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It’s not ok I don’t like Chloe

im hungry anyway adam ruzek kim burgess chicago pd i need something to eat

- & etc.

Rachel Green

Friends Double Meaning jokes are just🔥[S02E19]

take these stuffed toys makayla ward kim burgess adam ruzek chicago pd

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Lorelai Gilmore

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rory gilmore white sweater outfit style school learning reading books lorelai lane jess dean yale

One Chicago Updates on Twitter

oh really kim burgess adam ruzek hank voight chicago pd

- Anne-Marie!!

do u think rachel was wrong


proud kim burgess makayla ward chicago pd happy

- Jennifer lopez photos

Katherine Pierce TVD

Emily Prentiss Edit

its okay kim burgess chicago pd its fine its going to be okay

- Taylor Michel Momsen


do u think rachel was wrong

shy marina squerciati kim burgess chicago pd look

- A

Glam bam baby😌

rory gilmore white sweater outfit style school learning reading books lorelai lane jess dean yale

chicago pd kim burgess marina squerciati

- Daryl Hannah Kill Bill

Johnny Deep & Winona Ridder

Rachel Green

laughing haha hilarious thats funny good one

- Pristin KPOP


Caroline Forbes| The Good Vampire | Vampire diaries | AnkitEdits

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- Leder outfits

One of the best scenes

hospital visit makayla ward officer kim burgess chicago pd im here to visit you

- girls girls girls

Katherine Pierce | The Vampire Diaries | Tiktok @baddy.lipsync


kim burgess chicago pd marina squerciati

- Fav older TV series and movies

Emily Prentiss Edit

Glam bam baby😌

good marina squerciati kim burgess jason beghe hank voight

- adriana

Michelle Pfieffer + Golden Ratio


hold my hand kim burgess chicago pd were gonna make it holding each other

- Han Hye jin

julia roberts

One of the best scenes

worried kim burgess adam ruzek chicago pd emotional

- Rainwear girl



ugh annoyed pissed come on cmon

@syifahadjureal ✨✨ KONSERANS ICONS ARGENTIUM 25 years of Melly Goeslaw & Anto hoed Makeup by @ryanogilvy Styled by @wanda_haraa - @tisna_hairdo on Instagram


the girls

thinking kim burgess adam ruzek chicago pd hmm

- 1920


Klaroline scene, The Vampire Diaries, romance, series to watch, best ship ever ❤️

sad kim burgess chicago pd emotional stressed


Celebrate Jennifer Anistons birthday by fan-girling over her most fabulous hairstyles


okay marina squerciati patrick flueger kim burgess adam ruzek

- Jennifer Lopez

Klaroline scene, The Vampire Diaries, romance, series to watch, best ship ever ❤️


upstead hailey upton jay halstead adam ruzek kim burgess

- Fresh Face Makeup


Celebrate Jennifer Anistons birthday by fan-girling over her most fabulous hairstyles

hold hands makayla ward kim burgess chicago pd go hand in hand

- Régi retro

liz gillies ❤️❤️

Anne Hathaway #princess diaries #the devil wears the prada

streaming now adam ruzek kim burgess chicago pd now showing

- ポートレイト(夏川結衣)


lana airport outfit

no kim burgess chicago pd nope nah


Katie Cooper🤡🤍

let me sit here kim burgess adam ruzek chicago pd sitting

- Trinity - Matrix

Rachel greens outfit inspo | friends

Gilmore Girls is my comfort show

i dont know kim burgess chicago pd marina squerciati uneasy

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat determination, and hard work. . . #xyhotelbugis #celebrity #actress #singer #talent #hardwork #angel - @xyhotelbugis on Instagram

chicago pd kim burgess marina squerciati

촬영문의DM📸🤳🏻 - 비오는 여름기록(2020,film) 집근처에 친구가 있었으면 좋겠어요 말 그대로 동네친구! 이사온지는 좀 된것 같지만 밤거릴 걷거나 간단한 커피 아니면 근처공원에서 예쁘게 핀 이름모를 꽃을 구경갈 동네친구가 있었으면 좋겠네요 - @_hello_nana_ on Instagram

lets go kim burgess chicago pd come on lets do this

- Magazine covers

lets do this kim burgess adam ruzek chicago pd are you ready


staring whats this curious kim burgess marina squerciati

- #Cannes2019 Movie Posters

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- A cinderella story: If the shoe fits

okay marina squerciati kim burgess chicago pd ok

- ...wanna play!?

kim burgess chicago pd marina squerciati

- Apink - Bomi

problematic marina squerciati kim burgess chicago pd sad

How Im showing up first day back at work: Photo: Getty Images #ParisHilton - on Instagram

onechicagogifs onechicago kim burgess chicagopd

- MBFWA 2017

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- AD

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- BNK48

whats that about kim burgess hailey upton chicago pd what are they talking about

- ..:avatar photo:..

