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Custom pfp

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- Linux kernel

HD wallpaper: white computer monitor, earth, and penguin clip art, Minimalism

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- [KDE Plasma] Clean Flat

After 15 Years Of Whipping The Llamas Ass, Winamp Shuts Down

hacker hacker man hacking hackers hack

- [XFCE] First Rice

Linux home directory management is about to undergo major change

windows users when theyre forced to randomly update windows users windows linux linux is bad

- [i3-gaps] Archlabs bottom radius

Profile Pic vs. Real Life [Comic] - DZone Security

linux windows10 windows windowsusers linuxuser

- [XFCE] Where to go now?

riot tank specops guys daddys anonymous edit

Los mejores iconos para Tux (y Tuz), la popular mascota de Linux.

nolstalgia critic linux users linus user school school technology survey

- [Plasma] Oofsie, I think I forgot to update.

Sky is the limit

linux when you do not do

- [Xfce] Back to home

linux linux is better why linux is better shitdos windows

- [XFCE 4/XFWM 4] The Ok Boomer UNIX desktop (or almost...)!

Underbase- Fallen Down [Jonathanreed cover]

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- Regular expression

Unacademy database of 22 million users hacked, information put up for sale

linux streaming thanks twitch linux twitch free time

- [Arch][dwm] My Desktop

linux mario judah urge servidor secreto

- [AwesomeWm] [Arch]

Experiment Lain - Linux

linux windows basement mfs

- [KDE Plasma] Dracula and Donuts! 🍩

Custom pfp

Los mejores iconos para Tux (y Tuz), la popular mascota de Linux.

linus linus tech tips that linus fast 3d

- [sway] Doesnt seem to be enough white themes around here

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred

Los mejores iconos para Tux (y Tuz), la popular mascota de Linux.

fortnite banana kali kali linux linux computer

- [i3wm] Minimalist Manjaro setup.

linus linus sebastian linus gabriel sebastian youtuber linus media group

- [XFCE] step by step

Curso Gratis de Linux



- Just your average login method with plaintext passwords being served over http that made it to production..

linus linus sebastian linus gabriel sebastian youtuber linus media group

- [BSPWM] being lightweight on resources with Void Linux and Bspwm

Boys wallpaper by Swahabhaan - Download on ZEDGE™ | 625e


linux among us new tab linux users trolling

- [i3-gaps] Solariced (repost because of forgot adding details)

10 Websites All Linux Users Should Have Bookmarked

linus linus sebastian linus gabriel sebastian youtuber linus media group

- [OC] File type specific colors preview in file manager nnn

linux ubuntu software

- [i3-gaps] gray desktop

Rare Linux Pepe

linus linus sebastian linus gabriel sebastian youtuber linus media group

- [i3-gaps] I configured a fully custom custom system specifially to post this here. I think it turned out very well!

brain linux firmware linux users when proprietary

- [Fluxbox] The Drapery Falls

linus linus sebastian linus gabriel sebastian youtuber linus media group

- [swm + wmutils] the original post was removed due to no details, oops

linux penguin

- [openbox] suicide social

Free Image on Pixabay - Tux, Linux, Vector, Penguin

linus linus sebastian linus gabriel sebastian youtuber linus media group

- [GNOME] Emerald holds a special place in my heart

arch arch linux spongebob kernel linus

- [sway] starting uni

dux lines logo quill pen write calligraphy

- [i3-gaps] Solarized Glass


- [Qtile] there goes my weekend

linus linus sebastian linus gabriel sebastian youtuber linus media group

- [dwm] Plain & Simple

installing linux linux install gentoo linux linux memes linux meme

- Ummmm, isnt that what sudo is for??


