Force Fields Profile Pics

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A-10 Warthog In Action

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Dreschen 2020 mit einem John Deere T560i🔥👌 ❗Das Bild ist unbearbeitet❗ Wie findet ihr das Bild?🤔 —————————————————————————————— #johndeere #johndeerepower #johndeeregreen #🚜 #agri #farming #stroh #landwirtschaft #landmaschinen #agrar #agrartechnik #landtechnik #farm #ernte #photography #erntezeit #trecker #traktor #schlepper #landwirt #nothingrunslikeadeere #farmer #photooftheday #acker #agrarfotografie #ackerbau #agriculture #agriculturelife #agro #bauer - @agrarfotos_nrw on Instagram

Star vs. the Forces of Evil S2 E6

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- Crop Cercle

U.S. Navy Photos of the Day: August 4

just laser arrived

- Allis Chalmers

Dassault Mirage 2000_The French Falcon of the Indian Airforce_#indianairforce#dassaultmirage

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- Colourful fields [3840x2160]

Image about beautiful lady in g i r l s ✨ by Aphrodite

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homestuck nepeta alerted shitpost

White dad answering the phone: yellow - @nolandoherty on Instagram

F-35B Lightning II Conducting Low Passes Over USS Tripoli


shocked marcelo marrowm programa do porchat surprised scared

- BIG Suburbs is now available on Steam Workshop! Please share your experiences with me! Dont forget to suscrube to the Prop Collection!

F-35 Evening Takeoffs with Afterburners

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star butterfly star vs the forces of evil star vs as for%C3%A7as do mal

- Peaceful nature

Identify the Bird⚡💥 #TheMostLethalModernFighter

Star vs. the Forces of Evil S1 E11

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- BBQ smokers

U.S. Army Field Artillery Branch Large Handmade Wooden Tribute Wall Pl - 9 / Birch


- All kinds of beauty

Amazing Harrier Jump Jet Landing

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- Truck mechanic

US Navy


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- Plane crashes in Moerdijk, Netherlands after flying through a tornado, which put too much stress in the wings, making the whole plane to disintegrate mid-air. October 6, 1981

Military 🤘


stab knife force fields jumping around kazok

- Some SBR scenery

F-15s and Mirage 2000 Fly Over

프린세스 스타의 모험일기

frost frostch frost_ch fst vtuber

We plant the seeds , but God gives the harvest☘️🌾 - @f._.b._.clicks on Instagram

US Air Force Thunderbirds Vs Russian Air Force Knights

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chandma fire force fight battle

- Crop circles

markiplier iswm in space with markiplier united stability agency usa

🐴 ————————————————————————— 📸: ————————————————————————— #johndeere #claas #fendt #newholland #case #work #repost #reposting #tractors #work #farming #harvest #agro #farm #farmer #farmers #tractor #potato #work #tractors #krone #dewulf #caseihpuma #caseihmagnum #casepower #fiat #farming #farmingmachines #valtra #agriculture #power - @farmers_europe on Instagram

marco diaz

physics magnetic force south red

- Precision Agriculture


protect our lands protect the environment now northeast canyons and seamounts marine national monument grand staircase escalante

To The Stars, now available to the public. (In full colour) Find it on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Fandago and other online VOD platforms - @lucasjzumann on Instagram

Star Butterfly profil photos pp

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- Dutch tulip fields

✁ - - 𝘚𝘝𝘛𝘍𝘖𝘌 𝘔𝘢𝘵𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝙞𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙨 ༉‧₊

loli spin lolicopter turn twirl anime

Wrapping up the 2019 harvest! This field of spelt is our last to do. Really excited to finally get this grain in the malthouse! #ctmalt #ctgrown #ctbeer #drinklocal - @thrallfamilymalt on Instagram

Icon Star Butterfly


- Cannons

✁ - - 𝘚𝘝𝘛𝘍𝘖𝘌 𝙞𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙨 ༉‧₊ •.° 🍡 𝐁𝐲 𝐗𝐮𝐥𝐢𝐡 ᴹʸ ᵉᵈⁱᵗ ⌫

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planet radio logo you fm


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sue fantastic four force field susan storm invisible girl

- Corn Mazes

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alert war exclamation point triangle be careful

- A long drive to town

𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻 𝓑𝓾𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓯𝓵𝔂 ❀


running away force field mirror barrier ok ok

- Outstanding in her field...

