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oksurethumbs upfinegoodalrightgot itcatcute


okay yes cat okie ok

- What a lovely guy.

damn ok the rock eyebrow raise

- Found the winner!!

Stardust Addi free rare


ok got it nod head

- Thanks for not honking


ₓ˚. ɢᴏʀᴏᴜ ɪᴄᴏɴ ,,

okay sarcastic

- Oh thats a relief,i guess


a quote...

ok sticker okay sticker line sticker dog sticker siberian husky

- Animation - Nickelodeon Cartoons

𝙈𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙖𝙨 𝘾𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙞𝙖

safa roola ok okay cute

- *crickets*

okay okay gif ok ok ok okk

- Modern problems require modern solutions


Bene Schulz❤

mimnion ok

- This literally Made Me Smile!❤️


okay emanuella mark angel markangelcomedy sure

- Found it on Iamatotalpieceofshit.

emu nene matching pfp 2

okay pratikfam pratiksehajpal sarcastic okay sarcastic yay

- But the revenue! How could he?

arospec pfp

𝙽𝚒𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚑𝚘𝚛𝚊𝚗/𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚍𝚒𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗

food sausage cute ok okay

- Sweet paint job duuude



okay nora antony upload alright ok

- I feel like Mac dictated this, then had Charlie make the sign.

i love cigarettes after s3x

zackary arthur

ok okay bouncing ok panda red ok

- Never Argue With Children


am i seeing quadruple little caesars??

well ok then ok um ok interesting got it


Hayley Marshall pfp


cony okay cony ok cony agree cony line friends

- BadMomsGr

Pfp icon


- I love lemons

Its ok not to be ok

okay ok im okay okay sure ok sir

- Bumper Stickers



- The last of us2


okay liam scott edwards ace trainer liam ok fine

- I wont laugh ever again.


Jungkook sweet💜|DICON_BTS|DICON 10th|

ok okay awkward smile

- Hol up

ok malvibrosito dibujandolosdias okay

- Local neighborhood groups are always a source of trash.


ok reaction

- If zombies arent fucking real, why would such a word exist at all?

Meme duck

okay scherezade shroff alright ok fine

- Lol


dylan o’brien pfp

okay real housewives of beverly hills got it ok gotcha

- Morning Coffee Quotes

dylan o’brien pfp

okie dokie green thumbs up next to okie dokie in blue and pink bubble letters sounds good you got it thumbs up

- To spell legitimate

cool ok okay awesome sauce

- Guys, we gotta step it up!

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- KFC hired a troll for their new marketing campaign for which they donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund

ok okay oh sure

- Amor (Romance)

ok hand people joypixels im okay correct

- Free spirit quotes

okay sad alright face meme

- me irl

thumbs up nice well done approve good job

- Wholesome Snapple Cap

jonah hill okay

- Well then

okay jared dines alright gotcha ok

- Im sorry, what? I dont think I have ever met a single sane person say god I wish I was fat! so Im gonna guess that it IS universally undesirable

accepted we have a deal agree all right yes sure

- Thank you for severing our country

bunny cute kawaii okay ok

- I got platinum ages ago and was saving my coins to give gold to an underrated post. Gave it to this unappreciative arse.

the office michael scott leaving turning around no

- Well of course it didn’t


- What a twist!

ok and ok and meme ok and gif banana okay and

- She posted on fb about her boyfriend eating her ass.

hello kitty understood alright ok okay fine

- It makes me happy seeing something like this make the front page of /r/Funny

cocoandherplato mimi mimi okay ok okay

- I dont think you should tell people that

okay sungwon cho prozd ok good

- I feel like this would work as a gift to your DM (x-post r/pics)

dudedad okdad okay ok

- blursed doggo

cute heart love ok okay

- Theft is ok as long as you judge the victim first.

okay cardi b ok all right good

- Is there really a market for this??

okay ok okk text textart

- blursed_duality

cat sticker ok sticker okay sticker line sticker cat

- You don’t want your door getting whacked!

ok okey dokey okay okay sure kikiapp

- Excuse me wtf

cute dog dog puppy cute dog okey dog okey

- The sign got its wish.

