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anna !#6900

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- This is where I would fit in. Ladies PMs open!

27 Cringey & Bizarre Russian Dating Pics

The 22 Funniest Profiles On Tinder

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start this week off smiling 🤗 - @ninmahel on Instagram


21 Bizarre Tinder Bios That’ll Make You Swipe Left

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Nudes please #nudes #dickcheney #imagreatleader - @cheney.dick on Instagram

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You need to be clear about what you want out of the relationship.

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21 Tinder Profiles That Youd Swipe Right On Just Because Of The Quality Bio


- kodak foto

𝓅 𝒾 𝓃 : 𝓁𝒾𝓋𝒹𝒶𝒹𝑜𝓁𝓁🤍

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This right here, is motivational as hell to me. I’m literally just some regular guy who grew up with hip hop and enjoys making music. But there’s another asian kid out there who’s actually been following all my music and wants my advice for how to make music. For me growing up, making hip hop music wasn’t something you aspired to do if you were Asian. The fact that average me can inspire some kid around the world is more rewarding than anything I can ask for. #hiphop #inspiration #music #asian - @itsvicimusic on Instagram

Sponge Bob

mikki claver dont understand dizzy

To be continued... #cleanyourroom #dadlife #clockisticking #whathaveyoudonetoday #earnit - @fitchefstew on Instagram

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- Morning Wood

★ random

Blank Pfp


- Jacko Brazier

44 Hilarious Tinder Profiles Wed Definitely Right Swipe On

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Even though we don’t co-sleep Jax winds up in the bed with us frequently. He wakes up first thing in the morning and has so much energy! Who knew two parents who weren’t morning people could have a wide eyed baby bear so chipper so early 🥺😭. Oh and boy does he love his “Maaaaaaaam” 🥰 - @spirituallibations on Instagram

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Hello to all, i havent been able to really share anything via Instagram lately due to the increasing amount of messages i get in DMs and emails. Id like to thank you all for sharing donating and adding to your stories- This means so much to me as im going through so much emotionally. It hurts to be in this predicament..but sooner or later im hoping for better. Please continue to share and donate for a cause. Glady appreciate any and every donation. Big shout out to @thefader. And @pitchfork for their articles & support... And my Dear Friend @serenajara_ for the campaign xo - @quaydash on Instagram

ca$h .

deez nuts

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As an addition to our current exhibition ‘Camera Obscura’ by Anders Krisár, we present an opportunity to view three extra sculptural works by Krisár; Half Torso 2, Bronze (2019), Half Torso 2, White marble (2019), and Half Boy, Mixed media (2014). Now on display in our sublime showroom. #cfhill #artspace #anderskrisar - @cfhillofficial on Instagram

𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚝: 𝚜𝚘𝚙𝚑𝚘𝚛𝚊𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 🌻

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Body by inebriated food choices. #ThiccBoi #Growing #StillNoAbs #ChestDay #GuysWhoLift #GaysWhoLift #InstaGay - @wesleyphillippreston on Instagram

ايزي on Twitter


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- cute blue toes of a sweet angel


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It’s my birthday 💕💕 - @xoxo_coleycole on Instagram

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cocoroBe:は体質改善をメインとした施術を行なっております🌿 . . 体質改善とは、 ◯ニキビができる ◯便秘症 ◯不眠 ◯冷え性 ◯慢性的な頭痛 などなど、様々な症状には、 それを引き起こす「原因」があります🌱 . その原因が一体なんなのか。 過度なストレスか? 暴飲暴食か? 冷えか? . その暴飲暴食とは何が原因か? 冷えの原因はなんなのか? . . 今ある症状の原因は、人それぞれ違い、根本的な原因を突き詰め治療をすることで、あらゆる症状を緩和または解消してあげることを、「体質改善」と言っています🌞 . . cocoroBe:では、 全員国家資格である、鍼灸師が全てのメニューをお施術させていただきます🌸 . 女性も男性も綺麗になりながら健康に…٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶ . DM💌にてご質問 受け付けておりますので ご気軽にご連絡ください🧸❤︎ . 〒530-0057 大阪府大阪市北区曾根崎1-2-8マルビル5F ☎︎0669498337 ✉︎cocorobe.1111@gmail.com . #美容鍼 #美容鍼灸 #美顔鍼 #美乳鍼 #美髪鍼 #体質改善 #肌質改善 #バスト #バストアップ #バストケア #大阪バストアップ #大阪バストケア #鍼灸師 #女性鍼灸師 #美容鍼灸師 #おうち時間 #おうちでエステ #施術 #鍼灸施術 #健康 #美容 #体質改善 #肩こり#腰痛#不眠#便秘 #免疫力 #免疫力アップ #東洋医学 - @cocorobe_official on Instagram


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- 200 dollars to 30 dollars is good deal


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- Is this perfect or too much?

★ Icons

Picture memes 7BOONwT07 — iFunny

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- I dont think she understands what shes done

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Are we having drinks or dranks ? I need to dress accordingly 🤔🍸🍾🍹 - @labellablondie on Instagram

Swipe Right Photo Booth Sign

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- Hey look at this meme

released the photos 33

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Dinner 🍽 at the hard rock - @msprettysparkle on Instagram

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single, pieaddo :) - @snapchat.latvia on Instagram

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🔥 Trying to get those aesthetics on Deck🔥 @jed_north -sweats pants #abs #vline #shredded #chest #biceps #motavation #zyzz #aestheticedits - @brianlandry1 on Instagram

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support ❣️ - @heem_clothing on Instagram

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- Crush signs

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- This woman doesn’t follow me, but every few months will DM me to belittle and disrespect my relationship.