- [OSX] Minimalist iTerm2 setup

voicemod linux when when linux ubuntu

- [gnome] Custom Thinkpad conky configuration


- [ Xmonad + Polybar ] I just love the color blue

goodgoshrendfit dill iceddill linux linux users

- I see your Hello World program using Fourier transform and raise you a multi-threaded Hello World

why did i drink this hennessy burna boy gum body song why did i drink this booze why did i drink this liquor

- [herbstluftwm] back 2 basics

metal gear rising

- [XFCE] Plane GTK theme / summer workstation

cube windows linux homework tarea


linux heart heart keyring beloved traffic

- [Aqua] Darwin 8.11 on a newly restored Powerbook G4

linux unix vulkan gpu vkcube

- [i3-gaps] Oldschool style

linux linux users technology browser

- [WindowMaker] Y.A.WM.R: Yet another WindowMaker rice.

vim unix linux vi

- [openbox] Keep it simple.

knoppix linux gnu gnulinux penguin

- [GPD Pocket 2] best tiling machine under 8 display

vim linux unix vi

- [frankenwm] Forget

linux breakin windows10 windows computer

- [PLASMA] what have i done

pisilinux gnu linux pisi pc

- [Xfce] trying to be minimal but also practical

linux windows arch btw vulnerability

- [Xmonad] Comfy university setup

vim vi improved linux unix

- [bspwm] clean and comfy

linux chad arch arch linux chad user

- [GNOME] My first arch build !

juja funi hilarious text

- [2bwm] Black Ocean, fixed

linux linux users

- [Coding] So I made a cyberpunk futuristic Emacs theme. (Link in comments)

pop os linux gnu ubuntu ubuntu based

- [Ubuntu + i3-gaps] just started ricing and it seems to be going good!


- [i3WM] hows this for a beginner?

vi vim linux unix

- [i3] let the ricing season begin

linux linux meme linux memes linux users hu tao linux

- [i3] radioactive

vim vi unix linux

- Have you guys seen the layout of StackOverflow today? ^^

linux users linux gamers linux gaming kali linux arch linux

- [fluxbox] Sun BSD

linux ethandud dance penguin

- My school raised money for a brand new set of computers but the didnt bother to change the OS

windows linux linux users windows users windows11

- [i3] Simple and flat desktop on my old iMac

tux linux penguin computer typing busy

- [openbox] 8)

linux linux developer linux hacker hacker linux user

- [i3] whatever

dare devils dynt dare you not to dyntfridays dyntcovers

- [i3]Off-Arch

sudo rm rf linux bruh chungus poggers

- Old but good ^^

pop os linux gnu ubuntu based ubuntu

- [i3bar] transparent text on translucent bar

linux arch linux desktop productive drivers

- [i3-gaps] Orange is a good color

goku penguin swag drip

- [i3] OneDarkish

arch linux linux open source arch i use arch btw

- [i3] Mint with i3-gaps

linux tux ubuntu open source creative commons

- [DWM](Take 2) Vitamin C

linux linus linus tech tips gamer game

- [XFCE] xfce running in Windows10

penguin linux linuxdance

- [Sway] Jaypaper + Jaybar + Base 16 color schemes make for a comfy setup

arch linux arch linux windows spyware

- [macOS] Clean Black

swan_hack dab tux linux

- [Bspwm] Efficiency

linux kali linux arch linux arch girl

- [blackbox] Just Getting My Hands On Blackbox WM, Mine Isnt Black Though 😋

linux edition

- [sway] Finally...Debian 666...

linux linux convention arch linux kali linux linux mint

- when you accidentally click set as background instead of edit

mr free super tux alphacron fly

- Anyone run Linux on their phones? Was interesting to see Ubuntu running on my S9+


- [dwm] Minimalist suckless dark-pastel-green themed rice. Spent a lazy weekend making my workspace minty

linux computer os ghosth cyber

- [XMonad] Gruvy Light

arch linux arch linux

- [TWIN] Because I can

linux linux power unix

- [vtwm] Xaw Madness on Rapsberry Pi3

linux linux users gaming computer computers

- [LXDE] My laptops current setup. Please dont hate me.


