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- Big Data

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- Your sexist for workplace

Lil peep🐥

Wattson and Crypto

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- Kodi amazon fire

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- @dr.juliomarchini on Instagram

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- Why do flight comparison websites do this: give you one price, then display a much higher price?

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- Netflix stonks down (no reaction image cuz I can’t be bothered, someone else can repost this with one)


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- Uptick in Google searches for Hoth and TaunTauns over the last few days with all the snow in the Midwest US.

We bare bears

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- According to this analis eth will bounce back.


ほつまる on Twitter: てんさいてきにかわい〜🌟…

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One of the most interesting benefits of @unlocklevels real time glucose monitoring is being able to watch the body do its thing. . Exercise can significantly increase energy use and our bodies will manage the demand differently depending on how intense the exercise is. . Check out these two examples from my exercise logs in the @unlocklevels app. . 📉Lower intensity exercise like a slow and steady run typically means a steady decrease in my glucose levels as my body chooses to use my readily available glucose and fat stores. . 📈When the intensity is high, fat can’t be used efficiently for energy so glucose is the only reliable energy source. Under this extreme stress, hormones like Cortisol and Epinephrine (adrenaline) are released which signal to the liver to flood the blood with glucose from stored glycogen and produce new glucose. This is a “fight or flight” response which is the body’s way of making sure we have the energy available to make it out of this intense situation no matter what. . *Glucose spikes from high intensity exercise are very different physiologically from spikes caused by sugary foods.* . Both kinds of exercise have their place and are demonstrated to have health benefits including improved insulin sensitivity for long periods afterward. . No technology gives better insight into these processes for wellness and performance optimization than continuous glucose monitoring and I learn something new every day. - @josh.f.clemente on Instagram

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The church ⛪️ of Sunday was is in session and @brady_barton_ gave his sermon. 14 miles averaging 5:55/mile. Last 4 miles in 5:27 average. #runnerscommunity #runnersofinstagram #run #running #instarunners #track #trackandfield #marathontraining #marathon #runcoach #runningcoach #distancerunner #runfaster #runhappy #runbetter #runner #runningmotivation #runchat #instarun #tracknation #runccg #runlong #runrunrun #runnerslife #churchofthesundaylongrun - @runccg on Instagram

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- NZ Population growth 1996-2018

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I was so sad to hear the news today about Flywheel closing their doors forever. I feel so incredibly lucky for the 6 years I was blessed to work for this company. @fountainof_ruth saw something in me and brought me into the company when it was still a startup. I’ll never forget the tears of joy I shed when I made it through the audition and training rounds in early 2011 and became official. The ride from thereon was nothing short of extraordinary. I had the opportunity to travel to Miami, Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta, the Hamptons and of course multiple NYC locations to deliver world class boutique fitness experiences and several as a mentor for new instructors. I was even blessed to become a @lululemon ambassador! The professional growth as an instructor and leader was amazing but the absolute best part was having the opportunity to work with and around such incredible and inspiring people. Thank you Ruth and thank you Flywheel for helping shape my path. No one can ever take the memories from us... #throwback #indoorcycling #cycle #nevercoast #nyc #dallas #miami #atlanta #charlotte #thehamptons #fitness #lifestyle #nevercoast - @thejohnnydnyc on Instagram

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Die nächsten 100 Tage übersteht die Veranstaltungswirtschaft nicht. Darum brauchen wir den Branchendialog mit der Politik jetzt! Mit ca. 2 Mio. Beschäftigten ist die Eventbranche ein nicht zu unterschätzender Wirtschaftsfaktor, der seit Beginn der Corona-Krise Ausfälle von über 90% bis zum Jahresende zu beklagen hat. Hilfen seitens der Bundesregierung sind jetzt zwingend notwendig bevor die Branche weitgehend ausstirbt. Heute Nacht werden bundesweit Gebäude in rotes Licht getaucht als Mahnung und Forderung in Richtung der Politik. #firstinlastout #nightoflight2020 #kulturisteinlebensmittel - @zentralrat_mitte on Instagram

Homecoming - LARGE 20x28 50x70cm

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- Robinhood App

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- Bitcoins

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- Some love quotes

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📊 Pretty cool to see the increase in our bike share trips recently. We expect this trend to continue upwards as people find bike riding a safe, healthy and fun transportation option! (Not to mention a big hug for our planet🌎)! - @boulderbcycle on Instagram

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- @ds_smartway on Instagram

Crypto World IPhone Wallpaper - IPhone Wallpapers

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Wow! Amanda your are really good at what you do. At first I doubt her but to my surprise my $30000 invest has grown this big within 2 weeks. - @valery_vavilov on Instagram

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Best NFT arts, Best NFT games, Best NFT artworks, NFT art designs, Doodle Ape NFT, Doodle Monkey NFT

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Auster media is the fastest growing company developed to ensure all your needs to get your venture fly higher. We have innumerable activations for promotions, Digital marketing, Branding, Advertising, Designings, SEO and other multitudinous services. All we could guarantee is Your brand is safe in our hands to make it more unique, creative and splendid to the public! - @auster_media on Instagram

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Apex legends matching icons 2/2

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- Wave Pattern

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Memes De Apex Y También Crypto Y Watson 7w7 XD

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- Online Share Trading

Gato escutando música

Crypto Bull #7012 - Crypto Bull Society | OpenSea

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- Meet me...

