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Gumdrop Song - Song Lyrics -The Crew-Cuts (Happy Dancing Gumdrop)


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This is your week to make things happen! _ Do you need a little sparkle in your life? _ Jane Iredale has some lovely new Lip Fixation lip stains. _ Get your self a new colour to shake things up. _ Come visit us to try on your new shade! - @atlantisdayspa on Instagram


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- Angry Women

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❣️𝑯𝒆𝒓𝒂 𝑨𝒏𝒔𝒂𝒓𝒊❣️

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- Ballet Quotes

Itzy - Wanna Be (Dance Practice)

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- Queen Creek, Arizona

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ALL MY LOVING⁷ 💕 on Twitter

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- Coolest Keep Calm Pins Ever!

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Lol Surprise - Muñeca L.O.L. Surprise OMG Dance Major Lady MGA

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- Attitude of gratitude quotes


‍م‍‌ن ‍ح‍‌ت‍‌‍‍‌ی ‍ل‍‌بہ ‍پ‍‌رت‍‌گ‍‌اه‍‌م ‍ب‍‌اش‍‌م ‍اوی‍‌زون ‍ک‍‌س‍‌‍‍‌ی ‍ن‍‌م‍‌ی‍‌ش‍‌م-!

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- Ol Miss

Magnets (feat. Sophie Simmons)

BeastBoy on Instagram: “Happy 130th Birthday to one of my favorite authors, H.P. Lovecraft! Hit the tag in the pic, or the top link in my profile to grab one of my…”

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- Dance your life !

Happy Easter

Bekhabar oh bekadar

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I love having martial arts as my job and am very fortunate that I get to train with the best, Hanshi Frank @jdfffn. Whether it’s staff training, one-on-one sessions we squeeze in during comic cons, or getting to assist him with classes, I always learn a TON and get so much value from it as a student and as an instructor. Now you have the same incredible opportunity to train with him. We’re super excited to have LIVE classes with Hanshi through Zoom. There are 3 dates (Swipe to see flyer) with only 10 spots. CLICK LINK IN BIO TO BOOK A SLOT. #martialarts #karate #rska #tosokunedo #virtualtraining #onlinetraining #livetraining - @nicolejdfinc on Instagram


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- Different Perspectives....

Quiz: 90% Of People Fail This 22 Question 80s Music Challenge. Will You?

30 Not Sexy Profile Pics from Russian Dating Sites | Team Jimmy Joe

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Popeyes or Popeyes? Family Feud contestants mix-up moment, happy dance is priceless

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- Buffalo wild wings coupons

I love K-pop

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Dance to the moon and reach for the stars. To get your dance video featured, DM us. Download the gamboll app for creating and exploring more amazing videos. #gambolldance #gambolldancer #gamboll #gamboller #gambollindia #danceforlife #dancer #dance #choreography #qbop #instagood #instadancer #instagram #india #indiandance #happiness - @gamboll_india on Instagram

Xdinary Heroes Happy Death Day M/V

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- How to Dance

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Meet people like Wildflower ðŸŒ

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- Final Exam Encouragement

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- Just Words

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Eddie Murphy Vinyl \So Happy\ Record Album 1980s R&B Pop Dance (1989 Cbs w/\Put Your Mouth On Me\)


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- Over the Rainbow

Thoughtful Bunch and Neon Pop Rubiks Cube Do The Neon Pop Dance

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Quiz: Are You An 80s Expert? Try To Name These 26 #1 Hit Songs.

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- Dance, Baby, Dance

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- Slow Dance

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- 50th birthday humor

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- Divine Feminine Rising

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- Breaking the Glass Ceiling

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- Dancers Pointe

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- Irish Dance

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- Daniel y Desiree

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- Contemporary Dance

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- Mamma Mia!

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- Alpha Kappa Alpha

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- Brassaï

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- JW videos

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- Meme yoga

my dancing

- missing best friend



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- Cancer Sucks!

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- Office Jokes

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- Stretches to improve flexibility

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Still my favorite quote. - @missfiyoga on Instagram

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- Dance 3

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- An outfit a day

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Whats your favorite emoji? Mine is 🐘 - @_best_dance_quotes on Instagram

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- raised eyebrow

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- Its gonna die in new anyway

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- Radiations are dange... HolUp

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- Do I care? I hate you

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- Ballerina

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- Good bios

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- Getting Dominos topless in a thong

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- Because women are just BEAUTIFUL!!!

