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- Pokemon Trigger


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Check your Sun/Venus 🥰 - @costarastrology on Instagram

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- Motivation for Studying

Namis Vibrant Pop Art Creations

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- Annotation GCSE



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- Brainstorming for Writers

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- Personality descriptions

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- Accounts & Finance


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- Personal Qualities

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Please read and share this open letter to UK government which @musicvenuetrust delivered today. Music venues across the UK are crucial to the cultural landscape and are in danger. If you have time to write to your local MP and show your support please do! Mono, Stereo, The Flying Duck and 556 UK grassroots music venues have signed this open letter and now we need you’re help. #saveourvenues #dotherightthing - @monoglasgow on Instagram

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- According to Meyers-Briggs...

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- Pandora just gave me this well designed email. I drive for Uber.

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- aesthetic types of people

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- Triple Moon Goddess

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- I wonder when they will realize that they are their own worst enemy sometimes.

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- Penetration testing process

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- Learning Piano



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A major PSA! catch me on the latest Hood Highlights over at @hood_digest ✊🏽🇸🇻 #elsalvador🇸🇻 #salvadoran #cipotes - @radionojodas on Instagram

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Online Wine Cheese and rhe Gospel: the Fifth Commandment: Thou shalt not kill. Monday Sept 28 7-8pm. St Paul Cathedral (Pittsburgh) Facebook page and website - @saintpaulcathedral on Instagram

- Catra! 3

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- Carla Session

𝓂𝒶𝑔𝒾𝒸𝒶𝓁 𝒻𝓇𝓊𝒾𝓉 15

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- I have reasons

Pin by Destina on dawn | Cartoon profile pictures, Instagram cartoon, Cartoon profile pics

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- Analytics & Measurement - Web Mktg Social


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- Captions

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Most of us want healthy and loving relationships. However, sometimes we do things intentionally or unintentionally that sabotage our relationship dynamics. If we find ourselves engaging in behaviours that don’t benefit the relationship, it can either help us gain awareness of how to fix our dynamics or it can be an indication that we no longer want to be in that relationship. (Just like with most things, context matters)• • #loveyourself #awareness #sorry #feelings #mentalhealthtips #selfesteem #mentalhealth #psychology #growth #strength #selfdiscovery #selfcare #selflove #human #identity #authenticity #worthit #intentionalliving #onlinetherapy #need #millennialtherapist #lovewins #mentalhealthmatters #relationships #힐링 #글귀 #loveyou #friends #family #relationshipgoals - @millennial.therapist on Instagram

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Chicken curry fried chicken extra dip sauce

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- For LinkedIn


- Schizoaffective disorder

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- Social Studies Lesson Plans

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- School Reunion

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- if you’re like me and need more than 7 songs to listen to

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- Emotion Management

stressed sam hunt breaking up was easy in the90s song anxious what do i do

- art brush

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- Wow

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- Applied Psychology

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- Plants TOXIC to Cats

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I put the script for THE BLANKET online if you’re interested. The link, as always, is in the bio (where it belongs). - @rileystearns on Instagram

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- Writing about Art

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- 3-digit multiplication

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- Feminism is a plague to society

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- Resume Templates

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- Functional resume template

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- Infj

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- Anecdotal evidence is not evidence

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- Data Science Algorithms

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- Institute of Mental Wellbeing

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- All Organized

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- Scientific Writing

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- music chords

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- Memory Care

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- 504s & IEPs

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- What 1% really means

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- Executive resume template

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- Space Theories

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- Interview preparation

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- Blessing My Family

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- At least 223 companies have manufactured hard disk drives. Most of that industry has vanished through bankruptcy or mergers and acquisitions. None of the first four entrants continue in the industry today.

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- Blogs

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- Number Theory

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- Learning Piano

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- Credit goes to “thesnadger” on Tumblr

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- Writing A Persuasive Essay

19 nineteen birthday celebration celebrate

- College

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- Ames, Iowa

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- Marketing Tools

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- Gotta Try It!

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- Guitar songs

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- Bipolar Recovery

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- Resume Help

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- sestri levante

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- Awesome

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- Humans / Aliens / Supernatural / Superheroes

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- ADHD help

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- Writer tips

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- psychology

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- Building a wardrobe

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- Quit Drinking

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- College campus

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Honored to be mentioned in @beautylaunchpad industry’s leading females 🙏🏼 along with these powerful ladies! #womensupportingwomen #beautylaunchpad #euforanation - @danacash_ on Instagram

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- Family Worship -JW

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- rArE SpOOkY sKUlLz

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We are so happy to be back open soon on June 26th! The salon will have new guidelines that we are obligated to follow by the State of Pennsylvania. It is our goal to keep our staff & clients safe! Please review our new operating procedures and salon policies. - @paradigmsalon on Instagram

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- Birth symbols

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- Accounting

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- How Formats Proliferate (thanks to xkcd)