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- We ain’t fux with YouTube too heavy

reddit: the front page of the internet

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- Gems from Tavi Costa

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We teamed up with some friends to introduce our first crave-able vegan flavour. Coming Thursday 9/24/2020 👀 🌱 - @plantededibles on Instagram

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- Sports App

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Meet John - our Product Manager! John leads the design and development of Slide. John oversees the product team which develops the backend of the app to ensure that it’s easy to use and appealing for our users. John & the product team work to roll out new app features while fixing any bugs that come up within the app. Get to know John! ~~How do you use Slide?~~ I use Slide as my main way to pay almost everywhere I shop, online and in-store. Slide allows me to quickly pay at some of my favorite merchants like DoorDash, Dunkin Donuts, Chipotle, Uber, and more. ~~How do you plan to use your earned cash back from Slide?~~ I love earning cash back and because I use Slide, I get cash back instantly - it’s so easy. Since Slides cash back is instant, I tend to use it towards my next purchase right away. ~~What do you like to do when you’re not at work?~~ I live a very healthy lifestyle, so I love staying active especially with my puppy, taking him to dog parks all across town, and training him to be the best dog ever. ~~If you could travel to one place, where would it be?~~ I would love to travel to Ireland and drink a pint in many of their Irish pubs. Celebrating good times with good people. - @slide on Instagram

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- Infographic - comparison

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EXG is the first E-sports and Gaming Convention in Indonesia. Created for the fans, the convention brings together tournamenta, masterclasses, cosplay acts, and entertainment for 10.000+ visitors to enjoy. Check @exgcon for more info. #semestasamara - @semesta_samara_live on Instagram

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- BI

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I meant to post this earlier... so basically the first time since March that first time jobless claims came in under 900,000 and people are losing their minds talking about how great that news is... - @tradmormortgage on Instagram

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- Custom Mobile App Design

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Still here. . • • My gym closed around March 20th and since then I made a promise to myself that I would try to keep consistent and keep training. . • • I kept showing up for myself and have been training at least 5 days/ week, sometimes more. I’ve completed 80 days of workouts since then and maintained my weight despite the days when I’ve been tired, lacked motivation or felt anxious. . • • The point here is that motivation starts with action. Just start. Get the ball rolling. Once it’s rolling, use the momentum to keep going. Find some people who feel the same and feed off of that encouragement and energy. You can!! . • • Then form the habit and not doing wont even be a consideration. Right? . • • #motivation #gymmotivation #keepgoing #keepmoving #youcandohardthings #youcandoit #dailyhabits #fitfam #fitmom #fitmomof5 #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney - @fitchownow on Instagram

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- Everyone at the end of the week


- jimmy somerville

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- flat ui

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- Bookkeeping Services

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¡Tómate el café a tu gusto!⁣⁠⠀ ⁣⁠⠀ 👉🏼 Ajusta la intensidad del café eligiendo el grado de molido⁣⁠⠀ 👉🏼 Elige la cantidad de café o leche⁣⁠⠀ 👉🏼 Guarda tus recetas favoritas⁣⁠⠀ ⁣⁠⠀ Disfruta de un café profesional en tu 🏠⁣⁠⠀ ⁣⁠⠀ 👆 PRODUCTO EN BIO 👆 -⁠⠀ #Krups⁠⠀ #café ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁠⠀ #cafetera ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁠⠀ #superautomática⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁠⠀ #coffeelovers - @krups_es on Instagram

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- Currency Forecast Based On a Predictive Algorithm

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- Candlestick chart

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- Do you smellllllll what The Rock is filing?

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- Generation

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- Remote desktop services

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Customer using dragy as a tuning tool to compare before and after! Posted @withregram • @enginetuner_ltd Following on from our post the other day between a stock V7 WRX ecu that Martyn mapped and a Haltech Platinum Pro ecu with no hardware changes. Heres a little real world data. Same stretch of road at the same time, obviously on different days but you can see improvements all over! #enginetuner #subaru #impreza #wrx #wagon #haltech #martynmappedit #dragy #0to60 #data #tuning #mapping #bhp #torque #awd #fullweight #317bhp - @dragymotorsports on Instagram

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- My Zabbix dashboard

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- Personal happiness throughout 2019 (a happy year) [OC]

best online crypto casinos

Nouvelles séquences du Motion « Intégrité sportive » - - Production & scénario : @maggle.animation Design & animation : @arthur.navet Sound design : @audiospheric - - #animation #2danimation #motiondesign #motiongraphics #illustration #illustrator #sport #olympic #bet #pari #integrity - #motioncafe #mdcommunity #weloveanimations #motionmood #motionaep #motionlovers #motiongraphicscollective #goodmovestv #motionmate #magglemotion - @maggle.animation on Instagram

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- sidebar

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- I am now a time traveler according to my charts

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Happy Birthday to our very own Al Skop! Sending lots of love and wishes to get back to in-person celebrations soon. 🍹It wouldnt be #TheHighway family without you! - @sxmthehighway on Instagram

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- This mans right here

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- I made quick revive as a can as requested. I got a special one Im working on and no its not speed cola or double tap(I will make those but not right now).Hope you enjoy :)

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- aries music

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- Basel III

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- Intraday trading

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- [COD] Activision will have a showcase during (digital) Gamescom starting from the 27th of August to the 31st. If shown, This will be the latest COD reveal in history.

