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Luke is my favorite ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽค๐Ÿ‘ป

50 Times People Failed To Remember What A Simple Thing Is Called But Came Up With A Hilarious Alternative Thatโ€™s Even Better

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- How my roommates dog waits for him to come home...

โœจ๐‘ด๐’Š๐’๐’๐’Š๐’„๐’†๐’๐’• ๐‘ฉ๐’“๐’๐’๐’Œ๐’” - ๐‘ป๐’‰๐’† ๐‘ด๐’–๐’”๐’Š๐’„ ๐‘ญ๐’“๐’†๐’‚๐’Œ๐’”โœจ

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- My newest kitten addition is quite fond of my electric blanket.

mad insane crazy talking watching tv

- Picked up this Lego table for my 2 1/2 yr. old daughter at GW. It came with a complete Duplo block set. $15

Download (3).png

Make Your Day

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- HEA que o baixista do Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea, participa do filme De volta para o Futuro II como Mr Needles

โœจ๐Œ๐ข๐ฅ๐ฅ๐ข๐œ๐ž๐ง๐ญ ๐๐ซ๐จ๐จ๐ค๐ฌ - ๐“๐ก๐ž ๐Œ๐ฎ๐ฌ๐ข๐œ ๐…๐ซ๐ž๐š๐ค๐ฌโœจ

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- So Im watching Blend S and theres this scene where there doing a bbq and one of them brings this comically photoshopped fish. I was wondering why they didnt animate it or at least make it look better than just cheap p bptoshop?

ๅฎ‰่—ค ๆ”ฟไฟก

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- Who wants chowder?


Truman Burbank

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- Galina Dubenenko

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- Escaping the city to a mid-century A-frame cottage


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- X-mas Family Bonding Time

mnet I-Land Applicant Profile Photos (HD/HQ) - K-Pop Database /

saul goodman

greys anatomy so what are we watching tonight what are we watching tonight watching tv tv time

- So I took a picture of my wife watching tv.....not a big deal but I thought this sub-reddit would appreciat it.

๐˜Œ๐˜ท๐˜ช๐˜ฆ ๐˜ก๐˜ข๐˜ฎ๐˜ฐ๐˜ณ๐˜ข

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- Sasha intently watching cat channel.

Bo On The Go

Archieโ€™s final project

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- Im a 55-year-old grandma, not young and cute like ivoryavery1s wife, and my pet was more interested in licking me than posing, and I think my camera operator was drunk--but I got 100% too!

Obi likee


- So I figured out what my plans are for this weekend!

All the Light We Cannot See - Louis Hofmann

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- Watching A New Hope with A New Fan

Kitty ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿค™

watching tv movie time popcorn

- Am I the only one who pets their dogs when theyre just out of reach?

cheers beer watching tv chilling stay home

- Lazy day

The Last Rite

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- This is why my wife cant get work done at home...

sarah and ethan

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- After spending more money than we can really afford on a gaming computer, my wife is playing Minecraft in windowed mode.

American Psycho (2000)

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- Sound guy got jokes

POV:Me When My Bun Is Bleeding in the toilet

Dear Dumb Diary (2013) I am who i am thanks to this movie. i had a very worrying obsession with it.

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- Good girl expecting a good girl pat. Dont worry she will recieve...

lick my nuts.


watching tv trevor south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me

- 2011 - 2019 // Ill be damned if I dont resuscitate this beautiful bastard.

movies teens need t watch | 2022 Netflix shows and movies must watch

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- Found sanss true identity

Ironmouse icon!


sleeping molang tired sleepy resting

- the shadow looks like a thumb


lars love louise i love you watching tv

- I guess Iโ€™m playing one last WL

best friends watching tv watching a movie binge watching watching together

- I have the same TV as Reuben in Oceans 13. Got the TV in 2006, so its 13 years old!

tmnt michelangelo tv watching tv turning on tv

- Big-Bang Theory

tmnt leonardo pizza slice watching tv eating pizza

- hmmm

change channel eat watching tv bib brothers is broke

- Spotted writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci in a blink-and-youโ€™ll-miss-them cameo in Mission Impossible 3 (2006)

hahaha fabio porchat porta dos fundos rindo da tv vendo tv

- Moments like this warm my cold, dead heart.

tv netflix netflix and chill movie television

- The girl who saved my life. (Please excuse the keyboard, it is clean now, I promise.)

watching tv happy laughing lol funny

- Dos gatos is dos fatos

love cute bear bunny music

- Memestation

kakaotalk emoticon ompangie pentol eating popcorn

- Can I get an ID on Georges Shoes?

