potent, so powerful, that it ignites powerful emotion even in this supposedly tolerant era. I challenge you to find the sacred transfeminine within yourself - whether or not you are a trans woman or transfeminine-identifying person. What parts of your gendered embodiment have you been forced to exile? What exactly is so frightening, so potent, about being a mannish woman or a womanish man? I have been visited by the Sacred Transfeminine in visions and dreams. She appears to me as a naked woman with breasts and phallus, flanked by a lion and a lamb, her hands full of sacred fruits. Once, she told me that she saw through the eyes and spoke through the lips of all trans women, that we might teach the meaning of love. Perhaps too, there is a sacred transmasculine, a sacred non-binary, and more sacred gender archetypes than we currently know. What do they have to teach us? - @kaichengthom on Instagram

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Les collectes de déchets verts reprennent le 27 avril prochain. Votre calendrier 📆 Noublions pas de remercier les ripeurs pour le travail quils réalisent malgré la situation. #ripeur #collecte #végétaux #calendrier - @agglolenslievin on Instagram

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- Sounds like Jess’s relationship isn’t very stable.

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DMs are open! Student solidarity show will take place this Wednesday ✊ - @subcityradio on Instagram

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Bust the confusion regarding the Cranky Crinkle #DrHoward #WestsideAesthetics #AntiWrinkle #CrankyCrinkle #confidenceisbeauty #injectables #dermalfiller #glabella #forehead #frownlines #crowsfeet #begonewrinkles - @westsideaesthetics on Instagram

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- [Humor] Algorithm to make the average complain posts in the sub...

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🔺ANNOUNCEMENT FOR JULY 3RD AND JULY 4TH🔺We’ll be having both classes virtually. All classes will be through IG LIVE. We appreciate your continued support during these uncertain times. Stay safe and have a happy holiday weekend❤️💙 - @thestudiosewickley on Instagram

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Thank you @jennifer_remenchik of @hyperallergic for writing about VPAM-exhibiting artist Edgar Fabián Frías @edgarfabianfrias and their #VPAMRollCall series, #MeditationMondays!   #MeditationMondays was a weekly live series hosted on VPAMs Instagram aimed to set the tone for the week supporting wellbeing, healing, mindfulness, and gratitude.   Follow the link in bio to read more!   Visit our YouTube channel to see Edgar’s #MeditationMonday series.   ——   #VPAMRollCall was a digital initiative dedicated to hearing from the many people who form our community. Through online conversations, blog posts, and activities, we check-in with artists, community members, and students at East Los Angeles College in an effort to promote virtual wellness and dialogue. VPAM Roll Call provided opportunities to support one another while staying connected and inspired. —— “Turning to Art for Spiritual Sustenance” by Jennifer Remenchik, Hyperallergic, August 5, 2020. - @vpam_arts on Instagram

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- Information about Huntingtons disease

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- Cognitive Psychology


- Dnd stories

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I started this IG to get closer to my Ikigai. I wanted to add to my life more of what I’m passionate about and share what I can to help others. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If the 40 hours a week you spend at your job isn’t everything, what other ways do you reach Ikigai? Share in the comments below! • • • • #ikigai #lifespassion #lifespurpose #passioninlife #workaholic #lifestyle #satisfaction #jobgoals #lifegoals #truepassion #careergoals #fullfilling #happylife #happinessquotes - @joyful.vitality on Instagram

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#feelings - @lindaarbiterlmft on Instagram


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Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.🌻 -Paul J. Mayer - @pvoinspireme on Instagram

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- My power bill says I have “errors” when I really just don’t want their automatic billing and other random services

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#repost Thank you @saskteaches - this is so perfectly and clearly stated. #thatjamstatue #notmyjam From @saskteaches: Not up for debate. Knock every single one of those statues down. Period. I had a conversation with one of my teacher friends last night, Chris Schmidt-Watt, and they sent me Erica Ifills article after we talked about how we will be teaching about issues like this. He said this article really sums up where I stand on this issue. People have to overcome this strange idea that we need statues to remember our history... Our history what does that even mean? We all have different histories and before this place was called Canada it was already home to the Indigenous groups that lived there. Their home was STOLEN from them. WE ARE SETTLERS ON THIS LAND. What are we celebrating when we talk about this guy? The trauma and unspeakable acts of violence this man is responsible for has ruined peoples lives for GENERATIONS. I am in utter disbelief that in 2020 this is still up for debate. It shouldnt be. What a world we live in. If your comment is aggressive or makes light of this. You will be 🚫 And yes, I spelled his name wrong in there once but Im not fixing it because I dont respect him or care. I made my point. #teaching #teachers #premier #canada #johnamcdonald #bipoclivesmatter #indigenouslivesmatter #indigenoushistorymatters #whiteprivilege #bias #criticallens #changeperspectives #challengeyourthinking #listentovoicesoftheoppressed #figureitout #stolenland #education #learning #whataworld - @allwelcomehere on Instagram

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Surviving is enough. I have had to tell a number of clients, and myself, that right now whatever you feel is perfectly ok. And not being super productive but keeping people alive deserves a #goldstar. #mentalhealth #quarantinelife - @prairielandcounseling on Instagram

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- turtle man

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- Swedish Meatball make me Shef

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- SmartPhones

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This summer this little guy signed himself up for the #virtualseek2020 engineering program. Check out the stories for the video submission! He worked diligently on his week one challenge to create a glider that would go beyond 3 metres ✔️ stay in flight longer than five seconds ✔️and carry cargo ✔️ Congrats @seeknsbe for a great first week. We are looking forward to next week but also to next summer when they can be in person learning with these great mentors. #kids #summer #learning #education #STEM #SEEK #NSBE #KNOWLEDGE #FUN #scienceexperiments #SCIENCE #blackexcellence - @joiemilangroup on Instagram

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- Four year old shitlord.

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The vagus nerve is key for nervous system regulation, controlling the parasympathetic nervous system is an important task.⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ Vagal tone is measured by tracking your heart-rate alongside your breathing rate. ⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ High vagal tone improves the function of many body systems and is associated with improved moods, lowered anxiety, and many other benefits.⠀ ⠀ Lower vagal tone on the other hand is associated with many conditions such as depression, diabetes, chronic fatigue, higher inflammation rates, and more.⠀ ⠀ Fortunately, even if you suffer from a low vagal tone there are a few things you can do to improve, it just takes a little time and practice.⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ Here are some ways to tone the vagus nerve:⁣ ⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ 1. Diaphragmic breathing - slow, steady, deep breathing from the diaphragm, rather than short quick breaths from the top of the lungs will help stimulate and tone your vagus nerve.⠀ ⁣⠀ 2. Humming/Singing/Chanting - The vagus nerve is connected to the vocal cords, so any type of rhythmic humming, singing, or even chanting will help stimulate it.⁣ ⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ 3. Taking a cold shower, and even washing your face with cold water regularly will stimulate the vagus nerve.⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ 4. Meditation - Controlled breathing and meditation have been shown to be beneficial over and over again throughout the years.⠀ ⠀ Interested in learning more? Click the link in my bio ✅ ⁣⁣⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #vagaltone #vagusnerve #nervoussystemregulation #anxietyrelief #nervoussystem #mindbodyconnection #selfregulation #guthealth #healthminded #healthiswealth #antiinflammatory #parasympathetic #centralnervoussystem #longevity - @dremilydpm on Instagram

