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watching tv happy laughing lol funny

- Was watching some Steins;Gate with the pupper on my lap

@𝐮𝐫𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥_𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐬 𝐨𝐧 𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐭


rhea ripley i will be watching watching watching you rhea

- The Holy Bible of Forced Agendas

Follow @wavessscoCo has a bracelet on the profile pic #boost her business 🤎 🤍 🤎 🤍

𝙥𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙩 • 𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙮𝙖𝙝𝙙𝙚𝙫

eating popcorn jonathan larson andrew garfield tick tick boom no more song

- Me: ties to game in peace My cat: I NEED ATTENTION!!!!! Looking at you u/Umair6996


old man pfp | 2/2

lindsey stirling popcorn popcorn eating eating popcorn eating

These are two of my very good friends Jamie and Nigella. Forgot to post about it but we celebrated one year with them on 11/26! It’s been a fantastic year of playfulness, snuggling and cuteness. Thanks for helping me give them a lovely life @thecstandsfor! - @lankybr1t on Instagram

Winter Wallpaper

tommy duck

i see you eyeball in the word i see you in purple bubble letters im watching you i can see you spying

- You can clearly see David Wallace was fine taking that picture with Michael, even though Michael was there for disciplinary reasons


- Home sick and I cant get any work done. I blame her.


sports manias emoji animated emojis netflix and chill netflix

- Blursed_avatar

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im watching you

- When will my husband return from war

Pinterest: K̶A̶$̶H̶


im watching i got my eyes on you im looking

When your cat is NOT happy that you took her rope* to use during @nolifejustdance’s Floorbarre Technique class.😾 *not actually hers, but, you know.... cats🤦‍♂️. **laugh track courtesy of Michael😭 @maledancercon #keepdancing #stilldancing #boysdancetoo #boyswhodance #danceathome #virtualdanceclass #maledancers #dancelife - @boysdancetoo on Instagram

nanoz watching seeing eyes

- O caramelo assustado com a pança do meu gato

Mentahan video

watching bag of popcorn below watching in purple bubble letters popcorn entertained im watching

- In Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), Luis says the red filling of their snack represents his company’s financial struggle. Later in the film, when the company becomes successful, they eat snacks from a blue box, symbolizing their turnaround.


rizzles watching movies watching movie watching films watching film

Joaquim aquecendo #ufcnocombate - @betinholuz on Instagram


couple watching tv cure adorable relax

- That window has bothered me for about 18 years now.



shh i am watching my shows cat

- My little girl was spying on me while I was browsing reddit.

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thanks for watching everyone peter deligdisch peter draws thanks for viewing im grateful that you watched it

Cincinnati Sports + Playoffs: 2020 Edition. Here we go. 🙏 #RedsOctober #Postseason - @cincyproblems on Instagram

Gon & Killua

this is gonna be worth watching laramie yellowstone this is gonna be fun to watch amazing

- Quando eu penso na eleição de 2018.

Follow: @elegant_ee

Shrek bff

watching you i got my eyes on you im looking

- They both needed their own basket

bunbee watch

- Blursed_ralph

Maybe maybe maybe

boy dog pajama blue cute

Life imitates art! #fitzfriday - @tuxedofitz on Instagram

Dont pause a Disney movie

i watch all the movies cameo i like watching movies watching movies is my hobby emmerly tinglin

- Nothing like a cup of tea and an execution.

Shrek bff


popcorn popcorn eating watching you watching tv watching movie

- Van-guard

Meme duck

•Pinterest @𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒇𝒂𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒊𝒍𝒗𝒂

im watching you becky is watching you

- My roommate sent this picture of our tiny cat chilling in their desk

Hamster Gang😂

chicken bro eat watching movie time popcorn

True History of the Kelly Gang an LA Drive-in during the pandemic. - @pr_in_la on Instagram

peek simpsons watching you

Merci @tonyhawkthegame & @redbullfrance @redbullskate 🙌🏽 Axel is still with us for life #axeluswallace #axelvoiret miss u brother #redbullbowlrippers @tonyhawk - @blcklistagency on Instagram

ive been watching all day eric cartman south park s16e2 cash for gold

- Came up while I was in Capture Creator, still here in free roam.. Anyone know what it means?

