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really blinking hmm thinking stare

- Arrow


you cant be serious jay halstead chicago pd are you joking are you kidding me

- Supernatural Episodes


shaking my head adam ruzek chicago pd patrick john flueger smh

- Criminal Minds Lovin

they are habitual of this thing, you know💯


sunglasses shade remove glasses patrick john flueger adam ruzek

- Chicago PD

cheering hurray shouting hyped pumped

- Dean With A Gun


nope nah shrug dont think so frown

- (The) Vampire Diaries

im sorry adam ruzek chicago pd my bad my apologies

- Teen wolf mason

trasse chicago pd chicago fire upstead chicago pd season9

- Chris | Sebastián

Hailey Upton icons


chicago med chicago pd chicago fire un chicago one chicago

- Nbc chicago pd

Jesse & Tracy being dorks again

chicago med chicago pd chicago fire un chicago one chicago

- Liam Payne

Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?

okay whats going on hank voight chicago pd whats happening what happened here

I win. That’s what I do! #harveyspecter @iamgabrielmacht - @_suits_usa on Instagram


Sarah Reese

my point exactly trudy platt chicago pd precisely my point you got it right

- Brian J Smith. Especially as Will in Sense8

ok jay halstead chicago pd nodding fine


Rhaenyra Targaryen

chicago pd

- Sabastian stan

Theo Hernandez 🇫🇷

this is unethical jay halstead chicago pd this is wrong this is unfair

#OncerChallenge #Day1 #FavoriteCouple #TrueLove #OutlawQueen @sprinkledbymagic @bound.and.rebound - @daphne_saxton on Instagram

hailey upton chicago pd tracy spiridakos mrsavalance hailey anne upton

- Brooklyn 99

matthew casey - chicago fire 10x22

are you serious seriously really laroyce hawkins kevin atwater

- Watching Supernatural and I love this man

• abby • on Twitter


i dont know unsure not sure idk jason beghe

- (Luke) Dave Macfarlane

Anthony Edwards + Ja Morant

brettsey - chicago fire 10x22

chicago pd kevin atwater handsome pecs pectorals

- Flash characters

matthew casey - chicago fire 10x22

hanako greensmith

i guess thats okay kim burgess chicago pd i think so okay

- arrow

violet mikami - chicago fire 10x22

look at us communicating marina squerciati kim burgess patrick john flueger

- Jurassic world chris pratt

ja morant

sophia bush chicago pd erin lindsay police police woman

- fifty shades quotes

evan hawkins - chicago fire 10x22

i dont know unsure not sure idk jason beghe

- Chris Evans

thats right i agree yeah smiling correct

- Billy Hargrove

youre adorable hailey upton chicago pd adorable charming

- Banshee

what the hell does that mean officer adam ruzek sergeant hank voight chicago pd wdym

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

cool cool cool adam ruzek chicago pd thats cool awesome

- Nbc chicago pd

i love you too jay halstead chicago pd i love you i also love you

- Arrow

get him in the cage arrest him seize detained pick him up

- Fast And The Furious Quotes and Everything

huh sean roman chicago pd alright raising eyebrows

- Supernatural Deans plaid shirts⊙﹏⊙

looking at the screen jay halstead hank voight chicago pd look at the monitor

- Bones

nbc chicago pd chicago pd gifs

- Elementary series

were coming in kevin atwater adam ruzek kim burgess jay halstead

- Ben Browder

its not a game many people win amy morton trudy platt chicago pd not that common

- Scandal ABC

game over hank voight chicago pd the game is over its all over now

- Arrow

nod oh really i see wow interesting

Episode 8 of Ted Lasso is out now on Apple TV+. This one was written by the brilliant and hilarious @leannbowen and will make you laugh, cry and spontaneously applaud. There may even be a moment where Roy cracks a smile. Maybe. #jasonsudeikis @junotemple @vdoozer @hannah_waddingham @phildunster @kolabokinni @billharris__ @stephenmanas @moethursdaylove @chip_fresh #nickmohammed @jeremy.swift.68 #TedLasso @appletv (May also contain cameo from my neighbour Maureen...) - @mrbrettgoldstein on Instagram

wink flirty jesse lee soffer jay halstead seduce

- Time for come classic Jensen Ackles. Like fine wine.