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curiouspiyuesh piyueshmodi visualthinking meet deadline deadline

- Ag & Food

kate mara susan storm fantastic four power field

- Construction, design, ideas

curiouspiyuesh piyueshmodi visualthinking meet deadline deadline

- Empire total war

really cool shield force field tank the smith plays the smith plays gif

- circulos

kirimi mo4 marikin online

- Glitch in the Matrix

using force field kamala khan iman vellani ms marvel making a shield

- Grand Island, Nebraska

oh my god chibi ekko teamfight tactics omg oh my gosh

- Farm

force shield escudo de for%C3%A7a campo de for%C3%A7a


faunzy gaia online

- A Passion for South African Artists

fire force

- I move in next Sunday! I have lots of plans. First things first I have to remove jack pine stumps, and then I want to put in a two acre pond at the bottom of the photo. Not a clue what I’m doing but I’ll ask as I go.

alicia online

- New holland tractor

hibana fire force enen no shouboutai anime

- Stipel, a village in Rohan

kris deltarune sword shield defense

- Farmall tractors

dog with force field

- alte Traktoren

youtube catalytic originals catalytic originals youtube logo

- Rainy day

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Awesome aerial shot from @tmickey150 #9rx #corn #graincart #combine #johndeere #tracks #aerialphotography #harvest #fall #america #usa #agriculture #ag #farming #usaagriculture - @usa_agriculture on Instagram


La nueva cosechadora S440 está equipada con tecnología a rotor que aumenta la productividad y entrega una excelente calidad de granos. Entrá a y conocela en detalle 🔎 #JohnDeereConecta #Cosechadora #JohnDeereArgentina - Cosechadora S440. - @johndeereargentina on Instagram

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Escapade Silverstone will be as close as you can get to the action at Silverstone 🙌 How about watching the build up and the actual Grand Prix from your own residence or the clubhouse - not bad 🤙 #escapadeliving #escapadesilverstone #grandprix #f1 #silverstone #luxury #livelikeadriver - @escapadeliving on Instagram

japan flags joypixels flag of japan japanese flag

- My new citys suburb. #vanilla #PS4

forcefield micah shera and the princesses of power magic shield defend myself

- Tractor

fennekin fire fire pokemon pokemon dance

- real crop circles

gengar gengar pokemon force field

- Corn Mazes

reading chris cantada chris cantada force reading time lets start reading

- King Cotton

dark gate digimon digimon adventure02 demon daemon

- Combine harvester

robin nosterafu tv twitch youtube

- Aircrafts World War One.

%E6%9D%8E%E5%98%89%E8%AA%A0 li ka shing superman %E6%9D%8E%E8%B6%85%E4%BA%BA %E6%9D%8E%E6%B0%8F%E5%8A%9B%E5%A0%B4

- Rural Circle Farm [1920x1080]

spamton deltarune vibrating excited

- Landscape ~ San Francisco, Digital, 1920x1600px


- Farming slogans

baji keisuke baji keisuke baji tokyo revengers tokyo revengers

- small farming district

godzilla yamato takeru utsuno ikusagami force field mirror barrier

- The Reapers of Barley

faunzy gaia online djrobe

- Bourtange, The Netherlands [1000 × 627]

holding the force field jason isaacs captain gabriel lorca star trek discovery separated

- Crop Circles

dream robot jinzhan android land

- John deere tractors

force field cress williams jefferson pierce black lightning thunder shield

- Crop Cercle

reading chris cantada chris cantada force reading time lets start reading

East Clintons FFA Officer Team with a new 8RX from our Washington Court House location! . . . #agpro #agproco #strongonservice #equippedforanything #johndeere #johndeeregreen #deere #deeresighting #nothingrunslikeadeere #drivegreen #ffa #farm #farms #farmer #farming #ag #agriculture #equipment #farmequipment #tractor #tractors #farmlife #americanfarmer #new #tracks #johndeeretractor - @agproco on Instagram

holding the force field jason isaacs captain gabriel lorca star trek discovery separated