watch some tv and chill mimi netflix and chill relaxing night in

#CYBERARTSREWIND - a fresh look at past exhibitions that have made Boston Cyberarts Gallery what it is today. Join us as we highlight the innovative projects that explore the endlessly fascinating intersection of art and technology. EXHIBITION: Since The Epoch: Digital + Media Graduate Student Exhibition (March 10th-March 12th, 2017) Since the Epoch was an exhibition of work from students in the Digital + Media graduate program at the Rhode Island School of Design. The title of the exhibition is a reference to Unix time, a widely used computer timekeeping system based on counting the seconds passed since the advent of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Often termed the epoch, Thursday January 1, 1970 remains a technical and metaphorical crossing point—marking a change in how our society measures, and perhaps ultimately experiences, the passage of time. While the work in this exhibition ranges a wide variety of media—from performance to advanced CGI—a recurring theme is the confrontation and exploration of time as it relates to digital systems. Artists in the exhibition: Ben Aron, Yakun Chen, Evan Daniel, Cody Filardi, Jeremiah Johnson, Xiaohan Li Xiaopeng Qi, Kristen Shea, Annie Shu Yun Wan, Da Wei and Joe Winograd Image List: 1. “flying_aunt”, Xiaopeng Qi 2. Lapsing, Yakun Chen 3. Thematic Apperception Feedback Apparatus, Jeremiah Johnson 4. Sync/y, Da Wei 5. GameGirl, Cody Filardi 6. Poetic Simulations, Kristen Shea - @bostoncyberarts on Instagram

best friends watching tv watching a movie binge watching watching together

Me and cat - @yoy_yay on Instagram

just watching watching here to watch im here to watch dont mind me

- Peek a boo!

eye in speech bubble symbols joypixels i am a witness watching the conversation

- Let meowt!

discord mod eyes watching

- Catnip and relaxation in her corner. Aww?

watching a movie mini pufts ghostbusters afterlife movie night movie time

- Family guy

looking at you

- A week after adoption and hes warming up to me!

%E8%82%A5%E6%AE%BA %E7%8C%A9%E7%8C%A9 gorilla kelame %E5%BD%88%E5%87%BA

✨Morning 🇦🇺✨ - @the_le_rod on Instagram

movies watching tv homer simpson

- Blursed_bowling alley

cute funny girl overall bobbed

- Leaving her pants on

robert deniro meet the fockers point looking at you im watching you

- This is how we watch TV

popping corn watching movie popcorn snack watching movies

- 10th kingdom

sml mario gonna sit down and watch tv watching tv tv

- Thats not how graphs work

ill be watching ricky berwick im watching you i got my eyes on you ill sit back and watch

- The first question on the test

i was watching dj dime all the queens men s1e8 im observing you

- Why are you on the computer when there’s so much dog here that needs petting?

watching tv movie time popcorn

- Dear Die Hard, you rock.

sharivan den iga watching you suspicious

- Cat would sit here and relentlessly claw at my TV screen, but the cat trap seems to be working.

wechat pig raised eyebrow watching you moving brows

what rugby looks like during social distancing:) - @ellagrayrugby on Instagram

tv watching

Mixing First Man on the Hitchcock Stage at Universal. . . . . #firstman #firstmanmovie #neilarmstrong #cinema #filmediting #damienchazelle #soundmixing #dolbyatmos #postproduction - @tomcross_ace on Instagram

popcorn popcorns popping corn watching movie watching movies

- She made a new friend today.

jagyasini singh findnewjag just watching watching you watching

- My almost 5 y/o finally completed his summer vacation mission: beating SMB WII U -- his 2nd completed title.

watching point chicken got you

- [Film/TV] [Crisis on Infinite Earths Pt. 4] Wait...this cant be legal

stare staring watch watching im watching you

- How am I supposed to say no, When youre looking like that?

watching movies popcorns snacks snack popcorn

- My view after 3gs. All the love to this community. For realzz, I got the feelzz. ✊👌❤️

observe and report watch closely watching you

- Cats

looking watching you watching staring fbi

- Studs (TV series 1991-?)