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To continue ‘Science Week’, @susubc has compiled a list of Do’s and Dont’s for all Science students! Tag a friend who you think should see this in the comments! 🧬 - @ubc.2024 on Instagram

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It’s OK to feel anxious or depressed. These conditions are common, and help is here. If these symptoms get in the way of everyday life, a primary care doctor can help. They’ll listen, offer guidance and can refer you to a mental health practitioner, too. - @adventhealth on Instagram

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🎓💶 #EDUCACIÓN: Hoy aprobamos casi 5 millones de euros para #BECAS y ayudas al estudio en el curso 2020-21 ⬇️ 🔹 becas generales de estudios universitarios, 🔹 estudios artísticos, 🔹 movilidad para la formación profesional 🔹 alumnado con necesidades educativas especiales Este importe podrá ampliarse según las solicitudes que se reciban y las que tengan derecho a beca. El plazo comenzará próximamente, una vez publicadas en el BOP. 🔎 Consulta las novedades en el link de la BIO. #TenerifeEduca - @cabildotenerife on Instagram


75ª ASSEMBLEIA GERAL DA ONU 🇧🇷 Você sabia? A Assembleia Geral é 1 dos 6 órgãos das Nações Unidas, sendo o único em que todos os 193 Estados membros participam e têm representação igualitária: uma nação, um voto. Os presidentes são eleitos para cada sessão da Assembleia, com mandato de um ano. Quem preside a 75ª AGNU, que teve início esta semana, é o embaixador turco Volkan Bozkir. O assentos na plenária da AGNU também mudam anualmente. No dia da eleição do presidente da Assembleia, o Secretário-Geral da ONU sorteia o nome de um Estado membro para determinar qual delegação ocupará o primeiro assento na sala (extremo lado direito, visto do pódio). O país sorteado este ano foi a Islândia. A ordem dos assentos segue, então, a ordem alfabética dos nomes dos países, em inglês. #agnu #agnu75 #unga #unga75 - @brazil_un on Instagram

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Were live in #lowell in 15 minutes on the corner of Palmer & Middle streets as part of their #downtownlive series Come hang! #KookedOut #KookyBus #livemusic - @gonzillabass on Instagram

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REVIEW OF SYSTEMS ⁠ ✔️Quicker and easier for patients to complete ✔️Teaches patients the framework of chiropractic care ✔️Impeccable clean, modern and professional design. ⁠ ⁠ #WellAligned #chiromarketing #chiropracTOR - @wellaligned on Instagram

Trigger Riot got a new dress You asked for it, and now we have given the Trigger Riot a facelift. Underneath it is the classic Riot pulse generator only with two new looks to fit your modern Eurorack. For those that already own and love the TR we have a firmware update for download that adds some new features to shake up your Preset Looping and makes navigation quicker. Due to changes in the new panels we are unfortunately not able to offer the new look as a replacement. #tiptopaudio #eurorack #sequencer #random #studiogear #modularsynth #synthesizer #pulse #synth - @tiptopaudiofficial on Instagram

My least favourite words in healthcare are resistant and non compliant. Both are full of assumptions and speak much more to us, our expectations and biases, than the humans we are describing. What if we were to re-frame non-compliant? What if we were to look underneath the appointment cancellations, no-shows, defensive-appearing body language or no behaviour change? What if we were to become curious about whats going on, instead of blaming our client/patient, and maybe ourselves too? A mindful and trauma-informed Dietitian takes the time to be curious, drop the judgement & stay grounded. All the skills which - presumably - we are hoping to bring into practice with us to share with others. If we were to start from a position of everyone is doing what they can, with what theyve got (resources, energy, skills) how might this re-frame our, and their behaviour? In our well intentioned efforts to support people, what are we missing? How might fear show up in your client with a new diagnosis? How might shame show up in your client who has been on and off diets for 20 years? How might not a priority, not ready, not interested show up in your clients.....and how can we honour these experiences, holding space for peoples readiness whilst providing ethical care? . . Shame and stigmatising experiences are very common and very real in healthcare spaces and its one of the main reasons people dont present, or follow up with providers. It can be uncomfortable to ask ourselves how we may be been complicit in these experiences, and how we might do better, so that we are contributing towards equitable care for ALL people, not just those who are motivated, ready or have the resources to make wellbeing-enhancing changes. #mindfuldietitian #notnoncompliant #trauma #traumainformedcare #HAES #inclusivecare - @themindfuldietitian on Instagram

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a glimpse into the life of a small biz owner 🤪💜 do you relate to any of these? - @emmariecreative on Instagram

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Couldn’t make our first drop-in workshop? NO WORRIES! We are offering another opportunity this Thursday! Join the call any time between 5-8pm✨ - @cityofwellbeing on Instagram

(I missed posting this yesterday) • Substance abuse is a RISK FACTOR for so many reasons, but most of all, it increases impulsivity and sadly, can mimic courage. • September is #SuicidePreventionMonth, I’m going to post one fact about suicide everyday to create awareness and maybe even help someone in need. ☎️ Johnson County crisis line (913) 268-0156 📞 National Prevention line (800) 273-TALK 📱 National Prevention text to 741-741 💻 Send me a message on here! #BeThere #SPM2020 - @jmurphy112 on Instagram

Myths hold great power. They serve as a compass for each generation. Some myths uplift and empower. But many myths that exist around s✨x today were formed long ago by people who wanted to possess power and control over others’ bodies. When we aren’t given the opportunity to question or examine myths for ourselves, we can spend our lives moving through the motions without realizing why we feel so disconnected to our pleasure, our s✨xualities, our desires, our genitals. Myths can only survive if we let them. Here are some seeds to support you in reclaiming s✨x, on your terms this time. . . . . #sexeducator #sexeducation #pleasureactivism #bodylove #selflove #latinx #bruja #brujx #queer #queers #queerart #feministphotography #queerartist #queerpride #queerfemme #nonbinary #theythem #femmescanbethems #brownmagic #qtpoc #lgbtq #lgbtqia #queeraf #selfhelp #mood #traumahealing #healing #queerwitch - @che.che.luna on Instagram

🍎 The A-Z of youth work! 🦓 What words would you use to describe #youthwork? Tell us below 👇 - @uk.youth on Instagram

Heb jij een lastige situatie waar je over wilt praten? Of wil je graag iets kwijt waar je mee zit? Wil je je hart luchten? Je kunt chatten via onze hulplijn. Heb jij vragen over je seksuele geaardheid en of ander gendergevoelens of voel je je soms onveilig. Erover praten kan erg opluchten. Gratis en anoniem. #lhbthulp ga naar en start de chat of stuur een berichtje via instagram 💪🌈 - @regenboogloket on Instagram

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THE STUDIO SEWICKLEY IS REOPENING 💃💪💪❤️ June 5!! @thestudiosewickley - @thestudiosewickley on Instagram