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- How to hem pants

good morning kiss my love

- dance

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- The Perfect Girl

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- Dance definition

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- beauty and style

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- Hustle Quotes

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- Exactly

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- Accessories inspiration

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Happy #worldballetday enjoy a throwback, teaching @_njc713 to partner and some miscellaneous pics 🤪💃🏻👯‍♀️ - @jillisnow on Instagram

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This Sunday, co-founder Annie Parr will be leading a MDRN YGA Community Class on IG Live — 9am PT / 12pm ET. Open to any and all, this free 30-minute class combines principles of modern dance and yoga that are accessible to all, regardless of experience. Perfect for those that have been curious about our style and technique, or are simply looking for something new to do from the comfort of your own living room. Please share and tune in from wherever you are! - @mdrnyga on Instagram

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- Dancers drain me

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TODOS COMPARTIMOS LOS MISMO 😍😍😍❤🤗 - @frases_de_baile on Instagram

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- Careers and Training in Dance and Ballet

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- Beautiful jeans

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- Dear Sister

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8월 프라이빗 시작 #simple #waacking - @grace__heart_ on Instagram

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- Change control

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- Amanda Somerville

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- Ballet Tips from Adult Ballet Dancers!

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Proud of my fiancé! #Repost @saramearns with @get_repost ・・・ I am sooooo honored to be nominated for outstanding performer in the 2017-2018 season!!! The past couple of years, I’ve been passionate about doing projects that are out of my comfort zone, other dance techniques as well as growing my strength at NYCB, to be recognized for all those achievements is so humbling. Just this past year I’ve worked with Matthew Bourne, The Isadora Duncan Foundation, Jodi Melnick, Wang Ramirez, and the Paul Taylor dance company...These are the various artists that contributed to this nomination & I am so lucky and grateful!! Congrats to all the other nominees, it’s an honor to be included in this group!! Also congrats to @mbnewadventures for The Red Shoes for outstanding production !! @bessieawards @matthewbourne13 @isadoraduncandancefoundation @paultaylordancecompany @wangramirez @jodimelnickdance #ballerina #moderndance #theredshoes #dancesofisadora #no1 #newbodies #nomination #bessieawards - @joshuabergasse on Instagram

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Had a blast at Rainbow Dance Competition! It was so much fun 🥳💙 • • • #dancecompetition #rainbowdancecompetition #dance #dancelife #ilovetodance #dancerslife #friends #competition #lyrical #jazz #fun - @totallytali7 on Instagram

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- Best friend drawings

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- Real Estate Humor

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- Dance as if no one is watching....

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- Coolest Keep Calm Pins Ever!

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- jazz hip hop

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- Benefits of hiring a Coach

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- LuLaRoe Games

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- sophia macova perfect fit

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- Belly Dance Tribal


- Become an Avon Representative!

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- #VOTEBLUEIN2020!!!!


- Enough Said

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- Ballet & Dance Class

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We love the creativity behind this message! Happy Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month! ✨ #Au #AutisticGold #OurGoldenMoment #LightItUpGold #GlowItUpGold #Neurodiversity 💫 - @autismawareness on Instagram

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thank you very much

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Finding Freedom I miss moving through space, running across a studio, travelling, leaping... Somehow though, with all this extra time we now have - and the chance to take it - I feel more free than I have for a long while. I have time to do what I need and to put energy into the things Ive been wanting to build, both for myself and for our dance community. I guess in restriction there is also freedom Im also really aware how difficult things might be moving forward, and that scares me. But I hope that, when we can finally move across a studio like this again, that we can still keep hold of the freedom and value that, in our own small ways, were finding now 💛 Image by @dominicfarlam from a session at The Playground @theplayground_rambert led by Tommaso Petrolo #dance #dancer #dancersofinstagram #dancers #dancephotography #dancephoto #artist #artistsofinstagram #creative #creatives #freedom #running #movement #stayinghome #stayinspired - @rachel_elderkin on Instagram

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Step By Step Dance Academy always offers you to Dance beyond your limits🌟 So Forget all your troubles and start Dancing 🕺💃 - @stepbystep_dance_academy on Instagram

