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Puuung Friend #345 - Puuung Friends | OpenSea

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- USDT volume has skyrocket vs other currencies. (data from

Macaco NFT

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- Hi, how are ya?

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Graffiti artist devil monkey DMK NFT PFP - doldoldesign 돌돌디자인 돌돌컴퍼니

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- Charts

Bored Ape Yacht Club #NFT

Hi everyone!

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- Saw this and thought of you x

The NTF Expert = adidas announces its first NFT drop of digital and physical products

Co-founder of ETH Burterin dislikes PFP NFTs such as BAYC

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- Blursed Mr Men

The NTF Expert = I will make custom bored ape nft for you

Dope Dudes

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- ‪Namiss ko ung thrill and excitement before vs now. ‬ ‪I dunno.. maybe because of time? politics?‬ ‪Congrats to Pacquiao tho! Made the filipinos proud‬

Join the free metavers zone Discord Server! Odie Lee on Twitter

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- Optik

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- Cristofobia x Homofobia x Racismo no Google Trends dos últimos 5 anos


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- Applicable in many places here as well!

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- Happy 100th Independence Day, Finland!

Puuung Friend #103 - Puuung Friends | OpenSea


- Victims of terror attacks in Western Europe, yearly 1970-2015

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Puuung Friend #21 - Puuung Friends | OpenSea

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As Angelique Collections continue to celebrate fashionweek in #newyorkcity celebrete with us and all the other great designers behind their brand #newyorkcity at #fashionweek #artist #artwork #artistofinstagram #artoftheday #artistlife #brand #branding #handbag #designer #designer #designerbags #custom #custommade #oneofakind #oneofakindjewelry #customhandmade #maker #women #womensupportingwomen #womeninbusiness - @angeliquecollections on Instagram

Nft Art-NFT-Opeansea-nft community

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- The insane sales growth of Spy x Family.

Invisível NFT 👻

The Shmurfs

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- Anterior Cingulate Cortex

We are DAPE

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- Blog

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- ashamed to say i laughed at this

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Palhaço NFT 🤡🃏

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- Hard Drive prices are so weird lol (note: I did not account for RPM)

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- Forex Trading Software

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- The top nine countries with nuclear arsenals...and Jeff. Source: CNN/Federation of American Scientist

Snobiety - Culture Cubs NFT ⚡

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- say when

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Graffiti artist devil monkey DMK NFT PFP - doldoldesign 돌돌디자인 돌돌컴퍼니

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- how diavolo introduced himself to polnareff

nftalgorithm on Instagram: 🎭 C: @evol.gang #nft #nftart #nfts #nftcollector #nftcommunity #nftartist #nftcollection #nftgallery #nftnews #nftgram #nftinvestor #nftcollectibles #nftcollectors #nftdrop #nftbuyers #nftarts #nftartwork #nftmagazine #nftsstories #nftmarketplace #nftgram #nfttipsforyou #blockchain #cyptoart #nonfungibletokens #ethereum #cypto #artoftheday #digitalcollectibles #art

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- Number of subscribers for each MBTI subreddit [OC]

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- [OC] Lifecycle of a Meme

New Collection Drops @azuronft

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- Being In Control Of Your Happiness Makes You 32% Happier [OC]

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Azuro | Instagram - @azuronft

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- d̻a̯̗͡t̴̥̩̰̟̩͈̲a̧̱̬̤̻ ̘̝̘̻̞b̤̘̥̭̫ŗe̷͔a̛͈̝c̰͍̞̘̦̠̥h̳͙̝͖̫͚̬ ̠̩̙̺͖͠

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- Mobile & Smartphone

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- Slovenia GDP per capita growth after leaving Yugoslavia

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- 19k viewers on Magic Grand Prix Lyon 2018

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🤱🏻 Quando nos tornamos mães ,somos tomadas por um sentimento de solidão.Geramos um bebê,dependente ao nascer e na nossa imaginação,para todo sempre. 🤷🏻‍♀️ E parece que somente nós somos capazes de cuidar da maneira correta...somente nós...e aí pode pesar... Seja bebê ,criança ou adolescente saiba pedir ajuda e rodear-se de uma rede de apoio.Ser mãe talvez seja seu papel mais trabalhoso e responsável ...sozinha não dá...exercite as diferenças e aceite ajuda! Não será apenas uma troca de fralda,um banho,um buscar na escola ou na balada...será ato de amor envolvido ! Conte com as pessoas ao seu entorno ❤️ e pratique uma maternidade mais leve! #maternidadeleve #maternidadeconsciente #maternidadereal #mulheresdeverdade - @dra.renataaniceto on Instagram

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- Blursed raindrops

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- Dolar vuelve a subir de precio cerrando a 18.20 ayer por la noche

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- Bitcoin mining difficulty increased by 3.6% and is at an all-time high.

