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- Florida What yall doing


Area 51- Kei Tsukishima x reader - Fourteen

bumby wool mahar good job great job

- MeN sUpErIoR



- ok then


Area 51- Kei Tsukishima x reader - Three

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- funny stuff

cr: ??

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Lmao this meme gets me every time💀😂 . . . @harrystyles @louist91 @zayn @niallhoran @liampayne @onedirection #onedirectionmemes #1d #louistomlinson #harrystyles #zaynmalik #liampayne #niallhoran #larrystylinson #larryisreal #loubear #tommothetease #payno #nialler #kevinpigeon #fetus1d #liam #louis #harry #niall #zayn #onedirection #tpwk #ohnoniall #walls #louies #larries - @golden_louies on Instagram


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- 2meirl4meirl

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How we assume the straights talk about us. #ratched - @dykingout on Instagram

clowncore wallpaper

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- me💼irl


tzuyu doritos

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- Pickles is happyy

life is strange true colors

parabens jamartag

- Only 90s kids will remember

Meme duck

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Thanks @robyndixon10 for the shout out.... You are such an AMAZING SOUL.... - @getblazed_fashionboutique on Instagram

Shrek bff

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- [/r/Deep_Anal]Destroying that round Mandy Muses ass

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This is sooo beautiful...❤️🧘🏾☮️🧘🏾‍♀️❤️ #KidsMeditation #Love #Healing #Peace #Joy #Meditation #Agape #MindfullnessMeditation #Practice #AgapeNOW - @agapenow_ on Instagram

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- Kim Zolciak

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- Some respect for the master please!

@𝓈𝓍𝓋𝓍𝑔𝑒𝑔𝒶𝓁 ☾


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this debate shouldn’t have been so funny but i’ve seriously been laughing at this all night and no matter what side you’re on you gotta admit this was funny - @stolemylean on Instagram

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#harrypotter #memes #harrypottermemes #hermionegranger #ronweasley #wizard #book #movie #danielradcliffe #emmawatson #rupertgrint #voldemort #dracomalfoy #tomfelton #severussnape #snape #alanrickman #muggle #babyyoda - @harrypottermemesjk2020 on Instagram

Photos I found on TikTok

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(LINK IN BIO) Excuse this terrible screenshot (damn you @youtube!) Time for our September Book Club picks! Were loving HOMEGOING by #yaagyasi , OPEN BOOK by @jessicasimpson , FRANKLY IN LOVE by @davidoftheyoon , and EMPTY by @susanmasonburton . Have you read any of them? - @lisaandliz on Instagram


Youre welcome 😊

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- He’s Small, He Must Be a Child

tommy duck

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- Felt this belongs here

Youre welcome 😊

Folks Online Criticize Florence Pugh’s Body After She Wore A Revealing Gown, She Claps Back At All

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- Quite unprofessional

Doja cat

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- Scarlet and her beautiful family! 😭🌈

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Pasta is keeping me sane right now! Russo’s is open for business, we want to make sure NYC is eating right through this crisis! Stay safe out there! - @russosnyc on Instagram

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- Arrow

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- Love you Grandma

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- Give him some time

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- me irl

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It’s LindsEy Media! - on Instagram

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- fr man shits crazy 😤

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- sick burn from a single white guy 👌🏻

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- Funny!

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- Ohhhhh Dammm... Droppin it like its HOTTT!

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- The last bale

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- $36 million well spent

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A Cheesy Gordita Crunch rules but come on man @joshallenqb - @whereslloyd on Instagram

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- @jelyappleseed on Instagram

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- The Advocate

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Only the 16th? Those are rookie numbers nowadays. Joking aside, peep the link in our bio for mental health tips that can help you stay level during the train wreck that is 2020. - @laddershq on Instagram

casa bugre parab%C3%A9ns

- Lauren Conrad

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- Beth the bounty hunter

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- Vote Trump

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- I can’t remember if someone already posted this

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Goodnight cuties 💞 [Besties if you see this on your explore follow me 😉] . . . . . . . . . #shawnmendes #harrystyles #louistomlinson #larry #justinbieber #larrystylinson#kyliejenner #liampayne #niallhoran #zaynmalik #kimkardashian #jonasbrothers #joejonas #nickjonas #littlemix #bellahadid #arianagrande #kendalljenner#l4l #perrieedwards #1d #followme #f4f#onedirection #zayn #dunkirk #fb #followback - @harry.fondlinson on Instagram