- 18 roses debut songs

@koros 👯‍♀️💜🎆 - @emmanuelle.gray.dancer on Instagram

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The Connection is offering a FREE DAY OF VIRTUAL DANCE CLASSES to celebrate National Dance Day! All classes and events are open to the public and geared to movers of all ages, experience levels and abilities! Classes will take place over Zoom. Please email taina.bey@theconnectiononline.org to receive the Zoom link for all classes and performances. Though all classes are FREE, if you enjoy the day, we ask that you consider making a donation to the American Dance Movement or The Connection. More information here at our link in bio! ⬆️ #summitnj #downtownnj #nationaldanceday #nationaldanceday2020 #newprovidencenj #springfieldnj #berkeleyheightsnj #dancelife - @the_connection_nj on Instagram

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- Passive Aggressive

Sometimes music is the only thing that gets my mind off of everything else... best part. #bestpart #dancingattheparkinglot #endofsummervibes - @aishimatsu on Instagram

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- Timeline Cover Photos!!!

- ナℰ@ℳ ʗℌℓօℰ

- 2016 - Inspiration

- honey facts

- Let me clear my throat


- -HOW TO: Dance Skill & Technique Videos-

- Aging With Attitude

- Home Dance Studio

- A Woman After Gods Own Heart

- Bring it in with a bang!

- Irish Wedding Traditions

- I hurt my back trying to JoJo pose

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BURLESQUE Friday, August 7th with @winkingeyeofgod 1 spot left in studio Lots in the live stream for only $7 Snag a spot and learn the art of the tease! Appropriate for all levels! Sign up online using the mindbody app or thru the website at buttercuppoledance.com . . . . . #buttercuppoledance #bpdnutterbutters #burlesque #tampafitness #thingstodotampa #socialdistance #virtualfitness - @buttercuppoledance on Instagram

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- A Girl Can Never Have To Many High Heels..

- Will Herondale Quotes

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LETS WORK !! - @_kidsmoove_ on Instagram

- Believe it or not....invisible illness

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Follow 👉 @nursedock for more ! . . . . Repost from @bedsidebitch . . . . #lpn #nurselife #nurse #nursing #nursestudent #nursememe #nursingmemes #medicalmemes #rnlife #nurseprobs #nursememes #nurseproud #nursesrock #nursingschool #nurse #rn - @nursedock on Instagram

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- Boundaries

🎶💜🎶Stay strong friends. - @portland_nightlife_promotions on Instagram


- all that glitters!

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- Belly dancing for beginners

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We’re going through some troubling times but we’ve definitely got this and we’ll come back 💯 times stronger💪🏼 . Let me know which comp you can’t wait to dance at next and who with 🖤🌟🖤🌟🖤🌟🖤🌟🖤🌟🖤🌟 . #firebefierce #dance #dancer #dancersofinstagram #competition #trophytime #cheer #atmosphere #danceislife #2021letsdothis 🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤 - @fire_be_fierce_activewear on Instagram

- Cha 9th bday - DJ Party

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- Dance Forever

- All the feelings

Black lives matter, and racism has no place in cultivating what matters. It is ugly and evil and we have a long way to go in the world and in each of our hearts to defeat it. Cultivating what matters in our lives means thinking big picture and taking small steps. It means living for something bigger than us and growing what lasts far longer than us. Fundamental to that is putting others above ourselves. Cultivating what matters means humility. Cultivating what matters means learning and seeking to understand. Cultivating what matters means taking steps forward for the good of others and our world. If youre looking for a place to start, @latashamorrison and @beabridgebuilder have taught us much over the years. We are still learning, and will continue to do so. Our world, our children, our black cultivators need us all to take that first step, or that next step. Lets begin today. To the many incredible black women in our community: You matter. You inspire us. Your voice is important here. - From what we shared on @CultivateWhatMatters this morning. Words in an Instagram post will never be enough and they will never be perfect, but my earnest prayer is that words with action will bring change. Ari and I are committed to more of the latter for our family, our black brothers and sisters, and our world. God, lead us. Change us. Mold us. Shape us to be more like You. - @laracasey on Instagram

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Who else can relate? 😅🕺🏽⠀ ⠀ (credit: Random Randomness/Facebook) - @georgehtakei on Instagram

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- Moving House

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- Beards are my version of heaven

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Theres a new kid on the block!! @redhummingbirdrooftopbar opens tonight with $5 beer, wine and basics and $10 cocktails from 5pm! Happy, happy Friday! #eatdrinkmelbourne #happyhour #happyhourmelbourne #fridaynight #happyfriday #redhummingbirdrooftopbar - @eat_drink_melbourne on Instagram