- Harvest Safety Tips

chillers13 chillers planet sphere 3d

- Aliens UFO

bubble bubble boy jeremy cohen jerm cohen brooklyn

- Anyone else getting this weird tree saturation bug?

fnaf fnafworld freddy

- Steyr

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Segue a lida!🌱 Manda chuva São Pedro 🌨🙏🏻 📷 Créditos da foto via WhatsApp #agriculturainteriorsp 🇧🇷 :: :: :: “Acredite em você” Antes de tudo, acredite em si mesmo. Só é possível desenvolver um bom trabalho e atingir metas se tiver compreensão e clareza sobre a sua capacidade de realização.. :: :: :: #agriculturainteriorsp 🌱🚜 #boatarde ⛅️ - @agricultura.interior.sp on Instagram

riri miaou vtuber vtuber fr emotes in free fire catjam

- Alba | Scotland

sc2 starcraft force field protoss apm

#johndeere🚜 - @_john__deere_ on Instagram

faunzy gaia online djrobe robby patterson

- Great Rack

force field powers blue shield

- Art By Redbubble Artists

f na f freddy

- Tried to hide the industry, made a fortress

saturn girl imra ardeen amy jackson force field

- Global Positioning System

clover zero escape999 clover field clover999 clover zero escape

- Windmill drawing

jumping knife force fields shields kazok

Wir arbeiten für Sie!!! - @ostersundvoss on Instagram

fire force

- Crop circles and figures

energy field sphere

••• Last summer, Europe 40 Under 40 Award winning practice @melikealtinisik proposed an installation called Achrome[scape] at ‘To be Concrete’ Architecture Summer School by Betonart. Achrome[scape] is redefining the concrete as a material, which reveals the natural power of concrete and invites us to rethink the underestimated hidden beauty of concrete. Achrome describes an empty space with non-linear and colorless. The color of the Achrome is nature and the material is concrete. In Latin, morphê stands for “form” and ”genesis” means “formation”. The formation process of the design involves a holistic diversification from micro-macro to different-scale material types and to the settlement organization of units. A total of 158 units, all of which are made of a single white cell concrete, are based on various forms of the formation to make the boundaries pass across. To create a design that was dissolved in the soil, which was born out of the soil and approached to the smoothness of the sky, the material was transformed into the art of existence by using thinner aggregated concrete. The designer @melikealtinisik describes her installation; “Concrete is the perfect material for studying the design of nature itself to the corresponding rollback step by step towards nature. Our goal was to prove that concrete can exhibit a beautiful, warm, elegant and delicate existence.” BETONART Summer School To be Concrete / Morphogenesis ACHROME[scape] Moderator: Melike Altınışık @melikealtinisik Asist. Moderator: Begüm Aktaş @tobegumaktas The Star Team: Sevgi Altun @sevgii.altun Emre Çalışkan @eemrecaliskan Eda Gürhan @edagurhan Bekir Ülker @ulkerbekir Curators: Deniz Aslan @dsdenizaslan Nursen Gümüşsoy @nursengk #inspire #lad #landarchdaily #archdaily #architecture #landscapearchitecture #concrete #concretelove #turkey - @landarchdaily on Instagram

glitter force

- New Holland - Ford & Fiatagri

bubble boy shield video games roblox force field

- Farm Layout

girls frontline lee enfield headpat chibi

It’s amazing what can happen if you just keep chipping away at something. This is our third season on the farm. I started in 2018 with just a weedy field, filled with overgrown thistle, bindweed, and all kinds of other unpleasantness. But I had a spark in my eye and a hunger to make the prettiest farm in #loudouncounty. With a lot of work and a ton of help from friends and family, we are seeing a huge difference. Thank you to all who have supported me and my dream! I could not have done it without you 😍 #rootandmarrowfarm #loudouncountyva #smallfarm #notill #notillfarming #marketgarden #farmtotable - @rootandmarrowfarm on Instagram

green lantern force field bullets ring dc

- Farming...

