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De Niro

happy celebrate yay awesome %E3%83%99%E3%82%BF%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF%E3%83%9E

- @joesuskind on Instagram

‘El lobo de Wall Street’ otro éxito fruto de la unión entre DiCaprio y Scorsese

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- Not 1 compliment I just got called the n-word

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- It is the Doot Doot month, my dudes

Travis Brickle

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- Humour


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- 1980s TV Shows

Pearl gets it

Travis Bickle

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- We all know nothing is going to happen besides bugfixes

dark chocolate tastes like absolute DOOKIE

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- Fuck fuck fuck

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- Film

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- Hehe

station19 andy herrera are you serious seriously are you joking

- Slippery Nipples

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- Expresso? no

Pearl (2022)

Travis Bickle

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- Friedricoponchovista

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- Great Depression (1929)


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- This burned out office depot sign still says office depot

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- I’m 75% tequila


Photo: Raging Bull by Martin Scorsese with Robert by Niro, 1980 (b/w photo) : 36x24in

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- She needed pool much of a drink.

Pearl gets it

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Produzida pela @endemolshinebr, a versão local do formato #DatingAround trouxe São Paulo de uma forma ainda mais apaixonante em O Crush Perfeito (@NetflixBrasil ). 😍🍸 Confira a matéria do @miguelbarbieri para a @vejasp sobre as locações escolhidas e o trabalho da direção de arte e fotografia no projeto. . . . . #Produção #OCrushPerfeito #Netflix #Production #Entertainment #Backstages #SãoPaulo - @endemolshinebr on Instagram

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- Dublin Bus NiteLink ad, 1999

9 Martin Scorsese films starring Robert De Niro

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- every 4/20

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- WtF she doin with 2 queen tho?

Travis Brickle

next level hairstylist hairstylist salon ish

- Thor being a bro and making Scott a bloody mary (deleted scene)

17 Famous Actors Who Turned Small Parts Into Breakout Roles

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- me_irl

Raging Bull, Robert De Niro, Directed by Martin Scorsese, 1980

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- Just found this signboard

The Delights of New York, Fran Lebowitz, and Martin Scorsese’s Laugh

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- Me_irl

timothée chalamet

matching 1/2

%E3%83%80%E3%83%B3%E3%82%B9 %E5%96%9C%E3%81%B6 %E3%83%8E%E3%83%AA%E3%83%8E%E3%83%AA %E3%83%8F%E3%82%A4%E3%83%86%E3%83%B3%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A7%E3%83%B3 %E3%82%AD%E3%83%A2%E3%82%AB%E3%83%AF

- My sister just leaves these empty toilet paper rolls on the thing

raging bull jake la motta martin scorsese scorsese robert de niro

- People who do this

de bachelor bachelor videoland tijd wachten

- El magico

martin scorsese oscars head shake eye roll confident

- You know youre an introverted teenager like me if this how you spend friday night.

camera flash smile say cheese colorful

- Excuse me?

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- Crock-pot chicken Marsala served over white rice

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- Had to fit in with the Keanu Reeves memes.

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- Yes, that is the name of the school

awesome great impressive nice cool

Prêt pour l’aperitivo? Mon nouveau spot pref du centre-ville @caffettieracaffebar 👌🥂🍿 #downtown #montreal #italianfood - @irisgagnonparadis on Instagram

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- This stores dressing rooms have racks that allow you to organize your clothes better

election elections win winning maddeals elect

- on Instagram

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- Sam e Dean

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- Hah gotcha

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- Black Friday in America...

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- Janitorial staff at my work isn’t taking sides

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- Funny Comebacks!

tripadvisor reviews

#yorkiesofinstagram #Yorkie - @yorkiesofnyc on Instagram

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- In KX toilet. Neymar LOL

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- Wearing 2 different shoes at once?

