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ping pandi

- me🍴irl

My World

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- me irl


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- Apple or Microsoft?

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- me_irl

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- Tomorrow.


𝘨𝘢𝘯𝘺𝘶 · 𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘯 𓆟

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- For some reason, my city is importing massive amounts of mail. Is that intented or a bug?



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- I don’t know what to add to the planet. Suggestions?


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- Nine little tips from the Did You Know loading screen!


Sus discord pfp~

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- Stuff to put on your profile, idk! —@_transdiaries_ on Instagram!



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- Money trading

@layonamayri 3

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- A reply to a drawing by my sister

dark pfp


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- The fact that Discord does this

Cạm bẫy của hồ ly


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- Discord emotes

join Ls on disc

₍ ★ ₎ cute・pfp!

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- [Openbox] Material Design Inspired Setup!

matching pfps


- hmmm


𝖘𝖜𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝖜𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗 3

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- Every ootl post

matching pfps


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- f

- جَوّن ؟


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- When IOS tries to autocorrect a word that was spelled correctly.

Pin by Angelinagatalova on Papéis de parede in 2022 | Really funny pictures, Mood pics, Funny profile pi… | Really funny pictures, Funny profile pictures, Mood pics

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- Free Internet


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- *Also costs 80% more than 80% of portable PCs

Meme duck

discord logo

- anti-semitism lurking in r/NZ. lets keep this out of our sub as per rule 3-4.

☁️s n o o p y☁️

Пин от пользователя d-__-b на доске png | Страшные рисунки, Психоделические рисунки, Графические постеры

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- My attempt at an icon: neumorphism

Steam Community :: :: mushroom


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- SIRI = Milkwalker?


Discord pfp

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- British sign language

Discord pfp


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- Aria - [Name Unknown]


- How Mad House was made

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- Blursed_Podcast

discord kitten

- Redcord

spinning spinthink

- Canva Secrets

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- blursed_minecraftskin

discord troll

- [OC] Tracking my wellbeing since the beginning of this year

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- This picture

smadging smadge 7tv

- I was messing around with graphics shaders and accidentally drew Eric Cartman.

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- [herbstluftwm] Splat


- Diy Father’s Day to hubby

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- Digital

kanna sip

- Hello, this is my first post! I make flat illustrations for a living and decided to make a Wumpus wallpaper for anyone who wants one. I hope you enjoy!

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- Me irl


- After several attempts and like 41 screenshots I managed to do this

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- A collection of interesting Roblox reviews


- Im just trying to walk my dog jesus christ

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- So Im the new head chef in this kitchen...

you have mere seconds discord

- Progressbar saw something so bad it turned the wrong way


- My step mom

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- Steam chat

discord mod

- Why does it say 4, there are clearly 6 there : (

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- Revisiting duolingo after completing Genki 1, I can see why people dont like it.

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- Technically Willanator

cat discord

- My friend & I just did this on DickSword.

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- Wow such empty

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- I think spotify removed glory to hong kong. I saw a post earlier saying they did so i decided to check for myself. Its true, does anyone know if spotify received any investments from any chinese company recently?

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- I dropped 4 nukes on this guy in red death

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- RIP my bank account

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- [openbox] a crown of flowers


- acshelly cops have a reesen to beet poeple

ping discord vr chat everyone

- Internet is a dangerous place

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- Most subreddits are for stolen content only, including r/technicallythetruth

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- Thomas Le Corre Portfolio

shut the fuck up

- Press Brake Tooling

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- Comedy heaven


- [bspwm] first rice

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- Oh, cant wait to see this!

happy birthday

- Free Brushes

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- When you take a break from web development to write a book and realise no-one will ever know if you use tables for layout

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- Someone payed thousands of dollars to pump the MOON price to ~$3 per moon. Its now back to the still relatively high price of 5 cents per moon on xmoon.exchange.

