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- Stay home stay safe

catboy jerma as lucifer by alk0n0st on ig

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- random loves :)

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Buenas noches 😴💤🌙 - @amalia_enriquez on Instagram



- funny & sexy

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Arrrhhh Yeahhhh... The Good Old Days & Sweaty Raves 👌🏼 #lovedoves #inmyhouse #houseisafeeling #fortheloveofhouse #housemusicalllifelong #housenation #housemusic #soulfulhouse #deephouse #tribalhouse #techhouse #classichouse #discohouse #vocalhouse #afrohouse #techno #london #miami #ibiza #music #musicistheanswer #dj #djs #vibes #pioneerdj #vinyl #spreadlove #peace #unity - @kojak_uk on Instagram


Capybara Wallpapers: Bring the Adorable Animal to Your Phone or Desktop

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- 12 Habits of women


got it fatima sistas s4e22 understood

- me_irl

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- Turkey ! all things Turkey ♡


Funny memes comin soon

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- The Optimal Setup

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- Mr. Bush, I dont feel so good...

@TrashySoda | Really funny pictures, Funny profile pictures, Mood pics

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- Humor

Petition to get samurai momo as this subs profile pic


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- I have no words.

Meme duck

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- penis man

𝖘𝖜𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝖜𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗 3

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*- Shiho Icon !

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- The Dirty Chewbacca

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- Aint that the damn truth!

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- blursed_with_the_wind

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- Does this count?

professor venomous

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- The best book!

ok then um well ok then wtf

- I wonder what that could mean...

hellokitty x Spider-Man

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- Me irl

꒰ ₊‧ Daisy Moon! ♡ ꒱

okay cool savio joseph canadas got talent right on fine

- Title

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- Is it normal to masturbate while I breastfeed?

okay okay okay kyle broflovski south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me

- This on in the house planet galaxy

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- Punny MADLAD.

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- fum is 🗿

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- Hypocrite much?

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- funny

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- Cant stop looking at this matchstick lady long enough to read the lifehack


- Faith Cosplay

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- Not what you expect to see on a late walk

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- Data Entry

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- We’re winning

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😤😤😤 - @anti_kwakzalverij on Instagram

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- Yahoo answers now shows 1 decade ago for questions asked 10 years ago

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- Blursed_McDonalds

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#wap #memes #cardib #megantheestallion #memelord #memelifechoseme #backonmybullshit #idontcookidontclean - @kite70000 on Instagram

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- blursed_fence

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Legolas💛 But I love Dobby as well Dobby is a free elf💛⚡️ - @bilbo.the.little.hobbit on Instagram

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- me_irl

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- It’s all drobresh

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- Gottem

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- This fucking brainlet

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- blursed Fast Food

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- I dont know. Maybe not.

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- EA:You must pay additional fees to unlock this content

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#tbt dessa cidade querida, desses museus maravilhosos que eu não me canso de visitar, da minha companhia de pequenas caminhadas @gianalc, que inclusive, é a autora da foto. ❤ - @pat.marinho on Instagram

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- What a time to be alive

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- Carrots are not butt plugs...

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- Karen show us what you have got

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- Ach was ...


Nova Fachada Casa do Bolo em ACM preto brilho e letra bloco modelo especial, deixando o ambiente renovado! Faça a diferença, faça com a gente! 🎂👏 #fachadas #fachadasdeacm - @jmilan_fachadas_e_portoes on Instagram

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- Le car seat headrest has arrived

ok bro ok ok brok brok

- Probably a repost

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- Girl nowadays, amirite. i hate 9gag.

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- Using cartoon characters is a nice touch. Very deep.


- [Image] Signs

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- 3.99 for 6 pieces is a DEAL

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« Les mèmes sont les miroirs de la société » @yugnat999 en conversation avec Lola Levent. À lire en intégralité sur soleilrougemagazine.com #Yugnat999 #LolaLevent #SoleilRougeMagazine - @soleilrougemagazine on Instagram


- Perhaps not entirely well thought out

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- 2meirl4meirl


- When the Barbarian hits level 11

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- Open the door before entering!

