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wat what dunno no idea idk

- We get it (x post from r/notmyjob)

That Nerd - Chapter 39- Over The Edge


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- Found this girl on tumblr, huge album in comments.


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- Anti-vaccination activists removed from demonstration

snoop dogg

LUMINE __🗯 ˖ ࣪ !!

hold it right there scumbag south park s4e6 cartman joins nambla put your hands up

- don draper

deez nuts

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- In Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Cap is never shown driving because cars didnt exist in the 1940s.



- Womens Army Corps

LUMINE __🗯 ˖ ࣪ !!

These Child Stars Are Finally Speaking About How Rough Growing up in Hollywood Can Be

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- A 15 year old boy was beaten by Hong Kong Police in yuen long


Memphis rapper NLE Choppa claims he was setup by Florida police

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- Stuft Pizza Palm Desert

rnb black singer bhm woc whm

【10月11日リキッドルーム公演延期のお知らせ】 予定しておりました、10月11日のBLAST JAMS!!2020@恵比寿リキッドルーム公演ですが、 現状況下では本来の予定していたパーティーを実現できないため、やむを得ず中止することを決定しました。 来年、また“BLAST JAMS!! 2020“として、東京オリンピックとともに延期いたします。 日程に関しては発表できる状態になり次第、発表します。 予定していた2020年10月11日は、『無料ライブ配信』を行います。またそれに伴い、グッズ販売も行います。後情報をお待ちください。 ・BLAST JAMS!!2020 アパレルチケット購入者への対応について ①延期日程が決まり次第TEE/スウェット刷り直して再度発送+特別製作したLPレコード“BLAST JAMS!!2020”を発送 ②返金対応 より選んでいただきます。 通販購入者に関しましては、こちらで把握しておりますので、皆様にご連絡差し上げます。 会場にてアパレル購入の方は、までご連絡ください。 - @blastjams on Instagram


↷⛧˖˚ 𝑇𝑠𝑢𝑚𝑢𝑔𝑖 𝑆ℎ𝑖𝑟𝑜𝑔𝑎𝑛𝑒 𝐼𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑠 ˖°࿐

arrest the son of a bitch arrest him upset detain lock him up

- 24 hour service

Shemar Moore Photo: Shemar Moore

freedom is an act john lewis good trouble get in good trouble necessary trouble

- Signs of Addiction

Modified car

wgmis wgmi froggo desultor pepe

- Jan didnt even care about her baby shower present from the office :(

freedom is an act john lewis good trouble get in good trouble necessary trouble

- He is an explosive reader.

Splinter on Twitter


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- The heathers [movie]

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- Boda (Vintage)

Illegally smol identify theft arrested and detained

sml brooklyn guy hey youre under arrest under arrest you are under arrest

- blursed_Tesla

「𝗂𝗀 | 𝗉𝗂𝗇 - 𝖼𝗁𝖺𝗇𝖾𝗅𝗍𝗈𝗉𝗂𝖼𝖼™」


activist environmentalist climate change fire drill fridays actress

- Catherine bell

handcuffs shackles arrest

- PsBattle: Hong Kong police pointing a gun at a foreigner

cute and crazy

Funny Mug Shots Vol II: 30 Crazy & Deranged! | Team Jimmy Joe


- Plus 5

My Melody Jail GIF - My Melody Jail Arrested - Discover & Share GIFs

Isekai-ed (betrayed & Tortured OP reader x crossover x caring & yandere Harem) - Prologue part 2 : leaving

bhl troll allah fresco bhl commish suggestion troll

- Burners Bike Riding

17 People Who Committed Horrible Crimes Against Food

Me when I step on something

heart attack liz lemon tina fey 30rock chest pains

- hmmm

Me when I step on something

My Melody Jail GIF - My Melody Jail Arrested - Discover & Share GIFs

im really sorry sorry begging arrested zoe saldana

- Funny

Twitter Memes

NLE Choppa Arrested For Burglary, Weapon & Drug Charges

bcso sheriff fivem

“The Pandemic Special” premieres on Wednesday at 8/7c on Comedy Central. #SouthPark #PandemicSpecial - @southpark on Instagram