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- Cursed_Checkup


I’m sorry for the delay in posting any support for the movement. If I’m being honest, I’ve felt this platform has been pretty useless. My engagement has dwindled throughout the last year and I’ve found myself doubting my reach and impact. With that being said, if I can help in any way possible with this platform, I will. Get involved in your local protests, make a donation if you can, or simply use whatever platform YOU have to amplify the movement and voices of the unheard. The site in our bio has been changed to a link that will take you to various way you can help, from donations all the way to signing petitions which costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time. Thank you for participating. BLACK LIVES MATTER - @forpatriciarae on Instagram

discord discord mods be like xd

- It’s so annoying


- It later pretends to be reCAPTCHA

game day discord

- IDE editor (link to theme in comments!)

mined discord holes discord hole mined discord

- Blog

fortnite discord meme

- She tried saying “Yumi”

aesthetic pink discord divider pink discord

- I figured out how to get small mode back! Just drag the motherf****er as far over to the right as possible!!

discord mod

- Dont eat rice then

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- [Humour] New Effects of Corona Virus

nin discord moderator nine inch nails

- Alice Walker

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- Free Website Themes Templates

discord rebrand

- blursed- wait what even


- he gives up halfway through words

discord discord devs discord developers discord api discord employees

- [OC] Tracking happiness at work


- Since you guys liked my other Discord ish style art, have some more!

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- Do you have a protection spell for my eyes?

discord discord avatar ma4ka nacaa mikhail__

- Adventure Time

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- Hello!

crying discord

- “good, very good, extremely good, absolutely outstanding, *not good*”

discord mod

- Yes I would love to have a poster of broken and inconsistently formatted Java code on my wall. Condoms arent reliable enough as a contraceptive. (Got removed from r/badcode apparently to horrible to even qualify as an example of bad code)

minecraft discord

- App_inspiration

discord users esmbot



- Emoji board


- Windows 10 lowkey installing third-party apps without my agreement and advertising them using loud notifications

discord flowersonstringcute

- This wallpaper site


- Shaking my head my head hurts

monkadrive monka drive emote discord

- When i look for brain in some people

discord mod discord discord anime

- the insult was how many years of pu**y hair from ur moms drain did it take to create that hair

bop bop bop cat discord emote gift

- Hot


- This person who made a massive crappy is back... and Im actually regretting posting the first screenshot


- I forgot I have the PCMR Chrome Plugin

baiano gamer feijoada discord kinemaster when the

- One of these is not like the other


- icon menu

hop on discord discord hop on nasa

- c

- owl.

- Discord even on dark mode still has a light emote menu that blinds me

- It do be like that (or so Im told)

- lot of moyne

- cursed_horse

- [openbox] fluent - neko - weeb.

- Discord in 2021 be like

- Cursed_everything

- flipping hecc microsoft

- I was trying to play a game, but it seems very confused.

- My life in a nutshell

- [aqua] scorpio rising

- Here son! I made you a Row blocks account!

- Video game theme gradient. I challenge people to make one with a full color wheel.

- Banned from google

- Sandwich Cryptid Trio.

- As the sale is upon is, this starter pack is relevant

- me irl

- Just your average login method with plaintext passwords being served over http that made it to production..

- [dwm] 2spooky

- Final version of the neumorphism inspired icon. Thanks for all the feedback!

- Just why does the Office app have playback controls on the taskbar preview window?

- You are a worthless piece of shit Siri.

album in the works 😈 - @isitbapop on Instagram

- Reddit gives you a link for jobs at Reddit when you open the developer console.

- Well

- [OC] I built a ZSH prompt in Nim

- Discord emotes

- Cursed_Bush

- Computer programming

- Good night love you

- me irl

- Soft chapati recipe

- Pfft... who needs 4 dedicated, active members when you have a raspberry pi?

Procreate 5x OH MY! What feature are you most excited about? . Everything just got a lot more fun with the new adjustment filters like Glitch and Gradients Maps! Plus, the reference companion window is a game changer....Then there is the Palette Capture feature that creates custom colour palette’s right from your images… brilliant! . Is everyone else ditching all their plans today, hunching over their iPad and whispering “thanks @Procreate . . . . #procreate5x #procreate #digitalart #digitialartists #ipadart #ipadartists #digital #designer #graphicdesign #illustrator #illustration - @paperlike on Instagram

- This is just the notifications icon I have no notifications

- Output mismatch

- My grandmas WhatsApp status

- So guys we did it, We made it to the ROBLOX catalog for only 125 robux..

