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Friday Playlist: Bubblegum Jukebox - Rookie

Blur - Girls and Boys

alright kyle broflovski south park s16e1 reverse cowgirl

#Repost @bhaktikotrani Thanks for the tag. ... One of the most common question Ive got so far in my weaning journey is why I do not add salt and is my baby gaining enough weight having bland food? The answer is yes.😊 Ive asked those people what is the need of the salt in baby’s food? The most common answer Ive got from them is, my baby may be finding the food bland which is why he makes faces or doesnt have proper quantity or asks for breast milk even after a solid meal. This is where most of us are mistaken. For someone who has tasted only breastmilk till 6 months of age and who never knows the taste of salt before, what is the need to add salt to the food. Babies Dont Miss Something that Baby Has Not Experienced Yet!! Here are the reasons why you should avoid including in your baby’s diet: 1. Affects Kidney Function 2. Can cause Kidney stones 3. Causes Hypertension 4. Might cause dehydration 5. Obesity 6. Can cause osteoporosis 7. Diabetes 8. Can cause a pattern of poor dietary choices later in life. ... #Momspresso #Potd #Motherhoodunfiltered #Honestmotherhood #babyfood #babyfoodrecipes #nosalt #indianmomblogger #indianmoms #mumbaimoms #mumbaimommyblogger #babyledweaning #babyledweaningideas #parenting #indianmominfluencer #mominfluencer #momhacks #indianmomtribe ... 📌#Mumfie of the day. Share your mommy moments (Use the hashtag #Mumfie and don’t forget to tag us). We will repost our favourite. - @momspresso on Instagram

oh well then oh i see alright then okay then

- This hands free cell phone kit

Ace Ventura Pet Detective: Password - New England Clam Chowder

ok yes sure yep yeh

- You gotta love Shrek


ok then wow okay well

- Rare dvd

Patrik (Spongebob) tanzen

okay peter deligdisch peter draws okay then alright

- Baby grandma

Rare Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Figure!

well thats direct kevin hart cold as balls straightforward thats blunt

- Blursed Garden

alright then fine okay got it ill leave you alone

- I found this in Malaysia...and the babys head in the middle seems a bit off...

Atlas Divide on Twitter

wink and point ape gorilla

- hmmm

okay peter deligdisch peter draws alright okay then

- Cursed_Swing

For Thomas and Birgitt

Gone and Forgotten

bh187 jim carrey alrighty then cya see ya

- hmmm

oh well imagine dragons follow you song whatever as you say so

- masks, masks, masks



yes man movies jim carrey faces you

- How could they not see it


Which part of the Emo Holy Trinity are you

smiling family feud family feud canada alright then okay

- I was browsing for new plants when I found this horror story...

About 69,000 resus (0.69 secon Cocaine SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty Secret Ingredient Cocaine. 2010 excuse me what the fuck - )

Twitter. Its whats happening.

mighty lancer games ok ok then yes alrighty then

- Just a normal flesh homunculus for the family

Atlas Divide on Twitter

ooh zipp storm my little pony my little pony a new generation impressed

- Someone posted this in the dad group I’m in on FB and it’s crazy the amount of dads who think this is funny.

What “trendy” girls wear at my school

night in new york | NY | new york aesthetic | night aesthetic

wide awake alright then bed

- This might be the creepiest thing Ive ever seen in an antique store...

alright candice hutchings edgy veg okay all right

- Need I say more? If this is a repost I’ll delete it. Gross.

27 Pop Culture References All Kids Should Know

well alright then the smurfs okay then

- Le freak, c’est chic. Seriously though, wtf happened here.

ian no ones😹👎

Ace Ventura - When Nature calls - Alrighty Then

whatever family feud family feud canada alright then okay

- Hey Mom......guess what?

brentmorr boilstheclown enjoytheshow ace ventura

- hmmm

Ace Ventura Pet Detective Shady Acres Tutu 8 Articulated Figure Collectible NECA 1 unit

yeah good scott gaunson how ridiculous nice great

- This specific brand of weird finger puppets you could get from bubblegum machines


Alrighty Then

thanks thank you alright then all right fine

- The only shoe i will ever need...

Funko Pop! Ace Ventura Pet Detective: Ace Vinyl Figure

eye roll jakarta fashion week whatever okay fine alright then

- doctor who


- /u/bfs1985s Daughter seeing rain for the first time.

hmmm okay kyle broflovski south park s3e12 hooked on monkey phonics

- Woody looks a little different?


