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Service is our Compass. That is 2020! You were born to serve, the spirit is within. And never has their been a better time to wake up and serve. Teachers. Soldiers. Parents. Doctors. Volunteers. I see you and I’m smiling at you. Waving at you. Thanking you and saying I get you! In the past 7 days our west coast has burned to ashes, our kids have started screenschool, or no school at all, virus victims fight, and 9/11’s 19th anniversary sat right in the middle, during which 343 firefighters and thousands of Americans lost their lives. Buried in these sobering stories is opportunity. We have to believe that and act on it everyday. Commit to our own health to achieve the everyday demand. Move with a purpose and be driven by the strength and spirits of those who serve. Emulate and channel them. Smile at each other. Be curious about each other and about our abilities. Whose boundaries are limitless when we sink our teeth all the way in. That’s the FitFighter way. Make it your way. Then reach out and help make it someone else’s way. Make it our way together. #fitfighter #readyforit #readyforanything #serviceisourcompass #publicservice #firstresponders - @sarah.apgar on Instagram

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- Chicago Fire Department


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- Making coffee over a campfire

B i g b r o t h e r a n d s i s t e r♥︎

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- Fire Apparatus and Trucks

Death the Kid • Soul Eater

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Not all Sangeet’s are made equal... Presenting the epic Night at a Bombay Roxy which launched the celebrations for the #thebbclubuk Event Decor Design & Production #sangeet #eventdesign #wedding #rwslondon #cartier #fire #wow #bringiton #epic #london #records #music #props #magical #musemotions #thebbclubuk #wow #fireacts - @rws_london on Instagram


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- Artistic tile


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- Fire safety


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Thank you to all those that are sacrificing their safety to protect our community from the fires - we appreciate you!! 🙏🙏🙏 : : 📸 @tualatin_valley_fire_rescue #firefighters #police #sheriff #wildfire #oregonfires #oregon #staysafe - @thewaldorfcenter on Instagram


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The first day at your new job! 🔥🚒🚨♥️🚑 Your thoughts? - @ccfes_1967 on Instagram

Central Cee

Pin by Skiskim on Quick Saves in 2022 | Money and happiness, Ideas for instagram photos, Poses for pictures

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GEM #bstrong is mobilizing to assist in the US west coast fires. Our teams will be on the ground in Oregon on September 16th working with the Brinker Family through local and emergency government agencies. We will also be on the ground in California assisting low income rural families. Please visit our Fire Missions Pages through our bio-link for detailed updates and program highlights. #thisisacrisis @bethennyfrankel @thelucbrinker @blakebrinker #fires #californiafires #oregonfires - @globalempowermentmission on Instagram

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- Emergency Readiness

daij on Instagram

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- The way this wick looks as it’s burning


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- Sol?

Free fire lover 🥰

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- Organic flame poofer

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Red Flag Warning Staffing Update: ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Engine 354 (responding from Station 6 on Central Ave.) and Water Tender 53 (responding from Station 8 on Fremont Blvd.) will be upstaffed for the Red Flag Warning through Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 8 AM (unless the Red Flag Warning is extended). ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Engine 354 will also be part of pre-positioned resources in Alameda County that can be deployed anywhere within the County during the Red Flag Warning. The crew will remain in Fremont unless dispatched to another city or unincorporated area within the County. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Though part of the upstaffed, pre-positioned resources in Fremont and Alameda County, Engine 354 will not be available for distant county dispatch during the Red Flag Warning assignment. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #FremontFire #FremontCA⁣⁣ #FremontFirefighters⁣⁣ #ServingFremont ⁣⁣ #AlamedaCounty #FREE354⁣⁣ #FREWT53 #RedFlagWarning - @fremontfire on Instagram

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- The wolf cutout looks like its breathing fire

Lil Uzi Vert

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- comic: anyas ghost

Dark wallpaper 4k


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Montebello Engine 57 is currently deployed as a part of Area E Strike Team XLE-1280A to the #applefire #californiafireseason2020 #californiafirefighter - @montebellofd on Instagram

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- Australian Bushfires 2019-2020



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- Remember 9/11

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- Lit | The Emperors Edge

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Зиму провели на @uzh.palachinta2020 пора встречать Св.Патрика☝️ Наше шоу можно заказать через онлайн-каталог или по тел 80663487094 #circusdragonfly #патрик #шоунапраздник #палачинта #фаершоу #закарпаття #шоунавесілля #ужгород - @circusdragonfly on Instagram


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- animations

five hargreeves!!