- Is this a joke Youtube?

- i was gonna say four

- Why wont meme load????? 🤔

- blursed_ghost


- [weechat] weechat config

- Guys help, she won’t return my call :(

- Blursed Discord

- Found on a piracy website. Did a little digging and found out the website is hosted in California so I have no clue why this is screwed up

- blursed discord

- [LXDE] Karaoke

Day 44/100 #100daysofcodechallenge Today I officially started my project 4 for the Python Tech Degree. This is supposed to be an inventory app that adds and removes items from a database. I decided to style my like an old RPG/D&D shop, but I dont know if I will be able to do much more than the greeting. Id love to change the original list they gave me and add health potions and whatnot but I am not sure if I am allowed to xD Either way, as expected the 4th out of 5 challenges is insanely challenging and I know that I will be reaching out for more help. Thankfully Jennifer (What the heck... I didnt realize you and I were connected until now! xD) helped me figure out an issue that made me want to #facepalm hardcore. But, we learn the most from our silly mistakes. I know I will keep on making silly mistakes, but the goal is not to keep making the same one over and over! +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ #unity3d #unitydeveloper #gamedeveloper #unity #codinglife #csharp #gamesindustry #unitygames #unitytechnologies #programming #unitygames #gamesindustry #unitytechnologies #gamedevelopers #gamedev #gamedevelopment #gamedevelopers #gamedev #gamedevelopment #gamedesign #python #videogames #unrealengine #codingisfun #code #coder - @n0nb1narydev on Instagram

- On who gets the final say. Please dont bug Jay or Ben about it. It doesnt seem like they can do anything rn.

- Correct Reality Glitch - what do you think?

#wip #pushai #art #photoshop #octopus #monster #sea #characterdesign - @pushaiart on Instagram

- [ctwm] *notices your cursor*

- Chromes new Dark Mode Turns Discords Light Mode Black

- Suddenly pregnant

- New unreads menu

- Just talking about how to get inside Area 51...

- me_irl

- That got dark rather quickly

- If its all zero, why is the line halfway up the graph? (Epic Games Launcher)

- me🔥irl

- design

- [OC] My discord CSS as an attempt to fix the discord white theme

- uhh... how do i get this banner? saw someone with it.

- This madlad is gonna make mac & cheese

- Havong

☁️𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐞☁️ - - - - aJSHDH bueno m da paja hacer la descripción pero en fin, hicimos un directo con @renkinomoto y como yo no sabía q dibujar pedí q me digan un personaje y @chocoasd mencionó a esta bella señoritA y bue la dibujé. En el directo solo alcancé a hacer el boceto pq tardé mucho haciendo la mano, como siempre JSJDH pero bue, espero q les guste pq las luces fueron una patada en los huevos 😳✌️ #vocaloidfanart #kasanetetofanart #tetokasanefanart #vocaloid #tetokasane #kasaneteto #fanart #drawing #draws #girldraw #dibujos #dibujodigital #digitaldraw #dibujo #artist #painting #illustration #artistsoninstagram #digitalart #sketch #like #fashion #arte #nature #photo #draw #style #cute #instaart - @vinnbears on Instagram

- Camping Gadgets

- Reading usernames is important

- So i was playing The Sims 4 when i found this...

