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Jangan pernah dengar kata orang.

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Vie ta vie à ton rythme et pas à ceux des autres 💕

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Vom 11. bis 21. Juni treten jede Menge Stars LIVE in Bebra auf. Habt ihr euch schon Tickets gesichert? Ticketlink: . . #bebra #autokino #konzert #musik #fun #comedy #tickets #spaß #Karten #fussball #badhersfeld #kassel #eisenach #fulda #auto #corona #festival - @lokschuppenbebra on Instagram


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اسوء شعور 😩//.


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TAKE CARE OF YO CHICKEN! PULL UP TO 811 broadway and pick up yours today! - @beastmodeoakland on Instagram

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🚈 Aujourd’hui lundi, c’est la journée du transport public ! Profitez de votre aller-retour à 5 € pour voyager sur tout le réseau TER Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes ➕ Achetez vos billets en ligne sur le site #SNCF #TER : ou sur lapplication SNCF #regionauvergnerhonealpes - @region_auvergnerhonealpes on Instagram

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أخوياي يغنون خلف الله ع قلبي⁵ 😂🤍.


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25-26 marzo #Faigiovanisicilia #giornatediprimaverafai #fai #fondoambienteitaliano #igersitalia - @fai_sicilia on Instagram

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Welcome to ROUND ONE! Our first theme is... “Winnie the Pooh”! Your submissions can be sent via DM or by tagging us on Instagram or through your Instagram Story! Our 1st place winner will receive a Disney Mini Bean Bag plush, themed Winnie the Pooh! (Swipe ➡️ for image) Good luck and may the fun begin! All submissions are due each week on a Tuesday! ✨📲 - @disneyphotochallenge on Instagram

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Tal día como hoy hace 30 años (1990) de la estación plaza de Armas-Córdoba partía, rumbo a Madrid antes de que se clausurara definitivamente, el último tren tras permanecer 89 años en activo. #sevilla #sevilla1990 #1990 #sevillainsolita #historiadesevilla #historiasevilla #sevillaantigua #elpasadodesevilla #elpasadosevilla #plazadearmas #plazadearmassevilla #renfe #adif #renfesevilla #adifsevilla - @sevilla_insolita on Instagram

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Wise words to live by 🙌🏼 - @backpackingwomen on Instagram

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🦊 BITCH PLEASE 🦊.....A response when someone says something stupid or somebody who dare try “Bitch please, I can remove 90% of your “BEAUTY” with a wet kleenex........🍂🦊 This sly little fox with its delicate branches is all stitched on either a cozy Sweater, T-Shirt or Tote bag✨ ☕️🥐 Also available in PLUS SIZES for you curvy ladies.........FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! #lochersparis @lochersparis 🧵✂️🇫🇷 - @lochersparis on Instagram


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#SobatBKI TIC Institute resmi diluncurkan atas kolaborasi antara 3 (tiga) BUMN yang bergerak di bidang TIC, yaitu PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero), PT SUCOFINDO (Persero), dan PT Surveyor Indonesia (Persero) (24/09). - Dibuka dengan sambutan oleh ketiga Direktur Utama BUMN Jasa Survey, acara ini juga membahas tentang potensi dan tantangan bisnis TIC di tengah pandemi Covid-19 dengan Keynote Speech Bapak Alex Denni selaku Deputi Bidang SDM, Teknologi, dan Informasi Kementerian BUMN dan dengan pembicara Direktur Bureau Veritas Indonesia Bapak Didi Tedjosumirat. - TIC Institute dibentuk sebagai upaya mewujudkan kolaborasi dalam proses menuju Holding BUMN Jasa Survey dengan mengidentifikasi resources yang dapat digunakan bersama dan pengetahuan yang dapat saling dibagi. - Dengan adanya TIC Institute, inisiatif strategis lainnya dapat tercapai yaitu peningkatan kompetensi untuk memastikan Insan TIC memiliki kualifikasi yang dibutuhkan sesuai dengan portofolio bisnis yang dikerjakan. - TIC Institute diharapkan membangn pondasi dengan human capital yang memiliki kapabilitas bertandar internasional sehingga visi Holding BUMN Jasa Survey yaitu menjadi World Class Integrated Assurance Group to Empowering the Nation by Building Trust dapat terapai. - #WinTheOcean #ClassificationSociety - @bki_1964 on Instagram

