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Its a joke for the Karens who dont understand humour 💀

wow do i cook meals at home surprised didnt expect that good question

- Skateboard ramps

✨Lightning ⚡️McQueer✨ on Twitter

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- dave mustaine

Not my vid

eleanor / do revenge

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- The 6 wisemen of Canadian comedy

Hawk 😈🐍

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- Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler and Brendan Fraser 1995 [from r/oldschoolcool]

robby keene

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- Montague Paratrooper

Hawk Cobra Kai


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- Sleeping With Sirens

Cobra Kai!

Maya Hawk as Robin

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- ITAP of my friends holding hands.

Meet Dave


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Throwback to 2015, skatepark and street carving lessons from @kody_the_mtnbrdr Such an epic trip to the States! | | #mountainboard #mountainboarding @thebrindbrothers @trampaboards @colab_mtb @atbshop @ukmountainboarding @trampateam #trampaboards #trampa #colabmtb #atbshop #mtb #snowboard #skateboard #mountainbike #thebrindbrothers #skatepark - @mattbrind17 on Instagram

Robby Keene 33

Robin Buckley Icon Season 4

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bad boi cru got me like - @deaddave_ on Instagram

Johnny Lawrence💗💗

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- He did it... he really did it...


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For your Monday viewing pleasure, the History of Skating’s Favorite Camera for @jenkemmag thanks to everyone at Jenkem and all my friends that helped me do the VX1000 the justice it deserves in this video essay ❤️ link in bio - @slam_machine on Instagram


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- why have I never seen this before haha best bts ever!!

Xolo ||

Fav pics!

stay the course keep going keep on keeping on go with it get it done

- Awesome places to skate

Robby and Tory - KEENRY Edit 🥺💛


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Big shout out to @realmickfoley for giving us a shout out! As pro wrestling fans, this is one of the coolest things to ever happen to us! #mickfoley #mankind #dudelove #cactusjack #wwe #royalrumble #eugenelevy #eugenelevyband #poppunk #prowrestling - @eugenelevyband on Instagram

Steve & Bucky Im gonna miss you Buddy

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- The cast of LOTR in 1999

my fav pic 4 some reason

Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities

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Happy birthday big/little sis haha I LOVE you! ✨💕 - @yungsahn on Instagram

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“I think that one of the things about the film that I find interesting is that the Alva Posse gets their recognition. I mean, these are some pretty influential skateboarders. Fred Smith. Dave Duncan. Billy Danforth. All of them. They sold a bunch of boards. The Alva Posse photograph with all of us in the leather jackets is in there. It was in Chicago on a rooftop. We were all there at the same time for a shop gig, a demo…  something. Scott Gross specialized in B&W film so we went up on the roof and took it. All in all, the film is just another interpretation of things. Buddy and Rick put it together and Jeff Grosso guides it. It’s a bit heartbreaking to watch now. It’s almost Jeff’s film rather than mine. In it, he talks about the price I paid and skateboarders pay sometimes to live the life some of us lead. He is quoting my Skateboarder Interview. He quotes, “Be prepared to suffer the consequences.” Then Jeff states, “I’m a perfect example of that.” Jeff gets to the end of the film…  before the end ever arrives. I hope everyone likes the film. Thank you to all involved.” Tony Alva Excerpt from Notes on The Tony Alva Story by @ozzie_ausband. Link in bio.  #thetonyalvastory #tonyalva #alvaposse #steviedread #eddiereategui #fredsmith #billdanforth #johnthomas #daveduncan #craigjohnson #chriscook #jimmurphy #texgibson #jefhartsel 📷 Scott Gross @brooklyneditions  - @officialalvaskates on Instagram

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- Asking Alexandria.



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Cobra Kai season 3 spoiler - @chris_ryall on Instagram


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Jawel! It’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 raffle time! Waar maak je kans op? 🛹 1 van de 20 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 games voor PlayStation 4 🛹 1 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Collector’s Edition voor PlayStation 4, incl. Limited Edition Birdhouse deck met printed handtekening van de Birdman himself! Hoe kun je meedoen aan deze Instagram raffle? 🛹 Like deze post en volg @skateboardfederatienederland! 🛹 Tag 2 vrienden onder deze post! De raffle duurt tot zaterdag 5 september 20:00 uur. De winnaars van 1 van de 20 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+ 2 worden zondagochtend per DM via Insta op de hoogte gesteld. De winnaar van de Collector’s Edition wordt op zondag tijdens de livestream van het @nkskateboarden bekend gemaakt. Over de uitslag wordt niet gecorrespondeerd. Deze raffle wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door @activision . - @skateboardfederatienederland on Instagram

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archive 📨 on Twitter

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- Went Skating today and got a few pictures


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❤️ Link in profile. - @anthem.bmx on Instagram

chief keef

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UNTIL TOMORROW - @luttrell_luttrell on Instagram

Tony Hawk

tony hawk

- Chad Smith

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Clippery clip from Verano eterno that we did for @creaturefiends 💚 full part link in bio 🎥 @damiatesorero thanks for going back there with me 😘 - @ulphandersson on Instagram