watching tv boring weekend binge watching binging

- โ€œWatching my first World Cup!โ€ - Queenie, from Brazil

watching tv cry sad tears emotional

- I think we found the right channel.

discoholic disco ball disco object head twitch

- My mom at her daycare.

amdocs amazing tv watching streaming make it amazing

- ITAP of a stray cat getting warm and impatiently waiting for me to grab snacks before starting the movie.

eating in bed netflix and chill weekend relaxing binge watching

- Super dog!

tv static television video vcr

- This week has been stressful on my mental health, Iโ€™m not able to be around people because I have an autoimmune disease but my dog Bert and cat Cinnamon have helping with the stress. I donโ€™t know what Iโ€™d do without them keeping me company. โค๏ธ

fat guy watch tv watching tv

- Im gonna be here a while.

lethargic bliss fell asleep watching tv sloth tired

- The TV on this commercial for a 90 TV was actual size on my screen (120).

napoleon dynamite kip kip watching tv remote bored

- My TV is centered with my fireplace, but I noticed it looked off and realized that the fireplace isnโ€™t centered on the wall... not sure what to do. May have to move

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- โ€œMovies for Catsโ€ is amazing! Our cat has been sick and Iโ€™ve been worried he wonโ€™t make it โ€˜til spring when he can watch his birds. Now he can watch on the TV!

brian griffin im gonna relax mellow out and watch some television relax and watch tv

- Bob Ross is teaching the next generation of painters from beyond the grave

tkthao219 bubududu

- Itโ€™s basically his couch at this point

tv watching

- This is how Sadie stares at me when I am watching tv

television watching tv fans watching broadcast cheering

- Keep your children, Ill take technology.

tv shows seinfeld popcorn watching watching tv

- Cosmo likes to โ€œhelpโ€.

winkle tv winkle skate skateboarding mtv

- The young fella is loving his 4 rotor engine swapped mx5

dog viralhog watching tv pet standing

- (im)patiently waiting

tv netflix movie disney television

- Me and my sister are gonna spend Christmas Eve watching the holy trilogy for a holy day

feet watching tv relaxing chilling

- Complete overhaul. New monitor, desk and chair. Its finally complete!

chilling the pet collective huh what what do you want

- When we watch Netflix our kitty likes to curl up and watch episodes with us...

spongebob watching tv smile change channel watching

- There edge of this glass in the middle of my theater screen view. Also the finger prints you cant see in the pic.

watching a movie mini pufts ghostbusters afterlife movie night movie time

- Nimbus turns 12 this week. This is a photo from back when I first rescued him at 8 months old. Just hanging out and watching some tv with me.

watching tv spongebob watch eating popcorn

- Our hidden camera finally caught our dog secretly takin naps while weโ€™re at work.

tv tv show watch tv tv series television

- My bb, Smores Smiling like the Queen she is (Please excuse the low quality and the mess, I was going through a tough time) 3


- Blursed dog and pc

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- Found this little guy in a storm!

changing channels woodstock snoopy watching tv watching the telly

- Frodo engages in what I like to call the classy sploot

watch tv watch tv youtube artnuttz

- Cookie Dough vs Sgt. Hulka.

dog watching tv anything good on tv bulldog chillin

- He loves stretching his front legs.

radio polskie disco polo rock

- My little tiger enjoying a few minutes of peace while his sister is at the vet.

watching tv killer mike run the jewels never look back song tv show

- Spot the kitten

lethargic bliss love tv sloth hearts favorite show

Mom caught me watching my favorite movie last night. #SecretLifeOfPets - @mambathemorkie on Instagram

tv netflix movie disney television

- pup pops up

chill tv watching tv blink pink tv

- My isolation set up with my Xbox

leotrix boyfriend girlfriend watching watching tv

- Maybe someday heโ€™ll meet a capybara for real

peach cat sleep and goma

- At the movies..

sushichaeng lazy watching tv late night bear

- Dont distract the dog while hes gaming!

tv retro 80s

- So my gf got me the Astrobot bundle for Christmas, and she was watching me play it and said it looked cool. Sheโ€™s never really been a gamer, but today I woke up alone in bed to the sound of a gorillaโ€™s teeth being knocked out of his head. I peek out my door to see this ๐Ÿ˜

eating in bed watching tv netflix annie wilkes bed

- Heโ€™s ready to get to work.