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- Covid isnt real

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- When She wakes up all horny and decides to tease during the Quarantine. Damn those lips and tits. F19

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#so #seductive #miraa_cle - @mira_.cle on Instagram

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Hello World!! 🌍 Happy Wednesday everyone!! I believe being comfortable in your own skin is so important. For a very long time I thought/ was told girls with muscles look like men. I always tried to hide my strengths to make others feel comfortable around me. Wrong!! Never dim your light because others don’t understand but continue to be who you truly are!! What are some insecurities you have overcome? I’d love to hear and let you know you’re not alone. 🌱✨🙌🏽 • • • #selflove #love #loveyourself #beyourself #lovetheskinyourein #healthyliving #healthyeating #workout #exercise #blackvegan #blackisbeautiful #vegan #swimsuit - @kdub_jelly on Instagram

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mnl48frances frances

it’s been a while since i did one of these huh 🤔 - @kennadii_ on Instagram

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- I was liking this lighting , how about you?

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‼️Are you or someone you know looking to buy, sell, or lease a home? ‼️ Let me EARN your business! 📲 832-402-0909. #realtorearniewells #earniewells #Houston #Houstonrealtors #Houstonrealestate #realtors #realestate #texas #texasrealestate #homebuyers #homesellers #houstonliving #listingagent #leaseagent #apartmentlocator #buyersagent #realestateinvestor #dreamhome #houstonhomes #houstonapartmentlocator #houstonapartments #houstonluxuryapartments - @realtorearniewells on Instagram

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Thanks for all your likes!🎉😘 @mittelmatze . . . . . #topnine2019 #bestof2019 #topnine #bestnine #top9 #2019bestnine #gaygermany #schwul #gayhamburg #instagay #gaybeard #gayglasses #gayofinstagram #gaydudes #gaypost #gayfit - @mittelmatze on Instagram

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👀👀👀 - @madmanleek on Instagram

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- UNO reverse card

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- Sebastian Young

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#enteritobunny Blanquito💓 no trasluce la piel, solo entregamos calidad ñ. @ig.ng22.04 está usando M . - @mai_indumentaria on Instagram

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We have been stunned silent... Like many of you, we watch the news. We read the articles. We see the obvious turmoil that is consuming America. In our silence we have been searching. ——————————————————— It’s hard knowing what to feel, let alone what to say in a public forum. What do you do with all these emotions? How can you “entertain” during these times? How do you find your voice over the piercing sounds of vile, unwarranted murders of black people, systematic racism, violence, trauma, sensory overload, and all while in a pandemic? It seems as though everyone is simply screaming over each other, and it’s coming at us all at once. —————————————————— While the shell-shock has faded and we have recaptured our voice, we want our friends, family, peers, and fans to know that we have been with all of you. Like you, we desire and will be part of an ongoing process of real change that is sensitive to the nature of what we have seen, of what we have felt, in this nightmare called 2020. ——————————————————— Our own hearts now better understand what we can do individually and collectively, not only as musicians but also as human beings, to bring this world to a better place, to make our society more just, to dismantle the foundations of a system that denies our humanity. Your Administration, Kennedy, OndreJ, Nat, Chelton, and Dan ✊🏾✊🏻✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼 - @kennedyadministration on Instagram

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- blursed_operation

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Juneteenth was lit ✊🏾🤘🏾 - @theactual7am on Instagram

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- candice patton

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RG @charlotteslawrence 💕: wow. @thechicks @1nataliemaines @martiemaguire @fuffanoo i am absolutely speechless. i wrote this song february of 2018. writing these lyrics felt so natural to me, so relieving and therapeutic, the words just poured out of me like i was breathing. i immediately knew back then how much this song meant to me, how much i needed to write it, how it would become and stay my favorite song i have ever made. initially i wasn’t even going to release it, and once i did i expected it to be a sort of hidden track that was a favorite for only me. i am so, so honored and taken aback that you chose this song to cover on your incredible new album. hearing it for the first time this morning made me cry. hearing the way you took the song and made it your own, (right after the clip i posted, Marty does the most beautiful violin solo) i probably listened to it 20 times in a row. i’m so grateful for you all @thechicks , you’ve been an inspiration to me since i’ve been young, and you have all shaped the way i am as a musician in ways i can’t explain. you’ve taught me about the power of art and music, you’ve taught me how to be a strong woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone, you mentored me, brought me on stage when i was 15, and in 2020 covered my favorite song in the most perfect way. i love you all so deeply and i am so, so thankful. @hayleygenepenner you are one of my all time favorite people and writers forever, and i thank you deeply for putting your heart and soul into this song, using your insane talent to write this story with me. you are magnificent and without you this song wouldn’t have been sung.❤️ @joe_lndn you made the song what it is, put such a special deepness and beauty to it, sonically, melodically, lyrically, everything, making the lyrics come to life. i’m BEYOND MYSELF!!!!! this is the coolest shit of all time. holy. FUCK. everyone go listen to the new chicks album!!!!! every song is fucking magnificent❤️ - @thechicks on Instagram

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guarimba cant decide choice slap your face

- Blursed_hand

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- Blursed proposal

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Simple rule in life tells: do exactly what makes you happy !!! @powerliftingmotivation - @powerlifting.motivation on Instagram

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- @smart_shankar_220 on Instagram

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Pressure makes diamonds 💎 #instadaily #instagood #instamood #backview #yourdreamgirl #onlyfan #linkinbio #explorepage #explore #highlyaddicting #avliablenow - @_baileyy.rose on Instagram

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- Two are better than one

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Subscribe to hydro only fans now while it’s still free 😌Link in bio - @theonlyhydro__vids on Instagram

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- hmmm


- How to track an anti-vax baby’s lifespan

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@lawdmercy👚 - @willshotthat on Instagram

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🍂 M E L 🍂 A N I N 🍂 - @misslulucreates on Instagram

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🍒🍒🍒 - @kentajiasmith on Instagram

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LEO//$EASON - @jaykastle on Instagram

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1 more week! - @premasis.mukherjee on Instagram

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sauce pot🍯 - @beam_me_up_softboi on Instagram

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- Goals

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- Did someone say under boob?