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- 80s Beastie Boys

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- Move along, Earth cop. Nothing to see here.

mug shot mr wolf the

- Comic book background

nothing can stop the power make a difference in our society john lewis good trouble get in good trouble

- Big Brother Naija #BBNaija

youre under arrest agent john hartley dwayne johnson red notice im arresting you

- Love in tokyo

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- How?!?

under srredt

- The Washington Post

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- School 2017

under arrest police jailed seized taken into custody

- Abbey Roads

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- Miami Marathon

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- Idol

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- HM The Queen

patrick star arrested police pinky

- too bad she wasn’t electric

john lewis good trouble get in good trouble necessary trouble make some noise

- [x-post r/funny] Sound the sirens, boys.

arrest me sarah black gal gadot red notice fight me

- When you dont read the size chart...

do your part vote like youve never voted before john lewis john lewis quote good trouble

- At a Uyghur re-education camp in China.

estonia estonian drunk guy estonian drunk guy arrested

- Kylie jenner y tyga

stay home staying home staying silent speak up stand up

I don’t consider myself a “lofi” producer, though many fans of that particular genre enjoy my music, so I’m grateful. I’m always trying to create a story or a scene within my works. I’m always asking myself “how can I use this piece of music to develop myself?” And I’ve got some friends of mine who’ve helping me answer that question. Love to my family @jonnyboytobin, @brandonlee_cierley, @farnellnewton, @nikkidajukebox and @singmaine. The “Moonbeam Dreams EP” is coming soon. 🌙✨ . . . . . . . #music #mymusic #studio #works #lofi #jazz #hiphop #soul #chillvibes #anime #beats #quarantine #instrumental #tunes #eyelovebrandon - @eyelovebrandon on Instagram

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- Celebrity Watches

john lewis good trouble get in good trouble necessary trouble protest

- “CHERLSS & KEICH” versus “CHARLES & KEITH”, Who will emerge the victor ? Damn this imitator is rich and has move up the value chain.

sml brooklyn guy youre going to jail for a long time jail prison

- Acts of Kindness

shrug lieutenant jim dangle reno911 not without my mustache i dont know

- Jay Hernandez

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- One direction photos

if they catch me they gon lock me up bfb da packman issa scam song if they catch me gonna lock me up

- Awful things happening in turkey.

spongebob youre under arrest youll never catch me you are under arrest cops

- There Are Things You Dont Know

hold police accountable police blm black lives matter racism

- Making a Difference

becky lynch arrested under arrest wwe elimination chamber

- Celebrities in Morocco

activist environmentalist climate change fire drill fridays actress

- Police Academy

youre under arrest jay halstead hailey upton chicago pd im arresting you

- Bike Tour

busted arrested serious straight face trap

- NC BLM protestor tempting the police

arrested police cops know your rights

- If you hire these guys, blame yourself if something goes wrong

arrested george harrison this song handcuffs youre coming with me

- Ambulances &Ems

gomer gomerpile andy andygriffin citizens

- 9/11 Great Sadness....Never Forget

police popo get em 12 in trouble

- C.S.I. Las Vegas

arrest him arresthim joe joebrown

- Oh, Thundergun Express, huh? You better get going. You dont want to miss one second of that movie. Its the best goddamn movie I ever seen in my life! Dude hangs dong.

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- gregory crewdson

lspd wrp caught arrested struggle

- Is this even legal? This guy creeps up and down our street all though the night with his spotlight shining though the yards, with his rooftop yellow strobes flashing and wig-wag headlights. He wears a white button up shirt and isn’t any kind of official. The “car number” is his home address number.

cop policia polis police officer

- Looks like theyre in the right store at least!

sml brooklyn guy okay thats it youre under arrest youre under arrest under arrest

- Speaks for itself.