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- me_irl

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- Blursed_Talos

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- Lighthouse!

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- My profile pic. Was my reaction when I missed it.

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- Polish deep fried meme irl

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- wtf happened here

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- I wasn’t expecting a ........

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- Yes, yes you should

ok okay like

- Mall Blart

ok and

- The office of Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin (Sligo-Leitrim) has been defaced after the passage of the abortion bill through the Oireachtas

ok okay alright honey write

- Gay


- me irl

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- blursed_debbie

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- Kelis would be proud💪🏼

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Oh my god Fry. 😂 - @futurama_memes on Instagram

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- stage 3 cancar 😔

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- No no hes got a point!

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- Meirl


- LA Billboard - @blackmancruz on Instagram

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- Blursed_sign


- This says a lot about our society

ok reaction

- The UK is the pinnacle of scientific research

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- Ah, stay classy Columbus

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Mmmmmmm rico - @jojofanchikito on Instagram

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- This sign, ignore the mild vandalism


- The truth hurts sometimes.

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- A tale as old as Cessna

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- Not sure who’s winning here

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- fb memes

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- Comics

ton ton friends ok

- Day 5, Trian Mabini makes a very heart warming comment.

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- Couldnt resist the D

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- Thats gonna be a yikes


- blursed_book

- Cripple fantasy 7

- Yes that’s the meme…

- Black Magic

- Hol up

- This store literally named Hitler

- Cake day = Kakdag = PEPPARkaksdag

🆕 YONKERS BUSINESS Salsa Bembé Latin Bar & Grill Address: 811 McLean Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704 Phone Number: (914) 410-4629 Website: salsabembe.com Email: book@salsabembe.com Hours: Monday-Wednesday 4PM-12AM;Thursday 4PM-1AM; Friday 4PM-2AM; Saturday 4PM-2AM and Sunday 11AM-11PM. 🎉 Lets welcome Salsa Bembe to Yonkers! - @cityofyonkers on Instagram

- What kind peice of shit did I raise?

- Girlfriends with benefits

- These are just black guys wtf

- Bottomless pit

- Blursed_maestro

- Please refer to the customer support section for complaints. Warm regards, Johnny ‘Pussy Pounder’ Sins

The Druk White Lotus school a.k.a. The Druk Padma Karpo school (Rancho School) #leh #ladakh #lehladakh #lehdairies #ladakhdiaries #lehladakhdiaries #nofilter #heavenonearth #landscapephotography #heaven #nowordstoexplain #clouds #skies #mountains #ranchoschool #thedrukwhitelotusschool #thedrukpadmakarposchool #blissfulmoments #breeze #peaceful #beautifullandscape #scenicroadtrip #gratitude #experienceforlifetime #mesmerisingnature #feelinghumbled #3idiotsmovie #3idiots #beautyatitsbest #neekalchala - @neekal.chala on Instagram

- So this popped up in my Facebook feed

- Squeeze D to pay respects

- dark shit lol

- Who would put the signs in this order?

- Funny

- Stämmer det att Jan Guillou har komplex för sin längd?

- Yes

- Sex in singleplayer mode

- Äldre ska garanteras frisk luft varje vecka!

Where are we? #explorethehub #westwoodnj - @celebratewestwood on Instagram

- Blursed_terrorist

- NutAddicted

- Straight as a rainbow

- Hate My Job

- Crystal clear

- Uggh ...

- Blursed support

- Just our fucked up world

- It was a nice painting

- Berlins must-see locations

Несколько дней с волнением и надеждой слежу за тем, что происходит в БелАруси. Восхищаюсь бесстрашием людей, которые находят в себе мужество отстаивать самые базовые права и свободы. Мне очень страшно от того, какой опасности они себя подвергают. Мне больно видеть с какой жестокостью существа в форме, защищённые оружием, бронежилетами и касками убивают и избивают беззащитных. Я верю, что под касками есть люди. Я обращаюсь к вам, люди под касками. Остановитесь. У вас тоже есть матери, жены, отцы, братья, сёстры и дети. Они заслуживают жить в свободной, счастливой стране, жить без страха. Неужели вы не видите, что дороги назад уже не будет. Чем раньше вы остановитесь, тем меньше будет крови. - @chulpanofficial on Instagram

- Conform to my standards or be replaced plebeian.