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- Funny Safety Signs

station19 vic hughes are you serious you serious are you kidding me

Amélie (2001) IMDB - 8.3 dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet @loveandmelancholy lemme know what you think about this series in comments Amélie is a feel good movie, in the absolute best sense. If you love art & music, sunshine & poetry than you are gonna love this movie. This definitely falls in the list of best French films of all time. Included among the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, edited by Steven Schneider. pic credits @cinema.magic . #amélie #audreytautou #mathieukassovitz #jeanpierre #frenchcinema #filmquotes #tvquotes #movielines - @movie__gasm on Instagram

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- meirl

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- I settled for the less expensive option

jasg nogallas riazor

- Right now watching QBs chase pros.

amazed martin scorsese saturday night live weekend update impressed

- Come on now

smartphone service webdesign contact 5g

- @stacialupu on Instagram

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- favorite television shows..

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- mhm. very pogchamp indeed. (will delete if repost)

star wars shriv suurgav well i said please i said please please

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- hmmm

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- At least, Im home doing what I like : nothing.

casino martin scorsese robert deniro

#hoagiebabes #hoagies #hoagiegirl #hoagie #hoagiesandgrinders #sandwich #sweetdee #alwayssunnyinphiladelphia #itsalwayssunnyinphiladelphia #allthetoppings #wawa #hoagiesofinstagram #follow4follow #f4f - @hoagiebabes on Instagram

ballet dance

- blursed_restaurant

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- After 100-200 hours of Korok hunting

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Let me put you on to something - @totinos on Instagram

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- Sadly

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- Not sure what to make of this


- It’s just a beard hair

bitbird underscores character development letters jumbled letters

- Ahhh dinner service


- Ugh 😑

zemmour %C3%A9ric 2022 pr%C3%A9sident %C3%A9lections

- They call you the harlot Queen btw

netflix film trailer boss mafia

- Wine wall

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- Breaking Bad in D&D Style...

fran lebowitz martin scorsese pretend its a city look out door netflix

- Gorgeous

shake head deputy james garcia reno911 not without my mustache no

- Fictions Im Obsessed With

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- We all have to make sacrifices for the good of public health

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Wow! This man has had such an impact on my life. Did you know you can dispense pizza rolls from your ice dispenser on your refrigerator! #pizzarolls #legend I wonder if @ricflairnatureboy likes pizza rolls?!? - @osoblanco31 on Instagram

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Excelente propuesta gastronòmica en LA CASINETA, Rúa Victoria 4 VIGO, en esta ocasión con nuestro Cepado Godello de la mano de @entre_lias_ nuestro distribuidor en la zona. #cepadogodello #galiciacalidade #cepadolovers - @adegaocepado on Instagram

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- I prefer a nice Ferrari Alfredo

shrug idk martin scorsese

- An important clarification for dispensary goers

love passion bvb amour om

- Im in total agreence 😮😮

wave hi hello martin scorsese oscars

- that face tho

animated text flashing flashy

- Temporary micro-penis

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- Mexican be like

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- Accidental (backwards) Belgium

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- They asked for it

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- Criminal minds characters

cinema bobs burger

- Enfim... ShuaShuaShua

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- Stolen from my snap last year when i was in Italy. Hope yall enjoy it

martin scorsese explaining talking

- Bear or bull?

ballerina chia236 dancer ndnbc

- This wine bottle has indents for your hand

lol funny martin scorsese laughing lmao

- Some guys are opening a bottle of bubbly outside North Point Police Station to celebrate the Coronavirus infection of a police officer.

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- Toalett, uppsala universitet

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- Time to buy $50 of McDonalds

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- blursed_restaurant

thank you martin scorsese cinema

Si hablamos del vino Manzanilla… tenemos que hablar de Sanlúcar de Barrameda, indudablemente. Debido a que esta ciudad hace posible su maravillosa crianza. ¿Sabes con qué lo puedes combinar? Pues nuestra exquisita manzanilla combina a la perfección con cualquier aperitivo o tapa, pero sobre todo, con mariscos y pescados de nuestra propia tierra. Se trata de un complemento ideal con cualquier comida. ¿Cuál es tu combinación favorita? #soydebaron #wine #winelovers #bodegas #food #tapas #manzanilla #lovewine #winetime - @bodegasbaron on Instagram

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- Apparently there is a Spanish lawyer in the walk-in.