so you miss me do ya jason beghe sergeant hank voight chicago pd you miss me

- The walking dead wallpapers

arms crossed hank voight chicago pd angry mad

With @cw_supernatural shooting it’s last episode, I’ve seen a couple people post this and wanted to jump on. I was lucky enough to do a couple episodes of #Supernatural. And everything you’ve heard about working on that show is true. It is such a wonderful vibe throughout the entire cast and crew and it’s an environment where not only want to make work fun, you can tell the people are friends and actually care about each other. It’s super welcoming and it’s a refreshing feeling in this industry, especially considering some other shows where the vibe is sometimes toxic (not going to name names, no point throwing arrows at other shows). So shout out to @jaredpadalecki , @jensenackles , @thejimmichaels the directors, the entire cast and crew. I never got to work with @alexandercalvert (thank god) so he doesn’t get a shoutout. I think I can say on behalf of all the actors who got a chance to work on the show, a sincere thank you for having us. Now, for your viewing pleasure here is me getting murdered twice. Disclaimer: there seems to be a number of people concerned about @misha, I’ve never worked with him in my episodes or have ever met him but by all accounts he’s an awesome guy. There’s no shade directed his way haha. Alex on the other hand... . . . . #supernatural #spnfamily #spn #thecw - @_matt_hammer on Instagram

nbc chicago pd chicago pd gifs thumbs up

- Jensen ackles photoshoot

congratulations kevin atwater chicago pd congrats im so happy for you

- Fandoms for Life

excuse me pardon me whatare you saying youre saying something again

- Jake Ballard

im going dark kevin atwater chicago pd im going silent im terminating our communication

- John fusco and Ed canninggard3n 2014

strut jay halstead hank voight hailey upton chicago pd

Hope many of you were able to have a great time on Twitch with @collinschadm last night?!!! I unfortunately fell asleep before it even started due to feeling exhausted. So today I thought I would post this gorgeous collage of the handsome Alex Echo 3-1 to make up for the fact I missed out on a good Plunder Twitch chat session! #chadmichaelcollins #callofdutyblackopscoldwar #alexecho31 #callofdutymodernwarfare #collinshoodelite #chadmichaelcollinsfans - @collinshoodelite on Instagram

fist bump adam ruzek kim burgess chicago pd good job

- Kai Parker

nbc chicago pd use your head

- Louise Lombard

you wanna watch your tone with me watch your tone i dont like your tone watch your mouth hank voight

- ghost hunters

impressed clapping applause well played very nice

- Avengers: Ultron

wrong answer thats wrong youre wrong hammer hank voight

- Billy Unger Kelli Burglund & Spencer Boldman

chicago chicago fire fire truck logo changing colors

quarantine times man, what can you say. - @itsthatnewgirl on Instagram

chicago pd

- Underrated Boyle scene

oh no no way no nope smh

- Booth and Bones

nod yeah yes agree smile

#Repost @collinschadm • • • • • • Thanks for the #AnOfficerandaGentleman edit, @hienphuongho! Get your poor man’s #RichardGere here! - L: as #BrandonBeckett in @sonypictures #SNIPERLegacy - R: photo by @graphicsmetropolis and @mishyparry @hemapersad_ @zegnaofficial thx to @angiegogo @platformprteam for @abookof_ - - #actor #chadmichaelcollins #sniper #military #action #film #sony #photoshoot #editorial #fashion #zegna - @chadmichaelcollinsfans on Instagram

- Arrow

- so is water wet?

- Hart of dixie wade

- Chris Evans

- pretty little liars // characters

John Cena on Legendary Movie ❤️ • • • • • #johncena #johncenafan #johncenawwe #johncenafans #sethrollins #romanreigns #deanambrose #theshield #wwe #raw #smackdown #nxt #johncena #ajstyles #charlotteflair #beckylynch #sashabanks #bayley #danielbryan #nikkibella #briebella #themiz #randyorton - @johncena.legend on Instagram

- The Punisher

- Dean with a Phone

- Imagines

- Supernatural - Season 9

- c h r i s e v a n s

- 13 Going on 30

- New pic of andy and stephanie on set!! 🤩

- howell at the moon

- Hayley and Elijah

- The Rookie

- this fall on nbc:

- Jensen Ackles

- Sam and Dean - Supernatural

- NCIS - Series

- Carlisle Cullen 3

- Brooklyn nine nine

- How about some love for Doctor Rodney Mckay, David Hewlett!

can we talk about paul in clueless for a second please #paulrudd - @paul.rudd on Instagram

- Castle O.C.D

- Berlin Station Season 2

- Greys anatomy series

- 2 Broke!