- valuable Disney memorabilia

alright ignace aleya okay then fine by me fine

- From Facebook. When questioned about the price, artist responded that whoever bought this piece today would someday make a billion dollars so I guess the $10,000 is a bargain!

thumbs up nod okay

- le scary and creepy

okay danny mullen whatever you say if you say so alright then

- Olympic Condoms

alrighty then eric cartman south park s2e16 merry christmas charlie manson

- What year is this creepy doll supposed to look like it was created? 1850?

shrug lincoln and dan whats inside good point not bad

- I suddenly have an urge for bacon


- Looks like its been used alot of times....

laughing not bad shrug alright then whats inside

- How they hold babies still during xrays

jim carrey ace ventura snap fingers raspberry stick out tongue

- Dat never ending neck..

alright ellen chang for3v3rfaithful fine then all right

- blursed minion

molorant garint

- Halloween Costumes

alright ok then alrighty thumbs up stars

- Cursed dog

alrighty then

- My husbands cousin was up and at it early today.

okay toms mucenieks alright okay then fine

- Blursed_New Father

allrighty then jim carrey

- onion gang

alright eric nam harpers bazaar fine okay

Caleb being eaten by paintes serpent cucumber - @comanchecreekfarms on Instagram

alrighty then peace out ace ventura

- This $400 toothhead baby doll

okay hannah fawcett laughing pikachu ok sure

- 2 Angels Tattoo

funny yes alrighty then

- Cursed_jar baby

uhh okay leopold butters stotch south park south park credigree weed st patricks day south park s25e6

- Blursed newspaper

okay ok alright cool awesome

- This yemen poster

oh okay manjit minhas dragons den whatever alright then

- Anyone looking for a cheap embalming machine?

alright then funny shremp shremps shrempin

- Cursed_minion

okay nik nocturnal ok uh huh alright then

- So young, so doomed

hair flip rihanna sassy fab

- Someone is selling this on FB Marketplace

alright then its settled stephen stotch south park s6e8 red hot catholic love

- Look who showed up to breakfast.

alrighty then eddie murphy circle game okay then

- Blursed_Mask

roll eyes not surprised annoyed whatever sure

- Blursed baby doll

well alright kandi burruss real housewives of atlanta rhoa alrighty then

- This feels like a setup

roll eyes whatever here we go eye rolling annoyed

- Cursed_tomas.the.spank.engine

snap all righty then jim carey

- Its always Florida

alrighty then tyler oakley awkward smile sassy mhmm

- Blursed genetics

alrighty then jim carrey ace ventura

- Saw this on facebook marketplace. For only $165 you could have youre very own disproportionate mermaid plank! What a deal!

sipping tea hmph sips tea shady shade

- GrEaT dEal I FOuNd oN AmaZoN

girl nervous seriously side eye confused

- Oplan Tokhang Jeep in Cebu

oh oh okay alrighty then

- Thanks, I hate Thomas the Spider Tank

oh well then oh i see alright then okay then

- Its Adorable!

mhmm nod alright sure alrighty then

- Someone selling this on Facebook market place

michael jr alrighty then okay

- Baby face. . . .hugger (x-post from FUNNY)

alrighty then brad mondo nod sure ok

- @diwulfpublishinghouse on Instagram

alrighty then jim carrey ace ventura

- Is that really a cheese stick

oh well gwyneth paltrow oh okay oh i see not bad

- hmmm

alright then ace ventura alright okay jim carrey

- Blursed elmo

oh ok brad mondo right sure nod

- We have a genuine act of kindness being punished.

stay safe be careful

- Blursed_toy

ugh alright sure whatever eyebrow raise

- Cursed_Amazon_Dolls

allllrightythen alllrightythen

- Cannibal Chips (seen in The Netherlands)

ah hmm okay then alrighty then cephalopod

- hmmm

dazed and confused matthew mc

- Blursed potato head

alrighty then ok alright text

- blursed_luigis mansion

alrighty then alright ok okay then sure

- Blursed_worms

incrediville okay will do smart alright

- Even their family members aren’t safe from these people.

root rooting i phone apple

- 5 minute craft

stunned tyler oakley laugh haha alrighty then

- Since it’s totally natural for a mother to say that

foodmasku alrighty then ace venture food mask pineapple

- Stealing an artist’s work to trick people into thinking that the “painter filter” will make them look like this

gopal madhav golmaal golmaal jr sonic

- creepy doll Halloween

alrighty then jim carrey ace

- Blursed_baby

your happy workplace wendy conrad thumbs up ok sure

- ok now what is this?

kate bishop kate hawkeye kate hailee steinfeld hailee

- deep.