we working you watching watching you what are you watching what you watching

When you’re #bingewatching Season 2 of @umbrellaacad on @netflix there’s no better way than #poolside at Armada’s outdoor screening room! . . . @hawaiiinla @thelarufflife @armadapartners @ultimatewatercreations @hansenwaterscapes @epsonamerica #netflix #umbrellaacademy #socal #losangeles #hawaiiinla - @hawaiiinla on Instagram

because baby animals cute squishy looking searching

Work from home, they said... #wfh #workfromhome #catsofinstagram #finforthewin - @finforthewin on Instagram

mikefoster watching pinguman watching watching you marketing police

- Our morning routine

food bread cute watching creepy

- New Rochelle, NY - past & present

tv shows seinfeld popcorn watching watching tv

- Was watching the First Avenger and I noticed this little Easter egg of an Certain God Of Thunder s trailer Playing in that scene !

watching you mochi peach cat cute hmmm

- When your teacher does this

watching popcorn eating scared watch

- Mike Judge

eating popcorn watching the show watching

- Ellen degeneres young

watching watching you respectfully glasses judging

- woof_irl

eyes surprise watch out look lyona

- Playing along with the new series of blind date by not looking at the screen and picking a date based on answers only. Turned around to find Id just missed out on choosing Captain Beany McBeanBean.

watching you oh hey

- my cat had some heavy shinra vibes this morning

watching side eyes below watching in yellow bubble letters peeking im watching you on the lookout

- Highest Single Day Strikeout Rate in MLB History? Yesterday, April 15, 2018.

i got my eye on you eleanor maya hawke do revenge watching you


pretty cute white watching phone

- The barking destroys the audio quality. My sound system peep the stands i built for the Klipsch heresy’s & vintage 80’s amps and first of its kind automatic technics player from the old man

television tv shows tv popcorn watching

Navi and Lion - @shlomo_eizencot_ on Instagram

watch looked watched witness see

- Woof irl

ill be watching ricky berwick im watching you i got my eyes on you ill sit back and watch

- ATXGaybros Smash Bros Ass Kickin

watching movies popcorn poping corns snack popping corn

- An interested viewer of Sakkari- Williams match

watching you

- Social Bookmarking

tkthao219 bubududu panda

- When we watch Netflix our kitty likes to curl up and watch episodes with us...

cat cattitude catitude cat watch cat watching

- Also Making Headlines

shermans night in binge watching movie time popcorn eat

- I was bored, so I duplicated my cat.

tv popcorn eating watching scary movie

- #maketrumpdrumpfagain

eyes joypixels looking out watching out checking out

- As we near the end of 2020

curious watching binoculars let me see looking

- You ever just feel like this dude

reaction watching i see you watch out watching you

Voilà un chat toulonnais 🐾 bien élevé : notre Gifi en train de mater du rugby néo-zélandais 😂🖤🤙#papacontent - @frederic_james_de_guyane on Instagram

im watching you i got my eye on you

- Blursed dog and pc

excited cute playf helpful watch

- A Room With a View

watching tv in bed

- woof irl

im watching you

Clienta feliz! María Pintita con su spinner con Luz y catnip y su “creamy” de @catitchile - @nekochile on Instagram

creepy hamster stare watching you cute

- The living room is ready for Christmas. Also, there is snow outside.

in your face eyes on you im watching you i see you

Hatur nuhun #dilan1991 #haridilan #sepedalipatbandung #bromptonbicycle #bandungbiketourism - @budimulianto on Instagram

jason momoa chair popcorn time ready to party dis gon be good

we’re pete davidson stans in this house. #TheKingofStatenIsland was so charming. - @caitykauffman on Instagram

mlp pinkie pie watching you my little pony friendship is magic

- She was told twice to stop walking over my keyboard. We compromised. 😀

im watching stalking lurking watching peek

- Live PD is happening from their homes due to the Coronavirus

look looking watching watched seeing

- Me_irl

stephen colbert popcorn 3d glasses watching eating

VHYES - Aerobics Dual @panasonicusa VHS cam setup through @blackmagicnewsofficial converters into the @convergentdesign #Odyssey7qplus recording both to magnetic tape and SSD #filmmaking #magnetictape #panasonic #vhs #vhyaaaaaaas #thathiresgoodgood #olfaithful - @thegoldla on Instagram