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So many areas of California have been greatly affected by all of the fires that are raging across the state. These fires have decimated SO MUCH. Working with a fraction of the resources needed, firefighters are working tirelessly to protect the national forests and communities, while thousands of people have been displaced, and many have lost their homes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ One of the largest fires, the CZU Fire Complex, has torn across the place my wife @murphyminoso grew up in, the Santa Cruz Mountains, and knows so many personally affected. Firefighters, families, and animals desperately need help and are depending on relief funds to help get them through. Please donate if you can ♥️ DONATION LINK IN MY STORY - @joeminoso on Instagram

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- Photo from a helicopter of a fire in the Pilliga State Forest back in 2006.

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- Backyard Bonfire Party

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Syosset Fire Department’s Engine 5 on the scene of a working house fire in Plainview on November 17th, 2019. ———————————————————————— Have images you want featured on this page? DM them to us! We’ll credit you and feature some of your best images of New York’s Finest & Bravest. All photos are created by this page’s owner unless a “source” is noted at the end of the photo description. Do not repost without asking permission.———————————————————————— #newyork #nypd #fdny #fdnyems #nypdfinest #fdnyresponsevideos #newyorkcity #longisland #westchestercounty #emergencyservices #emergencyservicephotography #policecar #firephotography #responsevideos #publicsafety #nassaucounty #suffolkcounty #police #firedepartment #photography #nyc #nycphotographer #cops #thinblueline #thinredline #thinwhiteline #syossetfiredepartment #plainview #followforfollowback #likeforfollow - @heroes_of_newyork on Instagram

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- Firefighter Costume Ideas

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- Fire!

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- Modern fireplace screen

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- DIY Haunted House Props

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Firefighters responded swiftly by ground and air to attack a 40 acre brush fire. Thanks to the relentless work of firefighters, none of the nearly 200 threatened homes were damaged or destroyed. All evacuation orders have been lifted. #lafd #brushfire #enginecompany #wildfire #Palisades #Firefighter #Palisadesfire #LAFDWestBureau - @lafdwestbureau on Instagram

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- All work and no play...

fire alarm

- When the NOTRE DAME burned in April last year, over $650 million was pledged in 24 hours. An area the SIZE of BELGIUM is currently on fire in South East Australia, lives have been lost, homes are reduced to rubble, 500 million animals have perished and koalas are endangered. Where are you now?

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- Church banners designs



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- ITAP of fire

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- This part of the fire that looks like a dragon’s head

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- Warm Colors

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- firefighter stuff

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The Lakeville Fire Department and Lions Club are hosting the first ever drive-thru breakfast at Fire Station #1 (Holyoke & Cty Rd 50). Meals will be served right to your vehicle window (no seating) by Lakeville FD members. This fundraiser is for 360 Communities on Saturday, Sept. 26 from 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. To purchase tickets, visit link in bio. - @cityoflakevillemn on Instagram


- fire

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- @asethic_pictures on Instagram

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- Earth, wind & ...

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- ITAP of a Fire Dancer

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- Emmas Lens

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- Fireman room

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Engine 391, @santabarbaracityfire Engine 374 and @carpinteriafirefighters2046 Engine 361 personnel were putting fire on the geound last night as part of a large backfire planned on the #bearfire at the #northcomplex . Using fire as a tool can save hours of work when applied correctly. These crews have been out 14 days, after replacing our previous personnel at 14 days. Sunday we will send up another set to swap out.@montecitofirefighterfoundation @montecitostrong @one805sb @keyt3kcoy12 #beonksby #californiafires #califirefighters #fire #firefighter #firefighters #striketeam1521c - @montecitofire on Instagram