wink okay you got it sounds good alrighty then

- cursed_Elmo

the office oh shit jim halpert john krasinski wtf

- Ape sees picture, ape decides no more vaccines because of what the picture said

nodding brad mondo yeah excited nod

- Cursed_sumpsons

ace ventura pet detective

- Blursed_Children’s book

all right then butters stotch south park s11e10 season11ep10imaginationland episode i

- When you buy a toy of wish

ok alright then alrighty

- Ah yes, the drinking system

ok alrighty then alrighty good great

- Very forbidden roast chicken.

alrighty then well okay sure right

- Cursed_Jackson

sheesh alright my bad im sorry i guess

- Oh Come All Ye— aww hell no

yes sir alright then okay then okay sure jim carrey

- .....alrighty then.....

woo hoo alrighty then excited happy feeling

- Yes sherif woody wait what da frick

have a good day alright snap peace jim carrey

- This boils my blood as someone whos dealt with this

alrighty then ok alright text

- This artwork from a box of biscuits give me nightmares 😶😶😶😶🤔

jim carrey alright then okay

- Blursed_Air_Pods

alrighty then eric cartman south park s2e16 merry christmas charlie manson

- These mannequins at a kids clothing store

alrighty then jim carrey ace ventura

- Blursed dinner

- cursed_fleshlight

- Was told this belongs here

- Guess all those snitches better watch out

- Blursed arrest

- And could kill you with one kick

- hmmm

- This one is for PEWDS

- Thanks I hate baby photoshoots

- This baby with painted on toothbrush moustache

- blursed_babies

- cursed_baby

- @chefottoborsich on Instagram

- Blursed

- blursed bacon

- Store display looks like Kyle from South Park.

- Welcome to the family.

- blursed_hand_made

- Going rate for a autographed pic of Jesus.

- Shaming your kids and humiliating them publicly for being kids.

- My book choy remnant looks like a bonsai

- Cursed_depression

- Pic for attention

- These seem to be going around

- Seems like a fair price

- Continuing my Simpsons run, found this today, boxed for $7. A Homer Stretch Armstrong thing. The kids love it.

- broooooo urine therapy ??

- Jar of heads, can be placed in house, -50 visitors and -50 sanity. From the doll dungeon.

- Noooooooo...whyyyyyy?

- $20 Bort Simpson

- Found at a thrift shop. His name is Peter

- Only 5 doll hairs

- *=* Horror party *=*

- Thats a way to kill your baby, Sharon.

- It’s seriously disconcerting to behold.

- Pregnancy scam.

- Blursed Undertale

- hmmm

- Askew

- Dont wait until you get out of the shower like some kind of SUCKER

- Finally getting the recognition he deserves

- Blursed baby

- blursed elmo

- Quarantine, day 32: Ive chosen to make my own friends. Theyll never leave. Never.

- Collage

- Know ur fucking place trash spider demon

- cursed_baby

- blursed_faceswap_

- Blursed Haybob

I am absolutely mortified... @google what the fuck is wrong with your algorithm!!! Stop letting antisemitism grow rampant through your platform. This needs to be taken down immediately everyone tag @google !!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ - @blackandjewishunity on Instagram

- Egg Salad?

- blursed_umbilicalcord

- My sister is pregnant and I really want to gift her this, you think she’ll like it?

- Karen... Again

- Kidnap me Elmo

- Hmmmm

- Whooooo...lives in a nightmare inside your mind?

- Lets just put all these kids at risk during an outbreak

- cursed_StuffToy

- me irl

- And my grandma shares it

- Trashy Crocs

- Nice smiles get the girl

- Halloween

- hmmm

- Blursed. Nothing blursed about jamming

- Daddy real real sus

- Looks like a giclee....

- Those aren’t boobs.

- hmmm

- Reborn?

- cursed_brotherhood

- Geart

- Will you hang me in your garden ?

- What some middle-aged people consider as their good deed these days.

- Blursed Sales deal

- The way this cracker fits the kids ear.

- Found this on Pinterest

- Art & Illistration-Outsiders ...Lil freaks

- Mariah carey daydream

- Is there a market for this monstrosity?

- My roommates and I would leave this doll in various spots for each other to find. I modified it. I think I won.

- O shit

- Erm....ok?

- blursed_t-shirt review

Bring on impish joy and all things crackled and mischievous in 2019. There is a wonder of secreted sorrows under the tongues of all the treasures I collect - and in each of the days I have lived #happynewyear #vintagearcheology #partsof2018sucked #vintagedollhead - @foodbab on Instagram

- Drowning Pool for babies...

- cursed_jimbo

- alrighty then

- hmmm

- Can we buy it?