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Every time I teach, I get asked about dew points — it is the source of so much anxiety among designers. It’s also THE most confusing way of understanding vapor control. It drives me absolutely crazy to hear people talk about “moving” the dew point. It doesn’t help that nine times out of ten they’re wrong (partially or completely). And of course they’re wrong! They’ve picked the most needlessly complicated way of understanding an already difficult concept. * In any case, I hope this helps. We’re obviously a bit limited in what we can cover here on Instagram, but this should give you a good solid place to start. If you have time, might I suggest you also take a look at my post on “The Perfect Wall” from May 23. It’s about 5 rows down and it elaborates on some of the key concepts here. * Finally, please know that this topic is very difficult for pretty much everyone, myself included. If you’re struggling, it’s because this is hard, not because you’re missing something obvious and easy that everyone but you can see. But take heart, you CAN learn this! It just takes awhile to become comfortable. Good luck, friends. * Drawings sketched in #morpholiotrace. * #buildingscience #buildingsciencefightclub #forensicarchitecture #womeninarchitecture #womeninconstruction #architecturedetail #architecturestudent #sustainablearchitecture #constructiondetailing #constructionadministration #AIA #architects #continuinged #architecturestudio - @buildingsciencefightclub on Instagram

UX-Maturity: WHERE IS YOUR ORGANISATION ON THE KREITZBERG SCALE!? 🤔 I was discussing this with a fellow UX designer today and it made me curious about you all! #kreitzberg #uxmaturity #uxreifegrad #germanupa #bossbabes #womenwhoxd #womenwhodesign #womenwhocode #uxmeetup #uxcommunity #userexperience #userinterfacedesign #interaktionsdesign #uxwriting #interactiondesign #interactiondesigner #uxbootcamp #uibootcamp #uxmentors #uxmentor #uxmentoring #ladiesthatux #userresearch #userflow #workshops #uxdesigner #uxteam #uxteamlead - @next_level_ux on Instagram

When approaching a situation that makes us anxious, we experience anticipatory anxiety which alerts us to a perceived threat. We begin to ponder all of the possible scenarios that could play out.⁠ .⁠ art by: @notsosecretdiaryofanxiety - @sugarandkush on Instagram

The maps for this weekend’s #westwoodsecondsaturday are here! Visit Facebook page for list of vendors and events. Safe distanced way to cap the summer in #ourwestwood - @westwoodthdistrict on Instagram

Yesterday one of our followers justifiably called us out for our silence and hypocrisy on George Floyd’s murder while Brian posted a link to an archived radio show and while we as a band often post about other issues. The criticism was accurate and deserved. We have been passive and silent when it comes to racism, despite being horrified by the harassment and murder of black people. We let ourselves think racism is an issue where our lack of direct experience meant we should leave the talking to others. That’s cowardice. Instead of confronting our privilege, we have used it further to justify staying out of situations where we’re simply afraid of saying the wrong thing. A fear that is meaningless in the face of what black people experience in America. And we have weaponized our privilege by staying silent and not examining/owning the role we play in all forms of racism (image above from @theconsciouskid ). There is no defense for the murders of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and countless other names we should know but don’t. There is no defense for only saying this now. It has to be merely a first step. - @anmlcollective on Instagram

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Here’s what we need and here’s what we don’t! Adjust ur donations accordingly, and come take stuff from the fridge!!! Per request, we are also trying to crowdsource donated can openers for our overflow of canned goods right now! Leave ‘em in the pantry fridge and let us know where we can buy some for cheap 💖 - @phlcommunityfridge on Instagram

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Picture by @araltasher . 🔥👨🏻‍💻Fresh Brew && Sprint Meetings 👨🏻‍💻🔥 ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a good week ✌🏻⁣ . #computerscience #codelife #programmer #educateyourself #webdeveloper #webdevelopment #html #css #javascript #coding #code #developer #programming #macbook #webdesign #technology #computer #website #softwaredevelopment #frontend #webdev #100daysofcode #workstation - @developerstuff on Instagram

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Calendar: Anime Fall 2020; Check out all dates of each anime, make your choice! 🥳🍂 #anime #attackontitan #jujutsukaisen #burnthewitch - @animetv_jp on Instagram

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Oh Gosh! What has this crazy woman done now?!?! 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️ Looks like I’m in for a big surprise!! 😳••••••• * * * #surprise #whatshappening #humanordog #staytuned #comingsoon #balto #siberianhusky #husky #huskymix #huskyphotography #dogphotography #huskiesofinstagram #huskysofig #dogsofinstagram #dogsofig #rescuedogs #rescuehusky #rescuehuskies #rescuehuskiesofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #houstondogs #houstonhuskies #doggosofhouston #texasdogs #DTHTXDogs - @baltothesamousky on Instagram

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September is Suicide Prevention Month. This week’s focus is KNOW THE SIGNS. . . Emotional pain is not always obvious. First Responders, you are good at compartmentalizing feelings and hiding your pain. That’s why it is especially important for ALL First Responders/families /friends to know what signs to look for in preventing suicides. . . Signs for ADULTS include: Talking about being a burden, withdrawal, sudden mood changes, anxiety/agitation, giving away possessions, putting affairs in order, changes in sleep, reckless behaviors, feelings hopeless/desperate/trapped, no sense of purpose, talking about wanting to die/getting in an accident to not have to go to work, not wanting to wake up, increased substance use, uncontrolled anger, etc. . . If someone you know is under stress, has health changes, family problems, employment or financial problems, be proactive and just ASK about suicide. Please Call 1-800-273-8255 if you or someone you love is experiencing suicidal thoughts. - @lafdwellness on Instagram

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Never thought I’d like anything as much as music, but here we are. . It’s great to know one can be a creative AND truly happy at the same time. 6 months into this journey already and looking forward to diving even deeper into the world of tech. Best decision I’ve made in a while ✨ . I’ll be posting more code-related things on here moving forward; as with anything – you have to own it. If you’d like to talk about getting into code yourself, or if you’re interested in creative happiness, get at me. x . Season 2 of THE ART OF DFFRNCE is also on its way; music and code have so much in common – it’ll be an interesting one for sure . Will there be more music? Maybe. Probably. No rush, though. . And for those in the know, yes – I am indeed setting state in render().. it’s a metaphor for continuous evolution. . #code #programming #softwaredeveloper #softwareengineer #react #reactnative #javascript #python #rails #ruby #fullstack #6monthsin #tech #creativity #happiness #creativehappiness - @xamvolo on Instagram

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It’s easy for us to ignore information that we don’t want to accept. Often times we are hoping that what they said/displayed is not true or that they will change. We also something believe that we know the person “better” than they know themselves. These projections can be harmful, and can take away the space an individual needs to authentically show up. (Reminder: it’s not only the negative messages that we ignore, sometimes we ignore good attributes that don’t fit with our understanding of who we want the person to be)•• • #loveyourself #awareness #sorry #feelings #mentalhealthtips #selfesteem #mentalhealth #psychology #growth #strength #selfdiscovery #selfcare #selflove #human #identity #authenticity #worthit #intentionalliving #onlinetherapy #need #millennialtherapist #lovewins #mentalhealthmatters #relationships #힐링 #글귀 #loveyou #friends #family #truth - @millennial.therapist on Instagram

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- Are we really supposed to change the way we speak because of less than 1% of the population?