bloodhunt logo spinner enforcer bloodhunt enforcer

- @cornlife_ on Instagram

force fields jumping players characters kazok

- Aliens signs

vakarian femshep vakarianfemshep masseffect femsheptwitch

- Crop circles

green lantern force field bullets ring dc

We support our local Farmers! ❤🚜 #Orlando #Kissimmee #florida #food #indianfood #usf #ucfknights #friday #tasty #goodfood #disney - @amberindianrestaurant on Instagram

hypixel skyblock worm scatha wiggle

- I had a lot of time to come up with this...

incredibles violet block force field smile

#fendt #johndeere #ravizza - @only_tractors on Instagram

delta force

- //Future//

running jump force field escaping fleeing

- Field with sun flowers, Germany [8568x4555] [OC]

dagvandebrandweer dvdb brandweer firefighter fireman

- Battle Of Britain

totally spies alex force field blocked barrier

- Marijuana garden hidden inside cornfield

ndp ndp19 ndp2019 national day parade singapore army

- Back On the Farm


- Pink tractor

9gag squid force yedi starwars

- Traditional Picture Frames

force field touch stuck cant leave powerful

- Purple Garlic from Pedroñeras

silentworker sw silentworkerfamily power force

- American Pastoral



kinetic field owl stage music festival edc

- hay maker

winx club bloom magic force field pixie

- Across the plains lies New Kenedy!

%E4%B8%8B%E9%9B%A8 %E6%B7%8B%E9%9B%A8 %E4%BF%9D%E6%8C%81%E5%B9%B2%E7%88%BD %E9%9B%A8%E4%BC%9E %E6%AF%9B%E6%AF%9B%E9%9B%A8

- English Allotments, A very British passion now my passion too.

atlantis shield force field the lost empire

- agriculture

swipe swipe left swipare freccia avanti

- Against a fence

force field

- Beach day from above

- Crop circles

- Caught with the last sunlight in Weinheim (Germany) [OC][720x1080]

- Amish (by Artists)

- magic hour, oil on canvas, 30x60

- hmmm

- Cowboy Prayer

- British Isles

- Crop Circles

- Jumbo Rolos

- farm girl photography

- [ farm ]

- Six month

- The pattern of this field.

- Gauchos way (Cuna de los pastos)

- Carl Warner

- hmmm

- This familys house and front yard are in the United States, but their backyard is in Canada

Aerial View of the Netherlands during Tulip Season.😍🌷 #naturephotography - @photo_specialist on Instagram

- Flying into Shannon (west coast of Ireland) for the first time. Cant wait for a pint and a fry!

- @photography_lover2606 on Instagram

- I’m not like other farm girls

- John Deere

- Out in the country

- Africa

- Blursed cannabis field in the middle of a cornfield

- Interstellar IRL

- Day and night

- Theodore Kittelsen

- Carbon Sequestration

- Aerial Photography

- crop circles

- crop circles

- Tractor, Farming

- John deere combine

- New Holland - Ford & Fiatagri

- Art - mix 2

- Aerial photograph of an Alice in Wonderland themed corn maze


- Green Roof Benefits

- Aliens signs

- Penn Yan

- [ farm ]

- Autumn/Fall

- Crop circles

- Crop Circle

- Crop circle & crop-circles

- 3 Kansas 3

- Autumn Education

🚜 • • • #35mmfilm #35mm #35mmphoto #35mmphotography #mmfilm #zorki3 #jupiter9_85mm_f2_0 #russianstuff @kodak #ektachrome #100 #madebykodak #analog #analoglife #analogcamera #analogfilm #analogphoto #artphotography #analogphotography #filmphotography #filmmaking #filmisnotdead #keepfilmalive #ishootfilm #colors #thefilmcommunity #ursus #harvesttime - @milorzab on Instagram

- Field wallpaper

- NY Times

- Myall Lakes 1983 | Widelux | Tri-X

- ancient ruins / structures / artifacts

- [ farm ]

- Wheat Farm Minor Improvement

Wishing all the farmers across the Country, a safe and successful harvest. Thank you for all you do! 📸 courtesy of Leo Pare. - @ribstonecreek on Instagram

- Result of a couple of hours skylining

Alturas Screening now at @viennashorts produced by @fruttidimarian @ohfafilm film by @rokore_____ @roh_art - @rokore_____ on Instagram

- Aerial photo of Dutch Tulip fields

- Crop Circles

- I made a 4-level stack intersection using the Realist HWY Ramp Project RHT :)

- Tulip farm in Holland

Wishing everyone a safe and successful harvest season! Photos from @tomjonesfoto #aerialphotography #sunset #sky #sun #farming #combine #truck #semi #corn #johndeere #ag #usa #usaagriculture - @usa_agriculture on Instagram

- Thoughts on my road layout for a new city?