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- steal magnolias quotes

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- I pray to god this is ironic

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- All of the Fandoms


WOW! So the series 12 trailer is here (i’m a little late to the party) and it definitely has a lot for us to get excited about! It showed both comedic and serious sides to the series, something which I am really excited to see as I felt s11 lacked more of the serious elements. The villains look so exciting! There was a mix of both new and old including the Judoon and the Cybermen and they look to have quite an important storyline! The ‘fam’ look just as they did last series, full of energy and always there to help the Doctor but I just hope we see some more character development this series with them! And of course the Doctor herself... she honestly stole the trailer as she did with the last series! My main hope for series 12 is that the storylines do her amazing character justice a bit better than they did in s11! What’s everyone else’s thought? More to come soon... 😁 #doctorwho #jodiewhittaker #tosincole #mandipgill #bradleywalsh #doctorwhoday - @tardiswhovians on Instagram

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- Tragic.

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- Square up mom

clapping applaud applause steve harvey

- Mr Poop finally had control over him.

erik meijer flyeralarm flyeralarm digital erik meijer

- Zoom meetings are the worst🙁

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- He’s a young entrepreneur

aplausos gif

- Megyn Price

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- Pool day irtr

anhngumshoa mshoatoeic mshoagiaotiep mshoajunior vo tay

- I guess it’s back to Dove and Vaseline then

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- Dr. Monty had to file for bankruptcy

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- lauren pisciotta

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😂😂 • • • #that70sshow #that70show #netflix #netflixuk #70s #redforman #ericforman #jackieburkhart #fez #kelso #michaelkelso #donnapinciotti #kittyforman #hyde #stevenhyde #funny #lol #meme #memes #tv #tvshow #tvseries - @that70sfans on Instagram

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Last nights debate was sounding like a MW2 lobby 😭😭😭 - @liluzivertshairline on Instagram

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- 10 Essential Rules for a lady

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- missing the bubble bum butt rn

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- Designated Survivor

im proud of you dan levy david david rose schitts creek

- That’s a good one.

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- By the pool

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- Too true...

impressed clapping applause well played very nice

😅 - @thedodgerdude on Instagram

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- Shouldve just ran off on the plug

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- Literally instagram vs reality in one picture. Couldnt photoshop the event portrait too 😂

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- best friend goals

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- America is a death cult at this point

dumbledore clapping

- Alexa et Katie

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You’ll never hear white people complain about these countries unless they’re politicians 😭 - @bollyh00d on Instagram

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- The reality...

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- Its like vomiting the most outrageous thing.

proud ross geller

- If it works, it works

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- Excuse me?

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- Best fiver ever spent

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- You’re eating trash cake and smoking now?

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- I think we all do this

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- #relationships

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- Spanish students

cute bear animal teddy dance

@fishsticksnfent 😆😆😆 - @dankrecovery on Instagram

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- how generous

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Tonight on @nbcchicagomed, Ryan Reilly and I sing “A Little Fall of Rain”. Tune it at 8/7c for la magique. And yes, I tagged all the ⭐️s #chicagomed - @christinevremydstie on Instagram

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- Adulting...

aplausos emoji

five years of chanel oberlin. HAPPY FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO SCREAM QUEENS!! ✨👸🏼🛍💅🏼 - @2002princesss on Instagram

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- hotel humor


- Walking dead quotes


- Be gentle with me in 2020

donald duck clapping hands fun

- Neat little footnote


“are you a democrat or republican” nigga I don’t care 💀💯 - @biigwes on Instagram


🤣🤣🤣 - @memes on Instagram

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- Stay safe

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- Gotta stay in the bag all 2020.

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- Babys Room Plaques

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- SAD: sacrifice your life for the economy

the wolf of wall street clap clapping clapping hands leonardo dicaprio

- Thomas rhett wife

clap cat

- I can also help. As a psych major, I could pr

steve harvey happy excited clap applause

- Nothing dampens your spirit, does it ?

- Being a dad has its perks

- She is all of us.

Do you agree 😂 @propercosmetic - @propercosmetic on Instagram

- It won’t be harsh I promise

2020 - @kristenwiigdaily on Instagram

Cringe is good for the soul (Follow: @janetforklift ) - @janetforklift on Instagram

- I preach because I’m woke bc I smoke weed DUH

ayo rat follow @pestosalad for wholesome/funny ad free content 😌❤️ - @pestosalad on Instagram

- Its not you its me

- Me irl

- Of all of the things this women says, I agree with this one

- Thanks, I hate Kim Halpert

- Why?