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- Mini wood stove

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GFD Engine 21 today assisting with the #bobcatfire ...we are in it together with all our neighboring agencies to contain this destructive fire. #mygfd #myglendale - @glendalefireca on Instagram


- Firefighting


- Camp fire,:}

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We think that up to 90 miles of Pacific Crest Trail could have burned this year, and about 1,800 miles of trail were or are closed because of this unprecedented fire season. ⠀ PCTAs very own Eleonore Anderson has switched gears from leading trail maintenance to fighting fires along the trail. Thanks for the photos and the work @ejandersonart!⠀ ⠀ Weve yet to assess the severity of the damage as many fires are still active, but were looking at a huge amount of recovery work regardless. While fire is important and often beneficial to large wild landscapes, the trail will still need our care and attention. Past fires have caused millions of dollars in damage to the PCT. As always, our staff and volunteers are ready to work, whatever the situation. We hope youre there with us.⠀ ⠀ #PCTA #PacificCrestTrail #PCT #Volunteer #TrailCrew #LionsheadFire #PublicLands #WildlandFireFighter #WildlandFire - @pctassociation on Instagram

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- Basement/ Loft

fire ice

- Act of God

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Brush 151 is now on day 3 of deployment battling the Grizzly Creek Fire, now nearly 5000 acres and growing. Conditions are hot, dry, and windy in the area and continue to contribute to the growth of this destructive fire. - @castlerockff on Instagram

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- Bunny in the fire [pic]


- Camp food

fire eyes patrick star the patrick star show i see fire see it burn

#flame #fire #art #photography #love #nature #boy #style #beautiful #girl #streetstyle #color #travel #candle #flames #photo #wood #swag #l #design #live #newarrivals #tw #coverse #todayslook #taiwan #wiw #dailylook #fashionstyle #bhfyp - @tamilnaduphotography_hub on Instagram

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- Dark Pictures

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Featured by: @featuringpak Clicked by: @photoholics.0_0 #mazafu - @featuringpak on Instagram

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- fire

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- Satanic People

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- ITAP of a fire

fire flame look what i have created shout

- My hometown Fire Department bringing a puppers back after a house fire

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- Reddit over the last 24 hours

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- Family friend that is a firefighter in CA sent this

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- Electric Fireplaces With Mantels

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- fleur de lis

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- Cosplay

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- Blooming Tree

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- Fire Department.

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- Buy Used Fire Trucks

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- long exposure campire sparks

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- Carnival Creations

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- Mystery Jets

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- Business Electricity

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- Granite City Steel, National Steel, U.S. Steel


- Bon fires!!!

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E51 is starting their 7th day at the Creek Fire. They have been busy with structure protection, constructing fire break lines and burn operations. #creekfire #sbfd #nightops #sanbrunofire #sanbruno #striketeam #2275a - @sanbrunofire on Instagram

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- fire

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- Gansta quotes

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- Alchemy Elements

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- Fire

fire flames hot burning


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- Big Sky Country

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- Ablaze

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- Camper Glamping Interior Ideas

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Napa Fire Dept has three fire engines providing mutual aid at the devastating #GlassFire. We wish all the crews battling this tragic fire safety and our hearts go out to our home valley that has been impacted so significantly this fire season. #napastrong - @napa_fire on Instagram

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- bbq pits, ovens, icechest

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Huge thank you to the men and women helping fight these fires along the entire west coast!! And thoughts and prayers to those displaced due to the fires! #wildfires #pnw #pacificnorthwest #oregon #washington #california #fires #nature #cometogether - @vitalsignsnw on Instagram

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- 1963


- Civil protection techniques

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- americana


Photo courtesy of Gabe Zahora. Happy 4th of July! #fortlauderdale #downtownfortlauderdale #fortlauderdalebeach #iaff #iaff12thdistrict #fortlauderdalefirerescue #fortlauderdalefireworks #fireworks💥 - @fort_lauderdale_firefighters on Instagram

- fire ring

- Wood stove chimney

- Firefighter Pictures

- Fireworks Festival

- Free-standing electric fires

- This fire demon that emerged last night

- Buy Used Fire Trucks

- Feuer

- DC Fire Dept. DCFD

- Artisan Videos

- Fire Safety

- After seeing images of fires in Oregon this past week, it struck me how different pine tree silhouettes are to our gum trees in the Aussie bushfire season. By Cam Neville

- camiones de bomberos...