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- I haven’t been able to listen to this song, for years now, without adding...”Ryan” to the end...

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- Movies

martin scorsese eyebrows

- Adulting XD

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Tony and Francois Laurient share three French wines: @ployez_jacquemart Extra Quality Brut Champagne, Domaine D’Ardhuy vin de Bourgogne, and Chateau du Fresne (Loire Valley). Two great cheeses we have in stock are Cantal and Jeune Autize! Teaser: stay tuned, video coming soon and virtual tastings to be announced! - @thecheesestoreofbeverlyhills on Instagram

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- ~ Waiting for launch

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- Eddy Mitchell


- Cold fries are the worst

- Twice - legs for days

- films

- Assignment Writing Service

- My fortune cookie from lunch today

- The Holey Grail

- How exactly will the view help me study?!

- Alright Im good to go

- hmmm

- I was watching Breaking Bad and I noticed something...

- Weebs assemble !!!!

- Not mine but I thought this was funny

- Ava Gardner

- Grandmas food was always great

- God bless the children

- The bathroom at my work always has one toilet roll under and one over, which is essentially a straw poll to show the peasants/civilised

- Total badass

- I think her drink was a special con*cock*tion.

- Get something else maybe?

- Solid dating advice.

- From a meme but I wanna know

- This subreddit is a mess due to Felix’s inablity to give a theme for his LWIAY, thus you literally post anything even those that doesn’t relate to PewDiePie in any sort of ways. With that in mind look at this funny meme i found, haha.

Nossa homenagem e nosso agradecimento hoje vai para Celio Alzer. Especialista e professor, amante do vinho, do espumante e também da cachaça. . Nossa Carta de Cachaças foi consolidada por esse mestre. Foi Celio quem coordenou nosso grupo de degustadores até 2010, transformando nossa Carta em um dos patrimônios da Academia da Cachaça. . Celio, obrigado por tudo e por tanto. Vai deixar saudades! Nosso carinho para toda a família ❤️ - @academiadacachaca on Instagram

- A handful of nothing.

- Welcome to Brazil! Rules: No rules!

- April fools day jokes

- Sheng (aged) and a show

“Desde que empezó la pandemia, el 20% de los bares y restaurantes de Madrid ha cerrado ya definitivamente. Según datos de Hostelería Madrid se prevé que de aquí a final de año acaben bajando la persiana el 40%. Tiempos oscuros para mucha gente. Y en medio de este desastre general, un rayo de luz. Mi amigo @mayacortesjose abre un pequeño templo andaluz que combina su elegancia con el pescaíto frito. En otro momento sería un éxito asegurado. En estos solo nos queda aplaudir por echarle huevos a la vida, contratar a gente, comprar un producto fresco que se te va la olla y dar un poco de alegría a todo el que se acerca por ahí. . Vayan, vayan. Calle Santa Isabel, 38. Bar LA BAHÍA. Enfrente de la filmoteca, un poquito más abajo. Medidas de seguridad todas. Pescaíto, una carta gaditana llena de autenticidad y unas paredes llenas de arte del bueno. Como el de la foto. . Por gente así, vale la pena ver el futuro con otros ojos. Qué arte tiene el jodío. 🍷💃🕺🍴😍” Texto by @bertaff 📸by me, algunas un poco chungas ya lo sé, pero es para que vayáis a verlo con vuestros propios ojos. - @raulfernandezdepablo on Instagram

Cena de Bacurau, escrita por Kleber Mendonça Filho e Juliano Dornelles, finalistas na Categoria Melhor Roteiro Original do Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro. #Cinema #cinemabrasileiro #roteiro #grandepremiodocinemabrasileiro #gpdocinema #Bacurau - @academia_brasileira_de_cinema on Instagram

- Always leaving the thrifts stores with more questions than answers.

- Save the pope!

A birthday toast to @realdonaldtrump @maga #donaldtrump #blacklivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter #unity #pride🌈 #hope - @elaineoffers on Instagram

- blursed_fried chicken

- I wonder how many takes it took to film this scene.