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Wayback Wednesday...when my youngest son turned pro photographer for @thatkevinsmith #jayandsentbob #secretstash #bringyourkidtoworkday #proudfather - @michaelzapcic on Instagram

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- Fall Out Boy

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- banda Linkin Park

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“Skateboarding is here to stay, so cities should accept it and provide designated facilities in order to alleviate that problem - @tonyhawk (President of our Board of Directors, The Skatepark Project) Read full @wsj article by clicking the link in our bio 🙌🏼 📷 @austinhargrave - @theskateparkproject on Instagram

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- Halifax news

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Watch Me and @bboysupershawn Revisiting the Final battle of @redbullbcone India cypher 2017. To watch full version Swipe up on my last story and have fun. @redbullindia @totheculture #battles #revisited #fun #share #moments #blissfulmoments #cherrish #love #brothers #redbullbcone - @flyingmachine_official_ on Instagram

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- Mark Gonzales - 1985. Turned 50 yesterday. Still rips.

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- Aesthetic

tony hawk

- Guy Picciotto From Fugazi In A Basketball Hoop

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I thought I knew what a boneless was. Then I saw this photo, and realized I had never actually seen one before. Thanks to @daz_dot_com for sending this pic of Eli Gould over. 1987. #skatelife #skateboard #skateboarding #skateboardhistory #thankyouskateboarding #skateordie #skateanddestroy #rollforever #societyrejectedus #oldschoolskateboarding #80sskateboarding #skatepunk #skateboardingsaves #daggersrule #skateboarder #cheapthrills #optout - @thepastparticiple on Instagram

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- Alexander Gustafsson talking about comeback to the ufc after grappling exhibition fight. Says he Needs to decide if its at LHW or HW first

thank you tony hawk cold as balls thanks thank you so much

- An English textbook with Felix in it

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- Nitro Circus

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✅ Day 1182 #letsgetitforever “Make Time “ 🙏🏿⚔️✊🏿🦅☮️ #bfreevlog1182 - @bfreebfree on Instagram

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- Canadian/Creeadian...

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- Doing my first ever Ollie on a Skateboard

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Plantasia 📸 @jobertphotography - @_get_radical_ on Instagram

esquire tony hawk got it with that one skater understand

- Old School

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- From an old Nintendo Power... Bill Duck Trinen attacks C Stick users.

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#Repost @remaboardhouse @download.ins --- Um dos nossos objetivos é trabalhar com marcas de skateboard real e estar sempre absorvendo o conceito que inspira na caminhada. A @cosmicunderwear é uma delas! “A Cosmic Surgiu em 2016 , sempre tendo o skate como base, em meio ao caos urbano e interagindo com a cidade através do movimento e da arte. Sempre ligado com arte, ficção científica, estudos relacionados ao espaço, filosofias orientais e afins, pensei em criar um nome que trouxesse uma energia especial para a marca e para aqueles que a usassem. Representando o universo e a energia que envolve todos nós. E foram 3 manifestações energéticas que me influenciaram nessa escolha. Prana: E a energia ou vitalidade em potencial responsável por todas as manifestações do universo. O “sopro de vida”. Fohat: Conhecida no ocidente por eletricidade, e que pode transformar-se em calor, magnetismo, luz, força e movimento. Kundalini: Ou fogo serpentino. É descrita como uma força adormecida, latente e potencial no organismo humano. As peças da Cosmic são desenvolvidas pensando sempre no skate. São confortáveis, com tecidos diferenciados e o principal, sua modelagem é maior para que dê liberdade aos movimentos. Além disso, ela é criada para ser uma peça possível de usar mesmo a mostra. Todo o design e arte desenvolvidos contam com artistas como o Felipe Claro (Space Super) e o Elvis Mourão (Hope). A Cosmic é composta por um time de skatistas tais como Felipe Felix, Alexandre Calado, Fabio Cristiano, Nilton Neves, Wagner Ramos, Rodolfo Ramos e Gian Naccarato.” Texto por Hilton Pedro e Mellina Iano Acesse nosso blog em e confira a matéria completa que fizemos em parceria com a marca. Fotos cedidas por @cosmicunderwear : @wagnerramossk8 f: @ricardonapoli_ @vghoouse f: @raphael_kumbrevicius @rodolforamossk8 f: @cau.kehl @vitalidadechannel @hilton_pedro f: @callejero_ @_caladoalexandre f: @pedroiti @vghoouse @gianaccarato f: @fabiobitaophotography @skateeterno #skateboard #blogdarema #nacional #cosmicunderwear - @rodolforamossk8 on Instagram

gamers repub if you agree

Can’t wait to get stuck into this one. The Tony Hawk games were some of my favourites from the PS1 era. Most definitely had a helping hand with my love for Skater Punk and turned me onto a lot of the bands that I still listen to today 🤘🏻 • • • #tonyhawkproskater #tonyhawk #tonyhawksproskater1and2 #punk #skatepunk #skaterpunk #rock #skateboarding #skateboard #ps4 #ps1 #ps2 #ps3 #playstation #videogames #extremesports #instagames #gamerguy #gamergirl #videogamecollection #gamergeek #gamer #psone - @rancidweasel on Instagram