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Untitled, 2011, collage, 19.1cm x 21cm. #bulletshihart #contemporaryart #worksonpaper #collage #collageart #collageartists #contemporarycollage #2pack - @bulletshih on Instagram

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- @365daysofglasto on Instagram

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Contact or DM 9813166660 for more information #traveling #travelgram #travelpackages #bagpackers #travellife #peace - @bag_packers_travelling on Instagram

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Neuheiten Oktober 2020 - Seite 1-6 New Items October 2020 - Page 1-6 #PIKOModellbahn #PIKOTrains #PIKO #Modellbahn #Neuheiten #TheWorldOfPIKO #MoBaMoments #modeltrain #modeltrains #modelrailroad #modelrailway #Sonneberg - @piko.modellbahn on Instagram

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Elektryczne zespoły trakcyjne: EN57-1320 i EN57-1612 w peronach stacji w Siedlcach. 12 sierpnia 1998 r. Fot. Jerzy Szeliga. #siedlce #EN57 #ezt #stacjakolejowa, #lata90 - @stacjamuzeum on Instagram

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Ευχαριστούμε όλους για τη συμμετοχή! Οι νικητήριες φωτογραφίες όλων των κύκλων θα συμμετάσχουν στην Έκθεση ΜΕΣΑ εγκαίνια αύριο 19:00στο @theboxathens #oasagr - on Instagram

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Glückwünsche aus Berlin! Kürzlich erreichte uns eine Karte von Karl Holmeier, einem unserer regionalen Abgeordneten im Bundestag. Er gratuliert uns recht herzlich zum Gewinn des Bayerischen Stadtmarketingpreises 2020 und lobt die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit unterschiedlicher Gewerbetreibender aus unterschiedlichen Branchen. Über die Glückwünsche freuen wir uns sehr! mehr hier: #nabburg #nabburgunserestadt #oberpfalz #natürlichlebichhier #meineoberpfalz #landkreisschwandorfregional #landkreisschwandorf - @nabburg_unsere_stadt on Instagram

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#Lostark @speedlandfestival to dziesiątki motoryzacyjnych i nie tylko atrakcji. 15 godzin #Lostark @speedlandfestival to dziesiątki motoryzacyjnych i nie tylko atrakcji. 15 godzin wyjątkowego show, prawdziwa festiwalowa uczta każdego automaniaka!  Widzimy się 17-18.08 na krośnieńskim lotnisku! W programie: 📌 #driftshow Series 📌 #FMX 📌 #Targi motoryzacyjne 📌 #motoryzacja przyszłości 📌 #Classic 📌 #Tuning 📌 #exoticcars 📌 #Foodtruck #Festival 📌 #motorsport 📌 #Zlot motocyklowy 📌 #Gaming - symulatory wyścigowe 📌 #Strefa rodzinna #Krosno #automotive #event #sport #cars #arge #castrol #motoarena #motopasja - @arge_krosno on Instagram

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Finally made it before the season closes and so glad we did! Do not miss this! 🎭 | #comefromaway #musical #musicaltheatre #broadwaymusical #broadwayinmelbourne #melbourne #arts #theatre #kyyl_blog - @kyyl8 on Instagram

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Postage Stamp Protest Edition no. 2 is ready for you! VOTE! Let’s do this!! Scroll for instructions on how to request these beauties illustrated by @wertzateria here in Oakland. Add them to your outgoing mail in addition to real postage. More info: Also find postcard packs and posters at! - @lea_redmond on Instagram

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- @justbeautpictures on Instagram

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Feier mit uns noch ein letztes mal den #Sommer! 😎 Next Weekend @100tage sommer - Closing Party 1.0 @100tagesommer - Juicy Beach Party 2018 - 100 Tage Sommer am 01.09. Also kommt vorbei! Wir freuen uns auf euch! 🤗 - @100tage.sommer on Instagram

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- An airline management app that is charging me real world money to use a skin I made