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Plz like and share 👍💯 #artistic_blog #art #target #like4likes #drawingpages #share #needyoursupport #needyourlove #target🎯 #targetdeals #targethome #targetfinds #targethaul #targetdoesitagain - @__the__art_cart__ on Instagram

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;) - @princessxjadaa on Instagram

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Drop ❤️ If You Agree ! 🥀❤️ @luv__books in in the most cutest account on Instagram !! They post the most emotional things 😭💔💔. . . . . . . . . . DM For Credits and removals..✌️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Credit : - Respected Owner 🥀❤️ Theyre getting so popular lately i cant believe youre not following them..... . . . MUST FOLLOW :- . 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 @luv__books @luv__books @luv__books @luv__books . #lovequotes #inspirational#luvbooks #quoteoftheday #love #inspire #success #motivation #inspiration #trust #dailyquotes #journey #saying #positivity #quotestagram #quotes #motivational #kindness #quotestoliveby #motivationalquotes #dailyinspiration #happiness #goal #quote #positivevibesonly #india#followforfollowback#attitude#like4likesback#loveyou❤️ - @luv__books on Instagram

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Ending this Wednesday with an ABSolutely killer upper ab shred! This will have your upper abs toned and burning 🥵🔥 I promise🤪 —— SWIPE AND SAVE📌 Circuit: 30 secs per exercise X 3 sets 💥Pie Slice Crunches 💥Weighted/Non-Weighted Upper Crunches 💥Controlled Bicycle Crunches 💥Diagonal Crunches 💥Weighted Around the Worlds —— ☾preworkout: @vitaminbounty GX7 in Watermelon fueled this workout. Use code WORKOUTWITHWHIT20 to save 20% !! ☾outfit: @gymsharkwomen loose training shorts x adapt marl sports bra ☾music: Perfect Time by @roddyricch #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #gymsharktrain #athomeabs #abcircuit #upperabs #abshred #abshiit #abworkout #athomeworkout #melanin #blackinfluencers #girlswholift #coreworkout - @workout.with.whit on Instagram

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I have a company that’s hiring all over the country for a remote sales position. It’s base pay plus a commission with no cap. For those who will be off unemployment in a few weeks this is a good opportunity to work from home. Message me for info. - @iamkeannaward on Instagram

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- The shit Garfield eat

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- Blursed notification

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💪🏾 @equality4flatbush #defundthefuckingpolice #allblacklivesmatter #technoisblack #physicallysick3 artwork @__jinx - @frankiefatgold on Instagram

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#chicago #music #rap #hiphop #rapper #love - @kayceeortiz on Instagram

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Customer reviews is what we live for!🤗 - @cantecandle on Instagram

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- Blisters from spending all day on the monkey bars

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Feb 2020 Aug. 2020 I love the woman I am becoming ❤️ - @daniellevonkeller on Instagram

showgirls you dont nomi documentary doc nomi

- Hard

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a year ago today, i woke up not knowing that i’d meet the girl of my dreams that day. priya is more than just my girlfriend. she is my best friend, my mentor, and just all i’ve ever wanted. she’s so gorgeous, intelligent, funny, but best of all, she’s pure. i’ve never met someone so pure in my entire life. i am forever thankful for this relationship and how close we are. she makes life so much brighter. she makes it easier to keep my head up. i genuinely never thought i’d be in love at 16. i always thought love was a guessing game but then i met you and realized that love is just a never ending poem. i haven’t been this happy since i was a kid. happy anniversary priya, this is just the first of many. love luv luff u (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc) - @allyntee on Instagram

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Been about you since I met you. — A genuine smile, because you make me the happiest girl in the world. I love you so much, Nick. It’s been 3.5 years and I STILL choose you every single day. 😘💕 - @annnnanotbanana on Instagram

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Who’s club is this?😂😂🤣S/O @audriannachanel for the tag🏷 //TAG A STRIPPER👇👇 #stripper #stripperfights #explore #explorepage #memes - @thedancerslockerroomphx on Instagram

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- Peekaboo

ramona rhony date dating left

- That’ll kill him twice as fast...

there there l%C3%A0 l%C3%AC here qui

- 🍒

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I love my fans 😍 #actor #actorslife #biggestfan - @mattyjacts on Instagram

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I saw we were thirst trappin’ for #BiWeek and I just had to participate before the week was up! 😌✨ This month, I’ve had to defend my bisexuality multiple times — including to folks I thought I was in community with... I’ve been bi since I was about 11. I’ve been learning and growing into my identity everyday since. In that time I’ve learned that: some folks don’t think we belong in queer spaces, some folks think we’re confused, some folks think we’re “greedy” ... and I’m here to tell ya that baby! There is no one way to be bi! We’re queer as hell! We aren’t confused! And we definitely aren’t greedy! Your sexuality is valid! Your bisexuality is yours! 💖 - @heauxonthegeaux on Instagram

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In China we call it frog leg🦵 - @terrrrydaddy on Instagram

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- How to make your boyfriend break up with you

tinder swiperight

🌸🌸 - @theogoquadri on Instagram

fashion animation buy online shopping money please

- All my furs for all your pumpkins

match its a match tinder matching on tinder kristen wiig

- @afroafroafrodite on Instagram

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Yeah, don’t get too excited. This is me but also not me. That’s what I used to be like some time ago. Then some issues happened, I’ve lost the body I was so proud of and now, luckily, I’m on my way to get it back. But what I wanted to say is that: yeah, getting the body you dream about, the body you’re satisfied with, the body you work for is hard, it is. But... going back to this body is way harder. You keep thinking about what you’ve had and what you’ve lost, you’re going down the same path you’ve already been to, you keep seeing what you’ve had but lost so easily. I’m not trying to play a victim or something. I just know I need to keep pushing myself and what is most important: I have to appreciate what I have at the present moment, because it’s not going to last forever. Also, before some bad comments appear, I’m not saying only fit bodies are beautiful and hot, no. I don’t think so. I just know what I want my own body to look like. That’s it. #gay#lgbt#queer#gay#gym#fit#workhard#gains#health#ass#booty#hairy#hairybody#hairychest#legs#tattoo#nipples#queer#polish - @dyadia.yasha on Instagram