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- Glam rock bands

slay ghidorah good luck kill it you got this

360 tooth switch hander over the spine, 1998 Worlds Portugal . Always loved doing this trick, might have to dig deep into the bank and see if its still in there somewhere. Thanks to @cheekymonkeybmx for the memory - @jasonenns on Instagram


- Life

nice job pointing thank you you did great great job

- Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Absolutely soul crushing. I can’t function, I can’t even think right now. I’m so grateful for all the years we spent together, even way back when we played little league together. This photo is from when we would pile into Casey’s moms Jeep every weekend to go skate, the good ol days as we would call them. What I would do to go back to those days. You always had a big smile on your face and I’ll always remember that. Life is precious and i love you all. I love you so much John, rest in peace❤️ - @hayden.don.miller on Instagram

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B L A S T I N G 🏁❤️🏁❤️🏁 @kihanaogawa Stoked to see the progression!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 #teamhosoi #skthard @hosoiskateboards 📸 @bobbyschaub_photography - @hosoiskateboards on Instagram

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~summer 2020~ thanks everyone who made it a good summer :) - @mia_rae_peterson on Instagram

- PsBattle: people in mid air around a guy punching the ground

- Drove by this thing for two decades. This summer locals cleaned it up enough to skate (and for me to take photos of them).

- Julian Wilson

Jason London joins us for our FREE ADMISSION Pensacon Halloweenfest on Oct. 31! See you there! - @pensacolapensacon on Instagram

On a mission to #saveourskillschallenge #savegophergymnastics ! I nominate @brennanpantazis @jhorton11 and @steve_legendre ! - @jake_dalton on Instagram

- Kung Fu

Scumbury funday 2020 was one to remember thank you @skatetwiggy @doodlegrip @maceysherman and everyone else that organised it 💥 - @seanbhui on Instagram

- In Wayne’s World 2 [1993] two young SNL writers played nerdy Aerosmith fans near the beginning of the movie. The two are now award-winning comedy legends: Robert Smigel and Bob Odenkirk.

DIT WAS OOK EEN KEER - @faberyayo on Instagram

- Skater boys

🐌 📲 @matheusvianams - @c4mil0 on Instagram

#hosoisauceoftheday “I’m praying for each and every one of you to never take life for granted... I have personally taken life for granted and I know what it feels like to not know what my purpose was... every life experience has now in retrospect... pointed me to the one who gave me this life to steward over... I realize that life is precious and a gift from God... since I gave my life to “Jesus Christ” I have been sober and have always been able to find peace, love and joy in the midst of my journey... God has a purpose for your life my friend... how do I know? It’s my faith in God that affirms it and confirms it in my Spirit man... I am praying for you all to have a “revelation” and not just to receive information... that God has a specific plan for your life...” ❤️✝️❤️ #GodsPlan #GodsPurpose #WalkingItOut #BlastingItOut #ShineBright #inna #DarkWorld #JesusLovesYou 🙏🏽mosquito #crookedcop #meloncholy #freestylinmagazine 📸 windy - @christianhosoi on Instagram

@_yeahman18 busting a sick frontside transfer at @bowl_a_nana and taking out 6th in the open/pro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @pharsideskateshop @lightningbearings - @shadowskateboards on Instagram

Mood when it’s finally fall weather. - on Instagram

- Soap or die! Who had these?!

- Got my new ride at the Labs!

so hyped to be in the new @tonyhawkthegame and i can’t wait to play it 🖤🙏🏼 . here’s a few screen grabs & an edit they made from a behind the scenes interview i did for #THPS 1+2 #THPS_Partner - @jamiethomas on Instagram

- Nardwuar Interviews

- The best of boys


- Snowboarding videos

Uma boa lembrança de 2016! Foto @adrianorebel muito obrigado pelo registro irmão. - @oliveralceu on Instagram

- Elizabeth, a retired pensioner from England. She established her own club and named it “Very Old Skateboarders.”

Fs wallride, pic by @maceomoreau - @zinkeey on Instagram

🦋🦁🌼Take this world 🌎 🎵🎸 - @queijominasmusica on Instagram

Best shape ever #therust go to @redcurbs and get everything you see here...but the deck - @master_shredder666 on Instagram

- Blursed_Tony Hawk

- hmmm

- Me with my new skateboard for my 14th birthday... I have no words.

@jorgevoodoo one of the members of the @voodooglowskulls down at @crooks_skateshop to drop of some Scarred X Voodoo collaboration boards💯🤘🏽🛹🎸 #voodooglowskulls #scarredskateboards #oldschoolshapes #boardgraphics #punkrock #skateboarding - @scarredskateboards on Instagram

- This Smooth Backside Smith

- Cool Skateboards

This one really hit hard 💔 I love you Keith! - @jakedonnelly on Instagram

The two sides of my wardrobe - @43_hughes on Instagram

- Alter Bridge

- big bald head

- CalStreets

- Southaven, Mississippi

- Skateboards

- I made a trick! Its called an Awko Taco. You grab your toe edge from behind and do a backflip!

Thank you all again, life’s a trip. On the road with a few of the boys currently, brewing something up for y’all🖤 - @treywood on Instagram

- Toronto Snow Show 2015

- My dad getting some sweet airtime, early 80s.