We all communicate “Do as i say, not as i do” to our kids in one way or another 💚 Contact us and schedule your trash pick up today! Call us or what’s app us at 8088875641 #goodhabits #kids #teachthemtorecycle #climatechange #globalwarming #environtmentfriendly #renewables #savetheplanet #sustainableliving #recycle #trashpickup #bangalore #youthsofbangalore #bangaloremoms #parentsofbangalore - @trashin.recycling on Instagram

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BYOME received the prestigious Future Music Platinum Award! - @unfilteredaudio on Instagram

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This brother is presently available for marriage Get Married Admin WhatsApp/Phone 09030332109 - @get_married_now on Instagram

Muito tem se questionado sobre a lógica do SorteioGram, então espero que este post seja definitivo e auto-explicativo para avançarmos esse capítulo. O SorteioGram é a primeira ferramenta de sorteio do Instagram e também a mais antiga, que funciona da mesma forma desde 2016. Vou explicar de um jeito simples como o sorteio funciona: O sistema lê todos os comentários disponíveis em uma publicação, dando um número pra cada comentário, e então ao sortear, o sistema escolhe um numero aleatorio de 1 até o numero total de comentarios carregados. Este número é o número do comentário vencedor. Em nome da transparência, também colamos o código responsável pelo sorteio aqui, mas também esta disponível entre as primeiras linhas do código-fonte do site. Algumas observações: - Comentários repetidios podem ser filtrados pelo dono do sorteio, mas por padrão todos são lidos. Como o próprio nome diz, Sorteio é sorte, e não uma competição de quem comenta mais. Um maior número de comentário aumenta suas chances mas não garante prêmio. Para pra pensar: Algumas pessoas jogam a vida inteira na loteria e não ganham, e por outro lado algumas pessoas jogam uma única vez e já ganham. A nossa dica é: Continuem comentando nas publicações e sigam os regulamentos, quem sabe uma hora a sorte não te escolhe! 🙏 Uma coisa é certa: Quem não participa, não tem chances de ganhar. Eu só desejo muita sorte à todos vocês! Em breve muitas novidades. 🚀 - @sorteiogram on Instagram

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Our Values : ( 𝙱𝚎𝚜𝚙𝚘𝚔𝚎 ) #StudiumVdlf - @studiumvdlf on Instagram

With todays launch of @Sketchformac version 68, were excited to introduce you to the Organizer Assistant 🛎 Organizer helps keep your Sketch documents clean with helpful tips and suggestions! Marie Kondo your design file to spark ✨ some serious joy for yourself and your team! ...And best of all, its free 🧡💛 Find the link in bio ❇️ and click on Organizer Assistant 🙏🏼 #sketch #sketchapp #designadvice #designtips #freelancedesigner #learndesign #uixuitips #uxchoice #digitalproducts #uiuxdesigner #designtrends #userexperiencedesign #uiuxdesign #userinterfacedesigner #userexperiencedesigner #productdesigners #appdesigner #businessofdesign #ui__ux #uiuxsupply #designstrategy #digitalprenuer #uiux - @sketchappsources on Instagram

@agrarian11🙇 @agrarian11🙇 #agriculture #AGRICULTURE #agriculture_global #genetics #biotechnology #farming #variety #diversity #agricultureworldwide #agricultureeducation #crops #soil #horticultura #landscaping #inventions #gardening #foodtechnology #fruits #healthyfood #nature #botany #plantscience #plant #cultivation #agronomia #naturephotography #education #upsc #flowers #fertility - @agrarian11 on Instagram

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😃 We are #delighted to #share with you these #alternatives to #happy! 🎆 🗣️ Increase your range of #vocabulary today! (They are not perfect synonyms, and may have different grammar when used in a sentence.) #learnenglish #speakenglish #bbclearningenglish #elt #english #englishonline #englishtips #vocab #esl #englishoninstagram - @bbclearningenglish on Instagram

@koda.therescuepups #WisdomPanel results came back with a few plot twists for his humans. 🤔 • They were sure that Koda (affectionately known as Gordo) was a Labrador Retriever mix because his features resemble a Chocolate Lab. They were surprised to find out that he has no Lab—hes actually made up of 16 different breeds! • His humans shared, We highly encourage everyone that has a dog to go through this process so they can learn as much as they can about their pet. Its not what we expected but certainly we do not love Koda any less. To us he will always be our smart boy with golden eyes. Swipe to see photos of this good boy. • Be sure to tag us in your pups #WisdomPanel results using #ShareYourWisdom for a chance to be featured! - @wisdompanel on Instagram

Soft serve. Frozen custard. Sherbert. Gelato. 🍦 All part of the ice cream family tree, yet all so different. From thick and creamy to light and fluffy, weve got a helpful PDF so you can be in the know about the science of your favorite frozen treat. Link to download in bio. - @chefsteps on Instagram

Please follow • @codeherk MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: STREETWEAR MARKETPLACE A time lapse video of me developing a marketplace app. In previous posts, I have shown a mock up of the design. That was the design and this is the development. Here I will also show a side by side comparison of the design mock up and the produced result. This is a work in progress. Developer Tools: Visual Studio Code React Ionic Credits: Forty Nine - Circa 18 by VMA SO WHATCHA THINK? Your feedback is important! Like, share and comment with your thoughts. #react #ionic #typescript #javascript #userinterface #userexperience #mobileapp #mobileappdesign #appdesign #uitrends #sneakers #streetwear #code #codinglife #codingdays #technology #programminglife #peoplewhocode #devlife #blacksintechmatter - @comment_sense on Instagram

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- Well guys after a long look at myself a lots of consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not Bi

a lot of you know me from seeing me at clubs or at the events I run or even have found me through my love for club music but I don’t think many of you know what goes on in my mind every time I am in the same spaces you are - @asiangirlfriend on Instagram

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These are the common types of factors leading to sleep disorder please contact your doctor if you have any of them Follow @med_world_tbilisi For more posts like this #physio #meditation #medical #nature #international #community #doctor #mbbs #md #medico - @med_world_tbilisi on Instagram

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Plus we just all really like elephants! 🐘 #tuskcare #dementia #caregiver #startup - on Instagram

For womens history month this year we launched No Web Without Women. The website highlights innovations by women in the fields of computer science and technology. We hope it can be an inspiring and helpful tool for teachers, parents, and children during this time of remote learning. Our intention for this project is to continue the essential dialogue for gender equality and awareness.⁣ ⁣ The site has essential summaries, images, and context of each influential woman and her contribution to computer science and technology. There are downloadable letter-sized posters for sharing or printing at home. The content on the site is recommended for curious minds, grade school and up, having introductory experience with the web and technology.⁣ ⁣ Link in bio. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #education #learning #classroom ⁣ #teaching #STEM #STEMChat #designthinking #technology #StemChat #CompSci #Coding #Design #Stemeducation #stemgirls #womeninstem #womeninscience #programming #quarentine #stayhome #styaaafe #learningathome #womenintech #womeninSTEM ⁣#stemforkids #teachingfromhome #learn #womenintech #computerscience #edchat #girlswhocode #stemlearning #stemgirls⁣ - @selmandesign on Instagram

