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it sometimes be like that tho

discord logging off logging off discord

- There is no /r/wholesomesc2 to post this to but its refreshing to see this once in a while rather than kys

baile pro😎👍

fnf senpai fnf logging off discord


wallpaper nagatoro


logging off discord

- We can pin and delete other users messages, but we cant mark them as spoilers. Heres my concept.

matched photos haikyuu

₊˚ʚ ᗢ₊˚✧ ゚.

funny discord

- Poor gang

Anime boys

pregame maki harukawa


- A plugin is needed to display this content.


logging in scottcord

- Read the text

Kuromi and Melody ☠️🍸

logging off discord

- Oh? Really?


pregame shuichi saihara


- Playing around with the new Windows terminal. Pretty customizable

When Quackitys accidentally lets out his real voice

pregame maki harukawa

lagg evangelion reddit discord twitter

- [GNOME] Mac-OS look

Just a little dancing gon for you

1/2 kokichi ouma 🏁🎭

log out logging out of discord cute artbreeder chaistergif

- So I was browsing when I saw this and I had to screenshot it...


kokichi oma x shuichi saihara

shoecord stunnacord videoboy junko stunna boy

- Nobody: my friend: FTXJ YOU




- Mail, Bank, and now Anvil + Forge. I never have to move from the AH again. Also: More Wormholes, Dragonlings, and an improved Parachute!

i was god once


- Man... Why you gotta do my boi like that? :(

Couples matching icons

matching icons (1/2)

trollhunters discord logging off

- [Xfce] Hopping on the nord bandwagon


radhaz logging off discord radhaz logging off discord sussy hazard let me go rad

- Is there a way to only show the content on a PNG file icon? Hide everything else?


kokichi ouma dwayne johnson danganronpa logging off discord

- [i3wm] Making your heart stop

you are sad?


discord logging off discord logging off furry estevao

- Domics is a good animator


logging off discord discord berserk griffith guts

- I just got temp banned from r/CasualUK for posting a video about a cat being let into Downing Street...

kokichi oma x shuichi saihara

❀ .*・。゚ ↳𝐊𝐈𝐖𝐈™ .*・。゚✿

baiano gamer feijoada discord kinemaster when the

- [Plasma] There are plenty of macOS clones made on Plasma, but I think I got very close to the original.


꒰♡۪͙۫ׄꦿ͎۬ ʷᵉ’ˡˡ ˢᵘʳᵛⁱᵛᵉ ° ʸᵒᵘ ᵃⁿᵈ ⁱ

logging off discord male_07 male07 male_07memes male07memes

- [BSPWM] New setup

❛ 1/2 ❜

logging off discord logging on discord logging on off

- I suddenly know how Europe feels...

Horizon Log GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

jason chungus jasonloggingoffdiscord

- [bspwm] Please Dont Bully Me Nagatoro!

matching icons (2/2)

logging off discord saiki kusuo saiki discord

- [chunkwm + Spectacle] Retro vibe & Mr Robot

𝐮𝐡𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐢𝐭 ︰ 𝐢𝐠 - 𝐬𝐞𝟒𝐬𝐡

discord weeb anime logging off

- When you hit the back button one too many times.

logging loggingoffdiscord naruto

- [OC] blurredfox v2.0 - firefox css theme

logging off discord meme memes logging off discord

- [bspwm] first time trying bspwm and Im really liking it

dream discord minecraft logging off

- When I try to open Roblox Studio, the assets wont load.

discord you are now logged off of discord invader zim joe mama discord mod

- Plask

mohit raja mohit misa

- This review sums up EA nicely.

logging off discord odd bot plushie martin magni

- Uhhhhhh, what?

off topic discussion shirtless discord discord rules

- [i3-gaps] Our democracy has been hacked.