banana eating snacks good watching

- On the comedown after a nearly nine hour trip with a friend. Life is beautiful. Be safe y’all ♥️

cat cats cat fun cat watch watching

Had a great time hosting the event tonight, and am feeling very privileged to be able to do so for these wonderful folks. We had many candid conversations (more so than in person for the last couple of years in my opinion) and I left the event feeling I have so much more to learn, and listen! See you all next year, and hope that we can be normal again. @vancouverfdn #humblehost #onthetablebc #virtual #2020 #vancouverfoundation #listenandlearn #madenotes #candidconversations #dinnertogether #togetherapart #communityinspired #communityconnection #nowmorethanever #doesntstophere #tobecontinued #anyday #anytime #vancouverbc #britishcolumbia #canada🇨🇦 - @awong007 on Instagram

snacks watching movies popping corn popcorns watching movie

- $75 Samsung DLP 61 HDTV from Goodwill

netflix netflix and chill movie movies

- @bridiegoold on Instagram

chicken chicken bro watching you eyes on you i see you

- Lazyboye does a heckin good relax

im watching watch you eyes on you kid cute

- Placing an advertisement over the Astros center field logo is pretty lame.

cat peach look phone waiting

- Hey, can I come in now?

john cena im watching you i am watching you wwe watch out

- (F) Ass and Video games, what else do you need?

watch out

- When Catsby is having a rough day he brings me his emotional support Eevee

kto kounotoritoken kounotori lbow storkholders

- Did you know that Dwight actually grew beets at his desk?

watching tv cute

My Bedroom/Game Room Superman Lair!! #Epic #lair #bedroom #bedroomdecor #PS4 #Dope #DeckOut #BlackSupermanart #superherolair #gameroom #chill #chillvibes #chillin #Fun #chilling #FunLair #Virgo #pennsylvania #virgolife - @blacksupermanart on Instagram

excited watch watching tv watching movie

- Bebe weirdly enjoys watching goat simulator.

- Blursed_education

- Relaxing with a good book

- Cursed golf

- Kitty, really getting into Alvin and the Chipmunks...

- But I thought that was Chiles flag, Channel 7

- Theres a thunderstorm going on and our fluff monster is scared.

- Woof irl

- A normal day on Cardiffs buses

- My cozy studio apartment in Pittsburgh. It was once a dry cleaners building, now its my home.

- Overkill?

- Remember when red socks rock rolled the whole stadium..

- And then there is this guy. Well done Texas fans.

New front yard, who dis? . . . #shibainu #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #cutedog #cutedogsofinstagram #rescues #dog #terriersofinstagram #shibainusofinstagram #chihuahuasofinstagram #chihuahua #terrier - @jakesofine on Instagram

- Putting your nasty feet on a headrest during a movie. 🤢 😡

- kittys outdoor nemesis

When you’re asked to turn on your camera during a meeting #zoom #wfh #dachshund #dogsofinstagram #dogs - @charlie.and.maggie on Instagram

- Movie time 😼

- My cat seems... fascinated

- Hey moe, wanna smell my flower?

- I went to a cat cafe, where all you do is sit around and pet all the cats

- hmmm

- One of my favorite views in the world recently - MLP

- Just another reason why I love 30 rock so much

- My Hero Academia Will Never Be Real

- An arcade that uses MS Word to notify that your order is ready.

- 16 years ago today 1 baseball 1 bird.

- My favorites on this glorious Sunday

- hmmm

- Not again... Aluoo! Quit dancing for the Tom cats!

- Not a single person on the crew said something about this?

- She wanted to play with me I guess

Look mum I’m on the telly! Football is a cruel mistress, especially for the last 15 years if you’re a Leeds fan. Today was about as good as it gets for us. Top of the league for Christmas! #wguafc #fuckvilla #2nilandyoufuckeditup - @sheeptourdog on Instagram

- Epic Staredown

- This fetus shaped leaf on my screened in porch.

- Sorry about quality, but crypto’s picture changed!?

दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी उपलब्धि तो माँ बाप की खुशी होती है. जब वो टीवी मे लाइव देख के कॉल करे और बोले कि बेटा बहुत अच्छे दिख रहे 😻😻 और आप सबको भी बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद हमेशा सपोर्ट बनाए रखने के लिए 😻 Thank you @ddbihar_channel AND @schoolchale team for this opportunity. 😻 . . #meowstudio #sauravanuraj #schoolchale #Photography #learnphotography #ddbihar #thankyou #nevergiveup #livetv #TVinterview - @sauravanuraj on Instagram

INT. NICKEL CITY - DAY - @makebelievevillage on Instagram

- the shadow looks like a thumb

- The mods right now.

- Our hidden camera finally caught our dog secretly takin naps while we’re at work.

- My life long friends celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary, she had a stroke a few months back.

- Work from home lockdown edition

- Sheepie Keepie Muggle Pupper does a sofa.

- It was a good night.

- More Nostalgination, really: Monkey from Dexters Lab playing Donkey Kong Country

- Just binging

- Do I really need to have this giant Shark Week Ad in my corner for the entirety of the episode?

- When I see Joker in the PlayStation event

- Gamer cat pulled an all-nighter

- No more watching TV

- its me the guy who posted his extensive donald duck and co comics few weeks ago - Soon once I acquire more ill be able to showcase my donald duck and co game collection. For now check put this Quack Attack PS2 game

- Watching the World Cup, theres lots of talent on show.

- @nels_panels on Instagram

- fingernails4 cash com 🎵. Fingernails for cash! Remeber theyre just fingernails so dont expect much cash.

- I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve rewatched the series. But my fiancé is finally watching it with me for her first time...This was the moment when she said “This is the best show I’ve ever seen.”

Seamus doesn’t want me using the computer any more. Guess I have to watch @foodnetworkchopped #cat #catsofinstagram #catlife #cats #catlovers #cats_of_instagram #catstagram #cats_of_day #blackcat #blackcats #blackcatsrule #blackcatappreciation #blackcatsofinstagram #blackcatsmatter #365 #365photochallenge #365picturetoday #365project #365project2020 - @jimctwo on Instagram

- Obamas credentials include

- Seven... is the number of items I can place on or around the cat before he gets pissed.

- There’s always one messing up family photos..

- Her favorite place to chill.

- Bearded Dragon

- Cursed_gaming

- Pretty much sums up how Im passing the time during the Government Shutdown...

23 years old and still my favorite show - @jkreig689 on Instagram

- Nobody puts Brady in the back!

Watching “Kung Fu Hustle”. Love this movie. - @starkbot on Instagram

- My homemade coffee table for all the book lovers out there!

- When you log in to your pet cam, and your cat is already waiting for you. Hello, Molly!

- Somehow leatherface got a godly hammer

caramel really likes pillows lol. • • Edited on: Adobe Lightroom Shot on: Canon 700-D (And I know it’s a little grainy but bear with me) • (ignore the tags lol) #catphotography #rusticphotography #minimaledit #aesthetic #catsofinstagram #adobelightroom - @clicksbysara on Instagram


- TiVo which is a pay service now inserts its own commercials before the start of a recorded program. WTF?

- Can I get an ID on Georges Shoes?

- I think they saw a birb.

- hmmm

- My little cat loves watching football with me.

- Blursed_classroom

- Is that............ Gloria Borger?

- Cheese Popcorn

- My post finals nook

- When you just want to relax at the end of the day and play some games online....

- Basement

chat dans la fenêtre 🌼 #tuxedocat #catsofinstagram - @esther546 on Instagram

Our viewers come in all shapes and sizes! Chico is @ctvvancouver fan. @scottrobertsctv - @mijungleectv on Instagram

- Blursed Cat

Smart cat! #cat #smartcat #computer #laptop #catoncomputer - @quintessence_1111 on Instagram

- Just a picture of my kitchen that creeps my dad out for some weird reason

- My wife is recuperating from surgery and I have a few days off with her, so I’ve introduced her to the universe that is Minecraft

- Arrested Development Quotes

Mãeee, tô na Globo. #imagenspablochasseraux @spiderandersonsilva @spiderkick @gabrielrmnl @crissilva93 - @dpchasseraux on Instagram

- So much for trying to change the channel..