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Going on a short hiatus with the FB🧚‍♂️ series while the Kickstarter for book 2 is running, but wanted to make some promo comics that will be in the new book as extras, so here’s the first! If you’d like to support the FAIRY BOY: BOOK TWO book and get a copy, please check out the link in our bio or copy paste: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/husbandandhusband/fairy-boy-book-two . . . . . . . #husbandandhusbandcomic #husbandandhusband #fairyboy #fairyboycomic #lgbtcomic #gaycomics #gay #gaycomic #gaymer #instagay #comic #comics #youtube #webcomic #webcomics #fairy - @husbandandhusband on Instagram

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- Telling him just how he is going to worship my girlcock...

tinder swipe right yes for everyone automatic yes

- Like a sprinkler 💦

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- Got a scam ad on youtube for one of those detox foot baths. Omfg

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Weight loss📉 and beers🍻 That can’t be true?🤔 Are you still cutting things out you enjoy 🍕🥃 to only see the scale still going up? ⬆️ Why are you still doing the ALL or NOTHING prison? Let’s do it different this time💪🏼 Shoot me a message if you’re ready for a change. - @coachbillywhitehead on Instagram

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- Beat It

instantly i swiped right george mason georgemasontv i like it i swiped right immediately

- Am I doing this right?

- what the hell

Tried that pose that I saw from @wiintrr and if you look at me long enough I start to look weird ✨. - @destinyallera on Instagram

- Big O tits

Será que vai volta o normal tentei arruma meu rosto o buraquinho de marca de espinha e meu rosto fico assim todo mundo tá olhando pra mim estranho 😭😭 alguém me ajuda - @brendaferrarioficiall on Instagram

- Wife enjoying herself with a friend of hers while hubby watches

- Trying to flirt or just a strange fetish

mentally i’m here - @dj.zaida on Instagram

Understand nothing comes overnight and you have to want it even more than anyone else, ask yourself are you ready to clock in the necessary extra hours & put in the work no other player willing to ⚠️ • • Years In - True Throwback‼️ • • #LaFamilia #CheckRock - @checkrock_ on Instagram

Y’all heard @jstlbby ‼️ Get your shirts before you have to 2 pc somebody 😂😂 - @the_betsy_boutique on Instagram

sooo yea hc was fun🤩 - @thtstrinity on Instagram

Looks like it actually took about 3 months to get that unfollow 😂 - @oldrowswig on Instagram

- Aspen Rae

- Dude messaged me a couple weeks ago asking for nudes. Told him I was a minor. My birthday just passed and I got this message.

OK Boomer. #millennial #endgame #boomer #troll - @ryanivanoff on Instagram

- out of 10?

I don’t lack, I just transition...✌🏾 - @fitnique on Instagram

When your jeans fit.. excuse the mirror. - @alexisnoble.style on Instagram

- Firming Eye Cream

- Was so horny that I had to fuck my own car! [GIF][OC]

- The Tinder Challenge

- Curvy

- French Dick or Croissant? Which one are you feeling like today?

- Good morning! ☺️

Drip drop, Drip Drippity Drop Underwear: @mendusallc Out NOW ! #ad #promo - @nikolovetm on Instagram

- Little jiggle before the reveal ;) [OC]

- Perfect Curves V1.3 (Final)

One of those cute car photos your boyfriend/girlfriend is supposed to take. p.s. my whole outfit is from @uptown_wichita 🤘🏼and scrunchie from @nocoastsalon - @allisonwonser on Instagram

- Pm me ;)

Tiara rocking one of our fab favorite sets. If you want a set please DM us we have some available and on hand #wasteyourwaist - @wasteyourwaist_merch on Instagram

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@nicole.chambers on The Rose Virtual Stage! What a force 💎 Listen to this unreleased bop Im fine. she shared with us for Culutre Calls Weekender. Full performance is on @therosebrampton IGTV. . Nicole Chambers is a 🇨🇦 songwriter making music that speaks of truth, love, and self growth. Raised by the sounds of gospel via church, Chambers never considered music as a career until a high school teacher at Fletchers Meadow encouraged her to pursue it, taking a leap of faith she went to college to study jazz. . Chambers upcoming album release, Voice of a Virgo, is set to drop September 17th which presents a body of work three years in the making. A dreamy, soul-filled ride influenced by the lyricism of Jill Scott and artistry of Erykah Badu, Chambers waxes and wanes about the rollercoasters of life and love. The ten-track project embodies the traditional sounds of classic R&B and, in true Virgo fashion, the artist kept tweaking it in a strive for perfection. Finally satisfied, she feels it’s a true reflection of who she is. Says the artist, “I know my ability to sing is a gift and I’m lucky to have it. Voice of a Virgo is like my inner spirit saying be true to you”. . See you tomorrow for our last day of Culture Calls online events! - @culturebrampton on Instagram

- Pretty sure “need” is an exaggeration

- NO bra muffin top

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- I don’t even know what the correct response to this is

Sunday Snappin 🤳🏽 - @camerabae__ on Instagram

Back to black 🖤⌚️🕋 - @hannahgracepaz on Instagram

I’m only sending freaky videos to the people who follow who I’m following and send me proof🥵😈 - @katie_sends on Instagram

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#blacklivesmatter - @chadradwellgang on Instagram

- 72 year old Dad likes Apple Pay

- dubsmash

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- Succubutt 😈 (f)