logging off discord discord mod fat notch megumin konosuba

Please follow • @codeherk MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: STREETWEAR MARKETPLACE A time lapse video of me developing a marketplace app. In previous posts, I have shown a mock up of the design. That was the design and this is the development. Here I will also show a side by side comparison of the design mock up and the produced result. This is a work in progress. Developer Tools: Visual Studio Code React Ionic Credits: Forty Nine - Circa 18 by VMA @vance.makes.art SO WHATCHA THINK? Your feedback is important! Like, share and comment with your thoughts. #react #ionic #typescript #javascript #userinterface #userexperience #mobileapp #mobileappdesign #appdesign #uitrends #sneakers #streetwear #code #codinglife #codingdays #technology #programminglife #peoplewhocode #devlife #blacksintechmatter - @comment_sense on Instagram

logging off discord william perhaps cow poopyfartpoop

- Hacking Practice

snipperclips discord meme

- 2meirl4meirl

among us

- trying to post anything on r/nottheonion

hassan hassanraja raja loggingoff loggingoffdiscord

- People who dont use Photoshop starterpack.

venytys venyttelij%C3%A4 daddy long legs venytys vuokatin venytys vonkaleen venytt%C3%A4j%C3%A4

- [openbox] a crown of flowers

fnf friday night funkin fnf senpai friday night funkin senpai senpai fnf

- ah yes mud cart

logging off discord discord logging on discord logging on logging off

- Just talking about how to get inside Area 51...

discord meme trap logging off logging off discord

- Well that doesnt seem quite right

loggin off discord

- Yeah, hes that fucking awesome


- [Emacs][Tmux]Workflow

diavolo discord

- [macos] mariposa

hivecloud hive hive log thumbs up nos movemos ao redor do mundo

- [awesome] Has i3 taken over awesome? I still love lua configs!


- While creating an arrow I duplicated the layer and flipped horizontal - and this creeping f***ing face was looking at me.

nope sign

- [sowm] O.o

logging off discord logging off discord pyrocynical

- ummmmmmmmmmm

downsign gif bicycle ride extension

- [GNOME] I honestly dont know how you guys use cmus...

asuka twitter discord log off evangelion

- Reading usernames is important

registered symbols joypixels registered sign circled r

- Old Software

airohn rafie the ham

- Halebop har uppdaterat sin meme

song title stockanotti stocki autograph autogramm

- [i3] Ocean Spray


- [Openbox] [ORW] Harper Lewis

singapore sg merli merlion cute

- Cursed_subreddit

logging into discord thank you meme discord trap

- youtube comments starter packs

offline animated text disconnected down logged off

- Markup horrors of the ad blocker wars

logging off discord

- New unreads menu

joeb logging on gif log on online

Fizz Buzz Challenge Solution Code in Python. Fizz Buzz is a very simple programming task, asked in software developer job interviews. . . #anukiranghosh #youtuber #youtube #python #programming #programmer #pythonprogramming #developer #development #api #fizzbuzz #coding #interview #geeks #facebook - @anu_ghosh111 on Instagram

discord epstein log off logging off log

- Uhh.. Okay....

- [MATE] The old boy has still got it! No compiz, nothing.

- Woah... Thats a loota dimensions!

- Führerschein-Prüfungsprogramm_iel

- Digging the New Music Library

- [Emacs][Sublime Text][Vim] Make Peace, not War

- thanks steam

- me?irl

- No thanks, ill pass.

- I was messing around with graphics shaders and accidentally drew Eric Cartman.

- Apple or Microsoft?

- Huge empty spaces in Only show installed mode. It would be great that steam will automatically hide the categories with not installed games like in the left bar. Or at least minimize the blank space while showing the category titles.

- Computer security

- Thank You AVG...

- pedophilic furry carniform mammal

- The I go to Reddit to avoid this shit starter pack

- Its not enough that I have to watch a 30 second ad. I have to INTERACT with it.

- [Openbox] Material Design Inspired Setup!

- Why do you have to make me feel bad?

- Anon is too fat

- Why does this happen when I try to flash my dilly?

- The Most Wanted Man on the Rim

- [Openbox] Anti-aliased rounded corners with compton!!!

