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Model banned by Tinder for being ‘too hot’

Tinder Fotoshoot in Amsterdam - Sandra Herrero Photography

ok cecilie fjellh%C3%B8y the tinder swindler all right agreed

- CB wants a free bed frame because they need to travel. In continuation of my previous post. This is the same person, messaging me under a different listing.

dina hashem ive been deleting and reactivating tinder for six years tinder dating romance

- More megapixels = Bigger boobs (Real ad from France) [PIC]

29 tinder profiles with no shame

31 Tinder Profiles That Hold Nothing Back.

so much cecilie fjellh%C3%B8y the tinder swindler too much more than enough

- i love this man so much

150 Examples of the Funniest Tinder Profiles That Will Make You Look Twice

The 5 Components of the Perfect Tinder Profile Pic, According to Science

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- Boyfriends be like

31 Tinder Profiles That Hold Nothing Back.

for you cecilie fjellh%C3%B8y the tinder swindler only for you just for you

SHARE THIS CAUSE NIGGAS NEED TO SEE THIS! posting this here because this is what I go through very often. dating apps are my only way that I can really outsource and meet people because all the information can be there and it IS!!(swipe) (it’s been in my bio from jump) but yeah this sucks. I’m really sick of having to have these moments of invalidation. Someone really telling me killl myself because I chose the identity I wanted to exist in. I’m really happy. I’m really at peace. More than I ever have been I really want to scream it from the rooftops. My trans ness has truly helped me find my inner self. I just wish other folks could see that is something that makes me beautiful. It is a blessing not a curse. I don’t give af what no one says bitch I’m a gworl if I ever seen one and I enjoy being that. I would say fuck these apps but I’m tryna find me a boyfriend and life is very complex already. So ima keep swiping. And that doesn’t make it my fault. This is why we need to keep having these conversations cause clearly we ain’t on the same page yet. This is what we mean when we say PROTECT BLACK WOMEN. This is all over the place but whatever I just shouldn’t have had to deal with this. Anyways this ain’t a pity party cause I’m a bad bitch and ain’t worried about no Rafael lol I know my worth tew well pooh - @ucancallmesis on Instagram

Bumble Prompt For the Girls

Tinder Picture Template

swiping down jose unemployed tinder flirting

- Meet Sonia

i really enjoyed myself pernilla sj%C3%B6holm the tinder swindler i had a great time i had a lot of fun

- Who wants me as their personal girlfriend? Im super horny and Im only 20. Special offers on onlyfans now and video calls are available

16 Dogs Posing For Their Tinder Profile Picture

nope sergio disliked no way i dont like him

THANK YOU #PLANETODDIO FOR AN AMAZING YEAR! 🙌🏿🙌🏿🚀🛸 2020 WILL BE EVEN MORE AMAZING! 😋THANKS TO @plugng & @BIZZLEOSIKOYA & @mr.abovav 🙌🏿🙌🏿👑👑#PlanetOddio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Oddiotimelesschallenge #chopdaily #afrobeats #nwe #dance #nweworldwide #afrodance #afro #afrobea #afrodaily #africa #chopdailyurban #dancaafro #dancadofluxo #zumba #danca #maleekberry #afrofusion #feels #angolangirlskillingit #dance #freestyle #denmark #australia - @oddioofficial on Instagram

15 Sexy Tinder Profiles That Are Shamelessly Direct About Their Dirty Intentions

because ayleen charlotte the tinder swindler due to by reason of

- Games that do this shit

35 Tinder Users who Refuse to Play by the Rules

nope like tinder shrek

- *taps mic* “Is this thing on?”

Hilariously Bad WTF Tinder Profiles

bee bumble bee closer get closer look at my face

love it babe looks lush xxxx - @depopdrama on Instagram

150 Examples of the Funniest Tinder Profiles That Will Make You Look Twice

21 Tinder Profiles That Youd Swipe Right On Just Because Of The Quality Bio

tinder ok cupid match date

- Sites layout

21 Tinder Profiles That Youd Swipe Right On Just Because Of The Quality Bio

56 Funny Profile Descriptions That Win The Swipe-right Game

bee bumble bee forehand gray shade

- cool concept


creepz overlord rango rang gang dom3

- Now wheres my trophy?