- [i3] Ubuntu Colors

linux meme loser uses linux stop reading tags

- [openbox] Is this consistent?

linux tux rotate

- Canva Secrets

linux gnu kernel kernellinux linuxkernel

- [XFCE] Arch Linux Keeping It Simple

tux linux linux linux power power linux powerd bu linux

- [i3-gaps] My Arch Linux rice with powerline

linux yeah i use linux gigachad chad arch linux

- What do you do when you completely screw up headless ESX networking? [AIC]

linux linux power diolinux brazil linux brazil

- [twm] Pink Delight

linux trash linuxbad

- [i3wm + Emacs] Love the snappiness of i3 in combination with Emacs. Do you love Vim more?

- [plasma] A little KWin Scripting and some pastels.

- [dwm] Minimalist no bar dracula themed rice

- Dreamweaver CC 2019

- Oh really, Final Cut? Then what do you call all these?

- [cowm] A new challenger has appeared

- [TDE/KDE 3] The search for the perfect Ok Boomer UNIX Desktop: Episode II - Too lazy to install CDE

- [KDE] Glassy

- [AwesomeWM] Awesome Nord

- [Openbox] my candy Desktop Enjoy =:)

- [CTWM] 3D Pastels

- [yabai] Polishing my Emacs -- who said an old tool cant look modern?

- Linux kernel

- [KDE] Going clean, everything has its fixed place!

- AMD EPYC 7601 (64 Core) CINEBENCH Benchmark = 6109 cb

- Relational Database tool

- [cwm] its obviously a clone of {onodera,kori,dylan,xero}

- [windowmaker] My clamshell iBook running Debian Jessie

- [Window Maker] Another nextstep / platinum mashup

- Maui Project apps in immersive modes. Nota(text editor), Pix(image viewer), Sol(web browser), Vvave(music player), Buho(notes)

- Find wifi password

- [bspwm] So I entered the void

- Uhh.. Okay....

- [BSPWM] Quarantined away from the ocean.

- [Plasma 5] Human

- [I3-gaps] Just having fun with some rounded corners.

- [DWM] suckless solarized something

- [Maxx] IRIX Desktop on macOS

- Visual Effects

- [GNOME] Trying gnome (again)

- [I3-GAPS] im still learning the art of config an i3 :)

- [i3]Poke-Hype-Arch

- Programmed my own Ballistics Calculator!

- [herbstluftwm] Splat

- [KDE] Aenami digital openSUSE

- Trying to search for an emoji on discord

- [XFCE/XFWM] My Q4OS with XFCE and TDE.

- [openbox] Inspirado en....

- [sway] newsboat!

- [Cinnamon] I am become Boomer.

- [kde][alacritty] take a look at alacritty borderless

- [BSPWM] Minimal Machine

- IT hacks

- Some Epic employee clearly doesnt like tournaments lol

- [xfce] Clean F

- [dwm] Raspbian Blackmetal

- [mlvwm] Retro looks

- [i3]Finally satisfied with the setup

- [i3gaps] proud furry trash

- css_irl

- [openbox] BTW I Still... Use Arch, SIMPLE AF 😂😂

- [bspwm] sourcerer

- Autogrowing project Day 14 - App showing sensor data

- [XFCE] Simple Arch

- [TTY] Ive decided that LightDM login screen is bloatware.

- [Cinnamon] Enjoying Linux Mint, Might stop distro hopping.

A hacker does for love what others would not do for money.💻 . . . 👑👑👑 - @__devil_hacker on Instagram

- [bspwm] barless

- [XFCE] Been using Manjaro for a while now completely stock so I tried to clean it up a little

- [BSPWM | Polybar] MINIMAL

- [i3-gaps] warm and colorful

- [openbox] demons

- Iphone lockscreen wallpaper

- [Emacs][Tmux]Workflow

- [bspwm] killall ayuwokiWM - dorime

- [Cinnamon] Chasing that 2003 feeling

- [KDE] Its quite cold here

- [bspwm] New desktop with lemonbar

- [Ice-WM] Motif

- 4x Opteron 6276 OC to 2.86GHz 64 Cores from 2.3GHz base.