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- Bud

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- Lincoln University

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- Band Logo Ideas

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- Developer & Programming tips and trends

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- Everything Apple

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- In December, Tesla is delivering over 2500 cars per week on average in The Netherlands

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@ElevenSportsbe veille sur votre santé et vous prescrit 3 fois par semaine #ADayAtYourClub, votre nouveau rendez-vous ⚽️ Du mardi au jeudi, je vous retrouve dès 19h45 🎙📺 #NouvelleSaison #NouvelleÉmission #ProLeague - @pierrealexismatton on Instagram

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- Zombie cartoon

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#APPC ready for bullish breakout 🚀🚀🚀 Targets : 420 - 450 - 500 - @cryptovention on Instagram

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- Auracio

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- Visualisation

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- Grafana - Before and After (Still learning)

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- If you insist...

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- What trading with WSB looks like. Just waiting for the inevitable crash.

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- ERC-20 token market cap has reached parity with ETH (ETH = $27 B vs ERC-20 = $25.6 billion)

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- A local donut chain sold political donuts, then released their popularity results with this graph

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- What is happening with Arcane Crystals? (Nexus hub screen cap across all US servers)

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- Saw this and thought of you x

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Iso has been a challenge! Who would’ve thought we’d be where we are now! This is a graph of our podcast downloads. We had our biggest month ever for @thedailytalkshow. I feel very lucky to have this outlet and something I’m so passionate about right now! Thanks to everyone who’s listened and support us! - @joshjanssen on Instagram

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- Cryptocurrency

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- freebie + mockup

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Ready for #smartfrenWOW Virtual Concert yang disiarkan dari 3 negara dan live di SCTV malem ini jam 20.00 wib !! Saya sudah gak sabar ingin menghibur kalian semua dan pastinya bakal ada special performance saya bareng @de19wa. Langsung pasang alarm sekarang dan jangan lupa nontonnya pake @smartfrenworld Kuota Nonstop yang dijamin #AntiPutusNyambungTerus karna kuotanya besar 24 jam dan anti sedot pulsa #smartfrenWOW #wowconcert - @oncemekelofficial on Instagram

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- Business Leads

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🔹 A candlestick chart is a style of financial chart used to describe price movements of a security, derivative, or currency. Each candlestick typically shows one day, thus a one-month chart may show the 20 trading days as 20 candlesticks. Candlestick charts can also be built using intervals shorter or longer than one day. 🔹 It is similar to a bar chart in that each candlestick represents all four important pieces of information for that day: open and close in the thick body; high and low in the “candlewick”. Being densely packed with information, it tends to represent trading patterns over short periods of time, often a few days or a few trading sessions. #daytrader #daytrading #candlestickpatterns #technicalanalysis #intraday #stocktrading #money #cash #bullishmarket #bull #bear - @investing.mindset on Instagram

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Turned 24 today! As a tradition, i always drop some music. heres a mix of unreleased music ive been working on! EP coming soon :) Link in bio! - @laxcitymusic on Instagram

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- The average inflation adjusted prices for video games.

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- Stuff

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- So, at one point during 8am on Dec 6 I had $12000 now I have 3K.Just know that these strong hands shall not weaken to dust as I AM THE ANTI-TARIFF MAN!!!

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- Analytics Dashboard

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- We can all agree

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- Instagram

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What Healthcare Can Learn From Fintech’s Digital Evolution! 🌐 The demands of the COVID-19 pandemic have required more speed and efficiency from healthcare organisations, acting as a tipping point for digital services, including payments and telehealth. Getting connected, retaining the human touch, and recognising innovation can come from outside forces are a few lessons to be learned from the digital transformation of banking. The digital evolution of healthcare accelerated by the pandemic will continue in the months and years to come with the convoluted process of paying for healthcare the key to the industry’s digital evolution. Source Forbes . . . #GRENKE #IT #MarketingSupport #business #ITLeasing #EquipmentLeasing #LeasingService #computers #TechEquipment #SalesStrategy #wholesale #leasing #finance #office #equipment - @grenkeaustralia on Instagram


- Mobile Design

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Arma x CDV / Hoppetosse boat. poster @mixturaorg - @arma17ru on Instagram

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- Hes looking for the fast track to a speedy metabolism

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- PsBattle: Using Microsofts new HoloLens

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What do you think? #abmediausa #localbusinesses #supportlocalbusinesses #shoplocal #coronavirus #covid_19 #losangelescounty #stayathome #sanfrancisco #losangeles #glendale #california #cali #online #onlinebusiness #onlinemarketing #marketing #socialdistancing #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #digital #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #la - @abmediausa on Instagram

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- Economic Policy

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Our little event at @pivnica_lajbah where we did a small lecture on sour beer history, and food pairing with selected cheeses. It is believed that sour beer was the dominant form of beer for at least 12000 years, but then the damn Germans had to start using hops, and Mr. Pasteur and Mr. Hansen had to teach us about pure cultures and microbial sterility, ah well. At least the sour beer is coming back slowly. Ty Nina for the photos. #BarutBrew #sourpower #lajbah #SourBeer #BarutBrewingAndBlending #lecture - @barutbrew on Instagram

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- Trade volume on Bakkt is at new highs.

