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𝘌𝘥𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘥 𝘕𝘦𝘸𝘨𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘐𝘤𝘰𝘯

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- photography tattoo


anything wrong maam kai125 kate kennedy halo is there a problem

#panasonics1h #c7adapter #celerelenses Thanks to @marcin.kapron ! #lmount #arri #cinematography #leicasl2 #lensadapter #cookelenses #angenieux #redkomodo #redmonstro #c7adapters #panasonics1r #netflix #cinelens #alexalf #ciecio7 - @c7adapters on Instagram

Bakugo 3

trolling is an honored profession leland townsend evil the demon of memes trolling is a respectable career

- Entre cámaras

Series Review: Yellowstone - Cindy Goes Beyond

okay bodie skymed s1e2 i agree

- Blue and white rooms

what happened leland townsend evil the angel of warning whats wrong

After many decades of relative stasis in the last century, the accelerating pace of technological change is a given in today’s filmmaking world. The good news is that these changes bring opportunity, both artistic and scientific. The lensmakers at Hawk start their endeavors with this certainty, and the result has been almost three decades of innovative lens design that works in harmony with the constantly changing #filmmaking toolset. This philosophy is reflected in Hawk class-X #anamorphicLenses, the company’s tenth line of superior quality lenses for motion picture production, designed from the ground up with today’s realities in mind. Clinical sharpness is not always a virtue in today’s cinema lenses, thanks in part to digital sensors and lossless postproduction. With improved definition, close focus and edge distortion, #HawkclassX lenses maintain the organic look and feel of all Hawk glass, with iconic 2x #anamorphic flavor. A set of Class-X lenses includes eight primes and two zooms, offering tremendous flexibility and convenience. Since their debut, Hawk class-X lenses have been put through their paces on a wide variety of projects, and the results are in: top directors of photography are thrilled with the images they are creating. Visit our website to read what they’re saying – link in bio. #hawkanamorphic #dop #cinematography #cinematographer #cinelenses - @hawkanamorphic on Instagram

Lil Deville

confirmed lexi skymed s1e2 affirmed

- Large Format

Pdp que tu pourrais aimé

what do you think kristen bouchard evil the demon of the road i wanna hear you opinion

- Mickey wallpaper

Superhero Team Vibes - Art by Gabriel Picolo

i am not proud captain jacob keyes halo its shameful fills me with shame

- Mickey Mouse Decorations

ꗃ᤻ㅤ 🥊 𓏲⠀ 𝓚. nucklᧉs icᨵn ᕦ⠀ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ❕% 𝗠𝗶ᧉ۪𝑳 ꕀ : ♡︎

whats going on danny fenton mystery meat danny phantom whats happening

- blursed_resemblance

blending the drinks evil the demon of algorithms making a margarita combination of drinks

- Greenery For Wedding

Watch ‘Boyz N the Hood’ Free at the Tribeca Film Festival (Published 2019)

i have the right sister andrea evil the demon of the road im eligible

IMAX unveils a new program, Filmed In IMAX and certifies #SonyVENICE. 👀 Visit our link in bio to learn more. #SonyCine - @sonycine on Instagram

Camera roll📸

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- College Campuses

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- Gift Ideas

kurt cobain

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- Birthday

New Kids, Same Fairly OddParents

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СЕНТЯЯЯБРЬ ГОРИТ... Убийца плачет 👇🏻 А ТЫ НЕ ПЛАЧЬ 😏 У нас в Воскуримся грустить не любят, приходи в Гипермаркет на Ленинградский проспект 30с3 за настоящим осенним вайбом и позитивом 🍂 Тем более количество новинок просто зашкаливает, вот и крошки Hoob subAtom уже ждут своих хозяев Самое время прийти и забрать своего малыша 🥺 И рассказывай в комментах какие песни с наступлением осени любишь слушать ты?👇🏻 - @voskurimsya_official on Instagram

摩;⸙໋۪۪۫۫͘ꦿꦸꦼ̸⃪╰𝐵𝑎𝑟𝑏𝑎 𝐵𝑟𝑎𝑛𝑐𝑎

nothing is real jack as we see it everything is fake none of this is real


were both distracted kristen bouchard evil the demon of death both of us got distracted

A great build on a beautiful day in Los Angles. Very grateful to be working on a really fun oner today. #steadicam #steadicamoperator - @steadiserg on Instagram

3-D Movie Viewers during Opening Night of Bwana Devil

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- Edelweiss tattoo

iHatch Chicks (2008)

