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Imagine slashers

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Da cc si resubes o bloqueo

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The force awakens by Millie

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Attack of the clones by Millie

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Steves Sister|Mike Wheleer y tu|


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The force awakens by Millie


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Wallpaper in 2022 | Funny profile pictures, Mood pics, Aesthetic movies in 2022 | Funny profile pictures, Aesthetic movies, Profile picture

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- (OC) evanescence : 1.0

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- The quote “I can save today. You can save the world” from the DC movie Wonder Woman is a subtle hint to the fact that that I wanted to kill myself after watching it.

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- Another one of my favourites horror movies if you haven’t seen it you’re definitely going to enjoy it have fun

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- Gremlins

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- THE PETITION WORKED!!!Naughty Dog has officially declared that Part II is not canon and theyre now making the game we all wanted

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- Official Poster for Paul Schrader’s ‘The Card Counter’ Starring Oscar Isaac

- New teaser poster for SXSW comedy horror - Extra Ordinary.


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- The Craft. Underrated 90s horror.

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- For The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Stephen King never cashed his $1000 cheque for the rights to the film. Years later he framed it and mailed it to director Frank Darabont with a note saying In case you ever need bail money, Love Steve.

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- The poster for the 2008 U.S. remake of Rec*, Quarantine starring Jennifer Carpenter, is from the last two seconds of the film.

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- we live in a joeciety joker says.

- captain fantastic

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- Fuck everything about these... Things!

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- Demolition man - my 8 year old asked today, if we didn’t have toilet paper then what would we use? She doesn’t know about the three seashells!

- Alien,Alien Vs Predator

- The poster gives preety 80s wibe

- Stranger Things [Netflix]

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- The Snowpiercer List: 15 of the Best Korean Films of All Time

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- Cyberpunk Films: “Mute” opinion

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- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991)

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- I can’t believe this turns 40 this year...

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- how Hollywood dehumanizes women

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- Dont Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead (1991)


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