🚨 PSA: We are excited to welcome Secure Parking to the Oscar community! Together, we’re giving you unbeatable daily, evening and weekend parking rates on Oscar 🔥🔥🔥 📍Pitt St Mall - 📍King St Wharf - 📍Martin Place - 📍Town Hall Station - 📍Wynyard - 📍Surry Hills - 📍North Sydney - 📍Woolloomooloo - 📍St James - 📍Darling Harbour - 📍Barangaroo - Comment below to receive a little surprise from us. 🎁 Psst.... Oscar members, check your emails. - @sharewithoscar on Instagram

- Keycap Profiles v2, Web App Edition. - Stacked view coming soon! Feature/profile requests welcome!


- City ville

- UI / UX

- ACA, Deficit, Budget, and Right Wing Extremists

Can the NSW Blues make it 2/2 this Wednesday night in Origin Game 2? Watch the game with us here @ The Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel with $6 pints of James Squire 150 Lashes & Matilda Bay Fat Yak as well as delicious food specials! #stateoforigin #woolloomooloo #liveloudfree #origin17 #game2 #nrl #nsw #blues #stateoforigin2017 #football #game #beer #pint #dinner #harbour - @woollybay on Instagram

MilesMinnick x @hulveyofficial - Show Out I need ALL of GloNation to share this to their story! Video drops tomorrow at 6:00pm PST 🌃: @traeperry . First person to guess where we got the inspiration for the cover art gets a $10 cash app! (Hint: leap) 🌃 - @miles.minnick on Instagram

- 2015_07_21_Jruss_Philippines and Thailand

- Cut Cable

SHATNER. - @jeebz_flatt on Instagram


#ALGO Update 🚀🚀🚀 - @cryptovention on Instagram

- Best friends

Safe & Sound – How to Approach Password UX For too long, the user experience of password management has been ignored, leading to serious losses for businesses and users alike. It’s time for designers to rethink every aspect of password UX. Check the Toptal Design Blog for the article. ⠀ #ux #uxdesign #uxdesigner #userexperience #ui #userinterface #uiux #designer #design #product #notifications #interactiondesign #webdesign #mobile #apps #product #development - @toptaldesigners on Instagram

Monofilter lets you take control of your bass frequencies, allowing you to sharpen, define and align your low end for the tightest mix. Find out more: #proaudio #prosound - @nugenaudio on Instagram

- Climate Change

- Phone icon

Make It Count – A Guide to Measuring the User Experience As designers, we want the products we build to be satisfying and easy to use, but how can we know that’s the case? We start by measuring the user experience with evidence rather than opinions. Check the Toptal Design Blog for the article. ⠀ #ux #uxdesign #uxdesigner #userinterface #uiux #designer #design #product #design #testing #web #data #business - @toptaldesigners on Instagram

- VALE went from almost no mentions to fully accepted by WSB, then the stock tanked

- [Upcoming] Dra1n | Identify which tweaks are causing battery drain on your device & more !

Awareness, Acceptance and Action Show your support and help create positive change. #bellletstalk - @ebosscanada on Instagram

- Under 300lbs for the first time in a long time. Still have a long way to go but it’s nice to celebrate small victories.

- My fitbit recorded an anxiety attack I had yesterday.

- How Uber & Lyft Crushed the New York Yellow Cab [OC].

- Social Media for Business

- Branding for Places

- Best iPad Apps For Music Teachers

- Nikon D200

- menu web

¡Este dibujo es lo máximo... Valverde! Nos salimos hoy de la temática del running para visitar @masterchef_es y uno de sus concursantes de esta edición @josietv ¿Qué os parece? #MCCelebrity #caricatura #caricature #dibujo #drawing #arte #art #artista #dibujante #rtve #cartoon #toonme #portrait #tve #tve1 #televisionespañola #masterchef #cocina @jordicruzoficial - @santacenero on Instagram

- 3D-чудеса

- Dating Stats

- Fitbits Heart Rate graph goes up to 240 BPM. This compresses the graph, and makes it hard to see differences in heart rate, and 240 BPM is a really high HR.

- AAA TRE 10

- Declan Donnelly

Otrais PČ pieveikts! 💪 Nākamgad uz Šveici! ✌️ #LTVhokejs - @matiss_timofejevs on Instagram

Personal Investments // Many ask the question of whether they should manage their investment portfolio themselves. A good advisor adds alpha. What is alpha? The amount of return you earn above the average market, net of fees. Why buy the index when you can beat the index over long time horizons? . . . . #yyc #yycliving #calgarybusiness #financialservices #investing #financialwellbeing #management #chfinancial #personalinvestments - on Instagram

- Blog Posts To Read

- SmartPhones

Through the #BlazePod App ⚡ you can set up timing using either your own configuration or pre-set logic bases. You can track your hits and reaction times down to the millisecond. Then analyze your results and track your performances. ➡️ Link in bio. #personaltrainers #sportmotivation #cognitivetraining #sportstraining #reactiontime #workoutoftheday #trxworkout #functionaltrainer #coreworkouts #strengthandconditioning #gymworkout #athlete #fitness #strengthtraining #athletics #menshealth #healthandwellness #gym #fitnessmotivator #crossfitathlete #competitivecrossfit #personaltraining #athletes #sportstech #trainhard #BlazePodApp - @blazepod on Instagram