DP: Happy Dannyversary! by Echoheartx on DeviantArt

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- All things Mickey

🧡Movie Sonic and Tails Matching PFPs!💙

thanks crystal skymed s1e2 thank you

@modernstudioequipment 2ft Riser. Strong and relatively light weight compared to normal risers. Great to get the hight quickly. Combined with @ronfordbaker F7 for this tracking shot over a table. . . . #rigginggrip #rigginggriplife #griprigging #keyrigginggrip #bestboygrip #bestboy #cameragear #gripgear #cameraready #camera📸 #cameradepartment #gripdepartment #camerasupport #cameragrip #dollygrip #producerlife #filmproduction #moviemaking #filmmaker #cinematographer #dp #dop #griprigs #griplife #grip #gripdaily #lifeonset #onset #modernstudioequipment - @gripdaily on Instagram


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- Beautiful Rooms

you cant tell if the love real meek mill blue notes2song you cant be sure if the love is genuine not certain if this is real love

- If I ever win the lottery

| ig: @dobriin|

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- Tom and jerry drawing

smiling nowak skymed s1e2 happy

- Elephant coloring page

A Mountain of Entertainment

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@ibe.optics Raptor Macros are a great full frame option for macro work! Our kit (100/150/180) is in stock ready for your next project covering up to a 55mm image circle. Pictured with one of our @arri Alexa Mini LF’s. Explore all our full frame lens options at @litescamera rentals 🎥 #litesrental - @litescamera on Instagram

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- Welcome to Japan!

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- Disney account

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- black interior doors

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- Chelsea grey

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- Experience what the Whistler Blackcomb Alpine has to offer!

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- How much would you spend on this dining table? Details below.

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- Fab Foyer

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- Accent Ceilings

smiling emma skymed s1e3 cheerful

- I doodled my main in Smash Bros. Ultimate

i didnt agree to betray a friend david acosta evil the demon of cults i dont want to betray a friend

We worked on a call center promo project with the “reds”. Listening to stories about how fulfilling a day could be as a hotline operator was inspiring for us too. Just be good to human beings guys! 🤙🏻 . . . . . #42bit #42bitbudapest #fs7 #sonyfs7 #sonyalpha #sonya7sii #djironin #tiltarig #edelkrone #edelkronesliderplus - @42_bit on Instagram

drop from the sky kai125 halo enter from above im here

- My appartment in a 1930s building in Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden. [2024x1360] [OC]

thats actually a good idea kristen bouchard evil the demon of death thats a nice idea

- Breakfast Nooks

this is the greatest day of my life chester mcbadbat odd odd west fairly odd parents best day of my life

- Art Lighting

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- Competitions boards

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- astronomical telescope

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its real gingzilla queen of the universe turn back time s1e3

- Grey wall bedroom

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- Headphone sony

objection lewbert icarly s2e5 i object

- Regency interiors

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- Superhero Kids

focus deputy trudy wiegel reno911 s2e07 concentrate

This combo - Z Cam S6 + Vazen 40mm anamorphic has been incredible. I’m in love. The icing on the cake is this @smallhd 702 Touch monitor. Man, do I love Small HD products. So easy to use, and so pretty to look at. Anyway, this week I will be filming a YouTube Q&A so for all of you who have questions about anything camera related drop them below on this post and I’ll try to answer everyone! - @macolink on Instagram

hi mom lexis bouchard evil the demon of parenthood hello there mom

New lens test of the @vazenlenses 40mm T2! Testing the coverage of the Vazen 40mm T2 1.8x anamorphic on the Z cam e2-S6 Headover to Rig Culture website or YouTube channel! 6K open Gate 3:2 5K 4:3 mode 5K 6:5 mode - @rigculture on Instagram

no captain kirk william shatner trelane star trek

5219-408-01801-14 . #arricam #lt #filmisnotdead #35mm #bw #camera #focuspuller #shootfilm #aov #focuspulleratwork #ac #prep - @caitwithacamera on Instagram

could i talk to you kristen bouchard evil the demon of sex can i speak with you

- !! Mickey Mouse !!

i dont know dr leonard mccoy star trek the original series idk

- Panda Wallpapers

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Rain is not stopping us! - on Instagram

you listen to me robert evans matthew goode the offer s1e2

- Colour Style

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- winter start

shocked worf star trek the next generation huh

- Breakfast Nook

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- Camera Gimbals

i dont know alan deaton teen wolf the divine move idk

- Art: Classic Wallpapers

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Behind the scenes with @realrichardgrieco #MidnightCinemaStudios - @midnightcinema on Instagram

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- Inspiration for Writers

stare the real world troubling careers look observe

- Disney

its incredible albert ruddy miles teller the offer 103

- Caitlin Wilson Design

star trek picard logo star trek star trek series star trek show paramount plus

- miss bunny

no it is not spock star trek the original series not quite

- tech

i want you all to understand kristen bouchard evil the demon of death i want you all to know