- I love camping.


- In Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005), Hayden Christensen was not actually set on fire during the climax. This is because he is a coward who cannot fully commit to his role.

- Beauty


- Natural Architecture

- ITAP of a Fire

- Architecture Photos Collage

- Fire Wood

- 5th November

- How-To

- @ems_universe_ on Instagram

🔥🔥🔥 - @somersbyrfb on Instagram

- ITAP of a fire

- The wooden handle on this fire pit caught fire

- flame art

- Fireplace & Stove Tips

- Cheap bridal dresses

- Ghost rider drawing

- dallas birthday ideas and interests

It takes a team to battle these #wildfires @lacountyfd & @lasdhq strike team on Mt. Emma rd. @sce clearing downed lines and a contract copter working the #bobcatfire Thank you to all on the line - @socalfirephoto on Instagram


- Fire Starters Survival


- A is for AHHHtumn

- mark

Don’t miss the sale!!! WANT TO TRY OUR FIREWOOD??!! 🔥🔥🔥ASK ABOUT OUR FREE SAMPLE BAGS!!! 🔥🔥🔥 #amyssmokinfirewoodsupply #tamparestaurants #tampabayrestaurants #tampabb #tampabaybbq #tampapizza #tampagrills #tampabaygrills #tampafirewood #tampapremiumfirewood #premiumcookingfirewood#centralfloridafirewood - @amyssmokinfirewoodsupply on Instagram

- A pic a friend took of me at a Christmas Tree bonfire.

The best and strongest things in life always go through fire. . . . Look at the power of this model as she controls and dances with FIRE!!! . . . #fire #firedancer #firedance #firedancing #freefire #freespirit #freedom #power #topless #model #photography #girlpower #feminism #strongwomen #control #bucketlist #beautiful #firelife #sexy #empoweringwomen #empowerment - @master_the_moment_photography on Instagram

- Camping

Nice to see at AXR today while we were doing a water delivery :) - @napawinetasting on Instagram

When’s it’s just time to pull out the artillery! @aye_sea_ @faces_of_fire @hotshotbrewery #wildlandfirefighter #borntoburn #slaterfire - @medfordcrew10 on Instagram

- Fire / Rescue / EMS Idea

- Trending Now

- Cooking Receipe

- Aesthetic wallpapers

#fire #camping #lightpainting #qualitytime #burning #withgalaxy - @zenopticart on Instagram

- [OC] Fire Elementals

- a burning roses

FIREFIGHTERS RISK THIER LIVES EVERYDAY FOR YOU. THEY JUST CALL IT A JOB. THINK ABOUT IT. ..”Luck Favors The Prepared”... No Fire Technology manufacturing the Worlds Most Powerful Fire Retardants. Tested Beyond 3,590.5 Degrees. Were racers too and weve bet our life on it for a decade. Fight fire before it starts with AB-238 Compounds NFT sells over 40 specially compounded fire retardants for all substrates, Pro FireFighting equipment, Fire Trucks, and fire inspections with full reports for the insurance companies. See the videos that shocked the world at or contact our World HQ Dallas Texas 1.469.907.5522 #firefighters #firehome fire #firetruck #racecarfires #housefires #boatfires #dragracing #firetrucks #firetrucks #firefighter #firefighters #firefighters #emergencyworkers #fire #fireretardant #firesuit #firesuits #racingfiresuits #nofire #nascar #sprintcarracing #dragracingphotos #dragracingphotos #dragboats #sportscarracing #firedepartments #nomex #dupontnomex #firetechnology #burnvictim #burnsurvivors f#burntreatmentsociety . #homefire - @nofiretechnology on Instagram