- Lily is far from a guest Xbox One

- For the past few nights while playing the witcher 3 Ive always seen something out of the corner of my eye. Last night I set up a camera. Here is the picture it took...

- My office has a fancy demo room for clients that never gets Smash night it is!

- F2 Savannah Kittens Available born 9/23/16

- Jake Gyllenhaal gets naked in Velvet Buzzsaw

- Watching LTT, on my laptop, connected to my tv, and my speakers. #JustMasterRaceThings

Ghost & chill w/ Jin⛩✨ How’s everyone spending their Friday? 🌓 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✨𝙈𝙔 𝙂𝘼𝙈𝙄𝙉𝙂 𝙋𝘼𝙍𝙏𝙉𝙀𝙍𝙎 ✨ @beckygames_ @dondons05 @insaneellie @omega_jak_and_rachet @the_pancakess @wurstpersonshooter @cywolf.p1 @aaronmgaming @llmelden @welshwestwood @kateandthosegames ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #gaming #instagaming #gamingmemes #gaminglife #gamingcommunity #gamingsetup #gamingpc #gamingposts #videogaming #gamingphotography #gamingislife #gamingroom #consolegaming #gamingsetups #twitchgaming #gamingrig #gamingnews #gaminggear #photooftheday #streamoftheday #twitchstreamer #gamersofinstagram #gamersoftheworld #ghostoftsushima #tsushima #jinsakai - @intothehaniverse on Instagram

Yo, more songs on the #soundcloud today. Link in bio. - @flipphoneusa on Instagram

- Squirrel!!

- Finally kickstarted my Star Wars marathon with ANH - albeit with only two days left before I watch TROS... 😂

- Blursed_thighs

- Imma yeet yo blocks

- I spy with my little eye

- Excellent work Netflix - Nibbler Godzilla is finally sitting still!

- hmmm

- @cayantower on Instagram

- Backyard Projects

- You know you’re trash when Dr. Phil starts ragging on you

- Drunk on whisky and watching Red Dwarf. This is what Saturday nights are made of

- 2,770 pre rolls left😂😂 Finally get to sit down today Pirates of the Caribbean it is🤷🏻‍♂️

Saturday vibes🌿... dah deh cocok sama @ryan.pasaribu bisa diajak main fifa 🐾 - @shadzaza on Instagram

- Hes Enamored With Them

- dont do it on airplanes, dont do it in the cinema, just dont do it

😍 You love to see it. Friends playing different games but still spending time together at Helix. #Fortnite #CallOfDuty and #RocketLeague! - @helixesportsfx on Instagram

- This might be a stretch, but these two are the Skully and Hitchcock of my job, they’ve both been with the company for 30 plus years and it mind boggling that they’re both still employed

- My cat (Penny) showed her support and attended my online book party.

When Hannah runs errands... #workingdog #colliesofinstagram #collie #bordercollie #goodgirl #dogsofbunbury - @hurtlegear on Instagram

- Maybe someday he’ll meet a capybara for real

- Spent the whole day just making these. This ones for the football fans especially LFC fans :)

- Excuse me Cat.

- Was in Mall of Millenia security center looking for my sisters lost wallet... This was on the live feed security monitors.

- My cat watching pewdiepie with me

- He insists on watching lizard videos

- Playing a game at a Childrens Hospital while kids wait for their turn (she ignored a moms request to give up her game so a kid could play)

- Memestation

- My wife sent me this picture of our cat Caesar. Apparently he heard the car engine and rushed to the window to see me come home from work. I’ve seen him do some pretty dumb/funny stuff but this is hilarious!!

- That moment when you feel youre being watched...

- How I actually feel between games while Im playing 2K17

- Blursed_Entertaintment

- Rooftoop movie on the 8th floor patio!

Gente que tem Pug que gosta de desenho! 🐶🥰 📸 @_teddypug . #pugmaniacos #pugbrasil #pugbh #pugmania #pugmg #pug #filhote #pugmaniacosoficial #filhotepug #canildepug #canilpugmaniacos - @pugmaniacosoficial on Instagram

- Argent: LEMME AT IT!!! Spider: Sucks to suck, quadruped.