- -Dariel-Studio

what did you find norah satie star trek the next generation what have you searched

Bare er så klar ass - @ollevisuals on Instagram

then what peter hale radio silence teen wolf what now

- #MyOKAHome

thats the best part stiles stilinski dylan obrien teen wolf wolf moon

- Fuji finepix s9600

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- Arkitectura

which one lt cmdr data star trek the next generation which of them

- Interior paint palettes

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Maintenance Mondays at Banana HQ 🍌🔧 | #philips #varilite - @bananasplithire on Instagram

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- Blue Man [X570 | MD35 | UltraMax400]

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Angenieux EZ-1 & EZ-2 🚀🚀 This couple is probably the most versatile Zoom Duo out there. With the EZ line it‘s possible to change the rear element between S35 and FF/VistaVision coverage. The EZ-1 is 30-90mm F1.9/T2 in S35 Mode and 45-135mm F2.8/T3 in FF/VV mode. The EZ-2 is 15-40mm F1.9/T2 in S35 mode and 22-60mm F2.8/T3 in FF/VV mode. Both lenses can easily be changed to PL/EF Mount. They‘re a little above 20cm@2Kg which makes them pretty compact. Fast, pretty damn versatile and compact.. what more could you ask for in a modern Zoom Lens? (Its a rhetoric question so Cooke look, anamorphic flares and cheaper price doesn‘t count as an answer..) 🤞 @angenieuxlenses #angenieux #angenieuxlenses #angenieuxez #ez1 #ez2 @camera.setup @camera_setups #typeez #cinemalens #t#cinemalenses #cinezoom #s35 #vistavision #camera #cameragear #camerarental #fixitinprep @jasoncases @band_pro @bandpro_munich - on Instagram

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- Booty

lets rock danny fenton phantom planet danny phantom rock and roll

Early morning calibration time for this beautiful set ! @lens_technician_india Get your lenses calibrated! #coloursofindia #desidiaries #desi_diaries #kolkatadiaries #ig_calcutta #kolkatagram #storiesofkolkata #_soi #iamnewindia #_woi #indiapictures #indiaclicks #shutterbugsindia #altbalaji #igersofindia #indiaphotosociety #india_undiscovered #yourshot_india #indianphotography #photographers_of_india - @lens_technician_india on Instagram

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- Mickey Mouse- Christmas.

i wont excuse you sister andrea evil the demon of death ill make no apologies

- Disney

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- All things Michigan

why ben shakir evil the demon of cults whats the reason

- Dining Rooms featuring Artwork

so what barry lapidus the offer s1e9 i dont care

- Breakfast Nook Ideas

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whats the points bodie skymed s1e2 whats the point of that

- Burlington Arcade

what scott mccall teen wolf wolf moon huh


its actually not great its amazing paul josh peck icarly

- Upstairs Landing

cringing reading ron reno911 sars outbreak oof

- Filmisnotdead

listen to my voice hayley skymed s1e2 listen to me

- Blue Ralph Lauren

well get back to that kristen bouchard katja herbers evil the demon of parenthood

Wide angle converters increase your field of view but can reduce image quality. You can still use all of your filters, but watch out for thread sizes! I only ever tested two - Fujinon and Century Optics - but I bet there are other good options out there. Any input? - @anamorphiconabudget on Instagram

yeah right allison argent teen wolf wolf moon uh huh

BLACK IS KING 👑🙏🏿 Woke up this morning full of gratitude. #BlackIsKing resonating all over the world. A true blessing. We did that. @Beyonce Disney+ - @blitzambassador on Instagram

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- Europe 1

i wanna help you kristen bouchard katja herbers evil the demon of algorithms

- // Tattoos

dont be an idiot ben shakir evil the demon of algorithms dont be dumb

- Best dslr

star trek patrick stewart anson mount pike picard

- Photo & Art Gallery

nodding deputy trudy wiegel reno911 sars outbreak its okay

- Exhibit

reasonsimbroke halo halo the series paramount paramount plus

- Home

sad the real world goodbye roomies unhappy disheartened

- Small white kitchens

nooo sunny johnson icarly s2e9 not at all

- Fabrics

visitor badge star trek visitors pin vistors pass paramount plus

- La bella vita in Italy

you did this evil the demon of sex youre the one to blame your fault

- abc photo

we never let you down cosmo fairly odd baby fairly odd parents we never gave up on you