okay ok okay sure okay no problem okie dokie

- Tell me more

okay bye

Life happens super fast. It can be dangerous to have no restrictions and live all out. It can be just as dangerous to live with massive restrictions and so reserved that you don’t really enjoy anything. You take no risks. You get no rewards. Live to the fullest. You get one life and it doesn’t last long. #bjjvideos #bjjdrills #bjj #jiujitsulifestyle #teamrenzogracie #milfordct #livelife - @renzograciemilford on Instagram

okay ok

- Good luck

you got it ok okay thumbs up thats great

- Lol wat.

ok okay alright got it

- Rockstar when?

okay sheryll barnes fbi most wanted ok fine

- Now we know who sucks

ok okay winnie the pooh

- Showing my support. Thank you NHS

okay ok okay okay okay gif fire

- Funny gag gifts

stamp of approval ok okay its ok brown

- Cemeteries

ok okie dokie sounds good

- Halloween is Teds kink.

ok okay

- I’ve found the Holy Grail. (Photo by @SmokeyRBX_ on twitter)


- A good massage for a cheap price

mochi cat ok

- Blursed Truck

dog funny what ok ok disgusting

- Sounds Crunchy.

ok no problem okay piggy and friends

- Could someone explain why videos are banned?

crycat crying cat crying cat thumbs up thumbs up ok

- I dont like people stealing my sodas... So drink my pee.

okay wink mochi peach cat

- Happy tuesday meme


- This ad my cousin got on his car

ok okay like

- Can I unread this

okay sungwon cho prozd ok alright

- I understand the concept of condom design and would like to propose an explanation

ok smiley face on ok in pink bubble letters with red exclamation point alright sounds good fantastic

- Well, Chickenpox can cause all these things.

okay okay sure okay sarcastic okay thumbs up caryanne

- One died for your soul. The other for your freedom.

okay ok

Saturday and Sunday feedback ! Thank you lord ! 🥰😋🍣❤️👩🏻‍🍳 - @foodcravingstarlac on Instagram

okay denwhat

- Firefighters girlfriend

ok nod okay hamster

- Engineers don’t really do maths

ok alright then fine great okay

- Aspagrass is in season.

ok sad cute puppy eyes okay

- Yunyun wants you!

ok lol

- Millenials dont have leg muscles..


- Woof irl

ok sticker okay sticker cat sticker line sticker okay

- This aint it bruh

ok okay alright honey write

- Thirft store

recarga okay

- higher

mario ok okay thumbs up approve

- Dont do drugs

ok mickey mouse okay good

- This persons a TD.....

raccoon sticker ok sticker okay sticker line sticker ok

- (Wanted my suspicious wife to think I wasnt hitting on you)

oh okay yas

- Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life

okay okay gif ok okk ok ok

- Big shits

ok okay hmm hum ok

- This Michigan sticker

cute adorable smile okay ok

- Can Liv Make an Aesthetic Board?

thumbs up nod okay

- This is way too specific.

okay ok couponmoto

- Absolute galaxy brain on my friends list

jim halpert face yeah ok then sure

- [Discussion] Well this is interesting to say the least..

ton ton friends ok

- Oh the humanity


- Skateboard memes

ok dance swag sunglasses cat

- Found this on a small critter group on FB. Feeding your child’s pets to another pet.

richard simmons sure jan wink wink a ok got it

- Blursed Shoe Repair

cartoon okay ok cute

- Truck in Lincoln, Nebraska

hmm ok okay then

- Oh, the small town I grew up in.

ok okay

- the Messiahs Minivan, can be crafted using a Used Car, a Paintbrush, and 12 Bibles. Most easily driven by the Religious class, will anger both enemies and allies into a heated debate. +50 speed, -20 respect, can drive over water


- a meme a day keeps the doctor away

cute ok okay okay sign

- Do you think this started out small or did they go for full coverage all in one afternoon?

sakshi okay

- Another gold mine

- Reverse captions then yes please

- Hey girl, you want the Seattle D?

- Make a comic exclusive to a region but still market it to outside of it

- Sure you did buddy

- Entrance to Acadia National Park

- Feel-in, hot, Hot, HOT!

