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sad devastated maury football man

- 50s Party

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- Barbie odds and ends

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- I never knew Elves had a union

HΞУ guys Ihave a yt channel its name is 𝙔𝙤𝙪𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩𝙜𝙪𝙧𝙡 ᵢt𝘴 ᗰy 𝚋ᵤᵣf 𝚍ₐy 𝚝ₒdaY btw

mauryshow runningaway embarrassed running

- Boy Ornaments

not the father happy dance

- What in the methamphetamine is going on here..

Failed Attempts at Trying to Look Sexy! | Team Jimmy Joe

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maury laugh funny hilarious

- Famous Movie Cars

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- Took them both to Flavor-town.

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you are the father father good one maury

- This car is clearly warning other drivers that it is not proficient with a manual transmission.

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- When you forget to turn up the samples


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maury that was a lie lie detector the maury show slap

- Skinhead girl


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not the father maury dance

- 1960 bedroom

Tara and Sam Carpenter

yikes omg shocked face palm oh no

- Coca Cola

11 Photoshoot Outfits to Let your Personal Brand Shine

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- Der Wienerschnitzel, 1970s

Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!

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you are not the father dancing celebrate excite oh yeah

- Childhood memories

Mary Nightingale - Journalist

🤪🥰😏❤😩 .

maury you are not the father

- Dont make em like they used to!

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Maurice 😈😈💯

hardchun faint

- Bucket list!

Hey thithers

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oh honey no maury povich oh dear poor thing thats terrible

- Family portrait.

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maury run maury run

- BErliet T100

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maury oh really whoa you dont say

- I cut my own hair so I could look more like sarah mclachlan in the picture


maury you are not maurydance

- This gas station is having an identity crisis.

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igetionely igetlonely maury

- 80s

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maury laughing

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21 Day Prayer Journal Challenge - The Modern Mary

Big Mouth

dance celebrate you are the father show win

- attics of my life

omg maury surprised crazy awkward

#TBT to a Long Island chapter meeting years ago! Although were missing in-person meetings, many CG Chapters have held meetings over video chat so we can get together and support each other, which is needed now more than ever 💚 Remember: You are NEVER alone! ~ ~ ~ #scoliosis #scoliosisbrace #backbrace #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisgirl #scoliosislife #scoliosissupport #scoliosisart #scoliosisawareness #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosisfighter #scoliosisfamily #scoliosissurvivor #supportgroup #bentnotbroken #scoliosisstory #wevegotyourback #gotyourback #cgscoliosis #curvygirlsscoliosis - @cgscoliosis on Instagram

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- 1990

truth telling the maury lie

- Cottage Style

maury well welp funny nod

- #FavoriteMovies

you are the father happy fathers day

- 1960s

diabetes lie lieabetes liar

- The White Ho

ho maury povich

- Does anyone remember the cramped gamerooms from Cicis? Its been a while since Ive been to one so I wasnt sure if they still had these

funny father you are not the father not the father

- Southern California


- McDonalds McRobots transforming food toys (late 80s)

lil nas x lilnasxmaury

- Russian cuisine

maury povich maurywinner

- Building Character in Kids

maury povich well

- Ribena


As you may know we customize vintage and not so vintage bass drum pedals. We just finished our most recent request, a Baskin Robbins pedal. Our buddy Gary is a huge BR fan and can you guess his favorite flavor? #baskinrobbins #pimpmypedal #customshop #dw #dwpedals #drumset #drummers #paintshop - @bentleysdrumshop on Instagram

maury youarethefather

- Another World (Soap)

maury true

- Freeport texas

maury youre not the father you are not the father dance yes

- Hello! I’m interested in starting a podcast with other vanlifers living in or traveling through Denver. If you or someone you know is interested give me a holla. PFA


- Barbra Streisand

maury sigh

- I saw this beauty today...


