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jailprisonakonlocked up songlet me outin prisonbehind barsarrestedincarcerated

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heart lock and key hearts love hearts hearts of love home hearts

- (f)irst time trying this. I like the pain!

Hello Kitty Reaction Pic

Megumi wallpaper

pikachu detective pokemon let me out

- Have you been a good boy?

house house party dj tune housemusicradio

- Time for your collar pet.

ο’’ Bα𝐜𝐑ιɾα


- πŸ‘πŸ’¦ Instagram: @latex_kitty onlyfans.com/latex_kitty


quarantine with me you and me

- Trashy redhead girl with innie pussy gets two creampies at gloryhole


najwa nimri zulema zulema zahir najwa smile

- From a Playdoh Set

Huening Kai lockscreens.

π˜Ώπ™€π™£ π™‡π™€π™§π™šπ™£π™―π™€

lock em out family feud canada dont let them in keep them out stay out

- 20Yo, farmers boy. Straight, but curious.

What the frick cinnamon

Locklear icons

locked down stay at home stay safe

- Not festive for Christmas but heres a gift!

I really dont sleepπŸ‘πŸ½

early 2000s jojos art

cringing nibble nom om nom and cut the rope drawn aback cover my eyes

- Just an essential workers cock, to all my quarantined folks.

Locklear icon/pfp

wise anime locked up let me out

- Girly Thursday!

Oreo OBS #1

white exclamation mark symbols joypixels outlined exclamation

- Belle Delphine

katya zamolodchikova

prisoner mitchell edwards marcus holmes spinning out behind bars

- This is how i have fun... πŸ†πŸ’¦ [F][OC]

im trapped richard alling colin farrell voyagers locked in

- Bailey Jay


nagi x chigiri. 2/2

meow save me megan mullally will and grace karen walker

- Floppy ladycock

Can’t touch this cactus

key bonnaroo unlock open keys

- Sissy caps!


babymondays babybucket letmein letmeout babybuckethead

- Putting in some practice❀️


Oreo #2

reloading valorant new magazine clip gun reload vandal gun

- You may have the keys to a mans heart but I have the keys to his cockπŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ”

zulema zahir helena martin vis a vis locked up

- Thats a good girl


work working from home

- Give me a squeeze!

AINT NO WAY Draculaura and ALEXIS NESS??!!!!!

lock him up miniklinonline arrest him lock this guy up detain him

- She did exactly what you asked

Nagi Pfp Pinterest

appventure myappventure freizeit freizeitapp bayern

- Would you rather be my sub or my dom in this set? [F] 21

Oreo OBS #3

you%27re going to jail patricia carson pat patricia ford carson the ms pat show

- metal drawing


rokka asahi

scarlxrd rap music loud rock

- Private Polaroids

Lock screen levi wallpaper


- Fun lil pic I took when I made a femboy vid ☺️ I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!

Michael Kaiser

locked with pen objects joypixels padlock fountain pen

- .

let me out weird dogs

- After some convincing, my friend finally let me practice on him

smacking the door steven tyler aerosmith angel song destroyed

- Love feeling my cage bounce as I ride

cage caged locked in escape escaping

- Hi hi! First time here! This place looks cool!

comedy bullwhip stand up comic stand up comedian eric johnston

- Practice makes perfect

let me in annoyed stuck outside open the door open up

- Casually waiting

rbg opened doors for amy just so amy can shut them rbg ruth bader ruth bader ginsburg

- This evenings predicament

locked up jail laughing smile

- What a Nice shecock. Like to suck itπŸ˜‹

stuck in this game youve started dont leave me broken hearted michael buble higher song dont leave me heartbroken because youre locked in this game you created dont leave me broken in this game you started

- Would love this 🀀

loona yves ha sooyoung jail behind bars

- Cuff me and teach me how to behave [F]

dialed in dog veefriends focused game time lets do this

- Hydration is important πŸ’¦

locked up christopher ammanuel darby baron black lightning imprisoned

- Blonde


- Do you want these?

let me out okeefe slasher i want out im trapped

- Wanna play?

escape room escape escapista lacraftory locked in

- First PVC purchase. Love it, so much shinier than wetlook. Thought Id experiment with pink!

locked up akon styles p locked up song imprisonment

- How I like my coffee (Akira)

busted arrested serious straight face trap

- What time is it? It is decision making time! Again.

ill be in jail john bruh ill go to jail they will lock me up

- Armed in PINK!