- Dr. Grey

- vampire diaries

- Fan Fic Loves

- Damn Shazam! Zachary Levi

- sexy men

- Pretty little liars

- Twilight/ Harry Potter

- Greek (TV show)

Just a little reminder of when Chad Michael Collins @collinschadm used to have short hair and wear a cap🧢!!! 😉🌲🍁💙 #chadmichaelcollins #actor #shorthair #collinshoodelite - @collinshoodelite on Instagram

- Fifty Shades Of Grey

- Bates motel

- Fast And The Furious Quotes and Everything

Our amazing stills photographer Lewis Jacobs caught some great moments on @manhuntshow ... more to follow... All episodes airing on exclusively on Spectrum on Demand @spectrumorig Feb 3rd #tvbinge #bingestagram #manhuntdeadlygames - @gethinanthony on Instagram

- Arrow

- Jake Peralta. ❤️ Enough said.

- Greys anatomy


NEW EPISODE of @prettylittlewinemoms! “To sleep, perchance to dream…” This week, the Pretty Little Wine Moms break down The New Normal, episode seventeen of Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, the ladies chat about Nick “Loose Canon” McCullers, hero Ezra, cockblocker Mrs. Welch, Shady Leland, jealous Byron, mama bear Pam, freed Toby, and much more. Our special guest for the interview: PLL co-executive producer and line producer, Lisa Cochran-Neilan. And Kari Doherty, our Patreon competition winner, joins us for our Superfan Quiz Show. . . . #pll #prettylittleliars #pll10years #plwm #prettylittlewinemoms #hollymariecombs #lesleyfera #niapeeples #applepodcasts #newpodcast #lisacochranneilan - @thehmc on Instagram

- The Rookie

- Once upon a Time Funny

- Hotch criminal minds

- Arrow - Text

I miss the outdoors - @matt_damon_official on Instagram

Probably my fav ship ever❤️❤️ What’s your fav OTH ship? • #7x22 #onetreehill #naley #nathanandhaley brookedavis #julianbaker #brulian #oth #sophiabush #austinnichols #peytonsawyer #lucasscott #nathanscott #haleyjamesscott #multifandom #harrypotter #thevampirediaries #prettylittleliars - @multifan_memories on Instagram

- Ben Afleck

- Ben Wyatt

- Timeless show

- Alex and Jo

- Brooklyn Nine Nine

the softest bean💕 - elizabeth in the answer man💜 - #lorelaigilmore #laurengraham #gilmoregirls #starshollow #dragonflyinn #lukesdiner #doosesmarket #chilton #javajunkie #javajunkieedit #gilmoregirlsedit #parenthood #sarahbraverman #zoeysplaylist #zoeysextraordinaryplaylist #joanbennett #sprqpoint #starslorelai #laurenhelengraham #sarahtraceybraverman #lorelaivictoriagilmore #lorelaigilmoreedit #laurengrahamedit #gilmoregirlsayearinthelife #grahamgirls #lgsupremacy #LGNation #theanswerman ❤️ - @starslorelai on Instagram

- Arrow

- if you just give us a chance, we could tell a lovestory for the ages, a gay, gayass lovestory

- alias

- the flash season 1

~~ funny moments ~~ ------➿------ » qotd: how was your day? » aotd: sad.. ------➿------ follow me « @_forever.pll_ » for more posts like this one! ------➿------ Tags: #prettylittleliars #pll #hannamarin #ariamontgomery #spencerhastings #emilyfields #alisondilaurentis #ashleybenson #lucyhale #troianbellisario #sleepinthegardn #shaymitchell #sashapieterse - @_forever.pll_ on Instagram

- Arrow

Me this weekend now all 7 seasons of New Girl are available in Australia (and NZ). #NewGirl - @netflixanz on Instagram

- Scott Porter


Due to social distancing this is the only picture of Jesse I have. I’m sorry, Jesse. Watch Chicago PD TONIGHT and Jesse will forgive me. COME ON PEOPLE HELP ME OUT. #chicagopd #jesseleesoffer #friendsforlife? #hopefully #squattingsquad #crotchingtiger - @marinasqu on Instagram

- I fancy a Tom Wells and Tom Ellis sandwich.