- Blursed_graffiti


- Man, thats poetic.

- Blursed Gas

- Someone on Quora might be planning something.

- me irl

- The hell?

Whose whole closet changed after this movie? 👔 - @asimplefavor on Instagram

- I love this game’s community (minus the first part of course)

- r/memes never fails to disappoint

- @wine_thinker on Instagram

- Pope finna get up outta there 😝

- Vladimir Putin figured out how to be president forever..

- hmmm

- Heha instagay b liek ‘follow 4 follow’

- Well said!

- Blursed_Tragedy

- nyesss

- hmmm

- @august_horch_museum on Instagram

- NO

A censura grosseira ao pensamento conservador nas plataformas de mídias sociais, não foi obra do acaso. Após grande parte da população mundial redescobrir que seus valores mais caros tinham simplesmente desaparecido da midia main stream e, dos ambientes acadêmicos, ressurge, a partir da troca de mensagens das mídias sociais sem “curadores culturais”, uma reafirmação a moralidade judaico-cristã. Nesse contexto de liberdade, processos políticos até então dominados pelo pensamento único das esquerdas foram revertidos, e a direita mundial reconquistou seu espaço no cenário eleitoral. Eis que surge a partir de 2016, um preparativo para a atual censura: a sedimentação de uma chave cognitiva chamada “discurso de ódio”, que leva na base da narrativa repetida, a ideia de quê qualquer opinião que não seja politicamente correta, significa “ódio”. Empresas, imprensa e plataformas simplesmente aderem de cima a baixo a esse “conceito” puramente político e que é base para uma censura sem precedentes no mundo moderno. Justamente o mundo que se tornou livre pelo próprio desenvolvimento do pensamento conservador. Portanto, quando nós, conservadores, dizemos que se as ideias marxistas-socialistas prosperam demais, nos levam ao totalitarismo do pensamento único, não há “exagero, há sim realidade, a mesma que esta censurando opiniões em pleno sec. XXI. 🇧🇷⚡️💪🏼⚔️ - @fpedri on Instagram

- 200tao ta estranho

- It sure is.

- Blursed Church

- cursed_pill

- Blursed Vlad

- Every time!

- https://www.pornhub.com/

- So are you sure they close at 10?

- No time for luv dr. Bones

- Tfw you were tryna beat your meat but you ended up getting thoroughly invested in this girls vlog

- Hey guys fun fact 808s is a sad album, did you know that? I think I’m the first one to find that out

- How any sub here feels after being called a good boy/girl.

- Perfect Street Art

- Porn be straight lying

- Langning av alkohol

- cursed_sniffer

@zuck be honest, man! Did you get bit? We promise we won’t throw you to the zombies, but you gotta tell us dude! 🧟‍♂️ #zombie #zombiefan #markzuckerberg #zombiebite - @zombieapocalypseguide_uk on Instagram

- Boomer meme with a not so cringe message

- It’s what we do

Si nos organizamos proyectamos todas - @juanmalodo on Instagram

- E

- Come on Brendan

- Disappointed in Abby

- Blursed_Motivation

- Blursed_Sign

- This is so true!