hang loose valorant cool im awesome happy

- Took a picture of the three of us 😏😈

ohhh akon locked up song singing singing a song

- Would you mark my porcelain ass with a hand print?

reinersct sicherheit online banking tan generator security

- Who wanna help me with the third panel ? 😏

im steady tryna find a motive akon locked up song im tryna find a reason im trying to look for a purpose

- Oops I got hard 😰

lock it in drlupo get it capture it

- How may I be of service?

locked up jail thrown in prison slammer

- Got something else to put in my mouth?

bldnhill faave kenneth schuck brickhill bldn

- Shiny Boots

house arrest cinderella let me out open the door

- At your service sir (OC)

emma blackery sarahmcfadyen up swipe up

- My Private Gym :3

yeah uh huh yep locked up i agree

- Hewwooo :3

trapped stuck locked up captured confined

- Walking into class looking like this πŸ˜‹

locked up the breakfast club jail prison angry

- 10+ years of unintentional keychain collecting

linz news linznews nachrichten closed

- Imagine going on a date with me & I have this is my ass the whole time ☺️

im trapped andy bouchard evil the demon of money stuck locked up

- Preparing her plug

the box roddy ricch the box song trapped cant escape

- Time to fuck my tight pussy πŸ’•

supernatural spn sam sammy jared padalecki

- New OF set in comments!

linz news linznews nachrichten closed

- Birth of a cum craving sissy slut...

let me out open door endless door

- Making sure my sweet boy knows my cock is bigger than his πŸ’•

josh king madrid team jet set jet set dan bilzerian andrew tate

- Mistress Red makes sure to keep her slut well practiced.

locked up let me out baby cry

- 6 months locked up for a Goddess. Halfway through the Year of the Cage.

frustrated mouse stuck cant get out crying

- looking for a face to sit on


- Taking my obedient little whore to a party because he is a good boy.

you do know none of this will keep me right you know it you are aware you certainly know you cant lock me up

- Horsing around as usual

jail dontbeamenace preaching

- creamy just for you 🍦

worry lick jail behind bars frog

- No tits for bitch boys!

miss piggy jail pacing waiting walking

- Am I doing this right??

its locked stan marsh south park s22e10 bike parade

- Hot Pink haired trap

imprisoned melissa roxburgh michaela stone manifest behind bars

- Should I make a full return? πŸ˜‹

heart padlock heart joypixels lock and key key to your heart

- Chance (L) is definitely my (F)avorite toy~

the change up baby whiplash

- Girls Guns

elections should be hard to steal pass the for the people act lock locket ballot

- Ready for a spanking by Emma Rose?


- Is this big enough? 😈

bugcat capoo capoo cat bottle trap

- Teasing the neighbourhood once again. Its still a bit frisky outside, think I should put on a dress or something?

will smith the fresh prince of bel air alfonso ribeiro jail prison

- Naturally submissive [f]

heart with padlock and chain heart joypixels padlock chain

- The kind of girlfriend you really want

dancing akon locked up song groove jamming

- From my last meet up with a guy

lock dancing dance grooves

- My prisoner. Any ideas for punishment?

roguko rugrats deansocool

- kat with both hands full

abolish the death penalty prison prisoner jail jail cell

- How bad do you want it?

dont drop the soap prison mike

- Would you hit me? Do you like on or off?

curiouspiyuesh piyueshmodi visualthinking critical thinking analytical

- I’m politely asking if you’ll fill this booty

jail incarcerated door closing locked up jessica pimentel

- Liking the view? Enoy it whilst it lasts, Ill be controlling your erections soon.

locked with key objects joypixels padlock privacy

- Take out that plug and fill me up πŸ˜‰

stuck behind bar let me in begging please

- Any volunteers? [F]

trap penguin naughty prison pudgy

- I forgot to post this one 🀭

dancing akon locked up song groove jamming

- get yourself a girl that can do both!! πŸ₯°

thing object love heart lock

- i always have issues getting it to fit πŸ˜’

jail locked up prison in prison prisoner

- Double trouble

stuck behind bar let me in begging please

- bullet shell


- Im so bored, can someone help change that? Lol

purple monkey blue banana friends locked in music

- Mistress evil woman shows him no mercy

locked up akon locked up song imprisonment incarcerated

- Fishnet dick c:

miserable cuphead the cuphead show depressed sad

- Fishnets and cringe


- Hirny weekend 😈😈


- stupid boy think that I need him :p

cry sad

- Alargador

peepo jail

- Snuck this one at the airport for you guys 🀭 rate them!! (24F)

locked up jail prison arrested

- Naughty comments.. Please πŸ†πŸ˜

- upvote to get free nude from me ❀️ dm me when done x

- Where are all my subs at?

