South Tahoe Lawyers Profile Pics

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plane ride can be addictive


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- Clean Jewelry

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- Amazon deliveries in 2014 vs 2018

Tahoe Blue - 16 x 24 / Metal

Luxurious Life In Dubai ūüėć

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- Cool Gems, Crystals, Gold, Minerals!

Sunset Cliffs | San Diego, California ūüĆÖ

Chicago Sky High

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- history of social media

Chicago Sky High

nyc ;)

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- Crystal grids

Lake Tahoe Sunrise - 10 x 20 / Metal

Dubai. Rooftop view

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- [OC] Daily Early Voting Map! (9/21)


Travel safely during the pandemic - by a flight attendant

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- Map of population density in Australia

New York Sunset

NYC city views, rooftops, UWS, empire hotel, gossip girl, summer in the city!!!

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- Agate and Geode Wedding

Mickey Ears EKG (Heart Monitor Line) - Dark Holographic

Life Of Billionaires ūüĒ•| Rich Lifestyle Of Billionaires ūüíį

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The Doctors Name SVG File Cutting Template

Los Angeles

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- Minor Candidates Elected at the 1918 British General Election

New York City | Sunset | NYC Sunset | NYC Skyline | Sky Pics | Wallpaper

Rich lifestyle ūüėć

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- Felony Disenfranchisement by state in the US, 2018 (Iowa granted voting rights to former prison inmates in 2020)

Travel safely during the pandemic - by a flight attendant

Brickell sunset be like

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- Essential oils/Chrystals

Disney Castle EKG (Heart Monitor Line) - Dark Holographic

For Aircraft lovers

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- April Birthstones

Los Angeles

Sky high dreams.

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- The United States of Americas mean center of population between 1790 and 2010 (x-post /r/ImagesOfUSA, /r/Maps) [1042 x 727]

Brickell sunset be like

Nissan 370Z

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- Beneath the Earth - Gods Amazing Creation


Beverly Hills

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- Cartogram of Roman Catholics in the United States [3300x2550]

For Aircraft lovers

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- Population Density of Israel [692x1575]

evening drive accompanied by a beautiful sunset


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- The tock



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- Schools of psychology


city views

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- Alchemy

city views

City night

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- If only there were more colors to choose from

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Miami life

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- Cadence: History Marches On - The worldbuilding RPG where you lead your people to greatness or fall into obscurity!

new york wallpaper

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- Shower Curtain Hooks


Miami By Night

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it is beautiful

private jet

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- Aquamarine



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- (OC) Literacy in Brazil

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- Temperatures at 3.5 km depth in the continental United States

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- Food Science & Nutrition

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- druzy jewelry

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- Percentage of Canadians in their twenties living with their parents, 2011 [1013√ó771]

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- US Installed Wind Power Capacity vs. Potential Wind Power Capacity ~ [1646x988]

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- [OC] Monolingual Africa, countries in Sub-Saharan Africa where one language is spoken as a first language by a majority

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- Costa Rica¬īs protected areas (forrests, national parks, protected zones, biologic corridors). Source Atlas 2014. TEC.

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- A slight improvement over Yahoos map. Color scheme still sucks, but oh well.

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- Italian Referendum Deciding if Italy Should be a Republic or Monarchy[2000√ó2500]

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- Religious split in Bosnia and Herzegovina visualised [OC]

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- Australia

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- Boho Wedding Inspiration

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- Places called Holland in the USA (x-post /r/Netherlands [800x563]

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- US college graduation rate (within six years)

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- Been There / Done That

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- Location of all volcanoes of Costa Rica. Colors represent activity tendency. Source: TEC Atlas Costa Rica 2014

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- California Tourist Attractions

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- birthstone chart

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- ABCs of CBD

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- Language other than English spoken at home in California [5544X4272]

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- Cars

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- Crystal Quartz Opal Jewelry Sculpture

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- American History

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- [OC] New York State separated into seven equally-populated regions [783 x 612]

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- Köppen climate types of the United States [2000x2380]

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- Hoarding Clean-up

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Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has grown over the last 20 years to problem that impacts more than half the 50 states. EAB can be found just about everywhere ash trees grow, Charlotte included. If you’ve got an ash you love you should already be treating it or planning to treat this spring. #eab #ash #tree #ipm #pest #arborist #charlotte #arborscapestree - @arborscapestree on Instagram

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- The Vice Royalty of New Spain in 1819 [1169 x 869]

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- kadali

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- Trans-Asian Railway: Southern Corridor [2339x1653]