#SchittsCreek could not be contained on #emmys night, especially the Levy family. Visit our link in bio for more on their historic win - @latimes_entertainment on Instagram

- I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.

- My first post here, They knew

- Thank you...?

- Ice sculpture of a bull with steak placement...

Inspirations...#rip...Michael Lonsdale. - @francoisxavierdemaison on Instagram

- German YouTube Poop, meine ich_iel-Kerle

- When the weebs go too far

- This happened this morning. :(

- If you do this at the movies, you are a piece of shit.

- cursed_think

Spécialités grisonnes : Capuns, Maluns et Pizzoccheri au Veltliner Weinstube im Hotel Stern à Coire, avec une rareté liquide, un très grand vin suisse! - @josevouillamoz on Instagram

- blursed_poll

All this prep is missing is some Flavor God👀😂⁠ -⁠ Add delicious flavors to your meal preps!⬇⁠ Click the link in my bio @flavorgod⁠ ✅⁠ ⁠ - @flavorgod on Instagram

- @lovely on Instagram

- Et tu, Brute?

- Me getting ready for my big cake day.

- Elon musk form Wish

- Le confinement par OSS 117

- Cannabis Accessories

- [I ate] Kushikatsu for tea

- Your movie will make a fine addition to my collection

- Did a double take when visiting this restaurant loo

- Wow that looks nice

- So watery, and yet there’s a smack of ham to it

- Go FoR iT, gO fOr It

- From Power

- you wouldnt get it

- Hangover meme

- I cant refuse

- me💩irl

- Delete this from my frontal lobe

- Don’t Dead Open Inside

- I’ve done it

Hashtag #drunkcats to be featured! #shots #bitch #yathought #shloshed #downthehatch #dead #turnup #thechive #wine #meme #catsofinstagram #buzzfeed #cat #meowvswoof #catstocker #9gag #可爱  #可愛い #귀엽다  #ネコ  #猫 #고양이 #catsgato #meowingtons #cuteanimalco #sweetcatonline #myadorablecats #cutecatplus #cuteanimalspage - @drunk_cats on Instagram

Happy Tuesday everyone!⠀ Who else is looking forward to eating out with family and friends again? 🙋 ⠀ #veropasta - @veropastawine on Instagram

Tag someone who owes you one 😏👇 #greenacre #sydneyeats #innerwestsydney #sydneydrinks #sydneyfood #sydneydessert - @ijuicesugarcane on Instagram

- Last night in Teesside for a while :(

- Everyone on this show is adorable.

Bir Yudum Akademi’de Chamlija tadımından . En beğendiklerim sırasıyla....1.Thracian blend 2017, 2. Asticus mons Cabernet Franc 2017, 3. Stranja rose...Son zamanlarda yaptığım en iyi tadım, en güçlü-akıllarda kalan şaraplar......Şerefe 🍷🍷 @sarabinizinde @ozgurgul24 @biryudumakademi @chamlija @strandjamassif - @goodwinesandgoodvibes on Instagram

Amici e parenti - @cardamonenatale on Instagram

- - Does this bread taste funny to you? - Funny how?

Have you placed your meal plan order yet?! These meals are worth spending *all* of your money on ⏩Scroll to see this weeks options 💪🏽Click the link in our bio to order 🥦No carb, low carb and extra protein available! ⏰Order between now and Sunday at midnight 💵Meal plan pick up starts Sunday at 11am with special order pick up starting Tuesday at 11am - @cleaneatzraleigh on Instagram

- old format, new subject

Follow @feature_my_stuff for more . Artist @nemibladet . Amazing Featured Accounts @horror_sketches @artshare4smallaccounts . Tag your work at #feature_my_stuff to be featured. . #Illustration #Darkillustration #Concept #Conceptart #Art #Comics #Comicstrips #Comicstrip #Wicca #Wiccan #Goth #Gothic #Popsurrealism #Contemporaryart #Arte #Artist #Artwork #Drawing #Sketch #Illustration #Lowbrowart #Traditionalart #Instaart #Dailyart #WorldofPencils - @feature_my_stuff on Instagram

- You know what im talking about

- meirl

- Anime centaur

- Me_irl

- Open your eyes reddit!