- Daily Love Quotes

- This hit too close to home

- Nice.

- Cringe

- Glorious

- Leslies Crowning Achievement

If this doesn’t get FACT CHECKED then his data must be true 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️ Hate Trump all you want just don’t support this idiot #americanarsenal #supportourtroops #supportmilitary #supportlawenforcement #2a #fitfam #america #freedom #veterans #apparel #military #guns #ammo #edc #trump2020 #hero #progun #thecompanythatgivesback #bemoreamerican - @american_arsenal on Instagram

- @politicalcomedy on Instagram

- No just no

- I always thought she was just really good at her makeup, but no amount of over lining makes lips look like that

Starting something new, TWITTER FRIDAY💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻✨✨✨👌 _______ #twitterposts #memes #didaanii - @_didaanii on Instagram

#thesystemfailedbreonna #justiceforbreonnataylor 💔 - @tamikalpalmer on Instagram

- me irl

- I finally know what kind of lesbian I am

- “I’m barely an adult myself ma’am”

- not even 30 yet

🧐🤣 - @dabondilegend on Instagram

- Shes no lying but

“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches, or its romance.” —Teddy Roosevelt - @senatormartinheinrich on Instagram

- Thatd be crazy

Biden wins. - @oldmanebro on Instagram

- 2meirl4meirl

- Hell yeah it was

- With great power comes great responsibility

- BROOKE Baldwin

- A pawg with more!

- Aint that the truth

- A Look Behind the Scenes

- I hate everything

I love this but I hope the new generation is putting in the work daily. What do you guys think 💛 - @shadesofinjera on Instagram

- Tinder is the best place to reconnect and sort out any feelings


- Pawg stawg

- Camille Kostek

World premiere of our new location opening up October @akwayssportsbarbershop uptown Minneapolis thanks to our good folks at @fox9 for premiering it for us. - @akeemakway on Instagram

- @arepalady on Instagram

- Heartland Season 10

- And the truth shall set you free

- [/r/AllTeensVids]. He Fuck His Gf And Filled Her Full Of Cum

- Can someone accidentally send me 65pounds?

- Well that changes everything

- Perfect attire for the summer...


- Had me thinking

- Genie and Maria really hate each other.

- It’s all cap

- I guess someone helped him finish his Dr. Seuss part of the apocalypse

- Office dress

- Not like other prog guitarists

O wrong nau!!!! Gbogbo isonu yii o necesstree olohun 🤣🤣🤣🤣 But still, Ija wa ija o si, never to be caught unguarded Abeg 😂😂 God no go shame us oh 😭😭 - @yemichibals on Instagram

- You’re more of a fun vampire.

- “Lol jk”

- Ngl they hot tho

- Time to wrap it up guys—the Dairy Council has spoken

- Triple-fenced bunker bitch

I always miss the fun stuff. #rhony #realhousewives #realhousewivesofnewyork - @rhony_recap on Instagram


- Meirl

- Vanessa Hudgens

Happy End of Summer Day. Gender is a social construct :o) - @sonumkahlon on Instagram

- Amazing actor, phenomenal human being

- Yellow Dress

- me🗣irl

- Titles are hard to come up with.

- That bleached hair was on point though

- Best dad joke ever?

- Lemon asking fans to drop the “robbed” compliments (if you can call it that)

- Equality right?

BILLIE NOTICE ME AGAIN😭😭 - @billieaddict on Instagram

- I can’t breathe 😂😂😂💀💀💀

- drunk

- Were all thinking it. [Humor]

- Clearly her weight loss is her biggest achievement and what every woman should learn from her.

- “The gang gets gaslit”

- The names man spider, but it’s Parker Peter to you

Im so excited to see what has she has coming up in the future🥺 @selenagomez ❤️ I love you 😘 - - - - - - @instagram #inspiration - - #selenagomez #selena #gomez #selenators #selenator #instagram #revival #album #revivaltour #meetandgreets #fans - @selenagomezsheart on Instagram

- The right is going to call you a radical Marxist anyway....

yall see Onyx throwin up four? WLR in four days confirmed 😦 - @glockyszn on Instagram

That’s how much sleep I get now 🙃 - @explorize on Instagram

- Doesn’t take much I guess to speak at the RNC

- Misogyny March going well this year

- [Spoiler] Another Dialogue Echo

- cartoons

- There something new on her OnlyFans

- Many years ago on Titan...

