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They’re ready to spill the tea. Nominated for three Academy Awards, #BombshellMovie is out now on Blu-ray & DVD. Link in bio! - @bombshellmovie on Instagram

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Job de hoje! Live da @brumfernanda com participação especial de @brunakarla e @fernandinhoepaula repost @brumfernanda ・・・ Aguardo vocês às 20h no meu canal! Todo mundo ligado! Marca geral aqui no post! - @usina_brasil on Instagram

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JOIN YOUR FELLOW NERDS ON #NationalVoterRegistrationDay GET REGISTERED TO #VOTE AT NERDSVOTE.COM DONT FORGET watch us TODAY with @reallyNolanNorth 6pm PST on #Between2Nerds on @NerdsVote Love you! #NerdsVote #VoteReady @natlvoterregday - @courtenaytaylorla on Instagram

•°♤ ☁️ 「無限」

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Como cuando entras al salón de clases de #Turismo en la @uvccampuszac , y sorpresivamente te encuentras a ti mismo... 😱 #ConociendoPueblosMagicos #ConociendoPatrimonios - @conociendopueblosmagicos on Instagram

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OMG! What this post does not say is that I learned tempering by watching Chocolate with Jacques on public access and then on the @foodnetwork. I met @jacquestorres when I was 10 years old and he signed my copy of Desert Circus. It was the moment I knew I’d be doing this one day! To be recognized by him is amazing! Thank you you’ve made a little girl’s dream come true! Ok I’m going to spend the rest of the day in shock❣️❣️❣️ #Repost @jacquestorres with @make_repost ・・・ Harlem born Jessica Spaulding, Founder and Head Chocolatier, discovered her love for chocolate when she was 9 years old and later in 2015 decided she wanted to represent her culture through chocolate by opening The Harlem Chocolate Factory. She only uses Fair Trade chocolate and sources it from the South Pacific, West Africa, and South America. Her creations reflect Harlem’s culture with both recipes and names and are beautifully displayed in her store in the heart of Harlem. Flavors such as banana pudding, red velvet and sweet potato are chocolate renditions of traditional desserts she grew up with. Everything is handcrafted on site, and precovid, you could watch and smell it all happen in front of you. Order from her online and dont miss out on these delicious bites! ... Do you have a local favorite that is a minority owned small chocolate business that I should try? Lets continue this conversation! Please share it with me below. #SupportMinorityOwnedChocolateBiz - @harlemchocolatefactory on Instagram

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Yes, Doris Burke hears the chatter. But you thought that would stop her? // It’s not fun, but what am I going to do? Let it affect me on the air? Quit? To me, it’s a constant reminder of where we are, and how far we still have to go. Read Dana ONeils feature on Doris through the link in our bio. 🔗 - @theathletichq on Instagram


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- Badd Madd Hatter

this has nothing to do with me real housewives of salt lake city im not involved i wasnt a part of it dont lump me in with them

Personally, would have loved to see Jill Zarin on the cast trip! What do you guys think of the news/feud with Dorinda? 😱🍎 - @bravo_rhony on Instagram

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the people who know me, know that im sentimental, so, to the place that kickstarted my career as a bartender (shoutout to @symphonyloo for taking a chance on me) to the place that i made some really good friends, great experiences, gained knowledge & fond memories. I cant express how sad I am right now that we ran our final service @ 1 Keong Saik road on Saturday, to those who are just as sad as me, this is not the end, the coop is relocating, but till then, catch your favourite pigeons at our sister outlets, Summerlong or Fat Prince for some tipples as we await Neon Pigeon 2.0 #biggerandbadder 😃 - @tracyannfrancisco on Instagram



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- Young & The Restless!!!

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Siempre pendiente de que todo esté en su sitio, me encanta mi trabajo... - @sk2eventosymomentos on Instagram

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Follow this Beautiful lady 😍... cabin crew🇮🇳✈️👠🌍♥️ @flywithvalentina  💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐 Follow- @@airlinequeens  🔥👠 🌍 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐 . . . . . . . . . #flightattendant #crewlove #hostess #flightattendantlife #tights #womenwhowork #flywithme #airhostess #femininity #flightdeck #stewardesslife #cabincrewlifestyle #workwearstyle #corporatefashion #corporatestyle #cabincrewgirls #heels #pantyhose #skyangels #topstewardess #aircrews #aviationwomen #lifestyleaviation #womeninaviation #crosscheck #flightattendantclub #crewselfie #cabincrews #cabincrewclub #stockings - @airlinequeens on Instagram

when you are being true to yourself 🤣🤣

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What does being a woman in #business mean? Defying the odds and showing the world what we are capable of doing. - Carolina Dorado, Dir. of Communications at the MBCC. Happy #BusinessWomensDay! We are very excited to share with you our feature in this years @oursouthbay magazines The Womens Issue. Meet the #powerful women of the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce - each woman brings different expertise and collectively executes sound decisions for the organization. We are a force to be reckoned with! Shoutout to Shane ODonell for capturing this special moment. Learn more about the Chamber by viewing the digital file here 📍 @westdrifthotel - @mbchamber on Instagram

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Check out harryshamanskys Shuffles who else is haunted by the lisa rinna m&m? #lisarinna #bravo #rhobh

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#MiniMarket e orari di apertura. Il segretario generale di #Confesercenti Mauro Bussoni ospite di @uno_mattina - @confesercenti on Instagram


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מחפשים פעילות בקטנה עם הילדים? היכנסו עכשיו לקבוצת הפייסבוק #משנה_בקטנה וקבלו המלצה חמה לפעילות יצירתית במיוחד לכבוד פורים, שלא צריך לצאת מהבית בשבילה. #משנה_בקטנה #REDTEAM - @neviot_il on Instagram

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What a crazy last two months for me. With moving, changing bases, driving from Arizona to Seattle with a uhaul ,working (4 )six day blocks back to back with one day off in between each,celebrating my one-year anniversary, completing ground school recurrent certification yesterday 🙌 and then beginning a new 4 day trip starting today. Life has been a happy chaos. I had the best time with these fellow flight attendants over the last several weeks. You make this job such a great adventure for me. ✈️ I hope everyone out there is well and extremely blessed. 🙏🏼✌🏼❤️✈️🤗 . . . #FlightAttendantLife #FlightAttendant #Adventures #FlyGirl #cabincrew #alaskaairlines #IAmAlaska #HorizonAir #comeflywithme #skylife #livingmybestlife - @livinonthefly on Instagram


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Posted @withregram • @bahujanlivesmatter - Midnight Rape Victim was burnt in absence of family members. The family claimed that the woman’s body was taken away by the police in the middle of the night for final rites. “The police have forcibly taken the dead body, and my father along with them for cremation. When my father reached Hathras, he was immediately taken (to the crematorium) by the police,” the woman’s brother told news agency PTI. “Humein ye samajh nahi aa raha kyun, kya chahiye... kaisi rajneeti kar rahe hain ye log, saare ulte seedhe bayaan de rahe hain ke ladki ka rape nahi hua hai... pata nahi kya chahiye inko (We are unable to understand, what they want... what kind of politics is this, they are giving random statements like the woman has not been raped! We dont know what they want),” said the relative who was home with the grieving family. And @bhimarmychief is arrested by police for protesting against Hathras rape. - @inbreakthrough on Instagram

rei te observando no fundo dos olhos

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HOLY FRIGGING FRIG. I finally picked my jaw up off the floor, changed my underwear, and am now only bursting into tears a handful of times a day. I am so deeply proud of my Schitts Creek loves, and am so insanely lucky to have been a part of this very very special show. - @annefrances on Instagram

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The family that sings together, creates beautiful art together...and our babies need arts funding more than ever now! Join me and my friends for a virtual concert event supporting a place that’s close to my heart – Orange County School of the Arts. We’ll be singing some of our favorite songs from Broadway and more for a unique and special night of uplifting music benefiting the next generation of artists! Tune in at on Sept. 25th at 7 p.m. to watch OCSA’s Virtual Season Premiere and participate in their live auction! @weareocsa #weareocsa - @limmyjack on Instagram

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Wooo man, I’m honored. ❤️🙏🏼🌺🙏🏼🌺🙏🏼🌺#Repost @justseeds with @make_repost ・・・ Were excited about todays print drop from new Justseeds artist @nmarroq! Check these beautiful things out on our site. Nicole Marroquin is an artist and educator whose work explores belonging and spatial justice. She researches student uprisings in Chicago Public Schools between 1967-74, with the goal of recuperating the history of youth and women’s’ leadership in the struggle for justice. #art #abolition #abolishthepolice #chicago #chicagohistory #radicaleducation #radicalteachers #posterart #posterdesign - @nmarroq on Instagram

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Lashify is the “Bomb-shell” @lashify in the New York Times. 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 💣 . . . . . . . . . . . . #idieforlashify #lashify #bombshell #bombshellthemovie #diybeauty #lashifiends #gossamerlashes #nicolekidman #margotrobbie #charlizetheron #lashifylife - @goldtipped on Instagram



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É elegância que vocês querem? Sim,temos muita!!!!! Tubinho executivo,gola geométrica,para dia ou noite. Vendas no varejo e atacado 📲 062981220189 📲 062993044149 📲 062998279491 - @laravalentinamodacrista on Instagram

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And the award for getting through another period goes to...ME 🏆 - @ktbyknix on Instagram


Já se taky těším! ❤️❤️❤️ #repost @erikastarkova ・・・ Těším se z toho, že do Tv show @tvojetvarmaznamyhlas mne obleka tato Vyjimecna Zena s laskavym srdcem a talentem pro Zenskost - modni navrharka @luciekutalkova Lucie Kutalkova, ktera ma svuj utulny salon v Bartolomejske ulici pod nazvem @leedastore . Profesionalni = LIDSKY pristup od celeho personalu. Tesim se na ty krasne modely, ktere umi podtrhnout Zenskost se vsim vsady. Dekuji Draha Lucie 🙏🏻 @luciekutalkova @leedastore - @leedastore on Instagram

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- My local newscaster looks like she joined Starfleet

we are going to have fun real housewives of beverly hills its gonna be fun it will be enjoyable kathy hilton

Amazing 9/11 Tribute with fantastic speakers!! Great to hangout with Major Williams again, the future Governor of California!! #NeverForget #InfluenceChurch #MajorWilliams #TimeforaMajorchange #workhardplayhard #soblessed - @tonylattimore on Instagram

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Noodles with a side of cashback? Someone knows how to celebrate his #Millenniversary. Huh,@mumbaifoodie? #SpendItWell @hdfcbank - @mastercardindia on Instagram

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As 5 da manhã eu já estava falando pra todo estado de Mato Grosso ! Obrigada a todos pela companhia ! 🥰 - @katiakruger on Instagram

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Véspera de dia das Mães e a gnt tá como? Só no brilho.... Obrigada @caosmoda por essa oportunidade e homenagem para as mães tá linda! . . #Repost @caosmoda with @make_repost ・・・ Nesse #DiadasMães a CAOS celebra histórias de mães e filhos que inspiram. Susan Lima é uma mãe moderna que estrela nosso editorial Especial Mães, conheça um pouco mais sobre ela nos stories e embarque nesta homenagem com a gente! - @milamgmt_susanlima on Instagram

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✨🌈You give me something that I can hold on to A little light when I’m down on my knees I was so lost in myself when I found you But in that moment you made me believe... You give me Freedom, Freedom, Freedom I’ve been looking for Freedom, Freedom it’s you🌈✨ #emme_health❤️ #summer2k20 #gym #fitness - @emme_health on Instagram

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Why yes I *did* lock my husband in the bedroom so I could film this segment about getting along with your partner in quarantine, why do you ask? 🤣⁣ ⁣ So fun chatting with @loristokestv on @gooddayny for @cosmopolitan this morning! I’ll go let Alan out now, I guess. Swipe for his favorite moment (well, the moment that made him go “wait a second...”) and a behind-the-scenes look at my, um, crafty setup. - @madeleinefrankreeves on Instagram

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卒業式 🎓🎉 ZOOM Graduation!! SWIPE ➡️ to see my Japan Study Abroad certificate! It’s been a hell of a ride, and I wouldn’t be here without my uni Hakuoh University’s International Studies Program: @3zunuma3ki @kirsche3101853 @kuni_usui 全部なことをしてくれてありがとうございました!And my main brazzer @janmelicious! I’ve made so many friends and experiences during this past school year, and will never forget them. From BBQing at a Japanese river, to exchanging cultures with hundreds of people, AND giving a TED talk in Japanese?! Also attending school from 4,000 miles away on ZOOM was a trip lmao. I’ve encountered an f-ton of bumps along the way, but we can only go up from here! Now to get on that YT grind before Manoa starts in a few weeks 🙃😅 Epic Shot 📸: @janmelicious 🔥 ✊ 🔥 🙏 🔥 #Graduation #Graduation2020 #ZOOM #ZOOMGraduation #Japan #Japanese #JPN #日本 #日本語 #大学 #留学生 #GraduationCeremony #🎓 #🎉 #StudyAbroad #JapaneseSchool #College #School #友達 #先生 - @kyuubikaze on Instagram

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- Why haven’t anyone thought of this?

