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- An attorney digging for gold during a hearing.

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- 20 days of Ron Dennis. Day 1: Ron hears that theres zero dust left in Woking factory

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- Its so strange to me that a courtroom will not allow a camera to document testimony, though an artist is just fine. Sorry public, 18 megapixel hi-resolution images just would disrupt the courts process, so heres a cartoon caricature of what an artist saw when she sat through the examination.

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- #DNC Becoming GOP

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- I made this Flag for my Town (Sandersville Georgia)

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- James Hong for the corrupt Earth Kingdom Mayor from Avatar Day

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Rick Case, the South Florida business and philanthropic icon, died Monday at his home after a brief battle with an aggressive cancer. Read more: - @lifestylemagfl on Instagram

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Pierce County Superior Court is announcing the retirement of Judge Kathryn J. Nelson from the bench after more than 19 years. Judge Nelson served as a Pierce County Superior Court Judge, Department 13, from January 2001 to September 18, 2020. Judge Nelson was born and raised in Tacoma. Throughout Judge Nelson’s judicial career, juvenile court was her passion. This passion led to many years of dedicated service with the Superior Court Judges Association’s CASA Board of Governors and to her role as Chief Judge of the Juvenile Court Improvement Program. Judge Kathryn J. Nelson’s compassion, work ethic, and commitment to the rule of law made her a highly valued member of Pierce County Superior Court, where she was praised by colleagues as a consensus builder. She anticipates many new adventures during retirement, including travel, her tenure as the 2020 president of Rotary #8 in Tacoma, and spending time with her extended family, which includes 12 grandchildren. Please join us in congratulating Judge Nelson on her retirement. Learn more about Judge Nelson using the link in our bio. - @piercecountywa on Instagram

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- MRW Keanu Reeves is an epic Bernie Sanders supporter 😎

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- I was watching the Dem debate and... A Harvard-educated, multilingual, war-veteran presidential candidate with absolutely no dirt on him? That sounds fami... Oh wait

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- Nobody Might Remember This With All Thats Happened, But a Good Reminder

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- 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. - USA

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- The Villages, Florida

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With great sadness we announce the loss of Pierre Eggermont, founder of Models Office. We will miss his vibrant personality 🖤 - @modelsoffice on Instagram

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- All Roads lead to Putin

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Today top Trump adviser Michael Caputo went ham on my book Proof of Corruption—even as he faces charges of doctoring CDC reports on COVID-19—so here he is participating in the #ProofofCorruption Shop Contest. #Trump #Trump2020 #SethAbramson - @seth.abramson on Instagram

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- PsBattle: This angry Supreme Court nominee.

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In the Heart of our Hometown. Thx @seand67 for the beautiful 📷 - @hyattregencyatl on Instagram

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«По данным кавказских политологов, прежний президент Дагестана Муху Алиев поплатился постом как раз за нежелание подписывать договор о передаче земель соседям. «Когда президентом Дагестана был Муху Алиев, он заблокировал договор. Прямо в ходе переговоров в Баку на совещании он высказался резко против того, чтобы часть территорий Дагестана переходила к Азербайджану. Там у него конфликт даже вышел с министром иностранных дел России Сергеем Лавровым. Но факт в том, что переговоры были заморожены. Дождались, когда с поста президента уйдет Муху Алиев, и осенью 2010 года, при новом руководителе Дагестана, договор о демаркации границ был подписан в кулуарной обстановке», – рассказал заведующий сектором Кавказа Центра цивилизационных и региональных исследований Института Африки РАН Энвер Кисриев. «Муху Алиев, можно сказать,поплатился президентством за то, что сказал Лаврову в Баку. Он ему сказал буквально следующее: «Я думал, что вы министр иностранных дел России, а оказывается, вы азербайджанский министр». - @dyx_dagestanca on Instagram

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- ! The first casualty in war is the truth -Quote

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- Its his glasses. They make him look like a lizard.

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- Colon Cancer 50 And Over Please! Get Check Because I Do Care

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- “That’s All Folks”: Mel Blanc, the voice actor for Bugs Bunny, has the sign-off line used at the end of Looney Tunes engraved on the headstone of his grave.

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- Northwesterns emails are really on point!

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- Bill Gates is so rich that at his current earning power of $114/second, he would make back a $100 bill he drops even before he had the time to pick it back up

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- Barrack Obama throws football w Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on the Colonnade of the White House.