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- Bent tree makes this bicycle seem heavy.

police cops sirens

- ATEEZ Treasure EP.1: All to Zero

420 marijuana legalize marijuana weed the more act

- oxygen mask

being awesome the breakup

- Yellow cop spotted in the wild

we need to arrest her hitch trailblazer my little pony my little pony a new generation get her

- Almost Human

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- Police aggressively pushing a reporter with his shield

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- Bird Flu

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- Ruth Gordon

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- Heartbreaking

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- I wonder what would happen if I stole a gun from a cop


- Sarah Jane Smith

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- Jail

yier bubu arrested noregret

Capital Das Cestas realizando a entrega de Cestas Básicas em Cotia, Moóca e Guarulhos uma campanha da @favelasesquecidas e @claudiothiago #capitaldascestas #solidariedade #cestasdealimentos #cestasbasicas - @capitaldascestas on Instagram

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- Soemone wants to have a good night.

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- Halloween 2 - 1981

police chase run being chased running away

- uniform

detail police police stop chemical guys dangle

Through our platform @cleanupsouthcentral plans to create a digital media program that will be implemented into LAUSD curriculum for local schools in South Central. We hope this digital media program will create job skills that will help advance black and brown students and shape a better future to change the narrative of our community. We look forward to sharing more of our project! #cleanupsouthcentral - @cleanupsouthcentral on Instagram

police stop smile arrested

- 1980s in Japan

stop the detention of journalists and activists in saudi arabia handcuffs mohammad bin salman al saud mohammad bin salman justice for jamal

- What kind of person tries to shoot a dog

cuba gooding jr arrest detained

- Undergrads (MTV 2001) is now old enough to be an undergrad

police popo sirens coming for you in trouble

- PsBattle: This eco safety helmet

madea jail arrested police resist

- Alcohol ink

we could be arrested danny mullen we might go to jail the police will catch us

Officer Anne Milbauer to the rescue! Happy Friday guys! #friDAYS - @meredithscottlynn on Instagram

i cannot believe it arrested unbelievable detained detention

- Dallas police officers murdered 7/7/16

chicken bro police sad taken by police criminal

- Lets laugh !

snooki good fucking person

- Mass detentions in Belarus now

youre under arrest hank paws of fury the legend of hank im arresting you you have to be detained

- Eric Garner

stone cold steve austin arrested cops police wwe

- Celebrity & Designer Homes

lady noir

- Social Change

got caught pinned down arrested police

- Well

- [NOT CONFIRMED]An old lady was arrested at Tseung Kwan O

- Värmland_ivl

- Police nationale

Hoy todos tristes por no haber recibido ayer nuestra carta 😢 😂 #harrypotter #cartadehogwarts #1deseptiembre #hogwarts #hermionegranger #ronweasley #dracomalfoy #ginnyweasley #fredweasley #georgeweasley #nevillelongbottom #seamusfinnigan #minervamcgonagall #albusdumbledore #lordvoldemort - @harrypotter.esp on Instagram

- Police state strooper, Alabama 1970

- Forensics say theyll buy you a beer if you come by the bar so they can laugh at your ass

- Car fender vs bicycle wheels

- Minneapolis PD officer Derek Chauvin killed a man in handcuffs yesterday. His name was George Floyd.


- Nine Eleven

- A man was arrested for holding an umbrella with pro-democracy slogans

- I remember reading Paradigms of Human Memory was filmed on the different sets in the Universal backlot. Im pretty sure this scene comes from War of the Worlds.

If you haven’t seen the video yet it’s now on @joe_co_uk’s instagram in the top row ❤️ please also consider donating a pound or two to the GoFundMe in bio. The van is a multiplier, your donations are an investment ❤️ we’ve been doing this for a week so far, you and I, and look how much we’ve accomplished. So pumped for the rest of the month. This is the power of us ❤️💪🏾 - @history.machine on Instagram

- Ah , sweet home Florida.

Its ok when the police do it though 🥴 - @nate_max_tv on Instagram

- Creative advertising

- stop making me hit you



- Hong Kong against police brutality

- Rockstar video games

- Just threads 😑

- A Yemeni fighters last moment before being ambushed by a ISIS assassin.