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Isnt it every stylist dream to have a room full of hair extensions and beautiful products ? See The beautiful @renyaxydis At Home with @the_enroute love these pics of THE WORK ROOM (link is above if you would like to read more ) This is my home CREATIVE studio This in one of my favourite work rooms in the house so when I’m not at Salon or on a shoot I’m in this space ....have collected so much over the last 4 decades of my craft & it’s all in this space ♥️♥️♥️...... Loved having you in my home xxxx @hq.hive @jessymarshall @the_enroute ❤️💋wearing @zimmermann - @amazinghairaustralia on Instagram


What a fun week at the @aigwomensopen ! Really happy with my t-11 finish in the first major of the year with so many positives to take away from the week. Always love playing links golf and the way it tests your game! Thank you @royaltroongc for having us! - @kristengillman on Instagram

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Hey y’all. We decided we can’t support BA anymore, so from here on in we’ll be posting the same memes you know and love but focused on other creators, topics, and causes we support, starting with the fabulous @sohlae’s new show in the @bingingwithbabish culinary universe! Go check out ‘Stump Sohla’ on YouTube if you haven’t already, and follow our new sister page @nocontextbabish for some heavily relatable moments ❤️ - @meme_appetit on Instagram

have some dignity real housewives of potomac have some respect respect yourself be respectful

Instagram 🏡🆗 Our media interviews have started! YES! The Parade is 💯 on! 🥳 👍 This morning, we visited the @wncntv studio to shoot a couple of segments with @adrianaCBS17. Our up-and-coming TV stars are Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County Parade Chair, Christy Beck of @CarusoHomesinc and First Vice-President, Richard Gephart of @GephartBuildingCompany. Segments to air later this month! #TriangleParadeofHomes #TriangleParade #NewHome #NewHomes #CustomBuilder #DesignBuild #NewHomeBuilder #CustomHomes #ForSale #HomesForSale #TriangleRealEstate #HouseHunting - @triangleparade on Instagram

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THIS! ❤️ #Repost @gdigm ・・・ 💫What defines you?⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Geena created the limited-edition unisex bracelet with her take on the symbol for #intersectionality, a celebration of the identities that define us!⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ In honor of This Changes Everything which Geena and our CEO @MadelineDinonno Executive Produced along with our friend Ku-Ling Yurman. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ At @DavidYurman women make up 75 percent of the executive committee and nearly 70 percent of the staff ⁠⠀ and is as co-founder Sybil Yurman says, a company of women, led by women and co-founded by a woman. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Support women in entertainment with the Intersectionality by Geena Davis bracelet! Twenty percent of the bracelet’s proceeds will be donated to the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media at Mount Saint Mary’s University to help us continue on our mission to reach equality for ALL in entertainment and media. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Shop through our link in bio: ⁠⠀ - @bfffestival on Instagram

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huge congrats @carlypearce you are a rockstar. this is absolutely incredible. 👏🏻 - @altadenamusic on Instagram

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- ARC Churches Nuggets

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Na planie nowego projektu 🎥🎬 Szczegóły niebawem 😎 #newproject #onset #actors #actorslife #aktorzypolscy #zbigniewzamachowski #piotrpolk #michalinasosna #annalucinska #photooftheday - @marcin_zacharzewski_official on Instagram

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Wishing you all a happy Mid Autumn Festival. Stay safe and see you all soon. - @goodsofdesire on Instagram

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Oo pai tá on... - @luanercego on Instagram

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Perfect Picnic in the Park with these lovely ladies @tracyanno @glamzin @officialnicstep @theangelagriffin @lisafaulknercooks @noholdenback Could have stayed all day 💛💛💛 - @lucy.gaskell on Instagram

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Repost from @goldmanprize - Im just a small town, country farm girl. . 🐄 Meet Michigan farmer, grandmother, and activist Lynn Henning. Lynn won the #GoldmanPrize for the United States in 2010 when she exposed the egregious polluting practices of livestock factory farms in rural Michigan, gaining the attention of the US Environmental Protection Agency and prompting state regulators to issue hundreds of citations for water quality violations. . 🚜 You can read how Lynn continues to advocate for sustainable farming practices with @sraproject in this months #PrizeWinnersToday series. Were willing to bet youll agree with us: She is a force to be reckoned with. . Photo: Official White House photo by @petesouza . . Read the story @goldmanprize 🙌 . . . #farmsnotfactories #nofactoryfarms #cleanair #cleanwater #environmentalactivism #environment - @sraproject on Instagram

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Sarah ketauan sama @diary.micin masih suka kode ke mantan. Kode dikasih cicin lagi atau kode yang lain nih? Mantan kok dikoleksi ~ #TakeMeOutID @officialgtvid - @takemeoutindonesiaid on Instagram

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El Hombre Mediocre José Ingenieros. “Cada cierto tiempo el equilibrio social se rompe a favor de la mediocridad. El ambiente se torna refractario a todo afán de perfección, los ideales se debilitan y la dignidad se ausenta; los hombres acomodaticios tienen su primavera florida. Los gobernantes no crean ese estado de cosas; lo representan. El mediocre ignora el justo medio, nunca hace un juicio sobre sí, desconoce la autocrítica, está condenado a permanecer en su módico refugio. El mediocre rechaza el diálogo, no se atreve a confrontar, con el que piensa distinto. Es fundamentalmente inseguro y busca excusas que siempre se apoyan en la descalificación del otro. Carece de coraje para expresar o debatir públicamente sus ideas, propósitos y proyectos. Se comunica mediante el monólogo y el aplauso… Esta actitud lo encierra en la convicción de que él posee la verdad, la luz, y su adversario el error, la oscuridad. Los que piensan y actúan así integran una comunidad enferma y más grave aún, la dirigen, o pretenden hacerlo. El mediocre no logra liberarse de sus resentimientos, viejísimo problema que siempre desnaturaliza a la Justicia. No soporta las formas, las confunde con formalidades, por lo cual desconoce la cortesía, que es una forma de respeto por los demás. Se siente libre de culpa y serena su conciencia si disposiciones legales lo liberan de las sanciones por las faltas que cometió. La impunidad lo tranquiliza. Siempre hay mediocres, son perennes. Lo que varía es su prestigio y su influencia. Cuando se reemplaza lo cualitativo por lo conveniente, el rebelde es igual al lacayo, porque los valores se acomodan a las circunstancias. Hay más presencias personales que proyectos. La declinación de la educación y su confusión con “enseñanza permiten una sociedad sin ideales y sin cultura, lo que facilita la existencia de políticos ignorantes y rapaces. Su verdadero nombre era Giuseppe INGEGNIERI. Nació en Italia en 1877. Vino con sus padres de muy pequeño a la Argentina. Estudió en el Nacional Buenos Aires. Luego se recibió de Médico. Fue escritor, filósofo y sociólogo. - @vivianacanosaok on Instagram


Concentrada 📸 @henriquepicarelli - @julianarosaoficial on Instagram

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Obrigada a todos que estiveram colados ao ecrã. O Big Brother foi líder de audiências do primeiro ao último minuto. Beijo grande e abraço apertado! #bigbrother #tvi #tvioficial #tv #televisão #teresaguilherme - @teresaguilherme on Instagram


New editorial pink and green on @cosmopolitan_it NOW // #paper // #editorial // @emanueleferrariph @tinaplantak @lisajmancini @lisamancinistylist @monster_mgmt @gian.grazi @judybedetti @ileniacirone @andreaceppi___ @emiliano_di_mauro @riccardo_lanfranchi @vito_calamia_ph @milanostudio_digital @laura_stella_motta @simple_ag @ileniacirone - @lisamancinistylist on Instagram

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Always a pleasure to work with adorable @reginahalmich 💜#coolsculpting #stayinshape #befit #befirce #womanpower #womanwithstyle #womensupportingwomen #allovertheworld - @annettesser on Instagram

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Thankful for these beauties❤️#happyholidays #fbf #🇺🇸 #🇭🇷 #🇬🇧 - @ash_hessie88 on Instagram

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21.09.2020 World Peace Day Berlin. @world_peace_berlin #worldpeaceday @unitednations This year marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. Now more than ever, the world needs solidarity. I am sharing my photo to show that I stand with the UN and for peace. Join me and add your photo! #UN75 Youre not alone. Stay fabulous. I am very proud and I was officially appointed Ambassador for World Peace Day Berlin. As this, I am an important and valuable part of @world_peace_berlin, and represent their and my values ​​and goals worldwide. Our actions are based on the 17 goals for sustainable development of the UN (United Nations). it is important, that You know these and know what I, we ... stand for or stand in for. If each one of us observes, respects and lives only a few of these points, we can make sure that we all are at least slightly better all over the world. Nothing comes from nothing and therefore not complaining but making and setting an example. #worldpeaceday #worldpeacedayberlin #ambassador #workinghardforabetterfuture #leavenoonebehind #unitedwestand #humanityfirst #weallbleedthesamecolor #letsmakehistorytogether @worldbloggersawards #ayferarslan - @ayfersucht on Instagram

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Preparats per començar la segona temporada del Zippi zapping a! 😍 T’esperem a les 15h amb l’estrena de l’ @enricbayon i la @soniamadoc al nostre programa! 👋🏼 Repeticions a la 1h i a les 7h del matí! No t’ho perdis!!! #tv #zippizapping - @zippizappingtv on Instagram

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When your clients are friends. When you can laugh with them, share with them and both feel so blessed to have each other in their lives. 💕 I am eternally grateful for the day I met @elizabethoconnorcole and each year with her family as their chef has been even better than the one prior. 💕 Those of you who are also lucky enough to know Elizabeth understand the depth of her generosity, her love and her constant quest for knowledge. 💕 I’m so excited to have shared in the growth of her brand, @salveo_lifestyle and can’t wait to see what comes next. 💕 Today’s Salveo Lifestyle photo shoot was a blast. And you know it’s a good friendship when you can’t even look at each other without giggling. 💕 Check stories for more behind the scenes fun ☺️ . . . . . . . . . #friends #lucky #blessed #food #cooking #cheflife #privatechef #ingredients #recipe #clean #eeeeeats #feedfeed #yum #nomnom #delicious #happy #love #local #travel #fresh #foodlover #drizzlekitchen #dailyfoodfeed #foodiegram @thefeedfeed.glutenfree #glutenfree - @drizzlekitchen on Instagram

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#ubuntu Sou quem sou, porque que somos todos nós. . . 👭🏻Estar ao lado da minha amiga e sócia do @celapoio , @rafinha_crispim de 17 anos é estar TUDO AZUL... menina do bem, leve, empática, simpática, transborda profissionalismo como vídeo Maker e pra lacrar é PRINCESA 👑 DO @tiktokbrasil . . . 💃🏻 @fabianaaraujodindin VESTE CAMISA 👕 DIVA @dgoes_modas . . . #diamantenegro20anos #videomaker #tiktok #conexão #mentoriaconexão #projetos #startup #investidores #investimentos #correntedobem #correntedobempeloemprego #omeucachorroviatudo - @fabianaaraujodindin on Instagram

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Just Incase you forgot about this 3 day. Always remember and celebrate the greatest ones. - @corollabeachrescue on Instagram

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Tá chegando parceria aí! 😲 Naiara Azevedo e Marília Mendonça se encontraram na última segunda-feira (28) para gravar o clipe da faixa 50%. ⠀ A responsável pelo hit 50 reais, postou uma foto com a rainha da sofrência e fez um agradecimento especial por ela aceitar a fazer parte de um grande sonho. Será que vem coisa boa? ⠀ ⠀ @mariliamendoncacantora @naiaraazevedo #paranaibafm #sertanejo #parceria #divas #50reais #mariliamendonca #naiaraazevedo - @paranaibafm on Instagram

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- Austrian High Society Lady

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Watch Aratio fashion fabulous walk the runway showing off Designer Denise Hajjar --- • Untitled We Stand • 🇺🇸 A sportie style hit the runway first from the Denise Hajjar boutique • • • • • • • @MarinaBayQuincy #boston #denisehajjar #fashiondesigner #writer #magazine #style #dress #fashionwriter #vintagestyle #retro #fashionista #vintagefashion #outfitoftheday #streetfashion #fashion #runway #vintageclothing #shoplocal #jacket #designer #fallfashion #boutique #brandambassador #BelGiocoMedia #storefront #masklife #fashionshow #fashionmodel #runwaymodel #videoftheday - @propelmodels on Instagram


#Repost @comissao_europeia_pt ・・・ Para mim, Portugal não é apenas um exemplo de como encontrar uma saída para a crise - com boas ideias, trabalho árduo e disciplina. Portugal é também um modelo na definição do caminho rumo ao futuro defende @ursulavonderleyen 🇵🇹🇪🇺 👀 Assiste às declarações à imprensa da Presidente Ursula von der Leyen e do Primeiro-Ministro @antoniocostapm no link na bio! A Presidente da @europeancommission, Ursula von der Leyen, está em Lisboa hoje e amanhã, na que é a primeira visita oficial a Portugal desde que tomou posse como Presidente da Comissão Europeia a dezembro de 2019. #istoéEuropa #StrongerTogether #NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal #DigitalEU #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus - @portugalnaue on Instagram

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Nell’agenda ufficiale dei duchi di Cambridge ci sono anche i bagel! Kate e William martedì scorso hanno visitato Beigel Bake, uno dei negozi più iconici di Londra dove viene sfornato lo speciale tipo di pane morbido ma con la crosta croccante, con cui si preparano deliziosi panini da street food. Naturalmente la coppia reale si è presentata in negozio con la protezione di rito, abbinata al loro look. Non li trovate perfetti anche con la mascherina? #tuinevidenza #tustyle #tustylemagazine #katemiddleton #princewilliam #fashionmask 📸 @gettyimages - @tustylemagazine on Instagram

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We absolutely NEED @mrsjillzarin back next season. FULL TIME. #jillzarin #therealhousewivesofnewyork #rhony #rhonyc #rhonybravo #bravo #bravotv #wwhlbravo #wwhl @bravoandy @bravotv @bravowwhl - @therealhousewivesofnewyork on Instagram

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Aww shit...I’m one of those people that look better in a mask 🤷‍♂️ Photo credit: @krystynahutch @comedycellarusa . . . #nyc #lnsm #comedyfamily #comedycellar #warmupcomedian @sethmeyers #nbc @tamronhall @tamronhallshow @latenightseth @bwgsfilm #unemployed #unemployedlife #unemployment #photoshoot #photooftheday #hollywood #dream #comedy #photo - @rrcomedy on Instagram

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: San Diego, CA — Making Lemonade: Our COVID-19 Story is now the highest grossing film available on While there are currently no other films available on the website, Founder & Director Chris Francis says “We are thrilled with our record sales. As soon as our family members on the east coast wake up we expect to triple our sales and exceed all previous forecasts.” Francis has placed a “link in bio” for further investigation. - @_francois on Instagram

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#sunlight#icon#hair#customer#color#blond# - @new_fashion75 on Instagram

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Elanne Kong 江伊晴 for VIU TV Chill Club #Repost @elannek930 (@get_repost) ・・・ Chill club ♣ 💫好幾年無再上台唱歌啦,chill club 靚聲靚台有隊勁band再加2個老友, 好好玩❤️🎤🎤 #viutv #comingsoon Blazer: @envelope1976 Shoes: @renecaovilla Belt: @dior Earrings: @katespadeny Stylist: @phoeeeeeeeeebe Makeup: @nataliesoo_98789889 Hair: @terryyeung_08 #renecaovillahk #katespadehk #envelope1976 #chillclubviu#elannekong#江伊晴#singer #artist #calcarriesmanagement # calcarriesmgmt - @calcarriesmanagement on Instagram

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@gabipowel - @golfglrls on Instagram

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We’ve got you covered! The Fall 2020 edition of the View is here! Link in bio. - @tampa_club on Instagram

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- News.