- After Effects

- Ai tuts

- OneNotes last update made the icon smaller

- [OC] My player is writing his backstory off of this now

- me_irl

- Lifetime NITRO? Im in

You can call me a hacker , programmer , web developer etc. Which needs programming right ?? So here is an example if my programming skills !! - - - - #gainwithbidobidorised #pursuitofpotraits #potraitske #photooftheday #igke #igerske #vscoke #iamnairobian #igersnairobi #gainwithmchina #gainwithkamenace #gainwithbundi #publicity254 #10over10 #gainwithlarrymemes #gainwithcarlz #gaintrain #gaintrick #gainwithspikes #gainwithtedbrown #254fashion #publicity254 #ignairobi #gainwithkelele #gainwithxtiandela #gainparty #gainwithpaula#gainwithsashamardo #afrofyb - @mr_racer_07 on Instagram

- G


Never thought I’d like anything as much as music, but here we are. . It’s great to know one can be a creative AND truly happy at the same time. 6 months into this journey already and looking forward to diving even deeper into the world of tech. Best decision I’ve made in a while ✨ . I’ll be posting more code-related things on here moving forward; as with anything – you have to own it. If you’d like to talk about getting into code yourself, or if you’re interested in creative happiness, get at me. x . Season 2 of THE ART OF DFFRNCE is also on its way; music and code have so much in common – it’ll be an interesting one for sure . Will there be more music? Maybe. Probably. No rush, though. . And for those in the know, yes – I am indeed setting state in render().. it’s a metaphor for continuous evolution. . #code #programming #softwaredeveloper #softwareengineer #react #reactnative #javascript #python #rails #ruby #fullstack #6monthsin #tech #creativity #happiness #creativehappiness - @xamvolo on Instagram

@nickmira_ on the first mel @barley.sc 🥂 on the second - @therealinfinityoz on Instagram

🐺❤️ . . #Twitch #emotes #graphicdesign #twitchtv #twitchstreamer #twitchemotes #twitchemoteartist #streamer #contentcreator #emotestwitch #kawaii #chibi #fiverr #digitalart #wacom #emoteartist #twitchstreaming #twitchaffiliate #twitchstreamers #gamergirls #twitchgraphic - @drawingdory on Instagram

- nice

- Cinematography / Photoshoot Lighting

- Heart beat ring

- 411 Locals Indeed

- hmmm

- Whuch. Whucch. Wgi

- I think that there might be a slight bias in the jokes I’m getting...

- Last time I went on this site, one of the adds was of a sextape...I still wonder if 6 adds is enough.

- words of wisdom from my friend

- Why do i even try

- cursed_message This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it

- sipe

- grass

- C code

- 0 braincells gang gang

- r/mk in a nutshell

- I’m already pretty nostalgic for how confused/hyped everyone was that day when the game turned off

- New Reddit Bean

- Ah yes, classic discord profile picture

- Chewtoy oh my god

- Well this is kinda... umm

- *chuckles* Im in danger

Surprise via discord sebelom nobar. Lov bgt @daijobuclub 💜 #yahallo - @mashirodion on Instagram

- Looks like I have some typos in my base64 icon

Vezi fă? Ești populară până și pe yt Xd - @toxic_christiann_ on Instagram

- drawings come to life

- The way my YouTube blurs sometimes, this can happen for up to 5 hours(restarting the app doesn’t help)

- I see your Hello World program using Fourier transform and raise you a multi-threaded Hello World

- As a UI designer, this bothers me every time I open Photoshop.

- Drigz

- Heather

- You guys know Umbrella Academy, right?

- My friend recently gave me admin in his server so i changed everthing to a prequel quote

Please follow • @codeherk MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: STREETWEAR MARKETPLACE A time lapse video of me developing a marketplace app. In previous posts, I have shown a mock up of the design. That was the design and this is the development. Here I will also show a side by side comparison of the design mock up and the produced result. This is a work in progress. Developer Tools: Visual Studio Code React Ionic Credits: Forty Nine - Circa 18 by VMA @vance.makes.art SO WHATCHA THINK? Your feedback is important! Like, share and comment with your thoughts. #react #ionic #typescript #javascript #userinterface #userexperience #mobileapp #mobileappdesign #appdesign #uitrends #sneakers #streetwear #code #codinglife #codingdays #technology #programminglife #peoplewhocode #devlife #blacksintechmatter - @comment_sense on Instagram

- the comment with the correct lyrics was downvoted to 0 and deleted while the one with the incorrect lyrics was used to continue the chain

- These Discord bots

- The disrespect in fortnite br discord

- Ole deactivates his twitter due to abuse, how long is this going to go on for


- PinkFantasy members open official TikTok accounts

- mk logo

- So relatable am i right!

