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Cicletada por el #apruebo en #Buin. Seguiremos en la calle. Puerta a puerta tambien. Tenemos que reunir un pueblo y ser soberania. #paineaprueba #convenciónconstitucional - @quepainedecida on Instagram

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Happy Bi-Visibility Day! Bisexuality is when a person experiences sexual, romantic, physical, and/or spiritual attraction not exclusively to one particular gender. According to the Movement Advancement Project, there are over 9 million LGBTQ+ people in the United States and more than half identify as bisexual. 💗💜💙 - @floridastudentpower on Instagram


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- Love to see it!

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📣 Bi people make up the largest portion of the LGBTQ community, but are often erased and face higher risk than their peers for sexual assault and suicide 📣 Remember, the bi community includes people of all genders and orientations including romantic orientations 🌈 During #BiWeek, you can learn more and help us create a safer world for bi folks by reading and sharing our new guide at: 💗💜💙🎨 artwork by fabulous bi artist @ashlukadraws 🎨 If youre struggling, remember we’re here to support you 24/7 at 866.488.7386 👆🏾text, chat & TrevorSpace available too- link in bio👆🏿👆🏼 🌟 • • • • • #youmatter #lgbtqia #lgbtq #trans #bi #pan #biromantic #panromantic #ace #bisexual #bisexualpride #bisexualawarenessweek #queer - @trevorproject on Instagram

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The Twin Cities Queer Black Excellence virtual event is almost here! Tune in and enjoy the awesome line up of speakers and performers.🌈 - @twincitiespride on Instagram

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𝐒𝐚𝐩𝐧𝐚𝐩 ✿•˖*

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- A good place to start up a conversation.



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Grace and I have spent a year together and while I want to acknowledge and celebrate how that time with her has been so amazing, uplifting, and loving, I feel it is important to take the time to support those in our city and in our world who are shockingly overlooked time and time again -- black trans folks. Grace and I came together to support Brave Space Alliance, a trans-led org based in the South Side of Chicago that supports LGBTQ+ people, and is doing some great work right now surrounding activism in the time of COVID-19. If you have a minute, please join us by donating on their website (link in bio). Grace makes me very happy (swipe for proof), and it would make us very happy for you to direct your resources toward Brave Space Alliance and other organizations supporting Black people nationally and in your local area. - @ajax.jpeg on Instagram

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TUNE INTO DC’s ONLY LGBTQ TALK RADIO SHOW THIS TUESDAY & EVERY TUESDAY. 2:00pm-3:00pm EST at WPFW 89.3FM or Stream it live. Tune in, Call in, and Share your Voice. After the show, it will be available as an iTunes or GooglePlay, and archived at WPFW. - @insideoutlgbtradio on Instagram

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He has attacked our community over 170 times since taking office. A vote for him is endorsing these attacks and allowing them to continue. - @tranterjustin on Instagram

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- Funny gay memes


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Minor Injuries Units have changed to Urgent Treatment Centres. They are available across #Derby & #Derbyshire 8am-8pm everyday. #HelpUsHelpYou - @nhsddccg on Instagram

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- Awesome

I tried a different picrew btw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you can add any background 🍄

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Conversion therapy is now illegal in Calgary. Calgary city council voted 14-1 Monday afternoon to approve a bylaw that bans the practice. Businesses that break the bylaw by offering the practice for a fee will face fines up to $10,000. There are forces of anger and hatred that our gender and sexually diverse brothers and sisters have to deal with every single day. Sometimes in this job, sometimes we get to just do whats right, Mayor Naheed Nenshi said. . Source: - @dailygoodnewsco on Instagram

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- Photo // couple

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[Crush crush] Generica • Omnisexual profile picture ⚠️NOT A HEADCANON⚠️

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She is Gold at the end of the Rainbow🏳‍🌈 #lgbtpride . . #lgbt #pride #doodle #art #colourpop #minimist #facemask #bisexual #love #smile #instaartist #artgram #beautiful #rainbow #transgender #artoftheday #instamood #instagood #colorful #loveislove #imagination #creativity #queer #instacommunity #instaright #instalove #doodletales #drawingsketch #society - @artfibers1009 on Instagram

😼I do it for the girls and the gays that’s it

‘Doge Representation for Pride...’ by LGBTQIACOMIX

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Pride is Power. 🏳️‍🌈 Join @theebillyporter + @sharonstone for a Free Virtual Training to Get Certified to Ensure our Communities Register + Vote in 2020. RSVP @ - @voteproudus on Instagram

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° || Bi bender and bissexual || °

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उड़ती हुई ख्वाहिशे , ओ उड़ती हुई ख्वाहिशे जा उन बच्चों से रूबरू कर ले,जो सहमे हुए से है UDBHAVNA 🌈 Live At 6:00pm toda Join on @udbhavna ................................... Degree doesnt ensure employment, but skills do and Without sharpening your weapon; standing on the battlefield would not increase your chance of winning. The more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth . - @gju_campus on Instagram

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On the first day of pride month, a message to the LGBTQIA+ community but especially to my fellow White cisgender gay males: if you’re not fighting for, standing alongside, listening to, and supporting our trans/non-binary and Black and Brown members, PARTICULARLY those who intersect those identities (i.e. Black trans women) and who face some of the worst violence and discrimination, then you can get out of here with your fake half-assed “solidarity.” We would not be where we are today with the rights that we have without activists like Martha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and countless others who paved the way. They fought for us, now we must fight for them. We all need to do better, myself included. We’re not equal until all of us are equal. 🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 . . . #blacklivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter #stopkillingblackpeople #transrightsarehumanrights #pride #thefirstpridewasariot - @jonhak on Instagram

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we love sweater weather! - @cristian_marqueezy on Instagram

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Mitsuba Pan 💗💛💙

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VOTE for the LEGENDS HONORS Peoples Choice Award - NOW! Some of you are VERY GOOD at self promotion, others need to catch up... GO TO: VOTA HOY POR TU FAVORIT@ para el LEGENDS HONORS Peoples Choice Award! In 2010 Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida started the LEGENDS HONORS AWARDS, recognizing allies of the LGBTQ community, that have made a positive contribution and celebrate the good, noble and outstanding within our community. For 2020 we will honor and award a TRAILBLAZER, HUMANITARIAN & a PEOPLE’S CHOICE Award. THIS YEAR, YOU GET TO VOTE for the PEOPLE’S CHOICE Award... from our 140+ awesome models and 3 pages of the JUST WEAR IT PONTELA Y YA, Community Health & Awareness Campaign! VOTE NOW FOR YOUR FAVORITE VOTA POR TU MODELO FAVORITO/A WINNER announced Oct 14th @ Celebrate ORGULLO - @unitycoalition on Instagram

°• ੈ♡₊˚•. ۪۪.*.°。・˖⋆࿐໋₊ °・:*:

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TBT do nosso primeiro carnaval! Te amo muito meu amor, por muito mais carvanais ao seu lado!!! 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👦🌈🏳️‍🌈 - @livgil_vet on Instagram

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#hinseginheima #hinseginheima #hinseginheima - @reykjavikpride on Instagram

𝗠𝗮𝘁𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗽𝗳𝗽 𝟭/𝟮*¤°•.

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Happy #pride from PRIM! 🌈🌈🌈 As a proudly queer-owned small business based in Oklahoma, we take pride in the representation and diversity of our board. We fight everyday to make space for more visibility and broader representation in media across all stripes of the flag, and will continue to do this work with dedication to learning, growing and embodying the breadth of the unique beauty of our community. #oklahomapride #oklahomaproud #lgbtqiapride #okcpride #tulsapride #🌈 - @primmgmt on Instagram

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I will support as much as I can. Spread awareness, participate in protests, donate money, whatever it takes. As an ally, I will continue to educate myself and speak out. My friends in the black community deserve more, and I stand with you. pc:@shablambrose @tracytakahashi @lakesmits - @joshofo on Instagram

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Transmiten mucha dulzura 🥰🏳️‍🌈 Lloro de felicidad :’) - @elclosetlgbt on Instagram

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Its time to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Todays purpose is to raise awareness of discrimination of sexual and gender minorities and to encourage action to rectify the shortcomings. #IDAHOT2020 - @finlandineu on Instagram

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- I found this earlier! I like it a lot.

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- @knuffi._uwu on Instagram

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📞 @totally_events CALLED GLORIA! 😍🎉 She is so ready for you! See you tonight @kunsthal @rotterdampride honey! ✨ . . . . . #performing #gloria #totallyevents #rotterdampride #rainbowlove #rainbowsoul #thisiztally💄 - @thisiztally on Instagram

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- @haikyuu.tendou.satori on Instagram

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Charlies stands with the Black Community. We denounce systematic racism, oppression, and violence against People of Color. Charlies Hopes that all people will come together and work towards a future of inclusion, empathy, and justice. #blacklivesmatter - @charliesphoenix on Instagram

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My first time walking in NYC’s Pride Parade. I was 18 and I signed me and my bestie @graysonsquire up to walk with @hetrickmartin In that moment I learned who I was and what I stood for and it culminated in marching in my city, arms out and flags up. When I think of Pride I remember that moment. 🏳️‍🌈 The first ever Pride March was on June 28th, 1970. Happy Pride Everyone 🖤 - @jonnybeauchamp on Instagram

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- @flagstaffpride on Instagram

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This team... OMG! Huge shout out to @darreleve for making this video for @ukblackpride 🔥🔥🔥 - @aaroncarty on Instagram

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- political

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#Throwback to that brief time in history when saying something sounded ‘gay’ was a bad thing. #hahaha #doyou #gaypride #gaylife #mylife ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 - @barrieprideofficial on Instagram

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Petite présentation du compte : ici on soutient moralement les lgbt+, publication de documentation lgbt du CDI, publication de compte sous demande et dautres trucs sympatoche qui arrive 😘 - @lgbt_jacques_cartier on Instagram

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- Christopher Street Day

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𝑻𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒌𝒇𝒖𝒍. 𝑻𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒊𝒔 𝒂𝒍𝒍. . . . . . . #lgbt #lgbtqia #lesbiansofig #loveislove #tomboyx #femme #femmelesbian #globalgirlgang #girlswhokissgirls #equality #gaygirlsofinstagram #lesbiancouple #lovewins #rainbow #happy #love #gaygirlsinlove🌈 - @theadventuresofkokoandjojo on Instagram

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Happy Pride Chattanooga! We love our LGBTQ+ friends and family and hope to see and celebrate you over a cold beer. 🍻 . . . #beerelevated #prideweek #pride #chattanooga - @heavenalebrewcosouthside on Instagram

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This graphic has been shared thousands of times since we first posted it, with good reason. The statistic is shocking considering how much is on the line for our LGBTQ+ community. Take a moment to check in with a friend - do they have a plan to #vote? 🌈🗳 #dragoutthevote - @dragoutthevote on Instagram

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🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌈 #pride🌈 #pride #pridemonth #lgbt #loveislove #happypridemonth #happypride #happypridemonth🌈 #🏳️‍🌈 #🌈 #🌈🌈🌈 #happypridemonth🏳️‍🌈 #happypridemonth2020 - @sofiachiquiar on Instagram

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Yesterday we were looking forward to taking our little man to his first @manchesterpride parade... here’s to 2021🙌🏻. In the meantime it’s time to celebrate living room style with T-shirts and tunes! I’m very proud of my family! Happy Manchester Pride folks! 👨‍👨‍👦🌈 - @peterhuntcasting on Instagram

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Today is the last day to fill out your 2020 Census form! The Census has historically undercounted folx who are BIPOC, non-English speakers, disabled, undocumented, poor, unhoused, trans, queer and rural. Don’t let that happen in 2020! Visit to fill out your Census form today. #queerthecensus - @healthbrigade_rva on Instagram

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@fopopps lighting up Pride in our little zine - @wearpridemag #pride🌈 #pride2020 The @wearpridemag book and photography project celebrates the different groups within the LGBTQ+ community in the year of the 50th anniversary of Pride March and raises money for the Black Trans community. We photographed (respecting social distancing) members and allies of the community who modeled Pride flags in fashionable and joyful ways to express their own pride and educate people on the diversity of the Pride movement. Then we turned everything into step-by-step instructions so that everyone can recreate each look and show support - even this year without official parades. All the profits go to the Marsha P. Johnson institute. So please check it out, get yourself a copy and wear your pride on your sleeves! Credits: Creative Director: Gianmaria Schönlieb @gschon Photographer: Mark Leibowitz Designer: John Olson @hellojohnolson Copywriter: Cole Kennedy @cdohertyk Stylist: Kevin Lewis @klewny Set Designer: Domenica Leibowitz @dreamsofwabisabi Retoucher: Christine Hilberg @chilberg Production: Air Productions @airproductions Executive Producers: Arielle Viny & Joey Battaglia @arielleviny @joeybattaglia - @markleibowitzpictures on Instagram