♥️🖤 @jaboukie - @peopleforbernie on Instagram

- Emma watson

- PSA about the importance of social distancing, courtesy of Eleven and Max

big strap-on energy (@hairyfairie) - @bellesaco on Instagram

- Sure your doctor said that....

- How legal states roll!

- ha ha ha.. very funny

Yup, accurate AF! Raise your hand 🙋‍♀️ if you’ve done the same! - @concertcrap on Instagram

- One way to get not invited to barbeque party ever.

- Poor taste...

- jake and his mom are so cute, i cant handle it

“Lately when I find myself having a really hard time motivating myself, I switch my focus from ‘doing this for me’ to ‘doing this for FUTURE me’ and it helps me A LOT. It might sound silly, but hear me out...When something is hurting me right now, like running a new PR; or when my body is craving something and Im telling it no... That sucks 😂 those times arent easy! And sometimes, as much as Im all about loving myself, its just not the motivation I need in that moment. BUT. Future me? Rhyan of tomorrow, or next week, or next year? She doesnt get a say in the choices I make today. She will either be the victim of the circumstances I create for her, or she will look back at who she was today and she will love and be grateful for that girl. Knowing this, and knowing I am making choices and working hard for this future Self that I just love so much - I can feel that love, love that doesnt even exist yet, because THAT girl doesnt exist yet - being reciprocated back to me. Its wild, guys... but Im serious. Working on actively loving and caring for the past, present, and future versions of myself has been such an incredible thing. Ive talked a lot about my soul feeling untethered since my breakup, but Im learning how to be tethered to myself, and to be secure in that. To feel SAFE in that. So, to the Someday Rhyan who might be reading this. I love you! Thank you for loving me too, and for appreciating this hard, hard work I am doing for us! ❤️” - @justwannabelieve . Click the link in our profile to join the #fallbackfearless Group Challenge at any time! 🥳🤩 - @fitgirlsguide on Instagram

- This is exactly what pushed me over the edge. I never liked him but this was lower than low.

- Put me on bro

#NicoleWalker #days #DaysofOurLives #saveDaysofOurLives #soapopera - @soap_opera_daily on Instagram

well that’s tea backup: @angryasian.feminist - @angryasianfeminist on Instagram

- Tom Hanks just deleted 3 years worth of tweets in the last hour.

- Me irl

- bones TV

- Checkmate ladies

- Covid-19 way of being a creep

- Left or right?

You either got it or you don’t - @selfandmore on Instagram

- @randyrainbow on Instagram

- Annika

I am so honored and blessed to be working with these amazing actors, artists, and crew! Especially during this time of Covid. I am so grateful to be working ... and the fact that these beautiful souls brighten up my days... I couldnt ask for anything more! Los quieroooo #familia !💜 Cameron! Gracias por las fotos Guapa! @johnkdgraham @camerakelly @mychalalee @jeffschroeder23 @jaleelwhite @meredithville @menasuvari @milesmussenden #theinheritance #film #makingamovie #actor #director #cast #crew - @leticia_jimenez007 on Instagram

- Break out your clap emojis!

- Zack and Cody are woke

AGREE or DISAGREE ❓ - 🦋not my opinion 🦋send your confession through dm 🦋my main acc: @tvdfinally - - - - - - #tvd #thevampirediaries #tvdconfession #confession #confessionaccount #elenagilbert #damonsalvatore #delena #bonniebennett #enzostjohn #bonenzo #stefansalvatore #carolineforbes #klaroline #steroline #stelena #mattdonovan #tylerlockwood #katherinepierce #klausmikaelson #steferine #alaricsaltzman #theoriginals #iansomerhalder #paulwesley #ninadobrev #hayleymarshall #hopemikaelson - @tvdsconfession on Instagram

- Using a man’s death to promote your nudes

- Miranda & Blake.

- So much plastic, and I fucking love it

- Double homicide

- Just a little bit of smoothing

dakota johnson supremacy - @anyweighs on Instagram

- Aww

- Shit shit SHIT

- Sommer sliding with her big wet ass

- There’s a lot of big words you’re hearing little buddy, I know it’s confusing ...

- Any fellow Potterheads who also watch Stranger Things notice this?!

- Jedward havent aged well.