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- Bee Rescue Resources

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- Florence & the Machines

#leo #leomemes #relatable #zodiacmemes #zodiacsigns #leoseason #leosbelike #lol #memes #memesdaily #astrology #instagood #photooftheday #nature #meme #dankmemes #leos #toomanyhashtags - @leomemes__ on Instagram

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- ^*Quotes & Truths*^

Don’t wait to be asked. Don’t wait for someone else to go first. Don’t over think it. Don’t use the past as a crutch or shield. Stop thinking acting and believing you can’t. I should, I can, I will, I am, I’ll do it, me first! Do, delegate, delete, design whatever it takes to make your business and life incredible! Do it your way and in your style, but do it now not in your own time or you’ll talk yourself out of it or forget it 🙂 Fly high and strong! BFM - @businessfirstmagazine on Instagram

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- Flexibility

- Auntie Saraí

As we continue to have discussions about systemic racism, injustices and sexual misconduct in (and out) of our industry, here are 8 MORE things we should start to normalize as we continue to navigate through this pandemic.⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ Thanks to everyone who shared their personal opinions on our previous post! If you enjoy our content, please consider giving us a follow!⁣ ⁣⁣ #normalizing #normalization #danceindustry #arts #artsandentertainment #casting #castingdirector #castingcalls #workplacepolicy #workplacepolicies #dancerrates #dancercompensation #payequity #genderpronoun #genderpronouns #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #inclusivity #accessibilitymatters #landacknowledgement #womenempowerment #womeninpower #bipocpower #bipocpowersunite #dance #dancers #dancersofig #infosheet #forthemovement #callintoaction - @thedanceplug.ca on Instagram

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SWIPE 👉👉👉 Credit: Maria rosalia & Antonio and @shufflefli DOWNLOAD GAME👇 LINK IN BIO: @relax.you LINK IN BIO: @relax.you LINK IN BIO: @relax.you ——————————————— . . . #fluffyslime #softslime #glitterslime #butterslime #creamcheeseslime #slime #slimerepost #loveslime #viralslime #clickyslime #thickslime #greatslime #amazingslime #redslime #purpleslime #blueslime #orangeslime #yellowslime #greenslime #pinkslime #softbutterslime #christmasslime - @relax.you on Instagram

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- aged to perfection


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I’m still sore from Monday’s dégagés so we’re going to do them again! Livestream Basic Ballet tomorrow @bdcnyc #bdc #bdcnyc #ballet #basicballet #adultballetbeginner #balletclass #onlineballet #dancersofinstagram #balletdancer #deannadoyleonlineballet #pirouette #pasdebourree #degage 📷:Mike Manley - @deannadoyle8 on Instagram

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Women are constantly put into multi-tasking and multi-role situations. It is as if thats our super power! But nonetheless, we need all the support we can get to lift each other up to help keep the equilibrium mentally, emotionally and physically going in the green. Let go of the perfect setting and go with the flow AND maximise the pockets of space time to achieve what you need 👌🏻💕 . . . #cribsociety #cribladies #cribcommunity #womensupportingwomen #womencommunity #womenledbusinesses #womenempowerment #findingbalance - @crib_society on Instagram

- Breaking Bad

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- Keep Calm and......

- bahaha

- Keep calm

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!!! #yourmove - @yourmoveofficial on Instagram

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Hi everyone! . This post is made for you to give me your opinion, advices and criticism on Adult Ballet Magazine. What have you liked / disliked? Why? I want to know more precisely what I have to work on for the next issues. You can also tell me what kind of article you want to see in the next issue, and if you have specific ideas. Tell me all you want about ABM on this post ! I’m already working on the second one, even if I’m currently on my exam period at the university, so it’s slowing down the process. . Thanks for your support and your help. . Lots of love, Camille from @nevertoolateforballet . . . #adultballetmagazine #ABM #adultballetbeginner #adultballet #adultbeginner #ballet #magazine #opinion #feedback #thoughts #criticism #advices - @adultballetmagazine on Instagram

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It won’t be quite the same workout though! 😉 #tgif #themoreyouknow - @dudancelife on Instagram

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- *Close your eyes and Dance*

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- @studiothevenue on Instagram

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- Dance Your Soul

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- Marli kamer