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Im bisexual ✌️ - @tsukki._.san on Instagram

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- Saw something similar, so decided to make my own

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While celebrating looks different this year, as always we are PROUD AF!! #Q6Models #Q6Talent #prideportland - @q6talent on Instagram

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Siamo andat* a portare un po di colore a quella tristissima manifestazione di omofobi 🏳️‍🌈 ‼ 18 LUGLIO PIAZZA PRIDE ‼ PIÙ FeROCI CHE MAI 💄👠 . . . #pride #piazzapride2020 #veronapride #queer #lgbt #gay #lesbian #trans #bisexual #loveislove #humanrights #veronapride2020 #verona #stophomophobia - @veronapride2020 on Instagram

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Diversity, Inclusion & Equity. Common goals? - @fortheloveofqueers on Instagram

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@nintendomad888 speaks about his coming out journey as a bisexual Indian man, finding his voice in writing and the power that representation has for marginalised communities. You can read it via link in our bio or go to #bisexualawarenessday #bisexualawarenessweek #bivisibilityday #bisexualvisibilityday #bisexualmenexist #representation #ownvoices #lgbtq🌈 #queerwriters #scottishpublishing #indiepublishing - @knighterrantpress on Instagram

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You can make history: For the first time ever, the census will count same-sex couples across the country. Make your voice heard and support your community’s resources & representation. It only takes 5 minutes: #HTownCounts #GetCountedNYC #QueerTheCensus - @houstoninaction on Instagram

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Join us in remembering Gauri Lankesh Join us in saving democracy Join us for saying enough is enough Join us for if we do not rise now things can get worse. - on Instagram

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💖💜💙 . #bi #pride #bisexualmemes #bisexual #loveislove #lgbt #lgbtmemes #queer #meme #gaymemes #lgbtsupport #lgbtcommunity #bisexual🌈 #lgbtpride #pridememes #gay #gaymemes #lesbian #lesbianmemes - @bisexual_memequeen on Instagram

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Tenha orgulho de ser quem você é! 🏳️‍🌈 . . . . . . . . . . . . #lgbt #lgbtq #pride #avakinlife #avakin #avakinlifebrasil #avakinlifebrasil #instalike #avakinmodels #avakinlifeofficial #avakinphotography #avakinedits #avakininstagram #avakinfashion #avakinmodel #avakinoffical #avakinbrasil #avakincelebrities #avakins #avakinstyle #avakinlifeptbr #avakinpose #avakinfindthewolf2020 #avakinpose #avakinedit #avakingame #productavakin #avakinlove #avakinsexy #avakinlifelgbt - on Instagram

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So a few days back I took a question answer session on toxic aspects of gay culture which i felt like discussing because Ive personally faced the toxicity. I got a lot of replies from alot of people which I even shared on my stories but since it wasnt able to do justice to the entire situation hence I made these slides with replies from people. These are not my personal opinions, although in many slides Ive mentioned things which Ive personally faced hence its party what people who suffered had to say and what I have faced. These are obviously not applicable to all gay men but represents issues in a larger picture about toxic aspects of a culture, not to defame it but so that these points can be taken into consideration. - @the.chick.maharani on Instagram

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BREAKING! the Supreme Court ruled that it is ILLEGAL to discriminate against workers due to sexual orientation or sexual identity! #LGBTQ #Equality #LGBTQpride #SCOTUS - @justmike80 on Instagram

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- I am a proud son

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Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, and wherever you go, always remember love IS love. Happy Pride y’all! Xoxo 😘 - @thebitterqueens on Instagram

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What a weekend thanks to all those who attended @PrideInLondon with @hackneycouncil, @project__indigo & @DragSyndrome, as well as all those that shouted, clapped, & cheered us on. What an amazing #PrideInLondon. Today hosting the 1st @ukblackpride in Hackney was even more special.🏳️‍🌈✊🏿👏 - @mayorofhackney on Instagram

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Pride 2019 🌈 - @daniedancer on Instagram

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- LGBTQIA+ and And Many other politics and such

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¡Gracias @paco.robledo por compartir tu experiencia y conocimiento en este #FortaléceteLGBT2020 con nuestrxs jóvenes activistas! ¡Juntxs somos más fuertes! 🏳️‍🌈✨🙌 - @yaajmexico on Instagram

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- Cursed gay month

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happy pride 🏳️‍🌈 #miamipride #lesbians #miamibeachpride #loveislove #lgbt - @vrxx62 on Instagram

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The UK Black Pride team were at Piccadilly Circus kicking off the 15th birthday celebrations. Tomorrow from 12pm at - @ukblackpride on Instagram

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🏳️‍🌈 NESSUNO CI FERMERÀ 🏳️‍🌈 Questanno niente marcia, nessun urlo al cielo, stop a baci e abbracci. Non potremo vedere quei volti, quei sorrisi e quelle lacrime di gioia. Nel 2019 abbiamo celebrato i 50 anni dei Moti di Stonewall. Tra il 27 e il 28 di giugno ogni anno ricordiamo la storica rivolta contro la brutalità della polizia nei confronti della comunità LGBTI+ nel Greenwich Village. Ma non ci importa, siamo ovunque e mostreremo il nostro orgoglio lo stesso, anche questanno È uscito il nuovo monografico, ovviamente THE PRIDE ISSUE. LINK IN BIO per leggere tutti i contributi. Introduzione a cura di @gmarcoc e @fra0283 #pride #pridemonth #Pride2020 #LGBTQIA - on Instagram

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from @hemisphereco Choosing colors can sometimes end up being a time sucking black hole with constant back and forth. It doesnt have to be. This post presents a simple rule of thumb which can be applied to any color and you can start making a range of swatches for future use. Just pick a starting color you like, apply the logic and voila! Swatches Galore. 🤘🤘 Well also dive deeper into the steps presented above, what the numbers mean and how they work, but thats for another time. As always stay safe Thanks , Team RH . . . #ui #uidesign #userinterface #appdesign #uiinspiration #uitrends - @ui__ux on Instagram

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- Look guys my favorite youtuber

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Do not enter if you have any symptoms of: 1) Racism 2) Homophobia 3) Covid-19 None of the above will be tolerated!!!! 👏🏾 Happy #pride everyone!!! - @aesthetic_athletics_dallas on Instagram

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- Sailor Moon

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Happy #LGBTQHistoryMonth! Today – and every day – #NCLR celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of the MANY brave and courageous #LGBTQ individuals that have made our world a safer, brighter, loving, and more accepting place. Who is YOUR favorite LGBTQ historical figure that youd like us to spotlight this month? 📚🏳️‍🌈 - @nclrights on Instagram

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#pride - @_cidocido on Instagram

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She’s a WINNER, baby! Excited to announce that our film, Exchange won Best Short-Viewers Choice at Reel Out Charlotte Film Festival. V Proud! #producer #filmfestival #lgbt . . . Full Article here: - @jonathanryansouza on Instagram

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@haizegv nos ha hecho esta foto tan bonita. Qué bien se está con los amigos buenos. @nadia_bronte es casa - @la_pernaute on Instagram

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This is why I want to live in Canada, because Canada gets stuff done while America isnt. Sorry, but its the truth 👌 - Mack (owner) #lgbt #gay #lesbian #bisexual #pansexual #polysexual #asexual #homosexual #aromantic #greyromantic #panromantic #gaypride #lovewins #loveislove #greysexual #sexuality #demigirl #demiboy #agender #genderfluid #nonbinary #genderqueer #transsexual #transgender #bigender #gender - @_lgbt.family_ on Instagram

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🌈 Tag Us in your story or post and let’s help us to grow 🥰🌈 • • • • • • • • #torontogay #gaytoronto #toronto #gay #instagay #gayman #gayboy #gaymontreal #lgbt #victimservicesmontreal #gayvillagemontreal #genevieveguilbault #justicequebec #justicecanada #gaymen #royalcanadianmountedpolice #ontarioprovincialpolice #victimservicestoronto #torontolesbians #spvm #levillagemontreal #gayvillagetoronto #thevillagetoronto #torontopolice #torontopride #harrasement #harrasedbyacrazy #fakeprofile #grindrproblems #2020 - @real_gay_toronto on Instagram

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A ustedes también les pasa? Cuando empiezan una serie nueva tener esperanza que salga contenido #LGTB ? 🥳🤞🏽🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈😊 C O M E N T A ! 👩🏽‍💻 #lgtb #pride #netflixlgbt #gays #lesbians #loveislove #lesbianas #lgtbcouple #lovewins - @lgtbphotos on Instagram

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Finally, some good news... - @davidwhopson on Instagram

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On the 4th Anniversary I am bringing back the original design made to remember and honor the victims of the Pulse nightclub tragedy, as well as to show love and support for our Black, youth, & Latinx LGBTQ Communities I will be evenly splitting 100% of the profits from these products between these 3 organizations: I will post receipts for your assurance at the end of the first leg of the fundraiser. More styles and colors are available at the link in my bio. ✌️ ❤️ 🌈 Please please please share! - @raisedbywolf on Instagram

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David y Guido podrían convertirse en la primera pareja del mismo sexo en tener su relación legalmente reconocida en Bolivia. 🌈💕 ¡Pero necesitamos tu ayuda! Firma la petición y dile a la Justicia Constitucional de Bolivia: ¡la Unión Libre es para tod❤️s! Link en bio. - @somosallout on Instagram

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Den Haag schrapt de afkorting lhbti en noemt homo’s, lesbiennes en transgenders voortaan ‘queer’ De gemeente Den Haag schrapt de afkorting lhbti om de seksuele diversiteit in de stad te beschrijven. Queer is de nieuwe aanduiding voor lesbiennes, homo’s, biseksuelen, transgenders en anderen die niet binnen de algemene gendernormen vallen. @queercurrents @gemeentedenhaag @prideamsterdam @gemeenteamsterdam #queerlivesmatter #queerlife #queeringthecity Queer in Den Haag heet ook het actieprogramma dat wethouder emancipatie Bert van Alphen vandaag presenteert om aandacht te vragen voor veiligheid, zichtbaarheid en acceptatie van deze groepen. Vooral biculturele jongeren, transgenders, ouderen, asielzoekers en statushouders hebben een achterstand in de emancipatie. Onder meer door een proef te beginnen met een Trans Health Clinic voor transgender personen en ‘roze 50+-ambassadeurs’ te werven wil de gemeente zich nadrukkelijker voor hen inzetten. ‘Queers moeten zich veilig kunnen bewegen en ondersteuning krijgen waar nodig om zichzelf te kunnen zijn’, staat in het rapport. Toen Bert van Alphen van 2006 tot 2010 wethouder was in een vorig college schreef hij ook al een nota op dit gebied. In 2008 heette dat nog homo-emancipatie. Van Alphen: ,,De wereld van nu is een stuk diverser. Waar het voorheen vooral ging over op wie je verliefd wordt, gaat het nu ook over hoe je je identificeert en hoe je uitdrukking geeft aan je gender #queerindenhaag @bertvanalphen58_ #lgbt #lgbtdenhaag #queerisbeautiful #queerisbetter - @gijsstork on Instagram

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- Nova edição da Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil retrata personalidades LGBT do Brasil como super-herois (capa ilustrada por Caio Borges)

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- 💜

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🦄 TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT! 🦄 • Join your favorite #soberqueer community for our weekly Wednesday night social on Zoom! 🌈 • If you’ve ever wondered if you’re one of us, know that no matter what, you are sober enough, you are queer enough, you ARE enough. 💫 • Come say hi & see what we’re all about. What better way to make queer friends than from the comfort of your own home?! 🏠 • Zoom starts at 6pm CST 🕕 Link in bio (& if you RSVP on meetup) 📲 See you tonight! 🌟 - @chicagoqueersobersocial on Instagram

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QFFU, Filmcafé & De Transketeers presenteren Transman in beeld. Het Queer Film Festival Utrecht geeft tijdens het Rainbow Festival op vrijdagavond in het Filmcafe het podium aan de Transketeers met de vertoning van de Trans Tapes en de film Tomboy. De Transketeers zijn een makerscollectief, gevestigd in Utrecht, van drie transmannen met als doel om verhalen te vertellen die transpersonen en hun omgeving kunnen helpen – en op die manier te laten zien dat het hartstikke oké is als je identiteit niet binnen de hokjes ‘man’ en ‘vrouw’ past. *** Tickets zijn verkrijgbaar via: *** Houd 1,5 meter afstand en respecteer de RIVM regels die het Filmcafé heeft opgesteld. - @queerfilmfestivalutrecht on Instagram