GREAT NEWS: Gloucestershire Community Foundation, in two weeks have approved £153,391 to 48 AMAZING charities, #MondayMotivation Thankyou to all those listed, for all your hard work, we need and appreciate you in #Gloucestershire keep up the FANTASTIC work! Hope we’ve copied all on @instagram However, we know there are many more charities in our county working tirelessly to support those who need us most, we are STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS so please do help get the word out to those who still need our help. We couldn’t do what we do without the SUPPORT of our donors, THANKYOU to all of our supporters every little helps @allsortsgloucestershire @ccpcharity @churnproject @fair_shares @feedcheltenham @thelongtableworld @goalsbeyondgrass @gloscitymission @glos_bike_project @gloucestershirebundles @glosyoungcarers @glosemmaus @hollie_gazzard_trust @homestartstrouddistrict @info_buzz_ @the_listening_post @longfield_care @thenationalstar @newbreweryarts @citizens_advice_ @glos.sunflowers @themusicworksglos @therockglos @wigglycharity @wam.youth @youngglos - @glos_community_foundation on Instagram

Whats your musical number and why is it WAP?⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #feministmemes #equalrights #womensrights #womensrightsarehumanrights #smashthepatriarchy #prochoice #patriarchy #transrights #mybodymychoice #mybody #handsoff #ibelieveher #metoo #feminism #feminist #intersectional #intersectionalfeminism #womenempowerment #womanempowerment #women #woman #resist #equality #empowerment #activism #patriarchysucks #feminista⁠ #girlboss #australia #melbourne - @we.the.women_ on Instagram

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You dont have to choose creativity OR career. Let these 10 women inspire you with how theyve made creativity is a part of the trail theyre blazing. (Link in bio!)⁠ ⁠ Writing, art, film, ceramics, photography, dance — whatever your creative outlet, remember that it can be a yes, and part of your life. ⁠ ⁠ Who else has a creative journey that inspires you? Let us know in the comments!⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #creativity #creativecareer #creativewomen #womenartists #womenwhowrite #womeninfilm #femaleauthors #artlife @howshedidit - @owntrail on Instagram

🌍 Today, we want to talk to you about the SDG 5 - Gender Equality. 🌍 The purpose and mission of #sdg5 is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. We wanted to share a quick infographic we made, in order to spread the word around what is happening around us, with the hope that some day the efforts made by the pioneering gender parity countries can be matched worldwide. Especially in times where lockdown exacerbates violence against women and children. You can read more about the subject in the tagged accounts profiles and through Global Impact Network. 💙 PLEASE SHARE 💙 and join the movement - - on Instagram

- escribe tu tesis

- A visualization of the subreddits connected to r/newzealand based on where else users post

Top tips for #sleep And if you need a little helping hand to kick start your bodies ability to produce the “Sleep Hormone” Melatonin then take a look at the ingredients in Dream ONN. . . Credit @angelasfoster . DREAM ONN is a unique sleep support product that has been created to target 5 key areas to improve your nights sleep, resulting in:  💤 Reduced time take to fall asleep. 💤 Improve sleep quality and duration. 💤 Relax the mind and body. 💤 Lower stress and anxiety. 💤 Promote feelings of calm and wellbeing. Why not enable your body to RESTORE, RECHARGE, REFRESH whilst you sleep and take you one step further to reaching your Dreams! #dreamsaremadeofthis #dreambig #dreamlife #dreamchasing #dreambigger #dreamhigh #sleepless #sleepsupport #sleepwell #sleepaid #nootropics #nootropic #nootropicsupplements #biohacking #biohacker #sleephacks #nightshiftproblems #nightshiftnurse #nightshifter #lackingsleep #lackofsleep #lessstress #stressless - @onnor on Instagram

- I dont like trump but obungus literally spent more on a vacation

- Both are strong arguments

- EA

Clinical dashboard. Check out my dribbble profile for more details. Follow me on : @divan_raj #designer #dribbble #website #design #webdesign #graphic #uidesign #userinterface #minimal #graphicdesignui #inspiration #header #instaui #splitdesign #login #landingpage #graphicdesign #creative #webdesigner #green #designinspiration #dribbblers #setting #dailyinspiration #followme #gradients #uixigers #uitrends. - @divan_raj on Instagram

Creativity sits at the very heart of our identity as Californians and as a people. In this unprecedented moment, the need to understand, endure, and transcend our lived experiences through arts and culture is all the more relevant for each of us,” Nashormeh Lindo, Chair of the California Arts Council. Please consider making a gift to TOArts, the nonprofit fundraising and programming arm of the Bank of America Performing Arts Center. If you’re able, consider donating to our COVID-19 Relief Fund today. Every little bit helps. #GivingTuesdayNow #artsmatter #artsheal #vibrantcommunitiesareartscommunities - @thousandoaksarts on Instagram

Learn how to use the different features in soothe2 to make clean sounding podcasts Link in bio - @oeksound on Instagram

- Buck from Call of the Wild visits the Neumann Scoring stage on the Fox lot

- .io

LITTLE READING WONDERS was a month long challenge of reading a poem a day based on the prompts/mini challenges for the day. The idea was to discover new poems or revisit old ones and celebrate the joy of poetry with one another. We want to give a BIG BIG hug to everyone who participated in this or joined in at some point if not the beginning of the month, thank you for reading and sharing the love with everyone! To those who couldnt take the challenge this month, you neednt worry. Here are all the prompts for the 31 days of reading, you can begin any day 💛 Lots of love to everyone, keep reading and writing and keep the love for poetry alive! We loved reading with you so much. Were so so grateful for you! 🐾 . . #littlereadingwonders #airplanepoetrymovement #asmallpoetryparty - @airplanepoetrymovement on Instagram

“Robo de propiedad intelectual” Madrid, 2020. Cartel sobre pared. _ Foto de @666fail - @jazzpunk_ on Instagram

.reduce() method executes callback function once for each value in the array. The method consists of two parts: the first one is a callback function, the second one is the initial value. #java #javascript #programming #programmer #programmerlife #developers #javadeveloper #javajavajava #developerstuff #engineerlife #datascience #engineerstudent #engineerlife #developing #digitalagency #javascriptdeveloper #javaprogramming #javascripts #array #artificialintelligence #machinelearningalgorithms #react #reactjsdeveloper #frontenddevelopment - @atherosai on Instagram

- Experience Map

REPOST #Repost @theveryblackproject with @get_repost ・・・ RP @buildingmovementproject - How are you coping with and responding to this crisis? Do you know what your role is and what you can do to help? Many people dont, and many more need to adapt and shift their usual practices and strategies in order to respond effectively. Check out this social change ecosystem map by @deepaviyer on our website. Link in bio. - @kmdanceproject on Instagram

- Customer decision journey

- background process

- Risk management

Possibly one of the more important articles I’ve written. I received more than 1,000 answers from you to this question (thank you, connecting with you is my favorite part of social media) that I laid out on this pie chart. My answer is actually in that 1% slot (the red dot on the chart). Swipe for the analysis, and to read my answer. (If you find the font on this post too small to read, head over to my bio and click the link to read the article on my website) - @sarayafi on Instagram

It’s the little things. Those unstructured “meetings”. The spontaneity of a day in the office. The things that remote work just can’t replicate. We look forward to safely reopening, rebuilding and reconnecting with you all. • • #cre #office #officelife #wfh - @oxfordpropgroup on Instagram

- Astrology

To Read Full Version: Click Link in Bio - @blockrove on Instagram

- simple CSS preset with nice defaults

Normal ECG @medical_notestepup #medlife #medical #mbbsgoals💉💊🎓📚 #mbbslife #pathology #pharmacology #medstudent #medicalstudent #medicalnotestepup #medicos #surgery #anatomy #who #notes - @medical_notestepup on Instagram