- Came across this today...

- Visto en la UVM Hermosillo

- First message they sent me. Of course.

- Uncle Posts Everything On Social Media

- Jan is having trouble painting rocks

- Känns som en schysst deal!

- Triple threat, hanging on by zip ties.

- Goodluck (:

- Grand Prix KA

- Dont want the dogs joining in

- Fckin yikes

- If you cant understand satire youve failed as a human being

- haha serotonin go purrrrrr

- Taken from Chubbies Twitter, has promising market potential

- I do like that cycle path

- Ah yes, the hometown facebook trash

- To think weve all been sitting around suffering through stomach flu when we could have just INSTANTLY fixed it with oils!

- Help I got an allergy!


- Cutting vinyl for a custom thong order that came in....

- A sign outside an independent cafe near me stuck between a Caffè Nero and Starbucks on the same street

- Take that

- Sell us your house?

- Press X to doubt

- dont tell me what to do

- Anime memes

- Yep, thatll work.

- Exercising with your kids isnt USUALLY insane. But sometimes... (x-post /r/insanepeoplefacebook)

Best Shiba Inu costume, ever! LOL - @hudsonanimalhospital on Instagram

- Im not even sure what four banging means.

- This casually-racist bumper sticker I saw today

- Happy zero twosday and year of the pig

- I mean, they arent wrong.

- Noah!!!!!

- Creative sign at the cheese section of a London store...

- I love these noobs that say repeated stuff (fe2)

- Found this in a seafood shop while on vacation

- Wow, people are messed up

- Tf is that even supposed to say

- I introduced my friends to the human headed horse dating game. Got this reaction of course.

- Just for lols

- Funny Signs

- Boys b like...

- Smoked pastrami recipe

- Disconnected

- Thats not even how boats work

- Feng Shui Ideas

- It really is about the detals.

- When people rock things like this on their car. How do these two, very different topics correlate?! WHERE IS THE LOGIC

- So close

- meirl

- America vs Europe

- The worst type of neckbeards

- #RespectThePuff

- Shaming people who suffer from PTSD....and dogs

- homeless dogs

- I know this is said a lot but just imagine the races being switched here for one second?

- I want be extremely clear about this: pictures of dogs are the opposite of unsolicited dick pics.

- Scumbags tagged a bunch of peoples cars and houses

- If you had bad exes in the past you can’t be healthy and like come on how could you like McDonald’s?!?!

- Everyone loves the internet

- Ass Guarantee?

- Common Sense

- Great Signs

- Blursed Sign

- OK.

- funny but true

- Who’s gon tell him?

- hentai irl

- Victoria doesnt cover the secrets.

- At least hes safe now

- Homemade vaccine

- Im scared

- Jim got no chill

- I love a pub with a great sense of humour in the face of utter arseholery

Ever have someone about 5 Chihuahuas too close?🤣 #dogmemes #dogmeme #dogmemeofinsta #dogs_unity #doghumor #dogjokes #flattenthecurve #memesofinstagram #instadog #dogsofinsta #doglife #lifeofadog #funnydogpics #funnydog #dogsofig #doglovers #funnydoghumor #dogsofinstagram #funnydogs #doglovers #dogpics #petsagram #dogphotos - @poochiebutter on Instagram

We all need friends like this! 🥰 During this pandemic, weve been thinking a lot about friendships.  One of our current reads— @bigfriendshipbook — was written by two friends (@aminatou [whom we should note is one of our most avid mango fans] and @annfriedman) and covers all its joys and pitfalls. Learn more about Big Friendship + all the other things were reading on our IG Story! - @drinksanzo on Instagram

- My But Mirrors I Pull Out Dont

- The. WHAT

- lmao

- That’s a new one - crossed eyes

- Incompetent cheeto puff

- Ironically, this comes from the not all men brigade

- Please Arrest Me

- Car sticker correction

- Interesting signboard

- cursed_pickle

- anime_irl

- Blursed butcher

- So this showed up on my newsfeed this morning.

- Just noticed there is a reflection of my face on my german passeport

- If only I’d known earlier that you automatically win a debate by saying “actually I’m right”

- Im sorry... next time Ill make sure youll have a date...