- The Mirror

paramount pictures logo intro classic paramount pictures 90s paramount pictures

- Cortinas que amamos

hi danny fenton paulina doctors disorders danny phantom

- Age Is Not a Disease


- #I ❤️ Cameras

- Details

- Blue Dining Room

- Libraries and Leather

- Camera Gear

- Lighting Projects


- Oakland & San Francisco

- Beautiful Dreams

Part of our @lens_summit presentation a couple of weeks ago included the announcement that we’re now offering rehousing for Olympus’ gorgeous OM primes from the 70’s and 80’s. While most of the vintage full-frame still-photo lenses we work on come from teams of engineers developing each focal length as a discrete products, the OM lenses were the brainchild of a single optical designer and are therefore uniquely consistent in performance and image characteristics. You have a breathtaking number of focal lengths (16, from 18mm through 350mm) and a constant f/2.0 aperture for every focal length from 21mm through 250mm (except the 135mm f/2.8). Nevermind the specs, though. The flares are unreal, the bokeh is creamy, and there is no vintage lens series better suited to cinematography (it has a 40mm, 60mm, and 70mm!). Email us at for pricing and details. #cinematography #lens #arri #alexalf #alexaminilf #reddigitalcinema #redmonstro #sony #sonyvenice #sonyrialto #lensporn #zerooptik #olympus #olympusom #olympuspenf - @zerooptik on Instagram

- Barbara Barry

- Traditional tattoo mountain

- film

- Dining Rooms - Town

- Accounting Career

- Ink

I get a pass for this unoriginal photo since it was my first peak bloom experience. - @lindseyvanness on Instagram

🎬CYBERWEEK Rig🎥 We’ve kitted out the #GH5 with the New @TiLTAing GH Cage kit PLUS the #TiLTA Nucleus Nano and Focus control handle which includes a nifty power solution! . Paired with the @DZOFilm 20-70mm Zoom, we think this would be a perfect lightweight Run and Gun solution, which doesn’t compromise on quality! What do you think? . All products listed in this post are currently discounted for #BlackFriday #CyberWeek Sale! . Shop Now to meet all your #filmaking needs 👉👉LINK IN BIO @cinegearpro . #cameras #cameraporn #cameralens #cameragear #1stAC #dzofilm #followfocus #lenscontrol #cameradept #cameraoperator #filmlife #filming #setlife #filmmaking #cinematic #cinematographer #cinematography #videography #videographer #videoproduction #filmmakinglife #indiefilmmaking #productionlife #filmproduction #bts - @cinegearpro on Instagram

- A good friend of mine is currently directing an upcoming IMAX film. This baby costs $1000 a minute. His advice? Rehearse your shots

- Clay figurine ideas

Wer ohne Wartezeit eine neue LEICA Q2 haben möchte. Ich habe heute 5 Stück bekommen. Eine ist noch verfügbar. #leicaq2 #leicaq #leicaqtyp116 - @fotogoerlitz.de_leica_haendler on Instagram

and here we go.... - @arri_css on Instagram

- Tsum Tsum

- FinePoint Pen

- if disney wants to sink their advertising claws into the sims so badly i would appreciate something like this way more than star wars

- Art patin

Abidin Dino Kara İçinde Ak Bir Umut Resim Sergimiz 30 Ekime kadar @galeriselvin işbirlikteliğiyle yeni galerimizde sanatseverleri bekliyor! Nişantaşı Abdi İpekçi Caddesi No;38de buluşmak üzere! - @harmonyhipofficial on Instagram

- free Erin condren Stickers

- Wall & Paint Treatments

- Disney Magic at Home Group Board

- Disney Babys

- World of Islands

- Fuji Camera

- Leica

- Great Room Paint colors

When mounting the Ronin 2 onto an isolator like the @flowcine Black Arm, always make sure the battery block is pointed the same way as your lens. This extra weight helps to balance the weight distribution of the gimbal on the flowcine tranquiler or other notion mounts. - @proclasstraining on Instagram

Reposting @marcusrfilms:⠀ ...⠀ Locked and loaded for (in my DJ Khalid voice) another one! Blessed to be able to work during these times. Masks and hand sanitizer on deck!⠀ 📸 BTS @zachary_gomez_⠀ ⠀ 🔑 Keep learning, loving, and laughing yall!⠀ ⠀ #bmpcc6k #bmpcc4K #director #wireless #filmmakers #filmgear #swit #videographer #filmmakersworld #cinematographer #musicvideo #youtuber #documentaryfilmmaker #directors #documentaryfilming #houstonfilmmaker #videoeditor #filmmaker #filmmakinggear #cameras #camerarig #cameragear #creatives #camerarigs #directorofphotography #cinemacamera #cinematography #houstonbusiness #houstonfilmmaker #houstonvideographer - @bmpccrigs on Instagram

- Pressed Tin

- Amplificador de audio

- simple disney drawings

- South Kensington, London

- Dining Room Design-Build Ideas

- Blue Rooms

- Luxury living room

- Valley Fair Mall San Jose Ca

- Free easter coloring pages

- cameras

- koala tattoo

Give yourself another day, another chance. You will find your courage eventually. Dont give up on yourself. #directortee #directortee - @director__tee on Instagram

Under this smile i’m like: 🤕 🤣🤣 #cmotion #arriminilf @idoflash TNX man for the capture! - @armensarkisov on Instagram

- Elegant Curtains & Drapes

- Cerith Wyn Evans

- Dining Room Design-Build Ideas

- Casa anime

- architecture

for beautiful photos follow @laetusvita ! // keep tagging your photos to #ltfeatureme - @unknownphotographers on Instagram

- Camera Love.

