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𝔽𝕠𝕣 ℍ𝕖𝕚𝕕𝕚!

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- When your first ever order of reps gets seized

Splat Maker! |:彡

Kyojuro / Icon

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- Blursed suggestion

TAE 🙈🤎

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- No collusion! 🇺🇸

Dolify girl brown hair with glasses

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im sad

Pass this around - @unclesamsnation on Instagram

Free PFP ( Profile Picture ) 🌸 Ayesha Singh💛

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- Trump


Funko Pop! TV: Stranger Things Season 4 Wave 2 (PRE-ORDER) - Bundle of 8

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- Reddit man... its tough

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Chibi Character 14cm Figurines My Hero Academia (Variants Available) - Shoto withbox

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- 2meirl4meirl

Skull Painting Skull Art by Matt Pecson Canvas Wall Art Canvas Painting Pop Art Painting Skeleton Art Urban Art Street Art MADE TO ORDER

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- Woof_irl

Uncle Uptight 》Taekook《

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- Started at the change room now we here

• anime pfp •

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- @kylajlacey on Instagram

matt and chris 33

Step-Brother| Yoongi x Reader Fanfic - 4💜

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Revenge Bedtime Procrastination: my life, a @blakeschwarzenbach lyric, or both? - @thesituationist on Instagram

ㅤ𝐌𝐋𝐁ㅤ» ©𝘴𝘰𝘰𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘨𝘴𝘫𝘰𝘺 ”


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- It doesnt work like that

Edited by me! ♡

Funko Pop Animation Disney Gravity Falls Mabelcorn Mabel 244 Hot Topic Exclusive

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There is no such thing as a bad economy only people who lack the ability to see opportunity. . . As Clinical Trial Manager for a pharmaceutical company I was making a six figure salary and a great yearly bonus with excellent stock option with the company.. but I was still working for others and I was never comfortable with that. . . when covid hit I took the opportunity to launch my company on July 15th which was the same day I quit my job. The economic environment was ripe and I took the leap of faith. Where everyone else saw darkness and fear.. I saw an opportunity to raise an Empire. Non-GMO Olayinka Vitamin D3🌱 FDA approved Facility GMP certified Manufactured in the United States Yinka Aiyelabowo LLC . . . . . #africa #blackhair #vitamind #afro #blackbusiness #unity #blacklove #blackownedbusiness #black #african #supportblackbusiness #blackbeauty #blackgirlmagic #blackmen #blackwomen #travel #love #afrobeats #hiphop #reggae #rap #soca #blackpeople #beauty #designer #beautiful #athlete #blackmagic #healthylifestyle - @olayinka.products on Instagram

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Oh my love my love 💓

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- Just wait...

Duck lip on another level

My Idol Is Little [Minsung]✔ - [4]


- It’s getting way to easy these days,,,,

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- Say sike right now

Video memes pfxgkFfr7 by DestroFantom_2020: 5 comments - )

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- My logic is beyond your understanding

Ohhhh ßHîvÆR Më tAmBêrs😣

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- Didnt take long

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tommy duck

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- Who this is wholesome filler filler filler filler filler

𝐕𝐎𝐍𝐒 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐋𝐃. - 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐞

Rick and Morty custom funko pop display

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- thats a lot of damage

this is my first time making a picrew so its definitely not the best. its also unfinished. if you use this as your profile picture please… | かわいいプロフィール写真, プロフィールの写真

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- Oh the irony.

➜Cutie Cat Photos!♡♡♡

ari⁷ (REST) on Twitter

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- He knew it. He chose to ignore it.

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- Crooked Obama? Top officials saying lots. Many things.

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- I swear this happened like 5 times

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- Me irl

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- This is how dumb they sound

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- Dont be afraid you said?

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- Or Russian vodka.

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- Just a kitten looking to get adopted,my Jethro.

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- Titles are hard

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- Keep the change

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- i need to win the dps race

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- Its okay man


- Donald trump and his supporters seem to be the star of this subreddit.

please pls

#repost from @hyphenpfeifer. Don’t argue with it. It’s true. Even more: If you’re a white person and you have EVER held a #blacklivesmatter sign then you need to come phonebank with me. Or do it on your own. But for God’s sake do NOT sit this out. Walk the walk. Lives are at stake. #votejoebiden #november3rd #dosomething #beanantiracist - @jescny17 on Instagram

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- Alzheimer 100

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it’s time to give it a rest lol please leave these people alone .. we got bigger things to worry about 🤐 - @cocoagiirls on Instagram

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- so sad cortana play my heart will go on

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A vote for Biden is a vote for the status quo. Choose freedom. Vote for Jo. #votegold - @jorgensen_2020 on Instagram

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- Ah fuck me

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- Spread the word

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- But Im twe... ...lve

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- factz

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- He got us all

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- Bro there’s still snow outside.