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- Bitcoin is a Global South safe haven

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- Ethereum just hit its highest ever transactions in one day. 1.4 Million transactions. Congrats everyone!

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- On the Fourth Day of Chrimbus, Ink & Marker, 8x12

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- Funding probabilities on Shark Tank, grouped by gender [OC]

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- Latest DOH update as of May 22 tests: 20,264 positive individuals

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- Liberating the world from fiat since 2009

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- Butterfinger/Simpsons Commercials

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- Bode D+

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- Adam Ellis Comics

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- The whole world is on edge these days

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- Life-saving book

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- Warning Label

ethereum erc20 vitalik buterin changeangel

- Programming humor

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- Hessian (Burlap) Sack

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- Gentlemen! Take a break from the real market beating you to shit! Download the app “trader trainer” to make you feel good about yourself again! With “real market data”, I started 2 days ago with $25k and look at me now! It’s a real ego booster

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- Sport infographics

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- This sub helped me see the light

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- Agile | Lean

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- Self-Quarantine (OC)

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- Uptick in Google searches for Hoth and TaunTauns over the last few days with all the snow in the Midwest US.


- A friend in need[OC]

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We did it!! 15K bunkbeds in 2019! That means 30,000 kiddos will get a bed to sleep in. 💙 #weAreShp #nokidsleepsonthefloorinourtown #humanshelpinghumans #wehelplittlehumans - @sleepinheavenlypeacebeds on Instagram

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- We live in a society-Joker

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- Teacher Interview Questions

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- She was convinced she was an astronaut, Me, Mixed Media, 2020

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Can a cactus have a ballon friend?⁠ .⁠ .⁠ It is a struggle to find happiness, and sometimes when you find it it pop away... 🎈⁠ .⁠ Something that help me is to rethink about 3 small moments that made me happy thought the day. It could be something simple as eating icecream or vising a friend! 💪⁠ .⁠ This helps your mind to focus on the positive part of life instead of the negative. Can you share some happy moments you had this weekend? ⁠ .⁠ 🌵 🌵 🌵Happy cactus moment to you all!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ Like and follow my page for more comics like this! ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #igcomics #comicart #kawaiidrawing #instagramcomics #diarycomics #memecomik #comicdrawing #independentcomics #comicpanel #shortcomic #webtoons #dailycomics #comicsinspiration #bfcomicsspotlight #igcomicfamily #makingcomics⁠ #alltehcomics #relatablecomics #dailycomic #memecomic #memecomik #comicartistsoninstagram #cartoonstyle #comicstyle #comix #cool_comic #lightscamcom #alltehcomics #comicsinspiration ⁠ - @myinnercactuscomics on Instagram

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- Value investing

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- Not the most accurate escalated bc quarantine

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Part Two of Quarantine Diaries: Doom Sky. Knowing, witnessing, and feeling how there’s a lack of care for our home (this Earth) is a crushing feeling. She deserves justice, she deserves love, we need to push for indigenous sovereignty. #comics #climatechange #bayarea #quarantinediaries #afrolatinxscreate #centralamerican #cartoonist - @breenache on Instagram

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- Complementaram o gráfico sobre o investimento em pesquisa científica pra ficar mais fácil de visualizar

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- Term Sheet

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- BrrrGrrrWhirrr

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- Ethereum backlog of transactions growing. Whats this mean for the price?

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- Oh, the foreshadowing is so real!!