- Someone tell me how to make this piece of MacGyvery happen.

- Perris, comunícame con el maitro de obras porfaviurs.

- Torino

- Its a pretty great place to live

- Foursome

- MoTHer aNd ChILd brUTaLLy moWeD dOwN bY poLiCE wAtEr CAnnON

- Depeche Mode Videos

- Im a Spanish In Spain With My Phone In Spanish

- East Asian countries

- How not to board a train

- Pictures of Princess Diana

- Communication

- Police pointed gun toward an unarmed teenagers chest. Seconds before he fired 2 shots to another teenager.

- Baby Legs, youre a good detective, but not good enough, because of your baby legs.

- Smoky urbanscape

- Blursed fitness

- Cursed_christmas

- cross post lol

- Modern policing

- Best outfit ever?

- Going for a walk around town

- Stationery shops in Tokyo, Japan!✂️

- Bamouflage


- hmmm

- Paul Graham

- Omar Al Bashir

- This guard from OITNB looks like a 5 year old in wearing adult hair and clothes.


- Interessante dinge

- Alcatraz. Prison

- Fuller House

- we’re all undercover ;)

- Caitlyn Jenner Home

- Twitter ads like this that intentionally use a white cop and a black woman in the thumbnail to generate clickbait.

- Queens T-shirt Printing instant download printables iron on transfers

- Cajun

- cursed_raccoon

- Police News

- On this day, 7 years ago... thanks for the memories, Facebook!

- Fucked On A Train

- Taishi Nakagawa

- the best window cleaner

- Northern Exposure


- Work Visa

- Acts of Kindness

- 9/11 Never Forget

- Noble, My Love

- Nice mohawk

- Outdoor Fish Table

- Watch korean drama

📸 @davidegouldphotography 🎞#35mm #35mmfilm #speedphotomilano #filmdeveloping #filmscan #filmcommunity #filmisnotdead #filmphotography #analogphotography #analog #c41 - @speed_photo_bovisa on Instagram

- She Was Pretty KDrama

- Criminal dropped phone running from police. They took a selfie and told him it can be picked up at the county jail

- Remember his face. Spread it and let the world know.

- Hiking Guys

- West Virginia State Police

- Canadian Cops

- 6 or 9?

- Heres why you should generously tip your bikini barista

- Selena selena

- But Im a good boy

- Private Benjamin

- 21 & 22 Jump Street

- Cops around the world

- american horror

- Blursed Cops

- Flash point

- Seriously?!

- Innocent peaceful students (UC Davis 2011)

- Cyborg Hostel

- Cop with a Nazi tattoo

- The Rookie

- diana

- [No Spoilers] Saitama stole Mumen Rider bike

- Interesting skin pigmentation pattern.

- 2인 이상

- Every teenager in Hong Kong is being searched by police upon this metro exit. What are you afraid of, Hong Kong government?

- Back up and ram it!

- Prince mohammed

- The police officer that bought a homeless man boots the other day.. Beautiful AND with a good heart.

- • Caros •

- Violent Crime

- What anime is this ?

- window washing cleaner

- Articles, Quotes & Printables

#HathrasHorror Relatives of the rape-and-murder victim crying and pleading with the cops to allow them to take the body of their daughter home one last time. Her body was later cremated while the family was kept away. The cops formed a human chain to keep the media at length. #india #CrimeAgainstWomen #UP #hathras - @allahabadmerijaan_ on Instagram

- DOTS cast and crew

- BTS “Behind The Scene”

- Kentucky State Police

- Little piglet in Louisville, KY aims straight at a reporter and crew. Fires and hits multiple times.

- Education in a Russian prison

- #VIVINTdoorbell Moments

- Had to change the labels from the original tweet

- Ghost whisperer

- Age of Youth


- Yuen Long station is closed so theres currently a sit in at Yoho Mall. As long as police dont show up, this should remain peaceful

- Crime

- Drama taiwan

- cursed_bedroom

- Abba

- Funny signs

- Best Candid Photo Since Sailor Kissing Nurse

- Showing the diversity of the WNBR. Quite the opposites.