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- Immmaaaaaaaagination

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- cute QUOTES on politics

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- Stay safe, Florida. ☔️❤

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- Derrick Barry weighs in on the latest elimination

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- And he’d still be a Good Boy

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- I want one too

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- Leopards regret eating their own face.

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- Now this is podracing!

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- me_irl

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this sort of rhetoric is not new. it’s killed us before and it’s isolated us before. we will not stay silent. why? because antisemites don’t stay silent either. we persist, we resist, we use our voices together — and please, non-Jews, I beg you to do the same. above is a compilation of several different sources regarding left wing anti semitism. stand with us; share this post; be the progressives you always say you are. - @progressivejews on Instagram

please yes

- Candidates now completely reversing their stances to try and deny Bernie the nomination. This sums the situation up best.

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I’m watching this and it’s so painful. -k🐈 • • • #intersectional #equality #dumptrump #womensrights #diversity #vote #prochoice #socialjustice #refugeeswelcome #sexism #vegan #plannedparenthood #lovewins #feminism #stopvictimblaming #guncontrol #marchforourlives #consent #intersectionalfeminism #lgbtq #lgbt #lgbtqia #yourvotematters #abortionishealthcare #whitesupremacy #racism #trump #biden #debate #presidentialdebate - @feistyfeminists on Instagram

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- Her presence is a present.

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- Chonkers lmao

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- I’ll just leave this here

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- this one hits home

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- Don’t upset them

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- Suffering from success

please cony line friends

- PsBattle: America Leading the World

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- Bowel Movement of Champions

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- Well Just Never Know

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- Very true

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- This is not an exaggeration either

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#auto #automotive #boosted #cars #carsdaily #carswithoutlimits #chevy #fbody #instagood #instapic #lsx #streetcars #lspwr_official - @lspwr_official on Instagram

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- Glitch in the matrix I guess

please pretty

- Straight up death sentence please, it brings me beer you dont get it.

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- Can confirm. Very trustworthy

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- And it will have jungle in its name for no apparent reason

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- Judgmental doggo

puppy dog eyes pet lover

- Just in case the deadly disease is actually real, but you gotta protest anyway.

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🤷‍♀️ Well if you say so 🤷‍♀️ Every time you purchase a bottle of Little Ripples, 🍷 you create a ripple effect that can change the lives of others in so many ways. From Education to safety, sanitation, nutrition and of course clean drinking water💧Water is the essence of life, and you can provide someone with a year of clean water, just by enjoying a glass of premium wine with friends. Drink Wine, Save Lives!! Head to now to learn more. LINK IN BIO . . . . . . #watercrisis #australianwine #littleripples #winetowater #sauvignonblanc #aussieshiraz🍷 #aussiewine #cabsav #vinoaustralia #aussiefarmers #waterislife #ugandanwatercrisis #tumbarumba #chardonnayallday - @littlerippleswine on Instagram

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- You must decide


- I’m scared

bh187 minions minions the rise of gru doe eyes sorry

- They better hide

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- 100% this.


- Apart from the part where Dumbledore stabs everyone while asking Harry if he put his name in the Goblet.

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you heard the man. . . . . . . #Deathcore #metal #memes #metalmemes #metalcore #thyartismurder #whitechapel #Suicidesilence #impendingdoom #traitors #Slaughtertoprevail #Ringsofsaturn #boundinfear #withindestruction #blacktongue #Signsoftheswarm #Lornashore #shadowofintent #distant #mentalcruelty #ideclarewar #allshallperish #Shrineofmalice #infantannihilator #anightintexas #rosefuneral #windsofplague #carnifex #enterpriseearth #ingested - @memes.of.torment on Instagram

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Those damn videos 😫😫😂😂 . From @not_thenanny . #forrealtho #funnymomsofinsta #thatmomlife #momes #momsunite #mommygoals #lifewithkids #momquotes #motherhoodquotes #realmomlife #funnymomsofig #momstuff #momtruths #funnybecauseitstrue #momprobs #momsquad #momminainteasy #parentingishardaf - @filterfreeparents on Instagram

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- Orange man strikes again

please please please jamie dutton wes bentley yellowstone come on

- Hey Reddit, seems like nows a fitting time to unveil the cover for this years Chaser Annual

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- He doesnt care , hes moving to Russia when hes booted out . Putin will give him a great job on a farm , shoveling shit since hes so good at it .