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- Hairstyles

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It’s time to let loose! The ping pong balls are bouncing again. After a six-month hiatus, Spin is back. Reserve your table at (Now accepting reservations Wednesday-Sunday at NY23 & Philadelphia) visit to make an advanced reservation. - @wearespin on Instagram

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2020 welcome spring 🌻 @duopressassessoria 🌻 ・・・ Street style @marthinabrandt 🌟 by @luizplinio - Must’ve Jeans 👖 @dicollanidenim por @vanessacovo - Accessories @marcelobonitodesigner Belts - Wardrobe #duopress #duopressassessoria #assessoriadeimprensa #consultoriadeimagem - @marcelobonitodesigner on Instagram

i wanna hug you so bad noella bergener real housewives of orange county i really wanna hug you can i hug you

No matter what - WE ARE FAMILY 🙏🏼 and when one of us needs support- WE ALL COME TOGETHER ♥️✨ Right now we are all asking you to please pray, light a candle or just send some well wishes to our brother @luckymcdanno 🙏🏼✨✨✨ We love u Danno got a whole tribe behind you brother ! @jdubs213 @volotyl @imcynthiasalinas @caromarquez @sandra_pena @djeddieone @djsantarosa @djhife @kikimelendez @djlaz 🙏🏼✨♥️ #Familia #RadioFam #Latino963 #SomosLatinos - @iamcecevalencia on Instagram

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The Apple doesn’t fall far from this tree. This is my mother and she’s a hero. She will tell you what’s what and may be wrong sometimes but not on this flight. Love you, KP!!! - @wgreenbe on Instagram

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My first time going to Belize. Amazing ppl and beautiful country. Special thanks to bush woman aka Melissa for showing me around. #belize #travelphotography - @trice_lee_roy on Instagram

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- Britney Meme

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Bring all your fear, your uncertainty, your loneliness, your disappointment and your self doubt. Bring it all into the room... Cacator and the Sirens: An Ode to Heartache at Nottingham Contemporary, Heartbreakers Ball, February 14th 2020 Another awesome shot by @studiojulianhughes #Repost @studiojulianhughes • • • • • This time last week Cactor and the Sirens by Louise OConnor Heartbreakers Ball... A Valentines Happening @nottm_contemp #thesirents #liveart #performance #sirents #heartbreaker akers #cacatorandthesirens #louiseoconnor - @louise_alexandria on Instagram

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#Bildzeitung #bild #azubi #lehrling #interview #hairdresser #hairstylist #munich - @cyrillzen on Instagram

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La casa real ha decidido incluir en su exhibición el vestido de novia de la princesa Beatriz en el Castillo de Windsor. . El vestido, diseñado por el renombrado diseñador de moda británico Sir Norman Hartnell, fue usado por primera vez por La Reina Isabel en la década de 1960 y fue modificado para la boda de La princesa con el Sr. Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi en julio. . Posted @withregram • @theroyalfamily 👰 From today, visitors to Windsor Castle will be able to see Princess Beatrice’s wedding dress on display. . The dress, designed by the renowned British fashion designer Sir Norman Hartnell, was first worn by The Queen in the 1960’s and was altered for The Princess’s wedding to Mr Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in July. . Follow our link in bio to find out more. . Photos: . 1/Princess Beatrice viewing her wedding dress on display at Windsor Castle earlier this week. . 2/Princess Beatrice and Mr Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on their wedding day. . 3/The Queen wearing the dress at the premiere of Lawrence of Arabia’ in 1962. - @bodasbyvirginia on Instagram

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Arrancamooos .. Estamos al aire !! Ya están viendo @cuentameloyaof ?? - @larox07 on Instagram

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Your 2020 doubles champion of Rome❣ @barborastrycova - @sw.hsieh on Instagram


Thanks @cnbcindonesia & @syarifa__ for having @payfazz on the stage. Hope this Sumpah Pemuda talkshow can help inspiring the young generations to be dare to chase their dream & vision, no matter who they are or where they come from. And hope we all can contribute to empower and grow Indonesian UMKMs. - @hendra.kwik on Instagram

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- Apathy in the face of invasion

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I miss drinking out of my work coffee mug (it’s filled with wine). 📸 @gonegabbygone ❤️ . . . . . . . #tbt #quarantinelife #throwback #artist #artistlife #mua #makeupartist #worklife #gay #gaystagram #gaylife #instagay #instagood #instagram #instadaily #insta #chiboy247 - @markchimua on Instagram

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Some humor to brighten your day! #wine #visitwillamettevalley - @visitwillamettevalley on Instagram

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Ceinture bretelles fantaisies #hygiene #fanfaron 💨🦠🚸 - @restaurantleserpent on Instagram

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Happy 4th y’all! I’m so over these damn masks! But I’m saving a fortune on lipstick. 😜💋💄 #💄 #🇺🇸 - @svelozo on Instagram

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It’s us. #Repost via @shrillsociety #vote - @bust_magazine on Instagram

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#Repost @columbia • • • • • • The Columbia community mourns the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (LAW’59). She opened the door. #RIPRBG - @columbia.sipa on Instagram

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Being a Red Wings fan - @hockey.memes.squad_ on Instagram

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Ready to sing... 😷 🎶 #Merci Bordeaux! Congrats and an immense BRAVO to the incredible Raphaël Pichon and @ensemblepygmalion for their amazing work in creating this unexpected Festival PULSATIONS. Such a rewarding week of music making — thanks to EVERYONE who supported our crazy adventure! Merci à toutes et à tous! À la prochaine — stay safe and un grand bisous 😘 #pulsations #pygmalion #bordeaux #musique - @siobhanstagg on Instagram

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Omg just won #newdirectors Award @sansebastianfes - @isabellamberti on Instagram


[Swipe Left] Rep Ocasio-Cortez has introduced a pair of amendments to a defense appropriations bill that would bar the military from using funding to maintain a recruiting presence in US schools or on digital streaming platforms such as Twitch. #Recruitment #WarIsNotAGame #SustainableOptions #ForYouth #ESports #Twitch - @vetsaboutface on Instagram

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Always missed, never forgotten. I’m thinking a little extra about her today ❤️ - @fuckyesdrag on Instagram

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Our grand finale judges @TheValGarland, @Dominic_MUAl, @anastasiasoare and Annalise Fard looking incredible, as always. #GlowUp ⁠ - @glowupbbc on Instagram

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Bobbie Spencer fired from GH! And Monica Quartermaine too! Lot’s of drama this week on @generalhospitalabc #gh - @jacklyn.zeman on Instagram

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| #MissThailand 🇹🇭 I LOVE HER LOOK!! 🤩 QUEEN WITH PURPLE 💜 The beautiful Miss Grand Thailand 2020 from Ranong 👑 Nam Pacharaporn Chantarapadit (@nam_chantarapadit) from Ranong!!! for today event at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital ! #missgrandinternational #grandslam #missgrand #missgrandinternational2019 #missinternational #missworld #misssupranational #beautypageant #missearth #missintercontinental #missuniverse #missvenezuela #missgrandvenezuela #missindia #missthailand #missphilippines #missindonesia #missgrandphuket #missgrandthailand - @international_poll on Instagram

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all checked in at internationals!!! lots of love to everyone!!!💙💙 #pageant #teen #pennsylvania #pennsylvaniateen #heroic #beaYOUtiful #whereyoumattermost #crown #community #service #communityservice #shelter #beheroic #iYOUm #iumgirl #iumpateen #pa #ifyoubelieveyouwillachieve #IUMazing #alwaysanadventure #sistersbysash #internationals - @misspennsylvaniateen on Instagram

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This weekend @sarahhuckabeesanders joins us to discuss the release of her new book, the 2020 election, and more!⁣ ⁣ Tune in at 8/7c this Saturday! 🇺🇸 - @huckabeeontbn on Instagram

- Small pp

Wendy Williams wearing our Resort Jardin wrap dress Styled by: @willie_thethird - @alietteny on Instagram

New work! #yycmakeupartist #makeupartist #yycfashion Repost from @karmalinabaccari using @RepostRegramApp - I love spreading good vibes and especially love speaking about #proceduresforapositivepurpose @kacierainey .Thank you @avenuemagazine for the opportunity to do just this and hopefully I can help more people because of it! Please read article link in bio! . . . #fuckcancer #inspireothers #proceduresforapositivepurpose #teamwork #areolarestoration #yyc #breastcancer #breastcancerslayer #breastcancerwarrior🎀 #avenuecalgary #breastcancerconquer #april2020issue - @kitschgal on Instagram

#Repost @reisart2 with @get_repost ・・・ This was my first (and favorite) art for #HOMELESSLYNN 😊 You have no idea how much love I have for this art and for @iamsusangallagher the awesome talented actress who give life to this beloved character!! I can draw one million Lynns, but this is always my number one!!!! Love you 😍😊🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 🔥🔵Follow✔ @reisart2 ℹ ORIGINAL ART - HEROES - MOVIES - SERIES 🔴Commissions open . #deus #reisart #karatekid #ralphmacchio #daniellarusso #johnnylawrence #williamzabka REISART - @iamsusangallagher on Instagram

“If you dream it, you can achieve it.” Never in a million years would I have thought I would be posting a photo of myself standing under a photo of myself in Times Square! Is this really real life?! - @megvlad21 on Instagram

Thank you for sharing such an amazing picture and review! 📸@eatraveldream Had plans to travel to Japan 🇯🇵 this year which were sadly cancelled. However, I was comforted by the most extraordinary experience which transported me there thanks to @namirestaurant 😃 🍣 🍣 🍣 ⁣ I was fortunate to try a mind-blowing, incredibly authentic 8-course meal prepared by talented Chefs Kenichiro Takamashi & Atsushi Kobayshi. ✨Scroll to see the full course ➡️ ⁣ ⓵ Zensai: Oyster 🦪 was refreshing & savoury; cold corn soup 🥣 had a delicious smokey texture; accompanied by a smooth uni tofu & amaebi shiokara (citrusy shrimp 🍤) ⓶ Wan: Madai osumashi soup🍜 was served hot @ the table & emphasized a satisfying crispy fish 🐟 - suiji broth rich in flavour⁣ ⓷ Tsukuri: 3 of the featured sashimi were imported from Japan; my fav was the sea urchin so flavourful - served w wasabi ground from the root!⁣ ⓸ Mushi: Sweet crab 🦀 wrapped w pumpkin 🎃 was warm & comforting to dig into - a dish that makes you smile & is so pretty to look at 🌸 ⓹ Yaki: A5 mizayaki wagyu beef steak 🥩 (also imported from Japan) was my fav part of the meal - the best I’ve had in the city!⁣ ⓺ Age: Deep fried oyster 🦪 wrapped w yuba was crispy & came w a perfectly creamy sauce ⁣ ⓻ Nigiri: Assorted sushi 🍣 was super memorable w blue fin tuna in Chef’s sauce being my fav - loved how it was finished off w a sweet item tamagoyaki - made of fried egg & fish, preparing our palettes for the last course⁣ 🍣 ⓼ Kanmi: Finally, the granita 🍸 was a summer night’s dream, w cool mint ice shavings & a strawberry compote⁣ ⁣ Sakes🍷 were paired w dishes; noteworthy: Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo (elegant & smooth), Dewazakura Oka Ginjo (smooth & somewhat floral w cherry blossom fragrance), Onikoroshi Genshu Tokubetsu Junmai (strong flavour & full body), Momo (peach sake) & Ume (plum wine).⁣ ⁣ Thanks to @namirestaurant for organizing this outstanding dining experience! ⁣ ⁣ If you’re looking for a high quality, authentic Japanese fine dining restaurant in Toronto, bookmark this as your “go-to”! ⁣ ⁣ #japanesefinedining #japan #japanese #japanesecuisine #toptorontorestaurants #japaneseculture #finedining - @namirestaurant on Instagram

2 days to go for our @mommymundo Mom Expo online! Be part of our history and together, let us learn, shop, support, and share how to build a Brave New Us! Pls join me when I keynote on the first day, August 29 at 10:00am! Exciting!!! - @kitmalvarllamas on Instagram

Més estrenes a @poloniatv3 Qui endevina qui és? - @tv3cat on Instagram

Thank you everyone for the support! #Repost @missgrandsabah with @make_repost ・・・ A million thanks to everyone who have contributed for the Sabah Relief Fund. God bless you all abundantly! Our State Director Mr. Geo Allen George, along with the MGS 2020 team, Miss Valerie Sim (1RU Miss Grand Sabah 2019) & Mr. Jakrul Nizam representing Miss Grand Malaysia Organization has handed over the collected fund to Glaze Talent Team @glazetalent as a symbol of support for their effort in helping those who are recently affected from the unfortunate event. We are proud with this collaboration, between @missgrandmalaysia and Miss Grand Sabah. Special thanks to our National Director, Mr Jude Benjamin @judebenjaminlisa for this opportunity! Thank you everyone for your support. We made it! #IamMissGrand #MissGrandSabah2020 #Communityfriendly - @geoallengeorge on Instagram

😂😂😂 #unimib #memeita #lezionionline #universitari #bicoccauniversity #studentibicocca - @studenti.bicocca on Instagram

#repost @alf.arquitetura ・・・ Assim como André Alf, Marina Lage faz parte do corpo de arquitetos responsáveis pela funcionalidade do nosso escritório. Recentemente, Marina ajudou na realização do Loft On Off da Casa Cor 2019. Além disso, a arquiteta assina diversos projetos para o escritório. Formada pela PUC/GO, Marina é uma das engrenagens mais importantes para a Alf. ⠀ . . #architecture #architecture_view #archtecturephotography #ic_architecture #decor #arkitektur #design #tv_architectural #arkiromantix #icu_architecture #art_chitecture_ #tv_architectural #arquitecturamx #interiordesign #interior_design #interior #arquiteturabrasilia #arqbrasil #alfarquitetura #archviz #brasilia #brasília #arqbrasilia #archbrazil #brasíliadf #arquiteturamoderna #arqcontemporanea #alf #andrealf #casacor2019 ⠀ - @marinavlage on Instagram