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Orgullosos con amor. Porque hay países que aún siguen discriminando por la orientación sexual y por cuestiones de género. . . En Polonia, un tercio de sus habitantes no quiere convivir con personas homosexuales. En un país en que la iglesia sigue muy presente, los ciudadanos creen que la homosexualidad amenaza la familia tradicional del país, algo que comparte el presidente, Andrzej Duda, que en una ocasión llegó a decir que la ideología LGBTI es más destructiva que el comunismo.  . . . Ante todo esto la bandera del arco iris debe ondear en lo alto. . . . #instagramer #picoftheday #tflers #love #lgbt #rainbow #gaypoland #pride #instagram #instadaily #likes #followers #gay #instagay #illustration #sketching #sketch #bestoftheday #illustrator #instapic #instagramers  #loveislove #quoteoftheday #quotes #dailyquotes - @folie.magazine on Instagram

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- I can, indeed, confirm this

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IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHY THERE’S NO ‘STRAIGHT PRIDE’. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈#GAYS_LIVES_MATTER! - @phransisko on Instagram

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I will always & forever love my community 🏳️‍🌈 all my brothers and sisters I LOVE YOU ❤️ I will always make sure to stand up for not only myself but ALL OF US. 👭👫👬 to my supporter system!! THANK YOU! 🥰 Thank you, For ALWAYS allowing me to be ME!! for not judging me or making me feel like I’m any different. I will say this Alot of you have grown with me and you have no idea how much it means to me. I love you guys and girls!😭😖❤️ just know at the end of the day I’m still the same old bitch 😂😎❤️🏳️‍🌈 me being gay shouldn’t change that. ————————————————— Just please understand *homophobic people exist* and just cause you like me doesn’t mean all your people will. #lgbtq🌈 #lgbtq - @heyyojlenz on Instagram

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Living my best life marching with my friends at #HidayahLGBT for #LondonPride - @matt.woodhead.16 on Instagram

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Excited to announce our short film ‘La Sad Boy’ is an official selection of the 2020 @sdlatinofilmfestival virtual edition and will screen this Sunday, September 20th @ 3:15PM with a Q&A after (Shorts Program: ¡Somos! Cine LGBTQ+) Congratulations to the Cast & Crew 🎞✨(Tickets in bio) Cast @jorgiegoico @alexbluedavis @itsjimmyvaldez @leah_cevoli @lynettecoll17 @doloresyanez @alemflores25 @buzzofmaiabee @mramz27 @lucascalzada1 @everythingsswell Crew Director: Producer: AD: @theartistjynnette Director of Photography: @dpeanunez & @wilfilmsss Sound: @marcosbutronjr Gaffer: @e_zapata Production Design: @robert.colten Art Direction: Editor: & @e_zapata Graphics/Titles: @gruizortega Composer: @riseaecil Colorist: PAs: @doloresyanez & @pursue_happinez Special Thanks to: Leslie Foster @leslie_muse Self Help Graphics @shg1970 Cundina Collective @cundinacollective Cuties Coffee @cutiesla - on Instagram

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Im bisexual regardless of who Im currently dating. 💗💜💙 #bisexualpride #Bisexual #bisexuality #bisexuallivesmatter #bisexualvisibilityday #bivisibility #bivisibilityday 🖌️ @pink_news - @oogachaga on Instagram

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- @rainbowspaofficial on Instagram

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“They are both adults and they are free to live wherever they want.” - @yesweexistindia on Instagram

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Let me reintroduce myself🦋. My story available on my YouTube Channel (Link to my channel in my Bio) . Thank you for liking and sharing this video with your family, friends, parents ... anybody. Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and subscribing to my YouTube Channel. I want to “normalize” being trans. I want to connect with all of you. I want to connect with other members in my rainbow family 🌈. If you are trans, I want you to know there is hope. At the end of the day, we all want and deserve love ❤️ . . - @justjamiep on Instagram

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Hoje, 28 de Junho, é celebrado mundialmente como o Dia do Orgulho LGBTQIA+, um dia para celebrar a luta pelo direito de existir e de amar. A data ficou marcada pelo episódio ocorrido em Nova Iorque, em 1969, quando pessoas que frequentavam o bar Stonewall Inn reagiram a uma série de abusos e violências policiais que aconteciam rotineiramente, devido ao preconceito contra pessoas LGBT (lésbicas, gays, bissexuais, travestis e transexuais). A reação de protesto e o levante da comunidade, iniciados por Marsha P. Johnson (mulher negra trans) e Stormé DeLarverie (mulher negra lésbica), duraram mais de duas noites e, no ano seguinte, originaram a 1° Parada do Orgulho LGBT 🏳️‍🌈❤️ Infelizmente, apesar de avanços na conquista de direitos, nossa luta diária continua. Muitos dos nossos ainda têm suas vidas ceifadas pela intolerância de pessoas ignorantes. O dia de hoje é fundamental para lembrarmos daqueles que não estão mais entre nós e lutarmos pelo nosso direito de amar, existir e resistir. Não podemos esquecer que enquanto LGBTQIA+ nossa luta é diária e que devemos celebrar nossas batalhas e nossas vitórias. Conhecimento e amor mudam tudo, tenha orgulho! 3 🏳️‍🌈 . . #pride🌈 #pridemonth #pride #orgulholgbt #orgulholgbtq🏳️‍🌈 #orgulholgbtqi #orgulholgbtqia #orgulholgbt🌈 #designgrafico #designativista - @church.bsb on Instagram

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Today and EVERYday We say your names #gaysagainstguns #gunviolenceneedstostop #pulsenightclub #notonemore - @bikeramazonwarrior on Instagram

El amor no tiene muros, no tiene rejas - Sara & Gris ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #amoresamor #amorenprisión #mujeresenespiral - @mujeresenespiral on Instagram

@ericcervini my favorite piece of deviant clothing is my rainbow romper! Purchased for Pride last year, it made me feel so confident and and I lived my best life in the streets of NY marching with @humanrightscampaign. #deviantschallenge - @theoriginalcbross on Instagram

Today we share #pridemonth with everyone. This is no longer an”Us” thing it’s a “y’all” thing. Pride marks the first freedoms won by LGBTQ community but this year we share it with all underrepresented groups by affirming that Black Lives Matter! And that Trans Black Lives Matter! 🖤💗💙🤎❤️🧡💛💚 #pride - @peterjacobkindcreative on Instagram

- The bi- in bisexual doesnt mean two genders

🏳️‍🌈 DIA NACIONAL DO ORGULHO LÉSBICO Em 19 de agosto de 1983, Rosely Roth e várias integrantes do Grupo Ação Lésbica Feminista (GALF), realizaram o levante do Ferro’s Bar, em São Paulo, pelo direito de distribuir a publicação lésbica Chana com Chana, de falar sobre lésbicas e lesbianidade, de existir amando mulheres. O levante do Ferro’s Bar é considerado o Stonewall brasileiro. Organizado inteiramente por mulheres, sofreu e ainda sofre tentativas de apagamento e invisibilidade. Nasce aí o dia nacional do Orgulho Lésbico. #OrgulhoLésbico #LGBT - @psollgbtrj on Instagram

The 2020 Voices International Theatre Festival (OCT. 15 – 25) features live and recorded work viewable online that celebrates voices and perspectives from around the world. 21 groundbreaking theatre companies from Europe, Eastern Europe, South Asia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and NY-NJ. Meet the artists, join the community... hosted by Jersey City, the proud Golden Gateway of America. All are welcome! Photo: “Burning Doors” by Belarus Free Theatre @belarusfreetheatre - @jctcenter on Instagram

I’ve recorded a cover of @tracychapmanonline’s For You for the BIG listen event 3rd July, hosted by my friend and collaborator @anil.sebastian of London Contemporary Voices @lcvchoir via @shindig. The event is raising funds in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Looks like a great lineup. Check it out, RSVP and donate for advanced tickets using this link - Artwork by Grace Kaluba (aka artist Grace of Aeons @graceofaeons). All proceeds will go to BLM charities and @hackneywickfc run by the incredible Bobby Kasanga. - @imogenheap on Instagram

🌈🌈🌈 for your feed🌈🌈🌈 [credit: @invasive_queer_kudzu] [image description: Photograph of a magazine with a rainbow flag spread across both pages.] - @survivorstrongorg on Instagram

Happy Pride Month! - @thebaubleshoppe on Instagram

Stay safe and keep others safe wear your mask and keep social distance. Happy Pride. Keep the fight alive 🌈 🏳️‍🌈 #transgenderpride @hotsummer #gaypride #blacklivesmatter #blacktransgenderlivesmatter #respect - @hotsummer on Instagram

Love is Love. Love is Love. Love is Love. Love is Love. Love is Love. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 . . . . . #pride #love #loveislove🌈 #gaypride #loveisloveislove #lovewins #lovewins🌈 #lovehasnogender #loveisloveisloveislove #lgbtq - @wiensweddings on Instagram

- ace

Why so much hate? 🤬 This Pride weekend, August 1, there will be a demonstration at Museumplein against hate crimes, as we have seen them happening too often in Amsterdam. 🏳️‍🌈 Get the full scoop online 🏳️‍🌈 LINK IN BIO ✌️ #misterbisyou #homophobia #transphobia #lgbthumanrights - @misterb.wings on Instagram

🦄 Marica Power 🏳️‍🌈 ———————————- #LGBT #Mexico #CDMX #conversiontherapy #Gay #HumanRights #Advocacy #GayBoy #Fag #NadaQueCurar - @ivantagledurand on Instagram

- Lol what else?

Boxer Gran Canaria proudly presents #maspalomaspride #maspalomas #gay #singlegay #horny #goodtimes #hung #naughty #excited #fun #mates #boxergc #boxergrancanaria - @boxergrancanaria on Instagram

Our trans, non-binary and gender-diverse young people have had to deal with a huge amount this year. Read our statement: - link in bio - @aktcharity on Instagram

Bis are bi regardless of their percent/preference! 》 》 》 》 》 #bi #bisexual #lgbt #lgbtaccount #bisexualpositivity #bipositivity #lgbtpositivity #bisexuality #bisexualpride #bipride #lgbtpride #internalizedbiphobia #bisexualaccount #biflag #bisexualflag - @big_bisexual_vibes on Instagram

Don’t miss amazing talks/ performances by @theboseshow, @timisarocker, and @shimmerglitz13 this Friday and Saturday✨ #twincitiesqueerblackexcellence - @twincitiespride on Instagram

Happy pride weekend QTIPOC fam!! 🏳️‍🌈 Sending pride energy of resilience, creativity and imagination to all our followers ( and the new ones!) For those who don’t know UNMUTED is a Birmingham based network run & led exclusively by people of colour, for people of colour. We work mindfully and intentional creating work and experiences that responds directly to the needs of our community. Were you thinking of going to pride this year? Our sibling organisation @coloursyouthuk are crowd funding to keep their network alive and serving those who need it. Why not donate the cost of your ticket? Link in our bio to donate. Stay amazing, stay safe and stay Queer. Love from the UNMUTED fam x #pride2020🏳️‍🌈 #QTIPOC - @unmutedbrum on Instagram

♥️ estaba haciéndome fotos con la bandera y mientras me estaba colocando apareció Gato Pedro así, curioso, como es él ♥️ Aquí estamos, otro Día del Orgullo más… el día en el que conmemoramos los disturbios de Stonewall. Parece mentira que a día de hoy sigamos teniendo discusiones sobre si estaríamos con una persona trans o si seríamos capaces de estar con alguien bisexual, como he estado viendo últimamente en redes. Parece mentira que esta bandera de colores que tanto representa siga siendo motivo de odio y debates sin sentido. A veces me cuesta entender este mundo. Hay motivos más que suficientes para seguir luchando y reivindicando ahora mismo. No debemos dar nada por sentado ya que es obvio que siguen existiendo personas y movimientos que promueven el odio. No nos van a callar por mucho que lo intenten, sorry ES LO QUE HAY. Feliz Día del Orgullo, cariños míos. A seguir luchando. Always. ♥️🔥🏳️‍🌈 - @melomoreno on Instagram