Honoured to be included in Rolling Stones recent study of vocal ranges - @bahamasmusic on Instagram

- Some diet sanity

We are go in our 4 division 5km virtual tournament. Head over to @getitdone_club Facebook group to watch it unfold and get involved in our next one. Go Avos go 😍😍🙌. All locations and speeds welcome. Let’s Get those iso legs moving - @605rc on Instagram

OECD’s zoom in on how life is lived in TEL AVIV. Compared across all OECD regions, the region is in: Top 5% in Jobs. Top 12% in Health. Top 16% in Life satisfaction. Top 21% in Education. #telavivstartupcity #telavivstartups #telavivstartupscene #innovation #entrepreneurlife #networking #techlife #startuplife #telaviv #citylife #urbanliving #entrepreneurlife - @telavivstartupcity on Instagram

An in depth resource for when the next person texts you, “How are you feeling?”. - @welldamnlifestyle on Instagram

Introducing the prototype for Vlad Kreimers next creation -- THE ORGANISMIC DRUM MACHINE PULSAR-23. To be released fall2018/winter2019. Pre-orders at - @soma_laboratory on Instagram

The office. Also anyone else still use sticky notes when coding? #code #coding #setup #programmer #developer #webdev #reactjs #troubleshooting #program - @fullsnack_developer on Instagram

New Timetable starting this week. Tuesday 4.30pm & 5.30pm starting 13th October. All other class available now to book on Mindbody. - @thecorewellnessstudio on Instagram

Clinical appointment screen. Posted on dribbble. Check out my dribbble profile for more details. Follow me on : @divan_raj #designer #dribbble #website #design #webdesign #graphic #uidesign #userinterface #minimal #graphicdesignui #inspiration #header #instaui #splitdesign #login #landingpage #graphicdesign #creative #webdesigner #green #designinspiration #dribbblers #setting #dailyinspiration #followme #gradients #uixigers #uitrends. - @divan_raj on Instagram

We are connected!⠀ ⠀ The human body is an amazing⠀ complex, and connected⠀ web of systems⠀ ⠀ Within this web ⠀ 🧬Our genes have individual jobs to do⠀ which can be impacted by SNPs, and 🥁🥁🥁⠀ ⠀ Environment, including⠀ 🥦🍉🥗 nutrient insufficiency and ⠀ ☣️toxic load⠀ ⠀ ⠀ If one nutrient is under pressure it can impact one or more genes or systems If one gene is under pressure it can impact one or more nutrients, genes or systems⠀ ⠀ If one system is under pressure it can impact one or more nutrients, genes ⠀ And have a knock on effect on other systems⠀ ⠀ Although looking at individual genes & SNPs can be useful in some cases, it can also be detrimental to jump to conclusions⠀ ⠀ The real power of nutrigenomics comes from a whole person approach, by embracing the connectedness of our design⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Join us to discuss SNPs & Systems ⠀ ⠀ from 7pm Monday 21st September⠀ With Chris Newbold & Marta Anhelush⠀ from @biocareltd⠀ ⠀ *** Link in Bio*** - @lifecodegx on Instagram

- Either reddit has done some bad math, or there was a tide change. Either way, these notifications -were- turned off.

- activism

A couple of years ago I did a deep dive into how microbes make cheese, and today for #nationalcheeseday🧀 I finally got to turn that knowledge into a graphic! Meet the amazing molds and bacteria that create the flavors and textures in our cheese (including BO)! #dataviz #charts #infographic #datavisualization #infographics #food #cheese - @sarachodoshviz on Instagram

Dont bury it down in the captions.⁣⁣ Part 3 ⁣ ⁣ Always Creator on top of repost account. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ We spend hours to create something, atleast give proper credits. ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ Part 1 and 2 @kalypsodesigns  ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #designtools #dribbble #ux#design#webdesign #designtips #designguide#uidesign#userinterface#graphicdesignui#inspiration#interface#appdesign#graphicdesignuiweb#app#creative#webdesigner#userexperience#uxdesign#designinspiration#dribbblers #dailyinspiration#designresources #uxd#kalypsodesigns⁣ ⁣ - @kalypsodesigns on Instagram

A clear explanation of what UX is, what UI is and how they are part of the same whole, the same process . . . #uiuxdesigner #uxuitips #user_interfacedesign #designer #uxdesigner #uidesign #lovefordesignsandpatterns❤️ #ux #uxresearch #uxmethodology #uxdesign #uxuitips #uxinspiration #uxprocess #uxtips #uxwriting #uxstrategy #userexperiencedesign - @user_interfacedesign on Instagram

- BDSM RPG alignment test 😅 have a great weekend friends!

- sestri levante

- Please help avenge Jörgen

Were excited to officially announce our partnership with Happy Cabbage Analytics (@happy_cabbage_analytics)! ⁣ Together, our technology delivers the most robust data analytics tool and text message marketing platform for cannabis delivery services.⁣ ⁣ Leverage your point-of-sale data to reengage and retain your customers with geofenced text messaging campaigns designed to increase your rate of monthly orders.⁣ ⁣ On average, users of Happy Cabbage make $30 for every $1 spent on their platform. Make more money with WebJoint x Happy Cabbage Analytics!⁣ ⁣ Book your demo today by clicking the link in our bio!⁣ _____________________⁣ #WebJoint #Pyrotree #California #Cannabis ⁣⁣⁣#cannabiscommunity #cannabisretail #cannabisdelivery #cannabisnews ⁣⁣⁣#cannabissoftware #cannabisindustry #cannabisbrands #cannabistech #cannalearn⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ #cannabisculture #cannapreneurs #futureofcannabis #cannabiz #cannabis⁣⁣⁣ #cannabiseducation #cannabissociety #cannasseur #cannatech - @webjoint_ on Instagram

- Cluster B Personality Disorders

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I died at breasted boobily 😂 // please save & share this post & turn on post notifications because our account has been shadow-banned by Instagram 🙃 — thank you. • Follow @fuck__patriarchy for some well-curated content on Feminism (Youll never get bored) 🔥 • • • • #feminism #feminist #smashthepatriarchy #misogyny #humanity #humanrights #equality #fuckpatriarchy #womenempowerment #bodypositivity #raiseawareness #gainpost #activism #indianfeminism #girlpower #ineedfeminism #prochoice #lgbtq #womanpower #sexism #feminismquotes #feminismisforeverybody #blackfeminism #intersectionalfeminism #feminismos #feminismisequality #bodypositive #intersectionality #intersectionalactivism #menstruationmatters - @fuck__patriarchy on Instagram

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Today’s the day! We have officially launched our iOS #app! Don’t have #FOMO and go download #NomoFOMO today! - @nomofomoapp on Instagram

- Citric Acid Cycle

- Nclex review questions

Flashback 💫 Friday to a behind-the-scenes look at some masterful craftsmanship from Chicago Fashion Incubator designer-in-residence Cara Farella (@caramariafarella ) ✨ Swipe to see the stunning look come to life! • • • #emergingdesigner #fashiondesigner #chicagodesigner #modernbride #bridal #details #behindthescenes #caramariafarella - @chicagofashioninc on Instagram