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🌎 B&R Around the World 2nd Episode 📍Taiwan - Taipei 🇬🇧 🇧🇷 Continuando nossa viagem, hoje é dia desse lugar cheio de alegria, sorrisos, diversão e beleza! —- 🇺🇸 Continuing our trip, today it’s time for this place full of joy, smiles, fun and beauty! #brazilianzouk #trips #travellovers #cultures #oportunities #dancelife #braroundtheworld #zoukbrasileiro #life #thankful #grateful #abeçoados #gratidao - @galhardodancer on Instagram

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27 мая Петербургу исполнится 316 лет. В этом году город планирует попасть в Книгу рекордов Гиннеса аж трижды: на Невском организуют парад барабанщиков, которые сыграют самое массовое музыкальное произведение, еще одним рекордом может стать гигантский хештег #СПБ, составленный из тысяч жителей города, и третий рекорд планируют установить во время 3D-шоу на Дворцовой площади: чемпион России по гидрофлаю пролетит между крыльями разведённого Дворцового моста на более чем 20-метровой высоте. #деньгородаспб #деньгорода2019 #saintpetersburg #spb2019 #санктпетербург #развлеченияспб #санктпетербург2019 #спб2019 #эрмитажспб #петергоф #новостипитера #исакиевскийсобор #saintpetersburg2019 #домзингера #разводныемосты #spb2019 - @official.spb on Instagram

A new postage stamp series celebrating innovation features a bionic prosthesis developed in the Biomechatronics group headed by Hugh Herr (@hugh.herr). Explaining why he chose that image, photographer Andy Ryan (@andy_ryan_photography) says, “This vision of robotics was, in my mind, a true depiction of how robots and robotics would manifest and impact society in the future. Alum Matt Carney (@matt.thematic), whose PhD work is pictured on the stamp—and who has collected stamps himself—says, Robotic prostheses integrate biomechanics, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, and no piece is off-the-shelf.” Images: USPS and Andy Ryan Learn more: or link in profile. - @mitmedialab on Instagram

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#MEDIACITYUK #SALFORDQUAYS #METROLINK - @salfordquays on Instagram

- Jepacks ✔️ Rocket planes ✔️ Women and minorities ❌ Upvote for the A U T H E N T I C WW2 experience

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قصر اليخت للاحتفالات والمؤتمرات 055129999 - @qsra.lyaht on Instagram

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We are thinking of all our friends and community in the events industry. This epic image is from @privatedramaevents back when live events were allowed. . . . The UK events sector and the hundreds of thousands of people that work in it urgently need government support to survive the COVID-19 crisis. The businesses are ‘viable’ but due the restrictions cannot operate. . . . TODAY WE STAND AS ONE FOR GLOBAL ACTION DAY. Don’t let events go dark. Find out more #WEMAKEEVENTS #REDALERT #STANDASONE #UKEVENTS - @houseofpartyplanning on Instagram

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Thomas is rolling in again to Uxbridge on Sept 11-13 and Sept 18-20. Book Today! - @yorkdurhamheritagerailway on Instagram

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The 2019 Racing Gala Ball to be held on Saturday 23 March at #callaghanpark is set to be the hottest event of the year! We’re thrilled to announce that entertainment will be provided by the always fantastic @micklindsay . Recently returned from Nashville, #2019 is looking to be a jam packed year for Mick and we can’t wait to see him perform live at Callaghan Park from 9 p.m. on the night. Do make sure to check out his music on @spotify Drinks package including beer and wine from 6 pm & Three course meal Tickets are on sale now at the Rockhampton Jockey Club 49 37 4000 or email #callaghanpark #galaball #dancing #horse #racing #rockhampton #rockhamptonjockeyclub #2019 #micklindsey #wineanddine - @rockhamptonjc on Instagram

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Congratulations to our partner Boyum IT Solutions for winning the SAP Business One Global Software Solution Partner of the Year 2019 and People’s Choice Awards for the 4th year in a row. Well deserved! - @sapbusinessone on Instagram

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Vanavond worden nieuwe maatregelen omtrent het coronavirus aangekondigd. Het AD meldt dat horeca om 22:00 uur moet sluiten en voetbalwedstrijden zonder publiek gespeeld zullen worden. Gisteren bleek na de wedstrijd in De Kuip dat de 1,5 meter afstand niet overal handhaafbaar is. - on Instagram


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#JerryGarcia Symphonic Celebration featuring #WarrenHaynes with #AtlantaSymphony on 6/24. Tickets go on sale this Friday! - @chastainparkamp__________ on Instagram

