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Free education resources available to download from Disneys popular West End Musicals including #MaryPoppins! Visit the link in our bio for activities, resources and videos to keep you entertained! - @marypoppinsmusical on Instagram

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Tik-Tok Dance GIF by Chris Gannon - Find & Share on GIPHY

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☆ sora harukawa

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🚨FRIDAY VIBE 🚨 Merci pour cette reprise !!! Cétait le feu 🔥!! On remet ça vendredi prochain ....💨 #Fridayvibe #Rouen #Danse - @chrisclain on Instagram

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𝓕𝓾𝓬𝓴 𝔂𝓸𝓾


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توثيق انستكرام

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Bu gun vid atmadigim icin ozur dilerim yarin aktif olmaya caliscam sizleri seviomm ~333333

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- Fast And Furious 7

: sana - twice !

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Compañeros a tope!! #LaViudaAlegre En los teatros del Canal, Madrid. Hanna y Danilo os esperan.😚 Un dos un dos un dos...🎶 - @nataliamillanactriz on Instagram

리아 Lia ¡!

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★☆ 𝐗𝐆 𝐈𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐒 ! ❅₊⋆

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- Ecstasy

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THROWBACK 2018 ...... Dancing with one and only @sanjana7529 ❤🔥🤙 So i have been searching for old videos and photos of me and have been finding some really good things. Remembering life with good memories and posting it just to cherish it life long... #throwbacks #dancevideos #dancerpartners #dancersoninstagram #friends #lifeisgood #zues #chrisbrown #dancechoreography - @anand_imhiphop on Instagram

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American Ballet Theatre is hosting a fundraiser for the #ABTCrisisReliefFund on their YouTube channel reuniting me, #EthanStiefel, #SaschaRadetsky and the gorgeous @ZoeSaldana. Together again for the first time in 20 years! Sept. 1, @ 7:30 PM EDT. - @amandaschull on Instagram

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- Beautiful.


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#josephinebaker #dancer #singer #icon #bananadance In 1925 she went to Paris to dance at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in La Revue Nègre and introduced her danse sauvage to France. She went on to become one of the most popular music-hall entertainers in France and achieved star billing at the Folies-Bergère, where she created a sensation by dancing seminude in a G-string ornamented with bananas. - @arabellaboopboopadoop on Instagram

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tanzen hase

🎁 27/03 Dia do Circo 🎪 O que era um encantamento e curiosidade se tornou parte da minha vida, minha rotina se resume a treino todos os dias e amoo cada segundo , msm exausta e quando não consigo atingir algum objetivo o circo me ensinou a não desistir jamais e acreditar. Eu acredito!!! Assim como no circo eu acredito que este momento de quarentena irá passar e em breve vamos voltar a treinar e prestigiar juntos espetáculos e artistas incríveis. . . . . @ciacatavento @cbmcirco @circobasileufranca . . . . #circo #artistcircus #aerialhooplove #iloveit - @kayllaraquel on Instagram


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Gracias Alicia Alonso por todo lo que nos dejas ❤️ - @bonniecorvalanestudioballet on Instagram

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비브라늄 스웩 넘치는 오코예의 대사 Guns… So primitive. “총이라니, 미개한 것들.” 블랙 팬서 中 #다시보는명대사 #마블 #블랙팬서 - @marvelkorea on Instagram

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ADAVUS - The fundamental steps / the foundation of Bharatanatyam. The deeper you practice, the brighter you dance. We believe, the beauty of dance lies in ADAVUS. We are very happy for the successful completion of our first ADAVU SUMMON!! (Thanks for all the backend fellow members, your actions meant a lot to us! We are indeed greatful to have such a crazy bunch of dancers around us) * * * * * * * * #bharatanatyam #bharathanatyam #nataraja #shiva #dancegod#dancelord #dancingshiva#dancinglord#bharatanatyamdancer#bharathanatyamdancerofinstagram #instadance #instadancing#instaphotographer#instaphotography#dancephotography #instaphotography #bangloredancers #bangalore #banglorephotography #performingart #performingartsphotograph#adavu#adavusummon#basicsteps#bharathanatyamcourse#bharatanatyamworkship#danceingday#adavusession#adavumeetup#viatualqorkshop - @naatyagamani on Instagram

Touch... Looking forward to dancing again with others, appreciating those simple moments of contact and all the possibilities you can create just moving with someone else 📸 Noel Shelley @noelshelley1 R&D with @rjhmcneill #dance #theatre #performance #research #artist #creative #explore #improvisation #dancephotography #photography #dancersofinstagram #artistsofinstagram #dancerlife #creativity #photograpy #touch #contactimprovisation #contemporary - @rachel_elderkin on Instagram

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- @bharatnatyam on Instagram

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🎶@chungha_official - staytonight 🎇 #kpop #dancecover #chungha - @seokjjji_ on Instagram

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TODOS COMPARTIMOS LOS MISMO 😍😍😍❤🤗 - @frases_de_baile on Instagram

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The most magical and beautiful interpretation of our story by @batterydance Choreography by @robincantrell ❤️ #maisonstgermain @stgermaindrinks - @chloelj31 on Instagram

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You’ll find me in my zone .... ✨🌓✨ - @lararose89 on Instagram

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Being on a throwback spree, here it is. A beautiful memory. This was my first program with @kanagasabai_dance_school . I had started developing a whole new perspective about the artform that I love so much from then ❤️ . But also, this was a fund raising program that I did along with my moms service organization on 16th March, 2008. . PS. We were able to collect around 2 lakhs because of her and so many other people like her ❤️ . Swipe to see the rest of the video 💃🏻 #appreciationpost #love #happiness #happy #happytimes #amma❤️ #mom - @dancer_sruthyanand on Instagram

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Saw The Rite of Spring at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in 2017 with @paulapturmina - a magical experience and I nearly screamed when I saw this! Sadler’s Wells, Pina Bausch Foundation and École des Sables present Dancing at Dusk — A moment with Pina Bausch’s The Rite of Spring. #DancingAtDusk In this stunning film, Pina Bausch’s iconic choreography The Rite of Spring is danced in an extraordinary setting, on the beach in Toubab Dialaw, Senegal Filmed as the world descended into lockdown it captures the last rehearsal of a specially assembled company of 38 dancers from 14 African countries, and documents a unique moment in their preparations for an international tour. A rare opportunity to watch one of the world’s greatest dance works. Proceeds will help support the artists, the future life of the production, and Sadler’s Wells. Link in bio! 🙏🏿. #meditationpiece#transcend - @mwana.wevhu on Instagram

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1.7.2020. Hari pertama bulan Juli tahun ini dimulai dengan latihan tari Bali (formasi lengkap) sama cewe-cewe cantik dan berbakat. Terima kasih ibu guru cantik, Mba @nyomantrianawati Dibalik layar (video dan foto), Mba @tugeg_mita 😄 • • • #dancers#balinesedance#legonglasem#mylife#dancerlife - @vitampiit on Instagram