Reposted from @entangled_tales Love Blossoms. Anil tightened his grip on the plastic of items he collected from the supermarket. It was a big day for him. His daughter turned five. As he was about to leave the store, his glance met with that of a man entering it. The man was quite around his age. As their eyes met one another, bundles of lost memories found their way back home: “Anil, if I say that I want to kiss you, what will be your response?” Anil, who was eating his tiffin all alone in one corner of the playground was startled much to not revert back. He knew who it was. It has been going on for quite a few days now. Brijesh, his senior would show up either during recess or at the end of the school hours and sweet talk him. It all started with a simple hello. At times Brijesh would pull Anils cheeks affectionately and at times simply brush them with his fingers. Anil would talk a very little and blush more. Both were aware of their feelings for each other. They wanted to express, they wanted to confess, not just to each other, but to the world. But being the odd one out had its own repercussions that they failed to withstand. It was the sports day for the school. While everyone was on the ground romping around to win the prize, Anil sat alone with his books inside the classroom. Brijesh half dripping in wet came and sat beside him. ‘Hey champ!’ he said taking away Anils book. As Anil tried to grab his book back, Brijesh playfully squeezed his cheeks to pull him closer. Their breaths warmed each others souls as their lips melted together. Before their nirvana could last a little longer they were torn apart by the dogma of an orthodox society. Brijesh was suspended from the school permanently while Anil being a rank holder for a period of two months. ......................................................................... Love once blossomed, can it die? No, said their eyes. Brijesh walked passed Anil with utter inscrutability. It was going to be a long day for Anil. —pritha Written by @prithaaadey . . #loveislove #gaylovers #lgbtq🌈 #lgbt #lovestory #lovewins #lgbt #lgbtpride #pride #noshame #lovethem #gaypride #gay #lgbt💛💙💙🏳️‍🌈🇨🇴💗 - @lgbtq_kolkata on Instagram

TUNE INTO DC’s ONLY LGBTQ TALK RADIO SHOW THIS TUESDAY and EVERY TUESDAY. 2:00pm-3:00pm EST at WPFW 89.3FM Tune in, Call in, and Share your Voice. After the show, it will be available as an iTunes or Google play, and archived at WPFW. - @insideoutlgbtradio on Instagram

1) The case laws and source of information K.Kumars petition to Delhi High court and Supreme Court of February 2017, The PIL in the Supreme Court challenged the constitutional validity of Sections 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty), 354A (sexual harrasment), 354B (assault or use of criminal force to woman with intent to disrobe), 354C (voyeurism), 354D (stalking) and 375 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code.  The PIL sought to make laws pertaining to rape, sexual harassment, stalking, voyeurism, outraging modesty as gender-neutral. 2.The Law Commission, in its 172nd Report submitted in 2000, recommended gender-neutral definition of rape by replacing the term “rape” in the IPC with the words “sexual assault”. The centre accepted the proposal to make definition of rape gender-neutral after the December 16, 2012, gangrape of Nirbhaya. The Justice Verma Committee, set up after the horrific incident, recommended use of the word “person” in place of “woman” to cover all victims of sexual violence. 3. 19-year-old transgender person, for instance, was beaten and gang-raped by five men in Pune in 2017. The accused in the case were booked under Sections 377 (unnatural offences), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace) and 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation) of the IPC. The trial court found all the accused innocent as Section 377 does not have any mention of the third gender. 4. Initial draft of Trans gender bill. . . . . #gaythoughts #gayteen #instagay #gaysian #gay #bi #lbgt #gayfriend #gayfollow #gayfollowforfollow #gaylove #gayindian #singlegay #gaysian #homolove #homo #lovelbgt #lbgt #gayquotes #gayinsta #gayberlin #gaylondon #gaynewyork #blackguy #egypt #asiangay #gaysian #instalove #lovebi #afrogay #gaynetworking - @queer_republic on Instagram

Happy LOVE day, look at this beautiful shot 😍 There’s a really special feeling at a pride parade. I remember the first time I went to one in NYC when I was finally OUT out, I thought: 1. Wow this is crowded AF 😂 and HOT 🥵 but aside from that... 2. I feel like I belong, I understand these people. ⠀⠀ Of course I’d been to smaller prides before that because my fabulous father brought us to pride with him growing up in Ohio. Never a dull moment then either. ⠀⠀ Have you ever been to pride? What was your initial thoughts or first experience? ⠀⠀ This beautiful photo is from @emilyr.carney rocking the love is love mineral wash tee (which are back in stock btw!) link in bio @theloveisloveco ⠀⠀ #pride #love #gay #girlskissgirls #lesbian #bi #bisexual #lgbtq #loveislove #theloveisloveco #rainbow #flag #kiss #nonbinary #queer #genderqueer #genderfluid - @theloveisloveco on Instagram

📸 @leighandaj • The world has bigger problems than boys who kiss boys and girls who kiss girls. Happy Lesbian Visibility week! 🌈 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #lesbian #lesbianlove #lesbiansofig #girlswholikegirls #loveislove #femmetribe #femmelesbian #gaygirls #gaygirlcrew #lgbt #lgbtq #lesbianlife #femmelove #femmecouple #globalgaygirlgang #femmelesbians #lesbianfunhouse #itsokaytobegay #lipsticklesbian #instagay #bisexual #equality #lovewins #comingout #lesbiancouple #girlswhokissgirls #vegan #plantbased #dogmom - @lesbianlayover on Instagram

A day late on the Pride post. Black Queer Femme Dyke here, proudly expressing my existence 24/7/365. Shout out to the queers doing the same. - @pilatesbarreandjams on Instagram

Lord I’m horrible at holding secrets and I got to a part of my life where I no longer want to hold my truth because it’s VALID! This weekend has been a rollercoaster of emotions but the truth is out and I get to be who I am meant to be. I’m a TRANS-Masculine, two-spirited Enby! If you don’t follow my drag page, I have been working with my therapist and my new gender therapist about top surgery and I’m HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT I FINISHED MY ASSESSMENT AND WILL BE RECEIVING MY LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FOR TOP SURGERY! ❤️ I have cried and cried in the shadows that finally this. Part of my body that never made me feel like a part of me is finally going to be removed in the next couple months. It’s hard for those I love to understand my journey but it takes Time and this is what I’ve been wanting for over a year. I was too scared to do it because I didn’t want to disappoint the people I love, but then I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I just continued to be misgendered and uncomfortable in my body. Nothing is going to change, I’ll still be ROXY Marie Valle the only thing is a little “X” on my license and my pronouns: they/them. This is MY TRUTH, MY HAPPINESS AND BOTHING BUT HAPPY TEARS COMES TO MY MIND WHEN I THINK OF MY SURGERY IN 4-6 months. I’m thankful for my lgbtq community, drag family, drag community, and all my loved ones who have. Helped me along the way and showed me love and support. I love you all, regardless of you love me or want no connection with me. Con mucho mucho amor, ROXY/Johnny #trans #transgender #nonbinary #genderfluid #latinx #masculine #transmasculine #twospiritpride #mayan #guatemalan #nicaraguan #topsurgery - @roxythegent on Instagram

Celebrations might be a little different this year but its relevance remains. We’re shouting loud and proud this Pride season. #Pride #PrideMonth #Pride2020 - @endemolshinepride on Instagram

Some Friday Twitter wisdom. How’s everybody holding up? 👇 - @madeofmillions on Instagram

We are opening our calls for anyone who believes that humanity is universal and stands against the superficial barriers of division. Check out the link in bio! 🔰Positions You can apply for any of the following: •Research Co-Coordinators- 2 •Social Media Incharge- 1 •Planning and Executive Incharge- 1 •Designing Incharge- 1 •Writing Incharge- 1 •Executive Officer- 1 #humanrights #human #projectpukaar #msnpunjab #new #project #humanrightscampaign - @medicalstudentsnetwork on Instagram

Weve got something for you all weekend featuring @DjTikkaMasala, @DjChristie_, and @DjMaryMac5Star starting tomorrow into Saturday 🕺 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ Meeting ID: 763 270 7338⁣ Password: queernyc⁣ ⁣ If you’d like to help Henrietta’s during this time, you may donate with any of the following apps below. Thank you for your consideration! ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣$henriettahudson1⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ - @henriettahudson on Instagram

Love to our Polish siblings from @miss_agatha_p 💕 - @reykjavikpride on Instagram

B.L.U.E. Is dedicated to promoting awareness of Black pride within Bostons Urban LGBTQ community. While helping to improve the social & entertainment life B.L.U.E plans to build self-esteem, foster healthy relationships and build a stronger understanding of their networks needs. You all talked and we listened. B.L.U.E presents to you LGBTQ black lives speak out community forum. During this panel there will be open conversation on race, gender, class, our perspective on recent events around racial injustice, and how our community can help pave the path forward Let us introduce our panelists: Keisha Spencer mental health therapist; founder of B.L.U.E. (She, her, hers) Santos Curtis activist and founder of Boston Lesbigay urban foundation inc, (He, him, his) Nik Hansum King MaAmbulatory Practice Management at Dana Farber by Day, Owner/Head Creator of Raw Cafè Printshop & PTB APPAREL by Night & Weekend (He, Him, His) Amanda Nwokeji social worker (she her hers) Ro Chris school psychologists (He, His, Him) Alicia McNeal - Educator Stephfon Guidry, English Teacher and Theater Owner in New York. (he/him/sus (or sis) And our moderator Ravina W. M. Ed in therapy. IG show called POC healing and Mental Health #mentalhealth #lgbtq #lgbtqcommunity #panel #communitypanel #poclgbtq #pride #melanin #injustice #gender #class #racism #boston - @b.l.u.e_617 on Instagram

So I know it’s no longer “Pride Month,” but we queers are in fact queer 365 days a year (at least I am). So in that spirit, my band @crush.material is going to be a part of 924 Gilman’s Virtual Pride Prom tomorrow at 4pm via 924 Gilman’s Facebook page!! If you like me or any of the bands on this ~stacked~ lineup, you should check it out!! Big thanks to @924gilmanstreet for letting me be gay on main, and all of the bands on this bill for being gay on main with me 😎🌈🕺🏻 - @d_i_porque on Instagram

Times are tough and it’s important to take care of our community. Whether you’re in a hard place and seeking assistance, or want to give back by volunteering and donating - swipe through to see some AWESOME services in Chicago for LGBTQ+ people. 💞 Tag more organizations you’d like to see featured. For more resources and detailed info check out the LINK IN BIO. 💞 special thanks to @gooseisland 💞 #gaydo312 #lgbtq #queer #chicago #lgbtresources #community - @gaydo312 on Instagram

Week 2 of upcoming opportunities post!!! Check out these ~awesome~ events 💫Dm us if you have any other upcoming events you would like us to promote! - @nycyci on Instagram

Big applause to @hoddesdon_post_office_ for supporting regular customer & TOWIE star, @bobbycnorris, with his anti-homophobia campaign during Pride week 🌈❤️ #postoffice #pride🌈 #TOWIE - @ukpostoffice on Instagram

#felvonuláshelyett: performansszal egybekötött sajtótájékoztatót tartottunk a Kossuth téren, ahol @karacsony_gergely is beszédet mondott 🏳️‍🌈✊ . ha szeretnétek infót kapni az évközbeni eseményeinkről, iratkozzatok fel a hírlevelünkre ☺️ link a bio-ban . . 📸: @nagyszabolcs32 . . #budapestpride25 #VeddVisszaAJövőd #budapestpride2020 #karacsonygergely #budapestpride #pride #pride2020 #lgbtq #lmbtq #lesbian #gay #bisexual #transgender #queer #gaysofinstagram #instagay #humanrights #budapest #ig_magyarorszag #instahun #mik #instakozosseg #ikozosseg #ikozosseghungary #instamagyar #magyarinsta #magyarig #equality #loveislove - @budapestpride on Instagram

Wishing a very Happy 15th Birthday to the awesome @ukblackpride team! #UKBlackPride - on Instagram

As continue into August, this is an important reminder for us all. #BIPOC #BIPOCMentalHealthMonth #b4stage4 #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealth - @mentalhealthmn on Instagram

True! 🌈 - @gaypridehub on Instagram

#bivisibilityday 💗💜💙 #bipride story shares are highly appreciated 🧚🏻🥺 - - - #illustration #drawing #art #nonbinaryartist #procreate #procreateart #chicagoartists #characterdesign #characterillustrations #drawingoftheday #queerart #lgbtq #lgbtart #lgbtqart - @zt.draws on Instagram

Thanks to those of you who have filled our mentions with positivity this #PrideMonth. Thanks for standing with us to help drown out the hate and celebrate the love. ✌️ Heres to you! 🏳️🌈🌈 - @ukpostoffice on Instagram

Today is #GiveOUTDay! Thousands of #LGBTQ people and allies will make gifts to the #LGBTQ community today. Your gift to @CenterLInk will support BIPOC leaders within the network, and our board is matching up to $1,500 in gifts: - @lgbtcenterlink on Instagram

- as a bisexual this annoys me, why do we need so many new names for the same thing? why not just say you’re bi