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- Daniela Katzenberger

wear this kim burgess adam ruzek chicago pd wear this jacket

- Yuri (Girls Generation)

i want to pitch in kim burgess chicago pd i want to say something i have something to tell

- Position of the Week

im glad youre out there having fun marina squerciati kim burgess chicago pd im happy for you

- 4MINUTE - 4Minute World

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- icons

cute smile i got it i got you romantic excitement smiling

- fetish queens

what the hell just happened kim burgess chicago pd whats going on tell me what happened

- Dominatrices

hug kim burgess makayla ward chicago pd embrace

- beautiful hair

look at this police badge badge look police

- Happy 8th Anniversary to TAHITI (2012 - 2018)

cheering hurray shouting hyped pumped

- Yang Saya Simpan

i dont know kim burgess chicago pd shrug shaking my head

- Gillian’s island

i guess thats okay kim burgess chicago pd i think so okay

- 90s love

oh yeah smiling nod here it is look

- 90s

- cover of magazine

- Facha

@salt_ent Instagram update 2020.09.25 - @parkshinhyeismylife_ph on Instagram

- Jennifer lawrence red sparrow

- Monique Vegas

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- Alexis Arquette

- Rock’n’roll women

- A bit more Vaporwave but still good

- me irl

- Girls Generation TaeYeon

- Boys

- Midnight Radio

- jessica snsd

- Whatever, forever

Roses and @tiffanyandco ❤ #ROSEBLACKPINK #ROSÉ Tag @roses_are_rosie #lisamanoban  #BLACKPINK #lisa#lalisa #lisablackpink #blackpinklisa #lalisamanoban #lalisa #blackpink #blink #kpop #ddududdudu #squareup #jennie #jenniekim #jisoo #kimjisoo #rosé #parkchaeyoung #kpopl4l #blackpinkhouse #girlgroup #kpopfancam #playingwithfire #asifitsyourlast #yg #whistle #boombayah - @roseblackspnk on Instagram

The Joy of A Buffet, Zadie Smiths Lockdown Essays & Ofcoms Diversity Problem Go listen to the high low podcast from @pandorasykes and @dollyalderton chat about #beauty #beautyreset #change #models #avatars #robots - on Instagram

- Mamamoo Solar


- Introverted Boss

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@kasscarmen - @tilljanz on Instagram

- Closer (2004)

I C O N I C ✨👑💕 - @thelovelashes_ on Instagram

- bella hadid

#challengeaccepted @iamstephsong 🙏 There’s so much to say and so much heart for the ladies in my life and let’s not forget the ladies who are gone and painted a path for us to see what we can do better. I know it’s a “selfie” but I want to use my own platform to shine light on #violencesgainstwomen because I will use myself to #sendamessage #educateyourself on #domesticviolence . . . 📸annabelle #blackandwhitephotography #strength #grateful #perspective #takeaction - @theamandazhou on Instagram

- Amuro Media 1

- Someones gonna get triggered...

- beautiful people

- Street Chic

- Raincoats

- Dana Perino


- Courtney Stodden 24 looking like 40.

- LOONA - # (Olivia Hye Teaser Image)

- Bodacious Bunnys...

- Tour Posters

- Yuri (Girls Generation)

- Street Girl


- Ariana grande Videos


- Autres groupe

- A perfect murder

DD52菱格世代第十二集 《最終1/2的抉擇》 Need No More這首歌真的是我的排名前三好聽🥰 跟黑桃以往帥氣作品不一樣,是抒情浪漫的粉紅桃~ 也是我第一次演那麼38花癡的角色哈哈哈哈哈 詮釋了空服員在機上遇到愛的曖昧情境 也讓我跟宇希瞬間變CP好像很多人喜歡🙈 當空服員常常被問的問題之一也是:會不會載到帥哥 唉~有那麼容易就好了啦!要是每躺航班都有帥哥真的飛行愉快🤣 但也聽過很多機上遇到真愛結婚幸福美滿的例子只是我本人沒那個命啦哈哈哈哈哈 會來搭訕我的都是阿姨居多耶 不知道我是不是有好媳婦臉?常常想被介紹給兒子或姪子🤨 Anyway ,看到播出我們錄音時的歡樂畫面完全看不出那時候的我們狀態是從前一晚錄到天亮😂 真的好喜歡跟黑桃相處的每一個時間❤️❤️❤️ 這集子淇被淘汰也是我哭最慘的一次了 黑桃的感情實在是經不起任何一個人離開🥺 但我們心依舊同在,也相信未來都會更好!! 希望大家喜歡黑桃各種不同樣貌的演出 這首舞好像也很適合大家拍個抖音cover一下呀 還沒看的人快去Youtube搜尋🔍風暴黑桃Need No More 🥰🥰🥰 - @cindyli0318 on Instagram