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- Planet earth is blue, digital, 1024 × 791

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- I kept track of all the waste that my boyfriend and I threw out since January 1st 2020. I planned on having less waste each month by switching to more sustainable alternatives. Somehow it did not work out at all. Please help me reduce my waste! More info in comments

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By using our Mouthwash Tablets you have all helped stop a potential 150,000 plastic mouthwash bottles from ending up in landfills! 🙌 Thank you 💚 . . . . #saveourseas #plasticpollution #waterpollution #climateaction #environmentalawareness #nosingleuseplastic #reducewaste #loveourplanet #loveearth #protectearth #ourplanet #carefornature #saveearth #zerowastegoals #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #ecotips #plasticfreeoceans #protecttheocean #oceancleanup #beachcleanup #protectwhatyoulove #protectourhome #worldoceanday #plasticfreeforthesea #reducereuserecycle #reducewaste - @georganics on Instagram

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- I think we have some potential here boys / girls

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- Nepal buys petroleum from us and their citizens pays less what we do. (Source in comments)

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- Me, within a week of getting my salary.

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- I wish Ive been better player

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- Waffle House IHOP

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- Upside Down Man

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- Spains IBEX 35 stock index is now lower than the 2008 crisis lows

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- Thanks each and everyone of you! We are now 1 MILLION members strong!

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Iso has been a challenge! Who would’ve thought we’d be where we are now! This is a graph of our podcast downloads. We had our biggest month ever for @thedailytalkshow. I feel very lucky to have this outlet and something I’m so passionate about right now! Thanks to everyone who’s listened and support us! - @joshjanssen on Instagram

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Here is further data from my earlier post. This is from S.Korea where we have the most volume of data and the most accurate data. They have tested over 220,000 people. This is plotting the percent of total Covid-19 positive cases of each age group and comparing what each age groups portion is of the total population. It shows that although 20-29 year olds make up just 13% of the total population, they make up 30% of all the Covid-19 positive cases! Again, young people are the highest group carrying this contagion. Most in that group will have mild or no symptoms and if they continue to go about things like normal, they will drive the spread which will ultimately effect our elderly, our chronically ill and our healthcare workers who are on the frontlines. Stay in, social distance, do your part to help the hundreds of thousands that can succumb to this and our healthcare workers who are going to be overwhelmed. - @kkiran_00 on Instagram

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- Reddit the last days. Among us everywhere


👁️ - @ytvofficial on Instagram

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❣️❣️❣️❣️ Follow :- @neet_2021_dream Admin :- ( Senti Dr . ) . . . . #neet2019 #neet2020 #neetcutoff #neet_ek_tapasya #neet #medical #medlife #aiims #jipmer #life #kota #kotaite #kotafactory #careerpoint #rao #iit #aipmt #pmt #mci #nta #biology #india #ncertstudycourse #ncert - @neet_2021_dream on Instagram

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Life in the boat #illustration #sketch #beyondthesea #upsidedown #rumwirbeln #schwip #schwap #bye - @tomke_berning on Instagram

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- March Bitcoin Crash vs September Bitcoin Crash

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- Food Policy

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- Its terrible. F

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#be_safe - @vnut_official on Instagram

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- [OC] How much more CEOs earn compared to the average employee

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- ‪Give you an idea of turbulence out of Denver this morning ‬

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- Turkish lira has declined almost 77% against the Euro over the past decade

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- Got flagged immediately for motorpacing, but can you tell when I got behind the convoy of construction vehicles? Lol, felt like I had superpowers.

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- 4Daagse

ethereum eth

- Elon the legend

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- Bielefeld der Ort mit der geringsten Nazi quote in ganz Deutschland.

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- [OC] Bible letter frequency

eth ethereum

- Latest DOH update as of May 7 tests: 13,722 positive cases

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- Blursed demon

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@officialcliq x @therealalika x @msbanks “Google Me” is out & it bangs! w. @islandrecordsuk - @grounduprec on Instagram

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Hilarious - relatable ! New Yorker magazine . - @lizmarshdesigns on Instagram

- Family Issues

- There have been 17 separate 5% pullbacks since stocks bottomed in 2009. Each one of them felt like the top.