- Justin James

- Partytipps

Fueling our bodies correctly is KEY to success as athletes. VIS Creator™ @l1z18 worked with VIS Expert™ Kyla Channell, MSc @nutritionalrevolution to break down exactly what our POST GAME NUTRITION should look like. Head over to to get all the details! Link in bio. Sign up & join our community of female athletes. - @voiceinsport on Instagram

Had a really cool conversation with my friend Mark Sullivan @thesnowboardproject earlier this week. 🙆‍♀️ It was a great way for me to relive some of the amazing snowboarding era that has been such a huge impact on my life. ❤️ We discussed Costa Rica during covid times (so grateful for this country 🙏🌈) and living my life by design. We mentioned achy milk boobs in Alaska, thaimassage with @baldisbeautiful to the unconditional love my hubbs @cholulaindahole shared during cancer treatment and then to my first date with @barrettcc 😜 We also discussed why there aren’t more women making a living beyond professional athletes in the industry- and where can women go once they transit out of their pro careers? And that’s a really good question. I would like to say that I’m really fortunate to work with a team of inspiring kick ass mentors that happen to be women- and we do what we do for women. 💃 That doesn’t mean I don’t notice that there arent more women in the actionsports space that are in leadership roles, or more importantly a part of the conversation. But believe me I notice the ones who are 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 We also talked about a magic shred trip way back in ‘98, and some first descents with Craig Kelly @jeremyjones and I @lastfrontierheli An experience that shaped my view of mountains and myself ✨✨✨🙏 I’m sharing some photos from that epic trip that @gordoneshomphoto captured: 1st one is @jeremyjones swiveling his way into awesome, the next one was me and I can still feel my teeth chattering, and the last one is #craigkelly and I being free in the only way we knew how. I couldn’t be more grateful for this and the many experiences snowboarding offered and truly loving my life today by my own design 🙏🙏🙏 Thanks for the nice chat and reminisce Sulli #grateful #craigkellyismycopilot #snowboarding #mypath 💚🌈 - @megsporcheron on Instagram

We could give you 99 more reasons, but you can find out for yourself by tuning-in to @nbcbrooklyn99 on the #MegaMuhahahaMarathon - all day long today. #MMM #CCMarathon #BrooklynNineNine #Brooklyn99 #B99OnCC - @comedycentralin on Instagram


- EmoFix for FREE Campaign

We are part of this big venture.... Uber EATS..!!! - @nasilemakantarabangsa on Instagram

- Tesla Motors

- Looks like they’re tonight’s big losers

- Neumorphism icon V2. I unified the outer shape, and finally fixed the darn antennas!

- LSU Tigers

- Elon Musk

ENTREPRENEUR UPDATE: The creators of QPay tell us how their business is going after Shark Tank! Since appearing on Shark Tank, weve received a ton of signups for the QPay Swipe card and a range of businesses wanting to partner with us. Weve also been approached by university unions, who are looking to adopt QPay to provide value for all their students, which is a big win for us! Naomi and Steve have been tremendously supportive after our Shark Tank appearance, with continuous mentorship and introducing us to key industry figures. Onwards and upwards from here, as we bunker down and focus on improving the banking sector! Thanks everyone! - @sharktankau on Instagram

#logo #logodesinger #technology #blue - @graphityart on Instagram

- News: Ingress just got updated to support iOS 14, hopefully Pokémon Go will be next

- You can see the exact time I got dumped on my heart rate monitor.

Last month I took a two week old store to $50k in revenue. Yes, these numbers are easily achievable. I could have easily scaled this store to 6 figures but I wasn’t focused on revenue I was focused on MARGINS (48% net profit).⁣ ⁣ 1. Don’t skimp out on the backend. In order to survive in this industry you need these things in place: ⁣ ⁣ - Strong customer support team⁣ ⁣ - A good working relationship with your supplier. Stop shipping from AliExpress. You need FAST shipping.⁣ ⁣ - Cash reserves to last 30-60 days. There is a high chance you will experience holds from PayPal when scaling. ⁣ ⁣ 2. If you are using 5+ different scaling strategies/methods it WON’T work. Facebook likes consistency. ⁣ ⁣ 3. Double down on what is working. Don’t reinvent the wheel. If you see something is working. Stick to it and SCALE. ⁣ ⁣ 4. Test Dynamic Ads. Barely anyone in the industry are talking about these. I always get questions about how I achieve such a high ROAS and it’s with dynamic ads - they are EXTREMELY effective. Utilize them.⁣ ⁣ 5. Optimize your website. Focus on your branding, website loading speed, easy navigation, clear call to actions and build social proof across all platforms. ⁣ My PDF eBook goes much more in-depth on these subjects and includes a TON of valuable information that will help level up your eCommerce business. Link in bio👆🏻⁣ - @camm on Instagram

Jobless claims up very slightly week over week but still only (ONLY?!?!?) 870K so the markets things things are going great. I still have a really hard time wrapping my arms around how 870,000 could EVER have been positive news. How far down this rabbit hole are we going to go? - @tradmormortgage on Instagram