#repost @pretagil ・・・ OBRIGADA CARAGUATATUBA!!!! Foi lindo demais nosso encontro hoje, nem a chuva tirou nossa felicidade e alegria!! Até breve #blocodapreta2020 #blocodapreta @blocodapreta - @blocodapreta on Instagram

Who wore it best? Our masked heroes from last week! Tag us with your mask! #wearamask #wharfLifedc . . . #Mask #wearamask #maskup #maskin #letsmaskout #covid19 #coronavirus #rona #pandemic #virus #mycooldc #wharflife #Dontbeadick #waterfront #swdc #boatlife #wharfdc - @wharflifedc on Instagram

Thank you for joining us all season long on #ToTellTheTruth! ✨❤️ - @totellthetruthtv on Instagram

This hair by.......... What! @georgiegardner9 on @richardwilkins !!!! Using only the best with @unite_hair_australia .. love this 😂 - @unite_hair_australia on Instagram

Hoy, con @AdaColau, anunciamos un nuevo «Foro Internacional del futuro de los trabajos» en Barcelona para abordar el impulso por el empleo decente, el vínculo entre el trabajo y la vida, la economía local. Mi agradecimiento también a @jcollboni, sigamos colaborando en esta línea. La tradición cooperativa de Barcelona nos brinda una herramienta fundamental para impulsar este nuevo foro. Seguimos avanzando en el diálogo, la coordinación y colaboración. #Barcelona #EmpleoDecente #EconomíaSocial - @yolanda_carmela on Instagram

バブルでの生活も、こっちにきてから肌荒れ放題だったのもやっと落ち着いてきたところですが笑 これから日本へ帰ります! 1大会だけでしたが、なんだか疲れました😵 たぶん、外に出たがりの私が一歩も出られなかったから笑 全試合終えて振り返ってみると、やっぱりどの試合も硬かった。 昨日のダブルスが試合感があった頃に近づけられたかなー。 そして一夜明けても二夜明けてもシングルスの敗戦はやっぱり悔しい。。 Roland Garrosでは、シングルス優勝の仲間入りができるよう頑張るぞーー! 大会スタッフ、特に今回はセキュリティや清掃を担当してくれていた人たちに私たちの見えないところで大変お世話になっていたと思います。 Thank you so much @usopen and @usta Hope to see you next year with many crowds🏆 1週間専属ドライバーを担当してくれたKevinともお別れ🚗 いつもはオペレーターに電話して配車するシステムでしたが、今回はドライバーさんと直接やり取りして常に待機してくれている状態でした。 朝早くから夜遅くまで、ありがとうございました🙏 #backtojapan #thankyouforyoursupport - @yui_kamiji_official on Instagram

- Everyone deserves love and respect

she makes me smile every single day 🥰 (@jimmyfallon) - @lifeofnatalieportman on Instagram

#MaskUpGaCities Monday: It’s exciting to see so many #GaCities leading by example & participating in GMA’s “Mask Up Georgia’s Cities Campaign!” Remember to share your photos with us! - @gacities on Instagram

Time @tracaoofilme avante!! Vamos pra mais uma semana de filmagem com alegria e garra!! Tmj 🙏🏾👊🏾 - @aramiro_oficial on Instagram

Yuk mengenal lebih banyak tentang Heavenly Nest. Tonton ngobrol-ngobrol Ibu Marlienna Suwito (Founder Heavenly Nest) dengan #heavenlynest #heavenlynestid #sarangwalet #sarangburung #jualsarangwalet #jualsarangburung #sarangwaletasli #sarangwaletmurah #sarangwaletsiapminum - @heavenlynest on Instagram

WELP 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️💙💛.WHEN HAIR SPEAKS IN B.A.P.S STYLE....HERES ANOTHER MAGICAL HAIR MOMENT I GOT TO WORK ON WITH @darealbbjudy 🤗🔥 ..#KING🔥 x @trina_bout_that_hairlife x @npearcypics x. @kingcartier88 ..and assistsnt by my @legionofglamllc member @miekamontgomery #GLAMUNITED...........💛💙💛💙💛💙💛.......................Reposted from @darealbbjudy SO HERES OUR ANNOUNCEMENT in a #BAPS style fashion 💙 GUESS WHAT YOURE GONNA BE ABLE TO GET AT @walmart NEAR YOU 💛 @kaleidoscopehairproducts 💙 ISSA BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL 💙💛💙 LADIES 👩🏽👩🏾‍🦱 and Gentlemen 👨🏽👨🏿, Boys 👶🏾 and Girls 👧🏽 Dogs 🐶 and Cats 🐱....YOUR 🥰FAVORITE 🥰 is now coming to hundreds of WALMART stores 🏬 in JANUARY 2021. Be on the lookout 👀👀👀 the store list will be provided soon! . . . •MIRACLE EDGES 🔮 •MIRACLE DROPS 🌟 •THERAPEUTIC GROWTH SHAMPOO 🙌🏽 •THERAPEUTIC GROWTH CONDITIONER 🙌🏽 •MILKSHAKE LEAVE IN DETANGLING CONDITIONER 💫🥛 #kaleidoscopetakeswalmart #khptakeswalmart2021 #khp #kaleidoscopehairproducts #darealmiracledrops ##naturalhair - @darealterrencedavidson on Instagram

Abriendo boca para el próximo @arnoldsportsfestivaleurope ❗️🏅 El Campeonato Europeo de Bodybuilding & Fitness que se celebró el pasado fin de semana en Santa Susana fue un auténtico éxito debido al protocolo anti-covid y las medidas de prevención llevadas a cabo por todo nuestro equipo! 😍💪 Warming up for the Arnold Sports Festival Europe 2020❗️🏅 The European Bodybuilding & Fitness Championship that was held in Santa Susana last weekend, was a real success due to the anti-covid protocol and the prevention measures carried out by our team! 😍💪 #ASFE20 #arnoldsportsfestivaleurope #IFBB #elitepro #Arnold #ArnoldSchwarzenegger #Schwarzenegger #fitness #bodybuilding #expo #Spain #Sevilla #sports #multisport #europe #nutrition #health #befit - @magmusclehealth on Instagram

French couture for American health 🇫🇷✂️🇺🇸❤️ Recently we had the honor of having a nice story on Tissunis work in the New York Times. @nytimesfashion Following this interview we received many emails asking us to share the patterns of our French face masks. We realized that wearing a mask in USA was a subject of controversy. We are now launching Tissuni USA by sharing patterns of French face masks and our experience. With this simple action, we hope to help democratize the wearing of masks and make it accessible to all, easy and ready to wear. take care, take mask #tissuni #tissuniUSA - @tissuni on Instagram

Swipe to see before of the tape extensions in ombré - @jcolestyle on Instagram

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Well that was....... something . . . . . #debate #debatememes #2020 #2020goals #debates #joebiden #ellewoods #bendandsnap #legallyblonde #meme #memes #memepage #qotd - @yourlocalgirlgxng on Instagram

Les Norton 1980,s was such a blast with @alexanderbertrand_ @rebelwilson @pallavisharda it’s a throw back from a few years ago and I had such a great team so many wigs @annagray007 @bethhalst @ashleysequeira #abc #makeup #period - @jenlampheemakeupandhairdesign on Instagram

Three happy chic’s in masks 😷 @morphebrushes @10styling @channel10au @reneeelizabethtaylor @monibmakeuphair #makeupartist #safepractices #masks #beautyinfluencer - @annaleise_hairmakeup on Instagram

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Красавица Елена 😍в футболочке РУССКИЕ ИДУТ принт Татьяна. Радуемся, что лучшие модели отечественного подиума выбирают нас 🙏 - @russkie.idut on Instagram

Wait.. is that our founder, Michelle? @michelle_norman_2019_navy_msoy Yes, yes it is! She had a front-row view listening to Dr. Biden in Virginia this week. #efmpfamilies #thepromiseact - @partnersinpromise on Instagram

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- Donald Trump (right) hacks into r/rupaulsdragrace during an interview with Tomi Lahren, August 2020, colorized

#Repost @pelacruzworship with @get_repost ・・・ Grove Top com essa Galera 🎼🎶🙌 Culto Plenus🔥 @mariat_ereza @jayssonrgo @thiago.luiz7 @denilson @gustavopiret @gleysonqueirozferreira @bcbrunomachado @wesleylpires - @gustavopiret on Instagram

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#Repost @bourbonbrotha . . . Ive been seeing everyone give New Riff high marks and I picked up a bottle. First thoughts are the hype is real and this is well done for a 4 year 110 proof bourbon. . #drinks #drink #alcohol #drinkcraftnotcrap #drinkswithfriends - @homebarmag on Instagram

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #Repost Kära hemvändare, Queers & Sommargäster. Portarna öppnas 23.00 ikväll @parklaneclub För fri entré innan 00 👉 #queer #thebestaclubcanget #drag #dragqueen #instadrag #gay #instagay #rainbowpeople #beyourself #human #hbtq #lovevibration - @queersofsweden on Instagram

It was a good morning today on #goodmorningamerica as we welcomed our new #bachelorette @clarecrawley Clare is wearing a crystal @alexandrevauthier dress. Diamond earrings by @dena_kemp But don’t forget my baby @pilot_pete is still on & I’m not ready for him to end yet. @bacheloretteabc @bachelorabc @bachelornation - @caryfetman on Instagram

All our voices were heard!! Thank you to everyone that made a call and sent an email!! More details to come this week! ❤️🙌🏻🍻 - @mtlowebrewing on Instagram

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Alrighty, Fellow-Nerds; It’s time to mobilize & get our VOTE on! (All the coolest nerds are doing it, ya know.) 😍 If you aren’t already registered to vote, this is your chance to join the legions of nerds like us casting our ballots this year! Register today at! (@nerdsvote) ... GAME ON! 🎉 #NerdsVote #NationalVoterRegistrationDay #GameOn - @sharonmuthu on Instagram

“Un sueño no se hace realidad a través de la magia; requiere sudor, determinación y trabajo duro” ✨ . . #tbt de #Alabama #friends 🇺🇸 - @ninaguimera on Instagram

Beth no programa Hebe, em 2011 🎤❤ Hoje, fazem 08 anos em que Hebe nos deixou. . . . #bethcarvalho #hebe #tv #tbt #lembranças #recordações #samba #alegria #carnaval #rainha #boatarde #madrinhadosamba #madrinha - @bethcarvalhoficial_fc on Instagram

I had my suspicions 😉 🌵🔥 ❤️ #Repost @lucydurack with @get_repost ・・・ And just like that... I’m Cactus 😆🌵 🤗 That was FUN!!!!!! Thank you SO much to absolutely everyone at @themaskedsingerau and to the clever and supportive audience for a BRILLIANT experience! Highly recommend! 🌵❤️ - @christopher_horsey on Instagram

#Repost @forbes (@get_repost) ・・・ The most common word allies of former Vice President Joe Biden have used to describe his pick of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as his running mate is historic, and it’s an apt description—Harris’s vice presidential candidacy creates a number of firsts, and her election in November would create many more. Harris, the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, is the first Black American to run for vice president on a major party ticket, in addition to being the first Asian American and first woman of color to run for president or vice president on a major party ticket. 🔗 in bio for more firsts Kamala Harris represents in the vice presidential candidacy. (📸 : AFP via Getty) - @mia_dadechamber on Instagram

Wir freuen uns sehr, die ersten Erkenntnisse aus einem erstaunlichen Seminar mit Sophie Hellinger @sophie.hellinger Online in Bad Reichenhall/Deutschland zu teilen! Wir empfinden große Dankbarkeit und Wertschätzung für jeden und alles, die dies möglich gemacht haben. Zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte hatten Online-Teilnehmer aus Russland, Brasilien, China, Holland, Bulgarien und anderen Ländern die Möglichkeit, Sophie direkt Fragen zu stellen und eine Antwort oder eine live übertragene Aufstellung zu erhalten. Es war so kraftvoll und so bedeutungsvoll für alle im Raum und online, und Sophie war von dieser Arbeit tief berührt. Es ist eine unglaubliche Erfahrung und eine Vorbereitung auf die Internationalen Hellinger-Tage vom 2. bis 4. Oktober, die ebenfalls mit Übersetzung online übertragen werden. Die Anmeldung ist bereits offen, ihr seid herzlich eingeladen, mitzumachen! 👉🏻 (link in bio) 🇬🇧 We are very happy to share the first insights from an amazing seminar with Sophie Hellinger Online in Bad Reichenhall/Germany! We feel great gratitude and appreciation to everyone and everything that allowed it to happen. For the first time in history, online participantes from Russia, Brazil, China, Holland, Bulgaria and others had an opportunity to ask Sophie questions directly and receive an answer or a constellation broadcasted live. It was so powerful and so meaningful for everyone in the room and online, and Sophie was deeply touched by that work. Its is an incredible experience and a preparation for the International Hellinger Days October 2-4, which will also be broadcasted online with translation. Registration is already open, you are welcome to join us! Use the link in bio☝🏻for registration. - @hellingerschule on Instagram

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#Repost @emrusciano with @get_repost ・・・ Always a pleasure to have this fabulous lady @emrusciano in the chair @theprojecttv #makeup @sarahklein_hairandmakeup #hair @reneehair_makeup - @sarahklein_hairandmakeup on Instagram

💕✨ #repost @a24 ・・・ Zhao + “the guy from Titanic” #nominatenainai - @thefarewell on Instagram

@kristenleighorganicskin rocking our new bt-ishield, a shield attachment designed to fit seamlessly into our bt-vision 2.0 magnified viewer 🤩 #biotherapeutic - @biotherapeutic on Instagram

The pharmacist invites you once again to join us in Dockum to watch the Monday night game Sept 28th! Last time was so successful, we decided to do it again and open on a day that we would normally be closed! Enjoy $1.00 off beer plus, our Honey Bourbon Glazed Chicken Wings will be $5 for every 1/2 dozen! 🏈 Game starts at 7:15pm! Socially distanced and sanitized tables of course! Tables are limited and these seats go fast! Visit our link in bio to secure your spot now. - @dockumwichita on Instagram