- Double one

- Cursed_Someone give this man his money back

- Cursed_sid

Great art made by S.Murali from Andhra Pradesh #sonusood #sonusood_thegreat #likes #likeforlikes #love #followforfollowback #instagood #instagram #followme #photooftheday #l #instalike #bhfyp #photography #likeforfollow #instadaily #likeforlike #followers #me #beautiful #picoftheday #f #myself #followback #smile #fashion #followforfollow #comment #likesforlikes #bhfyp😋😋😎😎😎😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😉😊😋😎🌵💒📊💉🚸🔚➗✖️🛌🍍🍃🍃🍃🎋🎋🌾🌾🍄🍄🍄🌾🌾🎋🍃🍃🌵🌵🌳☘☘☘☘🌿🌿🌳🌵🎄🌲🌲🍂🍂🍂🌸💐💐🌹🌹🌷🌻🌺🥀🥀🥀🌻🍁🌹🌹💐💐🌼🍃🌾🍄🍄🎋🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🌼🌼🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🌼🌸🌸🌸💐🌼🍃🍃🌲🍂🎄🌵🌳🌿☘☘☘🌿🌳🎋🌻🌻🌹🌹🌹🤘🔦🥀🎋🍃🌴🌴🌱🎍😊😊🌱🌴🌳🌿☘☘☘ @sonu_sood @yogeshfitness @eshaansoood @sonusood_.thegreat @sonu_sood - @sonusood_.thegreat on Instagram

- Jag vill också vara PK

- hahaha !

- Syndrome the Incredibles

- Aladiex

- To say the least

- We have all met this kind of person at some point

- strairt

- A God Level Threat

- Whoever made this shit Noah leave them behind

- me_irl

- My family wishes to join the boat with Noah

- My friend saw this road name in the wild

- Blursed Church Sign

- 2meirl4meirl

- Blursed Duolingo

- Sommer pool party

- Farewell friend

- Never gonna...

- longreads & landing

- All three

Muchos hermanos andan diciendo erróneamente: No necesito usar tapabocas ni gel antibacterial, mi Dios me protegerá. Esto es como si estuvieran diciendo: — No necesito detenerme con el semáforo en rojo, porque la Biblia dice que Dios me protegerá de todo mal. — No necesito mirar a ambos lados antes de pasar la calle, porque la Biblia dice que es por fe, no por vista. — Me puedo tirar del último piso del edificio, porque la Biblia dice que Dios enviará a sus ángeles para que me cuiden. — Que me muerda una serpiente, y hasta me puedo tomar su veneno, porque el Señor dice que nada de eso me dañará. ¡Cuidémonos de hacer una mala interpretación de la Palabra de Dios para (supuestamente) mostrar nuestra fe en Él ante los demás! No confundamos IMPRUDENCIA con FE, ni PRUDENCIA con COBARDÍA. #todopasaraconfia #sébiendenuncaacabar #séluzdenuncaapagar - @mikeymendozaoficial on Instagram

- blursed_poster

- Offend me this video

Happy International Peace Day!! GIVE the love, BE the love and FEEL the love. ✌🌏 #love #peace #lovesvoice #goodvibes #internationalpeaceday - @aliese_bridges on Instagram

- me_irl

- Jag tror folk uppfattade Löfvens tal lite fel igår

- Be read a book talkind tlaugh erom netai tpassion Ive together

- Para ponerte una pedota que te lleve al principio del universo

- Another classic NY post cover

- #Livshack

- Hollywood

- Aunts in his pants

- X

- Is this caillou

berlin dump vol3 - @prettiesthandsinthegame on Instagram

- Blursed_Men vs women toilet

- hmmm

- OK Millennial: Boomers are the Greatest Generation in History

- Deep inhale bois

- One of them is the main reason.

- Ah, my favorite store, MUEITDA&SMNEENTIN

- This persons parents are insane....

- Kommatecken spelar roll

- Cbb

- funny spanish memes

- bad back

- [Meta] Summary to all the /r/all whiners

I know things like this aren’t as important after how horrible things are getting in this dog shit country, but this place was one of my favorite places on the planet. The fact that it’s gone, is truly heartbreaking. I know they will be back, but this particular spot, I truly loved. - @tw_76 on Instagram

- They had us in the first half

#monalisa #malowanieprzywinie #wino #sztuka #humor #memes - @wine_paint_party on Instagram

- ok now what is this?

- That fight was so frustrating

- The return of Oswaldo

- Cannoli With Creamy Ricotta

- Anna Maria Island

- Barbie jokes

- yeah i like bull titty suck

- Why is this a thing

- This might be the worst thing Ive ever seen

- Tekniskt sätt är det inte fel, men...

- My thoughts and prayers to this brave couple 🙏

- Its off-centered...