- Claude Lelouch

- Star Wars Bedding

- A todays scene from the streets of Paris

- World Ventures

- The Closer

- FOXY Blogs

- Passengers hold ID cards to window as police storm into bus. If they get arrested, the people outside can help contact their family

- Black clothing, helmet, and the sign: “I’m a Hong Konger. Please safeguard Taiwan with votes. We can only exemplify once.” This makes a young Taiwanese passerby cry.

- Speeding Tickets

- Creampie Sex To Get Pregnant – Yui Hatano

- This sub is unfair to police. Here is the truth:

- Shes naked at Burning Man

- PsBattle: from the London protests/riots today

- Chile

- this is what the face of a murderer looks like, link with sickening story in comments.

- The Chinese Army has now been DEPLOYED in Hong Kong in Plain Clothes en-mass to clear roads with brutal efficiency

- Chicago, IL

- all nigeria latest news



- Blonde bicyclist

- Black Lives Matter

- Can I get a fade with middle bangs?

- รูปหลุดบังทัน

- Shinji Kagawa


- Police truck

- HK police fires pepper balls at unarmed citizens and office workers during lunch period in Central.

- Was watching House M.D when I noticed this familiar scene

- ANTM: Cycles 6 - 10

- 2016

- cold winter outfits

- Cop Cars

- Top News

- D D R

- BTS - YoonMin

- #PLL

- Mother comforts child in fear when seeing Hong Kong police

- Police Car Videos

- If youre promoting violence against Hong Kong Police then youre being Chinas little bitch. Remember the CCP want the protesters to riot, they even disguise police as protesters to try to cause a riot. Everytime someone here promotes violence you are doing the CCPs bidding.

- Justin Trudeau gets too rowdy at a party - 2001

- hmmm

- Riot police stormed a hospital to capture protestors, a scene not even seen in battlefield

- Shopping on National Day? No, you are not allowed to do this in Hong Kong. (Apple Daily)

- edgy history shit

- One killed 23 people, the other was accused of writing a false check. Guess which is which.

Local Katie Hughes prays over our NBPD officers before the protest on PCH today. We want to thank our neighbors who have the job of protecting our community, our right to express ourselves, and our right to protest. Thank you NBPD for everything you do, and thank you to our first responders. #newportstrong #newportbeachhistory #newportbeach #firstresponders #firstamendment #weareallamericans #NBPD - @newportbeachhistory on Instagram

- Concealed Handgun


- The way these police cars were photographed makes it look like a Crown Vic Police Wagon

- CHECK ON TERROR (Coronavirus screening at the airport)

- How to abandon your job as a construction worker

- Seconds before an NYPD truck appeared to plow through a crowd during protests on May 30, 2020.

- HKPF have arrested at least 70 people, including Hui Chi-fung s councillor assistant.

- In south korea, The citizen arrests the police!


- 2nd Amendment Rites: STOP THE MADNESS

- Man in “Free Tibet” top and “Fuck Racism” mask stopped by police and got a ticket for violating the gathering ban

- 9/11

embrace people who hate you. they deserve appreciation. thanks for all your energy and constant thoughts of me. - @res_griseo on Instagram

- hmmm

- Traylor Howard

- 911

- Choose your ride.

- People of New York

- Apple Daily reporter captures exact moment when police shoot fleeing protesters in the back on the subway with rubber bullets

- memes

USECIC. Guardia Civil. Somos lo que ves, somos Policías. 👮🏻‍♂️💪🏻🔝🇪🇸 Buenas tardes y Buen servicio. - @armaalafunda on Instagram

- Toronto, Canada

- Los Angeles Police Department

- CopShop Company Stores

- Hong Kong police shaking hands with knife wielding thugs

- Conservative News.


- Bud Spencer & Terence Hill

- Yoona ji chang wook

- Saudi Military

- Blursed_cops

- Criminal Justice Degree