boy dog pajama blue cute

- All three of my dogs laying on the couch

big tv tv television watching tv the simpsons

- Rudy needed a nap and this was the perfect spot

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- Finally got the last piece to my Playstation Entertainment Center is finally here! Ive had this PSVR on layaway at the pawn shop I work at for the last 6 months and paid it off today!

spongebob squarepants patrick star watching tv television movie time

- My big baby

watching tv tv time

- COZYBOI does a warm

garfield lazy tv

- She is in charge of the remote tonight!

tv netflix movie disney television

- King of the mountain

watching tv kawaii anime

- This shadow from something on set makes Al Bundy look like he peed himself in Married with Children

napping sleepy face sleep briefly television tv series

- I see your idiot and raise you my idiot

watching tv in bed

- No pets over at r/accidentalrenaissance, so here is our handsome boy

tkthao219 bubududu panda

- My homemade coffee table for all the book lovers out there!

fat girl watching tv trash tv dickes deutschland melanie

- What?

cony yu amr kawaii

- Hi Reddit, meet Minnie the 11 year old Greyhound

watching tv boring weekend binge watching binging

- Elizabeth has realized the end table makes a perfect bridge form the couch to the window so she can watch for bunnies in the backyard.

tkthao219 bubududu panda

- I spent the whole day sick in bed yesterday and she never left my side.

garfield watching bored flipping channels remote

- Seven... is the number of items I can place on or around the cat before he gets pissed.

couple watching tv cure adorable relax

- Taking a photo of my girlfriend taking a photo... of Nesta, apparently a Pug-a-poo..

turning on the tv om nom om nom and cut the rope let%27s watch tv tv time

- Doin a guard (GUARDBOYE AND GIRLE!)

tkthao219 bubududu

- I wake up to him like this everyday. He takes cuddling very seriously

cat lays chill relaxing remote

- The perfect arm rest

tv netflix movie disney television

- My 8 year old boxer watching herself on DVD as a pup.

saitama one punch man genos

- Snorie gal

playful ebiten tempura news scratching watching tv google

- This looks like a good place to sit.

movies watching tv homer homer simpson

- On the comedown after a nearly nine hour trip with a friend. Life is beautiful. Be safe yโ€™all โ™ฅ๏ธ


- Arrested Development Quotes

spongebob seulisasoo

- Weekend of cats & games ๐Ÿ˜ผ

watching tv cute

- Squirrel spotting team.


- Big brother showing his new little brother how things are done

- So much for trying to change the channel..

- When you just want to relax at the end of the day and play some games online....

- This is how I know there are bugs in my house

- This is how she waits at the window for me.

- Ive been gone all week, and am stuck at the airport. I have a webcam by the front window. Look whos waiting for dad...

- Does anyones cat need to be the center of attention at all times?

- Playing along with the new series of blind date by not looking at the screen and picking a date based on answers only. Turned around to find Id just missed out on choosing Captain Beany McBeanBean.

- I live in a trailer. Rate my setup.

- Home sick and I cant get any work done. I blame her.

- Poor lill bugger is actually sleeping

- 2,770 pre rolls left๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Finally get to sit down today Pirates of the Caribbean it is๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

- Zoey is enjoying this open window kind of weather.

- My dog, Maisy, making friends with a TV dog

- A pic of my friends dog to cheer you up.

- Woof irl

- Backyard Projects

- dont do it on airplanes, dont do it in the cinema, just dont do it

- Moulting dogs arent allowed on the sofa, this is how she get to be on the sofa while not being on the sofa

- My girlfriend and her puppy snuggling. I thought it was pretty cute.

- For my real cake day, a picture of my pal Ted.

- Yall seemed to enjoy pictures of beast khal last night so I thought Id show ripped kitties soft side with his older brother Nixon who enjoys laying on top of him any chance he gets. Can never get a size comparison as Nixon refuses to do anything BUT lay completely or partially on top of khal ๐Ÿ˜‚

- Meet my new kitten Tillie. I will never move ever.

- No concept of predators

- My dog loses his ball on purpose so he has to problem solve to get it back

- Woof_irl

- Theres a thunderstorm going on and our fluff monster is scared.

- My Grandpa has never heard of Netflix and I found out today hes got a smart TV. I got him on my account and the first show he wants to watch is Cheers.

- Gamergirl with a beautiful booty

- Have you seen my glasses?? This is why she bought two pairs...

- That moment when you feel youre being watched...

- what?

- Oh hi I rearranged the apartment for you

- All my money time and effort brought me to this point.

- Hmm yes this is my couch

- Finished fapping, looked up to see this paused on TV.