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BREAKING: Lehigh University President John D. Simon has informed the Board of Trustees of his decision to step down at the end of the academic year, effective June 30, 2021. - @lubrownwhite on Instagram

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- South Dakota Authors

- *GOP: Inmates Running the Asylum


- It’s John Krasinskis birthday today! Happy bday John!

⁣ Douglas Martin, a former member of the Universal House of Justice, passed away on 28 September 2020 in Toronto, Canada. He was 93 years old.⁣ ⁣ The message sent by the Universal House of Justice to all National Spiritual Assemblies can be found on the Baháí World News Service website: - @bahaiworldnewsservice on Instagram

- Slavery in the USA

29 сентября Пьеру Броше исполнилось 60!🎉 Поздравляем известного коллекционера, издателя, ведущего нашего телеканала с Днём рождения! ⠀ Пьер Броше родился в Париже, учился в Англии и Германии, а в Москве создал «Авангард» - издательский дом, выпускающий альбомы по искусству и путеводители по странам мира и регионам России. В начале 90-х Броше переехал в Россию. Говорит, хочет чувствовать себя в Москве, как в Европе, и прикладывает свои таланты и усилия к тому, чтобы и другие чувствовали себя также. ⠀ С 2013-го Броше ведёт на телеканале «Россия-Культура» программу «Моя любовь - Россия!», в которой смотрит на страну глазами внимательного иностранца и рассказывает о традициях и обычаях разных народов России - от Таймыра до Кавказа, от Камчатки до Балтики. ⠀ ❗1 октября, в 15.20 смотрите в эфире программу «Неизвестный Плёс» из цикла «Моя любовь - Россия!». ⠀ Вы следите за культурологическими приключениями Пьера Броше? - @russiaculture on Instagram

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New publication by #ILADS past president Robert C. Bransfield, MD: A Clinical Diagnostic System for Late-Stage Neuropsychiatric #Lyme Borreliosis Based upon an Analysis of 100 Patients. - @ilads.lyme on Instagram

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- @englewood_cliffs on Instagram


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- This is my Agriculture Minister. He expanded the license for Glyphosate to satisfy big farmers in bavaria.

Paul Pontieri has just earned another four-year term as Patchogue Village mayor, running unopposed in Tuesday’s village elections. He’s also heading back to Village Hall with three incumbent trustees in tow, according to the election results. Those three trustee incumbents, Lori Devlin (609 votes), Thomas Ferb (576) and Jack Krieger (556),. fended off challenger James Skidmore (242) in an at-large election — meaning the top three vote-getters win. 673 people casted votes for Pontieri. - @greaterpatchogue on Instagram

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- Dispicable Corrupt Untrustworthy Left-Leaning (Lame-Stream) Media


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É com profundo pesar e tristeza que recebi hoje a notícia da perda de um grande amigo, de uma pessoa que eu sempre admirei e considerei como um dos ícones do nosso mercado imobiliário, o querido Elbio Fernandez de Mera. ⠀ O Elbio sempre foi uma pessoa que contribuiu com entusiasmo, bom humor e otimismo para #mercadoimobiliário, trazendo ideias inovadoras e revolucionárias, que permanecem até hoje, e ensinamentos melhores, corretos, digno e que são motivos de orgulho para todos nós. ⠀ Eu, particularmente, tive a honra e a felicidade de receber das mãos do meu querido Elbio a missão de sucedê-lo como vice presidente de intermediação imobiliária e marketing do SECOVI SP. Missão difícil suceder uma pessoa com o carisma, o sorriso, o cavalheirismo e as palavras sempre otimistas. ⠀ Mas também é um motivo de grande honra saber que eu tenho a possibilidade de dar continuidade a um legado tão relevante e tão importante deixado por ele. Certamente nunca iremos esquecê-lo. ⠀ Descanse em paz, querido Elbio! - @claudiohermolin on Instagram

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- 3MW Solar Farm

- Ocean Township High School at 50

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Nuestro alcalde Alvaro Arzú a sido escogido como el alcalde de nuestra ciudad por la quinta vez. - @ciudad_de_guatemala on Instagram

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- Australian senator Fraser Anning. Blaming the shootings in New Zealand on the Muslims that migrated to New Zealand. Absolute POS

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- And thats the way it is

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The family of Atkins Public Schools Superintendent Jody Jenkins announced Tuesday morning that he passed away due to complications from COVID-19. For more on this story, tap the link in our bio. #ARNews - @kark4news on Instagram

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