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point attribution point attribution bon point

- Bridges & Walkways

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what is the point of you sonia stevens wentworth whats your point whats the point

- One good thing about this pandemic is folks are starting to really dig on Democratic socialism

lazy ˚✧₊

Elmariana con chaleco y casco

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- astronomy

𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚜 𝟷/𝟸

point fraud

- wind rose

Sassy google classroom

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- Get your potatoes ready

genshin impact matching pfp

thats the point thats my point point exactly duh

Дальний Восток, доброе утро! Мы, конечно, не Игорь Николаев, но тоже всей душой искренне влюблены в Сахалин ❤️ И очень хочется идти «по склонам, по траве зелёной», пока осень полностью не окрасила все вокруг в свои цвета. Фото: t.me/go_sakhalin - @tvoidv on Instagram

point autorit%C3%A9 point autorit%C3%A9 bon point

- I’m no expert but isn’t that essentially a police department?

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2spoke wheel 가장빠른휠~!! 공기의 저항이 보이시나요? 투스포크가 제일 적습니다 독자적인 기술로 만들어진 투스포크~~!! 아스티스포츠에서 만나보실수 있습니다 #아스티스포츠 #투스포크 #이발이 #스포크두개 #스포크 #강성도짱짱 #가장빠른휠 #로드자전거 #철인3종 #트랙 #로드 - @astisports_korea on Instagram

kimetsu no yaiba 2 temporada

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Small World - Gun Tower II Because you would never go out in this! #minimalism #minimalcolour #dreamscape #militaryfort #smallart #foggy #derelict #worseforwear #guntower - @trevorccotton on Instagram

Picture prank

𝘡𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘨𝘭𝘪 (𝘔𝘢𝘵𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 2/2)

good point sharon welles the oval true excellent point


Princesa ✨👑

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chaging point

- Virginia is for lovers!


Goku Black Icon HD

i get a point its a point got a point plus one one point

- Destination Wedding

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- Australia

Butterfly baby🦋

Hu tao pfp! ༊*·˚

thats not the point james engvid thats not what im saying youre missing the point


tubbo !!!

chainsaw man csm makima on

it’s time to give it a rest lol please leave these people alone .. we got bigger things to worry about 🤐 - @cocoagiirls on Instagram

frog test

Estherr La Main D’or 🎨🇨🇩🇨🇦 on Instagram: Yaniee 🦋 She’s giving black girl summer aesthetics! Lashes , lipgloss and sunglasses!! 🥰 . . . . . . . . #digitalartwork #drawingblackgirls #blackgirlaesthetics #drawing #lashes #makeup#brownskin #procreateapp #pink #blue #bambooearings #artrepreneur #swopponytail #cartooon #pfp #sunglasses #lipgloss #accessories

roadrage driving

Bring The Bahamas to life in the new and improved Discover app!! Coming July 20th! - #discover #bahamas #virtualreality #believeinbest - @discover.bahamas on Instagram

13 oct 2020...


point bon point confiance point confiance

- lighthouses

Masked & Un-Masked

yuyu yura keserv levraikeserv

Sonnenuntergänge in der #nordsee 😍 wann kommst du nach #sylt ? ⠀ #syltmomente #unsersylt #westerland #fewosylt #buhnen #buhne16 #inselsylt #sylt2019 - @sylt_ferienwohnungen on Instagram


destiny & takt (1/2)

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- Jacob Blake

jenn jenn robbins pink this girl this

- Consensual sex education

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jenn jenn robbins pointing pointing left points

Facts 🤷 - @ballerz.legion on Instagram

Preppy Profile Picture!

i agree with your point emma engvid i accept your point you have a point

- Kwebbelkop kinda(?) says Black Lives Matter?

point bon point point cueillette cueillette

- Wind spinners


point the

- Instagram

☁️s n o o p y☁️

Yours to claim matching pfp (3/3)

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- It’s twitter but still


- No, No he’s got a point!!

point bon point %C3%A9pouvantail point%C3%A9pouvantail

- @ghazal.iskra on Instagram

alan spicer asyt point pointing point at you

- Mendocino County

omg singhax oh my god exclamation point pink

- Safe, free education is not profitable though

another point dane manalad isa pang puntos bagong iskor puntos

tweeted by #addisonrae 👀 - @tiktokroom on Instagram

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- Imagine being sick enough to murder an old schizophrenic man

funny comedy meme show hilarious

- Bude, Cornwall

screaming void personality text animated text

- No, the h is silent in the British pronunciation, too.

super smash bros donkey kong diddy kong point pointing

- Warwick, Rhode Island

marit raaijmakers raaijmakers human powered health cyclist point up

- Great idea.