- [SC] Follower Power

- Yearbook quotes

- I fucked ted

When LIFE imitates ART! Congratulations to the cast and crew of @schittscreek for an incredible sweep at the @iemmys last night! - on Instagram

- Imagination

- Rachael riley

Yay or nay💁‍♀️💃😻 @colarystyle @makeupnynx FOLLOW @_stok4me for more🤩🤩 #abhbrows #tartecosmetics #urbandecay #benefitcosmetics #fentybeauty #maccosmetics #farsalicare #lagirl #limecrimemakeup #eyemakeup #eyeglam #beautytutorial #eyetutorial #lashes #liner #smokeyeyes #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #beautyhacks #lipstickhack #beautytips #beauty #eyes #eyemakeuptutorial #nyxcosmetics #makeuptutorial #makeu #lipstickpartist #makeuplook #stok4me - @_stok4me on Instagram

- Modern problems require modern solutions

- Grown men acting a fool

Still tryna figure this one out lol - @23rd_ace on Instagram

- The fosters (tv show)

- *Sweats profusely*

- Put the cocaine back or leave it alone

- Hypocrisy at its finest

- Marvel

- [Image] You shouldnt have to want to please everyone.

On Tuesday We Officially Entah “Sweat-ah Weath-ah” #NYC Weather Feeling Crisp. - @davecarlintv on Instagram

Lol wtf??? These does couldn’t be me even if they got plastic surgery 💅🏽 - @canelathesavage on Instagram

- I hope I never get caught in his neck of the woods

- Two is better than one

- Hilary Duff stuffed in jeans

- I would love to get fucked every single day of my life!

- Stuffs biggest headline of the day

- Honestly this show is f***ing gold 😂

Lol how did that disinfectant taste? #BIDEN2020 #VoteThemOut #RESIST ✊✊🏿✊🏼 @thatsnotrightpolitics 🇺🇸 #FUCKTRUMP #WannabeDictator #WatergateEveryday #bluewave  #corruptAF #prochoice #guncontrol #blacklivesmatter #notmypresident #kkk #liarinchief #russianpuppet #fuckthegop #climatechange #healthcare #trumptreason #obamacare  #womensrights  #healthcare #thatsnotrightpolitics - @thatsnotrightpolitics on Instagram

- 11 stranger things

- I get called.........

- She originally posted the one on the right before deleting it and posting the one on the left

- Thickums 👀😋🍑

- phat ass

🍑🍑🍑 - @mensmuscle on Instagram

- Honestly, who does she think she’s fooling.

- Well said

- Hey its ya boy, Grizzly.

- Inspiring post by Demi Lavato

- Celebrity Mean Tweets

- Ana Navarro

Now whos with me? Dear @wbpictures @hbomax #DCCUI #DCCUID - #Batman #Superman #WonderWoman #TheFlash #GreenLantern #Aquaman #Cyborg #Shazam #JusticeLeague #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague #DCComics #DCEU #HenryCavill #BenAffleck #GalGadot #ZackSnyder #GeoffJohns #MattReeves #RobertPattinson #Joker #JoaquinPhoenix - on Instagram

- Maybe we all should start doing coke again

- Whoever made this was hurt

- Irtr

- For some reason

- Come and get it

- sandra smith

- Bridget Jones Baby

- Zoey 101

The GOAT of face surgery 🤣😂 - Follow @wiltchamberlainisthegoat ! - #nba #nbahistory #bball #basketball #wilt #chamberlain #wiltchamberlain #ripwiltchamberlain #rip #followforfollowback #goat #lbj #lebronjames #lebron #michaeljordan #mj #jordan #greatestofalltime #mvp #philadelphia #gsw #la #losangeles #lakers  #kobe #ripkobe #ripkobebryant #kobebryant #nbamemesquad - @wiltchamberlainisthegoat on Instagram

- I thought we were all on the same page.

- Oh how the turns have tabled

- Every gay person ever.

- In The Club

- 2meirl4meirl

- Star Wars not quite as disappointing as Game of Thrones. - Daisy Ridley

Wishing @justinamachado a very happy birthday! 💙 - @onedayatatimepop on Instagram

@gioviogram non uccidetemi ~viet - @gioviomeme on Instagram

- Sorry for shitty quality. Phone pic.

ANOTHER humpback whale entangled in a shark net off the Gold Coast this morning. We have heard news that it has been freed by rescue crew. However, as with any animal release, its fate is unknown after going through such a stressful ordeal. Please contact the minister in charge of this program. The nets need to be removed now. Take action - link on our profile #ApexHarmony #SharkNetsKill #Whales - @apexharmony on Instagram

- Or DIY, Karen!

- Star

- Nastya Nass, what as ass

- Dustin is a mood