- Horse Health Info

- This perfectly mowed field.

- ITAP of a corn field.

- Squaring the Crop Circle with Sacred Geometry

- Agriculture - Farm

- Mowed Grass. No artificial coloring, the colored patches comes from the direction of the grass particles.

Bitte habt Geduld, wir ernten gerade für euren vollen Teller!🌽🚜👍🏼 - @topagraroesterreich on Instagram

- Dakota Meyer

- crop circles

- prairie inspiration

- Chios...Πριν χρόνια

- Ambiente

- Wind Energy

- ITAP of old fencposts and windblown corn during a storm

- arctecher

- old tractors

- Oh no

- Summer Landscape

- good engagement pic ideas

- haybale senior pictors

- Blursed corn

- Farm Tools and Equipment

- cowboys


- Tulip farm in the Netherlands

- Pretty sweet road layout...

- Crop Circles

- Pollis - Episode 1 (S1) - After / Before

Saturday’s are made for seeders ...wait it is Saturday isn’t it 🤔 . . . #parklandfarms #plant20 #fromthefield #ontag #cdnag #johndeere #8400r #airseeder #50footer #airseedersofinstagram #saturday #seedersaturday #saturdaysareforseeders #wheat #winterwheat #povertygrass #keeponkeepinon #work #working #acresnothours #whenthelightscomeon #sendcoffee - @karl_armstrong8400 on Instagram

🌞✨ Shot By @christian.winter.photographie 🌞✨ #love #instagood #photooftheday #fashion #Beautiful #like4like #picoftheday #art #happy #photography #instagram #followme #style #follow #thehashtagsapp #instadaily #nude #life #cute #fitness #nature #beauty #girl #fun #photo #amazing #likeforlike #instalike #nature #smile - @anastasia__sydorenko on Instagram

- It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn[1920X1080]

- Daniel 2

- Brett Favre - Vikings

- Cherokee

It’s harvest time here in Maine! This is a plot of our #heritageseed trial at Buck Farms being harvested. - @mainegrainalliance on Instagram

- Agriculture Canada

- Come Down in Time--A Novel

- Hd wallpapers for mobile

- Tractor, Farming

- A County Life

- Hunting couple

- hmmm

- Forest Dwellers Flag

- Circles

- Country Decor

- Farm

- countryside

- crop circles

- Northumberlandia, the Lady of the North, earth sculpture.

- Aliens signs

- Slendy bird watching

- The root of all problems

- Aerial Skyline Pictures

- Farm life

- Grant Wood Paintings

- Aliens signs

- Crop Circles

FLANDERS FIELDS TREES. The power of diagonal lines. 📷 #flandersfields #flandersfield #treesofinstagram #belgium🇧🇪 #aerial #patterns #xt3 #fujifilm #pattern #shapes #viewfromabove #focusontheworldbelow #aerialphoto @fujifilmme @fujifilmbelgium 📷 Link to my website and blog in bio above. - @bjornmoerman on Instagram

- Apparently this is not all that uncommon.