- Face to Face, me, digital, 2020

- A Cottage

The evolution of DOTS in the RAW Belgium powerlifting scene. First we will cover the male weight classes. Females are up next 🔜. . Which weight classes are getting more competitive and which are seeing a large influx of newer lifters? . Special thanks to @stefanie.verhulst whom made this data publicly available on @openpowerlifting . . @cpt_timmy - @thiebe_sleeuwaert on Instagram

- Intraday trading

- Blursed_ Distracting Otamatones

- Losing 7,000 subs in 48 hours doesnt seem right, but thats none of my business.

- Dashboards UI

- Thousands of people who did not listen to Do not leave the house warnings gather in Bangladesh to pray for viruses

- Is this some sort of rich person joke Im too peasant to understand?

I miss this feeling..🙏🏽 - @nascarrjp on Instagram

- @chenjerai on Instagram

summers end Remembering what summers were like. Revisited a clip made 3 years ago. 🎵summerTM - Anonymous420 - @achuray on Instagram

- S&P 500 Recovers during major crashes [OC]

- Small streamer for fun 😳

- Source..

- Two brothers inherited $42 billion each : elder is now worth $80 billion , younger one is now bankrupt

- That Banana Truly Was The Kindest Act

- Grand Abduction [2560x1440]

- Blursed Vibes

- Updated Version of my previous oxidative phosphorylation doodle. Added some more details :) always open to suggestions for further improvement

- Ruim 15 Megaton aan mogelijkheden om onze CO2-emissie in 2020 te verlagen

- I did a drawing based on my friends childhood concept of God...

- How much are households spending on food? In 2018, households in the EU spent over €1 047 bn (equivalent to 6.6% of EU GDP) on food and non-alcoholic beverages. Households in Romania spent more than a quarter of total household consumption expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages (27.8%).

- Do you think the UK Government is handling the issue of COVID-19 well or badly? - YouGov

Project Patience . (FREE shipping) Hey gang- I know it’s the absolute worst thing, being stuck at home. We at KRCs want to get out and get on the rock too. But we’re staying home to help do our part and get past this CORONA VIRUS maybe before summer is over. We want you to do the same. . So we are giving you a deal- stay home and read the guidebook and we will give you free shipping on Winnipeg orders. Link in bio! - @kenorarockclimbsguidebook on Instagram

- Property Value on the RISE

- Union Membership vs Inequality

- @grainypatch on Instagram

- Nestlé uses 1.7 million tons of plastic annually -

- @tinysnekcomics on Instagram

- Lots of great discussion in the BKS thread, so this also need to be shown:

So Tesla has gone parabolic, vertical, etc. Tesla is a long term growth stock and is a market disruptor. This graph uses numbers before the split, and Tesla would have hit $2500 today. That is wreckless. That is a 1050% gain in 12 months. And this is why I am buying and holding Tesla shares forever. #LORDELON . . Ark is an excellent fund company that focuses on innovative growth. . . . . Follow @passiveincomeking to have the personal finances of a king 👑 . . . #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #investingtips #investor #financecoach #financeblogger #financialliteracy #financialfreedom #trading #tradinglife #tradinglifestyle #optionstrading #optionstrader #investor #elonmusk #elonmuskmemes #elon #spacex #tesla #stockmarket #stockstowatch #stockstobuy #stockstrader #longterminvesting #wallstreetbets #futurism #futurism #growthstocks #stocktwits #stocktips #business - @passiveincomeking on Instagram

- Drown r/The_Donald in this.

- Summary of how the Phil. Government handled COVID-19

Wenk Wenk. Ice king just cant stop trying to get princesses!!❄️❄️😠 - @gunter.the.penguin.official on Instagram

Paying off debt can seem like an overwhelming task. 🤔 Heres how to pay of $10k of debt in one year -- its easier than you might think with the right plan 🌟 . . . #payoffdebt #debtplan #moneymoves #financialplan #debt #10k - @thecollegeinvestor on Instagram

Give me your favourite colours then... also - this comic took me longer than any comic ever has, I also realised after 15 years working with colour I actually had no idea how colour circles really worked. It’s been a journey. (And yes, there’s a poster version on the shop as well!). - @instachaaz on Instagram

- Trade volume on Bakkt is at new highs.