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✈️ ΔΙΑΓΩΝΙΣΜΟΣ ΣΤΟ FACEBOOK LINK ΣΤΟ BIO ✈️ Θέλεις δώρο αεροπορικό κουπόνι αξίας 25€ από την Ryanair Greece; Είναι τόσο εύκολο, ακολούθησε τα 3 παρακάτω βήματα και πάρε μέρος! . . 🔗 LINK: . . 🔹Κάνε Like στην σελίδα μας (iTravel Greece - Φθηνά Ταξίδια) 🔸Κάνε Like στην σελίδα Ryanair Greece 🔹Κάνε σχόλιο κάτω από την φωτογραφία και βάλε ετικέτα(tag) 1 φίλο/η σου! . . ‼️ Όσα περισσότερα σχόλια κάνεις τόσες περισσότερες οι συμμετοχές σου. Μπορείς να βάλεις ετικέτα και το ίδιο άτομο όσες φορές θέλεις! ℹ️ Όροι και προϋποθέσεις διαγωνισμού: ✅ Ο διαγωνισμός λήγει 20 Φεβρουαρίου 23:59 . . ℹ️ 📧 E-mail: 🔸 Instagram: 🔹 Facebook: . . 🌍 iTravel Greece - Φθηνά Ταξίδια . . #ryanair #iTravelGr #διαγωνισμός #cheaptravel #φθηνά #οικονομικά #ταξίδια #ταξίδι - on Instagram

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- Book Cheap Flights Ticket: What is a low-cost airline: low-cost airlines and ...

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🅃🅄🅁🄽 🄾🄵🄵 🅈🄾🅄🅁 🄿🄷🄾🄽🄴 🅃🄷🄸🄽🄺 🄵🄾🅁 🅈🄾🅄🅁🅂🄴🄻🄵 ➌➊➊➋➋⓿➊➑ 🄿🄲. @leicawanjovi - @cursorwan on Instagram

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The first phase of HS2 will see the creation of 4 new stations, 32 miles of twin-bored tunnels, 140 miles of railway, over 200 bridges and viaducts and planting 7 million trees and shrubs, at over 200 #construction sites. Together that creates a railway that will add more capacity to our overcrowded rail network. - @hs2ltd on Instagram

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Make money while at home  in this lockdown , Giftalworld has been paying Nigerians on a daily basis and we pay out over 3million naira on a daily basis . Do you also want to get a cut from our revenue share ? Visit now to register. - @babatunde1367 on Instagram

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Envie d’échapper à la chaleur 😓? Plongez dans le métro et visitez la plus grande galerie d’art souterraine du pays 🎨! Plus de 90 oeuvres dart décorent des quais et des couloirs du réseau @stibmivb 🚇 #staycation #artdanslemétro #subwayart #metrolover #stib #bruxellesmobilité - @bruxellesmobilite on Instagram

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It has been such a challenging time for the hospitality industry. Our thoughts are with you all. We have been fortunate to be able to support the federal government public health and safety initiative through housing repatriation guests, something we are very proud of. This also gave us a fantastic opportunity to provide for our dear staff members, suppliers and keep creating memorable experiences for our guests.
During this time, our team at Stamford Plaza Melbourne have been keeping busy. We served over 5500 meals and accommodated over 3500 special dietary requirements. We also supported our local food suppliers as we purchased over 10000 kg of seasonal fruit and vegetables, 5000 kg of fresh meat and poultry, over 25000 eggs as well as other local produce.
It highlights the core of what our business is about, being able to connect with people in different ways.
Many thanks for your kind consideration and support during this time. We look forward to reopening our doors for business as usual. Please stay tuned for more 💕 - @stamfordplazamelbourne on Instagram

Is your horse on fire? Well tomorrow you’ll see exactly what to do #starkathon #tomorrow - @starktoons on Instagram

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Na Twitterze ptaszki ćwierkają, że pękło już 50 tysięcy na koncie Kanału Sportowego ✅ Dziękujemy! 👊 # A tutaj zbliżamy się do tej magicznej liczby także wielkimi krokami... Kiedy to nastąpi? 😉 #kanalsportowy #smokowski #pol #borek #stanowski #JestesmyWaszymKanalem - @kanalsportowy_official on Instagram