Que responsabilidad mas grande tratar a la gente que mas quieres. Dejándolé la sonrisa aerodinamica para el triathlon a @frucomedia #repost @frucomedia ・・・ Fin de mi tratamiento de ortodoncia. Oficialmente ya puedo disparar sonrisas como un pro. 😁 Si me veis y llevo mascarilla que sepáis que estoy igualmente sonriendo como si no hubiese un mañana. Gracias @drpedernera (pu*o jefe my friend) y clínica @moreno_montalvo por el estupendo trabajo realizado. - @drpedernera on Instagram

#Repost @artefactooficialbrasil with @make_repost ・・・ Graduada em Arquitetura pela Universidade Regional de Blumenau, @arqcarollopes atua desde 2000 com seu escritório que desdobra projetos em todas as escalas, com propostas e layouts que já cruzaram fronteiras interestaduais e também fizeram check-in na Espanha, Estados Unidos e Japão. Nesta sua terceira participação na Mostra Artefacto Balneário Camboriú, Carol elegeu a poltrona Alvar para seu retrato oficial. (Storytelling @allexcolontonio + @r_andreh) . . . Para mais informações, entre em contato conosco pelo site, e-mail, telefone ou WhatsApp. - @arqcarollopes on Instagram

We need to normalize boat parades - @spittinchiclets on Instagram

I am full. 😍 #gladysknight #pattilabelle #dionnewarwick #auntiechella2020 #legends - @stringschick on Instagram

Genteeee é hojeeee, espero vocês no @domingo_legal hoje a partir das 11:00 AO VIVO pelo @sbtonline Já acompanhe os storys porque já estou mostrando os bastidores. 😍😍😍 #repost @domingo_legal ・・・ O @domingo_legal vai promover o encontro da @joelmaareal com a @taisapelosi, que protagonizou esse momento inesquecível. Claro que você também vai participar! É só fazer igual a Taisa e compartilhar uma foto nessa mesma pose, usando a #DomingoLegal. A gente vai mostrar as melhores fotos, ao vivo, no programa de amanhã! Solta a Joelma que habita esse corpo e coloca o pé na orelha! Quem sabe você não aparece no DL, hein? Bora? 😂🤭 #joelma #calipso #encontro #momentos #agora #viveroagora #serquemsomos #abençoada #iluminada #grata #sbt #domingolegal #celsoportiolli #taisapelosi #abota #bota #pénacabeça #padrejuarez #redevida #dança #flexibilidade #meme #deus #fé #sonho #realidade #gratidão - @taisapelosi on Instagram

#Repost @saridongo_ with @repostapp ・・・ Upload foto terbaik kalian sertakan tag dan hastag @anakhits_singaraja. Pasti repost😊 Biarkan penjilat dan penggoda hancur bersama nya🐣 #anakhits#remajakekinian#youngandfree - @anakhits_singaraja on Instagram

Thank you @fox17online for covering this story! It was so fun to talk with you! - @kidqgrader on Instagram

Tatuagem ocular por @draliviacarlabianchi Você já ouviu falar em tatuagem ocular? Parece brincadeira (de mau gosto), mas existe e por incrível que pareça vem ganhando alguns adeptos pelo mundo...em 2017 uma modelo canadense perdeu grande parte da visão e quase ficou cega, após o procedimento. Recentemente outra jovem ficou completamente cega, 3 semanas após tatuar seus olhos. E agora uma polonesa já perdeu a visão de um dos olhos e corre sério risco de perder a visão do outro devido ao mesmo procedimento. Mas o que leva uma pessoa a se submeter a riscos como esse, podendo afetar imensamente a qualidade de vida e de independência? Sabemos que muitas pessoas adoram se arriscar, tentar coisas diferentes...mas até onde isso pode chegar? Deixar de ver as mundo, se conectar de forma profunda através da visão, tornar se dependente de outras pessoas, além de um possível descontrole emocional profundo após as consequências irremediaveis desse ato. Isso tem preço? Vale a pena arriscar tanto? Sem falar na possibilidade de influenciar outras pessoas a se aventurarem pelo mesmo caminho... E se for um filho, amigo, parente, conhecido... Não é porque alguém fez isso, que é legal, seguro ou mesmo uma boa idéia. Como oftalmologista me sinto extremamente incomodada com uma situação dessas. Tantos ficando cegos por doenças que não temos como tratar e que dariam tudo por um olho saudável e jovens saudáveis brincando com o perigo. Esse procedimento é absurdo!!! Pode causar problemas como descolamento de retina, inflamação grave, sensibilidade a luz, sensação de corpo estranho permanente nos olhos, além de cegueira total e até perda do olho. Que isso não vire moda, nem se espalhe por aí... Será que podemos deixar isso acontecer por aí? #tatuagemocular #draliviacarlabiamchi #liviacarlabianchi #cegueira - @portalglam on Instagram

#Repost @instasleep with @get_repost⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ・・・⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This time last September during New York Fashion Week, InstaSleep Mint Melts hosted Military Spouses from around the country for an unforgettable NYFW experience. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The spouses, featuring an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, an author/writer, a nurse, a creative director and a community advocate, kicked off their experience and received a glam hair and makeup transformation, before sitting front row at two runway shows followed by backstage access and VIP treatment.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Military spouses are the backbone of our military. Their quiet sacrifices should not go unacknowledged – having to uproot their lives to support their military members and deal with the constant stress of deployments and temporary duty assignments. These circumstances often mean moving every 2-3 years, leaving family and friends behind, which makes it difficult to establish careers and community. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We wanted to do something special to honor them. It was a privilege to give these respected individuals a day-off and serve as our VIPs during New York Fashion Week. - @flossie_hall on Instagram

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I guess what I really admire about #MelaniaTrump is her authenticity. #maga #rnc #resist - @danascalvo on Instagram

Mahalo to Leslie for her 14 years of service to Public Media as the CEO of PBS Hawai‘i. We are also grateful for her commitment serving on our PIC Board of Directors for nine years. She is an integral member of the PIC ‘ohana. We give Leslie support and wish her success in her next chapter in life. #Repost @pbshawaii (@get_repost) ・・・ Leslie Wilcox, President and CEO of PBS Hawai`i for nearly 14 years, announced that she will step down from the position early next year. “PBS Hawai`i has been a labor of love and learning for me,” said Wilcox. “It’s been an honor to steward such a vital public service, upholding fact-based journalism and universal access to education.” A lifelong Hawai`i resident, Wilcox will relocate to San Antonio, Texas, to be with an ailing family member. Wilcox has served as a national Trustee of America’s Public Television Stations. On her watch, PBS Hawai`i earned perfect scores from national nonprofit analysts in transparency and accountability; relocated across town and built a new $30 million multimedia facility on time and debt-free; created HIKI NŌ (Hawaiian for “can do”), an innovative statewide student learning and storytelling initiative; convened diverse adult and youth voices in live televised KĀKOU Town Halls and What’s It Going to Take? events; added a new PBS KIDS 24-7 educational channel; developed short-form programming such as GET CAUGHT READING and aloha&grit; and is expanding Pacific Islands offerings. Wilcox has hosted some 330 episodes of the weekly interview program, Long Story Short with Leslie Wilcox, about individuals’ values and how their choices played out in life. #pbshawaii - @picpacific on Instagram

Someone has to do it! No doubt people want to hear from these two amazing teachers and keep learning about enneagram. . #Repost @austinenneagram with @make_repost ・・・ @austinarttalk our faithful producer. We recorded the withdrawing stance last night. We’ll let you know when it drops. - @austinarttalk on Instagram

#Repost @cristyquinones • • • • • • East Point City Hall Excited to join forces with the @greenhousefoundation and create a better future for Atlanta. Thank you @ceelogreen for creating a foundation that will change lives and futures for our youth/future leaders. Dale 🤍 - @havenpublicistfirm on Instagram

Nuestra alcaldesa nos llena de orgullo! Y agradecemos su amistad y deferencia. #panadreamteam #panamericanard ✨#Repost @carolinamejiagomez with @get_repost ・・・ Además de ser un director de cine talentosísimo, @ArchieLopezC es un amigo muy querido de toda mi familia. Hace unos días tuvimos la oportunidad de compartir un rato maravilloso junto a su socio Iván Reynoso, otro caballero con un talento innegable. ¡Que se repita pronto! - @panamericanard on Instagram

Paddling through rivers and creeks in some of the most amazing Texas state parks can be breathtaking, but what if you could escape on the water within the city? Irvings Stand Up Paddle North Texas lets you do just that. The paddling company offers rentals and lessons all with an amazing view of Irving as the backdrop.⁠ ⁠ The company offers both paddling and kayaking on Lake Carolyn. You can paddle throughout the day and they also offer sunset paddles for an even more scenic experience for just $50. If youve never stand-up paddle boarded before, they offer classes starting at $40. Paddling can take you throughout the city where you will see their mini waterfall, skyscrapers, canal, and you might bump into a gondola or two.⁠ ⁠ *Click link in @narcitydallas bio for more info! 👈⁠ ⁠ 📸: @andykaluzniak @sheridan_Redding @supntx⁠ - @narcitydallas on Instagram

Werbung Wir freuen uns so so sehr für @misseskuuhney 😍#repost ・・・ Das war meine allererste Sendung bei Explosiv. Es war der 2.1.2017 & ich war maximal aufgeregt 😊 (- verändert hab ich mich in den Jahren schon ein wenig, nur der Jeansrock ist geblieben 🤪 SWIPE) Als Aushilfe fing damals alles an und heute darf ich euch tatsächlich verkünden: ich bin die neue Hauptmoderatorin von Explosiv und übernehme somit den Staffelstab von Nazan 🙌🏻 Ich freu mich so sehr ❤️ Danke an alle, die meinen Weg seit Jahren begleiten, an mich glauben und immer fleißig einschalten 😃📺 Es ist wirklich ein Traum, der damit in Erfüllung geht. Ich habe diese Sendung schon als Teenager geliebt und bin bis heute ein Riesen Fan. Manchmal kann ich’s selbst gar nicht glauben, dass ich mich jetzt einreihen darf, hinter TV-Größen wie Barbara Eligmann, Markus Lanz, & Nazan Eckes... Kann mich Mal jemand zwicken? 🤩 - @bwmcommunications on Instagram

- Dolly Parton Imagination Library

We are excited to share the happy news that our @MeghanMcCain and her husband Ben Domenech have welcomed their first child, daughter Liberty Sage McCain Domenech! Congratulations Meghan and Ben! ❤️ - @theviewabc on Instagram

We were very proud to have some of our members singing in the BBC VE Day montage of “We’ll Meet Again” alongside other NHS staff and keyworkers. #veday #veday75 #nhschoir #NHS #veday75thanniversary - @thenhschoir on Instagram

Leminz, beraktivitas di rumah aja bersama si Kecil pasti banyak kegiatan seru yang menyenangkan dan tentunya waktu jadi gak berasa. Tapi jangan lupa, pastikan kebutuhan mineral tubuh tercukupi ya agar daya tahan tubuh tetap terjaga 😀 . . #Repost @reisabrotoasmoro • • • • • • Hi moms, selamat pagi Selama di rumah aja , pasti jadi lebih maksimal ya buat main bareng anak. Kalo saya sama anak-anak kadang quality time di kamar aja. Saya selau sedia air mineral supaya kebutuhan mineral tubuh anak-anak tetap terjaga saat mereka lagi aktif bermain dan belajar. Kalau untuk urusan air mineral, udah tahu dong, saya selalu pilih yang jelas berkualitas seperti galon Le Minerale. Karena galonnya praktis untuk dibawa dan diletakkan di mana saja. Jadi buat yang suka stay di kamar atau ruangan, nggak ada alesan lagi untuk nggak rajin minum. Apalagi anak-anak kadang suka betahnya di kamar aja ya Moms. Selain itu yg bikin saya happy karena galon Le Minerale ini bersih dan selalu baru jadi pasti lebih higienis. Kemasannya juga bagus, diletakkan di mana pun tetap estetik ya moms. Yuk selalu sediakan selama keluarga di rumah aja. #LeMinerale #AyoMinumUntukSehat #TipsSehat #reisabrotoasmoro - @le_mineraleid on Instagram

Reposted from @cheechmarin Orale! Wear your mask! Get the Official “The Cheech” mask and help support the forthcoming Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art & Culture of the Riverside Art Museum — it’s opening Fall 2021! Buy yours by visiting ... visit @thecheechcenter and click “Link in Bio” #wearamask #weareinthistogether #TheCheech #Chicano #ChicanoArt - #regrann - @thecheechcenter on Instagram

Waiting for Friends.🥂💜 • • • #friends #friendshipgoals #autumn #foodporn #potd #family - @alinamerkau on Instagram

#Repost @kidneygroup ・・・ Who’s ready for some good news? 💚Miami Transplant Institute/University of Miami opened a Transplant Clinic in Plantation today! 🙌 Miami Transplant Institute transplanted the most kidneys, AND the most of all organs in the entire country in 2019!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Long considered one of the country’s Best Transplant programs, we now have the added convenience for our patients who live in Broward and Palm Beach counties. And it is located a mile from our Plantation Office. 😊 If you are interested in our assistance in obtaining a kidney or kidney/pancreas transplant, call us at 954-771-3929 for an appointment. Our nephrologists are UMiami affiliated faculty. Offices in Plantation, Delray Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. #kidney #kidneytransplant #riñon #organdonation #livertransplant #lungtransplant #hearttransplant #success #number1 #nephrology #topdocs2020 #umiami #jmh #weston #plantation #fortlauderdale #bocaraton #palmbeachcounty #delraybeach #sunrise #davie #hollywood #pembrokepines - @plantationfl on Instagram

Mariah Carey en el #divasholiday de VH1 #unsilentnight 📷:REX - @varietylatino on Instagram

Joy. Gratitude. Pride. We can’t begin to express how thankful we are for this honour. It is the people in this building every day that make it such a special place. Truly the best in the industry. 🙌🏻 @tourismcalgary #whitehatawards - @thebridgettebar on Instagram

#thenobilityoftherose took a trip to Indianapolis for their Coronation weekend. We’d like to congratulate Emperor 4 Jeff Wainscott and Empress 4 Electra RedLine on their step down and year. We would also like to welcome the newest monarch Emperor 5 Brandon G Baker on his new title. Welcome to the COVID Reign of Monarchs in the ICS. #roseemperor43 #roseempress61 #indy #sicii #portlandoregon #covidmonarchs #charitywork - @isrc_pdx on Instagram