- Chicago fire saison 1

- Duane Lee Chapman

- Alex oloughlin

- Books/Movies/Shows

- Been in the fridge for two years. Saving it for a special occasion.

- Alex O Laughlin


- a little bit of luke love :)

- Travis Van Winkle

- Grace klinika

- Grey

- Jensen Ackles

- Jesse spencer

- Celebrities-Chris Evans

- Funniest pictures ever

- Movies + TV

- Klaus vampire

- Jensen Ackless eyes 😍

Wishing @channingtatum a magical birthday! Lap dances for the birthday boy, anyone? - @magicmikemovie on Instagram

- Jay Bunyan

- Tom Hardy shirtless. And without ink.

- Dom and Letty

- Greys anatomy tv show

- Jensen Ackles

- Jake Ballard

- Nbc chicago pd

- Bones

- 50 Shades Of Grey

- Castle

- Toby Cavanaugh

- Logan marshall green

- Adam Levine

- Alex Mecum/Ephraim Nielson

- Jokers Wild


- Crazy ex girlfriends

- Arrow Season 6


- Arrow Funny

- Bones

- b99

- Forever TV Show

Robbie Amell is ready for the fight. #Code8Movie is in theaters and on demand this Friday. Preorder now: Link in bio. - @code8movie on Instagram

- Supernatural, mark of Cain

#Bradyblack #days #DaysofOurLives #saveDaysofOurLives #soapopera - @soap_opera_daily on Instagram

- Enzo TVD

- Allen and snow

- Jake Johnson, oh my damn! 🔥

- 9-1-1

- #One Chicago

- Agents of Shield: Fitz :)

- Chicgo pd

- Wes Chatham... get yourself ready for The Expanse season four

- Joel Mchale

- Mega lady boner, title of my sex tape. Andy samberg is my jam.

- Brooklyn Nine Nine

- Arrow

- Cw crossover

- Jokes on you

💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ - @tom_hardy_word_ on Instagram

- The Holy Trinity of Amys Kinks

#pll - @film_pics on Instagram

- Tom hardy photos

- Fifty Shades of Darker


- Watch greys anatomy

- Watching Kong Skull Island and it’s worth it for the blinding beauty of Tom Hiddleston alone.

- Antman and The Wasp

- Chicago fire

- Greys anatomy

- Actors

- 6

- Jesse spencer

- Arrow and Flash

Το τελευταίο καταφύγιο... με τον Gerard Butler και την Morena Baccarin... 16 Σεπτεμβρίου στους κινηματογράφους! #SpentzosFilm #Greenland - on Instagram

- Terminator 2

- Bones

- fifty shades cast

The Art We Know: Steel in Motion is now streaming on Popcorn Trailer. Link in bio. 🎬🎥⁣⁣⁣ #popcorntrailer #indiefilm #drama #shortfilm #independentfilm #indiefilm #film #movie #igdaily #watchnow #watchforfree #ishootfilm #filmproducers #filmwriters #storytelling #bts #watchforfree #trending #explorepage #artistsoninstagram #artist #artwork - @popcorntrailer on Instagram

- Capitan america chris evans

- 21 & 22 Jump Street

- Flash and arrow

- Glee❤️

So I finally finished making a website, ( , link in bio!) with stuff about my writing (both fiction and non-fiction), my on-camera acting and my voiceover. Id love it if you check it out and let me know your thoughts! - @kaiserjohnson on Instagram

- Kol and Davina

- Wedding rings

- Season 2

- Agents of shield

- Chris Evans clean shaven

- Veronica Mars

- Literally just a rare high resolution picture of Rosa smiling

- Fast & furious

Hes made too many mistakes. Stream the season finale free only on The CW, link in bio. #RoswellNM - @cwroswellnm on Instagram

- Arrow

- NCIS - Los Angeles

- grey anatomy memes

- fsog

- Eyes closed, head first, cant lose!