- Its normal

- Indicators

- augmented reality

- The recommended temperature for sleeping is 65 degrees

- Heart Test [OC]

- Latest DOH update as of May 8 tests: 14,076 positive individuals

- Fitbits Heart Rate graph goes up to 240 BPM. This compresses the graph, and makes it hard to see differences in heart rate, and 240 BPM is a really high HR.

Theft #art #artistsoninstagram #illustration #illustrationartists #illustrationart #theft #stealing #paradox #investigation #digitalart #digitalillustration - @srijuktoarpangargari on Instagram

- Silly sensitive woman

This stat is great for comparing properties of different sizes. Just calculate the price per square foot and compare! Need any help? Dont hesitate to reach out. Craig Nosler, CRS, CNE, e-Pro Realtor Managing Broker RE/MAX International Hall of Fame RE/MAX Integrity 425.765.5588 - @craignoslerre on Instagram

- DGLY: That Massive Spike is Around Previous Riots


- Hopefully one dollar doesn‘t determine your life

- We must give aid to our mates down unda

- Oil Price Predictions

- bmo :)

- La startup nation en action

- Btc about to close the best Q3 of its whole existence

- Digital Agency Services

- Community Inspiration // Finds On the road

- Detailed streams stats The Manila Masters

- Tecido

- Legacy Bitcoin tries to buy a cup of coffee

Freddie Mercury and Beatles (Sold) are now officially completed - The first two artwork in our Music Series collaboration with @ronald_apriyan. We love the attention to details and the brilliant hues! Thank you so much for all the strong support and enthusiasm surrounding this series of artwork. We will continue to update everyone on his latest works via this channel. Do reach out to us directly if you have any sales inquiries. Thank you! - @whitespaceartasia on Instagram

- Latest DOH update as of May 9 tests: 14,504 positive individuals

“Vortices”, 2011 (detail). #danielcanogar #plasticpollution #artphotography #garbagevortex @fundacioncanal #climatechangeart #instagarbage - @danielcanogar on Instagram

- Please stop this

- Enterprises that provide mobile devices to staff in the EU

- Mirror image looks good tho

- Fernadez

- Tower in the News

- Awkward Yeti

- Overwatch memes

- The main selling point of Obamacare was to make healthcare more affordable. Since it was passed premiums are up more than 50% and deductibles more than 150%. What it really was, was a multi-billion dollar kickback to the healthcare industry

- Cost of Living

אז מה אומר השושו-גרף-מינה-צמח-סטטס על כמות ימי הגלישה השנה עד היום ומה שעוד צפוי..? כל התשובות בפרק #9. זאת ועוד... . . #medcast @lzamir @artrashkovan @shushu_aharoni - on Instagram

- Business | success

Tololo épisode 2: la prouesse artistique Fin #fanzine #samouraï #promarker #BD #jeunesse #childrenbookillustration #couleurs #figurine #microedition #aventure #oleole - @julia.frc on Instagram

- Describes it pretty good.

@blkmarket // • • • • • #collage #collageart #collageartwork #collageartist #collagewave #cutandpaste #collages #digital #digitalcollage #illustration #graphic #procrate #digital #lettering #physicalart #journaling #diary #sketchbook #moleskine #tattoo #flash #traditional #americantraditional #portfolio #design #print #printmaking - @finerrlovee on Instagram

- C.J. Hendry

- Bob esponja

- Buying and selling of stock by U.S. senators alongside the S&P 500. Analysis of individual senators’ trading in comments. [OC]

- [OC] By request: popularity of the name Lolita in the US

- Kurzgesagt has such meme potential !

- El viaje del chairito por Hayao Miyazaki

- Ethereum now settles more value per day than Bitcoin

- Cartoons

- Midwifery

- Oil News

- No bag, no problem

Update on data from Labor Day: We are now 3 weeks out from Labor Day & have not experienced a surge in cases similar to after Memorial Day & July 4th. While we may still see increases in cases due to activities over the Labor Day Holiday, we do not predict a similar surge. Please keep doing your part to #SlowTheSpread of #COVID19. It is part of our collective responsibility to do our best to not transmit the virus to others, especially those with underlying health conditions. It is also vital for our recovery that businesses continue to follow protocols and we in LA County continue to wear face coverings, physical distance, get tested, and isolate and quarantine as needed. Your actions protect you and save lives. - @lapublichealth on Instagram

- 2020 SPX volatility estimate by GS

- [OC] Made this as a tribute to my grandma who passed last week. Dementia sucks.