Jetzt @diehoehlederloewen.vox auf @vox ich freue mich riesig auf euch! Heute mit einem Besuch bei unseren Gründern @grace ! 💕 . . . #pitch #investor #investorin #dhdl #jetztwirdgebrüllt #aufgehts #gründerinnen #gründer #familienunternehmen #vox #startup #spannend #deal #nodeal #löwen - @dagmar_woehrl on Instagram

Direto do estúdio da #EPTV #Ribeirão Preto com a Lucieli Dornelles que acaba que retornar de férias 👍👍 Bom retorno Lú 😉✌📹💻 - @eptvoficial on Instagram

If a guy is giving you creeper vibes - don’t walk ... run. (Swipe 4 Video) ⁣ ⁣ Even if other people think you’re being dramatic. ⁣ ⁣ Even if no one else believes your stories. ⁣ ⁣ You will feel safe with someone who genuinely cares about you. ⁣ ⁣ If you don’t feel safe, get away from them asap. ⁣ ⁣ Trust your instinct. ⁣ ⁣ Healthy relationships create safe spaces ❤️ - @devynsimone on Instagram

Guys pls give some love to our brand new Insta handle @shorpolice. We promise to make it worth your while. Lots of exciting stuff coming up and we wanna share it with you. #repost @shorpolice ・・・ Wanna Take A Ride With Us On Instagram. #watchthisspace #shorpolice @clintoncerejo @iambinkybee - @clintoncerejo on Instagram

#Repost @bonheur_jewelry • • • • • • ABC News 😍 Helping us stay sane during this crazy time❣️Mega Beauty Amy Robach @AJRobach wearing our Cadence #earrings during @abc2020’s What You Need To Know today 🥰❤️ #Style by THE 🌟👑 @jls_style ‼️🌟 #ShopBonheur #BonheurJewelry — #AmyRobach #abc2020 #covidupdate - @allymataj on Instagram

Back to work this week!! Makes it easy when you get to work on the beautiful Sarah Harris! Hair and make up by me #makeupartist #sydneymakeupartist #tvmakeup #channelten #ten #hairup #upstyle #bronze #bronzedmakeup #hostesswiththemostess #studioten #hair #makeup #lashes Make up @maccosmeticsaustralia @beccacosmetics @modelrocklashes @fentybeauty @inglot @urbandecaycosmetics Hair @wellapro_anz @elevenaustralia @kevin.murphy.australia @ghdhair_anz - @kbmakeupandhair on Instagram

We hope you had some good times with the sets from @johncosani @sxsoundexile @grazianoraffa and @marianomellino at the Sudbeat Stream! Thank you all for joining us and to all our partners for making it real! If you fancy a rewatch check the bio for links! 🔂 @estamosfelices @wemusttv @4getprods @buenasnochespro @blenderletsmixit @circusproduccionestecnicas @djmagla @folck_producciones @ladob_producciones @clubthebowba @viciousmagazine @warungbeachclub @watt_events_nl - @sudbeatmusic on Instagram

Tonight watch all my “crazy-ass” answers @familyfeud - @danielleyy_27 on Instagram

I would like to turn off this episode of #BlackMirror, please. - @whohaha on Instagram

Thank you so much @jacquifelgate7 for your support! We are so glad to be featured on @7newsmelbourne 😍 @sisterworks_inc . . . #reusablefacemask #facemasksforsale #madeinmelbourne #madeinaustralia #facemaskforwomen #facemask #facemask #sisterworks #workingfromhome #sustainableliving #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #supporthandmade #Sisterworks #WorkEmpowersWomen #melbourne #madeinmelbourne #madeinaustralia #Togetherwearestrong #womenofcolour #socialenterprise #nonforprofit #community #sisterhood #empoweringwomen #girlpower #culturaldiversity #workfromhome #shoponline #masktodonate #maskdonation - @sisterworks_shop on Instagram

Meet Sarah McBride, on track to be the nation’s highest ranking openly transgender elected official, representing Delaware in the state senate. ⁠ McBride has been no stranger to bringing trans voices into politics. In 2012 she was the first openly transgender person to work at the White House as an intern during the Obama administration. She later lobbied the Delaware state legislature on behalf of a transgender rights bill, which was signed into law in 2013, and was the first transgender person to speak at a major party’s national convention in 2016.⁠ ⁠ #sarahmcbride #trans #transrights #delaware #statesenate #representation - @allycoalition on Instagram

Look de la nueva normalidad #lookdodia #simplementeamalia - @amaliadesandoval on Instagram

Meeting the Prince with a Prince Charming by my side - what a night to remember in Monaco 🇲🇨 Thank you to the gorgeous @busyisi x 📸: @saskialawaks - @rebelwilson on Instagram

Feliz Día Internacional del Actor y Actriz. Esta obra promete, por causas del COVID -19 tuvimos que hacer un stop pero no quiere decir que no la vamos a presentar pues después que pase todo esto podrán disfrutarla. Acá compartí con los ojos lindos de @enderlopezz fotografía y diseño gráfico de @leohrnandz producción de @henryccs8 te quiero goooooooldo y el maquillaje de un digno del Makeup @jesusalberto_montoya maquillando estos rostros porque estos si son unos rostros Jajajajaja... y es escrita por @elkevinjorges Así que espérenla con ansias porque no se van arrepentir. Los quiero y gratis. - @laobra4en1 on Instagram

O João Rolo é um mestre! Adoro o vestido. E vocês? #joaorolo #bigbrother #tvi #tvioficial #tv #teresaguilherme - @teresaguilherme on Instagram

Estamos muito orgulhosos de ter a DJ @_redcloak como uma de nossas artistas! Amanhã, (04/09), lançamento de Resistir em todas as plataformas digitais! 🔥🤘🏻 @thebeatagency #wearemusichood - @wearemusichood on Instagram

- Robin Meade

It’s David’s birthday!! 🎉🎁 #teamptl #Repost @mikeyhoodkdka ・・・ Happy Birthday David Highfield! You are soooo awesome, wish I was there to celebrate! ❤️❤️❤️ - @pittsburghtodaylive on Instagram

Truly honored 🙌🏼 Thank you @forbesmiddleeast for featuring me alongside such inspiring group of men and women ❤️ #30under30 #Repost @forbesmiddleeast ・・・ Farida Osman is a professional swimmer and has represented Egypt twice at the Olympic Games, becoming the first ever Egyptian to bag two medals at the world championships. Her driving force and motivation is breaking barriers and stereotypes in Africa and the Middle East. In the entire history of the Olympic Games only five African women have won a medal in swimming. #Forbes30under30 #Forbesmiddleeast - @farida_osman on Instagram

🤗 🏛️ Programa de #Acogida #soyUnirioja Sesiones de #Bienvenida 🔴 💻📱 👉 🗓️ Hoy, 🎓 Facultad de Ciencia y Tecnología #FCyT Grados: ✔️Química ✔️Matemáticas ✔️Ingeniería Informática ✔️Enología ✔️Ingeniería Agrícola - @unirioja on Instagram

No.1 of the World! 🌍 THE KINGS 👑 Such a Proud moment for India & specially for all the Dancers around. They have won the world’s heart. Hats off to their Hardwork & consistency. Love, Respect & Congratulations to @kings_united_india & @suresh_kingsunited 🙌🏼❤️ - @13.13crewindia on Instagram

#Repost @propertelevision with @make_repost ・・・ Production on Season 4 of The Great Canadian Baking Show is underway and we’re so excited to share our new hosts: Ann Pornel and Alan Shane Lewis 😍 judges makeup @notoriouslilkim hair by me @plutinogroup @moroccanoil @veritascomm . Press release link in bio 🍪🧁🍰🍮🥧🍫 - @jukka333 on Instagram

#latepost tengo el privilegio de maquillar a esta maravillosa mujer todas las mañana❤️ #Repost @gabydiazaragon with @get_repost ・・・ Muchos dirán que es AMARILLO ... y por eso me RIO 🤣🤣🤣!!! Es VERDE LIMÓN!!! Look @optimodaec Makeup: @marulmakeup Hair: @anabelmerchan - @marulmakeup on Instagram

Donald Trump en zijn vrouw Melania zijn positief getest op corona. 🦠 Dat heeft de Amerikaanse president op Twitter gezet. Melania en Trump gaan voorlopig in quarantaine. 🔒 Volgens de arts van de president gaat het goed met het stel. Hij denkt dat Trump gewoon vanuit huis kan blijven werken. 🏠 Dat is voor Trump niet ideaal, want de Amerikaanse presidentsverkiezingen zijn al over een maand. 🇺🇸 🗳 #nieuws #jeugdjournaal #trump #hatsjoe #corona - @nosjeugdjournaal on Instagram

#Repost @elizabethstewart1 with @get_repost ・・・ ANNOUNCING NEW ITEMS DROPPED ON CHIC-RELIEF.COM from brands like @celine @prada and @givenchyofficial! It’s the most guilt-free designer shopping ever as 100% of the proceeds go to @facinghistory to fight racism and bigotry through education. Also, @juliaroberts and my tees are designed by @kristinaelainetaylor for her new brand @inclushion ! Go to @chic_relief to see new items for sale and information on when @inclushion tees will be available! - @juliaroberts on Instagram

Ya gapapalah namanya juga keinginan ya :) _ #9gen #genampol #nampol - @gen987fm on Instagram

Saudades de um evento corporativo 🤗 #TBT do nosso mobiliário no @fashionmeeting em Florianópolis. . . #business #fashionmeeting #evento #corporativo #florianopolis ••• #Repost @fashionmeeting with @get_repost ・・・ “Quando se fala em Mercado de luxo o cliente espera ter o auge da realização, que a experiência seja única e ele o centro de todas as atenções¨. Trabalhar com a exclusividade e ter a preocupação de atrair o consumidor à partir dos pequenos detalhes são itens essenciais para quem deseja agradar ao exigente gosto dos consumidores de artigos de luxo, nesse segmento que, segundo especialistas, deve crescer além do esperado. E quem abordou um pouco todas as peculiaridades do MERCADO DE LUXO foi a referência fashion ageless �@hellenmacarini, a empresária do setor joalheiro @betinasensalthoff e a fotógrafa @maririghez com a mediação do meeting ficando por conta da especialista @manuberger CENOGRAFIA Projeto e decoração: @arqflora Mobiliário: @pecaaspecas FOTOGRAFIA Fotos: @gutolz #businessoffashion #carreira #case #cursodemoda #desfiles #empreendedorismo #estilista #fashion #fashionbusiness #fashioncourse #fashionday #fashionmeeting #fashionmeetingexperience #fashionpress #fashionwork #instafashion #look #lookdodia #mercadodemoda #moda #modasp #palestras #tendencia - @pecaaspecas on Instagram

With more than 175,000 COVID deaths, 16 million people unemployed, thousands of children separated from their families and caged, I have just one question. I designed this mask to benefit NARAL @prochoiceamerica. Support them and order yours today at TiredOfWinning.Store (link in bio). Masks are also available in blue and black. 💥💥UPDATE💥💥 Breitbart has reported on this mask now so I’m turning off the comments so as to not allow bigots to post here (they’ve already started.) Thank you Breitbart for inadvertently helping us raise more money for a pro-choice org! 😘 #AreWeGreatAgainYet - @amberrosetamblyn on Instagram

HomeOffice- a palavra mais escutada nos últimos meses é tema da primeira mostra HomeOffice @dedshopping ! Aberta ao público e com entrada gratuita a visita vale o passeio! O shopping segue todos os protocolos de segurança e saúde ! Que tal Visitar a mostra e se inspirar para criar o seu próprio HomeOffice? A mostra está aberta de 01 a 25 de outubro Horário de funcionamento: segunda a sábado das 12h às 20h e aos domingos das 14h às 19h. Local: D&D Shopping Endereço: Av. das Nações Unidas, 12.559 Confere a galeria de fotos da noite de abertura - fotos Rafael Renzo e Denise Andrade #mdassessoriacom #mdpr #eventos #decoracao #design #dedshopping @andressadeungaro @dukanevida #mdteam - @mdassessoriacom on Instagram

Esta tarde os esperamos de nuevo en @pasapalabra @antena3com con el crack @robertolealg y un equipo de concursantes de lo más molón @evagonzalezoficial @quiquepeinado y @feleman. Os espero a las 20:00!!!! Y por favor no os perdáis la pista musical de hoy que no tiene desperdicio 🎶 🤪😅 Captura de @carmenalcaydecfo ❤️ - @alcayde_carmen on Instagram

Great minds think alike! The ladies of AM Extra are all in red to kick off this first warm week of summer 🔥☀️💃 - @koinnewsamextra on Instagram

Ne vedem in cateva minute #extranightshow #xns - @amalia.bellantoni on Instagram

- Green Shoes

Vote. “But, electoral math suggests....but the popular....” Just.Vote.Please. Thank You. Yes! These are for sale. $25 each! Priced to get them out there!. Hit me up! (Photo: @have2fish thx!) National Voter Registration Week! (ok i made that up Tuesday was National Voter Registration DAY) . . . . . #davidjdiamant #art #vote #vote2020 #voteforchange #votevotevote #santabarbara #solvang #california #spraypaintart #stencilart #redwhiteandblue #america #unitedstates #democratic #democrats #democrat #bidenharris2020 #joebiden #biden #biden2020 #kamalaharris @joebiden @biden_for_president @kamalaharris #representativerepublic #democracy #washingtondc @santabarbaraprints - @davidjdiamant on Instagram

- Ana Maria Braga apareceu ao vivo hoje na Globo com um colar e brincos feitos de arroz pra protestar contra a alta dos preços (em 2013 ela fez a mesma coisa com um colar de tomates)

Top credit performers last weekend @aeo_312, Maren, Emma and Yul!!! Making Guests for life!!! - @r15creditleader on Instagram

⭐️Preparadas, listas, 💪🏻 . Ahora que ya empezamos a poder ver a los peques en terapias individuales debemos tener todas las medidas de seguridad presentes. . Sin embargo, también tenemos que tener presente que la comunicación es muy importante y algo un poco complicado para algunos de ellos 🙇🏼‍♀️ . Así que @mascarillassolidariasespana nos ha hecho estas tan chulas y útiles para trabajar con los más peques. . Mil gracias a @mascarillassolidariasespana y poco a poco nos iremos viendo en EduKids 🥰 - @edukidslog on Instagram