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- Canada-US trade as percentage of GDP for select provinces and states, 2016 [1200x969]

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- Australia Divided by 4, Population

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- Raw

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ūüíõ #DiaDeDoar para proteger e salvar vidas de norte a sul do Brasil!‚†Ä ‚†Ä Doe o valor que voc√™ puder e acompanhe o destino da sua doa√ß√£o pelo site ‚†Ä ‚†Ä Muitas fam√≠lias, diretamente impactadas pela pandemia, ainda est√£o em situa√ß√£o de vulnerabilidade social e precisam de alimentos, itens de limpeza, higiene e prote√ß√£o individual.‚†Ä ‚†Ä Obrigada! ūüíõ‚†Ä ‚†Ä #ProtejaeSalveVidas #Doa√ß√£o #NossoValorTransforma #Funda√ß√£oBB #CulturadaDoa√ß√£o‚†Ä #ValorizarVidas #TransformarRealidades - @fundacaobb on Instagram

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- Emerald cut diamond

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- Birth stones

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- Change in house prices relative to income 2015-2019

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- Loose Gemstones

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- Crystals

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- Agate


- Climate Change

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- Gems, Minerals, rocks, Oooooh shiny

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- Ring Love

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- Zephyr Cove

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- Simple Hoop Earrings

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- [OC] U.S. Population Deciles by latitude and longitude

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- Merging Canadas provinces: From Pacific Columbia to East Saskitoba [940√ó924][OS]

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- CHAKRAS {understanding+spirit}

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- LGBTQ+ & same-sex relationship laws around the world (as of 2016) [3567 x 2274]

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- Alien sightings per capita in 2014 [820x495]

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- Representatives calling for Impeachment by State, as of July 30th 2019

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- California Divided by 4, Population

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- Snowflake Jewelry

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- Emerald

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- Demantoid garnet

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- My First Map - Wisconsin by Highest Foreign Born Pop in 1870

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- Collected vs received tax money to and from state budget by Romanian county [4662x4037][OS]

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- Crystals

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- All Government owned land in the U.S

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- Territorial Evolution of U.S.-backed Kurdish Forces in Syria since 2015 [2,000 x 1,654]

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- Map of genetic admixture in Mexico [1480x1401]

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- Inhabitants of Latino and Hispanic anscestry

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- Vote to keep daylight savings time in Washington [OC]

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- Map of the presidential election results in Argentina [1300 x 1292]

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Future Mrs. Alyssa Guraro ūüíē‚ú® thank you for giving me the best day of my life baby. I‚Äôm so lucky to have found my soulmate. - @liddomisslyss on Instagram

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- alchemy

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- Big History

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- Mechanism Monday!

- ūüĒ• Perfect 1‚ÄĚ cube of brassy Pyrite outstanding luster perched on a nest of slender quartz crystals from Washington. ūüĒ•

- Sapphire Rings

- Italian as mother tongue in East North Central and Northeast regions, 1940 Census [OC] [2614 x 1655]

- Crystals


- How far Away are you from the Coast? (Canada)

- Crystals

- Body Jewelry

- map of the great Dingo fence in Australia. over 6.000km !!

- Barite

- Bobcat and Canada Lynx range [1024x683] (xpost /r/Evex)

- Cat Party

If you’re in Orange County California and haven’t applied for you CCW with @ocsheriffbarnes, what are you waiting for? Click the link in bio to see how. #oc2a #OrangeCounty2A #2A #CA2A - @orangecounty_2a on Instagram

- Largest Ethnicity in each Modovan Commune( Includes Transnistria)

- Percentage of Households that speak primarily Italian in New York in 2013 [3507 x 2480]

- What Percentage of the Population Lives in Rural Areas?

- Hourly wages needed to afford a one-bedroom apartment in the United States in 2017, by county

- Population Density in Tamil Nadu

- Salem News Headlines

- Natural gemstones

- Blue States Vs Red States Real Estate Market

- infographic

- Compactness of Legislative Districts for North America

- The Viceroyalty of New Spain in 1800 [1450x1084]

- Mapa del PIB por estados en Norteamérica

- USA Forest Types

- U.S. metro areas vs. countries of the same economic size

- 7 deadly sins map

- Prescription Drugs Spending per Capita by State (2018)

- Annual Precipitations of Mediterranean Cities

- Community Well-Being Scores for First Nations & Inuit Communities Across Canada [zoomable version in comment] [2000√ó1487]

- Crystals /minerals/ Gems

- Crystal Healing

- Blue topaz

- Christmas in the Classroom

- Cartogram of Michigans Counties Distorted by Population [OC]

- 1 Most popular items purchases online from Walmart by state

- Emeralds

- Fort Irwin

- stop eye twitching

- crystals

- Buy Diamonds Online

- Bohemian birthday party

#Repost @britthobart with @repostapp „ÉĽ„ÉĽ„ÉĽ worry a little less & live a little more ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ‚ÄĘ ūüėč - @northlaketahoechamber on Instagram

- What if Yellowstone Erupted

- What Happens In An Internet Minute In 2019?