- 1960s Fashion

maury you are the father its true

- Christmas 1981 - I had been begging for an Atari for months but was sure my mum couldn’t afford it. Was I ever surprised!

funny lmao lol maury show weak

- 1980’s/90’s memories #3

maury well welp funny nod

- Not sure if allowed but whoever topped this pizza should be fired, like totally.

honeycardi maury

- fun things to do

maury oh no worried disappointed oh man

- Blast from the past

that is out of control maury povich south park s6e1 freak strike

- The Runaways 1970s

maury well welp funny nod

- 50s Diner + Drive-in

wow maury povich south park s6e1 freak strike

- .¸¸¸.•*¨*•TV •*¨*•.¸¸¸.

maury thats a lie serious lol

- Art

annoyed maury povich south park s6e1

- Christmas

lie detector maury povich paternity liar

- Childhood Memories

- 1999 Mustang Convertible

- orange cinema

- 70s fashion

- Childhood memories

- “Youths Who Put God First” Cover of Awake! (a Watchtower publication) depicting 26 children who refused blood transfusions and died as a result. May 22, 1994.

- Fall leaves and my pretty old lady. I had to stop and take this in for a moment in my morning hustle.

- Salt n Pepa

- Ab Fab

- Sharon Osbourne


- Kath and Kim

- 90s

- 50 Years of Learning


- Cory with the flex

- Peep the 9s (X-post from r/funny)

- Found some old felt flags from 1910 at a flea market. These dont exists anymore.

- SVT Lightning

- Avon

- Denver tv

- Dinner Parties

- Just why

- 60s food

- April Rain

- Box tops

- Salute your shorts!

- Buffy Buffy

- paint & stripes

- Total Request Live with Carson Daly

- One of my dream cars, a 1986 Ford Taurus.

- Mary Xmas

- They really hit rock bottom after that shitty movie with Rampage Jackson

- Dollhouse miniatures

- cursed_breakfast

- 70s

- Proud SF Resident

- Sega OutRun

- Childhood memories

- 80s,90s

- Instantgetaway

- We will be the Party, 1976

- Bewitched

- This beer truck is shaped like a beer can

- basketball bday party

- Scrubs reminds me of the mid 2000s more than any other TV show.

- Ginger Spice Costume; Inspiration

- Boob Tube Favs

- James Bond Cars

- Paris hilton hair

- Me, ready for prom, 1996

- Cisco

- Destination Wedding

- Childhood Memories

- Best TV Ever

- 1970, 80 and 90s

- Nineties

- Posters for Room

- Sick people

- TG&Y ! I bought so many toys at this store as a kid.

- Beatrice and Eugenie, daughters of Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah

- Garden State - Plaza & More

- 90s/00s

- Barbie

- Free sample boxes

- 1995 was all about Chevy Power

- Advertise

- Full house characters

- Corvette

- My mother’s racially mixed family, 1978

- 50s fashion

- the year was 1997 I dyed my hair red to match my El Camino, had to get this boys attention. What can i say I like them big, I like them chunky (Chunky) I like them big, I like them plumpy.

- My mom visiting a Japanese ice cream shop in 1984

- Wilson Phillips

- hmmm

- Behold: The TV dinner

- Old dodge trucks

- Jackie that 70s show

- Orange

- 80s hits

- Learning to work on cars by dailying them. 97 Corolla was sold because too reliable. Ive had a 93 f150, 91 foxbody, and my 96 xj since then. I think the Jeep is the easiest to work on so far.

- Im not sure if Spinefarm Records or Children of Bodom sent it, but this came in the post the other day.

- Blast from my past

- Spotted this hardcore Ricky Rudd fan today

- Back In The Day

- My aunt’s wedding 1981. Those tuxes.