- skate

- Easter back nose grind shot by my sister

Happy 🔞th Massi you talented fucker! 🍻 @mazneee - @absolutebastard on Instagram

- hmmm

- Weezer and Henry Winkler (1994)

- ID on these blazers?

- Kaskade confronts kid who is selling redux ticket for $200

- Advertising

- Why does this photo look like it was taken in 1987?

Have you ever wondered why skateboards break?⁣ ⁣ 🔊 @martinmefjus ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #skate #skateboard #kapeskate - @kapeskate on Instagram

Redding, CA west coast tour with @themenzingers 2009. 📸 by @stress_builds_character_ - @broadwaycalls on Instagram

- Dude looks photoshopped while in mid-air

Happy Record Release Day to one of my best friends in the world and the entire BVB crew. Re-Stitch These Wounds is out now, produced and mixed by @jakepittsbvb & mastered by @zeussproducer. Somehow their band is over a decade old but I’ve stayed the exact same age. 🤔 - @superherohq on Instagram

Jak wszyscy to wszyscy! #10yearsofonedirection Kto z Was pamięta czasy, gdy Ed, Jake Gosling, Chris Leonard i 1D tworzyli cuda w @stickystudios ? ❣️Nie chcemy, abyście czuli się staro, ale w przyszłym roku świętujemy dziesiątą rocznicę pierwszego studyjnego albumu Eda - „Plus” 🙄➕🧡 - @edsheeranpl on Instagram

- Exclusive Artist Interviews

- My dorm room setup

- Blind Skateboards

- Corey Haim

- Hitting It Deep ❤️

- Crossed Out

He Was A Friend Of Mine #KellyClarkForever - @hotlunchsf on Instagram

🤠 📸@aaronsterwerf @blacklist_lbg - @psychobamf on Instagram

Mais um Grande lançamento - #Editora #DCS #deccsmagazine . Está no ar a nova edição da Revista Deccs Magazine edição N21 - Especial de aniversario 1 ano, confira na Digital Corre lá 👉 LINK NA BIO 👇 .⠀ Reme a vontade entre as paginas e aprecie o bom skate Mundial! . Edição N20 Acesse: Link Na Bio 👈 ou . Capa: Sandro Dias Instagram: @diassandro Manobra: Stale fish Foto: Chris Dangaard Insta: @chrisclicksdigital . . Contra Capa: @anselmocarvalho012 . Anunciante Patrocinador da revista Edição . N21: . Siga 👈 @mctwistskateboards 👈 . Parceiro: @insta.fpsk8 . . Gratidão Família 🤩👊✨ 💙🛹 . . . . . #skatebrasil #skatebrasilia #skatebrasileiro #brasil #skate #skateboard #skatelife #brasilia #skatepark #skater #skateeverydamnday #lbskate, #3sskaters, #skatistabr, #rodfilmes, #vidade1skatista #skateordie #skateboardingisfun #skateboards #berrics #skateshop #skateboarder #skategram #skaters #skates #skateallday #deccsmagazine - @deccsmagazine on Instagram

- First ever picture of Radiohead, circa 1986

Since we’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of @xgames, here’s a mini evolution of my X Games experience. PICTURE 1: @scott_clevenger. Scotty competed in the first ever “Extreme Games” and lived only a few towns away from me. I think he got 8th place and didn’t get much (or any) TV coverage but it tripped me out every time his name flashed on the screen. This was the 1st time I had seen a BMX comp on TV and there’s a guy there that I know! CLIP 2: 17 years old and I made it to the big show! I crashed hard on TV but got the pulled clip in @realpropsbmx. I’ll call it a draw! PICTURES 3 & 4: The Austin years of X Games were my favorite, especially 2015. I was the 2nd oldest invited rider in dirt and somehow got a bronze medal, which I feel bought me a few more years as a pro (listen to @palaver_bmx). LAST PHOTO: I now help with TV production at X Games and take a ton of pride in trying to help BMX sound as bad ass as it is! Very much hoping to stay involved and remain a part of the production team (@echoentertainment_inc)! Thanks X Games for the memories! #XGames25 - @chris_doyle22 on Instagram

- Go SK8…

The frontside ollie changed my life in 1978 or so when I first Alan Gelfand do one in Skateboarder Magazine and I thought the photo was so stunningly unbelievable that it was most likely faked, on the idea that it wasn’t possible to fly a skateboard through the air, off a vertical wall and land back down on the same wall, without some kind of attachment or grabbing the damn thing. And especially not Frontside, where you can’t really see where you’re landing either. For those that don’t know, this was also the era of “Skyhooks” and Velcro “suspenders”, so there was at least some reason to be skeptical, especially living in Sweden and having no way whatsoever to verify any of this. Then my arch nemesis, best friend of all time and one of the most talented skateboarders I have ever seen, Per Viking, decided that he didn’t need any technical or logical analysis or verification, he was just gonna do it! Because he tried, I had no choice but to try also. After days, neither of us had gotten more than an inch above the lip but one day I showed up at our local park, New Sport House and Per was just blasting the most beautiful frontside ollies ever! Somehow he had figured out the secret of hitting the tail on the vert (our ramp had no coping), and moving the board in the air with his feet and body weight that made it look just like Alan Gelfand’s Ollie Air. Having seen up close how to do it, I had a fighting chance but it took me weeks, if not months to get even close to what Per did in just one day. I’ll never forget the lessons I learned from Per Viking, a snot noosed scrawny kid with more balls and talent than most and really only One D-Way comes to mind. At some point in Sweden, I told all my friends that one of my goals was to one day do frontside ollie not only better than Per but better than Gelfand. This drew much laughter and ridicule of course. But I’ve spent a lifetime loving and appreciating the Frontside Ollie, I think it’s fundamental and one of the most important tricks ever invented and still, one of the most enjoyable to do. [Story continues in comments] - @tonylmagnusson on Instagram