- Technology news

- Awesome Cameras

H&Y 首個 kickstarter 項目開始啦! 希望大家多多支持! - @hyfilterhk on Instagram

- Super Telephoto

camera package of the day @hawkanamorphic @arri @freeflysystems @teradek @cameracaviar @ignitedigiaustralia PC: @aerial_jake WWW.WILDRABBITAERIAL.COM #freeflysystems #arri #hawkanamorphic #aerial #cinema #setlife #teradek #dronegear #altax #wildrabbitaerial - @wildrabbitaerial on Instagram

- Cinematography

- Car, tech

- Art in Greece

- Wallpapers

- Panasonic Lumix

- Dining Rooms

- Winie The Pooh


The @SonyAlpha a7C is a strongly-specd camera with a 20% more compact body and 30% smaller kit. Its intended for photographers who want APS-C size, interchangeable lenses, full-frame performance and is in step with the just-launched a7s III and a7r IV. #bikehugger #sonymirrorless #sonyalpha #sonya7c - @sonymirrorless on Instagram

- An old drawing I stumbled upon while going through my old art. Plan to go back over it using my tablet.

- Cartoon

- Photography

- Best Compact Digital Camera

- Cameras

- Cute Sheep

Olympus M.Zuiko 7-14 f2,8 mit Haida Filter Adapter #olympus #olympusomd #olympus714pro #instagood #bestpicoftheday #haidafilter #haidaaustria #haida - @haidaaustria on Instagram

- Design for Less

- Architecture

- Blogging Camera

🥂 Happy Birthday, Wim Wenders! 🎉 Der Regisseur und Produzent wurde für seine Spiel- und Dokumentarfilme FALSCHE BEWEGUNG, DER AMERIKANISCHE FREUND, NICKS FILM - LIGHTING OVER WATER, AM ENDE DER GEWALT und PINA mit dem Deutschen Filmpreis ausgezeichnet, dazu gab es viele weitere Nominierungen. 👉🎥 Zur Feier des Tages widmen die @ardmediathek und @das_erste ihm eine umfassende Werkschau mit insgesamt 28 ausgewählten Filmen- könnt ihr hier ansehen: Lieber Wim, wir gratulieren herzlich zum 75. und wünschen alles Gute! Bleib so neugierig, innovativ und voller Tatendrang! ❤️👏 Foto: Donata Wenders/ Wim Wenders Foundation - @filmpreis on Instagram

#MAVOLF with #fujifilm #premista #fullframe zoom 28-100mm and #movcam followfocus in offline exhibition. #kinefinity #6k #8k - @kinefinity on Instagram

- Eclectic

All things picture...alongside with hybrid cameras which are super versatile we also use cinema grade ones because you simply cant beat the quality. Does it set us apart from competition? Well depends on how you ... Just joking, of course it does!!! . . . #videography #videographer #weddingfilm #weddingvideo #weddingvideographerhuntervalley #weddingNewcastle #huntervalleyweddingvideographer #huntervalleyvideographer #huntervalley #centralcoastweddings #nelsonbaywedding #nelsonbaynsw #nsw #videographernsw #longstoryshotweddings #longstoryshot #blackmagic #bmpcc4k #sigma #smallhd #sirui - @longstoryshotweddings on Instagram

Adiós, Quino. Tus historias y personajes vivirán por siempre. 💔 - @ohmydisneyla on Instagram

- Grisaille

This summer I had the transformative experience of working for the first time as the DoP on a feature film, @modernpleasurez . Despite working within a budget that would be meager even for a 5 minute short, and being equipped with only a single lens and a single light, I felt creatively limitless. I have @kitakemushrooms to thank for this💗 Working with her showed me how artificial many limitations of production are…how the slight perspective shift that compromise in service of the whole doesn’t have to mean sacrifice of artistry or quality is more liberating than having bountiful excess. Of course I gotta thank everyone else, the supporting muscles of this film, who worked enthusiastically through occasionally unorthodox means to bring this project into being. Love all of you! @hkinder and @_kyungchanmin for assisting me, @__jason__wang and @andrewnadkarni for producing and generally holding it down, @jackson__crook for a little bit of everything and a whole lot of driving and @haileyheaton for this pic🙌 - @o.smithclark on Instagram