- Making a ponytail while I ride your cock πŸ˜‡

- Ride it [f]or me

- Chanel Santini Selfie

- Count how many times I squirt ☺️

- It was wonderful to sit in on their play session.

- Like what you see? πŸ’•

- I can fit the whole thing in, should I be proud?

- Do you think I have a sexy body? (pms loved!!)

- .....?

- Your high school mean girl is back, here to use and abuse you

- Prove to me that your toy is clean [sub m 21]

- Showing off the new pet girl

- Am I slutty enough

- wanna go on a walk with me?

- What should I do now?

- this is only a semi! it gets bigger :)

- Suck it slut

- Double the trouble, double the fun πŸ–€

- Dark tower comics

- Daddy wants a dirty little slut wrapped around their vibrating cock

- Think you can handle my vibrating cock?

- Trap Strapped with Mittens

- Bags

- Win the party (x-post /r/xsome)

- My kinky pvc boots

- If you want the rose you must accept the thorns

- Heres a little tease πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰

- Locktober is going to fun, for me at least. Help me punish him 😈

- bubble, pastel and goth

- I need something nice and hard to sit on. Can I use you?

- When no one believes that you used to be a boy...

- Black & White, Boy & Girl, perfectly balanced~

- Youll be in chastity when I [f]uck you. πŸ”

- It’s time for you to learn how I earned my name.

- Leave a dot if you like femboys πŸ˜‹

- [F] Youre next. Submit to me!

- All tied up

- Princess writing for my cock with my vibrator in his ass. Yes it was on

- Do you think I could make it as a pornstar?

- Have I been a bad girl daddy?

- This pup got locked up. Wanna play?

- She surprised you with a new look when you got home

- I’d love to know how many future sissy toys end up here thinking the exact same thing.

- πŸ‘ πŸ‘ 

- Sorry, the dress wont hide it

- Black its better 🍫

- How I played D&D tonight. Would you have me in your party?

- Had to bust out the ball gag ^w^

- Maximum breast / Chain neck πŸ’–

- Chair

- One of my favorite pics

- thick cock 2b cumming from anal

- My cucky earned a day of freedom....but made sure he knows what waiting for him tonight 😈😏

- Spread some L0v3 3

- KDA Akali giving the good succ [League of Legends]

- Make me your bitch?

- Teen Maxine

- Just before I go on a short hiatus. 😘

- M/M Chance being put [T]o good use

- Pain

- My pretty boy has just about earned my cock πŸ’•

- Soft clitty πŸ’œ

- Me all dressed up

- Rip and tear

- Does anybody fancy playing with a caged Harley Quinn? Just asking ...

- How is this for breeding 😈

- Close friends

- Who would like to play with me ? X

- Hard On

- This is my passion

- (T)erra love 😻

- Its long-ladycock oclock

- My Daddy. My bitch.

- That cute girl next to you in the supermarket could be hiding a little secret ☺️

- I don’t use the rubber on my nipple clamps [f]

- [F19] Happy in my New Harness

- Cocks out for all curious bois next door πŸ’•

- It’s hard to keep them in!

- Pre[T]zal having their way while I’m caged πŸ”’πŸ’•

- Pink Business attire πŸ˜‡

- YOU WANT THE CLAMPS?? Ill give you the clamps πŸ˜‰

- Would you mind if I sat on your cock?

- Under Mistress control

- Ariane St. Amour

- Sissy training goals πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– artist: incase art

- Out of white wine

- ✌️

- Mariana

- Pro tip ladies: if you cross your legs like this, your boipussy gets super tight, and you can clamp down like a vice if you then squeeze your knees together. Hell love it when that well-fucked hole of yours is suddenly virgin tight again :)

- Doublr stuf[f]ed for your enjoyment :)

- I hope you’re ready bitch. [oc]

- Omg she has a great body 🀩

- New subreddit r/TSLingerie πŸ’‹

- Revealing the tip ;)

- Get on yr knees and wish me Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸΎ 44 Years Young Today πŸ’–

- Don’t mind me just in my natural habitat.