Tinder Funnies Full Of Love, Immaturity, Disgust, And Shame

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Back by popular demand...group texts with my sisters. This was mild compared to the usual lol. . . #family #sisters #haircut #norespectforelders - @jeremyalopez on Instagram

Tinder Buttons And Logo

Funny Tinder Bio Idea

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- R/tinder is suddenly flooding with lgbt. Second cross post of the day.

Tinder Dating humor | funny cat and dog memes | cat memes

Tinder is always full of nice surprises

great pernilla sj%C3%B6holm the tinder swindler awesome excellent

- Can anyone educate my friend?

25 Tinder Profiles Begging To Be Right Swiped

‘Bill The Handyman’ Tinder Profile Is Epic And Someone Posted The Hilarious Message Exchange They Had

tinder swipe right yes for everyone automatic yes

- Mp3 download app

‘Bill The Handyman’ Tinder Profile Is Epic And Someone Posted The Hilarious Message Exchange They Had

what about the others cecilie fjellh%C3%B8y the tinder swindler what about the rest what others are doing

- Fitness

girls cat kitten beautiful girl


44 Tinder Profiles That Are Filled With Craziness

Ultimate Guide to Tinder Profile Pictures - Playing With Fire

bee bumble bee texting social media phone addict

- I went on to a 3 min vid and there’s actually ads lasting 48 minutes. Thank the heavens it’s skippable.


tinder match meme bowling funny whats up

- I’m so done with these fucking guys who try to get my bank info 🙅🏼‍♀️

mine, don’t steal without credits


i was completely in shock ayleen charlotte the tinder swindler astonished surprised

- Can confirm. Source: Am burrito

Funny Tinder Bio Idea

like lionel swiping profile tinder

- Just woke up like this.

fabulous pernilla sj%C3%B6holm the tinder swindler phenomenal tremendous

- I’m a lucky guy.

tinder peaky blinders

by @l_svl⁠ -⁠ Link: dribbble.com/shots/14086652⁠ -⁠ -⁠ 👉 What are your thoughts on this design?⁠ Comment below and get a conversation started!⁠ -⁠ -⁠ #webdesign #ui #ux #site #uidesign #uxdesign #graphicdesigncentral #userinterface #interface #appdesign #uiux #landingpage #dailyui #webdesigners #interactiondesign #sketchapp #uiinspiration #userinterfacedesign #responsivewebdesign #uxinspiration #appdesigner #landingpages #awwwards #uicreative - @inspirationfordesigners on Instagram

smart one pernilla sj%C3%B6holm the tinder swindler wise guy intelligent

Hola,😊 quien quiera estar en el grupo de corazones aqui❤, solo chicas🤗 - @lgtbnoracista on Instagram

tinder superlike like

- People who dont mark their items as sold. -_-

a good time pernilla sj%C3%B6holm the tinder swindler an amazing time an awesome time

- Someone on my Instagram posted this profile onto their and the difference in some of these are ridiculous.

digibyte nah nope tinder james voller

- When you’re trying to get your mind off of a break up, but your recently used emojis keep showing up.

holly logan comedian comic cute but crazy crazy

- I didnt know time travel existed.

tinder neckbeards memes tinder gifs tinder date

- A little less creepy

postfinance swisspost swipe wischen swipueup

- Some women have impossible standards.

tinder bumble hinge grindr swipe right

- Funny relationship texts

match zozo toan hoc hauzozo

- Sons response to his grandma

tinder meme

- Msjazzyj

holly logan comedian comic cute but crazy crazy

- Thanks dudes for the tip, I might be having Indception

match its a match tinder matching on tinder kristen wiig

- Aquaman on tinder

wink man winking where ismael mael tinder

- Before and After

like harry tottenham hotspur football tinder

- They just china have pun.

bee bumble bee hi hello greeting

- Umm.. think she didn’t get it.

tinda finger tinder swipe right

- Who dis??? 😂😂

swipe swipe up whereismael whereismael gif mael gif

1-800-RUDEBOY - Quarantine & Chill Just dropped a quarantine banger ! It’s out now on tiktok, applemusic, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. Big shoutout to @killedthemfortheurl for the selfie ❤️🤧 - @1800rude on Instagram

homer tinder

- This type of garbage on instagram

tema meuf shiny tinder olol

- Finally figured out how to open with someone who doesn’t have a bio.