- Cozy little patio for a Monday morning conference call.

- I think we found the right channel.

- Skyrim with my little Khajiit is the best way to de stress

- The missing piece of my childhood has finally returned...

- hmmm

- My dog died on Friday and I can’t get out of bed. My boyfriend went to work today and got a projector and hung one of our sheets up so we could watch a movie tonight. The set up glow is so cozy and comforting.

- This guy being intervened on the one show has googley eyes from his lights.

- Seriously who makes these decisions at ESPN? Rusty/Seppi and Delpo/Rhyne going at it and Im looking at Mary Joe Fernandez.

- Nothing gets us into the holiday spirit like watching meme based christmas movies together!

- My brother watching YouTube with headphones on so no-one else can listen

- She might be little but she has BIG aspirations.

- You see I’m still a man of culture

Alone together - @cor_tado on Instagram

- Finally got Ghost Wolf! Its so nice to not have to run.

- Blursed Burt

Ginger is enjoying her afternoon watching The Masters - @lesliealdrichwoods on Instagram

- I kidnapped some neighbourhood kids by offering them free candy and told them that if they 100% Mega Man 2 in a day i wont sell them into sex trafficking... 2 hours later i still have them in my sex dungeon.

- Oh Deer who do we have here?

- Anime and chill?

- We LOVE videos for cats on YouTube!!

- A Chicken watching TV. That is all.

- The living room to my apartment

- Cat TV

- My lap-copilot sometimes can be caught dreaming of being an interloper herself

- Even Brad Pitt can’t resist her when she crosses her front paws

- Me and the boys playing Xbox 360 4-player splitscreen Minecraft again after too long

- Yggrite wants to be a ferret, too!

- I thought my kids interest in the WiiU would fade after getting the Switch for Christmas.

- He Loves To Watch Anime

- Petflix and Purr

- He’s been up under me all day.

- blursed cute kitty watching the hunting scene in Chernobyl

- My GFs cat was watching TV about cats

- Our living room every day for 30 minutes will it be enough?

- While dropping the kids off at the pool this morning, Im pretty sure I heard someone whisper soon.

- Someone was mad about my divided attention

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- “Movies for Cats” is amazing! Our cat has been sick and I’ve been worried he won’t make it ‘til spring when he can watch his birds. Now he can watch on the TV!

- I really wanted to see this hit. Damn you DirecTV Now.

- At the movies..

- Amelia vs Jeopardy

- Nibbler *loves* an episode of The Clangers 🥰

- We’ve had this rescue one month and he’s even chill watching Live PD.

- Keep your children, Ill take technology.

- “Watching my first World Cup!” - Queenie, from Brazil

- When you have to give your cat a decoy laptop [OC]

- Just a couple of besties watching their favorite show on tv for dogs

- Bob Ross is teaching the next generation of painters from beyond the grave

- Loser gets FUCKED (for real) - I couldnt get away in time... [OC] [SOUND]

- Kirk, a female Border Collie, watching herself win the 2017 Purina Pro Challenge

- Getting my friends four-year-old started on the best journey. Sorry the quality isnt perfect.

- Best Places to Catch the Cuse

- My cat is really interested in the Cats Meow

- A gloomy but cozy morning

- My place has northwest facing windows so every evening has a “golden hour.” (SF Bay Area, CA)

- Humans like to watch cat videos, but cats enjoy bird videos.

- Watching A New Hope with A New Fan

- Genghis enjoying his new Big Screen TV

- Reese is watching PBS and learning about sea turtles.

Not enough alcohol in the world right now #Debates2020 - @thelewisblack on Instagram

- My dog, Maisy, making friends with a TV dog

- Simon enjoys watching destruction

- Best company for watching the game.

- My cat and my girlfriend spending quality time.

- Got my parents playing Halo! They wanted to play the story together in order so I got them started on Reach! Sorry for the not so great panoramic shot

- The face of someone who dropped their new TV immediately upon taking it out of the box

- Just in from Doggie CNN Ckine 19 cured. The things we do when quarantined. Louie loves to watch television