It is not coincidental, it’s destiny… soon to come? 😉✌️#actionmovies #upcoming #breakthrough #bestmovie - @donnieyenofficial on Instagram

- In Too Deep

- Someone tried to burn down the half pipe at the skater built skate park in my city during lockdown

- @europe_the_band_fans on Instagram


- Hmm... Stole from the Chive

Happy National Sons day to the best son ever. You’re kind, honest,fierce , funny, interesting, loyal and empathetic. We love you for all you are and all you will become. Xoxo - @pardonmygarden on Instagram

- Nick backstreet boys

- Ran a skate camp this past summer, took this photo, pretty stoked on how it came out

- Skate & extreme

- hmmm

- Cursed_Family_Photo

- no christian servers in japan

- Eric Koston

- Blursed Wrestling match

UUUGGGGHHHHHH 💔 - @kirby29 on Instagram

- Big Air at King of Kona 2017 (Minolta X700, 28mm f/2.8, Fuji 400)

- Goosebumps Roller Blades! Who remembers these bad boys?

- Nah, don’t remember saying yes to this.

This is @austin_paz . Not only can he outskate most of us, he is also running the incredible @jump_street_podcast together with @homiebill . If you do not follow them already, this would be the right time to do so. There is a good amount of highly interesting podcasts available and they are all worth your time, we promise. In the meantime, we give our best to finish the concept for Winterclash 2021 ;) Photo: @united_world_rolling #winterclash #jumpstreetpodcast - @winterclash_official on Instagram

- two great dudes

- Trampoline House

🥊hard work - @abduljalloh_ on Instagram

- @boneslovemilk on Instagram

- San Fran giants

- Blink 182

- Blursed_skateboard

Tonight on WEQX - listen to a TRIBUTE TO THE MUSIC OF TONY HAWK PRO SKATER from 7-9 by Luke!!! So rad... a lot of great music and bands were introduced to the world this way. Hear why tonight!. We sponsor #jamontoast show Saturday mornings. Best underground and alternative station. Period. 102.7 🔥🤘🛹🎸 #weqxradio #manchester #skateboarding #skatemusic #punk #soundtrack #thps #thps2 #apparel #boards #culture - @arson_shop on Instagram

Lakewood halfpipe contest ... DEVO days were the best ..while into skateboarding and punk rock in the late 70’s early 80’s we would get teased , spit on , drinks poured on our heads at restaurants,and as we walked or skated down the street the hippie long hair dicks in their big trucks of the day wouldscream DEVO at us from their vehicles ... funny thing is I was an early proponent of D E V O and thought they were awesome with a completely different approach and THEN we got to make FreeDom of Choice video with them at Marina Del Rey skatepark .. DEVO rules always ... wish I could jam with @markmothersbaugh one day ! @lancemountain @lucero_rip @mrolson @bradbowman @eddieelguera @peraltastacy @thetonyalva1957 @theraver #IndependentTrucks #RidetheBest #FucktheRest! #SantaCruzskateboards #Vansskate #SpitFireWheels #Merge4Socks #PoolRules #PoolRegulations #PipelineSkatepark #SalbaArt #Salbatage #PowerFlex5 #LoveandGutsArt #ElectricGumbo #NeverForget #JeffGrosso❤️ #EastonNashForever❤️ #FuckCancer 📸 @cassimusfoto - @salba69 on Instagram

- MTV’s Wanna Be a VJ winner Jesse Camp

Got to film another part with my best friend @vindogg @fuckthisvideo 5 on @thrashermag don’t sleep - @lil_tuna on Instagram

Here’s a photo of Tom and Matt from @boldhardcore Also our guitar shredder James. On our first tour across the states to meet up with @chain_of_strength_official in ‘88. We ended up playing a lot of shows with Bold and Judge that tour. Go listen to our friends podcast @whereitwentpodcast They just posted their show on BOLD. @gregpolard @thehardcoreherbivore.108 Also notice how cheap gas is!! @missiontwoent @revelationrecords #insight #reflection #tour #standingstrong #soulforcerecords #boldhardcore #hardcore #missiontwoentertainment #jointhemission #chainofstrength #judgenyhc #revelationrecords #slchardcore #vinyl #buyourrecord - @insighthardcore on Instagram

Buenos momentos echando trago con Sting en Caracas. @theofficialsting #TBT #CaracasPopFestival #Sting #RecuerdosManá - @manaoficial on Instagram

- ITAP of my friend skateboarding. (X-Post from r/skateboarding)

- Me skating, 1986

- This is without a doubt the best way to spend a weekend with your 16 year old son.