online dating tinder swipe single

- She was married just a week ago.

love heart amor eyes fall

- Woderful, woorthy, feearless, strong


- Mathway doesn’t let you quit

victory tinder viktor lundgren

- This 22 yr old girls profile pic on Tinder (x-post from r/creepy)

swipe swiping tiny hands baby hands tinder

- Please post CV below

cartoon hearts valentine romance valentines

- Everyday, I come across more and more creative profiles xD

swiping down francesco tinder tinder profile manager

- Baby

tinder guns valorant weapon rifle play valorant

- people from my school shamelessly meeting up


- Apple putting a fake ‘X’ on their Apple Music ads

everything is gonna be okay pernilla sj%C3%B6holm the tinder swindler everything will be fine its going to be okay

sometimes ppl just need a lil push in the right direction 💕 - @gracie on Instagram

trust no one swipe left tinder dont get out

- I found one in the wild!

swipe kopfkino kopf kino head

- Best friend pic ideas

idontbelievetinder tinder date tinderswipe too good to be true

- Now for: [insert_random_number] Off!

tinder wink at me whereismael mael winking man

- @erinlin20


- Say no more. Please ruin my life.

tinder vday bemyvalentine valentines day valentine

- No sense of humour.

tinder gizelly furacao

- How to embarrass yourself

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Hmmm what 🤔 - @hingereplies on Instagram


- Blursed yoga lockscreen

swipe kopfkino kopf kino head

- Here goes nothin...

online dating dating tinder bumble raya

held onto this one for a min. This is titled: Priorities. Yes I meant to say these instead of this. Yes I entertained it so y’all can see it. Yes I state I’m a mask wearer in my bio. Yes I hearted his whatever. That’s how it should be. Oh...and black womxn rule. #men #bs #nojusticenopeace #patriarchy #ignorance - @themilajam on Instagram

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- Ocado, you gits. Amongst the ‘high number of missing items’ are the main ingredients for our Christmas dinner, along with dessert and the Christmas crackers. I shouldn’t have been so smug about doing all my shopping online this year. Gonna have to brave the hordes at Tesco tomorrow morning now 😩

tinder swiperight

- Another Treat From My Birdperson Account

tinder gun valorant weapon rifle glitchpop vandal

- Saw this in /r/pcmasterrace with the captionconverting my gf to pc was surprisingly easy

like nope swipe tinder

- Teaching the chatbot breaking bad

like kylian boy wonder liked hearted

- Phew, that was close!

so you turned to tinder online dating desperate curious daniel kaluuya

- Contact names for boyfriend

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- Sums up pretty well what using Yahoo Search is like

tinder date tinder date dating online dating

- Yes... cute

omar janaan match tinder love amor

- I guess the C & the L are silent

dog swipe tinder cat bone

- Period mood swings

like antoine esports player atletico madrid liked

- Snapchat Users

swiping down gonzalo tinder tinder profile checking out

- @tapmy.bio on Instagram

nope sergio mma fighter real madrid disliked

- Do you have smelly feet?

tinder swipe right bumble online

- YouTube for the love of god please stop playing this ad before 75% of all videos I watch it hurts my ears so damn much

tinder gun valorant weapon rifle prime vandal

- Told my dad someone hacked his email. This was the convo that came after he changed his password.

greys anatomy april kepner we met on tinder tinder sarah drew

- 2meirl4meirl

tinder gun valorant weapon rifle rgx11z pro vandal

- Youre welcome bros 👊🏻

will you be my tinderella tinder user tinder swipe right sidemen

- Wtf is this shit on r/tinder

comedy central was ich eigentlich sagen wollte comedy show fernsehen sketch

- Person in grey thinks that can catch someone’s cancer

tinder swipe cellphone

- Now thats the dating app we needed

tinder gun valorant weapon rifle elderflame vandal

- Reddit just told me to download the app while I was in the Reddit browser...

tinder date match perfect bumble scared

- Not sure

tinder bumble hinge grindr swipe right

- Website Designs

dj cotrona seth gecko tinder from dusk till dawn

- These poor stock photo models probably have no idea they are the face of Chlamydia on Reddit

tinder gun valorant weapon rifle reaver phantom

- existys

quagmire family guy tinder


tinder gun valorant weapon rifle smite phantom

- do they realize both people on the app logo are ariana grande?