- Indianapolis News

- Fire Dept

- Fire Pics

- Hamburgueria

- Lawn mower blades


- Fire Truck Birthday Party

- Car Insurance Claim

- Lucky 13

#Internacional #PachucaInforma Por primera vez en la historia del estado de California, Estados Unidos de América, da alerta por los tornados de fuego Firenado Se incendia partes de California, quemando cultivos, con una ola de calor tan fuerte, que la gente usan tanto el aire acondicionado que han tenido que hacer apagones programados en la ciudad para evitar que el sistema se sobrecaliente, las fotos son increíbles. - @pachucainforma on Instagram

- 2x4 wood projects

- Congratulations, its twins - a boy and a girl!

- Snorkel

- Art From Recycled Material

E51 is continuing to work hard on the Creek Fire. It has burned 163,000 acres with 0% containment, per Cal Fire. #creekfire #2275a #sbfd #sanbruno #sanbrunofire #striketeam #california - @sanbrunofire on Instagram

- Photo choc

- Fire Pics

- Fire & Flame

- Volunteer firefighter

- Krishna gif

- Great Fire of London

- Christmas

Parkerville fire. WA #fire #fires #firies #firehouse #firestation #fireservice #fireandrescue #firehouse #firedepartment #firefighter #firefighters #firefighting #firefighterlife #firefighters_unite #firefightersfamily #firefighters_daily #firetruck #firetrucks #aussiefirefighters #australia #rescue #emergencylife #emergencyservices #wildlandfire #bushfire #firebrigade #ruralfirebrigade #ruralbrigade - @firefighters.australia on Instagram

- dragon horse

- Thrower of flames

- Halloween Miniatures

- Fire Tornado


- Fire Tornado

Our crew in California has been staying busy! No word on their return yet, but they have been remaining safe and resting when they can. Let’s hope for some rain for our friends down south. 🌧 #IAFF #California #WildFire - @east_pierce_firefighters_3520 on Instagram

- Black Metal

- •Click•

- Motion lights

- Renters insurance

- All About Women

- Cold Remedy

Heute spielten wir mit dem Feuer es war entspannter Nachmittag. Ich habe es irgendwie mit Flammen die letzte Zeit. Tja faszinierende Bilder sind entstanden mit dem kleinen wow Effekt nicht nur für die photograhen. #zeyblender #portrait #portraitvision #womenportrait #maleportrait #fire #fireshooting #mittelalter #inderburg #hessen #westerwald #feelthefire #portrait - @zeyblender on Instagram

STRIKE TEAM 1282A returns home Last night our strike team came home after 14 days at the CZU Lightning Fire. The fire was located in the counties of Santa Cruz and San Mateo and as of yesterday had burned over 86,000 acres. Due to the diligent efforts of over 2000 personnel the fire is 72% contained has stopped its forward progress and was in the mop up stages. This years fire season has started very aggressively and resources are already stretched thin. Your Downey Fire Dept. is prepared and honored to serve as part of the states Master Mutual Aid system. Strike Team 1282A was made up of Engine’s from Downey, Santa Fe Springs, West Covina, La Habra Heights and Torrance. The Strike Team leader was BC Nilo from Santa Fe Springs. - @downeyfiredepartment on Instagram

- Firefighter

- 911 /112 Cars & Trucks

Stay commited to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. -Tony Robbins . . . @djdwightc 🔥 - @jenn_ranalli on Instagram

- * Sam in the Netherlands *

Fire Friends // #framez - @mattwilsondop on Instagram

- Warmed up and the juices flowing..