- Elle Kennedy

- Its not him its me 😅


- Ben Wyatt

- Coldplay

- Chris Wood

Typical Katherine😂😍 Humanity off Elena or Humanity on Elena? #tvd #tvdedits #thevampirediaries #thevampirediaries #mysticfalls #virginia #katherinepierce #katherinepierceedit #katerinapetrova #katerinapetrovaedit #elenagilbert #elenagilbert #rebekahmikaelson #rebekahmikaelsonedit #mikaelson #petrova #petrovadoppelganger #doppleganger #humanityoff #cure #originalvampire #vampire #traveller #love #happiness #immortal #always #forever #elijahmikaelsonedit #elijahmikaelson #theoriginals #human - @katherine.pierce1864_ on Instagram

- Supernatural jokes

#repost @stefanciupek After a long time.. So excited to join @rcmccall ... this time behind the camera!! Shooting his directing debut IRE. @ire_film #writer #director #rossmccall #irefilm #inembryo #cinematography #dop . . . . @ascendantfilms @barturuspoli @burtonfoxfilms @hesterruoff @stefandbart In association with #producers #productioncompanies #production #film #feature #london #camberwellstudios #location @samahomamediaadvisors - @ire_film on Instagram

- Scott Porter

- Jonathan Groff

- #saynotohydracap

- DC

- Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

- Fast and Furious Memes

- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

- Movie A Star Is Born

- Brian Hallisay

- Brooklyn 9 9

- Alex

- 50 Shades Freed

- Chris Wood

- Containment tv show

@kcameronpark love this face📷we’ve been shooting #actorsheadshots for over 25years and it’s always interesting and exciting👍thanks to all our amazing clients over the years🙏🏻we are very blessed.#vancouveractors #cautiouslybacktowork #supportlocalbusiness #vancouverfilmindustry #leadingman #beautifullight #portraits #headshotphotographer - @kevinclarkheadshots on Instagram

- Greys anatomy phone cases

. 2 new covers on Mens Fitness 😍🔥 #chrispratt #mensfitness (c) @guardian.nessie.pratt - @chrispratt.fp on Instagram

- Fantasy Shows

- agents of shield

- Chris Evans Specials!

- Noel Fisher

- Crime Shows

- Ncis new

Jeremy might be visiting @cwlegacies - @steven_r_mcqueen on Instagram

- Brookly nine nine

- Sam supernatural

- Fast & furious

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

- Chicago PD Quotes

- Brian Hallisay

- CW Supergirl

- greys anatomy funny

- Grimm TV Show

- Aira Ezria

- I feel this has meme format potential

- Ouat

essa cena ❤ . . . . . . #b99 #b99brasil #brooklyn #b99memes #ninenine #b99memes #jakeperalta #Brooklyn #brooklyninenineb #brooklyn99edits #brooklyninenineb #brooklyn99 #ginalinetti #brooklyn99brasil #rosadiaz #peraltiago #peralta #santiago #amysantiago #andysamberg #casal #boyle #seriado #séries #netflix - @jakeperallta_ on Instagram

Let this be a warning to scumbags everywhere. #ThePunisher - @thepunisher on Instagram

- Chicago PD Quotes

- Taylor Kinney

- Theres something about a man in uniform--The Rookies Eric Winter!

- 50 Shades

- ♥ Supernatural ♥

- Brooklyn 99 characters

- Imagines

- Arrow - Text

- 50 shades Darker

- Cowboy hat styles

- Marvel villains dont play PVP games

- Arrow - Text

- Fav Books

- The Punisher

- “Fast” quotes

- Baby Daddy

- Funny

- The CW Shows

- Brooklyn nine nine

- Lexie Grey

- Vincent Keller

- Greys anatomy memes

- Brooklyn NINE-NINE

- Derek Hale

- Peter Mooney. I find him so sweetly attractive.

Tom:what do you want Liz ? Liz: YOU Such a beautiful story and a REALLY SAD ONE TOO missing them every day 🥺💔. Hope you’ll have a good week guys love you all , I’ll try to post an edit soon - @meganthequeenthe_blacklist_ on Instagram

- Angel

- Jensen Ackels


- The way he looks at her 😍😍 happy 2 years since the proposal everyone. NINE NINE

- Supernatural season 11

- Charmed

- agents of S.H.I.E.L.D