- Cotton Picker Images

- Greatest of Lakes & Greatest of States

- Captain strength and future soldiers

- Fort Bourtange in Groningen, Netherlands

🌱 #SOJA: ¿CUÁLES SON LAS #OPORTUNIDADES PARA GENERAR MÁS 🛠️ #EMPLEO? . El Ing. #AlejandroSaavedra, Coordinador del Proyecto de #AgregadodeValor del @inta.argentina, sostiene en esta nota que la mirada debe estar puesta en la necesidad de cambiar la matriz #productiva comoditizada por una de mayor valor: además de transformar los #granos 🌽 en harina y aceite, hay que producir #proteínas para consumo humano 🥖 complementando el trabajo de la #industria ⚙️ . Tres cosas tiene claras la cadena de la soja: la #Argentina 🇦🇷 es eficiente en la #producción primaria, la gran industria 🏭 genera #ValorAgregado a través de la harina y el aceite, y el principal desafío es avanzar un paso más en la 🔗 #cadena de valor. . Lee la nota completa de @lanacioncom en este link: 💻 . . . #SomosINTA #INTAestá @inta_informa @intamarcosjuarez - @inta.agroindustria on Instagram

- amazing trails


- What tulip fields look like in Holland.

- wayne county.

- Daniel 2

- John deere combine

- Almost kissing the sun, me, acrylics, 2019

- Amish Life

📸: @tom.may16 • DM us your photos and we’ll post them - or tag us, or use #FarmingUK 🚜 • • • • • • #farm #farm365 #tractor #tractors #work #action #farming #photography #brazil #agriculture #masseyferguson #jcb #case #deutz #newholland #johndeere #claas #mccormick #fendt #lfl #fff #views #arable #farmingphotos #countrylife #agripics - @farminguk on Instagram

- Football Art

- Cannabis garden in a cornfield

- Energy Storage

This mornings dog walk🐕🐾💞SWIPE~~~ #morningwalks #dogsofinstagram #dogwalking #morningdogwalk #farmerfield #naturephotography #naturewalk #rollingcloud #morningsky #wildflowers #canonphotography #cropfield #fern #flowerphotography #naturelovers #flowerlovers #ukwildlifephotography #uk #poppies #bluebells #views #poser #puppylife #showsomelove #❤️ #🐾 #lurcher #borderterrier #crossbreed #mybaby - @rsphotography_x on Instagram

- Crop circle & crop-circles

- Offer accepted 😭

- School Paper Project: A Moon for the Misbegotten

- Cropcircles

- Yet another hay-bale photo! British Columbia, Canada [2000x1370]

Todays drone shot goes to 🚁 @danstagramh13 🇬🇧 . . Location 📌#sixpennyhandley #blandfordforum . . Use #uk_drone or tag @uk.drones for a feature . Go check out the artist and give some ❤ . . . . . . ________________ #ukdrone #dji #yuneec #mavicpro #mavicair #p4p #fromwhereidrone #phantom4 #uk #visitengland #visitbritain #greatbritain #england #wales #scotland #uk_shooters  #capturingbritain #bestukpics #ukpotd #mybritain #explore_britain #gloriousbritain #icu_britain #ig_scotland #djiuk #photosofengland - @uk.drones on Instagram

- Police Car Chase in a Farmers Field

- Crop Circle that contains the first 10 digits of pi

- Something Beautiful

- Amish life

- Not sure where to post this but I thought it was neat!

- Crop circles

- Architecture/design

- Farming 3

- Roman Army structure

- Kingdom of Bohemia

- The workers at my botanic gardens suck at making a symmetrical labyrinth

Whats the matter didnt make the massive fucking bellend team? - @poorly_thought_out_handle on Instagram

- Archaeology

- Farming simulator

- Cotton Fields

- hay maker

- Crop circle & crop-circles

- This farm in Oregon has the Enterprise tilled into it

- Built with 0.1 Fps and lots of freeze time, but I did it - Biggest train station to date :)) (Experiment W.I.P)

- Case IH

- Future tech


- Solar Farms

- Gadget Magazine

- Arbres/ Automne/ saisons

- Sims memes

- Precision Agriculture

- 🎶 Country Roads 🎶

FLASHBACKSUNDAY - Diese schöne Szene konnte ich 2018 in Mittelsachsen fotografieren. #ostblocktechnik #zt300 #traktorenwerkeschönebeck #fortschritt #landwirtschaft #nikond750 #wasserwagen #traktor #kühe #ostalgie #ostfahrzeugtechnik #ostfahrzeug #ostfahrzeuge #ddr #ddrfahrzeuge #ddrgeschichte #ddrlandmaschienen #ddrlandwirtschaft #ostdeutschland #landwirtschaft #kleinbauer #agriculture #agriculture_global #heutewiedamals - @ostblock_technik on Instagram