- Weve seen guilting people to not uninstall before, but this is a whole new level

- [i3] Learning Lemonbar

- 3ds max

- this website acts like i have a virus, posting more stuff in the comments

- blursed_toaster

¤ Perfect!¤ . ¤_____¤ Tags: ¤_____¤ #doodle #scribble #illust #manga #illustration #sketch #art #artist #artissues #relateable #relatable #artists #art🎨 #issues #artistproblem #artproblem #comedy #funny #lol #sad #lolol #rofl #haha #relatableartist - @relatable_artist on Instagram

- [XFCE] Been using Manjaro for a while now completely stock so I tried to clean it up a little

- [Cinnamon] Chasing that 2003 feeling

- Gmod Review #2

- Friendly reminder that Discord used to look like this : )

- css_irl

- When you take a break from web development to write a book and realise no-one will ever know if you use tables for layout

- Ole deactivates his twitter due to abuse, how long is this going to go on for

- anti-semitism lurking in r/NZ. lets keep this out of our sub as per rule 3-4.

- [OC][vim] Forest Night: 🌲 Comfortable & Pleasant VIM Color Scheme

- [Openbox] [ORW] ER, 2am

Surprise. All my favourite type treatments I’ve been posting recreated in a template format (Just replace the font and adjust any layers as you see fit). I also included 35 of my favourite textures, merchandise mocks ups and 20 sites/tumblrs I’ve been using for inspiration. Enjoy, have fun creating and share with your friends. (Link in my bio/swipe up in my story) * google doc. should be viewable now* - @mihailoandic on Instagram

- That got dark rather quickly

- [ i3-gaps ] ZeroTwo rice with a really simple pywal supported lemonbar.

- If its all zero, why is the line halfway up the graph? (Epic Games Launcher)

- How Mad House was made

- Pls gib fake internet points

- This app is very confused about windows

- Ai tuts

- We shot a car into space, yet we still have to pay 99 cents to view our photos.

- Found on a piracy website. Did a little digging and found out the website is hosted in California so I have no clue why this is screwed up

- Happened during CS Class.

- [LXDE] Starting point

- me irl

- Remember to never ping this guy

- I CHALLENGE u/KifoPL to a duel! My movie will bring peace and justice to this sub, and my version will be the finest addition to your collection. My wipes will be CLEAN and John Williams will be BLASTED. Whoever loses will be crowned General Reposti. What do you say?

- Reddit gives you a link for jobs at Reddit when you open the developer console.

- owl.

- [XFCE] xfce running in Windows10

- [CHUNKWM] Not a coder - MacOS

- Windows 10 Build 1909: What Happen to Realtime Search??

- People who steal memes.

- [i3-gaps-rounded] First rice!

- Turn on Night Mode to make your screen easier on the eyes!

- How do you, the Americans in this /r/conspiracy mod team, feel about this very dark day in American democracy? - Top mods respond to an earnest question I made in modmail by bringing up the Port Arthur Massacre. YIKES

- [Plasma] WSL2 + Ubuntu + Quarter Tiling = Blasphemous Bliss

- The big good

- [OC] My player is writing his backstory off of this now

Never thought I’d like anything as much as music, but here we are. . It’s great to know one can be a creative AND truly happy at the same time. 6 months into this journey already and looking forward to diving even deeper into the world of tech. Best decision I’ve made in a while ✨ . I’ll be posting more code-related things on here moving forward; as with anything – you have to own it. If you’d like to talk about getting into code yourself, or if you’re interested in creative happiness, get at me. x . Season 2 of THE ART OF DFFRNCE is also on its way; music and code have so much in common – it’ll be an interesting one for sure . Will there be more music? Maybe. Probably. No rush, though. . And for those in the know, yes – I am indeed setting state in render().. it’s a metaphor for continuous evolution. . #code #programming #softwaredeveloper #softwareengineer #react #reactnative #javascript #python #rails #ruby #fullstack #6monthsin #tech #creativity #happiness #creativehappiness - @xamvolo on Instagram

- Im sorry for playing random?

- [i3](First rice) Small screen and cold colors.

- Jquery slider

- Error Handling

- Developing my own Ballistics Calculator

- [openbox] Music~

- An update on the Wii Linux system


- Oh really, Final Cut? Then what do you call all these?

- [bspwm] New desktop with lemonbar

- [bspwm] first rice

- I gave my mother my laptop because she wanted to download some videos now 40% of my files are gone and my tablet drivers broke completely

- I cant read all the requirements, but I think Graphic Design Skills desperately needed is included in there

- Amazing guy would love to truly know him

- [xmonad] My very first rice

- Asenshi will be doing Violet Evergarden! (joint with Vivid)

- Nowhere is safe from the internet

- Vim Python IDE

- flipping hecc microsoft

- I taught myself web scraping today! Made an app to tell you the weather at a zip code.