- UX - Design

Vertical Growth in UI Design! Here it is, as many of you requested! You just started with UI Design. Thats great! But what awaits you along your career? These are the roles and levels a UI Designer go through as they gather experience and start to specialise more and more. . Its crucial to note that the more advanced roles doesn’t mean better and more important! You can become a great and valuable UI Designer and never specialize in a certain role. This is more of a list of roles that are currently looked for in bigger companies, but you can also become a very well prepared all-rounder, for example if you’re working on your own as a freelancer. . Let me know if you have any questions about any of these roles or if you think some roles are missing. . . . #designtools #dribbble #userexperience #uxd #uxprocess #uxresearch #appdesign #uxigers #userinterface #uxuidesign #illustrations #webdesign #uiux #uxui #webdesigner #uxdesign #uidesign #uxinspiration #designthinking #designinspiration #uxdesignmastery #infographic #usability #sketchapp #adobexd #designprocess - @uxbites on Instagram

Okay, Bella’s @wisdompanel JUST CAME IN!!!! My jaw is still on the floor!!!!! No Beagle, no Basset, no Jack Russell. Holy Camoly!!!!! Totally didn’t see this one coming!!!! Did you?????? #wisdompanel #wisdomdna #petdna #dogdna #dogdnatest #dnatest #dnatesting #dnatestresults #totalshock #chihuahuadna #dnaresults #testresults #dogsofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #thedodo #rescuedogsrule #startastoryadopt - @hueyandbella on Instagram

We all play a role in the fight for social change and racial justice, @deepaviyer created this important framework to help guide you in which role(s) that may be in this moment and beyond - @allthingseka on Instagram

- Every X-Files episodes musical score, seasons 1 - 7 starterpack

- Blood Sugar Levels

- Biology& the Sciences

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What are your GSA Plans for the upcoming school year? Feel free to reach out to us at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s CAN Program for trainings, support, and resources for your clubs and schools. This great resource is from @gsanetwork virtual community building may be difficult at first, but we know y’all will do great! 😊 Posted @withregram • @gsanetwork Believe it or not, school is almost back in session! If your classes are remote or clubs on campus are prevented from meeting in person over the next few months, be sure to check out our How to Host a Virtual GSA Meeting resource! This step-by-step guide will help your GSA stay connected & transition to online meetups. Link in bio & here: - @cancoalitionla on Instagram

- Software architecture diagram

Read more on Deepa Iyer’s blog and remember that your activism doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s - @higherangelou on Instagram

🔊 Music producers ~ Submit your club tracks! 🔊 We are working on our first compilation “Roots, Space, Vision“ which has also been our slogan for our parties since we started in 2013. This 10 track free-download compilation project is made possible through funding by @musicboardberlin and will be released through our bandcamp in December. We decided to leave one track slot open for all you producers out there! Your track contribution will be rewarded with 300 € and will be mastered by the great @queerearmastering studio. We aspire to feature an artist on this release who reflects our vision of an inclusive, intergenerational and intersectional feminist future, dance floor and global music community. We are open to all kinds of club music no matter if it’s jungle, juke, breakbeats or something beyond the hardcore continuum! 📩 Please send us your track(s) to until 14th of Sept. Looking forward to your submissions! • ‿ • ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣________________⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣#RainbowBass #EmbraceTheBass #RootsSpaceVision - @rec_room_berlin on Instagram

SE VINHO É FEITO DE UVA, COMO PODE DAR TANTO CHEIRO DIFERENTE ASSIM? Sim, vinho vem de uva. Só que para transformar o açúcar do suco (mosto) da uva em álcool é necessário que haja a participação de leveduras (micróbios) e, nesse processo (conhecido como fermentação alcoólica), a uva perde muitas das suas características naturais, da fruta em si. Os aromas que surgem dessa combinação e que dependem da casta da uva e do terroir onde ela foi cultivada são os aromas chamados de primários (grande parte dos aromas frutados e florais, por exemplo). Os aromas secundários são aqueles que dependem do processo de produção utilizados – por ex., se o vinho é amadurecido em carvalho americano, odores tostados, de baunilha e de coco seco podem aparecer. Já os aromas terciários são aqueles decorrentes do processo de envelhecimento do vinho na garrafa e só surgem nos bons vinhos de guarda – nos brancos, aparecerão mel, torradas, petróleo; nos tintos, odores terrosos, de carne curada, de folhas secas, de pelos de animais... Promovendo encontros - entre leveduras e uvas, entre o mosto e a madeira, entre o vinho e a sua própria velhice – é que conseguimos toda essa diversidade de aromas que faz do vinho uma bebida tão interessante e atraente. Sem complicações, nem misticismos. Sem estelionatos. Quer saber mais? Participe da aula que vai acontecer amanhã, dia 29.09, às 20h. Para se inscrever, acesse o link que está na minha bio. - @sommelierbrenodefaria on Instagram

- Everybody has to know this.

- Agile PM

- Formaggio

Here is the cover for my new album, Notes from the Underground, coming out this autumn. I began designing this during lockdown and most of the album was written then too. It started when I randomly spent a whole weekend drawing made up pixel icons instead of ya know being able to go out djing and these can be seen in the background of the cover. I wanted it to have a hand made feel and reflect my chaotic mind, in keeping with working in isolation. It’s taking inspiration from the Windows 95 desktop look, so I named one of the tracks Windows 95 too. And as a nice coincidence this is the 25th anniversary year of Windows 95 coming out. 95 was the year I first heard jungle and part of the concept for the album was trying to imagine what I would have made if I was a producer back then. I tried using gear from the time like the Akai S950 sampler but didn’t want to be totally beholden to the past so used the best of both worlds of tech, modern and retro. You can pre-order the album from the link in my bio and there’s diffferent bundles available (this cover is on the vinyl, there’s different covers for the cd and yes cassette tape!) - @highcontrastuk on Instagram

- #winepairing

- [OC] [Polybar] Polybar themes - 11 || Material+Bitmaps || Updated the Repo...

- 1lmwc

Here’s another simple way to limit your impact on our planet- by changing the type of mile you consume. As you can see in this fab infographic from @herbipaul there are three main factors that you can take into account when choosing a milk based on environmental impact. I recommend shopping around to find what fits you, personally I love oat milk- it has a low impact and without the strong flavour of a nut milk which is great for a variety of uses. Comment below your favourite milk 🥛😋 #cleantheocean #cleantheoceans #eco #ecofriendly #ecofriendlyproducts #ecofacts #ecofact #ecofriendlyliving #endoceanplastics #environmentallyconscious #environmentaljustice #environmentalism #environment #ocean #cleanoceans #cleanouroceans #savetheplanet #savemoney #savemoneylivebetter #savemoneytips #clotheswashing #simplechangebigimpact #simplechanges #vegan #oatmilk #veganrecipes #almondmilk #milk #ricemilk #soymilk - @cleantheoceans on Instagram

At EP+Co, we believe strongly that DoSay. We believe actions beat empty promises. We believe in humans before business and that we all play a part in a better future. So we are working to build the most inclusive, welcoming, creative culture possible. And while progress has been made, we aren’t even close to being done…so we will keep building. Because that’s our job. And to be clear, we absolutely believe that Black Lives Matter. Because diverse thought informs great ideas. Great ideas that matter. And if that doesn’t align with what you believe… All the best on your journey. We are all EP+Co. Ever better. Link in bio. - @epco on Instagram


Swipe for more info about mood disorders ⬅️ Reminder : People living with any mental illness written here can experience symptoms that are not described here. These mental illnesses are briefly described and the definitions are coming from the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). These mental illnesses are way more complicated than what you see here. I probably forgot some depressive disorders and I’m sorry in advance for that. Those kind of post are really hard and complicated to do, it took me so much time so I hope you’II enjoy. 🤍 Please, do not self-diagnoses. Source : - Verywellmind - DSM-5 - American Psychiatric Association - Mayoclinic Follow for more mental health tools & resources 🤍 _________________ - on Instagram

- Found this on my campus Yik Yak

🌍 The world of the child⁠ 🌎 The world around the child⁠ 🌏 The world at large⁠ ⁠ New @unicefinnocenti report examines the #WorldsOfInfluence affecting child wellbeing and how to close the gaps - Link in bio⁠ ⁠ ⁠ - @unicefinnocenti on Instagram

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- AI you say?