- Feeling powerful in these heels

- Hey guys! It’s my first time posting on this sub, just saying hi! Let me know if I should post more on here!

- I had a little unlocked fun!

- Nyxi Leon

- sissy hypno Desires

- 🐰

- Permanent chastity slut desperate for attention

- Dress like a bitch, get fucked like one (OC)

- All tied up and nowhere [f]un to go.

- Hung studs make me frisky in my fishnets

- The gorgeous Korra Del Rio

- β€œOh, this... this is mine”

- Got my first Dread the Empire toy tonight :3

- Harnessd in pink β™‘

- love me love me say that you love meeee

- Daddys Princess

- My POV... 😳

- Oh no πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

- Hear me out. Same beauty mark but in pink?

- Girlfriend got me a new plug, sooo cute!

- In anticipation o[f] [m]y Sir’s cock ;)

- Can this princess take this dragon?? (Re-upload)

- little gold bells πŸ₯°

- Control - Sissy Caption

- [F] Who wants to play in the rain with me?

- Move the panties over

- I want a. gang bang with some followers, who is targeted? 😍

- Multi-tasking: sucking a BBC, riding a Bad Dragon, and cumming handsfree all while tied up and looking cute :)

- [F] Throwback to being led around with this lead for an entire night at an event ❀️ Can’t wait to plan more cute outfits for after lockdown!

- I feel like everyone knows this picture, but hasnt seen it in HD.

- plugged, caged, jizz-addicted bimbo fuckwhore.

- Oops! I got a little hard!

- Sunday should always be a pink plug day πŸ’•

- Do you think I could be a pornstar?

- Emily Addison

- Tonight, youre her fucktoy.

- Target practice ;)

- Im sure you can think of *something* to do with me...

- Open for business 😝

- I have this problem where when I get horny I post naughty pics of myself online and then buy shoes 😱 Does anyone know the cure for this, its getting expensive 🀣

- Tiny little clit just loving myself.😍😘😍❀😈 sorry no make up on πŸ˜”

- Upvote for free of link 😜

- Trashy tweeker

- Wanna take me for a walk?

- My pussy :)

- Pulled along the horse

- I had a fun time being a pup Sunday at Fetcon!

- Who wanna try my ass πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

- Looking for this?

- About to have some fun.

- Just chilling πŸ˜‹

- Lily DemureπŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

- Me waiting for some BBC the other day.

- Submit

- I can be such a little slut sometimes. πŸ¦„

- Yes you are

- Third leg

- Chanel Santini

- Its been a little bit since Ive posted 😘 did ya miss me?

- Im super horny😝😍😍

- Nice cock, smooth balls, sexy outfit - Lucia Maya

- [CD] Bring lots of rope and finish the job?

- Kind of you to wash me with your πŸ‘„ [TW]

- Goals 😍. I want to let Hypno fuck my mind until a daddy turns me into a slut like her 🀀

- Oh how I miss my hoe friends

- Omg

- Happy (f)ucking Friday!

- Its not gonna suck itself.

- Do you want a Colombian slave? πŸ”₯

- What a big shecock 😍

- come breed me 🐱🐱

- Would any sissies do this?? I want a sissy sister xx 😘

- BimbO StYle :)

- in need of some public degradation, do your worst plz πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

- Taste the rainbow bitches!

- Spit as lube, dont worry Ill finger your ass before I fuck it properly

- Wearing shit my fans buy me makes me hard

- [F] New Bra, New Pic!

- my hips look gd right 😈

- Source?? (cant make out what is in the top corner)

- Full dumb sissy

- A week ago, I made my chastity permanent and Ive never been happier πŸ”’β€οΈ

- Finally a strapon to match my dominance. The best part is it cums 😈 Now I just need a toy to use [F] [OC]

- Melzinha bonkinha is perfect

- Riding my bad dragon spritz m/m

- Perfection itself

- Open up.

- I know exactly what youre craving this morning 😈

- Tall girls do it better

- Do u want me? πŸ§‘β€πŸ’•

- Want me to remove the crop?πŸ˜‡

- Hmmmm πŸ’•

- When missy needs what sissy cant give

- What are you looking at~

- I’m ready πŸ–€

- Uh oh......

- Who is she? I need to know.

- Just me, a sissy in pink ☺️

- I know you want it bitch boy

- An old photo but I love it

- On my knees for you 3

- I made a mess!