📣📣📣 Countdown: 8 DAYS!! 📣📣📣 The Autism Acceptance Special Event is happening next Thursday, September 17th, from 6-10pm on First Street in Jersey City! Enjoy a wonderful evening outdoors with food, drinks, and raffle prizes while supporting a great cause! 🧩 Take Advantage of the special ADVANCED ONLINE TICKET price of $75 PER PERSON, available for purchase through EVENTBRITE only via: (LINK IN BIO) //Tickets are limited and at event tickets are $100 per person. DONT WAIT! 🧩 Come RAIN or SHINE: Outdoor tents will be set up for social distancing and hand-sanitizing stations will be available throughout the event. Face masks/coverings are required for entry and all guests are encouraged to wear them unless eating/drinking. 🧩 Proudly sponsored by The Whole Spectrum Autism Foundation, Smile Preschool and Nursery, JCFamilies, and JC Downtown HDSID -- WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! - @thewholespectrum_org on Instagram

Aki biromantikus, azonos és ellenkező nemű személy iránt is érezhet romantikus vonzalmat. Az, hogy valaki biromantikus, független a nemi identitásától és attól, hogy szexuális vonzalmat érez-e, illetve, ha érez, milyen nemű személyek iránt. #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqa #melegsegesmegismeres #biromantic #human #loveislove - @melegsegesmegismeres on Instagram

𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐃 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐀𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 #pridemonth #pride🌈 𝙸 𝚂𝚄𝙿𝙿𝙾𝚁𝚃 𝙻𝙶𝙱𝚃𝚀 🏳️‍🌈 🤍 𝘚𝘏𝘈𝘙𝘌 𝘛𝘏𝘐𝘚 𝘗𝘖𝘚𝘛 𝘖𝘕 𝘠𝘖𝘜𝘙 𝘚𝘛𝘖𝘙𝘐𝘌𝘚 𝘛𝘖 𝘌𝘟𝘛𝘌𝘕𝘋 𝘠𝘖𝘜𝘙 𝘚𝘜𝘗𝘗𝘖𝘙𝘛! Don’t share if you tease people around you on the basis of their choices by calling them “𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐚, 𝐜𝐡𝐡𝐚𝐤𝐤𝐚” (there are many more inappropriate names) Whatever their sexuality is you don’t have any right to tease them..even if they are straight but due to a single reason like using tiktok🎵or using makeup💄or wearing/liking pink color💖 or wearing boys clothes and dressing up as same or tomboyish choices or just because they remain clean shave 🧍🏻‍♂️🧍🏻‍♂️ THEY ARE ALL HUMANS ♡ and infact better than us! Atleast they don’t disrespect each other on the basis of their choices🖤 Atleast they love human beings irrespective of their gender🤍 TODAY.. I AM PROUDLY SAYING THAT : if any of my friend is Lesbian,gay,transgender,bisexual,queer+ You can freely share it with me and i am not gonna make fun of that.🏳️‍🌈🥺 MY ACCOUNT IS A SAFE PLACE FOR PEOPLE OF ANY SEXUALITY,RELIGION and GENDER 🏳️‍🌈🌈 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣 . . . #worksofartpallette #artdaddyzlove - @theartpallette on Instagram

Cada 17 de mayo se conmemora el Día Internacional contra la Homofobia, la Transfobia y la Bifobia, para visibilizar la desigualdad, la violencia y la discriminación de dicho sector de la población. La celebración del día comenzó en el 2005, con actividades en distintas naciones, que son coordinadas por el Comité IDAHO, organización no gubernamental francesa. Para este año se eligió el lema: “Rompiendo el silencio”. #lgbtnewsmexico #gaymexico #mexicogay #pride #pridemexico #pridemty - @lgbtnewsmexico on Instagram

Protect Love🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈Happy Pride Month Everyone 🌈 #pride2020 #pridechallenge #pride #gays #lesbians #trans #lgbtq - @lgbtqmanipur on Instagram

HAPPY PRIDE!!! 🌈 . . #yycpride #calgarypride #yyc #pride #loveislove #diversity #calgaryevents #prideslive @commoncrownbrew @ntnlwesthills @ntnl10 @ntnl17 @ntnl8 - @ntnlwesthills on Instagram

Jai johar! We are team Queerगढ़ we started with a random thought which actually grew to a huge initiative, and by the time we decided to organize the very first queer pride march of Chhattisgarh which happened in Raipur, yes it was Raipur which witnessed the very first in the history, queer pride march 2019. The pride march Raipur was actually the pride of every LGBTQ community member of Chhattisgarh and beyond. It was overwhelming to watch the efforts of every individual who contributed inch to inch, second to second, every bit of themselves into this pride march and making it a huge success even after the heavy rain. To the world, it was just another queer pride march, but for us, it was an empowering phenomenon. It brought the community together as a family, it got us the allies. Raipur queer pride march witnessed unexpected support and love from everyone. There were great challenges in getting the march organized, which kept coming even on the pride day. We were severely hit by the torrential rains, derailing much of our timelines. Even in the rains, we saw unity ।n everyone holding the 2.5kms giant rainbow flag, and walking towards the destination getting wet and not caring about the rains. It was the greatest display of a sense of love, unity, and determination for change. Thank you so much for your love and support. We are grateful to every participant, every volunteer, the Chhattisgarh State Govt. , Social welfare Board, Cultural Department, Police Department, and the Traffic Control Department @thehumsafartrustofficial @keshavsurifoundation, @itgetsbetterindia, @mistlgbt, @nukkadcafeofficial @sushantdivgikr, @mannubj_official @akshay14tyagi @shyamkonnur @kvenky18 @rha_india, @nikita_goswami @phoenixinstituteindia, @timesofindia, @rishabhdeb, @hindustantimes, @huffingtonpost_ @humans.of.hnlu @amity_raipur.admission and all our volunteer brother, sisters. - @lgbtqchhattisgarh on Instagram

NGLCC partnered with LGBTQ+ for @JoeBiden to host a town hall featuring a number of #LGBTBiz owners, affiliate chamber leaders and political figures. Read more and learn about NGLCC’s historic endorsement of the Biden-Harris ticket by visiting! #LGBTBizForBiden - @nglcc on Instagram

Celebrate National Coming Out Day with the @lgbtnetwork! Get ready to Rep The Rainbow by downloading a virtual campaign kit, signing the safe space pledge, and more at #RepTheRainbow #NCOD2020 #LGBTNetwork - @lgbtnetwork on Instagram

S I C I L I A Ciao ragazzi🌈 Come ho già detto nelle storie qui sotto potrete commentare scrivendo qualsiasi cosa, presentandovi, mettendo solo un’emoji a caso, sarebbe meglio dire da quale parte della regione venite! Questo serve per conoscere gente nuova nelle vicinanze🌈 Nei prossimi giorni vedrete le altre regioni! • • #lgbt #lesbians #gay #gaylove #lgbtq #transgender #girls #lesbiancouple #bisex #tomboy #girlfriends #bisexual #tomboystyle #homosexuality#gaypride #queer #lesbiennes  #pride #girlkiss #lesbiche #lesbianvideo #queer #pansexual #nonbinary #ftm #mtf #genderfluid #raimbow #dragqueen - @lgbt.italia on Instagram

For those who have never attended Pride Toronto event before, this is the piece-de-resistance for the uninitiated. Beginning shortly after noon at the far northern end of the designated area, the floats begin streaming down Yonge Street, Toronto’s main thoroughfare. . . PRIDE 2019 Program Lineup is amazing for this years festival from June 21-23! We cant wait to see you all LOUD AND PROUD. . 👉 Let us know why do you love Pride Toronto ✨🏳️‍🌈 so much? . 👉 LIKE this post & FOLLOW our account to learn more cool stuff about Pride Toronto! . . . . #equalityact #gay #instagay #gaystagram #gayplay #lgbt #lgbtpride #gay #gayboy #gayboys #pride🌈 #lgbtflag #loveislove #lgbtcommunity🌈 #lgbtq🌈 #loveislove🌈 #lgbt #lesbian #bisexual #transexual #transgender #homosexual #pansexual #loveisequal #loveislove🌈 #rainbowbaby🌈 #lovehasnogender #lovehasnolimits #rainbow🌈 - @pride__toronto on Instagram

Lets speak up while we can. Lets speak together for justice and freedom. #IfWeDoNotRise is an nationwide campaign aimed at uniting all voices against targeted attacks on the constitutional rights of the people of India. - @jabeen_merchant on Instagram

Na hora de escolher um próximo destino, uma das coisas que pode te ajudar a definir é saber se o lugar é seguro ou não para viajantes gays. A iniciativas do Spartacus Gay Travel Index também é muito positivas nesse sentido. Eles elaboram uma lista baseada nesses critérios acima para os melhores países para LGTBs viverem e viajarem. Gostaram da dica? Comenta aqui que em breve farei um especial com os melhores países pra viver e viajar segundo essa lista! - @gaytraveltips on Instagram

Feliz dia dos namorados minha linda!! O sexto já 🥰❤️🎉🎊 Mesmo noivos, sempre será minha eterna namorada, companheiro e meu tudo! TE AMO MAIS Q TUDO PRINCESA! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Aaahhh e n tiro o mérito de me aguentar por todo esse tempo! Jsjssjhsh - @pero.mucho on Instagram

Today is #BiVisibilityDay and for anyone who may need a little reminder your sexuality is valid. Always be proud of who you are and how you choose to identify. What do you want others to know about being bi? #BiVisibility #Bisexual #Lgbtq #MentalHealthSupport #Advice #Support #Childline - @childline_official on Instagram

- It can be hard coming out as bi because of the of the “fake gay” stigma.

¿Nueve formas de vivir la bisexualidad? Sí, leíste bien. Según la sexoterapeuta Rina Riensenfeld existen varias maneras de experimentar esta orientación sexual. Las ilustramos a propósito del día internacional de la bisexualidad. 💙💜 *OJO!! Cuando se habla del ejemplo bajo los efectos del alcohol, ese y cualquier ejemplo SIEMPRE CON CONSENTIMIENTO Gracias a @lachetaller por las ilustraciones #bisexual #lgbt - @colombiadiversa on Instagram

❤💜💙 - @roxiqt on Instagram

Happiest @Pride from @HappiestSeason. In theatres this Thanksgiving. Photo by Lacey Terrrell. This movie was a true joy for me to be a part of. - @therealvictorgarber on Instagram

We love all of you beautiful souls 💕 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #lgbt #queer #gayisokay #bisexual #lesbian #gay #lgbtblogger #loveislove #lovewins #cute #love #gaypride #nonbinary #transgender #gaykiss #pride🌈 #lgbtqia #instagay #559 #androgynous #onlineshopping #merch #lgbtmerch #pride #pridemerch #tomboy #femme #explorepage #lgbtqmilitary #queer #queerfashion #explorepage - @jalinca.apparel on Instagram

Play submissions are now open for the 2021 Criminal Queerness Festival! Head to our website for more info! - @nationalqueertheater on Instagram

Alexa, play Lizzo for the billionth time. - @tylermfjohnston on Instagram

A common stereotype of sexuality professionals is that they are “hypersexual and that their “obsession” with sex is what motivates them to enter the field. However, research tells us that this view is inaccurate. In a study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, hundreds of sex educators, researchers, and therapists were surveyed about their sex lives and their reasons for entering the field. The three most commonly cited reasons for becoming a sexuality professional were “the field is interesting” (94%), there is still “a lot left to learn about sexuality” (84%), and the desire to “improve sexual health” (79%). Overwhelmingly, people’s motivations for entering the field didnt have anything to do with their own sex lives. In terms of sexual behavior, while sexuality professionals reported more acceptance of sexual diversity, they were actually less likely to report having had casual sex in the past year compared to the national average; however, they did report much higher rates of condom usage. Certainly, there is individual variability—some folks have much higher levels of sexual behavior than others. However, the overall trend tells us that the stereotypes about sexuality professionals aren’t grounded in reality. To learn more about the science of sex, check out my Sex and Psychology blog ( and my book #TellMeWhatYouWant. #sexed #sexeducation #sexeducator #sexeducatorlife #sexpositive #sexpositivity #sexandpsychology #letstalkaboutsex #sexmyths - @justinjlehmiller on Instagram

Parece mentira que hace un año estábamos celebrando el 50 aniversario de Stonewall y el Pride en NYC. Hoy recuerdo la importancia de seguir recorriendo el camino de la igualdad, la aceptación real, sin hipocresías ni doble estándar, de que somos seres humanos diversos y que el amor puede tomar muchas formas. Llena de orgullo y de nostalgia, seguimos en pie de lucha por un mundo mejor, más equitativo y seguro para todes. #pride #stonewall #NYC #newyork #newyorkcity #orgullo #queer #proud #orgullosa #sinfiltro #sinfiltros #nofilterneeded #saudades #nostalgia - @caribbeandrea on Instagram