- Noel Coward doll.

- Blursed broccoli

- These..... *Things*

- I feel bad for laughing but it’s hilarious

- Don’t worry kiddo Elmo gonna care for ya

- *uncles*

- Found this on Facebook market place

- cursed_movie

- Obi wan Cornobi

- Playground / Swings

- Cursed_Neat_Freak

- Cursed_Huggies

- Blursed Diapers

- Dont worry about him running out- he has plenty!

- Blursed_elmo

- Blursed massage

- Blursed_Love

- Baby woman or a woman with a towel on her head?

- Cursed_sibling

- I grew up with this girl in Maine. She also posts nearly nude pictures of herself with garbage all over the bed and floor, cigarette butts and beer bottles everywhere, and her 9 year old son has a Facebook and frequently interacts with her and her friends on her page.

Good day at work. Thank you to everyone who gave this family and chance to be together. 🇦🇺❤️🇦🇺 - @pmoffair on Instagram

- This is terrifying

- Baby night light

- hmmm

- blursed_cocacola

- Do you have a gun in your pocket?

- Wow Lynda, those severed baby heads really spruce up the place

- This game Walmart was selling was sun bleached. Also being 8 years old, it was still full price.

- Blursed Night Light

- Oh, silly uncle Robby!

- A reasonable price at least.

- hmmm

- Somebody near me is trying to sell the Mona Lisa on the Facebook Marketplace

- Creepy... But I could see myself doing this to my poor children lol.

- Nostalgia trip.

- I was looking for a sectional, when I found this lady advertising her couch with this photo

- Id Be Really Excited if I Was 10

- Saw this abomination on Marketplace. Someone believes its worth $120.

- When r/insanepeoplefacebook meets r/shittyfoodporn

- This box design

- So I’m the only weird kid who likes chucky so then I looked up what I wanted for Christmas and found this.......

- Weaklings with there no bones

- A bag of Cheetos for each of her babies

- hmmm

- Blursed potatoes. Stumbled across this picture on my phone, no idea who sent it to me, when, or why, but it reminds me of the homefries Im currently eating and now I cant finish my breakfast

- i think this should be here

- Blursed_murder

- ?...things

- Cursed_lantern

- Pig Baby??? I will never dispute the skill it took to create, but why would anyone want such a horrifying thing?

- This sunscreen-monster

- Berby Jersus

Mini Cues in 750g bags are back in stock! Perfect for the school lunch box. Just $3.99 each. - @farmfreshmarketmb on Instagram

- Cursed_whatever

- Im scared

- Campbell soup nightmare

- Bruh

- Why you make this thing

- blursed_nickelodeon

- While digging through a box of toys at the flea market, my son said he wanted this Jesus toy.

- I didnt buy these dolls or anything, I just feel really relieved to know they are locked into this glass case.

- Dark Art

- burn it.

- That’s not how it works Karen

- The what?!

- cursed_door

- Handmade Lizzy the Lizard baby doll

- Apparently no ones eaten onions in a while

- Cool ❄️

- Shush

- I cant be the only one that noticed this.

- Thanks, I hate doll lamps

- A lamp to keep you awake whole night

- Blursed monyee

- Creepy carnival

- Umm.. I have no words.

- Area 51 will go down!

- The hardest succulent to keep alive

- This pigs eyes feeds off of the souls of children

- Blursed_book

- I found whatever this is supposed to be

- Taking r/WTF back to its roots you say?

- ... what the actual fuck

- Made the front page boss

- Yooooooo

- blursed_babydeer

- Child abuse is soooo hilarious

- Just came across this sick Mitch McConnel doll on FB Marketplace.

- Blursed baby

- Blursed Sid

- bUt iM An ArTiST

- This... is nightmare worthy.

- Blursed_Ad

- Hey, get out of my personal space!

- People used to play with them.

- Blursed_Sunscreen

The day it all began. 4 years ago this campaign was released. Its been an amazing 4 years, meeting the best people, travelling the globe and making awesome memories. We dont know whats around the corner, but we will always be grateful for what weve had 💕 #memories #4 #minimodel #redhead #freckles #newspaper #adventure #tween #backthen #instagram #instagood #instamood #midweekmotivation @rayandrobin - @littlerobinkimberley on Instagram

- @steve.poss on Instagram

- Gold mine om facebook.Even the baby knows this is wrong

- Bro what?

- That’s a hard no from me.


- i don’t know how to feel about this.

- Im pretty it stole a goths soul

- What the heck?

- cursed_soup

- I have no words.


- S Ö Û P B Ø Í

- Ill pass, thanks