- Erin burnett

Difficult lighting conditions but then things fall into place, the model turns just as you ask, and you get the shot before things change. Ava Capra is always so much fun to shoot and while the color version of this works as well I just loved the black and white version. #metropolitanfashionweek #metrofw #blackandwhitepics #runwaymodel #americasnexttopmodel @avacapra #fashionbeauty #fashion - @gregdohertyphotos on Instagram

- Red Velvet - Joy

I moved to NYC in the summer of 83 and the first night I arrived I paid $2, which was about all I had, to squeeze up to the front of the Ritz stage to catch every inch of Madonna and her two backup dancers doing Lucky Star, Borderline and all my favorites. What a welcome to New York!! Over the years Ive been invited to work on 5 or 6 of her extraordinary tours, many videos, photo shoots and any number of other projects. Well, shes now the biggest-selling female recording artist of all time, and while the tours have gotten a bit bigger over the years, Im still transported back to a more innocent time whenever shes in my ear. Thanks for the memories, and heres to many more. Happy, happy birthday @madonna 👑 Special thanks to @ariannephillips and @bcompleted ❤️ See much more at our website, link in bio - @michaelschmidtstudios on Instagram

- Digital Paintings

- Britney Spears

- 2NE1

- Gong seung yeon

- Tarantino Films

- Girls generation hyoyeon

- a young Helen Mirren 1969

- 2NE1

- Yuja.... what a legend.


- Asian LPs

- gong li

- Barbara Bouchet

- CL

- go hara

- Dreamcatcher - SuA

#SUPERMAGAZINE#金靖# #👗@kimyq0302 #📷zee_silingmei# 💄@jiajia_0812#✂️yanzi 7513 - @yanzi7513 on Instagram

- Crystal Liu Yi-Fei 劉亦菲 刘亦菲

- deadly class

- Can you imagine the media referring to you as the ugly one in the family?! Or the president of your country previously referring to you as fat piglet. This poor woman is practically unrecognisable & its probably a result of all the hurtful comments she has experienced.

- friends

- Amuro Media 1

- 40 and Fabulous!

- Britney spears kostüm

Fam! @applefitnessplus is here and I cannot wait to tell you more about it! Get ready to move, sweat and have the most fun because its going to be a party with all the best beat drops. 🎵 And you know what I love most? It’s for everyone! 💕🎉 #CloseYourRings - @itskimngo on Instagram

@yebin_o3o - @kimsunwoo___ on Instagram

- beautiful nikole kidmane

- Afghan celebrities

- Got Milk Ads

- Girls Generations

- F4 members

- Yuri (Girls Generation)

- Emma (Baby Spice) Bunton

- American Horror Story

- Twice - Chaeyoung

- British Magazines

- Lady Ga Ga

@marchenchen shot by @lesliezhang1992 // #designerspotlight - @nastymagazine on Instagram

- Swimming For Beginners

- Noma Bar

{ throwback - 200225 Yves Sait Laurent fashion week show at Paris } I love how rosé is always giving her full attention when she speaks to people and also in interviews and this is literally prove how easily she can get along with any conversation. she is just being her kind, calm and collected self #BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #ROSÉ #로제 - @blackpink_rose on Instagram

- Han Hyo Joo

- People

- Best Rock Musicians

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five years ago today, my first film premiered @ifccenter in downtown manhattan. it was one of the first documentary films from PUERTO RICO to receive a theatrical release in the united states, and it tells the story of how PUERTO RICAN TRANS QUEER communities organized to pass the first anti-discrimination bill protecting LGBTQ+ individuals in the history of the island. we fought for months to get the film into theaters, and after opening, its run was extended twice due to demand. we had no marketing budget, we had no celebrity endorsements, and we hand-delivered the posters to the theater ourselves. we knew we were on the front lines of fighting for representation, and the experience for me was a horrifying, dizzying baptism by fire. racism is a coercive, multi-dimensional hydra, and up until that point i had the privilege of not knowing as much. so much has changed in that time, yet there’s still so much more work to do. the life of this film has been complicated, and will be articulated in its own time in a more appropriate space, though as the guardian of this work, this anniversary has got me feeling emotional, proud, and more committed than ever. thank you MALA MALA, and the entire MALA team for teaching me how to see, how to do, how to be. vive PUERTO RICO, vive MALA MALA! - @dan_sickles on Instagram