- Importance of Agriculture

- All you need is Play

- Disused WW2 airfield converted into a sapling farm

- Combine Images

- Crop Circles

Doesnt get much better than a beautiful sunset & wheat harvest. ⁠ ⁠ From Oklahoma Wheat Commission.⁠ ⁠ Wheat Harvest at Bar G Farms in Pond Creek.⁠ ⁠ 📷: Kayla Grimes. Thanks for sharing the great photo!⁠ ⁠ #harvest #oklahoma #harvest2020 #sunset #beautiful #nothingbetter - @eatwheat on Instagram

- Crop Circles

- David Hockney

OPENS THIS WEEKEND 🌽🎃🍁🌾 Sykes Family Farms 9 Acre Corn Maze & Mini Fall Festival open this weekend! At their farm, you and your family can enjoy hay rides, a massive play area, animals, cow milking, a sunflower & pumpkin patch, variety of delicious snack vendors, and more! 👉 For more info, check out our full guide to North Florida’s best corn mazes, pumpkin patches and farms at: (link 🔗 in bio) #904happyhour #igersjax #duuuval #ilovejax #904 #jax #jacksonville #onlyinjax #purefl #americanfarmer - @904happyhour on Instagram

- 1990s

- Amish

- ITAP of a fields in different stages

- John deere combine

- TIL that you can use zoo tiles to replicate a dirt field in irregular spaces on console

Have camera,will travel....even before camera phones were a thing I carried one every where I went. Always on the lookout for interesting equipment I found these dinosaurs working in 2007(?)... 283 mounted cotton strippers used to be everywhere on the South Plains....if you are of a certain age you undoubtedly ran one. There used to be fleets of these running during Texas cotton harvest but it’s since been replaced by machines that do in a day what these do in a week. #texascotton #johndeerecottonstripper #cottonstripper #johndeere #southplains - @sambezner on Instagram

- Dutch Gardens

- World War One

- This was in Washington (state) as well.

- West Kennet Long Barrow, UK [OC]. This ancient tomb dates from 3600 BC. Its older than Stonehenge. Avebury stone circle is near, as is Silbury Hill.

- Tractor, Farming

- Soon... (Using this photo as wallpaper, loved it.)

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We were getting ready to land in the centre of a field on the outskirts of the town of Bidar. As we approached the ground I could see a man running towards us, holding his white dhoti with one hand and somehow managing to keep the turban on his head from flying off with the other. Behind him ran a large group of screaming children. “Hold on to the sides...firmly. And watch your cameras,” ordered Major Bhaskar. In 2008, I was flying with the Indian Army’s Adventure Wing team on their last leg of a ballooning expedition that began at Pune and headed to Secundrabad. We hit the ground and bounced around in the basket, the members from the ground support staff had closed in on the landing spot to secure us. Landings can involve a tumble and in ballooning lingo, is hence sometimes referred to as a “washing machine landing”. Ours was smooth. From the air, I felt like God looking down at his creation. The world looked deceptively trouble free, happy and prosperous. We had drifted with the winds over neat geometrically divided fields. Smoke from the wood fires still hung over the clusters of houses. A flock of herons flew by, below us. I could have just stood there looking around from my unusual viewpoint at 3,000 ft and steadily drifting higher. We had been flying West to East (as is the norm, for reasons of wind direction) from Bidar to Secundrabad. All along, Captain Dimri was on his walkie-talkie (img. 7) keeping contact with the ‘chase party’ on the ground trying to locate their position as we moved on. As we drifted, the duo shared a story. On a previous expedition the Major and the Captain, once again landed the balloon, in the middle of some field; the usual crowd gathered. This time there were also some policemen in the crowd. Then, a small commotion broke out. A thief had been caught. The poor fellow, after stealing from the nearby village, had been hiding in the fields when the balloon landed. Unable to control his curiosity, he came out to have a closer look at the strange object that had dropped out of the skies, only to be arrested! - @chirodeepchaudhuri on Instagram

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