- Jammies Down

- Counting the Days until I can play on my digital Island

- Living Room Battlestation

- Noodle Boi

- Fixed his chair

- I went to a cat cafe, where all you do is sit around and pet all the cats

- Lady in front of me Facetimed the entire movie

- Renfields beggin to be introduced to Reddit

- My safe place during this thunderstorm

- My new cat, Fancy, is settling in well. She is obsessed with helping me play video games and constantly watches the screen. She must have been a gamer in her past life โค๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿˆ

- He does this often

- This kid has a WiiU yet decides to play my snes.

- Ein enjoying the rain through a screen door.

- Kirby is soo looong he doesnโ€™t fit on the couch.

- Excuse me Cat.

- Happens literally anytime I watch TV. He will sometimes talk back to it

- Overkill?

- Goku watching over his boy

- This is Lucy, and this is Lucys favorite napping spot.

- S L E E P Y Girl thinks moms legs are a hecking good bed

- My boy with my old Game Boy

- Cozy kitty

- So small and already controlling the remote!

- Our living room every day for 30 minutes will it be enough?

- Whiskers real or extentions?

- My husband trying to play his game

- Just stumbled upon the Infinite Chill.

- Since my sister went away for college i get to take care of the cat. She likes watching me play

- She is ready to step on my keyboard.

- Fixed his chair

- What a bunch of bums! Watching some My Hero Academia on a lazy Sunday with my favorite pups!

- My corgis disapproved the Royal Corgi cartoon.

- Two peas in a pod

- Loser gets FUCKED (for real) - I couldnt get away in time... [OC] [SOUND]

- I gave my grandpa my old iPod touch. This has been him for the last two hours.

- Just your average Friday night playing PlayStation naked ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

- Happy family.

- My dog died on Friday and I canโ€™t get out of bed. My boyfriend went to work today and got a projector and hung one of our sheets up so we could watch a movie tonight. The set up glow is so cozy and comforting.

- I have a collection of dolls that I make scenes with and take pictures of. One of my more recent sets was one of the dolls playing BotW. Wondered if you guys would like it, idk what to flair it as though

- My daughters laxative is to be applied rectally. This was her reaction when I explained what that meant.

- Watching Air Bud and we just got to the sad part...

- Watching Reno911 (2x07) and suddenly Charlie and Waitress

- Pretty much sums up how Im passing the time during the Government Shutdown...

- He loves my xbox controller. He always curls up to it to sleep.

- Blursed_Entertaintment

- Proud girlfriend moment. He learned how to play my favorite video game over the last 6 months. Now, hes entering his first ever raid at 650. Das my Guardian. ๐Ÿ’–

- Potato quality and wifes toe in the pic, but apparently we have a bunk bed!

- When you have to give your cat a decoy laptop [OC]

- How my dog watches me when I watch tv

- Replaced our usual beers with water instead. GO PACK GO!

- He Loves To Watch Anime

- Coincidence?

- Best company for watching the game.

- Taking full advantage of my new multi-screen setup.

- Ellen degeneres young

- Everyone says he has old man energy.

- My cat social distancing

- Lazyboye does a heckin good relax

- Fred like the gaming corner of the living room.

- Even Brad Pitt canโ€™t resist her when she crosses her front paws

- My entertainment center stopped evolving sometime in 2001.

- Iโ€™m desperate need of a desk. At least 60โ€ long. What are some recommendations? (Picture is current battlestation and I)

- Shes not really a sleeping beauty

- My face right now

- Iโ€™m having more fun for sure

- This is how he sploots in the breeze from the screen door after play. He doesnt know hes an old man.

- Good morning Britain reporting on the important news right now

- Perfect caption

- The living room is ready for Christmas. Also, there is snow outside.

- Just waiting for something fun to happen.

- Purgio loves to watch some Ultimate, particularly characters with projectiles. ๐Ÿˆ

- Comfort on an uncomfortable night

- My lil bobtail studying a big bobtail

- My smooth collie watching smooth collies on TV

- Sleeping beauty...

- My mesmerized cat looked sad watching an ASPCA commercial.

- woof_irl

- Low res pic of my cutie Bowie watching cooking videos with me at 4AM

- She does this every time I play Spyro

- Watching her favourite show

- He just flopped behind the couch cushions...

- Guarding us from the snow is a full time job.

- Me and the boys playing Xbox 360 4-player splitscreen Minecraft again after too long

- Our morning routine

- This is how my dog sits.