No caption needed . . . Post by @thegoodeggquote . . . #tribe #findyourtribe #love #amor #blm #policebrutality #martha #newprideflag #prideflag #pridequotes #blmquotes #pridemonth #queer #lgbtq+ #canva #art #prideart #blmart #sport #humanrights #environment #artnews #newyorkart #madridart #lisbonart #art #veganism #inclusion - @thegoodeggquote on Instagram

Wenn Worte bunt erstrahlen! 🏳️‍🌈 #lgbtq #instagay #rainbow - @aroundtheword on Instagram

The global pandemic has disproportionately affected Black, Indigenous and other communities of colour. In solidarity with Black and Indigenous communities, I’m calling in my community to support their fight for human rights. Remember Asian acceptance in white society is conditional. As soon as we are perceived as a threat to the status quo, we are instantly reminded of how “other” we are. We’ve seen the proof of this in the way Asians all across Canada (and North America) are being targeted and attacked just for being Asian. And yet every act of anti-Asian racism, no matter how horrible, is a fraction of what Indigenous and Black people experience. So to my Asian kin out there; what are you doing to #stopthespreadofracism? Visit: the @ccncsj at as a start. - @jefftds on Instagram

This week were celebrating our #bipride in #Camden for #bivisbilityday. Share your story - @queeringcamden on Instagram

💫💙✨ Gracias @tiempodecerezas por capturar esto en un día tan especial. Y Thais, te quiero! - on Instagram

🌈🌈🌈 We are HERE at @outboulder’s #longmont #pride motorcade! 🎉🎉🎉 🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤎 - @bouldercountyaidsproject on Instagram

“L’amore nasce tra persone e non tra sessi, e quindi perché porsi dei limiti?” #stopomofobia #17maggio #vivereacolori - @forumgiovanimugnanodelcard on Instagram

- Well yes,but actually no

🌈 HAPPY PRIDE 🌈 Tag a pole dancing member of the LGBTQ community you draw inspiration from! . I’ll start 😁 I’m tagging @yungpolemaster because of his infectious energy, his huge smile and of course ... his stage presence and pole tricks are next level 😎 . Drawing by @leenisabel featuring @suwasit 🔥 - @poledancenation on Instagram

In case yall didnt know. 😊 ☆Mia☆ #Life #Healing #Sunlight#Nature #Serenity #Spirit #LGBT #LoveisLove #LGBTRights #Lesbian #SAGA #Pansexual #Queer #GayRights #GayMarriage #GayChristian #Bisexual - @loveislove2017 on Instagram

In honor of Pulse Remembrance day, Valencia College mourns the loss and celebrates the lives of the students .. - Amanda Alvear - Oscar A. Arancena-Montero - Cory James Connell - Mercedez Marisol Flores - Juan Ramon Guerrero - Jason Benjamin Josaphat - Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo You will never be forgotten 🏳️‍🌈❤️.. Thank you to everyone who came to support our online celebration💜🧡💛💚💙❤️! Where we were focused on open and honest conversations about the struggles and beauty of what it is to be LGBTQIA(+) and more! Valencia College will always be here to support our fellow students. Hate will never conquer over love🌈🏳️‍🌈❤️! #pride #pridemonth #valenciacollege #love @sdvalenciaeast - @eastsga on Instagram

be #who #YOU TRULY are #lesbians #instagay #boys #girls #femme #stud #stem girlongirl #lgbt #boyonboy - @gay_shoutout on Instagram

We’re in the news! Queers for Future zusammen mit vielen UnterstützerInnen beim CSD Berlin. Wir haben es sogar in die Nachrichten geschafft! 🏳️‍🌈 #queersforfuture #climatejustice #csdberlin #berlinpride #csd2019 #queervegan #noplanetb #vegan #faggotsforfuture #fridaysforfuture #extinctionrebellion #rainbowcapitalism #pinkwashing #news #diewelt - @queersforfuture on Instagram

PRIDE EVERY DAY 🌈 Omg it’s a little late bec it took ages to publish but they’re finally up!!! #Pride ig stickers + some of @mkik808 who is my fave person on insta!!!!⁣ ⁣ Search gifs with keywords: pride, pride2020, mark kanemura, mkik808, and the respective flag names (If you cant find, search gelitries for the full collection) ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤎 - @gelitries on Instagram

When people use the #straightpride on Instagram I just find it stupid and offensive. Like seriously. You should be glad that you dont need pride like us lgbt people do. We need pride because people are bullied, harassed, and even killed because of their sexualities. Never once have I heard of a person being bullied because they are straight. So stop being so ignorant ~Alex #lgbt#lgbtq#feminist#feminism#pansexual#asexual#bisexual#lesbian#gay#gaypride#pride#transman#transgender#trans#gayisokay#equality#gaymarriage#loveyourself#bodyposivity#fckh8#stophomophobia#genderqueer#queer#genderroles - @trans.lives.matter on Instagram

Happy PRIDE Month ❤️ - @ronbohmer on Instagram

💖 Las personas bi no necesitan elegir un bando. 💜 Ser bi no es solo una fase 💙 Bisexualidad ≠ atracción solo por géneros binarios 💖 Bisexual ≠ no monógamo (pero si eres ambos está genial) 💜 ¡Dondequiera que caigas en el espectro bi es VÁLIDO! #DíaDeLaVisibilidadBi 💖💜💙 - @itgetsbettermx on Instagram

5 years ago today we went to city hall, told only one person, and got married on a Friday ❤️ . . . I love you, And I’ll keep loving you for as long as I live #best #fridaythe13th - @justxue on Instagram

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Check out the great photos in the @whittierdailynews from today’s #whittierprideride2020. Thanks to all that came by to show their #pride🌈 #linkinbio👆 - @pridewhittier on Instagram

@nmndza’s #KwentongGanda inspires us to be our most authentic selves, and reminds us to love ourselves the way we love our friends and family, dahil no matter what, lahat tayo ay maGANDA. 🏳️‍🌈 Ikaw, what’s your #KwentongGanda? - @vicecosmeticsph on Instagram

A great way to kickoff Pride month! 🏳️‍🌈 - @elementbrandgroup on Instagram

You will not have to check a box with us. We proudly offer t-shirts for all ethnicities and non binary existence. See for yourself: #blackfamiliesmatter #womanempowerment #blackfamiliesmatter #lgbtqpride #lovesmakesafamily #blackpride #lovewins #pride #loveislove🌈 #lgbtq🌈 #lesbianpride #equality - @equalityprints on Instagram

Til juni kjøpte vi inn 170 av @amnesty_norge sine regnbuearmbånd for å støtte deres arbeid for mangfold og kjærlighet. De ble revet bort på et blunk fra kontorene i Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Oslo, Sandefjord og på Sortland, og vi bærer dem med stolthet 🏳️‍🌈 Vil du kjøpe ett til deg selv eller noen du er glad i? Besøk 🥰 - on Instagram

Ja heu decidit amb qui ens veureu?❤️ Aquesta nit tenim una cita🏳️‍🌈! Jordi @chicletol i @hellosharonne seran les encarregades de conduir #PrideBCN2020 , el primer Pride! Barcelona televisat de la història😱📽! Entrevistes, actuacions i seccions de la mà de les nostres col•laboradores més especials (llisqueu per veure-les) 😍 A partir de les 22h a @betevecat i a la nostra pàgina de Youtube oficial❤️ - @pridebarcelona on Instagram

Priden er over os, og i den anledning vil vi gerne minde om, at kampen for queer frigørelse langt fra er slut endnu. Det er ikke nok at sætte fokus på LGBT+ issues en uge om året. Queerkampen bliver kæmpet hver dag i hjem, på arbejdspladser, i skoler, på gymnasier, på lærepladser, på universiteter, i fritidsklubber, i vennegrupper, i byen og på gaden. Kapitalismens undertrykkelse af arbejderklassen og patriarkatets undertrykkelse af queers kan ikke skilles ad. Stigmatisering af queers skaber udsatte mennesker, som kapitalismen kan bruge til presse lønninger og arbejdsforhold med prekære arbejdsforhold. Queerfobi dyrkes for at skille arbejderklassen ad i et ”dem” og ”os”, som dele af venstrefløjen desværre også abonnerer på, når de reducerer queerkampen til meningsløs identitetspolitik. Hetero- og cisnormativitet styrker kernefamilien, som er et effektivt værktøj for kapitalismen til at sikre produktion og reproduktion. Uden et opgør med kapitalismen kan vi ikke opnå queer frigørelse. Til dette års pridesæson mindes vi, at queerkampen der har givet os de rettigheder vi som LGBTQ+-personer nyder i dag, altid er blevet kæmpet nedefra, af de allermest sårbare mennesker i vores communities. Det er ikke virksomheder der skifter deres logo ud med et i regnbuefarver i en uge om året du som queer har at takke for de forbedringer der er sket i LGBTQ+-personers levevilkår. Det er derimod queers med nonkonformt kønsudtryk, fattige queers, hjemløse queers, arbejdsløse queers, racialiserede queers, kønsbaseret undertrykte queers, sexarbejdende queers mv. der er gået forrest i kampen. Vi mindes Stonewall optøjerne for 51 år siden, som et lysende eksempel på, hvad queerkampen kan opnå, når vi organiserer os imod queerfobi, hetero- og cisnormativitet og kapitalisme. - @ungdomsfront on Instagram

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Thanks to our Inclusion & Diversity team, Junivators like Taichi and Liz are beaming with pride in their Juniper branded masks to help keep everyone safe! 🏳️‍🌈 💚 #JuniperLife - @junipernetworks on Instagram

Comment if u wanna be friends 😈 - @notthesailormoon on Instagram

Even in uncertain times, we want to celebrate love. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 This is the week of Helsinki Pride and although ensuring #equal opportunities is a continuing effort with plenty of work still to do, we want you to know that we see you and we support you. Happy #pride, everyone! 🌈 #thisisfinlandofficial #helsinkipride2020 #imwithpride - @thisisfinlandofficial on Instagram

Heads up! We are seeking a drag queen for an upcoming role. Details above. - @smythcasting on Instagram

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🌈@wftda 2010 East region playoffs, White Plains NY, remember the big 5 tournaments? This was @montrealrollerderby and the @newskidsmtl first time in post season play and my first games with them! Look at us BÉBÉS!!! 🌈😢💚🥳✨👵🏻🥴🤟🏻🌈. . 📸 @Scott MacIver . . . . . #bontderby #quadstar #bont #lighterfasterstronger #187killerpads #187quad #triple8 #triple8quad #rollerderby #lowlife #lowlifemtl #wftda #rollerderby #throwback #throwwayback - @mange_9999 on Instagram

- I see posts where people ask about sex here often. This is a great way to sum it up!

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it’s the falling for the rainbow shit every time for me 👀 - @amandaeverafter on Instagram

Pride 2018-2019. 🌈✨💕btw sin o con COVID el pride se celebra porque se celebra (no solo hoy, todos los días jiji). - @greenysofi on Instagram

Congratulations to @jessscullysydney who was re-elected as the Citys Deputy Lord Mayor last night. - @clovermoore on Instagram

Did you hear about the Supreme Courts ruling on LGBTQ workplace protection yet? Link in our bio to read about it! #ICYMI - @larkinstreetyouth on Instagram

Our #BuildingSafeChoices report with @tonichousing and @stonewallhousing launches today, which shows the urgent need for better housing choices for older LGBTQ+ people. Check out our Key Recommendations for public bodies below, and read the full report here //#openingdoorslondon #over50lgbtq #lgbtqhousing - @openingdoorslondon on Instagram

Hoje, 17 de maio, Dia Internacional de Combate à LGBTIfobia, a gente lembra todas as LGBTIs vítimas da violência desse sistema hetero-cis-patriarcal. Todas e todes que estão em isolamento com seus agressores e todas àquelas que não tem o direito adquirido de ficar em casa. • Enquanto ainda liderarmos o ranking de país que mais mata LGBTs no mundo, nenhuma de nós estará livre! • #MilitanteCansado #DesignAtivista #LGBTI Repost - @militantecansado - @ifa.oficial on Instagram

Always been less focused on the bits and more on the wits. . . . . . #bisexual #visability #bisexualpride #bisexualvisibilityday #pansexual #queer - @mmmindela on Instagram

Now, more than ever, we promise to stand with, support, and love our trans friends and family. #transawarenessweek #transgender #trans #pride #lovewins #lovetrumpshate #strongertogether #transpride - @pleasurechestch on Instagram