Lol, Ada😂😂😂 #feanor #fingolfin #feanor #houseoffeanor #noldor #maglor #tolkien #silmarillion - @maglor_the_poet on Instagram

- How is she even moving her legs?

- No matter what your view on politics is you have to admit this super on sided

- he has mind

- I mean, it’s not a bad idea.

- 2meirl4meirl

- Humor

- Another pointless notification

- No context needed

- 3D Designs

- Church signs

- Michael watches

- Donald trumps ringtone

Haha! Too funny! #god #guns #south #bible #creation #guncontrol #politics #religion - @southernworld on Instagram

- i dont even

- Cursed_Puerto_Rico

- La Chely se paso de calenturienta...

- Me irl

- Bender I thought yo stopped

- Darn smoke alarms killing the mood

- America bad, upvotes to the left

- 9 year olds unleash

- Blursed news report

- Guess the Sub

- This blood donor clinic sign is missing its As, Bs, and Os.

- Every single one of them.

- All kinds of children

#dirittidelledonne‼️ #dignità #rispetto #donne - @luciaerrico76 on Instagram

- Creeps me out yo!

- A little reminder for each one of us

#sport #bodybuilding #aethletics #спорт #бодибилдинг #fitness - @mens._fitness on Instagram

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Source : https://www.facebook.com/groups/655721115037911/permalink/665160980760591/ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #photoshopshitposter - @photoshop.shitposter on Instagram

💪🏅Stadt Halberstadt unterstützt Spendenaufruf für Mika💪🏅 „Helft Mika“ – so titeln die D1-Junioren Ihren Spendenaufruf für ihren talentierten Mitspieler Mika. Die Diagnose Leukämie traf die Familie Ende August wie ein Schlag und änderte ihr Leben von heute auf morgen. Mika wird zurzeit in Magdeburg behandelt und hat seine Eltern im Wechsel bei sich. Die Stadt Halberstadt möchte den Spendenaufruf für den an Leukämie erkrankten Jungen, dessen größter Wunsch es ist, wieder Fußball zu spielen, unterstützen. Um der Familie zu helfen, hat die Stadt ein Spendenkonto eingerichtet. Wer dies unterstützen möchte, kann seine Spende auf folgendes Spendenkonto der Stadt Halberstadt überweisen: Institut: Harzsparkasse IBAN: DE61 8105 2000 0360 1268 12 BIC: NOLADE21HRZ Verwendungszweck: Mika Informationen zu Blutkrebs unter: https://www.dkms.de/de - @stadt_halberstadt on Instagram

- Bara försök att parkera rätt din jävel.

- Like my comment said fgteev suck big hotdog

#familieritter #normanritter #jva #karinritter #ritterultras #ritterarmy #jasminritter #köthen - @meylensteyn on Instagram

Пхах, не всегда я буду рисовать что-то доброе и позитивное, да :D Вдохновилась строками будущей песни @ekosistema , которыми она поделилась в историях... Вы знаете, что если меня что-то вдохновляет, то это можно ожидать в работах :з Эти строчки посвящены внутреннему перфекционисту и тому, как он убивает желание свободно творить и показывать своё творчество людям. Наша самокритичность порождает страх внутри нас, разочарование, ведь могло быть и лучше. These drawings are inspired by Ai Moris song. This song is about our own perfectionism and how it doesnt give us a chance to show our works to other people. #aimori - @maria_murde on Instagram

- Bad gays

- I wish I had a little sister...

- Never forget...

Novidade! A partir de hoje sou colunista da Revista Economia S/A @revistaeconomiasa 💕 Minha coluna falará dos influenciadores e seus destaques na economia, além de profissões, empresas e muito mais! ❤️ Muito obrigado Alessandra pela oportunidade! Vamos juntos nesse lindo projeto! Confiram: http://revistaeconomia.com.br/thiago-michelasi/ - @thiagomichelasi on Instagram

- despacito

- What kind of doctor is this and why are we meeting in an alleyway

- Cursed_asmr

- 🤬🤬🤬

- Ferb already befriended your mom last night

- haha funny

- You cannot break their bond

- Baldi NO

- Yo mama final jokes :(