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- Youll look silly doing it, but its cool.

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- Senior Year

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- First time riding in Acadia. An absolutely excellent cycling destination for anyone else living in New England

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- Guillot devant de porte

drake pointing you

- Jacksonville, Fl.

thats a good point wren weichman corridor crew that a valid point of view thats a great opinion

- Have someone stick a wand up your gee and give your cervix a twiddle

good point flammy farzar excellent point great point

Dear Americans please register to vote (unless Trump somehow manages to stop the November election from happening?) - @feministwarrior_ on Instagram

sticker gmail emoji emoticon pixel art

- Lighthouses

upright point pointing up

#dublin #travel #ireland #travelireland #aroundtheworld #dreamvacation #vacation #travelphotography - @irelandiscovery on Instagram

exactly rich benoit rich rebuilds precisely thats the point


goodpoint good point gwendolinechristie gwendoline

- Best sit this one out, Mel

point bon point cigogne point cigogne

- Lighting fixtures

nicole tv youtuber pointing thinking you got a point

- Fairytale like walk through tunnel to the beach. Niantic, Connecticut

dm4uz3 foekoe foekoe gaming the greenscreen room emoji

- You either vote early OR in person, there’s no compromise.

tbi points

- Washington State Attorney General claims to defeat Lularoe’s motion. Trial set for February 16.

zxm travel point pointing pointing finger

- Autumn Breaks near St Andrews

barack obama finger point finger pointing pointing gotcha

- Abstract photography

reflection point ryan bruce fluff riffs beards and gear point of consideration

- What happens when people actually have class consciousness....

boneclinks bceu bones twitch streamer

- Beautiful Cornwall

point pointing point left giora morein

- You are never ever ever going to be a billionaire

you there trump yes pointing

- Deleted tweets from Mcgregor. Can’t help but feel for they guy with multiple false accusations.

love heart red heart exclamation point drawing

When have you ever seen J-Bay this empty? Amazing images by @kirsty_mcgillivray Stay Safe and Stay Home❤️ #surfingsouthafrica #ssa #jbay #jeffreysbay #staysafestayhome - @surfingsouthafrica on Instagram

the office finger guns right on steve carell michael scott

Stay strong everyone. - @fff.tavernier on Instagram

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- We could definitely do better

thats an excellent point eric cartman south park s15e12 one percent

- Clearly he was joking

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- Coastal Home Decor

touchdown extrapoint field goal score

峰区⛰️有興趣的小伙伴們可聯繫我們 #小西游记 #英国 #peakdistrict - @captaincloudtravel on Instagram

arrow point there this here

- Rolling Republican Disaster

you right sassy point yas gurl

- Child-friendly boutique hotels

pointing up joypixels above hand index finger

- Kitchen/ Dining Combo

cute baby happy point damn

- cornwall / beaches

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- Protect your sisters.

shaq pointing you got it dude yes yes yes thats the point

- Truro

pointy finger rafs rafsdesign rafsdesigns

- Bernie sees the tears of the American people the families who struggle every day to keep even a cent in their pocket because they are unable to buy their medicine so they ignore their health so they can pay rent.

you do have a point there denise ford the ms pat show you have a point thats actually true

- Split Rock Lighthouse

point at pointing you that its you

- @holiday_spots on Instagram

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- Couverture sur canapé

cute friend friendship cat point

- Beautiful sunset

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - @nikeadidasshirt on Instagram