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- Apps for Music Education

- An Apollo walks into a navigation bar

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- Skinny buffalo chicken dip

Macron Store Ontario is proud to announce the new Technical partnership With @fcmanitoba for the upcoming seasons. Macron Ontario will provide a large range of spirit wear for parents and players #WorkHardPlayHarder #winnipegsoccer #winnipeg #DreamTogheter #1v1futboldreams #FCManitobaJR #Italinter #FCManitoba #Manitoba - @macronontario on Instagram

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- Luminar 4 | Photo Editing Software Tutorials

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- Corona app drained my battery from ~80% down to 30% over night

Dont engage with fake influencers. Check these 3 metrics first.⠀ ⠀ If you’re somewhat like me, you tend to question everything. So in this article, we decided to dig deeper into how influencer marketing tools help with identifying fake influencers. 🤥⠀ ⠀ Read more:⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #influencermarketing #socialmedia #marketing #brandheroco #influencers #facebook #instagram #socialmediamarketing - @brandhero_co on Instagram

🔥 Whenever Bitcoin Price goes Up or Down, Google Searches Soars 🔥 Last month, the value of Bitcoin (BTC) nosedived to around the $6,500 mark after having stayed above the $8,000 threshold for a considerable period before that. This downturn showcased Bitcoin’s worst market performance over the past seven months — with the flagship crypto asset’s last stoop below the $6,500 mark occurring in May. However, even with this aforementioned reversal in BTC’s fortunes, data available on Google Trends suggests that global interest in the premier cryptocurrency seems to increase every time the asset witnesses sudden price movements — positive or negative. Also, it bears mentioning that last month, the term “Bitcoin” reached its highest search ranking since Oct. 26, a time when the coin was trading above the $9,200 mark. 👉 Join to discuss about the cryptocurrency market #liquiditex #lex #cryptoexchange #cryptotrading #trading #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #altcoin #cryptoinvestor #hodl #cryptoworld #crypto - on Instagram

- Freya’s winrate is at the highest point it’s been since her revert.. hmm.. I wonder why

- Tesla held my bags all week. Thanks, Tesla.

- Light Grid

There are so many tools available now for creating awesome UI Designs. Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. Which tools do you use and why did you choose them? Also, am I missing any tools, if so please comment :) via @designmasterclass - . . #ui #ux #appdesign #design #userinterface #graphicdesign #animation #mobile #code #website #web #webdesign #digitaldesign #webdesigner #webdeveloper #uiux #dribbble #behance #application #interface #html #css #appdesign #uidesign #uxdesign #interaction #wireframe #mockup #inspiration - @uidesignpatterns on Instagram

Com muita alegria, apresentamos o Trilogia Podcast! Projeto idealizado por três amigos que gostam de um bom debate, e que tem como objetivo trazer diversos assuntos a serem debatidos de maneira descontraída. Como estávamos isolados socialmente, e ficamos sem nosso papo de lei na mesa do bar, surgiu a ideia de criarmos um podcast para mantermos a resenha. Toda semana traremos assuntos diversos que poderão ser relacionados à política, futebol, cinema, ciência, cultura, temas polêmicos e outros que acreditemos ter relevância. Também iremos trazer convidados para enriquecer o debate, que poderão ser especialistas ou amigos/ouvintes. Participem, sugiram temas, critiquem e se puder, divulguem! Será um prazer contar com vocês, para juntos fazermos do Trilogia um local de debates plurais e de qualidade. Logo: @welberleite_ Ilustração: @meprocurando @gugsrodrigs - @trilogia.podcast on Instagram

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- Monday Art - Vikki Zhang

Go check out Fear on my YouTube channel! Let me know what you think about this track below.⁠ ⁠ Ill be posting new music on my YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm EST.⁠ ⁠ #beatbox #beatboxer #music #musician #dubstep #vocodah - @vocodah on Instagram

- Satoshi’s Angels is hosting a new investment series Big Boys, Big Blocks 🐳 The inaugural episode will be held this Saturday Sept 19th on Bihu with special guests Marc De Mesel & Peter Ng

- Rip Elo

- Tdm minecraft

- No Mans Sky

- Dont give up [1920x1080]

- [Update] Dra1n ( Now Free) Big update huge bug fixes and compatibility fixes

- We will rebuild!

Annonse: Husker dere 12. juni, da vi spurte hvem som var Norges største The Last Of Us-fan? @eshp1_jodnes svarte så godt for seg at vi dro og besøkte han på jobb med en PS4 Pro TLOU II-edition som vi fikk av @playstationnorge. Det var veldig hyggelig 🧚 - @nerdelandslaget on Instagram

- A graph of the IMDb ratings of all Steven Universe episodes (OG series only)

- Digital Marketing Infographics

- PsBattle: Gordon Ramsay squeezing lemon-lime juice onto his chicken wing

📻 Tune in to Fed Square’s latest podcast episode of ‘Anything But Square’ to hear our founder @sandrodemaio talk about the inspiration behind the work that we do here at the foundation, including The Little Food Festival. Happy Sustainable September everyone! 🌱 - @sandrodemaiofoundation on Instagram