- ITs A fAcT

- So fucking true

- Stop the universe a wanna get off

- It helps to forget.

- Its so gross

- Ugggghhhh

- Balti

- A coffee shop in Minneapolis with a variety of TP options

- just dont let the water go inside the wine

- Não sei porque mas esse diálogo me soa terrivelmente familiar

#ZCeleb 今天娛樂圈迎來最暖心的喜訊,#JoaquinPhoenix 及 #RooneyMara 夫婦已迎來第一個孩子,並取名為 River,為向 Joaquin 英年早逝的哥哥 River Phoenix 作深情致敬。   River 在 Joaquin 心中佔有絕對的份量。他過去接受 60 Minutes 專訪時曾說:「事實上,在我製作的每一部電影中,某種程度都與 River 有關。」而今年 2 月,他獲頒奧斯卡最佳男演員獎時,也以哥哥 River 在 17 歲時所寫的歌詞,發表感人演說:「帶著愛去救援,和平將隨之而來。」 River Phoenix 下個月已離開27年。27年後 River 這條河也終於被延續下去。 - @ztylezhk on Instagram

- Is it just me or does the first bottle look classiest?

- Or Russian vodka.

- I’d rather stay home


- The stools on the inside have legs of different lengths

- Blursed pizza

- Eggs and bbq sauce 🤮

- disco club

- Yay time to get fucked

- Dont tell me how to eat my burger!

- About last night.

- This seat at the movies

So excited to see that people are having private screenings of Tin City! Thank you Bruce for sharing this with us. ⁠ ⁠ Nothing like watching Tin City on a 100 diagonal screen and 1450 watts of crystal clear audio. It looks and sounds absolutely amazing!⁠ ⁠ #pasorobles #paso #slocal #travelpaso #tincity #tincityfilm #womandirector #documentaryfilm #independantdocumentary - @tincityfilm on Instagram

- Now thats a epic oof

- Went out for Chinese food last night. How is this even a fortune?

- 👌🏽

Big love to all our close friends at Soho House. . Follow me and join my memebers area @thenedsclub for more! . . #thened #nedsclub #membersonly #memes #sohohouse #picante #london - @thenedsclub on Instagram

- Heard.

- frases

- The perfect replacement

- Wine not sniff it?

- Exhaling fire

- The way their names are written with every font format randomly


- Here comes the Hangover train

- Salt and pepper ratios in Italy

- Foreals 🙄

Criação de figurino para clipe da música Quando chegar o amanhã, interpretada pela artista Sammliz. 2017 _ Figurino criado em parceria com os designers paraenses Jonathan Camelo e Bárbara Santos. _ Direção: Adrianna Oliveira Ass. Direção: Alexandre Nogueira Direção de Fotografia: Thiago Pelaes Direção de Arte: Tita Padilha - @ketlensuzyportfolio on Instagram

- Simple life. Best life.

Welcome back, to that same old place that you laughed about, Well the names have all changed since you hung around. But those dreams have remained and theyve turned around....#welcomebackhoboken #welcomebackindoordining #hobokenbars #hobokengirl #hobokenbartenders #tipyourbartender - @hobokenbartender on Instagram

- Chateauneuf du Pape

- 156 Bathroom Boards

- Unhealthy living good

- pogi, tanda and sexy

- This table and floor blending

- My glass isnt centered on its stem.

Having had to abruptly leave America behind because of this global crisis I have had to say many goodbyes, some unfortunately forever, some for the interim. I was lucky to have shared great memories with some special people through drinking these incredible wines and experiences shared through work. Blue Hill has been a special experience thus far and hope I can return to finish my Visa once this is all over. I was not able to take pictures in the kitchen but this wonderful family are aligned to re-create a very typical kitchen scene. #yeshands #family - @dangibeon on Instagram

- how about yours?

- Just a candle lit Valentines Day dinner at In and Out.

- Taco Tuesday

- M E G A B O R G E R

#winetasting - @latenightsinparis on Instagram

- nutritious!