Grupa PHN rozpoczęła budowę obiektu handlowego na warszawskim Lewandowie. Teren budowy przy ul. Geodezyjnej na Białołęce, tuż przy Trasie Toruńskiej, został przekazany GW - firmie EUROBUDOWA. Więcej: #phn #grupaphn #warszawa #lewandow #białołęka #inwestor #deweloper #nieruchomosci #inwestycja #obiekthandlowy #budowa #realestate #property #build #developer #investor #investment #warsaw #tenants #forrent #rent #news - @phn_sa on Instagram

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- Dear all, join the Hong Kong Way tonight! 7pm @ MTR exits specified below

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Great news: momentum for the GO Train East Extension to Clarington not disrupted by the pandemic. DURHAM NEWS LINK IN BIO ⬆️ - @claringtonbot on Instagram

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- Na het Wilders hondertje, nu ook een biljet voor de minder rijke PVV-er! [OC]

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Save Up to 45% off selected Adventures! Our “Adopt an Adventure” Gift Card Program offers you to purchase your tour tickets at a substantial discount NOW, but travel with us until December 2022. This is a Limited Time Offer you should not miss out on if you plan to travel to Costa Rica with your friends or family as soon as Travel returns and save big time on some of the best Tour Adventures available on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Choose our Full Day Waterfall Tour, our Ocean or our Mangrove StandUp Paddle Tour! There is no limit on how much tickets you can purchase! Check out the link in our BIO & Purchase Your Adventure Gift Card Today! 👉🏼 💥 #SendItCR - @paddle9 on Instagram

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Welcome to the home of Greggs. - @greggs_official on Instagram

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It’s not easy predicting the future of travel, let alone at a time of turmoil. That’s why we’ve surveyed over 2,000 business travellers worldwide on their sentiments in relation the pandemic to create The Future of Business Travel report in partnership with @globetrendermagazine and @amexgbt. The report gives what we believe is a reliable snapshot of behaviour and trends for the next 12 to 18 months in the business travel industry. Check it out via link in bio 👏🏻 - @businesstravelleruk on Instagram

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In den vergangenen Jahren haben sich besonders Bars und Restaurants am Eingangstor in die Neustadt niedergelassen.🍷🍹🥂 Aber auch schon Mitte der 1960er-Jahre war Bier offensichtlich ein großes Thema an der Ecke Friedrich-Ebert-Straße und Osterstraße – zumindest als Werbeschriftzug. 🍺 Kann sich noch jemand an die Linie 7 zwischen Findorff und Woltmershausen erinnern oder ist sogar selbst noch mit den alten Hansa-Wagen gefahren, die damals unterwegs waren? #bsag #bremenbewegen #damalsheute #bremenneustadt #geschichte #bremergeschichte - @bsagbremen on Instagram

Out today exclusively to @junodownload is Skankage - @liondubinternational Street Series Vol 51 - The Vibe 🔥🔥🔥 go grab it whilst it’s hot!! - @jungledrumandbass on Instagram

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Visit Whitianga New Zealand. Admiralty Lodge Luxury accommodation #admiralty #newzealand #coromandel - @whitianganewzealand on Instagram

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PARIS @rexclub next month with Patrice Scott #ParisClubMusic - @clekclekboom on Instagram

Wake and Durham county transit plans call for a 37-mile commuter rail line to be built within an existing rail corridor between Durham and Garner with the potential to extend into Clayton. Planners want to know your thoughts! Find out more and take the survey at - @gotrianglenc on Instagram

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¡Nos emociona ser los responsables de tus mejores recuerdos!, explora el mundo con nuestro apoyo, no te detengas por ningún trámite, para eso estamos nosotros, te asesoramos en todo el proceso. - Llámanos! 4-2300009 • 2300019. Whatsapp: 992833500 • 0981146118 • 0984366955. - Viaja con Mas Travel Ecuador, porque la vida no hay que ahorrarla… ¡hay que disfrutarla! . . . #agencia #viajar #vacaciones #europa #viajaraeuropa #visa #ecuador #turismo #españa #turismoeuropeo #conocer #franciatravel #europatravel #visaeuropea #ofertavuelos - on Instagram

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