younger tv land ex on tinder tinder ex

- sex

flirt flirting flirty falcaolucas tease

- Do NOT download the hookup/dating app Hily - its an absolute scam. Tried to make me agree to a $27.53 per WEEK charge.

fun tinder how guys use tinder

My iPhone wallpaper for 10 years. 😍 - @ryandouglashammonds on Instagram

bloodbros swipe left tinder dating app bumble

- Ads now in Tinder message inbox

pulpfiction tinder

- Putting this on the default music player and it never fully stops.

bloodbros swipe right tinder dating app bumble

- Packing heat in a nice cold pool

tinder dating cheating swipe

- Worth it?

- Whyd Reddit do me like this 😭😭

- Wonder how many girl’s he’s gotten with this line 🧐

- Part 2

- Didnt even think I was worth more than $130, flattered

- *Check out this meme*

- I get very depressed when i compare myself to these images. People say its real, stop being so toxic and self hating sis but how can you thrive in a world overcome by 2 inch waists and 50 inch butts as a beauty standard?

- I did it for you short kings 👑

- funny shizzle

- Mobile App Design

- Biblical warning

- chat messenger

- me🏝irl

- I don’t think that’s a phone

- How to negotiate like a pro.

- love

- I can’t get rid of my spoons

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- Got this one in the bag for sure fellas

- F

- So this was posted @hotteststiktoks. I have the full screen recording if yall need it


- But Im just a kid!

- Ah yes.... Horny Role-players... Best content

- Titty out

- Its only 5 letters

- I think im in boys

- Better A Neckbeard

🙂 R U OK? 🙂 A conversation could change a life. Learn what to say at ruok.org.au 💙 - @harcourts_cranbourne on Instagram

- Interaction Design

- I’m too tired for this

- So this happened

- Her bio said she was a fan of The Office. Am I doing this right?

- She means each and every one

- Epic Gamer Moment

- There’s a fine line between fighting to keep a relationship alive and refusing to take “no” for an answer, and knowing this girl, I have a pretty good guess as to which side of that line she’s on.

- Found this on mematic

- Non’t

- Diy

- That escalated quickly

- When apps pull this shit

- Last line. Whos womans is this?!

- I am deeply disgusted

- Got A’s on all my finals

- Ok Tellonym, chill

- It went over her head

- Dont show me fake attitude understand Im model

- Snapchat codes

- Instagram stories like this

- Crossfire Series

- A match made in heaven

- Its a win-win situation

- Upskirt (link in comments)

- So my tinder name Is AdviceWizard and basically I just help people out on there and todays match got a bit interesting to say the least. (Sorry for the bad editing.)

- Oh...

- Age doesnt matter? The law and common sense would disagree.

- Dang it Kyle

- no success with this gem

- One of the reasons I hate instagram. Why did you post this under the Titanfall community.

- Fine dining

- Wait youre saying Spider-Man has an STD, thats slander!

- Swiped right because shes obviously down to make bad decisions

- Who says romance is dead

- he really got me in this one

- This app trying my little sis downloaded that costs almost $90 dollars a year

- Craiglist

- This is not her real IG. This is fake account. Please report this account guys. Thank you

- And he was definitely proud of this

- What goofy/weird nicknames do you call your partner? I’ve taken to calling my boyfriend “Wise Guy” in a New York mobster accent 😅

- Thank you iasip

- The perfect match

- When a nice guy feels personally attacked

- Our Blogs

- Snapchat?

- Why not both?

- Last guy said thanks for including him

- Which one is better? U sure the second guy aint the best for you?

- Out the arm hole

- Two types of people

- yea ok

- Insta story

- Every fuck given is gone so im layin it out

- First attempt at a name pun. Howd I do?

- This ad for a flashlight app. 🤨🤨🤨

- Cute relationship goals

- L

- me_irl

- We were talking about avatar the last Airbender...

- Going though Snapchat, scam ad pops up and requests your location every time you see it.

- But it was too late, she now knew the truth

- Plot twist, the grape IS breakfast.