- This advertisement you cant close due to the social media bar.

- Respect your mother

- Woof_irl

- I can’t take care of my dog so I’m going to murder it. Final notice.

- I found one in the wild!

- People are the worst

- Kid gay!

- dont do drugs kids

- Dont rent out that bedroom just yet, mom.

- My friend got this on Snapchat from a random older kid (were 14)

- AC Cobra

- My mom saw this baseball in a Hannaford’s parking lot. Her response, “wicked cool decal”

- Free dog walking 🚶 🐶

- Totally worth it.

- Saw this while driving

- Japanese Shakespeare

- Need more of these people in the world.

- I think the umlauts in particular are setting me over the edge

- Blursed brake pads

- Mas masahol pa to sa ice cream container na hindi ice cream ang laman!!!

- Snap chat stealing from this sub again

- 2 letter

- Vor Vietnam-Zurückblitzen ist man nirgends sicher

- Seams about right

- Anything for satania

- A sign posted in my hometown

- *Removed Address* Heres a sign spotted in my old home town!

- Not sure whos trashier. But this is a common occurrence in my street

- Fuck it Im going to drink some water

- Så klart ska polisen få dagens ros.

- Ahh Glasgow you never fail to amaze me.

- Marathon posters

- Please overtake with pleasure.

- Stolen Dog Poop!!!

- Another happy customer

- Going through old photos and saw this from a while back. Knew it belonged here!

- The reflection of this sticker reflected right side up

- deco

- iTs jUSt A fAzEee

- Drink up, people


- Crufty?

- I having too much fun with this app

- Apple peels predict the future.

- At least he didnt say anything about thicc anime thighs

- Let me like the poor doggo

- This kid at school “Gets Them DriPPing WeT” and just had to express it somehow.

- Saw this driving around, dont think coldstone really thought this one out..

- Seen elsewhere on Reddit. What the fuck Devils??

- Learning to Drive

- Doggo has my full support!

- she didnt see that in the crystal ball

- Thank you, Willie!

- May Best Life Be Best Of Your Life

- Who needs drugs when you can have kitsunes

- Saw this on twitter earlier thought it was just insane enough to fit

- Anyone fancy a ride?

- My dog gets a report card every time she goes to daycare. I love the silly comment they wrote.

- I fell for the joke.

- I’m sorry, w h a t?

- Story of my adolescence

- Has this been posted here before?

- theatre kids are another breed

- dekor

- Just Ask BoBo

- Because its a horse

- Can you imagine being excited about putting this on your vehicle?

- Forbidden Kool-Aid

- Thankfully nothing was tied to the back bumper for this celebration.

- Bleeding Blue... 3

- blursed_doggo

- I think I found Michael Vicks breeder in Atlanta. The trim and wheels were cheetah.

- These anti vaxers taking it too far

- thats hot

- Good boi wants a Wooferendum

- Garage Sale Organization

- What the fuck reeses

- I want one 🥺

- Excuse me sir

- In short. Hentai is dope!

- This business has got the most interesting menu options in the hood, I give them that. They’re always running the favourites. This is the latest addendum to the “Joko Ono Souvlaki” and “Frog Intestines”.

- Disclaimer: Post is meant in jest. Please dont hurt me.

- Self awareness?

- When youve got to pick up the kids at five and inavde Poland at six.

- Just saw this on Facebook, such a great idea, I hope its helped someone out there

- The worst kind of mod

- They should have rethought those fancy Ls.

- excuse me what

- Moment Of Realization

- The more I look the more I cringe

- Blursed_disinfectant

- Youre not a parent.

- Blursed car

- Weebs have so spot on the boat

- After story

- Passion from a paint shop in Dundalk

- A (blurry) shot of a Love Live! itasha featuring Hanayo Koizumi I walked past today.

- I hope someone turned her in.

requests for the streets of los angeles circa 2013 #fixthelariver #moretrees #bikelanes #publictransit #bepresent - @brightgreencar on Instagram

- I love me some anime thighs

- Nothing wrong here. Just a Doggo in a car enjoying some yubis.