Oh my goodness! The cutest ever!!!! 😍😍❤️🗳 Elvis for President! #vote love seeing these two in @rad_hats - @erincampbelldunkerley on Instagram

#Repost @glosssalondelaware with @make_repost ・・・ Gloss Spotlight: This weeks spotlight is Emma Isaacs, She is a Senior Stylist at our Newark Location. Emma has been in the beauty industry for almost twenty years, and we have been extremely lucky to have her at Gloss for ten of those. Emma is an all around very talented Senior Stylist who specializes in a few different things. Emma is a specialist in Make-up Artistry for our off site events/Wedding team. She has a true passion for both precision cutting and texture styles for men and women. As we have mention above we are extremely blessed to have Emma as part of our team her talent has been recognized with a feature in Martha Stewart Wedding’s. Emma’s hard work goes along way, she constantly is trying to master her craft with numerous certification and education classes. She has completed education classes with some of the biggest names around, Hair education with Bumble & Bumble, Hothead hair extensions, Eufora International, and Redken Exchange. Emma’s dueling talent in hair and make-up has led her to having make-up education as well. She has completed classes with MAC, Young blood, & Bare Essentials. When Emma is not behind the chair she loves to travel with family splitting time between Arizona and seeing her parents in the United Kingdom. Emma loves being outdoors with her three Chihuahuas (Lola, Samson, & Corona). Make sure to check her out @ our Newark Location and on Instagram @emmaisaacs.glosssalondelaware - @bethany.glosssalondelaware on Instagram

🇧🇷 #tbt de um dos maiores reconhecimentos da minha minha carreira 🇦🇷. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🇬🇧#tbt of one of the greatest achievements of my career 🇦🇷. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #tksgod #obrigadodeus #gratidao #thankful #argentina #Argentine #Senado #senate #Prêmio #award #buenosaires #Brazil #Brasil #BRICS #journalist #periodista #Jornalista #Jornalismo #IR #BlackExcellence #enriquetomascresto #Brazilian #news #jornal #internationalrelations #RI #southamerica #sudamerica - @renansouza on Instagram

- Blursed_Commercial(?)

Love you all so much .. Love you my Dear super Director .. Thank you so much. @miorta #ilovemyjob #wemakemiracles #mysuperman #มีความสุขจัง - @monnawanna on Instagram

When the days get wild with multiple shoots - our team put our clients’ minds at rest. Oh ya, we caught her, don’t worry! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #shooting #shootday #shootlife #tvcommercial #campaignshoot #webcommercial #shootinginprogress #shotshotshot #adshoot #tvad #webad #cameracrew #cameraaction #camera #tvc #productionhaus #filmservice #filmservices #shootinginpoland #sputnik #sputnikstudio #corporatevideo #videocontent #commercialproduction #videoshoot #productioncompany #videoproductioncompany - @sputnik_studio on Instagram

#TBT No clucks given. 🐔 - @studio10au on Instagram

Yes. I apologise to friends and family for the last decade. 😇😍repost @chelseagreenbooks x - @sharon__flynn on Instagram

HUGE congratulations to our #Opry Members who were nominated for @recordingacademy Awards today! Were rooting for you all! . #ishotthat - @chrishollo on Instagram

#Repost @minorucaio with @make_repost ・・・ A Cura é uma escolha! Aceitar, assumir, permitir e transformar, essas foram as lições dessa live, em @dialogos.decura.⁣ ⁣ Que troca maravilhosa tivemos ontem, histórias incríveis fnatel, @madgpforti e @juniorcmusic muito obrigado! Vocês inspiram!🙏⁣ ⁣ Dra. @ignezbraghiroli e @luholtz obrigado por dedicarem grande parte da vida de vocês em auxiliar pessoas a encontrarem sua própria cura com medicina e abraço, quanto amor!!💙⁣ ⁣ Obrigado parceiros que acreditaram nesse projeto e foram essenciais para que ele ficasse de pé👊:⁣ ⁣ - @casapetra - que local cinematográfico, que energia.⁣ - @codigo1filmes : que entrega e staff perfeitas⁣ - @biodelicoficial : que estrutura incrível⁣ ⁣ @richardfernandovieira, @mpozzetti e @netonasi obrigado pela confiança, vcs são fodas!⁣ ⁣ Obrigado a todos que acompanharam a live e doaram, pra quem não assistiu a live ficou gravada no YouTube da @dialogos.decura, link na bio.⁣ ⁣ GRATIDÃO pela TRANSFORMAÇÃO!🙌⁣ ⁣ #dialogosdecura #live #cancer - @richardfernandovieira on Instagram

Hoje no Balanço Geral tivemos @sabrinnaalbert e no Plantão BG o talento e a graça de Obrigado pelo carinho da grande audiência. #sosubindo - @henriquesosubindo on Instagram

Miércoles Laborando en tiempos de Pandemia #Seguimos 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #Bioseguridad #ValorDelTrabajo #Periodismo #Vida #Trabajo - @gbeltrancarias on Instagram

Shayne washes up. Anna masks up. How are YOU stopping #COVID19? Help show #Wisconsin how to protect what’s important. Share your pics and tag them #YouStopTheSpread - @dhs.wi on Instagram

Escolhi esta primeira imagem para começar a descrever o meu dia de hoje: euforia, satisfação total, felicidade extrema e uma vontade gigante de vos poder contar este segredo tão bem guardado! E se eu dissesse à Lenita de 14 anos, que via todos os dias a @dailycristina na televisão e queria ser como ela... que un dia ela mesma me iria escolher e contratar para apresentar um programa na TVI? E se eu contasse à Lenita de 19 anos que o meu modelo crush favorito aka @ruben_rua e que parecia ser uma celebridade inatingível, estaria ao meu lado a apresentar esse programa e viraríamos amigos? E se um dia dissesse à Lenita já adulta, cheia de dúvidas do que seria o futuro, sem saber o que fazer a 300km de casa... que o meu futuro morava nesta cidade? E se eu dissesse à minha professora que sempre que mandava recados para casa porque eu falava demasiado nas aulas... que afinal estava só a “afinar a minha comunicação” para que um dia virasse a minha profissão? 😂 Enfim, brincadeiras à parte, que dia feliz, que ano incrível e que PRAZER poder tornar o meu hobbie na minha profissão e por ter tomado tanta decisão certa mesmo quando tudo indicava o contrário! Ahhhhhh🎉🎉🎉 - @helenacoelhooo on Instagram


Cutest masks ever! • • • #amyflowersteam #realtor #realtorlife #realestatechick #covid19 #staysafe #maskgamestrong - @jennlaliberte on Instagram

Looking forward to joining @loosewomen tomorrow at 1pm on @itv. Don’t miss it! 💞 - @jacquelinegoldcbe on Instagram

#SERIALTRAILER Ce mercredi, dans Serial Trailer, @jess.matthys vous fait découvrir la 4DX, et aussi le travail en coulisses d’un projectionniste ! . À découvrir ce mercredi à 17h50, sur BX1 et sur . #bx1 #cinema #culture - @bx1_officiel on Instagram

I cant believe it was twenty years ago! Thanks @tinaarena for bringing The Flame to life at the Sydney 2000 Olympics #Repost @tinaarena (@get_repost) ・・・ What a truly incredible moment performing at the Opening of the Sydney Olympic Games ... unforgettable 🧡. Celebrating its 20th anniversary. #TheFlame #sydneyolympics - @johnforemanofficial on Instagram

The most graphic, hate-filled part of any Pixar movie 😩 - @jkstudios on Instagram

It’s MEGA Monday down here at the Boardwalk! All our mega drinks are 1/2 priced all day! #hamptonbeachnh #megadrinks - @boardwalk_inn_and_cafe on Instagram

#Repost @foxla ・・・ REOPENING LA COUNTY: LA County’s Health Officer Order will be updated to allow hair salons and barber shops to resume indoor operations at 25% capacity. Click on the link in our bio for full details. #hairsalons #barbershop #losangelescounty #reopening #breaking - @opensafecalifornia on Instagram

de afang tönt echli wie intro vo oggy und die kakerlaken, mir sueched slied immerno und am xeni sini mam sowizo - @thelifeofbudallt on Instagram

#Repost @guatevision_tv with @get_repost ・・・ ¡Buenos días, familia linda! 💗☀ En #VivaLaMañana ya estamos más que listos para iniciar la semana junto a todos ustedes. ¡Nos vemos en un ratito, a las 8:00 AM! - @ricardogarciasantander on Instagram

the bayang. #wendySZN12 @wendyshow for @latenightseth #styledbywillieomg — Hair: @hairbyjazmink Makeup: @merrellhollis Wardrobe: @willie_thethird - @willie_thethird on Instagram

We miss you in the White House #Repost @michelleandbarack with @repostsaveapp · · · The People’s House. When there was joy in the White House. #ScandalFree Vote. Wear a mask. #MichelleAndBarack #Forever44 #BarackObama #MichelleObama #MaliaObama #SashaObama #Bo #Sunny #POTUS #FLOTUS #WhiteHouse #ObamaFoundation #ThankYouObama #TwoTerms #Hope #ComeBackBarack #MyPresidentWasBlack #NeverForget #Hawaii #Chicago #WashingtonDC - @sergiotrujillo1 on Instagram

Today, we brought #FlipBox to @aquiestamoswipr with @shanirablanco in my hometown, Puerto Rico! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🇵🇷🇵🇷 ! * * Thank you, Shanira, for inviting me to come on your show! We hope everyone on set enjoyed the healthy cake bars we made! ❤️ hasta la próxima (until next time) - @flip_box on Instagram

@milano_alyssa and I met for a rousing discussion today talking about some of the days most important issues for her podcast series, Sorry Not Sorry. Air date to be announced soon. - @gloria.allred on Instagram

We’ve heard a lot about racist boaters supporting Trump but this hopefully starts a trend of amazing chefs on boats supporting @joebiden. To start us off @markrladner took this snap of himself holding a Biden cup of @drinkramona Meyer Lemon spritz - @roberthbohr on Instagram

Felices de celebrar hoy a los más de 5000 espectadores que se han sumado a nuestro escenario virtual. Maravilloso encuentro en esta función de #AMiGordoNoMeLoQuitaNadie de @mimilazod con publico en Sydney (Australia), Budapest (Hungría), Luanda (Angola), Londres, Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Caracas, Barquisimeto, Miami, Nueva York, Idaho, Maryland, Los Angeles, Vancouver y Bogotá. Gracias por acompañarnos y seguimos el próximo fin de semana con #A250LaCubalibre (Sábado) y #NoEresTuSoyYo (Domingo) MIMILAZO.NET - @mimilazod on Instagram

- Beautiful Melania, First Lady

#Repost @foxnews with @get_repost ・・・ This couple got married on the wings of love -- or at least at the airport. Chase Thomas and Emily Zilich were married Friday morning at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport right before they took off for their honeymoon to Mexico. A picture of the couple’s ceremony was posted on the airport’s Twitter account on Friday, with the airport asking for help identifying them. Within two hours, the airport had found the couple. According to the airport, Thomas and Zilich were supposed to be married in April, but like many couples, had to change their plans because of the coronavirus pandemic. Go to the link in our bio for more on this story. - @studiotranphotography on Instagram

Happy national son day- to my very handsome son Pierce! #love - @sharonbush1 on Instagram

#Repost @prefecturadelguayas ・・・ ¡Trabajamos junto a la empresa privada por la educación de nuestros niños guayasenses! @6SusanaGonzalez, prefecta del Guayas firmó convenio con @isabelnoboaponton en representación de @Unidosporlaeducacion, fundación de @ConsorcioNobis . A través de este convenio, fortalecemos el sistema educativo rural y cerramos la brecha de desigualdad que separa la enseñanza de calidad de los más pequeños. #GuayasRenaceConEducacion - @consorcionobis on Instagram

Posted @withrepost • @andreamitchelluk It was such a pleasure to work with beautiful @alecromera model. Location: @bespokesalon MUA @alecromer . Photograper: @orange_tog . . . . . . #hair #haircolor #haircut #atlantahair #color #highlights #customhair #hairstyle #haircolour #bespokehair #bespokesalonatlanta #hairtransformation #hairtutorial #atlantahairsalon #dunwoody #sandysprings #iloveatlanta #atlanta #balayage #blonde #brunette #shorthair #longhair #tigi #tigicopyright #tigicopyrightcare #copyrightyourhair - @bespokesalon on Instagram

The new normal... at least we cute. #socialdistancing #rehearsal - @performingpinup on Instagram

EWBOK but make it fashion. 🎀 . #Repost @sequinsandlipstick with @repostsaveapp · · · W E E K E N D fun 🌸 Lots of walks this weekend with all this beautiful weather! •••• Have you seen these #everythingwillbeokay signs? They’re a fundraiser for @spruillarts @createdunwoody and were created based on a mural near our home. Fitting for the craziness of the last few weeks. •••• Georgia’s outfit is from They have so many cute options. This set is called picture perfect and I could not agree more 💗 - @createdunwoody on Instagram

Many people ask me why I love working in television, and the answer is simply: it tests me to work efficiently and to put my best work 15-minutes or less. 🤣 Such a pleasure glamming @krooneyvera who came straight off of a plane! Damp hair and no makeup- it’s days like this where I’m grateful to practice and hone my craft! // . . . Hair: @jennbradfordhair #JennBradfordHair Makeup: Hildie Ginsberg . . . (Full disclaimer: Kathryn is one of the most stunning women without makeup! I was taken back by her natural beauty. 😩) - @jennbradfordhair on Instagram

This is a treasure. #rhony #realhousewivesofnewyork #bravo #realhousewives - @rhony_recap on Instagram

Com voz e figurino inconfundíveis o The Noite desta quinta-feira recebe @joelmaareal! A cantora é surpreendida pelo programa com um par de suas icônicas botas em uma versão prateada para comemorar 25 anos de carreira. Imperdível, né? Foto: Gabriel Cardoso/SBT #thenoitecomdanilogentili - @sbtthenoite on Instagram