- camera fotografica

- Pretty Blue & White

- Sigma Lenses

- Black Dahlia

- Tom and jerry drawing

- professional cameras

Fuji X Pro 2, #fujifilm #fujiholic #fujifilm_id - @fujiholic on Instagram

- Behind the Scenes

- ITAP of Sakura in Tokyo

- Best Camera Deals

- Fake blood, Make up ideas /techniques, Masks

- cartoons

- coloring

- Blizzard Nemo hits Rhode Island

Well underway on season 6 of You Can’t Ask That for the ABC and the C500MKII and the new C300MKII have been brilliant. The similarities in body design and overlap of a lot of features mean they work perfectly as an A and B cam on a show like this. Thanks @canonaustralia! - @tallstoryfilms on Instagram

LAOWA 12MM // ⠀ ⠀ Lets talk Gear 🎥⠀ I’ve been using this lens for a few months and am so impressed with the control, Impressively wide and non distorted image. ⠀ ⠀ This Lens has been a great add on to my setup and is constantly showing its awesome-ness. Not only is it super light and easy to carry, its manual and raw feel is a great touch for the run & gun experience! So happy to have purchased this lens. ⠀ ⠀ I’ve used this In many video/photo shoots and it always surprises me with the amazing perspectives and angles you can shoot with this lens 😄🙌🏽⠀ ⠀ I plan to make more Gear related content 🎬🤍 ⠀ Stay tuned 🎞📽 - @soni_visions on Instagram

Leica M10-R Ein brandneues Pixeldesign führt zu einem völlig neuen M-Sensor, der exklusiv entwickelt wurde um die volle optische Leistung von Leica M-Objektiven zu entfalten. 40,89 Millon Pixel zeigen selbst feinste Details. Die hervorragende hohe ISO-Leistung (ISO 100 bis ISO 50000) und der Dynamikbereich übertreffen alle Vorgängerkameras. Jetzt vorbestellen! #leicastoreberlin #leicastore #berlin #leica #leicam #leicam10 #leicam10r #m #leitz #leicacamera #leitzwetzlar #madeinwetzlar #leicaphotography #leicaphoto #leicalens #leicaworld - @leicastoreberlin on Instagram

- Amor a primera vista

- Milano Fashion Library

Very busy week so far with one more day to go. I just gonna keep going wether I succeed or not keep learning, keep practicing and get better. I dont get the same consistenty of work over last few years and I want that to change. Hope opportunities like this are one of many going forward. . . . #filmmaking #cameraassistant #1stac #focuspuller #alexamini #zeissultraprime #teradek #brighttangerine #shortfilm🎬 #wireless #behindthescenes #camera - @c.andrews_ac on Instagram

- I draw heroes with chibi style ( more detail compare ti4 one) (also, hugez size picture)

- Animaux OK


- Basement

- new movies 2018

The lenses and cameras you always longed for. Available in our auction in November.⁠ ⁠ Like this beautiful Summilux 1.4/35mm Steel rim⁠ ⁠ We accept consignments now! For more information visit:⁠⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #leitz #vintage #leitzauction #cameraauction #leica #rareleica - @leitz_photographica_auction on Instagram

- living room

- Bokeh Lens Illuminator

Red helium 8k. There’s a level of fun getting to operate this machines, blessed to do so! - @joe_shootz on Instagram

- Tony Bennett

- Modern Hallway

- Sports Camera

- Sonic the hedgehog 4

- C O N S O L E


- Hedgehog colors

- logos

- Living Room Inspiration

I can’t express enough gratitude for the camera & light department that worked so hard when we were too few during our most intense days of shooting. And a huge thanks to Trym B. Krogstad (@aziomustachio) from the sound department that gave us a pair of extra hands when we needed it the most! • • 📸: @pawel_tryzna & @tobiasjohnsgaard #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #setlife #filmmakersworld #reddigitalcinema #cinematography #epic #behindthescenes #redepic #blackandwhite - @joakimtutturen on Instagram