- Are big black dicks welcomed here?🤔


Going big! Rachel conquered her fear of heights and Sam swapped from skateboarding to roller skates recently and is smashing goals each week like a champion 🙌 Love the cheer squad on the first video.. the kids at Chigs are awesome at pumping you up! . . #cibsunshinecoast #thisishowweroll #cibcrew #safetyissexy #moxirollerskates #chayaskates #s1helmets #ashleywildramps #spreadthestoke #skaterboys #girlsskate - @cib_sunshinecoast on Instagram

- Damn I got spoiled

Client: @bohemian_barber I am SO PROUD of this lady right here, with all the confusion of covid and owning a business, she still decided to come out on top this year!! The whole first year, we focused primarily on strength and getting healthy, even ending the year with the idea to start powerlifting! At the start of 2020, we began our programming for her first meet. Then covid happened and changed the whole game! Once gyms opened back up, we reconnected with a new fire burning...We took the intensity to the next level, and with the added muscle from pre-quarantine, the fat started to melt away! This is what sticking to a plan looks like, You change fast when you are consistent! Now, time to keep pushing, and let’s see where we are by the end of 2020! - @heavyweighthealth_fitness on Instagram

The mission was incomplete. My goal was 235lbs 10% BF. I was capped at 230lbs 13% BF courtesy of COVID. It’s been hard getting back in that mind set, but now I finally feel ready. Nothings wrong with being competitive with yourself. I am my only competition. #cutting #cuttingseason #lean #leangains #leanmuscle #fitness #motivation #motivationaluseonly #flashbackfriday #flexfriday #grindtime #timetolockin #focused #diet #eatclean #eathealthy - @rellcapo on Instagram

- No armpit gang

Tusen takk til alle som kom i går, det var grysomt godt å se dere igjen! Vi går i hi resten av juli, men er tilbake på samme sted til samme tid 7. August 😶 Skaff billett med en gang for å sikre deg plass, hilsen de syv dvergene i unkt hhønt 😙😜🤫🤠🤡🤓😴 (en ekstra takk til alle som kjøpte merch! vi skaffer flere gensere til neste gang:o) - @unkthhont on Instagram

- cursed_collection

- Someone said i got a lil dick.. is that true

FyraTvå❣️#FyraFyraTvå - @s.e.b.b on Instagram

Before & After My Breast reduction journey. Swipe left to hear me talk about some of the complications I had with my former chest and to watch a magic trick (me making my hand disappear lol). And be sure to click the link in my bio to watch my journey of getting this surgery. Be sure to ask questions and tag a friend who you think would be inspired by this. #BreastReduction #breastreductionsurgery #breastreductionnyc #breastsurgery #nyc #surgery - @icenation on Instagram

- Cute Baby Shoes

$imple 🦋.. #explorepage - @kayleee.x0 on Instagram

- 143

xz@&$’#:;?! - @averageguy_q.art on Instagram

- PSA from Exchange Student Grandma

- @__rana_k_makeup on Instagram

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**swipe to compare performances and leave a comment if you think I deserve an Oscar for this fall** Drunk Bollywood: Hum Aapke Hain Koun..! Edition by @lionpartyfilms Just everything about the original version of this scene from Bollywood movie “Hum Apke Hain Koun..!” from the sound track, to the enormity of the staircase, to the physical way in which she falls down the stairs is a masterclass in film making. An all time best (also possibly only?) performance by Renuka Shahane. For anyone who has seen the original version of “Hum Apke Hain Koun..!” this scene needs no context because it is undoubtedly the highlight of the entire movie. I am blessed and honored to have been given the chance to do this scene justice. If you have not seen this original movie, you don’t need to. But if this video has been entertaining I encourage you to watch a full drunk narration of “Hum Apke Hain Koun..!” by @LionPartyFilms on their IGTV page because you will not regret it. @rohitgijare and @aaloogobi do a wonderful job of narrating all the major plot points, character arcs, and dance sequences of Hum Aapke Hain Koun and actors @soniarathee @akaashyadav @joshi_sankalp bring it to life. I’d also like to point out the attention to detail in background scoring of this video edit by @raashidesaiphotography Narrators: Aaliya Islam and Rohit Gijare Nisha: Sonia Rathee Prem: Sankalp Joshi Pooja: Sharayu Mahale Rajesh: Akaash Yadav Tuffy: Kobe Directors: Raashi Desai, @promawhatup Editing: Raashi Desai Title Design: @jueedesai ‘Hum Aapke Hai Koun..!’ soundtrack by Raamlaxman via Saregama (Inspired by Drunk History from Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner) . . . . . . #DrunkBollywood #HumApkeHainKoun #RenukaShahane #DrunkHistory #bollywood - @mahalenator on Instagram

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- My friend is a bit retarded , sorry about that

- Looking at her hair instead of...

- Acme hair

New song coming to all platforms AUGUST 8 !!! Until than enjoy this cake 💓 - @lilgloom on Instagram

Morning 😌☀️ (tongue dimple)🖤 - @ari_kari20 on Instagram

💙 - @meandsomebdydaughter on Instagram

Let’s get that weekend off to the right start, welcome to the nation, Cauliflower Nation #cauliflowernation #cauliflowerear #cauliflowerears #cauliflowerearclub #earsdontlie - @cauliflowernation on Instagram

- I Love Being Commanded, Not Asked

- Busty.

- Blursed Sale

- The Pepsi Challenge

Plenty things be going down during this pandemic😂 🍆🍑😋😈👅 . . . Follow @fuoyespicy for more❤ #hoe #hoememes #hoestories #fuoye#explorepage #explore #gaintrick #love #babamaxii #explorepages #gainwithmchina #followforfollowback #hyperbeast #madeinkenya #igerskenya #black #igkenya #gains #follow #10over10 #publicity254 #watapatatabusana #nairobikenya #gainwithxtiandela #gainwithbundi #nakuru #tembeakenya #gainwithpaula #gainwithspikes #ekiti - @fuoyespicy on Instagram

- Can anyone identify the gloryhole scene?