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- 62k peak viewers on Twitch Rivals Dota 2 Auto Chess Showdown

- Made a C:S icon while I was bored

Initial Jobless Claims There were 860k individuals who filed for unemployment benefits for the first time last week, which is still a staggering number. Those continuing to receive benefits after their initial claim was at 12.6M. In addition to the regular unemployment benefit claims, there are 14.5M receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Claims. The total number of individuals receiving some time of unemployment benefit is at 29M. For perspective, there were only 1.5M receiving benefits this same week last year. This is all good news, right guys? - @tradmormortgage on Instagram

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We are happy to announce that Bettermaker BUS COMPRESSOR is nominated to @thenammshow @namm_tecawards in Signal Processing Hardware category! More info: #bettermaker #pluginalliance #mixing #mixingengineer #mastering #masteringengineer #studioporn #audiogear #bedroomproducer #productionstudio #gearcollection #studioflow #studiomusic #studiovibes #homestudiolife #mixingandmastering #homestudiorecording #recording #recordingstudio #homestudio #homestudiolife #tecawards #musicstudio #musicproduction #soundengineer #soundengineering #musicproducer #namm #mixwiththemasters - @bettermakerproaudio on Instagram

- Adobe Audition

💙🤩🤍 Working hard everyday to bring together the coolest soccer community in Los Angeles to play Tiki-Taka! REGISTER NOW! - @tikitakalosangeles on Instagram

#matthewmodine with the #lifetimeAchievementAward - @santafefilmfestival on Instagram

Extrañamos la pista de baile al igual que tú 🤖🤖 Por eso, este viernes 11 llevamos nuestra fiesta a tu casa!! 💣🤯🕺💃 Desde las 10 pm, tendremos una transmisión exclusiva por #fblive con la música y la lisergia visual de nuestros djs y vjs residentes. 🇵🇪🇵🇪 🌐Ataraxia Virtual Showcase!! 🌐 #ataraxiasessions #transmisiónenvivo #misstheparty #fuckcorona #virtualshowcase #visualshow #musicaelectronica #peruviansound #fiestaencasa #bailoencasa #housemusic #minimal - @ataraxiasessions on Instagram

- This can only end well

- Ethereum grew 118% ending the year at over 19,000 daily active wallets

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- Voting for a democrat damns the climate and environment just as much as a vote for a republican.

- Europe 1

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- Learning 2 Learn

Chart and Recap for Nail & Bail short on $NNDM If youre in @myinvestingclub i mentioned this as a potential easier play coming into the day. The plan here was to wait for $2 to find some resistance and short once it showed signs of breaking down. I fat fingered my exit but you get the idea. When the market is producing 200-300% gainers its important to not overstay. Swoop in and take the easy money. #DayTrading #tradingmindset #Stocks #tradingstrategy #Options #NYSE #NASDAQ #ShortingStocks #BuyingStocks #ShortThePop #DayTrader #Investing #Watchlist #DailyWatchlist #NNDM - @shortthepop on Instagram

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- Reality check for newbies: Be aware these are unprecedented times

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- thats crazy man, have you tried being competent?

Gold sell yesterday 👍🏼 - @fx_jet on Instagram

Discover & Trade the best #DeFi tokens at #LATOKEN. Start Trading TODAY. Visit us at our website or GET the LATOKEN App. Links in bio ⬆️ - @latokens on Instagram

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- Use Bitcoin Cash and prevent virus spreading!

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FabFilter Saturn 2, available May 19! #fabfilter #fabfiltersaturn #vst #audiounits #distortion #saturation - @fabfilter_plugins on Instagram

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2019 was an impressive year for charging station growth in the U.S., as Electrify America, ChargePoint and other network operators targeted shopping centers, parking garages and other locations. See chart below. #electriccars #evcharging #publiccharging #driveelectric #emobility - @plugshare on Instagram

- The Release of Superhero Movies till 2020

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- Updated WC Qualifications for Week 3 on NAE! Congrats Clix on being the 3rd player to qualify for both Solos and Duos!

- [OC] Airbnb user activity in Berlin

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Esse sinal , eu costumo chamar de disfarce de compra, trader estrategista sabe que sua ruptura significa reversao da queda, em cima da media de 20 periodos? Hmmmmmm isso ajuda o Rocky aqui!! E vc ? O que acha ? Batemos em 90800 ou paramos por aqui e seguimos para os 113? - @stormer.oficial on Instagram

The graph clearly showing the danger which we are going to face in coming times !!! #ahmedabad #gujarat #narendramodi #india #corona #covid19 #covidindia #coronaindia #coronacases #stayhome #staysafe #home #quarantine #quarantinelife #unlock #lockdown #worthless #jumla #apnu_ahmedabad #economy #amitshah #life #lifewithcorinavirus #goverment #bjp #congress #rahulgandhi #meme #memes #memes😂 - @apnu_ahmedabad on Instagram

We are extremely honored to be Top rated outlets on *magicpin*. We are earnestly grateful for the recognition we have received from our loyal customers, and well-wishers from Magicpin. Happy Biryani Eating !!! 😍 Team The Biryani Brothers. #biryani #weekends #weekendspecial #offers #bogo #bogooffer #offers #biryanitime #biryanilovers #delhincr #foodlovers #foodiesofinstagram #foodgram #biryanilove #BB #buyonegetone #ordernow #BestOffers #Takeaway #Handi #Fresh #BiryaniLover #Tasty #Yummy - @thebiryanibrothers1 on Instagram

- Breaking bad

Diplo is now a playable character in FIFA 21 😬⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #DJMag #DJ #DJs #Fifa #Diplo - @djmagofficial on Instagram

- [Update] Axon 0.5.0 - New Dynamic Wallpaper Tint option - Preference Rewrite - Credits on Install & in prefs - Other minor bug fixes - More to come today, see comments!