- [Image] A real leader goes into battle with his team

- Comparing Stronger Towns funding with EU Funding

- Sen. Richard Burr stock transactions alongside the S&P 500 [OC]

- Art as a Force for Change (Satirical & Social Criticism- Intrepid Artists)

- Tesla has flipped Walmart, Proctor & Gamble, Mastercard, and Home Depot to become the #12 asset by market cap

- Looks like KuCoin was hacked, no BTC outflows since a 1,000 BTC withdrawal

- Childhood ruined

- Berne Sandars 😎

- Bitcoin’s mining hash-rate hits new all-time-high 🚀

Agreed!💔 What do you think? 🤔 Follow 👉@art_enlighten for more art ♥️ • Credit: @conecandy • 📩For immediate feature/promotion DM . . . #creative_art_world #illustrationart #illustrate #illustated #illustrator #illustrators #modernworld #illustratorslife #illustration #illustration #artofplanet #artistic #artshow #artlovers #artlover #loveforart #artsclue #digitalillustrations #digitalillustrator #digitalart #artists #digitalartist #artist #artiststudio #wonderfulart #fantasticart #amazingart #beautifulart #masterpiece #illustrationart #masterpiece - @art_enlighten on Instagram

📊 Pretty cool to see the increase in our bike share trips recently. We expect this trend to continue upwards as people find bike riding a safe, healthy and fun transportation option! (Not to mention a big hug for our planet🌎)! - @boulderbcycle on Instagram

Since launching Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT) last week in partnership with the State of California, we have reached 1.3 million children across the state. Learn more: - @codeforamerica on Instagram

- Michael Jackson ONE

Si no lo subes a Insta, no ha pasado 📸 - @disneypluses on Instagram

- it ran out

Once again, i am grateful for having participated with a illustration for Courrier International. @courrierinter, @lucbriand . For a report related yo search and capture of one of the accompliced of Nicolás Maduros dictatorship, Alex Saab was arrested on June 12 un Cape Verde and sought by United States, who he suspects is the backbone of laundering activities of money and corruption in the name of Venezuela. #courrierinternational #editorialillustration #graphicdesign #marcosramoscelis #insightcrime #insightcrimees #álexsaab #NoALaNarcoDictadura #venezolanosenelexterior #laundrymoney #Venezuela #venezuelalibre🇻🇪 #interestingstuff #magazine #presse #press #journaux #actualité #noticias #monde #news #heute #today #lecturedujour #Caracas #CaboVerde #Paris #Miami - @marcosramoscelis on Instagram

- The real heroes

- Based on DOHs Situationer Report for June 30,2020, we already have 47,304 unique individuals that tested positive. They are just slow at verifiying and confirming it so they press realease the lower 36,438 data. Panalo pa din U.P. by a mile. We are all doomed with this government.

- animation

- Fuck the King

- You little monster.

- 1 Bitcoin is now worth $11000

- Waxhaw, North Carolina

- Arsonists Anonymous [OC]

- ACA, Deficit, Budget, and Right Wing Extremists

- [OC] Popularity of the name Isis in the US

- Produtividade do lazer (Arte de linhadotrem)

- [OC] A quick visualization of the lag displayed by the CDCs excess death numbers