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- Alpaca Wool Rugs

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- 100 Recipes

down pointing point finger hand

#blackouttuesday #blackoutthemedia THINK FOR YOURSELF!!! - @misskatwil on Instagram

salute point

- Duluth, Minnesota

habbo habbohotel hand pointing point

- Guys, watch me distract them for the millionth time. I see COVID is next on the list

point nicolas cage

- Modern and Contemporary Apartment Decor

pepepoint pepe pepe laugh laugh

- Trinidad, California. Shot on a phantom 3 at around 400 ft. [4000x2250]

the point

- He’s actually crazy

point anime poke


dots dot descendant descendants descendants of the sun

- they made promises they won’t keep the minute we stop

habbo habbohotel arrow down pointer

- [960x720][OC] California coast: Bodega Bay

voot select humble politiciann nograj nograj danish sait good point

- @umcolisi on Instagram

point left point left attention

- Corruption isn’t party bias

brooklyn nine nine amy santiago pointing point at you points at screen

- Andrews Residence

arrow point there this here

- give me a sword challenge

michael scott wink yes %E0%A4%86%E0%A4%81%E0%A4%96 %E0%A4%AE%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%B0%E0%A4%A8%E0%A4%BE

- Dan Rather knows where were heading.

point jimmy the bull rafael mantesso bull terrier bully

Our new edition of CBN is hot off the press! Check it out to read some exciting stories about some new changes in education services and media here in Central Oregon... and more! #business #media #education #centraloregon #inbend - @cascadebusinessnews on Instagram

drake point smile

- Mendocino Coast

pointing right joypixels right hand index finger

- The teacher knew what she was doing

will smith point interview yeah you

- Cops with no leashes

backhand index pointing up joypixels going up upward over there

- Top Minds think rules for thee, not for me

thats it yes thats it that right there omg that thats what i mean

- MSM blacks out thousands attending Sanders rally in 90 degree heat yesterday.

kawai cute pointing dance point

- The mask is off.

you got a point usher songland i see what youre saying i see what you did there

- Ahh boi the Ming

one point point point up up click here

- These are the words of the stable genius trump...I want any of you trump supporters to explain this....take your time. You all are very adept at paraphrasing.

you youre your yourself straight face

- Hotels - Boston

- Moon Gate

- Dream Home

- A fun fact!

- Beauty of Mother Nature

- Art


- nails it, again.

- Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Having a jolly good time at Stanage Plantation last month. Around this time four weeks ago, I was looking ahead to August and feeling like it might never come around. I didn’t know what so many things would look like over the next few weeks and I was a bag of nerves about all the uncertain parts of making changes. Then, just as always seems to be the way, I’ve blinked and a month has passed. And as always seems to be the way, I’m wondering what all the fuss was about. #ukclimbing #bouldering #rockclimbing #peakdistrict #quietinthewild #theoutbound #getoutstayout #theearthoutdoors #keepitwild #awakethesoul #peopleofadventure #exploremore #welivetoexplore #finditliveit #wanderfolk #adventurevisuals #liveoutdoors #wanderfolk #letsgosomewhere #exploretocreate #simplyadventure #wildernesstones #peakdistrictnationalpark - @_hannahmorris_ on Instagram

- 5G is the devil and makes zombies

Would you visit this cliffs?😱👇🏼 • UK🇬🇧 • The Jurassic Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the southern coast of England, stretching from Exmouth to Studland Bay, with natural features including arches, pinnacles and stack rocks.🌊 • 📷: @paul.watson.photography • Follow @geografans for more astonishing facts!👈🏼 Follow @geografans for more astonishing facts!👈🏼 Follow @geografans for more astonishing facts!👈🏼 • • • • #jurassiccoast #southernengland #oldharryrocks #jurassiccoastline #unesco #unescosite #unescoworldheritagesite #unescoheritagesite #coast #costa #cote #isleofpurbeck #visitengland #inglaterra #inghilterra #travelengland #englandtravel #englishcoast #traveluk #uktravel #visituk #traveleurope - @geografans on Instagram

- It’s not a coincidence

- Highway 1 Roadtrip

- Who’s gonna look out for billionaires?

- Navy missile vs 11000 ton tanker

- these cops give mass murders better treatment. They put this man on a leash, and yes its real

- Siccar Point- The story in these rocks was already finished 160 million years before the first dinosaur walked the Earth.

- Beaches in Ontario

Absolutely disgusting that this is reality!!! #abolishThePolice weve had enough already! We need a new system! - @weare_theirvoices on Instagram

Guess the small tower was a bit easier to move than the big one 😅. Fortunately, the lighthouse was moved away from the edge successfully last fall. . . . #rubjergknude #lønstrup #loenstrup #vestkysten #nordsee #nordseeküste #nature #welovedenmark #govisitdenmark #oplevdanmark #westcoast #northseecoast #opdagdanmark #opdagverden - @toppenafdanmark on Instagram

- Hangover Survival Kits

- Will you look at that, just found $30 trillion between the couch seats

- Combe Martin

- waldport, oregon

- There is So. Much. Fail here.