Goed nieuws: De Popronde Nederland show van @aminorproblemband in Astrant Ede morgen, ondanks de verscherpte covid-maatregelen, gewoon door! Uiteraard zullen alle maatregelen worden gevolgd. Grote dank aan onze superfan Mark, die het mogelijk heeft gemaakt dat we toch een feestje kunnen gaan bouwen! RSVP: Popronde Popronde Pre-party 2020 EDE op facebook - @astrant_ede on Instagram

- Fully shifted to summer mode now. Still heavy snowboarding influence. FS 360 Indy on a mountainboard in Boulder, CO.

- Snowboard tricks

Cooley with a classic Mute 180 @cooleync 📷: @long_ton_that 🐟: @saucestinhendrix - @apex_blading_company on Instagram

- Who else misses this?

- Can someone help ID these shoes? I think they’re from the brand és and it’s a skate shoe

- Long & Skate

- Guts

- Nirvana, 1991.

- Foo Fighters

For when it was raw! ✨🙏✨ Skateboarding for Life! ・・・ On the sidelines of the Ventura Contest #skateboardermagazine June 1976 Photo: Mark Almerito . . . #BLASTBAND #BLASTHEADS #Repost @mad_taco_skates . #skateboardingisfun #1970sstyle #historyofskateboarding #retroskate #oldschoolskateboarding #offroad #skateculture #skateboard #StartTheMachine #StartTheMachineCo #STMco #SxTxMx - @blastband_ on Instagram

#pS4 #tonyhawk#freestickers&Posters. #tonyhawkproskater1&2 - @southbayskates on Instagram

- @janilanefans on Instagram

Following on from yesterdays post....this dropzone in the USA got a BLOG post spot on - entitled SKYDIVING MOVIES – AND THE LIES HOLLYWOOD TELLS View the Top 10 Skydive Movies Scenes of all time #skydive2020 - @skydivinglondon on Instagram

- Jeux roulants

- Cursed_kickflip

- Best Captioning Ive Ever Seen

- Z Boys

- Tony Hawk skating his home park, the Del Mar Skate Ranch in 1982

Steven Pineiro came from Puerto Rico to skate in California a number of years ago and recently, stopped by Bob’s Dreamland to shoot this totally insane Back Nose Blunt on the 13 Ft. concrete vertical wall with Chris Dangaard. We gave him some Ale Mazzara decks to take back to the PR, where he’s living now, representing his country in the Olympic trials. Look for more stuff from this super talented young park and vert skater in the near future. Ale’s deck is available at the all new H-Street online shop. #hstreetskateboards #onlythefaithful - @hstreetskateboards on Instagram

Love you Dana - @hayden.don.miller on Instagram

- Thkating ith awethome

- @rory_milanes on Instagram

- thrasher

- skt

- Homemade Cruiser Skateboard for a friend. (sorry dont have better pic)

I miss being a badass on a board. - @shoes_mustache on Instagram

TBT de hoje, direto do túnel do tempo tem: Euzinha antes do crash!! #ᴘʀᴀᴛᴏᴅᴏsᴠᴇʀᴇᴍ : foto onde estou descendo de skate a Pista do Parque Marinha do Brasil Porto Alegre - RS Uso: short jeans desbotado, regata azul, cotoveleiras e joelheiras de proteção. - @denisesiqueirasurf on Instagram

- California Uber Alles

Agradecido con la revista SOBRE RUEDAS Y MOTORES por el contenido de nuestros eventos en la ciudad de Huancayo, muchas gracias. 🙌😄 ➡️ @mandalafestivales ⬅️ ➡️ @homageskateshop ⬅️ ➡️ @peruanossinlimites ⬅️ ➡️ @arturoespinoza11 ⬅️ . . . #skateboard #skateperu #skatepark #skateboarding #skate #sk8 #sk8boarding #sk8er #sk8life #sk8ordie #skateshop #huancayo #huancayoperu #huancayocity #huancayoperú #huancayork #deportes #deportesextremos #junin #junínperú #peru🇵🇪 #peruanossinlimites #peru #goskateday #goskateboardingday #goskateboarding #skateday - @mandalafestivales on Instagram

🇷🇺 @benchadourne @bobbydekeyzer @hjaltehalberg @undergrund - @vadimovichh on Instagram

Here’s me ollie-ing approx. 8 stairs at the Belmont Pool in Long Beach, 1996. This was the height of The Simpsons “golden era” and some cheeky kids at school started calling me Sideshow Bob because my hair was big. Thanks to @petedeeble for including my 3-second part in his cool video, and also for co-inventing our “spaghetti-cutting-fork” in 6th grade.🍝 - @detangler on Instagram

- bobby hull

@eula_matias MATIAS volando la ola del haiti. 100% PODER 🙏🏻💫 - @haitiskatepark on Instagram

- Count dankulas Brexit bat :+100 ammo +100 damage+ 100 charisma

@robbindewit and @marthynguiljam by @jmsneep at the @opperclaes #rotterdamskateboarding - @rotterdamskateboarding on Instagram

We’re back with a special, special, SPECIAL first look at @tonyhawkthegame! The dudes @mikemo, @chrisroberts, and @_steezuschrist swap in and out and take turns completing some of the iconic challenges from THPS. Hit the link in bio to check it out! - @twodudesonegame on Instagram

- Thrasher Mag!

- Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Hey Guys, We are stoked to be starting up our new @cityofgoldcoast program with a year full of free skateboarding workshops. Our first lesson is this Saturday at Varsity Lakes skatepark. Text Jay on 0407910240 to secure your spot. P.s. we only take bookings on the week of each event. Catch you all soon. @goldcoastskateboardcoaching @theevetrucks @reallyboardheadwear #goldcoastskateboardcoaching #cityofgoldcoast #theevetrucks #reallyboardheadwear #skate #skateboard #skateboarding #skateboardlessons #skatelife #kidsthatrip #shredtillyadead #skatelife - @goldcoastskateboardcoaching on Instagram

A lot of new wheels were needed after the longest power slide section of The Gauntlet. Great day hosted by @thepanasonicyouth last weekend. Cheers for the 📸 @forgottotellya - @chapside180 on Instagram

PUSH FASTER, FLY FASTER 💚AWAY💚 - @burnttoes on Instagram

- Action Folds

- They’re becoming self ware

- I cant look at any shot of four characters without instinctively sorting them into the Four Houses

- 500 EACH outfit bruv!!!

#an - @grew_up_in_the_70s_and_80s on Instagram

- Shot this of my friend at the new 5th pocket skatepark in Landsdale PA

- How much control Jim Carrey has of his face as he smiles like the Grinch. Idk I just find it very interesting how much expressions hes able to express.

- Cool Skateboards

- Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2... I loved playing these games!

- Vicki Vickers 1970s

#blm . We will make a place for you!! All levels were welcome at the twin peaks hill bomb #skateboard 💣 Do what you can to help the movement for justice, equality and freedom. Life hasn’t been fair, and as long as your aim is toward the genuine cause and you stand strong and tall for equality, change will come. Donate where you can, also if you have the shopping itch seek a local movement cause or designer to spend $$ with, we have donated what we accumulated from the last @bandcamp #first Friday purchases, plus our personal band fund, to @peoplesbreakfastoakland .Make a place for others who need space and share knowledge to help those around you grow!!Especially those who are now learning they do have space to change and grow ⚔️All in!! All lively hoods welcome as long as your sense of genuine unity and respect for equality is present!! We’re donating what we can to @peoplesbreakfastoakland a local organization affluent in the movement to care for the community in which we personally live in and we wish to protect !! Stand strong, love your friends, be real, and look inside for a change! It may hurt but it’s worth it @unityskateboarding #blacklivesmatter #ftc #race #norace #equal #queer #nonbinary #blm #do what you can #donate #bastet_music #hillbombsf #twinpeaks #ftc #unityskateboarding #queer #allin #thrasher #skateboard #try #bitethedust #live #justice #unity #bastet_music #strong #allin #fall #getbackup #tagyourself #donate where you can - @bastet_music on Instagram

- If you thought 30 seconds was bad, how about 30 minutes?

Happy Birthday @grimplestix ! Do you feel like he do?🔥🔥🔥 - @blkprjkt on Instagram

@daveswift01 photos @berrics web article @beanwater1 and #gnarcel 💣🏴‍☠️💣! - @scram_skates on Instagram

- Pantera, Monsters of Rock Concert in Moscow, Russia 1991

- Blursed Hanks

- Blues nhl

- @eyob_skate on Instagram

- Super Street Fighter IV

- The Strokes

- California Uber Alles

- Taking kickflips to the next level. Literally.

Beauty and the Beast 3. 2010. Photo: @morfordmedia - @tnt_trujillo on Instagram

- Rob Van Dam

- Skateboards

Sempre bom fazer um vento nesse vert 📸@eduardobraz74 Obrigado mais uma vez a todos que fizeram parte dessa noite, que noite 🚀🙌🏻 💟 - @dandbmx on Instagram

The boys want to make noise with their toys with Perry’s voice - @stephenperkinsdrummer on Instagram

- dbz • android 17

It’s always special having a photo in a mag, but sharing the pages with good friends is especially sweet 🙏🏼✨ @thepanasonicyouth in Gran Canaria in the new @vagueskatemag all photos by @rich__west 💖💖💖💖 the vids up too, link in my bio for sweaty holiday shirts and the best spots going 💫 @blastskates - @benbroyd on Instagram

De muito tempo atrás @performancedesigns @lbaltimeters @uptvector @freeflowcamp - @surianmota on Instagram

- Skater Girls

@lancemountain Chin Ramp 1986. #lancemountain #bonesbrigade #chinramp #thesearchforanimalchin #skatelegends #skatephotography #jgrantbrittain - @jgrantbrittain on Instagram

- hmmm

- Bike Park

Classic game for #ps1 The original #tonyhawk pro skater. This game launched the popular franchise. This was a raw find that I had #watagames grade. Happy with the grade for sure. The original black label #playstation #sealedgames are getting tough to find. #playstation1 #tonyhawkproskater #skating #gamer #games #videogames #collecting #gradedgames #sportscollecting #sportscards #og #collectibles #collector - @aronmeystedt on Instagram