LEICA M10-P SAFARI 🦒🦓 🐘DIGITAL RANGEFINDER CAMERA BODY WITH LEICA 50MM F/2 SUMMICRON-M SAFARI (6-BIT CODED) LENS 🔴 ONLY 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ LEICA M10-P SAFARI EDITIONS WERE PRODUCED WORLDWIDE🌏 ONLY 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ LEICA 50MM F/2 SUMMICRON SAFARI EDITIONS WERE PRODUCED WORLDWIDE🌏 UPDATED FIRMWARE VERSION MADE IN GERMANY CAMERA INCLUDES: LEICA BOX LEICA QUICK START GUIDE LEICA BODY CAP #14397 LEICA BP-SCL5 BATTERY LEICA BC-SCLC5 BATTERY CHARGER with US & EU CABLES LEICA SILVER METAL HOT SHOE COVER BRANDY-COLORED CARRYING STRAP BRANDY-COLORED SD/CREDIT CARD HOLDER (5) LEICA CLOTH ACCESSORY POUCHES 2 YEAR LEICA USA WARRANTY LENS INCLUDES: LEICA BOX LEICA INSTRUCTIONS LEICA FRONT LENS CAP #14038 LEICA REAR LENS CAP #14379 LEICA BLACK LEATHER CASE 3 YEAR LEICA USA WARRANTY 🤩 The Leica M10-P Edition Safari camera and the Leica Summicron-M 50 f/2 Edition Safari premium lens, both finished in olive green enamel, represent a perfect symbiosis of functionality, legacy, and design. All visible metallic components of the camera and lens are elaborately machined from solid brass. The premium baked enamel finish in olive green makes the camera and lens resistant to handling blemishes and scratches and provides enduring protection against external influences such as chemicals and UV light. MINT CONDITION (SEE PHOTOS) LCD SCREEN SHOWS EXTREMELY LIGHT SURFACE SCRATCHES LENS GLASS IS CLEAN AND FREE OF SCRATCHES LENS ELEMENTS ARE FREE OF DUST, HAZE & FUNGUS FULLY TESTED & FUNCTIONAL CAMERA SENSOR IS CLEAN . . . . . #popflashphoto #leica #madeinGermany #leicalove #leicarumors #leicasociety #safaricamera #leicasummicron #summicronM50 #olivegreen #mintcondition #usedgear #onlineshopping - @popflashphoto on Instagram

- Blad, Beard, Berlin (Bronica SQ, 150 4, HP5)

- Films Disney

- Documentary Film


- kelly hoppen

- Camera (Digital)

- Tattoos

- Lamps and Lighting

- Camera Freak

- Modern Window Treatments

- Brussels-Belgium

Handheld stabilizers are the all the rage — and for good reason. These handy video production tools allow camera operators to capture smooth shots without sacrificing freedom of movement. ⠀ ⠀ Weve updated our Best Camera Stabilizers for Video-2020 Guide! (Link in bio). ⠀ ⠀ We go over the specs you need to check when you purchase stabilizers and cover the categories:⠀ ⠀ -Best One-Handed Camera Stabilizer⠀ -Best Non-Motorized Camera Stabilizer⠀ -Best Budget Camera Stabilizer⠀ ⠀ Are we missing a standout stabilizer? Let us know in the comments!⠀ ⠀ #camera #camerastabilizer #cameraequipment #photography #videography #DJIOSMO #Glidecam #DJIRonin #DJI #videoequipment #videoproduction #BuyersGuide #BestOf #Bestof2020 - @videomaker on Instagram

- Camera equipment

- //Nuestros cielos//

- Lampe decoration

- De vous a moi...

- kapı süsü askılalar

- Albert Hadley

- Been There; Seen That

- Amazingness!

- The Beatles Story

Still my favorite for some quick stills. 1st generation A7R ❤️ - @extendedcutberlin on Instagram

- Belle and Sebastian

- @nicolakimu on Instagram

- the santa clause 2

- 970 misc

sunlit miniLF ✖️ #alexaminilf #hardlight #highkey #arri #shotathome #alexamini - @thecameradepartment on Instagram


A completely revamped Gimbal Head has just been released. The stronger yet lighter Sunwayfoto GH-02! 30 kg max load weighing only 980 gr!!! More info: RRP: US $ 258.00 * #sunwayfoto #sunwayfotogh02 #sunwayfotogh01 #gimbalhead #tripodhead #longlens #newrelease - @sunwayfoto.official on Instagram

- Disney Art

I said the last one would be the last one but now this is the last one for the camera/mirror pics - #nikon F with #waistlevelfinder and in the 64 serial # run with a 58mm 1.4 patent pending #nipponkogaku lens - #vintagecameras #vintagecamera #vintagenikon #nikonf #nipponkogakutokyo #nikonfilm #filmphotography #filmcamera #filmcameras #mirrorimage #tokyo #nikonjapan #nikonusa #classiccamera #ilovewlvf - @makara14 on Instagram

- Entryways & Staircases

- Solid Oak Floors

- Coffered ceiling I did in a parade home last summer.