- Blender in Blender

- It later pretends to be reCAPTCHA

- cursed_message This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it

- [Arch][Subtle] I liked /u/kori-ayakashis old colors so I decided to do something with them

- Dreamweaver CC 2019

- Linux kernel

- [awesome] Game of Life

You can call me a hacker , programmer , web developer etc. Which needs programming right ?? So here is an example if my programming skills !! - - - - #gainwithbidobidorised #pursuitofpotraits #potraitske #photooftheday #igke #igerske #vscoke #iamnairobian #igersnairobi #gainwithmchina #gainwithkamenace #gainwithbundi #publicity254 #10over10 #gainwithlarrymemes #gainwithcarlz #gaintrain #gaintrick #gainwithspikes #gainwithtedbrown #254fashion #publicity254 #ignairobi #gainwithkelele #gainwithxtiandela #gainparty #gainwithpaula#gainwithsashamardo #afrofyb - @mr_racer_07 on Instagram

- Shit like this

- /s4s/ secures the future

- Dont eat rice then

- [xfce] retro colors *nix

- *clicks off site*

- (censored reupload) Imagine being as moronic as the commenter on the bottom...

- I actually did not know.

- Adobe

- Dadbro knew


- Poetry

- Anons like kots

- [BSPWM] Robots & Roaches

- Anon may meme himself

- I have no recollection of leaving this note on Discord about one of my friends, likely a result of my apparent stroke.

- ʎɐʍ sᴉɥʇ ʇᴉ pɐǝɹ ll,I ʞuᴉɥʇ I

- Discord Wars: The Pedo Strikes Back

- I think Discord is having an off-day.

- Umm... Thats not a cat.

- Why /g/ doesnt use OSX

- Can we spare a though for U/Steven_Bourgaize having to go through this twice in a couple of days

- I remade the ROBLOX Studio icon to be like the Player icon!

- me_irl

- [herbstluftwm] Splat

- [TTY] Ive decided that LightDM login screen is bloatware.

- crude CRUD

- Yeet!

- I have to be friends with myself to start a call.

- sipe

- The Reddit chat function has been opening with each new page

- Windows 10 Bootup Issues.So this is the cmd window that pops up everytime after a boot even before the icons on the Dekstop load up. How Do I fix this? This window stays for like a minute and then the icons load.

- Try Minio (S3 replica) for a home or internet-based file-server.


- Why. I know this has been done thousands of time but..why.

- I just recreated the speech generation from Animal Crossing in only 64 lines of code

- oh god, steam is losing it, somebody send he-

- Tom Cwancys The Diwision

- ok, I never expected this to actually work, but it worked so......

- [Cinnamon] I finally made the switch. Am I one of the cool kids now?

- Hey guys, this must be a really stupid question but how can I create this color fill thing manually? I dont even know what that is so I cant look it up.

- [dwm] Plain & Simple

- testing out the new videos but ironically i dont know how to record videos so its just a screenshot oops


- [i3-gaps] Black/white electricity

- [Qtile] made myself a new colorscheme. really happy with it! (sorry bout weeb stuff)

- Cursed_Bush

- 2meirl4meirl

- Anon renames suicide booths

- [New Chapter Spoilers] The hammer has fallen for a certain user. . .

- clone is not a command, but clone is?

- [tty] First VM install of KISS Linux

- the comment with the correct lyrics was downvoted to 0 and deleted while the one with the incorrect lyrics was used to continue the chain

- Came across this person saying he built this house in minecraft. Guy that doubted him was right.

- A collection of interesting Roblox reviews

- In Conquerors of the Atlas you can now add Item Filters to your account through the Path of Exile website!

- So, when you stream to discord, it at least shows the window, but with steam, you can see EVERYTHING

- [bspwm] Be nice

- I love reddit mods

- Im making a Minecraft skin for someone and hes being an asshole.


- Images that speak for themselves

- Someone payed thousands of dollars to pump the MOON price to ~$3 per moon. Its now back to the still relatively high price of 5 cents per moon on xmoon.exchange.