- Vision skateboards

Many moons ago. Skateboarding - @taitroelofs on Instagram

- @skateboardmagazine on Instagram


- My dad jumping off a dugout on his skateboard, 1980s

Blader Reunion 2020 at @woodwardinline - @zestycocktails on Instagram

- Artes & Desenhos

- skateboard

Happy 25th anniversary @xgames. So many good times and memories.. Looking forward to many more! #xgames25 - @motoshibata on Instagram

- Alan ollie Gelfand, inventor of the skateboarding trick, the Ollie, 1979

- Skate Boy

Thank you for everything Keith. You changed my life. I love you my friend. I’ll miss you. Now you can rest peacefully - @vtanderson on Instagram

- hmmm

- Thrasher Mag!

- Viral&Ambient Marketing

- Joker jumping on batman with his skateboard

Hamilton, New Zealand, 1987 @tonyhawk : During a surf trip in New Zealand, my brother and I drove by one of the few skateparks in the country. It was rough and weathered but I managed to do an ollie from the deep end into the shallow for this photo. We surfed Raglan right after. - @tonyhawksignatureline on Instagram

Big thanks to @jenkemmag #skateboarding #skatelife #skateculture #plainandem #realrecognizereal - @plainandsimple1 on Instagram

- Should I flirt with him or insult him?

- Charlie conway

OG #JeremyHenderson wallride at the ‘89 SHUT/Skate NYC contest ⚡️ #shutnyc #since86 #nyskateboarding - @shutnyc on Instagram

- Sk8 or Die! Cleveland 1990

- skate park

- Skate 3

..yes, Sam, yes...! Wish you could hit the sky again..♠️♠️♠️♠️ @vert_attack 📸Repost from @stew_bacca - @savateskatesocks on Instagram

- fonts

- Grinding with Soaps

Ive been trying to rip your tricks off for years, now Im going after your graphics. Sorry @chrispulman. Youre gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for being down. A tribute to one of my favourite skateboarders. Photos by @wigworland, @sidewalkhorse & @sharphoto. - @t0mday on Instagram

- lovesick blues

Who’s this guy next to Nicky? anyone recognize him??🤔😉 #NickyHayden #JeremyMcgrath #TheKentuckyKid #LegendsClub #Hero #RideOnKentuckyKid #NickyForever @nicky_hayden @jeremymcgrath - @nickyhayden_officialfan on Instagram

- You may be cool, but youll never be Chewbacca skateboarding cool. c.1980

- Blursed_game


- NHL Awards

- Why did textbooks always feature photos of kids doing fun things outside of school while we were still imprisoned?

- Kj Apa — ( Riverdale)

congratulations to the amazing @chloekim on her olympic gold and (swipe ) finally getting her ice cream at frostbites today! 🥇🍨🙌 #instagramworthy #winterolympics #frostbites #italianice #sorbetcream - @frostbitesfrozendelights on Instagram

Summit Ramp contest in the summer of ‘82. @keith_meek on the mini DP and me on a Gelfand tank (literally). Some peeps in the background; Ross McGowan, @stevecaballero and @lancemountain judging, with @45rpmvintage chilling (arms crossed) and @anorcalfish kneeling in the corner. Good times. - @livmojoe on Instagram

- Extreme sport

- PsBattle: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reuniting for Bill and Ted movie.

Backflip sequence of @beaverfleming 😯 Follow @wegrubby for more! #wegrubby #skateboarding #skating #megaramp #skate #skating - @wegrubby on Instagram

- Scored a Signed Tony Hawk 3 framed poster for $10 yesterday.

- Rodney Mullen, 80s

- Fitness

- Skate Videos

A blast to the past. @transworldskate check out from 2004. Everything about this makes me happy. Looking back, I feel so grateful for all the support I’ve had from my friends and skateboarding 🙏🏽 @scubasteve @mikeytaylor @michaelbarker @justinschulte @haydenbiener @atibaphoto @erickoston @marcjohnson @ghettochildwheels Seq. by @seutrinh - @toreypudwill on Instagram

- Cool Skateboards

- As a cancer survivor, seeing my friends long boarding across our state to raise money for research is extremely touching. Reddit, lets get these guys noticed and help them to shatter their fund raising goal!

- Fun Outdoor Activities

- Games

- We’re finally getting a remaster!!!

- Fuck...that takes BALLS!!!

- Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 coming September

- Set Your Goals

- [self] My friends had a Harry Potter skate meet up, so I went as my favorite Character! HAGRID! (photo by Tristian King) ((special appearance by King Ghidorah))

- Spontaneous sunset trick shot last night

- Counting Cars

- blursed mr. hawk

- The bones Brigade rocking the Air Jordan I in The Search for Animal Chin

Come sesh the Brighton QP by Milly this Wednesday. Everybody welcome bring grills and food 🤘🏼11:30 - 4:30ish - @child.labor_ on Instagram

- Bowl skating

- hmmm

- Tony Hawk

- Tony Hawk at his local skate park, 1986