- Under the tag straight hair the thumbnail is curly hair

- Google doesnt give a fuck about Bixby :-)

- Are you man enough?

- me😎irl

- Sakshi Chopra has an onlyfans now...

- See through nipple

- Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

- Manlets need not swipe right.

- Uncomfy Levels at a 💫🧚 Bro thought this guy was Normal

- The state of tinder

- In the words of Miss Katy Perry, Make em go Oh, oh, oh!

- Couple goals

- Butt Wholl

- Sometimes less is more

- Grazimourao

- Ads these days

- 2 what? There was zero context

- this is what dreams are made of

- Pic collector don’t trade with him

- Creepy Stuff

- For context, my name is Will

Follow her !! - @claceclassic on Instagram

- *Swipes right*

- I laughed way too hard at this

- she doesn’t watch The Bachelor AU

- Ah here we wittness trash practicing its mating call.

- Artika

- Grab Your Coat Bruh

- Freaky/ Relationship Goals

- Girl I used to go to school with has so many badly facetuned pictures. Dont think I need to point it out.

- Dawn is savage

- A diamond in the rough

- Thot destroyed by her own stroke

- New to the app, immediately unmatched myself out of shame but fuck it we ball

- Probably a whoosh

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- She seems nice


- Oh no the finesser got finessed

- Some say she’s still waiting...

- Me carry conversation with pickup lines duhhh

- recykeling

- Top Ten Anime Plot twists

- Let me tell you something I want..

- I’m sorry, what?

- @nina_zilli_fan_page on Instagram

- Eat a lot of airheads?

- It worked for me too!

- Coca-Cola’s new sip-and-scan made me think I’d instantly get two free movie passes but just had to sign up, so I signed up, gave them my email and selected the movie passes only for another page to say I didn’t win.

- Her profile said she was looking to marry rich

- Has Tinder always had this many rules?

- My grandmother made her first post ever. I’m glad she’s found an outlet where she can just let it all out.

- Bobs or Vegana whichever will it be...

- Helping hand

- What has pewdiepie done!

- Screenshot visible but source please?

- He seemed chill (but I was still creeped out) until he revealed he was 21 and I immediately did a 180

- Now I’m no scientist but he definitely looks over 18

- I think Im in, boys

- Chloe lukasias

- Tried the lightning McQueen line from the reddit and it got very awkward quickly

- I’ve found my soulmate

- Something something creed.

- chuckles.

- Got it before it was deleted

- Out of this world

- Why do I wanna be his ex? Didn’t he get rid of her for a reason?

- This advertisemend on instagram. I am literally getting 5 messages a day of this shit.

- Sidekick

- Dat gone too far

- Tinder lines

- Me_irl

- Snapchat Users

- Online dating is fun. ✨

- Going for the low-hanging fruit.

- Not quite the answer I was expecting...

@vegemite 🥺 - @vegemitegoat on Instagram

- Ive always liked girls that remind me of my mother

- notification

- Well, as long as we’re being honest...

- Best friends

- WoW

😆 - @_papa_ka_chamgadar_00816 on Instagram

- Classic tinder dynamics

- Paddled along Tinder River to Kik Lake and caught myself a catfish

- Sje must jave seen that on jere somewjere

- “Not here for Hook Ups”

- Seen on r/tinder. Any question from any person that isnt literally can I get some ass apparently deserves an immediate response from any woman

- Making Girls Feel Special

- Giving the important measurements... A+ Louise

- r/niceguys?

- Instant swipe right

- I’ve never gotten 5 matches in a row 🤭

- since i keep getting accused of faking these pictures. proof that this account is real.

- New to tinder and my first match. Im doing this right. Right?

- These bots arent even trying anymore...

- Working on my jokes, nailed it.

- This made me laugh 😆

- an add on Tinder that looks like a profile.

- No mirror pics allowed....?

- Fullscreen ad thats an entire app that opens whenever Chrome opens

- Women on tinder sure are very innovative with their opening messages

- Why do women always feel the need to tell my they have boyfriends?

- [ everyone liked that ]

- Sent this to my crush today, we talk about makeup sometimes .. *fingers crossed*

- What a catch.

- One my friend sent my way. She’s could with a couplet I guess?

- You had me until the last two sentences.

- 20 or 48?

- She has the spirit