- vintage advertising

Alle Huldenbergenaren Beste ouders, grootouders, kinderen, senioren, jongeren, … grote en kleine helden! Hartelijk dank iedereen voor alle inspanningen die jullie doen om van deze gemeente een gemeente te maken waar je je veilig en beschermd voelt. We zijn goed bezig! We zijn met elkaar, op een of andere manier verbonden, we blijven bewust van deze moeilijk situatie en we maken er het beste van binnen de mogelijkheden. Als ieder, zoals nu, zijn steentje blijft bijdragen, geraken we binnenkort uit deze moeilijke situatie! Benieuwd welke SDG’s deze heldengroep in praktijk brengt? En wie de andere heldengroepen van Huldenberg zijn? Op ontdek je het allemaal. #duurzamegemeente - @3040huldenberg on Instagram

- F100 Truck

- McDonald

- Automotive Billboards

- Bella y los Bulldogs

- Barbie Miniatures

- Me back in 1992. I wish I still had that high pants confidence and natural wind blown looking hair.

- Art o mat

- The Runaways 1970

- 80s music

- Air car

- Mustang 1965

- Mikes Super Short Show!

- Halloween Movies to Watch!

- 80´s fashion / 80-luvun muoti

- This 70s New York cab concept...and this womans fashion sense.

- I thrift for days like this

- Brand Me

- 1990s kid :)

- Bike Events

- Just found out my girlfriends mom was on Ricki Lake in 93 because her friend was in the KKK

- 1980 Toys

- Garcelle Beauvais

- This kindergarten class from 1979. Specifically the kid in the middle with the Jefferson Starship shirt. Hes the STAR OF THE DAY.

- 80 tv shows

- 2 Chevy Front Ends welded together

- Arcade games

- MAMAMOO - 2020 Season’s Greetings (Teaser Image #1)

- RC Cola

- Conan OBrien

- My dads brand new 80 something Corolla

- Blursed_billboard

- Maple furniture

Season 2018 is over , 8 podiums for 4th overall 💪🏻, let’s prepare slowly that 2019 season 😁 - @nogenico on Instagram

- My brothers WWF action sets ca. 1980s

- Barbie Diorama

- HOT POTATO - The Musical Potato Action Game

- Everything about this says 80’s - My Cousins 5.0 (OC)

- Back In The 90s

- Barbie! Cute Everything!

February 2006. Towards the end of the work day, Huf asked Gene what he wanted to do for his 24th birthday. Gene didn’t have a clue, but jokingly blurted “HOOTERS”, they both chuckled. Huf tilted his head to the side followed by an “alright” and smirked 😏, classic Keith. 7pm struck, we closed the shop and made our way to the pier. #HUFForever - @quesjvhns on Instagram

- jar

- Mom and me. Great Smoky Mountains (1976)

- 1960s Clothes

- Wedding Cars

- 7up

- When you used to have McDonalds birthday parties

- Gyaru

- 1987: its not a family vacation unless the photo ops include humiliating 7-year-old me.

- Merry Christmas from my 9 year self on the left. Second hand clothing for the win.

- Christmas village accessories

- 70s For Sure

- 101 Dalmatians!

- I heard you guys liked the 80s? Well here’s my old breakdancing crew, the Suburban Street Rockers, in 1985.

- Partridge. Family. Cast

- Beverages (no soda/booze)

- Ads & Advertsing

- Christmas

- Dr. Pepper Girl

- xD

- Mad for Mid Century Style

- Coca cola cooler

- We recently opened the bathroom wall up and these were inside. The Dude abides in 55...

- Drive in movie theaters

- The foamy/squishy wrappers on glass pop bottles

- All Things 70s

- Nissan sentra

- This girls arm is abnormally long.

- Blundered my band’s equipment around town for two years in this.

- 80s Art

- Fire Trucks

- Anyone ever ride in the back of a station wagon when they were a kid?

- Pinball

- Ah! Nostalgia!!