Nesta quarta dia 23 de Setembro aconteceu o Talk Show Luciana Paula Com Vida. A entrevistadas foram as empreendedoras @dra.michelecpereira @tamarafurlanestetica @raquelfessel Live Especial @eco.sound @lifefilmprodutora Fotos @alinearagonfotografias Assista o talk show na íntegra no meu Facebook Lucianapaulaapresentadora. @lucianapaulaapresentadora veste dress @atmospheraoficial Apoio cultural @capitao_gancho_ruadoporto @lifesucospiracicaba @atmospheraoficial @aromasdafa @atelie_deby_mya #talkshow #mulheresqueempreendem #mulheresreais #entrevistas #momentodereflexão #comunicaoprofissional #liveespecial #Deusnocomando - @lucianapaulaapresentadora on Instagram

Here’s me and the bold @robertflorence back in the glory days of #Burnistoun series 1. It gets repeated tonight on the @bbcscotland channel at 10pm. I’ll always feel the absolute privilege of living in Burnistoun, a place filled with absolute legends! #WhatKindOfSnash #RocketsNapper #BottleOfGinger #DoofedItAffHisDome #Comedy #SketchComedy #Sketches #TV #Repost @robertflorence with @get_repost ・・・ Here’s me and @kirstystrain back when I was bouncing two litre bottles of ginger right off a rocket’s napper. Burnistoun S1 gets repeated on the @bbcscotland channel tonight at 10. It’s a good series. A bit hit and miss here and there. You know how it is. Sketch shows. Tried our best. Just young boys and lassies. #Burnistoun - @kirstystrain on Instagram

...whatever your opinion, theres certainly one good thing! 💙💜💙 (cc: @susanitahasamouse) - @nico1as on Instagram

🍷🍾Our first WINNER 🍾 🍷 Best Mask on entry this evening goes to @rachelsaunders67 Don’t forget, we will be selecting a winner every day for the best Mask. The winner will receive a drink on us!! #spaghettitree #mask #winner #drinksonSpaghettiTree #firstwinner #bestmask #funandgames #winniethepooh #disney #CheerstoSpaghettiTree - @spaghettitreewalton on Instagram

Prioritising safety, @sgcmall is back with a bang! Avail Flat 50%* OFF from 11th to 13th September on over 300 brands at Seawoods Grand Central Mall! @tanvithakker @veromodaindia @hidesignhq @lifestylestores Not just this, you have a chance to shop big and win bigger- ▪️3 highest shoppers to get Caratlane Pendants ▪️Win assured vouchers on shopping of ₹5,000 and ₹10,000* So what are you waiting for? The doors to happiness are open for you to explore!!! #shoppingspree #shoppingatthemall #shoptillyoudrop #safetyfirst #seawoodsgrandcentral #actorslife #influencer - @nexusmalls on Instagram

#Repost @bii_awareness with @get_repost ・・・ Someone just sent this to me, a notification by “Daily Mail UK” We are the voice 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #bii #biiawareness #biiaware #breastimplantsillness #breastimplantillnesswarrior #biisurvivor #biiwarrior #biiisreal #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #autoimmunedisease #autoimmune #medicalmedium #reiki #reikihealer #reikihealing #reikipractitioner #dailymailuk - @breastimplantillnessvoice on Instagram

There, we fixed the brand for you @IvankaTrump! If its @realDonaldTrump, it has to be evil. #DontLookAway - @raicesaction on Instagram

Yesterday, it was my honor to present volunteer service medals to two amazing military spouses stationed at Joint Base Hickam Pearl Harbor. Our Armed Forces are filled with exceptional milSpouses who impact their communities, bases, and countless lives with their compassion,selfless acts of service, and outreach. And we are blessed to have these amazing ladies in our Hickam ohana! Mahalo Nui Loa! I salute you. 🇺🇸 . . . . #AltogetherLovely #milso #jbphh #AirForceWife #MilitaryLife #Militaryspouse #AirForcewife #MilsoBloggers #MilSpouseLife #MarineWife #NavyWife #ArmyWife #MilitaryLife #volunteer #volunteerappreciation #WivesOfTheAirForce #ServiceBeforeSelf - on Instagram

Private detective lookbook courtesy of ma bae @victoriathomas_makeupartist @wild_emerald_designs 🥰 - @janeweavermusic on Instagram

🙌🙌🙌🙌 THIS IS EVERYTHING! We are so excited to have our earrings used in this stunning look for @shaynnablaze by @annestringerstylist The attention to detail is just flawless with those red stilettos mirroring the red triangle tips of the dangles. Would the judges score 10/10? #Repost @shaynnablaze ・・・ Upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms week @TheBlock Dress: @mossman Stiletto: @stuartweitzman Earrings @maineandmara Hair and makeup: @FotiniHatzis Styling: @AnneStringerStylist #9theblock #statementjewelry #handmadejewelry #handmade #style #theblock #shaynnablaze #design #designer #rainbow #bold - @maineandmara on Instagram

#Repost @hugogloss with @make_repost ・・・ Toma aqui uns #50Reais, seu #Infiel! Naiara Azevedo e Marília Mendonça se reuniram nesta segunda (28) para gravar uma canção juntas, batizada de “50%”. Pode confessar, essas duas já te fizeram sofrer em algum momento da vida! Kkk A música faz parte do projeto “Juntas”, de Naiara. Serão 12 faixas, cada uma com alguma participação de mulheres da música. Simone & Simaria, Maiara & Maraisa e Joelma já estão confirmadas pra essa sofrência organizada. Eu amo! (Fotos: @naiaraazevedo @mariliamendoncacantora - @lksmusicoficial_ on Instagram

Posted @withregram • @exquisiteproduction Let’s Talkk Episode-4 is out on Youtube channel of Exquisite Production Link in Bio Guest: @buzjay9 and @ask.singh74 Host : @rajnisubba3 and @shainesoni D.O.P. : @rajeevsharmaphotography Gift Partner: @beaunessbyarpita MUA: @aakritimakeover Hairstylist: @rajmark7 #talkshow #letstalkk #iep #mua #exquisiteproduction #guest #hosts #designer #designeroutfit #supermodel #dj #music - @rajnisubba3 on Instagram

La prefecta del Guayas @6SusanaGonzalez se reunió con @TunayRita, prefecta de Napo. Durante la visita, coordinamos un encuentro entre el equipo de productividad, turismo y desarrollo de Prefectura de Napo con nuestra Dirección de Turismo para sumar esfuerzos en el desarrollo turístico de ambas provincias, a través de la promoción de emprendimientos, activación de cadenas productivas y el impulso de puntos turísticos rurales. ¡Con cooperativismo logramos el desarrollo en conjunto! #Guayasrenace - @prefecturadelguayas on Instagram

Going fancy into this weekend! Just a gentle reminder to wear a mask - and do you! Xo - @leslifoster on Instagram

Fun for the ages last night, thank you #losangeles and @altamedfoodwine! Next up: Aug 2 @newportjazzfest 🙌 📷: @readyesto - @shorchestra on Instagram

Waiting for the Finale! . . #iltrovatore #azucena #happy Okka #happysinger #verdi #giuseppeverdi #opera #singerslife #barcelona #ichhabdiehaareschön #maske aber kein #maskenball #stayhealthy #getwellsoon 💖 @liceu_opera_barcelona - @okkavdd on Instagram

Love working with these guys on a Sunday... always lot a it lols!! Susie’s hair and make up by me @susie_youssef @theprojecttv @10styling @channel10au #tvmakeup #makeupartist #hairstylist #curls #sydneymakeupartist #channel10 #theproject #sundayproject #tv Make up 💄 @narsissist @maccosmeticsaustralia @zoevacosmetics @inglot_australia @modelrocklashes Hair @unite_hair_australia @wellahair @elevenaustralia @dysonhair @ghdhair_anz - @kbmakeupandhair on Instagram

A apresentadora Jacqueline Brazil usa saia @dimyoficial #repost @jacquebrazil ・・・ Reta final do inverno, com temperaturas de verão! Socorro! O que está acontecendo? Alguns motivos: bloqueio atmosférico, jato polar mais afastado, dessa forma as frentes frias chegam mais fracas. Todos os detalhes no globoplay! Vai lá! - @multi.clipping on Instagram

Rodney really made our weekend when we saw his album about introducing his cousin and little brother to the museum. We love how he is inspiring art appreciation, and starting what we hope will be a life-long love for the Nelson-Atkins. Thanks for letting us share your post! #Repost • @ceoro_ Lil Bro & cousin said they never been to the museum I had to change that! - @nelsonatkins on Instagram

A lot of people worked really hard to bring you this show — I’m proud to be one of them. @n8drumz is an absolute crusher. My mind gets blown daily. Check it out! #TheVoice #Season17 #TeamDrum #TeamHouseBand #DrumTech #Drums - @gravyvspackage on Instagram


Diva, mi Diva, nuestra Diva!! Mi apoyo absoluto a ti, a tu trayectoria, a tu labor intachable, a la probidad de tus manos, de tu corazón y de tu alma. A la lealtad que durante años has profesado de manera lineal y trasparente, sin poses, mostrándote del lado correcto aunque sea incómodo y siendo portadora siempre de la transparencia, justicia e integridad. La verdad no necesita ser defendida, pues la verdad es la verdad, Siempre. Tu hermano, Jochy Santos. - @jochysantos on Instagram

#Repost @barbaracarmelitadurso Anteprima outfit 😜#domenicalive #colcuore❤️ - @domenicalive on Instagram

“Never compromise on your dreams” @terrisavellefoy We were so honored and exciting to have @madslewis and Terri discuss: -What is a dream -How do you dream -How to set goals -What to do if everyone around you tells you that your dreams are impossible. -How to make your dreams come true. Terri is the #cheerleader of dreams! She shared all of her incredible tools to help the members of @bochysleague get a strong start to establishing themselves for happiness, confidence & success in whatever they want from life. She even shared how to stop living with #anxiety Mads is asking all the questions every teen wants to know about the hard places in life and how to find happiness and freedom #Bochysteenleague Launching late October the members of this teen league will have exclusive access to a library of great videos that will help build confidence, identity, self worth, happiness, value, protection against exploitation & violation and so much more. Have you joined yet? Anyone in the world can be part of this. Let’s go change the world, together! - @carlashellis on Instagram

Via @markmothersbaugh : “For anybody doubting whether COVID-19 is real, it’s really real… It went from, ‘I don’t feel good’ on Tuesday to an ambulance to Cedars on Saturday. It was terrifying.” - @latimes interview on my experience beating COVID-19. Thank you all so much for your kind words + thoughtfulness. Link to article in Marks bio. #markmothersbaugh #devo #covid19 #covid #coronavirus #latimes #devolutionisreal #ppe #wearamask #mutato - @clubdevo on Instagram

SHE IS BACK !!! So great to work with @johall9 again, even matched my facemask (done by the talented @leahrosehairandmakeup ) to her outfit Makeup by #yvonneborland Hair @juttaschmitzmuha Styling @katehastilow #makeupartist #tvmakeupartist #hairstylist #hair #melbournemakeupartist - @yvonne_borland on Instagram

Fill your glass with great #wine and your life with bright colours 💕🍷✨ Always tasting the best from elegant #JuliannaGlass ✨🍷 📸 #Repost @barcelona_enterprises #stemware #glassware #crystal #swarovski #crystals #elegant #pinkmood #pinklife #happiness #luxurylifestyle #winelover #winetime - @juliannaglassware on Instagram

A former colleague called me a “sheeple” because I promote wearing a mask and “blindly” follow the CDC guild lines LOL will my mask protect me from people like that too??😷 Also you see that shoulder definition? Them quarantine workouts been paying off 💪😏 📸: @alyrenzi #wearamask #mask #covid19 #socialdistancing #fitness - @shelbyza on Instagram

Just some of our wonderful board. Thank you to each and every one of them! Posted @withregram • @alexandradeborchgrave : Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of our Board and Advisory Board for the wonderful work and generous support throughout the years. Though not all are photographed, the full team is listed on the @lightofhealinghope website and we truly could not have done all the we did without each and every one of them💙 #lightofhealinghope #10yearanniversary #blessed 📸: @tonypowell1 - @lightofhealinghope on Instagram

I did this cool thing last week: I was lucky to participate in Masks of Boston, a poignant photography project by @katherinetaylorphoto ( I wore my clear face mask that I wear for my deaf grandmother who reads lips. Grams’ ability to connect to the world—hearing impaired— during COVID is even more distanced now because of face masks. I was able to purchase this mask from The Tailor Pros in Sutton, MA. It has been incredibly helpful. #strezoforsomerville #somervillema #masksofinstagram #masksofboston - @strezo_at_large on Instagram

Smiling my way through a rainy Tuesday - remembering that today is a good day - first because I woke up - and second because there’s another opportunity to love and live with passion and gratitude #thankyouforanotherday ❤️ - @ajrobach on Instagram

#repost @tata ・・・ Mamães e papais que me seguem aquiii, prestem atenção! Começou hoje a Promoção Ganhe e Doe Pom Pom. Na compra de QUALQUER produto @pompomfraldas você concorre a 1 ano de fraldas grátisssss UHUL Hahah e ainda ajuda quem mais precisa! Será 1 ganhador por dia e a cada vencedor a Pom Pom doará fraldas pra instituição de caridade! Mais infos no site ! Deixei o link nos stories também ❤️ Foto @ph.wduarte - @pompomfraldas on Instagram

- @mazisouskai on Instagram

Anyone else more than ready to wear boots, sweaters and jackets for #fall.. ? Feeling grateful on this #Wednesday. @abc15arizona #feels #good #knowing #cooler #weather #arrives #soon #cozy #socks #soft #blankets #comfort #food #football #watching #couch #napping #tv #weather #sounds #awesome #letsgo #arizona #insta #ready #humpday - @kaleyokelleytv on Instagram

Staying safe in style. Thanks @jeffsoltysiak for the hand-crafted face mask from @peachberserk. #davidbowie #facemask #facemaskfashion #staysafe - @rosiedelcampo on Instagram

Teamwork-MaryAlice Parks borrows Cecilia Vegas heels for her big live shot on GMA. - @jamesgoldston on Instagram

💗💗💗 Repost• @ajrobach On October 1st we wear pink 🎀 #breastcancerawareness - @abcgma3 on Instagram

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