- Not like other prog guitarists

cute adorable please come on really

Both candidates tweeted on October 25, 2019. Swipe to see the difference. Vote accordingly! - @amir on Instagram

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This little beauty. DMs are good today. Its true. All the real homiez hate WARCOM. ARSOF, so hot right now. #Thirty8 #thirty7 #11vic #18series #flightybois #dbois #thewholeenterprise #weshitonNavy #SEALsaredouchey #boatdudeslames - @notsocivilaffairs on Instagram

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- me_irl

please liz lemon tina fey 30rock i beg you

- Theyre adapting

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- Apocalypse at home

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- Blursed_Donaldtrump


- Yeah I did an nicotine today 😎😎😎😎

please pretty

- Being an Indian is tough, especially when you have chosen science in high school

erm fingers hmmm cat guilty

- Bro, America is like, bad

spongebob squarepants begging pretty please beg on your knees pray for mercy

- Y E S

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- Guess that argument goes in the bin now.

please begging

- Hard pass

- Who wins?

- Let me get back to you

- t ast y b u r n t rectangle f lo u r

- For the people who get bullied for liking these movies

Grandma knows best 🙌🏼 Follow @mommyowl ❤️ - @nottheworstmarriage on Instagram

- Me irl

- Lets make u/lizardlava808 a template

It’s official - @realjoltcola on Instagram

- Gnome Boy

😂🤣😂this goofy #trump ..if he don’t win he better be on the 1st plane to a neutral country...🤣😂 because they gonna make an example out of him.. - @bigowl_2000 on Instagram

- Schrödinger’s stock market

- Oldie I made a few years back but still hot and fresh

Thank u @gone_todash_19 for always letting me swipe ur posts. This is all I want too!!! @joebiden #biden2020 #bidenharris2020 - @melanietbaker on Instagram

- Dads and dogs

Another political post. Please, for the love of Satan, unfollow if you must.... - @sadistartdesigns on Instagram

- heres a meme and a meme template have fun

- Another classic NY post cover

- Oh how the turns have tabled

- They said it was normal

- 3 primaries isn’t as relevant as one what can I say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Mad Lass!

- I love going around and spreading AIDS

Debate got sus as hell - - - - - #illiegalmemes #m14gang #deepfriedmemes #originalmemes #pokemon #itsfishpuppetthere #dankmemes #jetfuelcanmeltsteelbeams #ironicmemes #edgymemes #idubbz #memecucks #unusualmemes #cutememes #memesdaily #weirdmemes #memes4days #contentawarescale #memes2good #memestar #oofmemes #ocmemes #isopod - @cum_mustard on Instagram

- The deepest thoughts hahaha

#borisjohnson #racecars #racecarlife #racecardriver #racecarparts - @ttvracing_components_uk on Instagram

- Im Joe Biden and I know. the thing.

- I bet starbucks sells it

- Ring dat Bell

- What does one do with so much of money.

- New Shield Bubble coming soon

- I have made dis and would like to reach lwiay.

- Bro I Got All The Diamonds

- egg

- If only confessions meant something...

- Please do

- Anyone else have a judgemental corgi? 😂

- I’m oppressed too!!

- I think someone should let him know...

- Better watch out

- RIP Big Nwah

- Oh boi

- Let’s call a spade a spade..

- Reason Nr. 156 why voting for Trump 𝙞𝙨𝙣’𝙩 𝙖 𝙜𝙤𝙤𝙙 𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙖 . Can’t be a “champion of the people” and a appeaser of white supremacists at the same time.

- where the hell did they go?

- Can I get a Fuck You Tucker? (Reposted because my information was off)

- ... Unless you are a minority, identify as LGBTQ, not a Christian, etc.

my stoned ass was spot on LMFAO #peepeepoopoo 🤎 - @sanjanaelina on Instagram

- *Astronomia plays*

Partay with the King Dingus - @edgarthecityrat on Instagram

- @andrewcristipeterpandrew on Instagram

- im really good at minecraft

- Bernie’s beliefs coincide with the beliefs of Sikhism so this is the reason why we are going to show up for Bernie❤️

- I died. He is the toughest son of a gun out there

- Say hello to my new pal Rex

- Silver linings

- I mean, I’m not surprised

- He knows its untrue

- Maybe a repost but

- God has spoken

- You’re trying to tell me the results of climate change fall on our leadership’s shoulders? Well what about other results of climate change?