- Mewirl

- Essential oils/Chrystals

- Peru stretches from Philadelphia to Dallas when placed over the U.S.

- Bridesmaids

- Chemistry Experiments

- State map

- This extremely detailed map of the Aztec Empire and its neighbours immediately before the conquest

- End Polio Now

- American History Through Christian Fiction

- Womens Earrings

- This is pretty cool from Visual Capitalist! The biggest employer in each state of the USA.

- USA Diurnal Temperature Variation [1508x1080]

- Crystal Grid Sacred Geometry Boards

- Mechanism Monday!

- Chakra Healing

- Youth Conference

- My wife and I shared some Hershey Kisses. There are two types of people in this world.

- Average Debt of University Graduates in the United States in 2017/2018, by state

- Areas under the influence of various Mexican Cartels.

- Chemistry - Elements

- *Beautiful Nature*

- If I had only known about Bitcoin in 2010, I would have definitely invested.

- Differences in household income, US born vs Immigrants [1330x950]

- Rock Flowers

- Gifts under $20

- Found this interesting graphic

- Crystals + Curiosities

- Glenwood Canyon Resort

- Cut - Oval

- America’s Vast Forests

- Crystalline

- TRIBE‚̧ԳŹWedding Rings‚̧ԳŹ

- [OC] The largest lake of each EU country at scale.

- I AM crystals

- US population density by time zone

- Native VA Plants

- If all state proposals had succeeded

- Womens Earrings

- Which provinces/states do people from Western Canada think their province has most in common with? (Map)


- Square cut diamond

- Angelite

Although we have a population density of 3.5people/square km ( 8,965,121,42 square km in total), our land is cherished as most contributes to the environmental factor. - @canmorealberta on Instagram

- Cleanse Crystals

- Here are the high level sectors of the of United Kingdom Flt Info Region (FIR).

- United States of Indonesia

- Change in household income by US county: 2007 - 2015 [630x670].

- Ancient Knowledge

- USA Rural Population Density [1718x754]

- Drought Map for the Northeast section of the US as of 22 September 2020

- The Annexation of East and West Florida

- Climate Change Policy

- US Annual Severe Thunderstorm Watches per Year (20yr Average 1993 - 2012) [968 x 604]

- Clear Quartz

- Necklaces

- Heart Chakra Healing Stones

- Crystal Healing


- Rock Charts.

- US Land-Grant Colleges and Universities [2012x1450]

- Ionian Sea

- Pudding stone

- Crystal Garden

- Ashoka cut diamonds

- Sep. 1st Massachusetts Democratic Senate Primary, by County & Congressional District

- Percentages of Coptic Christians in the Egyptian Governorates [1095 x 972] [OC]

- Crystal Therapy

- Wyoming high country [oc](960x720)

- ARPANET, forerunner to the internet, was first used on October 29, 1969. Here is the network in 1970 after one year of existence.

- im gonna realign your chakras motherfucker. [SFW]

- Australia

- Climate zones of the United States (IECC) [2058x1432]

- All territories that were at one time under French control in North America between 1534 to 1803. (This map is only listing around 60 Forts while there was more than 150 in New France - France claimed to go all the way to the Pacific ocean but there was no permanent presence.)

- crystals

- ‚ÄúLiving within your means‚ÄĚ is a bullshit term and is mathematically impossible for the average American. Those who judge people for taking on debt due to systemic injustices beyond their control can full-stop fuck right off.

- fun things to do

- gemstone

- Crystal Healing

- US Map

- Human-Centered Design

- Chicago, Illinois

- A Beautiful Crystal

- Lace Agate Cabochons

- Average number of severe thunderstorm watches issued per year, 1999-2008

- Pear Diamond

- Dad just found this digging in yard. What is it?