- Around A Worm Fire

Pretty rad shot taken by @564fire on our Structure Fire in West Side Berdoo last night. - @whiskeydrain343 on Instagram

- Backyard Firepits

- Firefighters

- comic: anyas ghost

- Bonfire Party

- Amantii

September 11th 9/11/01 Anaversaray 19 Years Ago 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🚒🚒🚒🗽🗽🗽 - @new_york_mamaroneck on Instagram

- Know thy Enemy

- Fire Photography

Firefighter Life #firefighter #firefighters #firefighting #firefighterpost #firefighterfit #firefighterlife #firefighterslife #firefighterwife #firefightergirl #firefightersfamily #firefighter_unite #firefighter_brotherhood #chiefmiller #firewomen #firewoman #firemen #firedepartment #firestation #fireengine #firetruck #firetrucks #firefighterdad #firefightermom #firefighterkids - @firefightersandfamily on Instagram

- Fire Dept

- Flame God

- Firefighter Brotherhood

- Bastrop Texas

- Amantii

- *1 Hobbies - Metal Art

- Fire

Lehigh Valley Scream Park was devastated by a fire that started Monday night. The local Halloween destination wont open this season as a result. The link in our bio has more. - #pahalloween #pafirefighter #lehighvalley - @lehighvalleylive on Instagram

- S is for Southern Gothic

- Fire in my soul

- Wood fireplace inserts

- ITAP of a mirror in flames


- Idaho Wildfires

- christmas

- Oxon Hill, Maryland

- Fire Trucks


- Wood Stove Cooking

- Gas log stoves

- 1812

Fire Double Staff #occhiodidrago #oddperformer #fuoco #fire #juggler #juggling #fireart #fireartist #fireshow #firytales #raccontidifuoco #contactjuggling #giocoleriainfuocata #giocoliere #artistadifuoco #fireinthedark #pickoftheday #mangiafuoco #fireperformer #fireshow #firecontact #instagram #contactstaff #appianogentile #proappiano #rogodelastria #doublecontactstaff - @occhiodidrago on Instagram

- fire

- Gas log stoves

- ART n Stuff

- Beltane

- Apocalyptose

- Alternatative firings

- cronus ampora

- 9-1-1 What Is Your Emergency

- Hand Logo

- Aromatherapy

- First post Burning katana from Alduins japanese dragon friend. Stats: Victim gets on flames when attacked . Attackimg victim while hes burning 20% more damage.

- Bonfires

- Disaster Preparedness

- Camping

#love #fire #beirut #lebanon #❤️ #🙏🏻 #🇱🇧 @skateforbeirut @skateparknoord. Our hearts go out to Beirut. We invite you to buy this image and donate! ❤️. - @petrovskyramone on Instagram

- symbol for project

- Windsor, Ontario

- Alcohol Inks

- Fire / Rescue / EMS Idea

- in

- Bonfire

- Got a PixelStick light painting tool in an online auction. Initial testing yields encouraging results....and a surprised wife.

- Cursed_Flames

- Air & Fire

- I love the fall

- camiones de bomberos...

- Outdoor Gadgets

- Chester, South Carolina

- Factory Lighting

- Dragon / Phoenix

- Cincinnati

- Photo of people I took near huge bonfire

- Fire Features

- animations

- Keep Warm

- fire

- joshua graham

FIRE 🔥 FIRE 🔥 FIRE 🔥😍 ⁣ ⁣ Theres a certain kind of magic about it every time, dont you think?⁣ ⁣ 📷 @rujowoodsman @naturecraft_wilderness @donguri_field @davidfriars @bavarian.maverick @skip.mike 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #bushcraftessentials #bushbox #bushboxxl #bushboxlf #outdoors #natureaddicts #scouting #adventure #abenteuer #rausundmachen #draussenunterwegs #biking #hiking #survival #bushcraft #trekking #gearaddict #fire #flames - @bushcraftessentials on Instagram

- Alchemy


- COZY....

- Amazing

- The way the fire looks in this picture

- Camping Posters

- Halloween Decor

- Firefighter recruitment

- glass fire pit

- Fire pit

- Idaho Wildfires

- Alchemy Elements

- how stop acid reflux

- 2012 in Review


- Firefighter Mom!

- Firefighter

- Fire in my soul

- Fire Photography

- Black powder axe/gun combo being fired at night.

- camping pics for card making

- heat convention

- Horde

- fire

- Awesome stuff

- Firefighting

- Towns in Chester County

- Parilla grill

- Just some things I like...

- Let it burn


- Bonfire Night Traditions