- 1978 Mom an pops honeymoon chariot 😂

- Burlesque film

- 90s

- S10 Truck

- Old school bus

- Old Disney TV Shows

- Fuck your Testarossa gimme an 84 Toyota Sienna

- Christmas Village Ideas

- Magic Johnson with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models 1985

- Back in the day

- 1960s Fashion

- 1970’s

- Photograph Album

- Childhood nostalgia

- Down Syndrome

- Glasses

- Juice Bar Gummi Bears, brings back awkward tween memories

- The Purple Giant Suburban

- Charlies angels topps trading cards

- I just found this on my grandparents bookshelf

- North Parmelia Primary School | 1983 | Year 5 Class 12

- Nissan hardbody

- Over 60k invested in this 1985 528e “rare low rider beammer”

- Tony tutor play computer

- Mopar

- Abbys American Girl Dolls

- Caroles Slumber Party - Oct 14-15, 1977

- The Fantanas and their catchy song “Wanta Fanta?”

- Toys R Us haul after a Super Toy Run. 1993.

MOOD #IYKYK 👀 Whats everyone snacking on in front of the TV tonight? 😂🍿 - @poplitics on Instagram

- 1990s

- // iconic

- Since my birthday was near Halloween, my mom used to go all out for my parties. Here I am, circa 1995, new Walkman to match my jewel tone leisure wear & prob listening to the Pocahontas soundtrack

- 1990 was a wild year. I have been going through old pictures at my moms and finding all kinds of hidden gem. Update on the school. It was shut down and is now a bar. It’s so weird doing shots which was once the gym where we played kickball

- A_ Ephemera (holding board)

- Great TV Shows!

- Chariot of the Ghetto Queen

- 1988 freshman basketball cheering squad. Somerville MA

- old beer cans

- Back In My Kids Day

- Alice Maury Howard

- Gotta keep those front trunk temps low

- 1970’s polyester Pietros pizza uniform.

- My $4.99 late 80s girl’s dream find! Dream Phone! 100% complete and fully functional! Dans my man!!

- My husband, a photoshop master, made this in high school.

- Cause baby Im a -

- Party Favors

- 90s. Dress Up

- Delta (Greek Life)


- Vintage Costumes

- My parents with the Camaro they sold a year later when I was born. The license plate says party time. 1990.

- 60

- 1970s.......BoHo Years

- Im Excited

- Super Rare 91’ Nissan Maxima CLS 500 Turbo

- The kid in the middle has a black eye. Family values of the 1950s.

- Dottie West

- cursed_movie night

Bot’ox 🎶 🎹 🥩 📷 Ph. Lebruman 2010 - @philippelebruman on Instagram

- Vintage year

- Partridge. Family. Cast

- pizza

- Tonka Astro van

- alcohol drinks


- Viva Forever.

- My kindergarten class....1977 :)

- Morgan McClure Motorsports team photo 1991

- Soda

Almost everyone has played the game, “Name 5 Famous People You Would Invite for Dinner.” It’s likely many Canadians have included Terry Fox on their lists. Now imagine you’re a 16 year-old runner in Sheet Harbour, NS and you actually are invited to run with Terry in 1980. That’s exactly what happened to MaryAnne (Beaver) Bailey, a sports-minded student at Duncan MacMillan High. “When we were told we were running with a one-legged runner — we saw ourselves as athletes — I didn’t think we would be running, because he only had one leg. He surprised us. We found out later he turned it on for us. I remember chatting with him and told him my dad had died 11 months earlier from lung cancer. Terry kissed me; it was an I-know-what-you’re-going-through kiss.” MaryAnne has never missed a Terry Fox Run. You can support her 40th fundraising campaign by donating here: - @terryfoxfoundation on Instagram

- Spice up your life a bit with the spice girls relaxing in the mid 90s

- When Michael B Jordan, Alexandra Daddario, and Amanda Seyfried were cast-mates on All My Children

- 80s

- 70s Inspiration

- 1980s Fashion


- Lost Luvs style

- Alice Maury Howard

- Vintage stores

- 80s Fashion

- Jazzie

- Homies! Got catch em’ all!

- Super 5 GT Turbo

- Who remembers these limited edition Ranch flavors? I think I only ever had the Pizza one, but I cant really remember.

- game show hosts

- 80s