- Ielts Writing

- Inspiration

- Ancestral home...Isle of Skye

- Hes a big kid now

- Celtic Nations

- Lighthouse

- black

- Ancient Dwellings

- Easter Island, Chile

- Romantic Getaways

Reposted from @conmijente We are sending love to Breonna Taylor’s family, friends, and community. We know all too well that the criminal legal system is working just as designed—we need to keep organizing to build up real avenues for accountability and justice. Please continue to share what’s happening on the ground and if you can, donate to help communities in #Louisville—link in our bio #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor Images: Kimberlé Crenshaw (@sandylocks) via Twitter - @profe.ervin on Instagram

- Sunshine Coast, Australia

- Bus / Train / Tram

- Lighthouses

- 3D Quilts

- Austin Homes

- White House Down

- Filming a 360 degree dolly scene in The Departed

- Out of pocket

- I dare you to Self facepalm

From Montreal International Wreath Awards Film Festival - nomination announcement for Best Documentary at this year’s festival Sept. 18-20. See bio for web link to video #miwaff #documentary #bestdocumentary #Mainedocumentary #blueberries #indigenouspeople #wabanaki #fooddocumentary - @voicesfromthebarrens on Instagram

- Moon pics

- Architectural

- @nicbreeland on Instagram

- All things Irish

- Pent house

One of the most iconic places to visit in South Africa. Hole in the wall in Coffee Bay - @eastern_cape_travel on Instagram

- Cream Puff WHITE

#beach #beachlovers #naturephotography #naturelover #purenature #sea #sealover #seaside #mar #relax #chilling #summerday #summervibes #summertime #summer #summer2018 #greekislands #andros #tisgriastopidima #instalike #instatraveling #igers_greece #ig_worldclub #travelgram #greecestagram #reasonstovisitgreece #insta #amazing #landscape #2k18 - @lydia__ge on Instagram

- Beauty of Mother Nature

- Illinois has some good scenery: Garden of the Gods Recreation Area, Shawnee National Forest, Illinois

- Camping, Kayaking, Hiking...

- A rare calm winter day in the harbor.

- Atrapasueños

- Studio Danza

- Welp trolls, Breonna hasn’t gotten justice.

Autumn walk home this afternoon in #stives - @visitstives on Instagram

- Energy Star Ceiling Fans

- Ielts Writing

- Amazing Livingrooms Familyrooms

- She Has A Point There

- Peak District

- Anthropology major

- And before that...

- Murdering terrible legislation

🚁Finding new beaches, surf spots and possibly new climbing areas, while Exploring the west coast of Portugal🏕️. Quick fly over a few hidden beaches along the way. - @fish_o on Instagram

- Twitter account of the local police department

Yesterday Governor Abbott proposed legislation that would impose harsh penalties on Texans exercising their First Amendment right to protest. The ability to express dissent and demand justice is, for many, the only way to create change. We will not allow our government to silence us. - @aclutx on Instagram

- Dream Kitchens

- Fort William, Scotland

- When you go after Steve Irwin you best not miss

#capitalism #exploitation #alienation #labor #workingclass #proletariat #capitalists #capital #bourgeoisie #oppression #wealth #class #police #state #violence #privateproperty #freedom #sham #media #school #lies #surpluslaborvalue - @hamptonthink on Instagram

Glendale War Memorial, Isle of Skye. Built with rough stone but lucky enough to find good corners. The top is finished in a style known as ‘puddle cap’. A turf top would also be attractive. - @stonedyker on Instagram

- Ivanka Through The Lens Of George Orwell

One person one vote #blm #blacklivesmatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #arrestthekillersofbreonnataylor #nojusticenopeace✊🏾 - @mkim8318 on Instagram

- Abandond Houses/Buildings

- Isnt that what CHR be doing?

- political funnies

- ocean photos

- True

- Black Lives Matter

- Anothe Day Another Time, Celebrating the music Inside Llewyn Davis

- Don’t believe their propaganda. What part of ‘ALL cops are bastards’ is so hard to understand?