- Even my dog loves GoT

- My boy was watching the lion king with us

- She is watching me play PlayStation.

- My new baby enjoying his new favorite show

- Benjamin makes every single player game become a couch co-op ๐ŸŽฎ

- Mr Ben loves nature shows

- Not enough love (seat) but that aint stopping my big baby from getting his nap on

- Just bought a standing desk. Im 64. GF is....not

- (F) Ass and Video games, what else do you need?

- blursed cute kitty watching the hunting scene in Chernobyl

- animal

- This is how we watch TV

- Nibbler *loves* an episode of The Clangers ๐Ÿฅฐ

- Darwin loves his kitty brother

- This is why we canโ€™t have guests. Or nice things.

- My GFs cat was watching TV about cats

- Movie night has been optimized. Whirly popper, popcorn bowl, and 40 TV for $35

- Introducing my five year old to gaming with SNES and Lion King. My wife is also quite happy I got it all to work.

- Skyrim with my little Khajiit is the best way to de stress

- My brother watching YouTube with headphones on so no-one else can listen

- This counts, right

- Drunk on whisky and watching Red Dwarf. This is what Saturday nights are made of

- My gazebo with a heating blanket and a good gurl.

- Can I play?

- Rosie made it from the Garden House to my office. Her favorite cozy place ...

- The Manager busts a move!

- Decoy laptop deployed, commence gaming

- It was a good night.

- Watching LTT, on my laptop, connected to my tv, and my speakers. #JustMasterRaceThings

- Two peeps just hanging out

- Visiting family. Should I say something?

- Nap time ๐ŸŒ

- Gf playing some Fortnite

- Every morning I wake up to him sitting there... judging me...

- New house, same set up. SVS Prime towers

- Just adopted my second German Shepard, Meet Todd

- Honestly, you playing XBox isnt MY idea of fun.

- Are you sure you dont wanna play?

- Seriously who makes these decisions at ESPN? Rusty/Seppi and Delpo/Rhyne going at it and Im looking at Mary Joe Fernandez.

- Just unload on my face whenever you want

- This is Alfie staring into the very depths of my soul.

- Pit bull congo

- TiVo which is a pay service now inserts its own commercials before the start of a recorded program. WTF?

- Im heartbroken, the world lost someone truly special yesterday. She was the inspiration for my user name... RIP

- You better get back here...this plot has taken a turn for the worst.

- Promise will train the boy

- Went from being a junkie, $80,000 in debt and living in a house with no running water or electricity 8 years ago to living in a $500,000 home, financially stable, 4 beautiful and intelligent daughters, and a loving wife. May not be much, but itโ€™s plenty for me! Hope everyone can be as happy as I am!

- I can stare all day at my wife like this.

- Getting my friends four-year-old started on the best journey. Sorry the quality isnt perfect.

- My kitty is enjoying watching the Aristocats

- Just a couple of besties watching their favorite show on tv for dogs

- Every time I get up from my computer...

- Heโ€™s been up under me all day.

- Yggrite wants to be a ferret, too!

- I know itโ€™s dinner time so if Iโ€™m cute (& obnoxiously annoying) than you will have to feed me, right?

- hmmm

- When he plays video games she just stares at me like how could you let this happen

- Just in from Doggie CNN Ckine 19 cured. The things we do when quarantined. Louie loves to watch television

- She is literally watching T.V

- A gloomy but cozy morning

- Me and Oli watching the Birds

- Seems like hes concerned his secrets are being revealed

- Wife tells me she adopted a kitten for my daughter, I think theyll do fine...

- So my dog watches tv. Whether its turn on or not.

- Reese is watching PBS and learning about rabbits.

- My corgi really enjoys watching movies with animals in them so I played Lion King for her and she watched the first 30 min before falling asleep.

- How My Dog Is Watching The National Dog Show

- Nothing gets us into the holiday spirit like watching meme based christmas movies together!

- Weโ€™ve had this rescue one month and heโ€™s even chill watching Live PD.

- Genghis enjoying his new Big Screen TV

- Maximus watching Gladiator, he was entertained

- My cat is really interested in the Cats Meow

- Got my parents playing Halo! They wanted to play the story together in order so I got them started on Reach! Sorry for the not so great panoramic shot

- Reese is watching PBS and learning about sea turtles.

- Movie night ๐Ÿถ

- Because the X-Files was on

- Watching Breaking Bad with the kitties

- My dogs favorite movie is the lorax

- Reese likes to watch nature shows on PBS. Tonight hes learning about otters.

- This store has a special place for kids were they play a movie