pporappippam 뽀라삐빰 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾 #pporappippam #보라빛밤 - @leedongz on Instagram

new new w/ @freddiedredd - @prodryanc on Instagram


- Alexa Demie

‘Club Future Nostalgia’ out worldwide! 🌎 Super honoured to be apart of this. Streaming everywhere is my remix of ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ and a lil snippet of my ‘Good In Bed’ remix along with many other incredible remixes by incredible humans. The full tracks will be with you soon, but for now I’m dancing my ass off to this divine mix @theblessedmadonna gifted us with! Love to @dualipa and the @tapmusic fam. Let’s GO! 💃🏻💕🛸 #Witness #ClubFutureNostalgia #DuaLipa #BoysWillBeBoys #GoodInBed #Remixed #Worldwide - @zachwitness on Instagram

- KV

Untitled throw back with Bella * * * * * #pypai #laphotographer #modelphotographer #losangeles #dtla #fashion #model #modele #lighting #nikon #photoshoot #legs #legsfodays #highfashion #topmodel - @pypaiphoto on Instagram

My sunshine, my lovely girl, my girl crush. Wish you always happy and healthy💕💕😍😍 fighting for your new movie #kimgoeun #gongyoo #ggonekim #ggone #bestactress #southkorea #goblincouple #goblin #byeonsan #cheeseinthetrap #leedongwook #yooinna #yooksungjae #koreandrama #eungyo #monster #chinatown #coinlockergirl #memoriesofsword #theadvocate #canola ©TTO - @mygirlcrush.kge on Instagram

- My American Girl

- Antique books

- beautiful...

#challengeaccepted Thank You @hamiltonhippie for the nomination in #womensupportingwomen. As most of you know, I’m a moth amongst butterflies & very rarely will you see me post an image of myself. But as author Keshab Chandra Mandal wrote: female empowerment could be defined in five separate categories: social, educational, economic, political, and psychological. . So I would love to accept this challenge by using my platform to challenge others in actively learning how we can continue to support women in all five categories. Furthermore, I want to dedicate my post by highlighting five black women who continually inspire me, encourage me to stay informed & truly represent empowerment in all forms. . These women each have strengths in social empowerment, which is crucial in building the structure for women in today’s society. I’m no educator but I find my resources by reading from writers like @rachel.cargle & when we need a voice to amplify injustice, I listen to women like @tamikadmallory, or my girl @nostaljjah when it comes to local activism. . When I seek captions of wisdom & endless scrolls of beauty, I imagine myself to be a mother like @hillhousevintage . When it comes to home, this boss @hamiltonhippie is my go to when we need to continue to support local businesses run by women. Most of all, when I’m offline, being an empath, a recluse, a mother, night owl & entrepreneur - who do the “go to” go to? When I need a friend, I have my bestfriend. My sister @zer00000 . I love you most. 🖤 . It’s not so hard to love one another, uplift, support & learn to understand that strength, intelligence & beauty comes with what we have in our differences & how we survive our individual circumstances. mxx - @mxtherwolf on Instagram

Regina George 🥰🥰✨✨ . . 🎬 - Mean Girls (2004) . . . . #meangirls #reginageorge #booyouwhore #bitch #cady #karen #gretchen #blondes #blondeinfilm #chicflic #hbic - @salty.blondee on Instagram

- Twice

#felizviernes Que hoy sea un día lleno de bendiciones y amor mis tesoros adorados! #tbt #esviernesyelcuerpolosabe 🦋🦋🦋 - @lauraleontv on Instagram


- Lise Sarfati

- Age of Youth

- 2NE1 fashion

Beautiful @heconghc for the cover of @vmagazine V 125 Photography @inezandvinoodh Fashion @georgecortina Makeup @dickpageface Hair @jamespecis Manicure @riekookusa Special thanks @lisadiruocco 💙 #fashion #photography #hecong - @goranmacura on Instagram

- Health and Beauty

- @tokyo_dandy on Instagram

- 2NE1

- evie

- Chorong

- idol

- 2ne1 dara

- ポートレイト(夏川結衣)