A life without love is of no account. Don’t ask yourself what kind of love you should seek, spiritual or material, divine or mundane, Eastern or Western. Divisions only lead to more divisions. Love has no labels, no definitions. It is what it is, pure and simple. Love is the water of life. And a lover is a soul of fire! The universe turns differently when fire loves water. Rumi❤️ #tegenelkevormvandiscriminatie #steunregenbooggemeenschap #liefdeisliefde🌈 #lgbtqi+ #stopgeweldtegenlhbt - @sinancan77 on Instagram

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Good news of the day ⚡️⚡️⚡️ - @wecyouclub on Instagram

P R I D E M O N T H 🥰🏳️‍🌈 - @jacqqii on Instagram

Historically, the term “bisexual” has referred to a sexual orientation that involves attraction to both men and women. It originated in a time when sex/gender was primarily seen as a binary construct. However, the meaning of bisexuality has evolved over time. Today, different people define “bisexual” in very different ways. For example, in one of my human sexuality courses, I assign an article to students that presents 13 different ways of understanding bisexuality. Similarly, in a study of young adults (aged 18-30) who identified as bisexual and were asked to define what this term means to them, researchers found that “bisexuality is defined in a plethora of ways, including definitions based on behavior, attraction, or desire” and, further, people’s definitions “may employ binary or nonbinary definitions. So what does being bisexual really mean? It depends who you ask! One definition is not more “valid” or “correct” than another, so stop trying to be the judge or arbiter of others’ bisexual identities. It’s not your job to say who is a “true” bisexual and who is not. Bottom line: don’t make assumptions about someone’s sexual attractions based solely on their sexual identity label, and don’t try to impose your definitions on others. To learn more about bisexuality and the science of sexual orientation, head over on my Sex and Psychology blog ( or check out my book Tell Me What You Want. #sexed #sexeducation #sexpositive #sexpositivity #sexandpsychology #LGBTQ #bisexuality #bisexual🌈 #bisexualpride #bisexualawarenessweek - @justinjlehmiller on Instagram

My gaybeeeee @lacybacon - @shakedrinks_notbabies on Instagram

Virtual rally to mobilize the vote. Sept 30th. Ill be joining some incredible humans: @ninaturnerohio • @revdrbarber • @obeygiant • @aloeblacc • @risingappalachia • @kendallramseur • @reggiewatts • @mark.brand • @teneiamusic • @matthewlillard & more! Link to RSVP: This is not left or right, blue or red, but a collection of humans who care deeply about democracy, racial equity, education, women’s rights, the future economy, and the environment – our planet. #NoVoteLeftBehind #HATCHaBetterWorld NO VOTE LEFT BEHIND -- Wed Sept 30 @ 4PST/7EST - @liarose on Instagram

🏳️‍🌈 ✨The Proud Trust is hiring! ✨🏳️‍🌈⠀ .⠀ We are currently hiring for the following roles:⠀ ⠀ ✨Trans Care Navigator and Social Action Coordinator⠀ ✨Youth Work Coordinator- Stockport ⠀ ✨Youth Work Coordinator- Rochdale ⠀ ✨Youth Work Assistant- Rochdale ⠀ ✨Youth Work Assistant- Cheshire West & Chester ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Closing dates for applications mid September (16th--21st)⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Link in our bio for more information including job specific closing dates, full job descriptions and application forms ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ The Proud Trust is a lifesaving and life enhancing organisation that helps young LGBT+ people empower themselves to make a positive change for themselves and their communities. We do this through youth groups; one-to-one support; managing the LGBT+ Centre for Manchester; delivery of training and events; campaigns; undertaking research and creating resources.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #LGBTYouth #YouthWork #hiring #ManchesterJobs #lgbtq - @the_proud_trust on Instagram

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The team! The fam! These are the people who made your Whistler Pride experience! They deserve a lot of love and gratitude for their tireless work! Missing Ryan Steele and your incredible ski guides! . . . #whistlerpride #squad #pridesquad #pridefam #ourteam #aavawhistlerhotel #aavahotel - @whistlerpride on Instagram

What does Purple mean to you? On August 28 we wear purple in support of @wear_it_purple Day. Check out our leadership team supporting Wear It Purple Day in their virtual meetings. Wear it Purple Day is an annual LGBTIQA+ awareness day especially for young people, based in Australia. Supporters wear purple to celebrate diversity and young people from the LGBTIQA+ community. #UniquelyUnilever #WearItPurple #LGBTIQA - @unileveranz on Instagram

These flags represent people on every part of the gender and sexuality spectrum in celebration of who they are and their identities. The Rainbow Flag, a symbol of pride and honour of the LGBTQ+ community, devised by Gilbert Baker and inspired by Judy Garlands melodies Over the Rainbow. Each of the eight original colours celebrates an aspect of queer pride symbolising sex, life, healing, sunlight, nature, art, serenity and spirit. It was much later that hot pink was dropped and turquoise and indigo were replaced by blue to symbolise harmony. With increasing needs to break out and own their identities different flags have come into being in the recent years with many feeling more empowered sans labels. #pride #pridemonth #june2020 #enactusindia #enactus #Werisebyliftingothers #lovewins #lgbtq🌈 #marshapjohnson #stonewall #lgbtpride #happypridemonth #celebratinglove - @enactuscvs on Instagram

Pride parades may be physically cancelled this year, but we’re still celebrating from our social distance! We’re keeping tradition alive for #Pride2020 by looking back at photos of our employees from last year’s festivities, and in lieu of parades, were supporting in spirit and with grants to GenPRIDE, @transwellnesscenter, Coalition for Aging LGBT, @center_on_halsted and @rainbowrefugeecanada. 🏳️‍🌈#stayNspired - @hautelook on Instagram

Happy #BiWeek, everyone! 💗💜💙 . . . #biweek #bisexual #bisexuality #lgbtqiafamily #lgbtqia #trans #gay #lesbian #intersex #ace #gay #pan #enby #nonbinary #pride #pride2020 #nyc #newyorkcity #newyork #pride2020🏳️‍🌈 #nonprofitsofinstagram - @nycpride on Instagram

Have you heard the great news? The Women’s and Gender Studies Department will begin our NEW minor in Sexuality and Queer Studies this Fall 2020! 😃 💞🌈🔥💫 Catalogue description: The minor in Sexuality and Queer Studies centers on the identities and histories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender-variant people with a particular focus on urban queer identities. The minor examines how assumptions about sexuality and gender are constructed and emphasizes ways to navigate and resist those assumptions through the application of knowledge in a variety of settings including education, healthcare, the workplace, and community organizations. This minor is a perfect complement to majors in Education, Health Sciences, Psychology, Business, Sociology, History, Political Science, English, Media Arts, etc. Our minor is THE ONLY ONE IN NEW JERSEY (!!!) that highlights queer experiences by focusing on urban settings/ communities with an emphasis on applying what you’ve learned in the classroom. #sexualityandqueerstudies #newminor #SQS #lgbtq🌈 #socialjustice #transstudies #queerstudies #lgbtqstudies #njcu #curriculum #socialjusticeeducation Poster design 🎨: @lizatilakdhari - @njcu_wgst on Instagram

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Trans Lives Matter Black Lives Matter Black Trans Lives Matter #blacktranslivesmatter #RiahMilton #DominiqueFells - @stillmisbehaving on Instagram

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Que todo fluya y que nada influya, solo vive y deja Vivir ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 . Love wins #diainternacionalcontraahomofobia - @gabrielliph on Instagram

Pride month may be over, but our support for LGBT+ communities continues. Trans rights are humans rights. #pridemonth #lgbt #trans - @britishyouthcouncil on Instagram

- Bi History is Beautiful!

To celebrate #BiWeek and all of the amazing bi+ people in the community we are putting on 3 days of livestreams! Tune in at 6pm Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd to listen to some incredible Bi+ influencers and activists! Speakers to be announced this weekend (and they’re 😍)! - @prideinlondon on Instagram

9/18/2020❤️ . . . . #musicaltheatre #dancer #singer #actor #choreographer #musicals #dancing #singing #acting #broadway #choreography #model #gay #lgtbq #bway #boyfriend #love #myman - @collinmckee1 on Instagram

🦍 S A T U R D A Y 🎩 • • Very special guests in the house this year 😍 @hen__house & @jennie_boo11!!#8monthspregnant #dykemarch #sfpride #bodypaint #partyingwhilepregnant #adventuresofhenhouseandrodentpalace #🐔🐭 #pridelewks #9yearsstrong #👬#loveislove = #youknowyoubest - @daayumgina on Instagram

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❤️💛💚💙💖 #bulletsoverbroadway is sending #love wherever love is needed today, and always. - @bulletsoverbway on Instagram

TONIGHT! Online! Link in the bio Honestly we took a really long break from being extremely active online. Too much Internet make you go crazy. But now, we are bit more energized. Enough energy to perform today in this hot ass weather. Come through! @svpride408 - @astralogik on Instagram

Gays in a park #uberxmidsumma 🌈 - @yung_semillon on Instagram

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Broomstick bitches represent! From 🖤 - @alovebizarrestore on Instagram

Even though were working remotely, the #midsumma team are still together to celebrate #wearitpurple day today! The 2020 @wear_it_purple theme highlights the importance of encouragement, empowerment and emphasis on making effective change for LGBTQIA+ people. #wearethechange represents us, as a generation, implementing productive and inclusive changes in society. 💜 - @midsummafestival on Instagram

Had a weird experience yesterday. Just when you think acceptance is out there, you run into the harsh reality that people are still so ignorant. ~ Have you felt like this recently? ~ #Igbtiqrights #gayrights #gaymarriage #Igbtcouples #Igbtq #boyswholikeboys #gaymen #girlswholikegirls #girlswhokissgirls #bisexualgirls #bisexualpride #transgender #Igbt #Igbtq 🌈 #Igbti #Igbtqmemes #Igbtqpride #trans #lgbtpride #pride 🌈 #lgbtqia #gay #Igbt #gaypride #Igbtmemes #lgbtpride #gay #lesbian #pride #bisexual #pansexual #instagay - @lgbt_equallyyounique on Instagram

Happy bisexuality visibility day! As far as I know Im the only out bisexual MP in any parliament in Australia. Although I am kinda chuffed with the title, I’d really love to see that change. Bi visibility has to happen in the parliament, in the media, and by people in leadership roles. And by bi+ people across the country. Every one of us can make a difference to the lives of present and future bi+ people by being as open and as out and as proud as it’s safe for us to be. That’s what opens people’s eyes, that’s how acceptance grows. That’s how society shifts.  Regardless of how large or small your acts of pride are, I’d like to take the opportunity to say  - I see you. I see you even when others don’t. I will continue to share our stories and advocate for our rights inside and outside the parliament. You are amazing, resilient, and a constant inspiration to me. - @janetricegreens on Instagram

Happy Pride Ottawa. It’s not the same without you. Stay safe and we will soon be back together 🌈🌈🌈 (photos from 2019) - @cmckenney14 on Instagram

Let tha gays be the gays bcuz love is love 🏳️‍🌈❤️ - @aestheticcc.wallpaperzzz on Instagram

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One day I woke up and wasnt afraid of myself anymore. - @katejenks444 on Instagram

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Read the full article at the link in our bio! #gaynews #gayrights #GLBT #gaypride - @dallas_voice on Instagram

Being Bisexual often comes with a lot more stereotypes and misconceptions. Today is a great day to learn about what being Bisexual actually means. Some great information can be found on the following websites. - @chester_pride_official on Instagram

#bisexualityday #lovebiself - @glsentampabay on Instagram

Link in bio! x - @fieldofavalon on Instagram

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There are small action steps that you can take within your community. 💥 Coming Soon 💥 Our team has been working diligently behind the scenes to create advocacy templates for you to use with your community. As an education platform, we want you to feel empowered to leverage your voice and platform. Stay tuned for more updates. - @all_in_beta on Instagram

fuck angles that make me look thinner, im gay!!!! 🌈🌈 . . . #transgender #ftmtrans #ftm #transman #gaytransman #lgbt #gay #nonbinary #fatboy #effyourbodystandards #effyourbeautystandars - @milchstrsse on Instagram

Im in Prague for #pride at @pioneerprague 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿🌈🌈🌈 have fun, be careful and see you later! #fierceforthenight - @virginia_live on Instagram

Helped make some things for a good cause #saveourspaces #raisemoney for @cubbyholebar @henriettahudson @gingersbarbrooklyn . . 🌈 Safe spaces that are struggling due to 🦠 . . . . #lgbtqia #lgbtqpride #pride #pridemonth2020 #fuckcorona #merchandise #charity #safespaces #illustration #donateforagoodcause - @ackstyle on Instagram