- My Citys Metro Map

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from UX Design Process Guide 🗺 . In that post I collected almost all topics (and even more) on UX design and research that I discussed earlier and put them on a project timeline. . 👉 Save this guide for later, and check it every time when you have a question Where should I use X or Y method?. . 1️⃣ Understand Before you get started with any project, you need to understand the user problem and business goals. . 2️⃣ Empathize Empathy is at the heart of design. Without an understanding of what others see, feel, and experience, the design is a pointless task. . 3️⃣ Ideation Ideation is an interactive and collaborative method to explore all of the possible solutions, good and bad, before narrowing down what ideas to move forward with. . 4️⃣ Prototype A prototype is a simulation of the final product. Basically, it’s a version of a product that takes us as close as possible to a good representation of an application or website. . 5️⃣ Test Put ideas in front of users, get their feedback, and refine the design. It’s important to understand that the earlier you test, the easier it is to make changes. . 6️⃣ Launch & Measure Your work as a UX designer doesn’t stop with releasing a product. User experience is an ongoing process that continues for as long as a product will be used by people. . The process was described linearly, however, you don’t have to follow any specific order, and do iterations as many times as needed. . 👋 Do you find it useful? . . #ui #ux #uxdesign #uxprocess #designthinking #designprocess #uiux #uxdesigner #userexperience #userexperiencedesign #uxresearch #userresearch #uxprocess #uxdesignmastery #businessofdesign #usability #uxinspiration #designtools - @ui__ux on Instagram

Mummmmmm I never said u can do work!!!💔🚫 . #goodtry #sillyhooman @freddie_pomsky 🤗🐾 . . . #pomsky #pomskysofinstagram #instamood #pomeranian #husky #pomskynation #ontariodoggos #ontario #toronto #doggo #doggy #ontariobarks #torontobarks #dogsoftoronto #doggosdoingthings #cutedogs #puppies #doggy #dogsofinstagram #instadog #puppy #puppylove #instagood #mood #instamood #summer #summervibes - @pomskytribe on Instagram

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Running the hamster wheel right now? That’s what we typically hear from parents of tweens and teens who feel they need to do ALL the things. Make sure they complete all assignments, sign up for all the activities, participate in sports, volunteer during free time, and around and around we go. Tech boundaries get out of control, negotiating becomes an Olympic sport, teens become unmotivated and would rather “chill” than figure out who they want to become. We get it because our academic system is set up to perpetuate the hamster wheel. That’s why we notice the gap widening as our kids get older, we have less control over screen use, and the demands of the real world become greater. When our kids are younger, we have more control, and we don’t need to worry as much about how their social skill development will impact them in the job market, know what I mean? But then when they’re teens, all of a sudden, you’re like “Oh boy, we’ve gotta get going on figuring out what motivates this kid!” That’s where we come in. We can absolutely help you strategize how you will turn on those lights inside our kids, figure out screen boundaries that work, develop more foundational systems that can serve them into adulthood, and create happy, healthy adults! We created Unlocked: Parenting Adolescents in the Digital Age, a four-week online course with individual and group coaching components, to help you tackle your biggest concerns and equip you with strategies that actually work for parenting tweens and teens! Unlocked will help you: ❤️Know how to connect with your t(w)een on his/her level and create accountability 
❤️Stay calm when technology seems to be taking over life 
❤️Respond to your t(w)een when hormones or fun-seeking behaviors disrupt routine 
❤️Set technology boundaries that make sense for YOUR family So are you ready to learn what it really takes to be a happy and confident teen in 2020? DM us to set up a free call so we can chat about your needs! - @beaproblemsolver on Instagram

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Let’s talk MONEY 💵 I have made some comments before about “living like you are broke”, and “paying yourself first”. What do I mean by that? Above is an actual chart of where proceeds are going from a payout I am receiving later this week. Does every dollar have a home when it comes into your account? I am receiving funds from 2 land projects later this week and I already know where every single dollar is going. This is a breakdown AFTER TAX (because I am setting aside a percentage for tax too- pretty important) What do you notice here? I hope you notice that this is not sexy, it is quite boring. I am saving most of this for a downpayment. Then some into my rental portfolio accounts to beef up my reserves in case I have maintenance or rent issues in the coming months. Then saving for the 2 kids and donating some money to charitable causes. Lastly- a modest bonus for my wife, because she puts up with this behavior from me😉 My point- We invest FIRST and live off of the rest and will continue to do so until we have achieved financial freedom and time freedom. Don’t get me wrong, we save up for trips and ways to treat ourselves; however, this has become a mindset for us So here is the exercise: you receive a payout from a side hustle of 15%-20% of your total annual W2 pay (so 15-20k if you make 100k). If where is that money going? Really think about it. I mean I want a $2,500 E-Bike really bad right now so this shit is hard sometimes… But remember every dollar that you let go of is a dollar that cant go multiply in to more dollars for you. It doesn’t mean you have to save up for rental property or necessarily put it in an index fund; BUT, if that money stays in your checking account I guarantee you a lot will slip through your fingers so at least put most of it somewhere that it hurts a little bit to get out (like a savings account with a penalty if you withdraw too much) *note- stocks, 401k etc is taken out of my w2 pay (18% total) Thoughts? #brrrrstrategy #biggerpockets #multifamilyinvesting #multifamilyrealestate #realestateinvesting #realestateinvestor #multifamilyinvestors #duplex #financialfreedom #financialindependence #buyandholdrealestate - @grassroots_wealth on Instagram

Vertical Growth in UX Design! You got your first job as a UX Designer. Thats great! But what awaits you along your career? These are the roles and levels a UX Designer go through as they gather experience and start to specialise more and more. . Its crucial to note that the more advanced roles doesn’t mean better and more important! You can become a great and valuable UX Designer and never specialize in a certain role. This is more of a list of roles that are currently looked for in bigger companies, but you can also become a very well prepared all-rounder, for example if you’re working on your own as a freelancer. . Let me know if you have any questions about any of these roles or if you think some roles are missing. . . . #designtools #dribbble #userexperience #uxd #uxprocess #uxresearch #appdesign #uxigers #userinterface #uxuidesign #illustrations #webdesign #uiux #uxui #webdesigner #uxdesign #uidesign #uxinspiration #designthinking #designinspiration #uxdesignmastery #infographic #usability #sketchapp #adobexd #designprocess - @uxbites on Instagram

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