- This is now my go-to response to Checkmark-Based Reviews

- Posting this here cuz I don’t wanna be banned from r/memes

- [bspwm]i love bspwm

- Oh No Member Count Bot fell to the SJW Cultural Marxist agenda I am literally Crying and shaking rn

- Best hacking tools

- Uhhhhhh, what?

- Hey guys, this must be a really stupid question but how can I create this color fill thing manually? I dont even know what that is so I cant look it up.

- Im making a Minecraft skin for someone and hes being an asshole.


- Icon set & Iconfinder

- I actually did not know.

- Plask

- i made this tired person. i want critisism

- I made a Wumpus in Photoshop! :)

- Redmis UI wants me to permanently use its default browser while opening links, but if I select more option, it removes the tick mark.

- How to find out the length of an array in Java

- I have no words

- Discord emotes

- no we dont skip school we are sick lmao

- Meanwhile at Discord HQ, where their CDN has stopped working


- [BSPWM] Robots & Roaches

- This dev has a VSCode extension that seems to output values (904) in real time, anyone know where I can find something like that?

- New status icons! Looks even better in colourblind mode

- [OC] cmus-notify

- Soft chapati recipe

- 2meirl4meirl

- Guys I think she might like me back

- [XFCE] Flat and Clean Xub with Compiz


- Mods are asleep, upvode this image of usless python code, that does nothing

- The big good

- Did not write successfully.

- Cursed discord

- First time in history someone tried to get unwhooshed

- Man... Why you gotta do my boi like that? :(

- Blursed anime battle

- Scammer refuses to say hi to reddit :(

- Yes, we get it, Calendar.

¤ Perfect!¤ . ¤_____¤ Tags: ¤_____¤ #doodle #scribble #illust #manga #illustration #sketch #art #artist #artissues #relateable #relatable #artists #art🎨 #issues #artistproblem #artproblem #comedy #funny #lol #sad #lolol #rofl #haha #relatableartist - @relatable_artist on Instagram

- Cursed_StreetFight

Man just told us how to make rice. (This was yesterday, save me.) - @mexumin_4.am on Instagram

- Icon set & Iconfinder

- 404 Page

- ᴬʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵖʳᵒᵘᵈˀ

- When people ruin the pattern of text chains

- Amen.

- oh god, steam is losing it, somebody send he-

- You know it’s bad when this guy is there

- I think Discord is having an off-day.

- thanos car

- Umm... Thats not a cat.

- My first sculpting, like really first, firstest, like I’ve just came to this planet yesterday and there was a computer which has Blender installed in it on my landing zone, it’s that much first. There was this sculpt and then there was light, it is that much first. Hope you guys enjoy!

$end Porno @XadPerez ❌ @yorniell @eletudio 26.6.20 disponible en todas las plataformas una colaboración de #sdqdc @musicforexample #trap #SantoDomingo #barrioEPapelito #send #sendnude #sendporno #XadComunity - @xadperez on Instagram


- Canning squash

~max - @mdfk._.doi_prosti._ on Instagram

- Anon pays for his own meal

- Friendly reminder that Discord used to look like this : )

- Remember to never ping this guy

- Im pretty sure Im not muted, but thanks, Discord.

- Jello? Jello! Jello... JELLO I meant to say JELLO

- So I got this a while back (like months ago) and I just found it and thought it fit in this subreddit-

- [Meme] The Rod of DISCORD! Teleport by banning yourself and then creating an alternate account and then join in at a different, nearby location!

- TF2 Comic #1 - A Kick in the Ass for Newbies

- What is this flag pin on Christopher Hitchens lapel? (During his debate with Tariq Ramadan on Oct. 05, 2010).

- definitely a dick

- aerosmith has been known to cause stronks throughout the years

- This is why you should never do antimatter, kids.

- Discord is a special place

- q-dormir


- me irl

- I made a discord theme using a post I saw earlier!