- [XFCE] Tried to make my OS look older than myself

- [bspwm] Made a simple, lightweight launcher and wanted to show it off a bit! video/source in comments

- [XFCE] Qogir/Rofi

- [XMONAD] Finally trying it out!

- [bspwm] added images to bar and made my own icons

- Came across this person saying he built this house in minecraft. Guy that doubted him was right.

- [tmux] Who needs a fancy WM when you live in the terminal?

- 411 Locals Indeed

- [Deepin DE] Arch Linux

Muito tem se questionado sobre a lógica do SorteioGram, então espero que este post seja definitivo e auto-explicativo para avançarmos esse capítulo. O SorteioGram é a primeira ferramenta de sorteio do Instagram e também a mais antiga, que funciona da mesma forma desde 2016. Vou explicar de um jeito simples como o sorteio funciona: O sistema lê todos os comentários disponíveis em uma publicação, dando um número pra cada comentário, e então ao sortear, o sistema escolhe um numero aleatorio de 1 até o numero total de comentarios carregados. Este número é o número do comentário vencedor. Em nome da transparência, também colamos o código responsável pelo sorteio aqui, mas também esta disponível entre as primeiras linhas do código-fonte do site. Algumas observações: - Comentários repetidios podem ser filtrados pelo dono do sorteio, mas por padrão todos são lidos. Como o próprio nome diz, Sorteio é sorte, e não uma competição de quem comenta mais. Um maior número de comentário aumenta suas chances mas não garante prêmio. Para pra pensar: Algumas pessoas jogam a vida inteira na loteria e não ganham, e por outro lado algumas pessoas jogam uma única vez e já ganham. A nossa dica é: Continuem comentando nas publicações e sigam os regulamentos, quem sabe uma hora a sorte não te escolhe! 🙏 Uma coisa é certa: Quem não participa, não tem chances de ganhar. Eu só desejo muita sorte à todos vocês! Em breve muitas novidades. 🚀 - @sorteiogram on Instagram

- [MaXX] This is a UNIX system, I know this

- Sanguine Gruvbox [i3-gaps]

- [BSPWM] Blue Sky

- [Window Maker] GNUstep

- [awesome] Game of Life

- [KDE Plasma] Dark love 3

- [Cinnamon] First Cinnamon Rice: Windows XP nostalgia!

- [KDE] Hyper is dope

- [2bwm] Should be revising. More like RICEvising amiright.

- [bspwm] People on this sub make incredible colorschemes.

- [KDE Plasma] Otto not rounded

- [HLWM] Running like a charm on my crappy Medion Netbook

- [TDE] Partyin like its Nineteen-Ninety-Nine

- [XFCE] Ricing in Boredom

- [DWM]Floating in Space

- Kali Linux

- B̡u͡ild ҉Suc͢c͢e͠s͢s͠!͞

- [Gnome] Custom URxvt monochrome color scheme.

- Working on a little program that may come in handy. Will contain all common Arduino microcontrollers :)

- [emacsWM] Hacking vibe :: learning reactJS as a blockchain dev

- [i3-gaps] #101010

- [XFCE/XFWM] Energetic XFCE with OpenSolaris theme!

- [Trinity] KDE 2.2 in 2018: The Final Shutdown

- [Plasma] RetroPop - PopOS theme on KDE and arch

- This program that allows you to browse Reddit in a terminal

- [XFCE] Just Installed Windows 95!

- [KDE] A simple ricing Guide for KDE plasma users (inspired by yesterdays monochrome i3 config from u/DarkReaper231)

- [OSX]El Capitan GM Hackintosh Desktop

- [KDE] Leap tiling

- [i3] Yet another Fallout inspired setup

- [Gnome] The 4k Ultrabook Laptop Rice

- [i3-gaps] Cataracts

- [i3-gaps] Second day. Anyone else use Atom?