- I’m just gonna leave this here. #neverforgehtti

- A ventral (this isn’t a spelling mistake, he always thought the word was a ventral)

My heart is melting 😭😭😭😭 #ethiopianrapper #ethiopianwomen #london #australian #canadiangirl #italian #india #asiangirls #femalerapper #femaletupac #producer #beats #artist - @remygirlremy1738____ on Instagram

- Couldn’t decide on just 1 so here’s 2 !

Bad lil vybe 😭 - @d3ad6oy on Instagram

If your looking at this picture right now don’t give up 🤞🏾😌 #Whewitsthetransformationforme #fitnessmotivation #weightlossjourney #transformationtuesday #healthylifestyle #fitnurse #prettyfitnurses #herbalifenutrition🍃 #nurselife #melaninfitness #blackhealthmatters - @pretty.fit.nurses on Instagram

I did 300 push-ups this morning after working 8 hours night shift. The push ups that I did was incline and decline push-ups for my upper and lower chest. I did each push-ups for 50 seconds and break for a minute. After- I drink lots of water, milk and i also ate some brown rice. - @kingabdul_ghost on Instagram

- 21M, CW170lbs, 5’11. feeling good today. IF does wonders. if anyone is interested in tips, let me know.

- Can’t even Phantom paying taxes

- A Fit Life

- Thumb Spine (silicone implant)

Boy, you need me, I dont need you, lil nigga Bitch, is you fucking yo niggas? Then hit em You aint been up in no bussy this tight. I want a nigga, I know how to get him! 🐴#AAAAAHH!👅 - @omgitsejayy on Instagram

Leg day ..just got done - @drickygraham on Instagram

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Alright @aubreedrew... u called me out for 22 push-ups to bring awareness to suicide prevention!!! I’m a huge supporter of what your doing and I want to play my part. I was delayed on my submission for 3 days. So I made up for it and did 66, 22 for each day, with a 22lb weight vest. Now I will admit mine got sloppy due to them being post workout, but they got done. I’m calling out @bruteforcesandbags @aurora_firefighters @fittofightfire @milehighfiretraining @a_bradley10 @joco_ @son_of_a_soren and @sonsofirons to do 22 push-ups to bring awareness to suicide prevention! do your part! #suicideprevention #suicidepreventionmonth #life #suicidepreventionday #liveformore - @bwood1786 on Instagram

- The day my mom passed from cancer. Jan 18 2016. I proudly wear both of her rings and will some day pass them down to my future kids.

My darling R, ⠀ A love note to you. ⠀ I laughed out aloud on reading this. ⠀ I was not feeling ‘it’ before I started this dance, whatever ‘it’ is. ⠀ But I have a rule- I film only once- no retakes- and it was what it was. ⠀ Once I did the dance, I felt good and did my workout. ⠀ Do you know an Instagram story is only 15 seconds long? And a day has 86,400 seconds. That’s 0.02% of any given day. ⠀ While I am grateful for Instagram to have met you and many other strong beautiful people, Instagram is NOT the whole reality. ⠀ For instance- ⠀ Instagram didn’t show you- ⠀ My yelling right before this. ⠀ It didn’t show you the fatigue I was feeling inside. ⠀ It didn’t show you the burst of pride I felt at still having shown up. ⠀ It didn’t show the hobbling legs on which I made dinner after. ⠀ It didn’t convey the stench from the dirty dishes piled up the whole day. ⠀ The point is- Instagram shows only snippets of someone’s life and don’t you dare judge yourself based on those 15 seconds. ⠀ It’s true that while connections over social media help us, but we must always remember that it is still the ‘best’ moments of anyone’s day. ⠀ I want you to remember this the next time you judge your incredible miracle of a body which has given you a beautiful angel. Can you promise to do that please? ⠀ I have been exercising regularly for three years now and have changed my eating habits almost 180 degrees. ⠀ It’s only in the last few months have I felt a marked difference in how I feel. Not even last year I felt this. ⠀ I am not saying you will need to wait 3 years but give it time. Your body is doing the best it can. The mind will match up too. ⠀ And yes, keep working at those eating habits. The better you fuel yourself, the more energy you will have. And again, boring as it is- IT. TAKES. TIME. ⠀ But I give it in writing- you are on the right track and are already on your way. Are you not feeling better than you were 6 months ago? ⠀ If you took breaks, that’s okay. Just keep at it. ⠀ You are doing so well. ⠀ Believe in yourself my darling. ⠀ I believe in you. ⠀ Love, Keerti ⠀ PS- swipe left to see the dance in question. - @indianfitmom on Instagram

- #Fridays

#BUSSDOWNCHALLENGE ‼️ SWIPE LEFT ➡️ Over 750k views on Tiktok 🚀 The internet is taking the Waistline Test 📝 Bottle of water needed 💦 and Balance ⚖️ Original Queen @ahintofspiice 🐲 🎵: “Buss Down” - @blacka @krossfayahsound @claytonwilliam (LINK IN BIO) Follow me on Tik Tok (blackadidanca) - @blacka on Instagram

A happy me is when i design attire for ownself ❣️😄.. created something after a long time🙄 Designing means peace from within 🙃 . Since childhood i was in love with sketching.. ✏️ all my school books last pages where filled with outfit sketches.. when was in 5th std my art teacher saw my books filled with designs.. n her words was.. Nida mai hogayi tumpar fida,mere liye kuch design karoge.. i sketched again n gave her a design & after 2 weeks i saw her in my design! Yes! She converted my sketch into an outfit & damnnn!! I was thrilled!! Since that day my hobby for sketching outfits became passion for designing & now Im living it❣️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #photo #photos #pic #pics #picture #pictures #snapshot #art #beautiful #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #color #all_shots #exposure #composition #focus #capture #moment - @aawarapatakha on Instagram