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Be prideful as we perservere! Were bursting onto the digital world with our very first LIVE online Pride party to bring us together when we need it most! Well be hosting an array of community members, leaders in our organization, and vital voices with drag performances and prices throughout the day!! Tune in tomorrow 8/27 on The Qs Facebook for prizes, education, advocacy, and celebration! #theqaustin #prideandperseverance #queeratx #virtualdrag #pridemonth2020 #prideintexas #prideatx🌈 #prideatx - @theqaustin on Instagram

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@transinclusivegroup Happy Bi Visibility Week! #bisexual #biawarenessweek #lgbt #queer #lgbtq🌈 - @gogaymiami on Instagram

🏳️‍🌈Never apologize for what you are and who you love 🏳️‍🌈 - @gebrielandryne_ on Instagram

We’ve created 6 visuals (yes 6 😅) to educate everyone a little on the history of pride colours and pride flags. Did you know that the original 🏳️‍🌈 pride flag had 8 colours, but due to unavailability of pink fabric, and the need to divide pride colours into an even number for a pride parade, turquoise was dropped? There are also many other types of pride flags out there but we have stuck to these 6, so yea... #lgbtq #pride - @pinkdotsg on Instagram

#lgbtavakin #lgbtavakin #loveislove #lovequotes #lgbtq🌈 #lgbtpride #avakinlgbt #avakinlife - @lgbt_avakin on Instagram

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Happy Bisexual Day of Visibility!!! #bisexualawareness #bisexualpride #wearehere - @outmemphis on Instagram

What happens when women make films about women? The eclectic collection of films in the shorts program “The Female Gaze” show both the pleasure and pain of the lived female experience, reminding us of the nuanced storytelling we get when women lead the charge. These films are available to watch from October 1 at 12pm PT to October 31 at 11:59pm PT. Join us on Friday, October 2 at 1pm PT for “C3: The Female Gaze,” featuring an artist conversation with the filmmakers from this program. RSVPs will open on Thursday, October 1. Watch these #laapff2020 films and RSVP at! - @vcmediaorg on Instagram

We strive to create an environment where every person can be themselves. Allies play a great role in the culture of inclusion. Here’s how you can be a great ally at work!  #LifeAtStar #Pride - @startvnetwork on Instagram

Join VSC and community partners at our education mini-series on LGBTQ+healthy relationships and sexual health: Fri-Gays. In this 4 part mini series we will sit down with VSCs newest LGBTQ+ victim advocate/crisis counselor, Kevin Fox, to discuss topics like consent, LGBTQ mental health resources, safe sex, HRT, how to set a boundary, and more with community partners that can help. Our first training is on September 25, 2020 from noon-12:30PM EST with Robin Daily of @zebra_coalition on the topic of LGBTQ+ Identities & Relationships. Join us on our facebook as we go live, @VSCFlorida - @vscflorida on Instagram

Bi folx are not confused. Bi folx are not going through a phase. Bi folx do not have to choose a side. Today we make space for our bisexual family members to be seen and recognized...We celebrate the beauty that is you! - @gaequality on Instagram

Everyone deserves to be accepted for who they are. As we stand with the LGBTQ+ community this month and every day, we are inspired this year, more than ever, to champion diversity and help create an inclusive world for all.❤️💛💚💙💜 #pridemonth #loveislove #torontopride #vanpride #fiertemtl #pridemtl #pride2020 - @citizencanada on Instagram

Happy Bi Visibility Day! Am 23.09. ist der internationale Bi Visibility Day. Noch immer werden bisexuelle Personen nicht nur im heteronormativen Kontext diskriminiert und unsichtbar gemacht, sondern leider auch noch zu oft in queeren Communities. Deswegen feiern wir an diesem Tag alle bisexuellen Menschen und wollen gleichzeitig auf die immer noch vorhandene Bi-Stigmatisierung aufmerksam machen. #jfe_queer #queeresjugendzentrumberlinmitte #queerberlin #queerinberlin #queer #queeryouth #bisexuell #bisvisibilityday #biyouth #pansexuality #polysexualpride #omnisexual #biromantisch - @jfe_queer on Instagram

En este mes del orgullo LGBTTIQ+, estas dos chicas @lidiaceleste_91 y Laura festejarían en la marcha que se llevaría a cabo en el estado de Jalisco con una de nuestras playeras, debido a la pandemia por COVID-19 no se pudo llevar a cabo, sin embargo de manera virtual se encuentran festejando la libertad de ejercer su sexualidad, muchas gracias por compartirnos esta fotografía, y festejemos todos el amor en todas sus presentaciones, las queremos chicas ❤️💙💜🧡💛💚🖤🤎🤍 #juniomesdelorgullo #juniomesdelorgullolgbtttiq #pncp #consumelocal #covid_19 #marchalgbtttiq2020 - @cabopulmogiftshop on Instagram

❤️ 💜 💙 - @lgbtqsonoma on Instagram

Menciona a tu amig@ 🌹 #RealLoveOfGays 🌻 LOVE IS LOVE 👑🌈 #loveofgays #love #amorgay #amordechicos #igualdad #loveislove 🌈 #gay #gaymen #love #world #gay #gayboy #gayteen #gaycouple #amor #besos #kiss #gays #homo #homosexual #instagay #instagays #instagayboy #instagayguy #instahomo #instahomos #gayhot #men #guy #hotlatinosgay - @loveoftwoguys on Instagram

September is #sexualhealthawarenessmonth. What are some misconceptions you have about sexual health? We want to hear it, so drop it in the comments below. ——————————————————————————————— #projectsave #projectsavephilly #thehealingcrew #thehealingwarriors #sexualviolence #domesticviolence #westoppingallofthat #healingfromwithin #healonepersonatatime #yourtime #educationisliberation #vibeattractsyourvibe #survivetothrive #projectsavesveryown #SAVEphilly #howyougonnawinifyoudonthealfromwithin - @projectsavephilly on Instagram

It’s #bivisibilityday and we couldn’t have said this better ourselves! ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #bivisibility #pride2020🏳️‍🌈 #bi #bisexuality #humansexuality #quoteoftheday #qotd #totd - @thecloverapp on Instagram

So excited to be involved with 3 films showing at @insideoutfestival this year! I have so much admiration for the people I’ve worked with in front of and behind the camera on @herewithyoufilm (directed by @foodiesdelite ), Dirty (directed by @matthewpuccini ) and the Billy Tipton documentary feature #noordinarymanfilm (directed by @aislingchinyee and @chasejoynt /featuring writing by @amosmac ). It is so important to continue to tell the stories of our community, and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of these ones 💕 . . . . . . . . . . . . #queerfilm #queerstories #transstories #transfilm #transfilmmakers #transactor #transdirector #ftm #nonbinary #grateful #lgbtq #trans #nyc #shortfilm #transrepresentation #representationmatters #herewithyoufilm #transstories #transnarratives - @morgansullivan._ on Instagram

Congratulations to Finland for finally legalizing same sex marriage!!!! 🏳️‍🌈🇫🇮👩‍❤️‍👩👨‍❤️‍👨 ~ Daniel 👽Important numbers: Suicide Hotline: 1-800-784-8433 Depression Hotline: 1-630-482-9696 LifeLine: 1-800-273-8255 Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386 Sexuality Support: 1-800-246-7743 Eating Disorder Helpline: 1-847-831-3438 Rape and Sexual Assault: 1-800-656-4673 Grief Support: 1-650-321-5272 Runaway: 1-800-843-5200, 1-800-843-5678, 1-800-621-4000 Exhale (After Abortion Hotline/Pro-voice): 1-866-439-4253 Free, anonymous, online therapy: • Tags: #support #lgbt🌈 #lgbtcommunity #lgbtqteens #lgbtsupport #queer #nonbinary #respectotherspronouns #genderfluid #bisexual #asexual #pansexual #demisexual #polysexual #gay #lesbain #transgender #pronouns #loveislove #humanrights • - on Instagram

Thank you so much to all the new followers and supporters! We see you and we love you! 🌈❤️ If you would like to support Russian LGBTQI+ on the ground, we are currently raising funds for Russian trans community, and specifically @t.action.rus, a trans-led initiative which provides a safe space and runs support groups for trans people and works with doctors, lawyers, policy makers and the media fighting for trans equality. Being trans in Russian means surviving every single day – and work like this is vital LINK IN BIO ⠀ T-action has lost a lot of funding for 2021 due to the global pandemic. Even small donations go a long way in Russia. Sharing the link and spreading the word is also amazing 💖 We feel your love xxx ⠀ #queerculture #queerart #lgbtqi #lgbtcommunity #loveislove #queerrussia #russianqueerrevolution #lgbtyouth #russianyouth #russianqueeryouth #queerbeauty #translivesmatter #protectrussiantranslives #transrights #transvisibility - @russian.queer.revolution on Instagram

Happy Pride and Love Yourself! 🏳️‍🌈🌈💕 Without losing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven? Without changing a part of me, how do I get to heaven? All my time is wasted, feeling like my hearts mistaken, so if Im losing a piece of me, maybe I dont want heaven? 🏳️‍🌈🌈👬🏻 . . . . . . #Pride #pridemonth #LoveisLove #Rainbow #Lgbtq #Queer #Orgullo #Tagsforlikes #followme - @juliio_cesar96 on Instagram

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for...” ❤️🧡💚💙💖💜 • repost @weexist.ttc Kevin Al Perez is a proud Queer Guatemalan born and raised in San Fernando Valley, CA. Kevin was first introduced to community organizing through his mother. From there he became involved in student organizing and social justice work. This CSULB and CSUN alum holds degrees in History & Queer Studies, as well as a Master’s in School Counseling. He is the cofounder and president of the 818 staple Somos Familia Valle where he hopes to create a safer and more liberated Valley for the LGBTQ+ community, especially our diverse trans & queer BIPOC siblings. See what Kevin is doing at @kap9191 and @SomosFamiliaValle #SanFernandoValley #Queerspiration #LGBTQ - @lbcresources on Instagram

Today we’re looking back on #FestiveMoments from past @fiertecappride’s! Tap the link in their bio for all the details on how you can be a part of 2020’s #WhereverWeAre Virtual Pride, which runs until August 30th! 📸 1 by @arboriphile 📸 2 & 3 by @sonnyb636 📸 4 by 📸 5 by @justinfrost_ #GetFestiveAtHome #MyOttawa #LàOùNousSommes #ottawapride - @ottawafestivals on Instagram

- Arco iris lgbt

Willow offers warm and welcoming support for LGBTQ survivors of domestic abuse. During Pride Month and beyond we work towards our vision of a community free of domestic violence, where healthy relationships thrive! - @willowcenterny on Instagram

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“Bisexual people are a part of the heart of our community. Yet on a day to day basis, they face the erasure of their identities for the supposedly easier understanding of their identity as either straight or gay, rather than an entirely separate and unique experience.” Happy #BiVisibilityDay! Read the full blog on bisexual visibility and erasure at the link in our bio. - @outrightintl on Instagram

Back to School Town Hall, Coming Out and more this week at your Center... 🌈 - @lgbtnetwork on Instagram

Love is stronger than hate and love always wins 💪🏻 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 #equality #loveislove #letloverule #idahot #lgbtcouples #girlfriend #mylove #lgbtqia - @elke.servotte on Instagram

Lets get something straight... some animals are not! 🌈⁣ ⁣ Did you know that many species of animals actually exhibit homosexual behaviors? 🤔🤩 Learn more about the theories on this phenomenon in the post above! ⬆️⬆️⬆️⁣ ⁣ Research by: Justine Ngo, Kaika Lumbao, Daniella Barbacena⁣ Poster by: Faye Lomibao - @cgeya on Instagram

Happy #pride🌈 ! Everyday I am thankful for the sacrifice and struggle of so many people who have come before me that has allowed me to be who I want to be and love who I want to love ❤️ - @joemccanta on Instagram

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So che ieri ti ho chiesto di modificarmela con Photoshop, ma stamattina quando l’ho riguardata ho capito che questa foto è bella così senza modifiche, senza piallate. È bella perchè siamo noi e perché siamo in mezzo ad un mare di amore in un giorno speciale il: #pride ! Da tre anni a questa parte ogni 29 giugno mettiamo da parte le nostre vite ed i nostri impegni per scendere in strada ed urlare al mondo che noi esistiamo e non ci nascondiamo! Anno dopo anno ci vestiamo di colori meravigliosi e con i nostri balli e canti coloriamo le strade della nostra amatissima città! Purtroppo durante il #pridemonth sento uscire dalle solite bocche bigotte che il pride è una carnevalata e che non è così che si manifesta per i propri diritti, beh sapete che vi dico? Meglio un nostro carnevale che centomila dei vostri family day! #loveislove 🌈 @lifaciola - @snafiribau on Instagram