Biden wins. - @oldmanebro on Instagram

- me_irl

- You just got

- I’m gonna need all of it

- POTUS calling out antifa in Seattle while complimenting himself, classic Trump move 😂

- Plz, I wanna see

- Y’all saw the debate. Y’all know what to do

- Fun fact- Trump is a record setting President

- Thats... Nicaraguas flag, Mr. Vice President...

- Is this meme dead yet

- bet you won’t

- Daequan summing yo how we all feel

- Spr0nt

- Miss Kameron has come up with a solution for all those CoVid non-believers.

Its with a heavy heart that we share some bad news: On Monday, September 14th, the Ninth Circuit appeals court overturned protections for nearly half a million TPS holders after making a final verdict on the Ramos v. Nielsen lawsuit, combined with the Bhattarai lawsuit, the two lawsuits which resulted in an injunction protecting TPS families from six countries (El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Sudan). Despite overwhelming evidence that Trump’s TPS terminations were motivated by racism, this action will move forward and it now clears the way for the Trump Administration to de-document and tear apart 400,000 families. In as little as six months, TPS holders would lose their lawful status, and their U.S. citizen children could be forced to make an impossible choice between their families and their homes. Now more than ever it is imperative that Congress act to protect TPS families. Please, re-watch the episode we did on the TPS Holders and their fight to stay in the US. Article and Episode in Bio. #tps #homeishere #heretostay #immigrants - @immigrantvoicesusa on Instagram

Impeach the mother fucker again? #ITMFA via @thedanrather - @itmfagram on Instagram

- The Many Ahegao faces of Darkness [Konosuba]

- me_irl

- It really do be like that sometimes

- me_irl

- Chien akita inu

- PatriotEagle420

Hahahha - @mollyjongfast on Instagram

Send this 2 your game day crew :’( - @blacksheep_uf on Instagram

- Pro donald trump

- Citizens of US and EU rn

😏😏 #relatable #mydogcanbeanasshole . . . . . . RP @dogmemeofinsta @niccagematch #dogmemeofinsta #relatablequotes #dogquotes #dogquote #doglover #doghumor #funnyquote #basset #bassethound #bassethoundmoments #bassets #bassetlove #dogsarebetterthanpeople #quotes #dog❤ #ilovemydogs #doglover #dogs #quotes #dogslife #capetown #bassethound #basset #bassetlife - @daisy.the.basset on Instagram

- Republicans don’t care about lives

Pretty much sums up life with a Doberman. Always there. Always listening. Kinda like Alexa. #doberman #dogtricks #alexa #areyouready - @digscottsdale on Instagram

- Thoughts and prayers to Chris Wallace too

- [Brawlified template] Free to use :3

- VCR cleaner isnt a big deal though... Maybe it can purify the lungs?

- Yo mama

- Hmm

- Japanese dogs

Love dogs but can’t have one? Check out this Doggy Day Out program. Full story link in our bio. #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram - @thingstodotampa on Instagram

🤣 - @safebusselton on Instagram

In other news, rain will damper our March 14 romp plans. Sorry Doods. Stay safe 😘 - @sfdoodles on Instagram

- and he appears suddenly out of nowhere

- He spitin ngl

- And he gets to be president! What a sick joke!

- To the haters...

- me irl

- America just wants to have a hoe phase.

- Pretty much..

- Half full tweet.

Am I wrong? - @iheartmindy on Instagram

- I;m thinking about thos Beans

- Its not like we need doctors or anything

- @panic_in_dc on Instagram

At a time when we all need a little humour and a chance to laugh, Millie is at it again with her #fridayfunnies enjoy, and have a great Friday. 😀 💕 🇦🇺 #jokeoftheweek #fridayfunny #havealaugh - @lifewisepetfood on Instagram

- Immigrants are the scapegoats.

This man is promoting violence telling the New York citizens to attack the president if he go there ... fuck Cuomo #trump2020 #maga #fuckcuomo #usa - @god_bless_america_3 on Instagram

Wap Kon George 😂 😭 🇭🇹 - @jamesandjonas on Instagram

- Do as I say not as I do

- At least the POTUS is asking questions now. If he wasn’t a self proclaimed genius you might have thought he has some brain malfunction.