- Dorset coast

- Rug making

- Cornish coast

- Bodega Bay

- meirl

- @cscplans on Instagram

- Garden sculpture

- The Forgotten

- The American people are sitting at home hoping they don’t catch the virus and die while watching an impeached criminal and now responsible for the deaths of our most vulnerable citizens which is an act of Crimes Against Humanity...which he must stand trial for his failure to protect the American.

- Talk about living on the edge...

- autisme

Massive shout out to all of you that are listening and sharing your experiences of our latest episode, #ourhusbandtheking . We appreciate it and all this feedback inspires us to do even more! Thank You! What has your experience of #Episode4 been like? Not listened yet? Dont worry, check out our link in Bio for direct access or , click here if you can : https://bit.ly/2FCxgfE #afroqueerpodcast #history #kabaka #ugandanmartyrs #revisionisthistory - @afroqueerpodcast on Instagram

- Alam nyo na kaya todo kayod si APC.

- ceiling fan redo

- Electrical wiring

Feel the pain. It reminds you you’re alive. Fuck the USA and fuck the U.K., the parent exporter of the white supremacy the USA has mastered. Fuck the fact Black people are reduced to hashtags. And yet here we are. • • • #theukisnotinnocent #breonnataylor #breonnataylorwasmurdered #breonnataylorslifematters #abolishpolice #blacklivesstillmatter - @sianaarrgh on Instagram

- Perspective.

- Praias | Beaches

- Dorset coast

- The whole government is sick and corrupted. This like everything else will eventually be swept under the rug and forgotten.

- All Things Canadian

- For Paul

- pedestrian bridge

My daily view 😍 - @bouksima on Instagram

- heiliges Land

- Found one in the wild....

- damn, I wish I could argue.

- Beautiful Ol Blighty

- Music History

- Australia Pics

- Theyll solve poverty we just need to keep giving them all the wealth

- Everyday Home Remedies you can Trust

#sfs #ocean #beach #silence #peace #sun #love #people #endless #weather #home #instadaily #photography #picoftheday ♥️ - @sfpier on Instagram

- ITAP of a stone barrier separating a fresh water lake and a river.

- Bricolage et couture !

- Shit is getting real out here [serious]

- Irony

- Chile

- Monsoon flooding in Townsville, Australia.

- paysage

- Daily reminder Fine Gael are scum

- Lands End Trail

- Voyager Golden Record


- Cardiff

دنیا میں اس وقت دو سو سے زائد ممالک ھیں ۔ ان میں سے ایک ملک ایسا بھی ھے ۔ جو روس سے کم از کم دس گنا چھوٹا ھے ۔ لیکن جس کا نہری نظام روس کے نہری نظام سے تین گنا بڑا ھے ۔ یہ ملک دنیا میں مٹر کی پیداوار کے لحاظ سے دوسرے ، خوبانی ، کپاس اور گنے کی پیداوار کے لحاظ سے چوتھے ، پیاز اور دودھ کی پیداوار کے لحاظ سے پانچویں ، کھجور کی پیداوار کے لحاظ سے چھٹے ، آم کی پیداوار کے لحاظ سے ساتویں ، چاول کی پیداوار کے لحاظ سے آٹھویں ، گندم کی پیداوار کے لحاظ سے نویں اور مالٹے اور کینو کی پیداوار کے لحاظ سے دسویں نمبر پر ھے ۔ یہ ملک مجموعی زرعی پیداوار کے لحاظ سے دنیا میں پچیسویں 25 ویں نمبر پر ھے ۔ اس کی صرف گندم کی پیداوار پورے براعظم افریقہ کی پیداوار سے زائد اور براعظم جنوبی امریکہ کی پیداوار کے برابر ھے ۔ یہ ملک دنیا میں صنعتی پیداوار کے لحاظ سے پچپنویں 55 ویں نمبر پر ھے ۔ کوئلے کے ذخائر کے اعتبار سے چوتھے اور تانبے کے ذخائر کے اعتبار سے ساتویں نمبر پر ھے ۔ سی این جی کے استعمال میں اول نمبر پر ھے ۔ اس ملک کے گیس کے ذخائر ایشیا میں چھٹے نمبر پر ھیں اور یہ دنیا کی ساتویں ایٹمی طاقت ھے ۔ اور اس ملک کا نام ھے ۔ مملکت خداداد * پاکستان * For full resolution: https://ibb.co/sRBsDyX #Pakistan #Tourism #Travel #TouristAttractionMap trippers.pk - @pamir_huts_borith_lake on Instagram

- The socialist solution: Destroy Comcast.