- apink

BTS of a fashion show circa 2001💋 - on Instagram

- Red Taylor swift

- 「 Chaelin Lee 」


- fernanda ly

- Beauty Inspiration

- Dasom

- Ellen Barkin

- Jang Nara

- Diseño de moda

- @ankitasharma.sharma on Instagram

『28.09.20』 Actualización de Ryujin en Instagram: Not Shy 100M 😺 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ✴•✴ ✴•✴ ✴•✴ SIGUENOS 👉 👈 PARA MÁS ✴•✴ ✴•✴ ✴•✴ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✴•✴ ✴•✴ ✴•✴ ••⭐•••⭐•••⭐•••⭐•••⭐•••⭐•••⭐•••⭐•••⭐• (\ (\ (• . •) / ❤ l × TAGS × l #itzy #있지 #류진 #ryujin #instachile #likeforlikes #instaphoto #ryujin #sfs #instamoment #insta #korea #korean #love #loveislove #pic #picoftheday #video #liketime #fff #i #a #instagram #photography #followforfollowback #me #kpopl4l #kpop #love #photo #photographer - on Instagram

Facetime Shooting by amazing @fetvres 🖤 - @mayumi_ishihara on Instagram

- Brit and co

- Sexy skirt

- role player

- Dark brunette

- * the 1989 World Tour *

- Kaley Cuoco - Penny x 3 and so sexy

- Ivana Trump

- Asian LPs

- Blackpink

- (G)I-dle Miyeon

- BlackPink

- Cosplay/photoshoot ideas

- Chloe Grace

- bond

- pop art

- Alien

- BLACKPINK x Selena Gomez - Ice Cream (D-2 Teaser Poster - Lisa)

- cinéma

- Mamamoo - Hwasa

- Barbara Yung

- This hottie is winning my heart , but cant find this movie link , hope to find it soon. Truly desperate

- Asian beauty girl

- CL

- Ladies of London


- Qi Shu

- Korean fashion kpop inspired outfits

- FNC Entertainment

- Kim Hee AE

- BLACKPINK - New Release Single (Teaser Poster)

- Lucy Liu

- Miss Fame

- Jennie

- irritating people

- 2NE1

- Oh Yeon Seo

- Blondie debbie harry

- 2NE1

- Abba arrival

- Japan-related ideas

- Devon aoki

- Britney spears body

Why be another princess waiting hopelessly on a tower when you could be the witch🖤🔥 - @kittychicha on Instagram

- Agnes Nalani Lum

- Park Shin Hye

- China Beauties

- 大川めぐみ

- Solo photo

- Big Bang Theory

- #BaeJoo-hyun #Irene #RV #leader ❤️

- awesome posters

- Ashley Richardson

- Peter Saville

- TWICE - Sana

- Albino


- Twice Sana

- Movie

- Nana komatsu fashion

- Celebrities in Mac Duggal

it’s Live - 비비 she got it & 4 walls-f(x) cover - @dkonkey on Instagram

- 0000000000000000Everglow

- Ladies in pvc

- Miss Fame

- Caroline Wozniacki

Don’t change who you are for anyone. - Express yourself the way you feel like expressing yourself. Don’t let the outside bleed into who you truly are. - You reading this right now, yes you, you have a very special gift inside of you that the world needs. You would be doing the world a disservice if you didn’t share your true self. - Be you. The people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind. - #photooftheday #pretty #eyes #me #happy #nails #nail #美甲 #art #ootd #beauty #fashion #beautiful #love #style #girl #instagood #hair #model #selfie #cute #gifts #gift #smile #mua #gracejones #jeanpaulgoude #queen #dragqueen #yuccieart - @yuccieart on Instagram

#时尚芭莎harpersbazaarcn #bazaar星金句##时尚芭莎3月上封面##杨幂#@杨幂 相信每个人都可以活成自己的大女主,不应该被他人的标准评判。拒绝声势浩大,远离一切尴尬,或怂或勇,她有自己的坚守与周全。新春将至,万象更新,你会挑哪张“明信片”送给自己呢?@小荔BAZAAR @左敏洁KT 摄影/@梅远贵 视觉策划/@卫甜Weitian 造型/@于昆K 编辑/@涂山曼倩 #harpersbazaar #时尚芭莎 - @harpers_bazaarcn on Instagram

- 1970s Movie Posters

- Body

- michelle chen

- BLACKPINK - Jennie

- Shan cai

- Elegant Gloves

- Park Hye Soo

- Nana komatsu fashion

- Dasom

- Matthew Brooks

- Mamamoo

- asian pop singers

- BlackPink/BTS

Cantik banget 😍😍😍😍😍🌹❤ . #서예지 #SeoYeaJi #PsychoButItsOkay #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay #YeaJi #사이코지만괜찮아 #saveme #lawlesslawyer #moorimschool #last - @psychobut_itsokay on Instagram

- hazunari kattori 服部一成

- Blackpink

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- 2018 Liz Shoot

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