- Computers

- [openbox] iq

- Computer programming

- Adobe Xd Resources (Free)

- Discord is a special place

- [OC] My discord CSS as an attempt to fix the discord white theme

- Training a neural net on 7 years of text messages became surprisingly self aware

- ah yes, bot count very good

- dlcpacks folder found inside files for Red Dead 2 PC, this isnt in GTA V, possibility of future DLC?

- Please take care of your eyes

- 411 Locals Indeed

- [OC] cmus-notify


- the insult was how many years of pu**y hair from ur moms drain did it take to create that hair

- Toying with the discord bot like

- german humour

- Fixed your low effort copy and paste. The Black Window Lite only uses Orange switches and White Lighting

- Guys, sorry about complaining, but all of these are 6 hours apart max

- I see your Hello, World! alghoritms, and I raise you my code.

- God darn it Sony Vegas.

- Watch out for this guy and his sub-accounts. Obvious phisher.

- thanos car

- [i3] My First Rice

- Thank god for /r/nvidiahelp

- This happened to my Windows Defender after I uninstalled Norton, what do I do?

- Anon is a prophet

- Merry Christmas, fellow Programmers!

- Amen.

- This person who made a massive crappy is back... and Im actually regretting posting the first screenshot


- Cheating? Me? Never! but .. my friend does! kekw

- Blursed Blender Screenshot

- Cursed_StreetFight

- Most subreddits are for stolen content only, including r/technicallythetruth

- [bspwm] ryuuko

- @thebrokendabi on Instagram

- When you finally get a new keyboard

- TF2 Comic #1 - A Kick in the Ass for Newbies

- [openbox] fluent - neko - weeb.

- [OC] To be fair, we were drunk, and it was interrupted with bathroom breaks.

- bruh

- This is why you should never do antimatter, kids.

- Just your average login method with plaintext passwords being served over http that made it to production..

- It do be like that (or so Im told)

- me_irl

- [BSPWM] updated my minimal Void Linux rice !

- It doesnt load if you press block.

- Somebody Said Something In Japanese on Reddit Starterpack

- Radeon VII 50th Anniversary Edition - 1802MHz @ 960mV undervolt

- How to find out the length of an array in Java

- Dreamweaver CC 2019

- Best hacking tools

- I see your Hello World program using Fourier transform and raise you a multi-threaded Hello World

- [openbox] hot rice

- RL Grime commented on one of my tracks, I cant believe this is real

- ive been generating pictures [aqua]

- Chromes new Dark Mode Turns Discords Light Mode Black

- Plz help. So i was trying to use IntelliJ for modding. I just started so i was looking at a video for setup(video link in comments), plz help with these errors that came. Do i need to do something or should i ignore them.(i have looked through the comments of the vid and no one had these errors.

- My first sculpting, like really first, firstest, like I’ve just came to this planet yesterday and there was a computer which has Blender installed in it on my landing zone, it’s that much first. There was this sculpt and then there was light, it is that much first. Hope you guys enjoy!

- *Kills Self*

- grass

- The Invitational 2019 pack panic in one pic.

- [#!][OpenBox] Finally, a nice little conky that I like

- This is now my go-to response to Checkmark-Based Reviews

- This dev has a VSCode extension that seems to output values (904) in real time, anyone know where I can find something like that?

- [i3-gaps] My current setup, tell me what u think.

- An artists dilemma

- CriticalError: Shutting Down

- I dont get it.. [OC]

- Farewell, may we meet again.

- Visual Studio 2019s semicolon and bracket colors, this is default colors for dark theme

- Mods are asleep, upvode this image of usless python code, that does nothing

- me irl

- aerosmith has been known to cause stronks throughout the years

- Progressbar saw something so bad it turned the wrong way

- React Native

- Why bother commenting your code, when you can do this?

- I made a discord theme using a post I saw earlier!

- After 5 hours I managed to say PewDiePie 30,000 Times !

- Looks like I have some typos in my base64 icon

- First time in history someone tried to get unwhooshed

- Scammer refuses to say hi to reddit :(

- Did not write successfully.

- Anon pays for his own meal

- [XFCE] Flat and Clean Xub with Compiz