I can be your cherry, apple, pecan, or your key lime Baby I got everything and so much more than shes got 🍒 📸 by me 💫 #explore #explorepage #freespirit #locs #locs4life #tattoos #melanin #photo #nudist #livelaughlove #beyou #expressyourself - @___ilovecheese on Instagram

•every body is a good body• growing up it was a reoccurring thing to hear my body was too much, but ya know, these days i got a lot of love for her. she has a lot of cool art, she lets me do a lot of cool things, and she’s got a pretty rad soul inside. growing up, the way i was taught to see my body, made me think it would hinder me from things in life. that i’d never be good enough. ya know what has hindered me from things in life? accepting the mindset and opinions other people put on me. sure, i’ve lost weight and treated her better lately, but I love her just as much as I did before that. you are more than your stretch marks, your rolls, and your bumps. so ya got a little extra to love, i promise you there are worse things. self love is hard, but so so sweet. the self confidence is visible now that i’m free to be the woman i am. in the words of @hilary__anderson, buy the crop top and rock it. thank you for being the hype woman we all need. and thank you for the cutest thrifted sweater ever ••• #seflove #bodypositivity #positivevibes #selfappreciation #tattooedgirls #thriftedfashion #loveyourself #loveme #selfconfidence - @kaffinatedxkim on Instagram

It’s the quads for me ✨ LINK IN BIO 💋 - @itsjustrocky on Instagram

Summertime sadness - @roiporto on Instagram

Post yoga practice, summertime. . . . #yogainstructor #armbalances #lululemon #inversions #yogaworkshop #asanajunkie #loveyoga #yogaeverydamnday #zenmoments #armbalancejunkie #getupsidedown #yogastudios #zen #yogamoves #sundayyogamoment #caseywickstrom #namaste #toplessinspirationalquotes #shirtlessguys #absworkout - @caseywickstrom on Instagram

- Great news! I overslept and missed school

- cursed_selfie

- It was a very hot day

@call_me_fola WAN FOLLOW UNA TALK 😂😂 make you do ur own video tag me and tag the artists @call_me_fola 💯💯 song on all platforms 🙌 - @simeonskye on Instagram

- Had a good leg workout today ! [m]

Who up 👁👄👁 I brought a late night snacc🍑 I do be a little to into doin shower sets but maybe that’s bc I’m a Pisces 🐠 For the rest of the set (shot with quality angles by my #1 bbs @micugh 🥴💕) join OWN LEAF ANDS ;) - @kawaiibrocosplay on Instagram

...☝🏾 it’s the melanin for me 🍫👑✨ - @meggy_longlegz on Instagram

- A recent conversation I had with my best friend last night. Please tell me this is just a result of the quarantines driving her crazy

I don’t sing in the shower, I perform... Ⓜ️: @anikawilmore #showertime💦🚿 #barechested #waterphotography #photographyislife #nudity #freethenipplesupporter #80saesthetic #blueaesthetic #curlyhair #modelmayhem #wetnwildbeauty #touchme #cheekygirl #waterlust #legsfordays #artmodel #thighhighs #modellife #blackhairstylist #touchmybody #beautifuldestinations #hotelhideaway #bedtimeshenanigans #nakedtruth #nakedwoman #bikinibottom #wetonwet #losangelesmodel #coldshower #feelingmyself - @poetic_stoner3 on Instagram

Steven universe theme song stuck in my head. 💞 Been singing it all morning so i made a tiktok using the sound. Life is weird and chaotic so i hope you’re okay. Take care of yourself black people this life is hard but we are magic. 🌱🌱🌱 @everythingmadeforyou @everythingmadeforyou @everythingmadeforyou - @chocolate_chun_li on Instagram

indecisiveness at its finest 🥴. - @lif3ofwhitney on Instagram

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Cause all of me loves all of you💙 @savagexfenty - @gatatv on Instagram

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” To change the life around you, you must first change the belief inside you. If there’s a lesson I learned that shifted my life for the better, it was this. We often think we have to wait for things to happen or get better. Truth is we don’t, we just need to believe they already are... long enough for them to manifest. Start believing like you did before you grew up, before the world brainwashed us into believing we are not powerful beings 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧚🏻 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #love #instagood #photooftheday #starseed #spirituality #spiritual #like #beautiful #positivevibes #follow #picoftheday #photo #manifestation #crystals - @michelleamber83 on Instagram

Когда я научусь использовать всю мощь и силу этих мышц - цены не будет моим ногам 💰💰💰❌❌❌ Останется только страховать 😄💰 А сейчас это результат регулярных тренировок и генетических данных. У моего папы такие же ноги, хотя он уже больше 20 лет профессионально футболом не занимается. Только на любительском уровне 👍🏻✊🏻⚽️ Доброй и спокойной ночи мои друзья 😴😴😴 #есенийверховец #ногифутболиста #юныйфутболист #есений_футбол #юныйспортсмен #footballkids #soccerplayer2013 #football #EseniyVerkhovets #Verkhovets13 #kidsfootball #boyfootballplayer #boymodel #modelboy - @eseniy_verkhovets13 on Instagram

you dont need a lot of money to shine and the shine comes naturally😉🔥❤️💯 Drag to the side ➡️➡️➡️ você não precisa de muito dinheiro para brilhar e o brilho vem naturalmente😉🔥❤️💯 Arrasta para lado ➡️➡️➡️ - @louboutin_lopes on Instagram

new mix to complement my unmatched levels of cozy can be found on my story. my next set is THIS SATURDAY for @qt.link_ in support of @theokraproject! don’t miss out 🤍 - @sweetestthreat on Instagram