- [openbox] hot rice

- Better than Normal kOS Launch

- [Openbox] Welcome to the dark side

So excited to be partnering with Apple Education on a free online course for Develop In Swift! 👩‍💻🎓 For more info see the link in our bio! - @canvaslms on Instagram

- [MacOS] new zx spectrum theme, this time for bash!

- [tmux] GUI? What GUI?

- [bspwm] [REDACTED] work laptop rice

- [kde] I am a simple man and here is my simple setup

- Has this happened to anybody else, too?

- [XFCE4+GTK3] Voyager Linux

- [Bspwm] Minimal as a fuck

- Adobe Xd Resources (Free)

- [i3] Pure Solarized Dark...

- Happened during CS Class.

- [Gnome] Fedora 31

- [KDE] Borderless...

- [i3-gaps] Fixed, last one is a joke plz FBI dont arrest me

- [i3-gaps] Something gray, first rice.

- Kali Linux

- [GNOME] Go green!

- We dont have to fight. Array indexes start wherever you want.

- [2bwm] nightlife

- Coding websites

- [KDE] Ice Climbers

- [colorcontest] Minimalistic ZX Spectrum color theme for iTerm

- [Gnome] Pop-punk

⌨️ What kind of keyboard are you using? ___ ___ @keesh_codes - on Instagram

- [i3](First rice) Small screen and cold colors.

- A collage of notes from 2 years of teaching HS Math, Mr B, 2500x1700

- [DWM] Final Setup in Action

- [Plasma 5] Overhauled my Platinum QtCurve theme

- Linux

- [i3-gaps] GNU/Lindows 96

Fizz Buzz Challenge Solution Code in Python. Fizz Buzz is a very simple programming task, asked in software developer job interviews. . . #anukiranghosh #youtuber #youtube #python #programming #programmer #pythonprogramming #developer #development #api #fizzbuzz #coding #interview #geeks #facebook - @anu_ghosh111 on Instagram

- [awesome] My most recent setup.

- Python Vim IDE

- [i3] Archlinux + polybar dropdown

- Pentesting

- [Linux Mint 16][Cinnamon] Transparent top panel, Docky and Flat, Mac-ish Windowdecorations

- [DWM] Happy Spooktober!

- [bspwm] I Use Arch Btw.

- [tty] Nicked the Sun font from Slackware

- [i3-gaps] proud of this setup after moving to arch :)

- [XFCE] Once again, Chicago95. But with the actual correct font.

- I just recreated the speech generation from Animal Crossing in only 64 lines of code

- [i3]New Arch installation, new scrot

- [i3-gaps] Manta

- [i3] Feeling Cozy

- [wmutils] ?

- Computer security

- [i3][MOTDs]Riced My Homelab KVM Host SSH MOTD Banner

- [xmonad] uh

- [Qtile] Getting Ready for my new academic year

- [IceWM] Minimal Debian 9 in ≈2 GB*

- [ KDE ] penguin and his female - look awesome

I mean..... it could be worse - @algo_trader on Instagram

- C# Syntax

- [OC] Mountaineer.vim, a dark and minty colorscheme for Vim/Neovim

- [OC] Lil Fetch - A tiny little fetch script written in Bash.

- [i3-Gaps] First try on ricing. (Also my first reddit post lol)

- [WIP] so close to launch hack_me 3 free demo of first episode

- [swaywm] Monokai all the things

- [Awesome] anonymous

- [GNOME] With reduced titlebars on Ubuntu GNOME

- [i3-gaps] someone paid my bail, so now we have dotfiles

- Jquery slider

- [Trinity] KDE 2.2 in 2018?!

- [i3] emoji in terminal, atom, chrome

- [i3] Minimalism :- Hakunamatata

- [lxqt]old days :))

- [awesome] Not a fresh Arch, but this was my first shot at a custom .lua theme.