- Camera & pendrive

- The weeknd live

- Camwhore

- Animal tattoos


- Modern Family

- Fabric

- Camera (Olympus)

- Bambi

Continuing our Staff Appreciation Month here at Duclos Lenses, well be taking a few posts to acknowledge our hard working crew that strive to provide unrivaled service to the worlds cinematographers. This brings us to Ned. With a family history in the film industry spanning three generations, Ned began working as a loader and boom operator during the summer as a teenager. After that, he spent a few years as a prep tech at Clairmont Camera. In the mid eighties he went out on his own as a Camera Assistant working on aerial and underwater, 1st and 2nd unit as well as visual effects projects. After almost two decades as a Camera Assistant, Ned settled down at a local rental house and began his career as a technician, maintaining a large inventory of cameras and lenses. Ned came to us with a wealth of experience and skill. His passion for the technical challenges of cinema lenses allowed him to dive right in with our technician staff. His daily tasks include custom machining of components for lens upgrades and refurbishment as well as delicate, precise assembly work for a wide range of products that we manufacture. Ned also contributes to our Cine-Mod department; evaluating, adjusting, and servicing a wide range of lenses from all over the world. His ability to overcome technical challenges and apply his experience on a daily basis make him an excellent addition to our technician staff. - @ducloslenses on Instagram

Happy Birth to my best friend! ✨ - @spiveey on Instagram


- Mickey mouse tattoos


New baby in the KraveStudio family! Veramente molto contento di aver fatto questo grande passo avanti che porterà qualità e creatività maggiore nei nostri video! Keep calm and shoot with @reddigitalcinema #redcamera #setlife #scarltw #cinema - @filippo_marcodini_videomaker on Instagram

PROCESS/ Concept Visuals set the creative direction from the onset, and we incorporate these in our Design Proposals. Of course details evolve and it takes a lot of design hours, development & team collaboration to transform Visuals into a space that is ready to be lived in, but its the vision you need to achieve results. Commissioning CGIs is an art and a process in itself - briefing cgi artists with plans, elevations, fittings and finishes. Every detail is considered, right down to selecting the Art you envisage on the wall. Concept Design & Interiors: @interiorstylestudio CGI Production: @3dboffin ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #interiordesignuk #cgivisualization #diningroominspo #concepttocompletion #bespokehome #classicinteriors #interiordesignerslife #interiorarchitecture #interiorart #cgiart #conceptdesign #photorealistic #interiorstylestudio #3dboffin #luxuryinterior #highendinteriors #calmelegance #uniquehomes #creativebusiness - @interiorstylestudio on Instagram

- Photography/Video gear

Our firmware update (version 1.71) for ZEISS CP.3 XD, Supreme Prime and Supreme Prime Radiance lenses is out now. It improves the data exchange between the lenses and Sony Venice cameras. You can get it from the download page on our website (link in bio). . #zeiss #zeisscinematography #lensmetadata #extendeddata #cinematography #cp3 #supremeprimes #zeisssupremeprime #supremeprimeradiance #zeisscp3 - @zeisscinematography on Instagram

- PsBattle: Minnie mouse being ignored

I love to run ultra distances in the mountains (especially summer in the eastern Sierra), but have never been able to come up with a kit that would allow me to bring my camera along with the proper hydration, nutrition, and gear for backcountry running. Finally came up with a system using the @camelbak marathoner vest that fits my @canonusa 5DRS with a little 50mm lens. Running felt natural and camera gear all survived! Looking forward to longer runs and more backcountry landscapes 🥰. #trailrunning #ultrarunning #seenonmyrun #landscapephotography #theoutbound #exploretocreate #camelbak #canonphotography - @peterdawsonphoto on Instagram

🏍🎥 @arri @freeflysystems @ignitedigiaustralia @flowcine @smallhd @teradek @atlaslensco @cameramayhem @griprigs @camera_setup_club @cameralust @cinemarigs @cinematography - @laurent_refalo on Instagram

- Steel frame doors

- Believe me, I know how crazy this sounds ...

- Dog With a Blog

- Cameras & Other Cool Things!

- iPhone 8 Plus

- Film Camera

- Repose Gray PAINT

- Camcorder

- Wolf tattoo tribal

- Digital slr

- Benjamin Moore Blues

- Alfred Molina

- Behind The Scenes

- #I ❤️ Cameras

- Sherlock

- Camera Ready

Had an amazing trip with a solid team. No running water, showers or flush toilets for two weeks in negative temps made for quite the adventure. #natgeo #bbc #kennicott #McCarthy #Alaska . . . #cameraoperator #cameradept #tulsacameraoperator #tulsafilmshooters #tulsafilmmaker #tulsavideoographer #tulsavideography #cinematographer #cameras #film #cinematography #setlife #onset #filmmaking #filmaker #filmmakers #filmproduction #videoproduction #productionlife #gimbaloperator #specialtycamera - @nowicki_cinematography on Instagram

- Japan News