Imagine you putting words in my mouth! Imagine me leaving a nigga and staying in my bag not my feelings. Imagine a nigga think they left you broke or broken 😭🤣🤪 So when you mention “Boujie” DONT FORGET THE 💯 ——————————————— . . . . . . . . . . . . . For more follow @big.boujie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #followers #follow #like #followforfollowback #likeforlikes #likes #followback #instagram #likeforfollow #followme #instagood #love #following #explorepage #instalike #follower #followforfollow #photography #likeforlikeback #meme #followforlike #photooftheday #explore #likeforlike #comment #likesforlike #me #likelike #picoftheday #bhfyp - @xpressivebeauty on Instagram

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- 18yr Caribbean bbc 🇵🇷🇩🇴

CHAPTER 26 13/02/2020✅ I woke up thinking about my dad he always sent the best cards with the best messages and I wish he was here to celebrate. Thanks to my family and friends who made this day extra special as they planned a surprise celebration. I can’t even express how happy and grateful I am! Thanks to everyone who reached out to me by text, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, phone calls just everything it was so appreciated. Here’s to another year of success, happiness, joy and love 🥰❤️ - @chancellee on Instagram

- Thigh action

DEMON TIME TONIGHT ON @emilyyfina !!! 😈 - @demontimetoday on Instagram

Legs, shoulders, knees and toes...knees and toes and late night tears and selfies - @marysho on Instagram

- Double trouble 💦

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- Rise and shine ☀️

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- My QoS realizing her date might be bigger than she thought.

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- Tipsy walk home 🙈

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When my hands are too tired from lashing. - @lashanarchist on Instagram

- poison ivy remedies

- Trying something new. How do you like it?

CV19 HOMEWORKOUTS🔥🔥 - In light of what’s going on in the world currently, it’s time for those self isolation workouts to keep us sane, fit and just keep structure to our days🧘 - To kick things off this workout is resistance based upper body’s with some CV - based work to finish⬇️⬇️⬇️ - 20 Facepulls 20 Flat chest press’ 20 Front raises 6 rounds 30 second rest - 20 Pullovers 20 RDL’s 20 Seated rows 6 rounds 30 second rest - AMRAP to finish 10 burpees 10 squat jumps 10 press ups 10 legs raises - This is 6 continuous minutes of as many rounds as possible!! - This has also been a great experience for myself as you can see my CV based training could be better so always room for improvement. - 4 1/2 rounds on the AMRAP for me, let me know how you get on and don’t forget to save the video!!💨💨 - #FIRETTOFITNESS - @fabfiretto on Instagram

I hope you have a small appetite! ;) #ConnorJeromeHoldingThingsInFrontOfHisWang - @connorxjerome on Instagram

- This is what we call a “drive by shooting” in my house

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- Blursed valentine

- @$h

- tempted to match just to let him know the editing was super obvious

- Meaty Monkey

In honor of #internationaldanceday I decided to officially announce your next dance captain, Aisha Farooqui. Aisha has always been completely committed to dance and was a complete help to the team. There was times where she stepped up as leader when I had eboard meetings.She held extra dance practices on her own time for those who needed it. She helped me create some dances or fill in some parts that I couldn’t flow right. Also a fun fact, Aisha is the only member who has never missed a practice. She also was always 30 minutes-1 hour early to them. Please give her the same respect you gave me. You all have been such a wonderful team and I can’t wait for the future. Now you must be wondering.. Kate.. are you staying on the dance team since you were elected in as Vice President ? Well I can never leave any of you behind. Aisha and I had a chat and we decided that I still will be around as one of your captains. your (ad)vice captain 😚😚so nope i’m not going anywhere😬 So congratulations to Aisha for being the next dance captain. Also congratulations to Kheon (@ke_lo.uis ) and Danny (@amadmenace ) , two of our dance members for also being now apart of 2020-2021! You guys will do amazing😉 - @aznofasu on Instagram

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- Good thing my boss is on a conference call (f) (oc)

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- Dm this neglected housewife. 😘😘😘

- Mrs Walker😌


go take a rest, you deserve it 🙃 - @isaidkendrick on Instagram

- Doing a reveal in traffic! Definitely want to do this more often, it’s such a rush 🤩 [OC]

- Thin girl with huge soft cock

- If this has already gone around, sorry 👍🏻

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In every drop of water there is a story of life - @ostine_brown on Instagram

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A little naughty from @hotlonelyada 💖💖💖 Follow for more @lonelyhotwife - @hotlonelyada on Instagram

Back up on my bulls**t. Happy Birthday to me 🥳🤎- Thank you everyone for the birthday messages ! It made my day 🥺💕 - @keyanajenaye on Instagram

- It’s my birthday!!!! 3/24!

22anos de pura sacanagem . Me tornei algo que diziam ser impossível. Acharam que eu ia ser traficante , ladrao e agr nós tá aí , suave fazendo música vivendo a vida como ela é. O certo é o certo 🚩 obg Deus por cada livramento , cada benção que você me deu até hoje . 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Dois pro alto porr! - @pele.milflows on Instagram

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- That shit hit the spot. 🤤

- If that’s not fat I don’t know what is

A quarantine never bothered me anyway 💦🤲🏻 #tbt to my last lockdown in Tokyo! Last time a super typhoon, this time a super virus. Missing all my friends tonight, but glad to see we are all keeping our safe distance! Love you kids ❤️ . . . . . #lockdown #quarantine #staysafe #washyourhands #keepyourdistance #sissythatsoap #shantayyoustayathome #dontbejealousofmyisolation - @cgbagnall on Instagram

- I Wonder Why..

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- A few lucky upvoters will get a full sextape in their dms 🥵😏 (20F)

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- need a bbc next ;)

- 😋

My phone always takes the most random pictures! 🤦🏻‍♂️ #birthdayboy - @seankoskii on Instagram

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