- Pro life Christians

- Canada to lose 2,830 jobs as Bombardier slashes workforce

- the Arrow of Entropic Time

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- Design Thinking Processes

- Counter terrorist unit

Perfluence собирает под одной крышей и тиктокеров, и инстаграм-блогеров, и ютюберов, и авторов на Яндекс.Дзен. Заработку в последних двух, как оказалось, посвящено крайне мало постов. Непорядок, исправляемся! Варианты монетизации на YouTube 1. Самостоятельная настройка рекламы Это, пожалуй, самый доступный способ заработка на видеохостинге, а для начинающих блогеров — единственный. Необходимо всего лишь настроить монетизацию через личный кабинет в Google AdSense и ждать копеечку. 2. Партнерские программы Метод основан на том же, что и предыдущий, но предоставляет более широкие возможности и спектр услуг. Все зависит от партнерки и улетности канала :) 3. Донаты, суперчаты и платная подписка План рабочего характера для тех, кто уверен в щедрости своих подписчиков. Все блогеры играют с этими инструментами по-разному. Включайте креативчик. Варианты монетизации на Яндекс.Дзен Донаты в Дзене — не самая популярная штука, зато монетизироваться можно аж тремя способами: - Простой заработок (размещение рекламы в публикациях) - Вариант простого заработка для самозанятых - Заработок на прямых продажах (ADFOX) и участии в рекламной сети Яндекса А теперь о любимом и самом денежном: о нативной рекламе. Работает это и в Дзене, и на YouTube по классическому раскладу: промокоды, ссылки и другие прелести блогерской жизни. Вы же в курсе, что мы сечем в этом вопросе не хуже, чем Хокинг в физике. Так что если не знаете/боитесь/не понимаете, с чего начать, всегда примем как родного по ссылке в шапке профиля и подберем проект по рабочей теме. - @perfluence on Instagram

Obras coloridas e lúdicas que trazem cor para decoração. O grafite é um estilo que ganha espaço no mercado de arte e por isso é cada vez mais apreciado por investidores e decoradores.⁣ ⁣ Compre essa e outras obras em nosso site:⁣ 👉⁣⁣ Fale com um dos nossos consultores através do whatsapp⁣⁣ 📱(11) 97529-7342⁣ #democrart #art #fineart #galeriadearte - @democrart on Instagram

- Cool Gadgets & Innovations

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- Adventure time

- ERC-20 token market cap has reached parity with ETH (ETH = $27 B vs ERC-20 = $25.6 billion)

BUILD THINGS WITH CARDBOARD BOXES using nothing other than what is in the current room you are in. Post your creativity online using the hashtag #create30 to be featured! Keep following for new Create30 Exercises you can do, or visit our website (link in bio) for more ideas! - @creativecapitalofcanada on Instagram

- My brother likes to make comics, here’s his latest one!

- TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: USA Coronavirus forming a cup and handle!

- How this market downturn compares to 2008 market crash.

- Current S&P 500 sell off againts previous. Including 1929 [OC]

- Now it’s stuck in your head [OC]

- Who else can relate? (Source: @CubeMelt)

- [OC] Coronavirus has been mentioned in UK newspapers more than Ebola or SARS over the last 20 years

- The Nominees for Best Picture are...

- Latest DOH update as of May 10 tests: 14,981 positive individuals

- Dont give up [1920x1080]

- Whats this for?

- Exit plan?

- Personal happiness throughout 2019 (a happy year) [OC]

- I think we are forgetting something

- Commercial Interior Design

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- We are a shining example to the rest of the world... Of what not to do.

Februari: New Artwork WOL75 Artist, Contemporary Artist Im so happy to show you my new artwork City of Madness, 7-Eleven. On which wall would you hang my artwork? Serie:Mc Collection Artwork City of Madness, 7-Eleven. Name: City of Madness, 7-Eleven Serie: Machine consumers Material: Fine Art, Dibond, Plexen Size: 180cmx180cm Enjoy my artwork and have great day! WOL75 Artist, Contemporary Artist! #contemporaryart #fineart #inspiring #artistsoninstagram #surreal digitalart #bizarreartist #artforyourhome #diasec #archivalpigmentprint - @wol75_artist on Instagram

- Forex strategy

🔥 Whenever Bitcoin Price goes Up or Down, Google Searches Soars 🔥 Last month, the value of Bitcoin (BTC) nosedived to around the $6,500 mark after having stayed above the $8,000 threshold for a considerable period before that. This downturn showcased Bitcoin’s worst market performance over the past seven months — with the flagship crypto asset’s last stoop below the $6,500 mark occurring in May. However, even with this aforementioned reversal in BTC’s fortunes, data available on Google Trends suggests that global interest in the premier cryptocurrency seems to increase every time the asset witnesses sudden price movements — positive or negative. Also, it bears mentioning that last month, the term “Bitcoin” reached its highest search ranking since Oct. 26, a time when the coin was trading above the $9,200 mark. 👉 Join to discuss about the cryptocurrency market #liquiditex #lex #cryptoexchange #cryptotrading #trading #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #altcoin #cryptoinvestor #hodl #cryptoworld #crypto - on Instagram

- Net financial assets per capita en las principales economías de latino america.