- Oregon Coast

- 四枚羽根

- Well well well..how the turntables.

- Twitter Jack responding to Coinbase Brian on Crypto not leaving people behind as a currency.

- Beacon of hope


Thank you for 7,000 followers!! 😮🎉 Photo by @acorn_art_photography - @destinationhalifax on Instagram

- Roseland Peninsula

- Cornwall

- Lighthouses of the Northeast

Small World - Searchlight tower I The first of a few from my latest project featuring the Maunsell Sea Forts. Not intended to be accurate representations, simply my way of celebrating them. More info and a BTS video on my FaceBook page. #seaforts #small #digitalart #myworld #seascape #dreamscape - @trevorccotton on Instagram

- Ceiling Fans

- Offshore Wind Farms

- Eye of the beholder

- Bay of Biscay

- Boardwalks

#whereinmaineisthemtfhat . Heres another clue to the location of the MTF hat from yesterday. Same mountain, different trail. Well open it up today - now you just have to guess the mountain that both pictures were taken from to get a chance to win an MTF hat! . And as always, you can #donatetowin at the link in our bio. Next raffle is coming up once someone guesses the correct mountain! - @mainetrailfinder on Instagram

- Been there!

- Is Maisie shooting Arya scenes down the coast of White Harbor? Is she the welcoming party for Jon and Dany?

- Tywyn Beach, Mid West Wales... the inspiration for Tywin’s name? [SPOILERS MAIN]

- Camila designs

Boyeeghter bay , one of the most beautiful beaches in County Donegal#rocks#sun#bay#boyeeghter#beach#sand#donegal#ireland#sunset#grass#atlantic#ocean#sea#water - @discover__ireland on Instagram

- Nova Scotia

Looking over the kingdom #doolin #doonagorecastle #doolinpier #aranislands #inisoirr #ireland #castle #sunset #sky #photography #summer #theburren #cliffsofmoher #wildatlanticway #coclare #westcoastireland #westcoastliving - @west_coast_ireland on Instagram

I want to state for clarity and posterity my role in the Ojota protest. I was invited for what I and many believed was a genuine cause regarding the cost of fuel. As soon as I found out it was politically motivated I pulled out. I got a lot of backlash at the time but stood my ground. For the record I have NEVER and will NEVER affiliate with any political party that I don’t feel has the genuine interest of the people of Nigeria at heart. Even when the VP approached me to join APC, I blatantly refused as I also refused to join PDP or any other political party. - @femiakuti on Instagram

Another successful light expedition with @angus_muir_design and @bdixonb. - @_jamesrussell_ on Instagram

- creative decorating

- Photography Contests

- Antinatalism

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- [Spoiler] Shea Coulee initiates a dialogue about last night’s challenge

- Fantastic walk along Jurassic Coast [OC] [1334x750]

- Its time to push for free college in the U.S.

- St Ives, Cornwall

- Jacksonville beach 20 minutes after it reopened.

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- East Neuk Beaches - Kingsbarns

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- Since theyre trying to ban abortion...

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- I dreamed I was .....ing in my Maidenform bra.

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- ITAP of the Baltic Sea

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- Christopher Columbus was a genocidal maniac.

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- It would actually be cheaper to give home to the homeless.

Visste du at Ryvingen er Norges sydligste fyr? Les om alle landets fyrstasjoner på fyr.no/fyrene 🙂 Foto: Rita Dyrstad. #norskefyr #norskfyrhistoriskforening #nfhf #ryvingensvenner #ryvingenfyr #ryvingen #agder #utno #visitagder - @fyr.no on Instagram

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- Close to the Edge [pic]

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- The inside of one of the Knap of Howar Neolithic farmstead buildings on Papa Westray (an island with very fertile soil), one of the most northern of the Orkney Islands, Scotland. The 2 buildings date to roughly 3,500 BC, making it the oldest preserved house in Northern Europe [960 x 720]

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