- What a tricky and complicated situation

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- English for beginners

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- inspector calls

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- Starting new job

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Public Economics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #economics #public #tagsomeone #tag #share #student #learn #likeforlikes #like4likes #sharethelove #share #comment #mention #mentionme #tanmaythanawala #elearning #commerce #hsc #free #learners #summary #tagblender #100kfollowers #100klikes #lastpost #end #100kchallenge #effort #share #studygram #green #india - @last_minute_friend on Instagram

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- Express-Essays

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- Not BD, but interesting


- Idk

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- Psychology

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- Educational Videos

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- business template

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- Me


- Branding


I jotted this list down two days ago to serve as reference for myself and others. Use your privilege as a weapon to protect those that need it. - @brandonccornel on Instagram

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- Looks good? Im hosting a non-vegan couple and wanted to put on a show - they order what they want. Thoughts?

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Major News I took some time off from Ig live since I was busy with casting and projects. If you are reading this I’m being strict on this post. TAGG 5 actors writers or producers you know in the comment section of this post. I will be watching on this one closely who really is paying attention.......:.......... Q&A with Jason Kyle Co-Founder, Creators Writing Room w/ Lee Aronsohn (Two and Half Men, Big Bang Theory) Development Coordinator, Sony Pictures Ent/ GansaGordon Productions (Creators of Homeland, 24) #talent #actors #writers #casting #castings #castingcall #auditions #opencall #modeling #producers @getmejasonkyle - @bactalent on Instagram

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- Coach Cici

- MBTI Functions

- At the doctors

- basketball

- Kelly Umekubo ran a charity called The Story Project for runaways as a front for sexual abuse w/ Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell & Kelly were friends w/ Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos & former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Why did Schmidt step down from Alphabet (Googles parent co.) the day after Trumps order?

- Career Goals

- Musical theatre

Know Your Tow - information from the Consumer Protection Act - @opp_hsd on Instagram

- Blursed ravioli

- My gender and sexuality is bad-smelling plants

- The latest Publishing Paths chart by Jane Friedman

- A Level Psychology

- Dating My Daughter


- Shounen mangaka in a nutshell

- Addiction

- Teen stress

- Apartment lease Agreement

- arte contemporáneo

- An open letter from the guy who did that sweary website

- Listening Quotes

- Customer Persona

- homework solver resources

- Ethical Fashion Resources

- This explains my super powers I guess

healing isn’t linear, find what works for you! 🧚🏽‍♂️ #empowerandcreate #elawcyouth - @elawcyouth on Instagram

- Nursing resume template

- The 16 personality types

- [198X] The origins and developmental history of cyborgs

- A Comprehensive List for all your -dere needs.

- Sourate al qadr

- Her grandpa beat Skyrim in FOUR DAYS!!!!

- Cover letter for resume

- block scheduling

- Data Science

- Art worksheets

- BPD - disorder

- Cute/ Writing

- Motivation questionnaire

- Simple Resume Template

- Business

- Ap language


- Build it!


Feeling very lucky to have met @thisisjustinmorgan a few months back. Not only is he one of the greatest mentors I could have asked for, but has become an even greater friend. Thanks for bringing me on board @pearl.snap.studios! [Link in bio] #pearlsnapstudios #musicproducer #nashvillemusic #musicrow - @austin_addams on Instagram

- Electrical engineering

- Adulting

- Limiting Beliefs

- music chords

- cardiology

- It is about that time of year. New medical students are asking how to know what to memorize from lecture. Worry not, I put together a nifty flow chart to figure out what to memorize to pass exams! Happy studying. [Shitpost]

- Beauty

- CV format

- computer

- Books I Want to Read

- List of : ethical hacking trainings, CTFs platforms, pentesting labs, ... have fun!

- Ashley Horner

- Zukos special talent is not something to be underestimated

- types of people

- Phrasal verbs with meaning

- Contract Agreement

- Kindergarten daily schedules

- april 12

- Comic Design

- Resume

- Family

- Life coaching books

- The Governing Structure of the Union of Worlds

- Of Mice and Men

- We need a Far-Left movement

- Copy Editor

- commercial cleaning

- Self Employment

- High School Chemistry

- Money Dance

- A Christmas carol revision

- Letter Template

- Found the troops on omegle. Appreciate it.

- Motivational Interviewing

- College resume template

- Adult Learning/Education

- DevOps

- She only likes music if it reaches her mentally (and psychologically)

- Geriatric Nursing

- 7th Grade Science - Plate Techtonics

- Nursing Jobs

Recent notes left on our virtual typewriter. - @literatibookstore on Instagram

- future

- Other peoples ideas

- Anxiety

- Its been over a year since YouTube censored SBSK, and people still cant comment on their videos.

- All about the Law

- Any other political families with these amount of deaths on their hands? Im serious.