- [macOS] Mild

- [KDE] XJ-9 Inspired post

- Hello Devs! Little Unity and C# Tips, first part - Enum and Flags. Have a good day!

- I just found an Outrun theme for my code editor and I could not be happier with this gratuitous 80s glow.

- [Gnome] Learning SDL2 for a game project

- Please take care of your eyes

- [XFCE] 8 bit rice.

📸 @jakobowsky:⠀ ...⠀ You are not late 🔥⠀ .⠀ Right now, today, in 2020 is the best time to start something on the internet. There has never been a better time in the whole history of the world to invent something. There has never been a better time with more opportunities, more openings, lower barriers, higher benefit/risk ratios, better returns, greater upside, than now. Right now, this minute. This is the time that folks in the future will look back at and say, “Oh to have been alive and well back then!”⠀ .⠀ Have a great Monday ✌️🔥⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #buildupdevs⁣ #hacking #softwareengineer #programminglife #dev #webdev #hacker #engineer #programmerslife #coders #developers #programmerlife #programmingmemes #website #angular #frontend #ai #machinelearning #artificialintelligence #devlife #worldcode - @codeclique on Instagram

- Hello Devs! A little tip :) Simple and effective. Feel free to give yours, have a good day!

- [OC] Unleash the potential of the HTML CSS JS trio

- Playing around with the new Windows terminal. Pretty customizable

- Vim Python IDE

- Computer programming

- [wmutils] ミ( ・ω・)

- Mobile dev setup [Aqua + Spectacle]

- [Plasma] Even more Vistaesque (Vistesque?) this time

- [Aqua] Goin where the water tastes like wine

- [Aqua] Cruiser

- [Enlightenment 0.23] Trying OpenSuSE for the first time in my life (and loving it).

- [WindowMaker] Horizontal Lines

- Just wanted to share my current favorite algorithm. Do you know a more elegant way to do it?

- [XFCE] sysadmin achievement unlock goal #343: use heavily modified #Linux XFCE theme that looks like Windows NT4 Server next time you present at a conference, spend unreasonable amount of time navigating desktop to find slides, pokerface.

- [XFCE] Windows 95

You can call me a hacker , programmer , web developer etc. Which needs programming right ?? So here is an example if my programming skills !! - - - - #gainwithbidobidorised #pursuitofpotraits #potraitske #photooftheday #igke #igerske #vscoke #iamnairobian #igersnairobi #gainwithmchina #gainwithkamenace #gainwithbundi #publicity254 #10over10 #gainwithlarrymemes #gainwithcarlz #gaintrain #gaintrick #gainwithspikes #gainwithtedbrown #254fashion #publicity254 #ignairobi #gainwithkelele #gainwithxtiandela #gainparty #gainwithpaula#gainwithsashamardo #afrofyb - @mr_racer_07 on Instagram

- [bspwm] Flat gruvbox theme.

- [4Dwm] IRIX on SGI Fuel (still use it daily)

- [Plasma] See mom? No hacker operating systems!

Never thought I’d like anything as much as music, but here we are. . It’s great to know one can be a creative AND truly happy at the same time. 6 months into this journey already and looking forward to diving even deeper into the world of tech. Best decision I’ve made in a while ✨ . I’ll be posting more code-related things on here moving forward; as with anything – you have to own it. If you’d like to talk about getting into code yourself, or if you’re interested in creative happiness, get at me. x . Season 2 of THE ART OF DFFRNCE is also on its way; music and code have so much in common – it’ll be an interesting one for sure . Will there be more music? Maybe. Probably. No rush, though. . And for those in the know, yes – I am indeed setting state in render().. it’s a metaphor for continuous evolution. . #code #programming #softwaredeveloper #softwareengineer #react #reactnative #javascript #python #rails #ruby #fullstack #6monthsin #tech #creativity #happiness #creativehappiness - @xamvolo on Instagram

- [NsCDE/FVWM] The perfect Ok Boomer UNIX desktop!