- US divided into 50 regions of equal populations by lines of longitude

- Population in need of emergency food assistence in 2020 - COVID indirect impact

- Every Century of the Reconquista ūüáĶūüáĻūüá™ūüáł

- Constituent Lands of the French Republic at the Same Geographic Scale [3337 √ó 3300]

- Luxury Cabin

- casting ideas

Big Bear #bigbearrealestate #mountaincabin #lakecabin #closetoslopes #customcabinforsale #ochm4u #contactmefordetails #incomeproperty #vacationrental - @florin_indries on Instagram

- USGS Seismic Hazard map for the US [2250 √ó 1500]


The cause of the six-sided shape of a snowflake is none other than that of the ordered shapes of plants and of numerical constants; and since in them nothing occurs without supreme reason‚ÄĒnot, to be sure, such as discursive reasoning discovers, but such as existed from the first in the Creatorss design and is preserved from that origin to this day in the wonderful nature of animal faculties, I do not believe that even in a snowflake this ordered pattern exists at random. ‚ÄĒ Johannes Kepler #naturalgeometry #snow #crystals #ice #icecrystsl #snowlfakes #universalgeometry #geometry #kepler #johanneskepler #water #sacredgeometry #nature #pattern #organization #shapes #numericalconstants #numbers #mathematics #language - @robertedwardgrant on Instagram

- Angelite

- Crystal Grids

- Benitoite

- The Hispanic/Latino percentage out of the total population in California counties in 2010 [1,704 x 1,317].

- Meetings & Retreats

- IT and ICT Industry in Bulgaria

- Crystals and Gemstones

- acrystalz

How does #COVID19 spread? Check out this visualization of a #WesternU student outbreak. Every day interactions like sharing car rides, playing basketball, watching sports/TV and meeting up with friends can spread this virus. It’s not just parties. . That’s why we’re asking Western University students to cancel all get-togethers (e.g. movie nights, game nights, study groups, etc.) and only stay with your roommates or significant other. . We’re all in this together. #TakeCareWesternU . @westernuniversity @WesternUSC @westernuhousing @westernustudentexperience @westerngazette @kingsatwestern @uwo.23 @uwo.24 @uwo2024 @thewaveandspoke @westernmustangs @westernmustangstfxc @western_rec @westernualumni @westernpurplestore @westerncheer @westernbasketball @westernu_indigenous @westernufootball @huronatwestern @westernsavages @uwomemes @uwonightlife @uwominoritystory @western.ssc @kappasigmauwo @uwesternpartylife @CanadianPartyLife @fanshawecollege @fanshawesu @fsuinterrobang  . #westernuniversity #westernumovein #westernoweek #OWeek #OrientationWeek #Fanshawe #FanshaweCollege #FutureFalcon #backtoschool #ldnont #londonont #londonontario #middlesex #middlesexcounty #covid #coronavirus #sixfeetapart  #uwonightlife #UWONIGHTLIFE #WesternMustangs - @mlhealthunit on Instagram

- Bohemian

- Gems of Interest

- Chakra & Healing Stones


- Map of Significant Gatherings, Vigils, Protests, Riots, Marches, etc. Relating to Police Brutality and the Murders of George Floyd, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, and/or Breonna Taylor since May 26th. (As of May 30th)

- Crystal healing stones

- Diamond Mackles !

- Airbnb

- Crystal Healing

- Coral & Turquoise

- Blue

- How Many Texases Fit in to every Australian State/Territory?

- US Corn Production by County and Ethanol Plant Location from US Department of Agriculture [871x673]

- Beneath the Earth - Gods Amazing Creation

- Beverages

- Gold ‚ėļ Silver

- Homes

- Crystal Combination

- As Hurricane Florence is approaching, here is a map of all hurricane landfalls in the Carolinas since 1950 [OC]

- Healthy places to live

- I AM crystals

- Oregonian Counties With Commercial Airline Service

- 65 faces still going amd news

- Map of Canadian time zones

- A little bit about colour, for beginners.

- Chemical Substances

- Dyslexia Dysgraphia Dyscalculia

- gems

- Toronto District School Board (TDSB) map of student population by ethno-racial background

- 4th Annual D.I.Y. (Dream it Yourself) Custom Design Contestants

- Alaska

- Wood Siding Exterior

- John Muir Trail

- Crystal Grids

- Clear Quartz

- Tumbled Stones

- Tumbled Stones

- Rock Charts.


- Crystals for luck

- Clear quartz crystal

- Blue Rings :)

- 0: The Fool

- Real Estate News

- Canada divided in equal population


- My gems !

- Diamond Rings | Gardens of the Sun Ethical Jewelry

- Clear Quartz