- 23 Emotions People Feel, But Can’t Explain

First show together 7pm Sunday in the Inner Sanctum! Then we’re all moving in together - @katiebarsotti on Instagram

- Putting together a potting mix cheat sheet - have I missed anything?

- Family home group


- Four year old shitlord.

- cleaning DIY

- bored

- Anam Cara

- bored on the internet

- Cover Letter Designs

- Freshman Seminar


- Question paper

- Vehicle inspection

- Philosophy of Science

- Real Estate Investing

New Menu! A mixture of your old favourites with some new specials! #breakfast #brunch #lunch #cafe #coffee #newisalwaysbetter #warmwintermeals - @leafcafe_lidcombe on Instagram

- Matrix Theory


- Addiction

- anti

- Bio cheat sheets

- Baker Media Portrait Studio

- Cute/ Writing

‼️LITERALLY JUST DON’T CALL THE COPS‼️ - @peopleschoolofconflict on Instagram

- Guitar magazine


- Tenses exercises

- Response rates for men and women

- Apartment lease Agreement

- Phrasal verbs with meaning

- Social Aspects

- Tumblr knows how its done

- I dont know if Im emotionally stable enough to post on Reddit

- Human rights activists

- Catastrophe!

- Book of shadows

- easy piano songs

- Last week I posted a translated lyrics round (take a song, translate it through loads of languages before back to English) and loads of you smashed it. So I made it harder this week (thats what she said etc etc). Good luck

- Assessment Tools

- Drug Addiction Recovery


- The adventures of sir Bacon

- Life skills & PD

- Classroom

- The Four Cs of Worldbuilding

- Merlin

- Buying Real Estate

- Writing

- A

- Monkey mind

- creative writing

- how to like actually write

Raise your hand if you would like better PPC & SEO results. ✋ Dana shows you how to how to harness the power of both for a better #Google experience overall in this popular episode of #WhiteboardFriday. Click the link in our Insta bio to watch now. 👆 - @moz_hq on Instagram

- Fluent in English

- All Things parenting

- financial instrument

- Birding

- Javascript notes

- Comprehensive General Test for Casual

- Business & Entrepreneurship

- Improve

- Academia

- IT: Game

- Get the Job!

- Kay Arthur

- Im going to start leaving handing these out.

- kinds of story ending

- A Brain at Work

- Ad says ”Digital Designer”. Smh

- Phrasal verbs with meaning

I really hope she sees this. And I hope YOU see this! Because whoever is reading this, you are my top 1 of people that I think are actually pretty great and cool. Who’s on your crush list?!🥰😘😝 #iforgotelsa #andtheviolinlady #andmyspanishteacher - @byu_guy on Instagram

- A guide to (almost) all the flairs on r/assholedesign.

- The way my teacher numbers his questions.

- Literacy Coach

- Real Estate Investing

Visit the link in our bio to learn how our CEO, Luis Rodriguez, built the only Hispanic-owned construction company in the region! #Construction #ConstructionIndustry #BuildingOurCommunity #Entrepreneur #BuffaloNY #WNY - @rodriguezconstructiongroup on Instagram

- Andrew the ManDrew!!

- beautiful Tumblr

- Following the PSA yesterday about misattributing various problems in a PC to the default assumption and bandwagon of bad AMD drivers, here is a collection of examples of people from that posts comments, affirming and validating EXACTLY the point being made in that post.

- army reserve

- Strengths based leadership

- Strategic Leadership

- I made this over a year ago. The new sliver stuff reminded me of it. What a cruel cycle.

- Best resume example for your jobs

- Auditing 1 course resources

American Theatre picked up this essay today! If you didn’t get to read it on Long Wharf’s blog, please read it now, it’s very important to me. If you already read it, thank you, please read it again and send it to your decision-making bosses. If you are a decision-making boss, please don’t avoid this, let’s have a conversation. Link in bio and story. @americantheatremag @longwharftheatre [image description: Headshot of me, a man of Lebanese descent with black hair and brown eyes, wearing blue, tortoise shell glasses and a red t-shirt. In the background of the photo, exposed gray brick and sunlight coming in from industrial windows. Below the photo, in black text, headline reads, “The Disability Scorecard: Are You Doing a Panel, or Actually Doing Something?”] - @ryanjhaddad on Instagram

- Grammar skills

- [OC] Will to Live / Die - Work safe version - TomMakesComics

- 18 Mad Women/lives help

- Home Selling Tips/Info

- College education


- Nclex

- kinds of story ending

- 16 personalities test

Heck out this cool interview with Patrick Hinds in Pop Culturalist! Link in bio! - @obsessednetwork on Instagram

- Restorative Justice

- I worked really hard on it guysit was for a class project and my teacher said it was really epic 😎😎😎

- Angel Numbers

- Bring Them Home ....

- Male and female Brad collabed two days ago!

- English language idioms

- Family

- English language idioms

- Reported Speech