- A well constructed put-down, comeback and counter-argument.

@wongfuphil - @ricefeed on Instagram

who we voting for election day? - @bearboob on Instagram

- Is that really so radical?

- From a trump supporter

- He gets very very mad

You are all beautiful! - @rhody_memes on Instagram

Send in your sports memes here! If you usually tag @espn_of_memes on your posts be sure to tag THIS page now INSTEAD! - @espn_of_memes.submissions on Instagram

- President Trump is in some real good company, aint he?

- Thought y’all would appreciate this too

- mid-9th-life crisis ;-;

- Me_irl

- Idk hed probably still find a way

- Dog ownership

- Again and again and again

- Why must you do this

- *cries* That is beatiful. *cries more*

#vote - @rsiasoco on Instagram

- 🔥

- Classified Information

- Use there tactics against them

- p͏ḭ̦̜͕̙͘c͖͖͙ṋ̯̳i͖̟͕͜c̷̬̦͇

- Could it be that simple?

- Bottoms up

- This but unironically

- I know WW3 Memes are happening, but...

- 2meirl4meirl

- Too Fast, Too Quiet

- Good question

- If you’re ever feeling down, just remember that Trump was once forced to sit through the entirety of Django: Unchained

- Bernie knows what the people want

- Well...

- 😳😳 he sayd boob

- Ready cheif

- me_irl

- Interesting, I am thirty-two.

- Real Medicare for All is the only way forward!


- Dang only a multibillionaire still...not good enough tbh

- Indeed

- Me🚌irl

- And what a memory it twas

- Classic risk risk no reward situation.

VOTE! #joebiden #trump #biden #maga #election #donaldtrump #vote #democrats #kamalaharris #politics #voteblue #democrat #blacklivesmatter #usa #covid #bidenharris #blm #coronavirus #america #obama #dumptrump - @dogsforbidenharris on Instagram

- El Smosh

- How could you do this to me?

- Poor 3PO

- Record setting heat? Widespread droughts? Viruses? Wildfires that blanket entire countries in smoke? Derechos? Two hurricanes at the same time? The ice caps melting at an unprecedented speed? What a crazy random happenstance!

- Quit pretending that being forced to wear a mask to Walmart is Tyranny.

- ¿Cookie?

- Went from “NO COLLUSION!” to “COLLUSION IS MY RIGHT AND DUTY” real quick

- Yeah. That did happen... (It was my birthday)

- He doesn’t get a choice.

- Whatever will he do next???

- Scrolling through twitter and seeing this, Jesus, im British btw

- This dog being the cashier

- When the right calls you cruel and evil, you know you’re doing things the correct way

- More gold from the Sanders Campaign

- Who needs drugs when you can have kitsunes

- motoGPee

- The type of violence I should be introduced to for using mematic

- @the_danielnardicio on Instagram

Is Urine Wet? Let’s Discuss...... - @cthagod on Instagram

- He needs to recover

- The family dog is mad attractive though

We all paid more in taxes than Trump... but he may have paid more toward his useless wall than Mexico did! #750 #trumpstaxes - @lorenasgonzalez on Instagram

- Perfect

Can he survive this? #TheIrony #WhatMask - @pagekennedy on Instagram

Ibumie Baagus Asli Lebih Pedas Price: RM 3.72 - @ibumie.kl on Instagram

- A bit late

- Its true

- Like the Midas touch, but it turns to shit

- Just taking a trip to the dentist

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is not a lawless wasteland of armed insurrection. It is a peaceful expression of our community’s collective grief and their desire to build a better world. Lawfully gathering and expressing first amendment rights, demanding more from your leaders and your country, is not terrorism, it is patriotism. #chaz #seattle - @mayorjennydurkan on Instagram

- @iheartmindy on Instagram

- I tried...

VOTE!! - comment your fave emoji if you would vote for Walter !! - - - - - - - - - @puppernelson #walter #waltermemes #walterdog #doge #memes #meme #funny #smiles #explore #explorepage #lol #dogsofinstagram #dogmeme #targetdog🎯 #targetdog #dogs #cats #walterthedog #nelsonthebullterrier #bullterrier #walterclements - @walterismybae on Instagram

- Mommy

- Seize the day

- It do be like that

First competition all entries are being accepted now - @topdogs2020 on Instagram

- Awww thx buddy

- We’re gonna win

- Let’s just say he bit me.