- Live and unscripted. John Carmack Facebook Connect talk streaming live tomorrow, September 16 at 5:30PM PDT on the Facebook Reality Labs page

AUD/JPY 29-9-2020 - @vr__trader on Instagram

- Virtual stock exchange.

- AR Dashboard concept, hope that someday we would not be sitting at the desk all day :)

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- ‪Give you an idea of turbulence out of Denver this morning ‬

- @nosararunning on Instagram

India has reported a total of 5,486,981 cases, 4,395,331 recoveries, 88,316 deaths, and 1,003,334 active cases till Sep 20. The daily spike of new cases stands at around 90k for the past few days, while the active cases see a negative growth for 3 days in a row. Read more about it 🔗 . . . . . . . #covidindiaorg #COVID19 #IndiaFightsCoronavirus #covidsituation😷 #StayHomeStaySafe #coronavirusinindia - @covidindia_org on Instagram

- after effect tutorials


- Mom, do it for Australia

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- You can tell from my pulse when my final exam started

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NZD/JPY 29-9-2020 - @vr__trader on Instagram

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toung twister challenge. . . #purplearmy #martman #elonmusk #toungtwister #delivery #deliveryservice #martman - on Instagram

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- This terrible “bracket”

- Interface web design inspiration

- Ordering beer at the bar:

- Automated forex trading Bots

We’re so very happy to release Pendulate, a chaotic monosynth that has been two years in the making. And it’s free! Go to to learn more. #synth #synthesizer #music #electronicmusic #synthwave #s #techno #modularsynth #eurorack #korg #producer #electronic #ambient #musicproducer #synthpop #synthesizers #roland #musicproduction #synths #synthporn #beats #musician #analogsynth #newmusic #piano #bass #experimentalmusic #keyboard #modular #bhfyp - @newfangledaudio on Instagram

- Quantified Self

- Andreessen Horowitz

The government is to be held accountable for the figures dont lie #rahulgandhi #rahulleads - @rahul.leads on Instagram

- Forex strategy

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The 🏅Postseason Wildcard Event starts today around noon PT. Earn this ✒️Signature Series GOOOOOOOOOSE by getting 50 wins in the combined Postseason Events. Get MLB The Show 20 Today: LINK IN BIO #MLBTheShow20 - @mlbtheshow on Instagram

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- I got an Apple Watch for my health and discovered that my heart rate cycles every night and it looks so pretty. Also my health anxiety has decreased. Anyone else?

- Safari Web Kit

- Alliance of Football

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ESFUT mais sem direção que o Biden... ou o Trump. O Biden virou Sellden! 🙄 - @ogrowallst on Instagram

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- White + Pink = Blue

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◼️◽ BEFORE EIGHT ◽◼️ MAI 2020 TIKTOK STATS over 500 videos views with more than 3.6 million views @dayfox_de - Alright #beforeeight #tiktokpromotion #sotifypr #edm #musicpr #musicproducer #musicpromotion #recordlabels #musicmanager #newmusicfriday #playlistspotify #spotify #playlisting #pop #dance #youtubemusic #deezer #applemusic #deezerplaylist #musician #musicbusiness #startup #success #pitching - @beforeeightgroup on Instagram

- Let’s actually end this

- Giganto Books

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#Samplr 1.4.4 is out! Sample panning, IAA host button, improved support for audio interfaces, play button latch, fixed microphone recording and more! - @samplr on Instagram

- [OC] Brooklyn 9-9: IMDB rating & U.S. Viewers (changed color theme)

- Virtual World Games

Today on the podcast, we’re here with Dan and Sean, Founders of @drinkloco Coffee, and who are longtime friends that have always lived an on the go, active lifestyle. After graduating from college and taking on the “real world,” they quickly realized the importance of convenient coffee. However, they refused to drink the high sugar/high-calorie coffees, and they wanted something more beneficial than an artisanal black coffee. With no current options on the shelf to fit their needs, they created their own functional, better for you cold brew. Virtually no coffee brands currently utilize electrolytes, antioxidants, or functional waters. Most of them have more sugar and more calories than a can of soda, or their portfolio only includes black coffees with different flavors. The ready to drink coffees you generally find are loaded with sugar and other added stuff, but this is just such a brilliant product! Get ready to learn all about the beginnings and successes of creating a truly one-of-a-kind coffee beverage! Welcome, Dan, and Sean to the 1FITFOODIE Podcast! SOCIALS: ☕️Follow Loco Coffee on IG: @drinkloco ☕️Follow Loco Coffee on the web: ☕️Use Code: “1FITFOODIE15” For a discount on Loco Coffee! - @1fitfoodiepod on Instagram

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