- The final potatoes

- Fix yer sign

به بهانه سی امین سالگرد اکران رفقای خوب: اسکورسیزی دست نوشته های نیکلاس پیله گی در مورد زندگی هنری هیل، یک مافیایی توبه کرده را خوانده است و حتم دارد که می تواند با تکیه بر این شخصیت اصیل، دنیای تبهکاری را ترسیم کند. تمامی ملاطی را که اسکورسیزی به دنبال آن بود، در این داستان می شد پیدا کرد، از دوران کودکی یک ایرلندی در محله ی کوئینز نیویورک که آرزویش، همچون بسیاری از ایتالیایی ها تبدیل شدن به یک گنگستر بود، تا سقوط او و اجبارش در افشای نام دوستان و رفقای خود، و سپس زندگی در خفا با حمایت و محافظت اف بی آی. درون مایه های اسکورسیزی را هم می شد در رفقای خوب دید: علاقه به جذب در یک اجتماع و ترس از اخراج از آن، مرز باریک میان جهان عادی و جهان پلیدی و تبهکاری و خیانت. اسکورسیزی فیلم نامه را با شخص پیله گی می نویسد.(ادامه دارد) منبع: سینماگران بزرگ؛ مارتین اسکورسیزی. نوشته توما سوتینل - Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci behind the scenes of Goodfellas (1990) Photo Credit: @barrywetcher - For more De Niro posts, follow me 👈 - on Instagram

- fallout quotes

- Dean a ling a ling

- Best Restaurant for a Dinner Date?

- Cheese spaghetti

- I can’t ignore the cheese

- Trickster Harry

- Shes immortal.

- Not sure who verified this pizza box

- Oh, damn! Libs are DESTROYED!!!

- I miss classic ShopRite brand

- That aint no stirrer

- Me on cheat days

- Saw this idea in the comments, decided to make it a meme

- Maybe Ted DID warn us about Coronavirus...

- Dylan Moran

- Oh god oh no

- Family dinner do be like that.

- This restroom’s sign, gently shaming everyone into washing their hands

- Keep tha change.

- Bruce McCulloch about the sports score

- me irl

- This is a skill every restaurant secretly interviews for

- tig ol’ bitties

- Very long

- Dinner next to the colloseum (Rome)

- They are called Tater “Motherfucking” Tots !! 😡

- Back off budy


- Nueva temporada

- This archway theyre building is something else.

- So what did he taste like?

- This generic plaza

- Funny Video Game Memes

- Thank you kind stranger.

- Blursed_salads

- Parenting

- Zaftig beauty

midnight dinner, bangkok branch - @sugush on Instagram

- animal crossing

- The real horseman

- Life hack or just trashy?

- Someone ordered “Wine & Cheese” at the bar I was at

Guten Morgen, ich wünsche euch allen ein schönes Wochenende. Vielleicht sehen wir uns am heutigen Samstag im IL Mercato? Würde mich sehr freuen. Euer Michael - @michael_frutta on Instagram

Il seminario sul Chianti Classico e il suo territorio. Non perdetevi il seminario di Daniele Cernilli Chianti Classico & Co., sabato 3 ottobre, dalle 16:30 alle 17:30 a Milano allHotel Principe di Savoia. di 🚨 Acquista il tuo biglietto su: 🚨 👉 Leggi l’articolo completo su - on Instagram

- I need another meowgarita

- This coffee shop offers uncooked linguini for stirrers.

- The next time I vote

- Frozen ham and pineapple pizza with added anchovies and parmesan, while watching the Sapranos.

- Francis Ford Coppola

- Nata Lee

- Grandma had to stitch this for her trailer.

- sounds like a real fun delivery

- The label on these wine bottles

Television and film often inspire travel and trying new foods. ⠀ ⠀ What series or film has moved you to explore new places, cuisines, and cultures? What are your favorite stories about those adventures? ⠀ ⠀ #travelTuesday ⠀ ⠀ Photo: Pete Souza/Barack Obama Twitter - @foodrepublic on Instagram

- Everyday distractions.

- @emptystic on Instagram

- hmmm

- Hollywood Quotes

- This wine glass break could have been a lot worse.

- Hes soooo cute