- Global Cumulative Offshore Wind Capacity (2016)

- in 3 days

- Texas Jobs

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What a day!! We finished up our second day with the Fire Relief Supply Drive and it was such a success! It was so humbling to see our RCF community show up to support an important cause together.⁠ ⁠ In the coming days, we will be coordinating the logistics of transporting all of the donated supplies. We promise to get each and every item directly to someone in need.⁠ ⁠ STILL IN NEED OF:⁠ - Moving boxes!! Intact and pre-assembled (please nothing ripped or broken)⁠ - Clear moving tape⁠ - XL Ziploc bags⁠ ⁠ If you are able to donate these supplies, we will be available to accept them between 10am-4pm, Tuesday-Friday this week at the main doors of RCF East. For the safety of our team and volunteers, please do not enter the building.⁠ ⁠ Thank you again to our amazing community! ❤️ - @rosecityfutsal on Instagram

- Moon jelly

𝗙 𝗜 𝗩 𝗘 ✨ this month we celebrate five incredible years of business!! We want to thank YOU all for your nonstop support of our brand and always encouraging us, attending our events, loving our products and being here for us through the good and the not so great (looking at you 2020 😅). Through it all we continue to be filled with gratitude, and are so excited for what the future holds for The OVer Company! 💕 Swipe to see how far weve come with your help these past 5 years 👉🏼 . . . #getyourOVeron #TheOVerCompany #modernmom #babymusthave #multiuse #freeshipping #carseatcover #nursingcover #momlife #OVermama #mordernessentials #monochrome #diaperbagessentials #babyshower #musthave #babystyle #babyfashion #madeincanada #newborn #mommymusthave #versatile #modern #safe #convenient #wegiveback #preemiepower #bossbaby - @theovercompany on Instagram

- Art I like

- Corporate Governance

- DEX volumes are up from $5M to $25M YTD; share of overall volumes growing with Dex tokens up 5X YTD compared to centralized exchange tokens

- Mind Map Examples

- Sports grants: Approved and not approved by merit score (per ANAO)

- Anak ng tokwa

- The impact of COVID-19 on the airline industry visualized (2019 vs. 2020)

- UN Climate Change Education Advocacy

Sorry for all the inconveniences, aku tak boleh nk upload this weekend gosh byk gila scenes yg nk kena buat as im preparing to enter the school too soon, InsyaAllah next weekend baru boleh, harap korg faham :) thank you jugak yg support this far - @thecarrotive on Instagram

- Climate Change Effects

- Good To Know

- My investments

- seek and destroy [OC] read my other previous comics too related ;)

- North Atlanta

- I have four tests tomorrow and should be studying

- How Uber & Lyft Crushed the New York Yellow Cab [OC].

- 3D Art Sculpture/Mixed Media Portfolio

- Cartoon favourites

- How every 4-hour session starts

- Funny because true.

- Budget

- When The Handshaking Stops In The Just-In-Time Economy | David Pope 19.03.20

- Growth in house prices vs wages in Europe and elsewhere

- activités albums

- The Waters are Rising

- El 2020

- Working Hard, me, digital, 2020

- Are you tired of real xs?

- The U.K. is about to go back into lockdown, destroying working class lives and small businesses. Here is how our cases compare to hospitalisations and deaths.

- Adventure Time: Quotes

- Instagram the goldmine of all goldmines

- I drew the final boss without knowing anything about that minigame about a month ago 🤪

- Small Cap Stocks

Researchers @tudelft developed a backpack which can prevent people from falling.🔎It is called the Gybar. . Fully contained within the backpack is a gyroscopic actuator – a spinning disc repositionable with electric motors – to provide hands free balance support in multiple activities and environments.🛒 The results of the first experiments with human subjects and potential end-users have been published in Nature Scientific Reports.🔬 #tudelft #engineering @tudelft_mechanicalengineering - @tudelft on Instagram

- Existence Is Pain, Change My Mind. Fan art by me

- Its the gift that keeps on giving!

- Riches in 2020 [OC]