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Halu dulu yekan..


mystic messenger

- Linked in levererar - r/dethände

Anime Boy


han skz hanji skz

- One use code for American Eagle. Hope someone gets good use out of it

Wayne Family Adventures | @irispardom

Useless deku edit

ichiban sushi

- speak FRENCH

aaaaaa || 😫

Xiao & venti icons ( art cred overine19 on twt)

hold fndz coin hodl meme

- Resume/ Cover letters

Pin by:@Trinithingz

attempting Miyamuras hair!


- I love/hate this so much


Hawks 🤫

ella pixy

Time for cozy sweaters! 💕 Get the right one for you at our city or in our online shop. 🤩 🔎: Sweater from Champion (001175597) 🔎(similar item): Shorts from Levis (001192715) 🔎(similar item): Sneaker from Napapijri (001200137) . . . #outletcitymetzingen #cityoffashion #outfit #outfitinspo #fashion #style #womenswear #sweaterweather #fall - @outletcity_metzingen on Instagram

Speed 3

Anime Boy

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- Business memo Template


Nova ultimate Spider-Man edit

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- arbonne



hoang mang

- Port forwarding

Mc Stan

This is my first time making one of these😅😣

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- Season 4 Episodes 1-5 titles and summaries revealed! (source: zap2it)

ig: dakotaasf

Bakugou My Hero Academia | rrafs__

cookie run kingdom vampire cookie crk

- His Dark Materials

FNF 👁️👄👁️👍

Anime chill sad aesthetic video wallpaper. Name: blind girl. Artist:popopoka in Twitter

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- Latest Hits

This your mans? 🤨


hatsune miku fnf waves

- bookworm quotes


Aigar cute and funny moment edit

mapo siblings haha and jihyo hahyo ha dong hoon song ji hyo

- Abbey Clancy


FNF 👁️👄👁️👍

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Wir alle laufen mit einer Art geerbtem Mindset durch unser Leben. Nimm dir hier einen Moment Zeit und stell dir all diese Menschen, Geschichten, Beziehungen, Hürden und auch all die Liebe vor, die deine Vorfahren gelebt haben, damit du heute existieren kannst... ✨💫♥️ Von klein auf spielt unsere Familie eine entscheidende Rolle für unsere Persönlichkeit und geht weit über unsere Erziehung oder bestimmte Lebensbedingungen hinaus. Denn in jeder Familie gibt es ein unbewusstes System aus Gesetzmäßigkeiten, die sich auf Themen wie Beziehungen, Geld, Arbeit oder das Leben im Allgemeinen beziehen und die von Generation zu Generation weitergetragen werden. Diese inneren Überzeugungen sind tief in uns verankert und können uns entweder empowern oder blockieren. Sie sind die Grundlage dafür, wie wir bis heute entscheiden und handeln und somit unser Leben erschaffen. Unser geerbtes Mindset bedeutet allerdings nicht, dass wir selbst keinen Einfluss darauf haben, was wir denken oder wie wir unser Leben gestalten. Wir selbst können uns die unbewussten Muster bewusst werden lassen und lernen, das, was für uns nicht funktioniert, loszulassen und das, was uns stärkt, mitzunehmen. Genau deswegen widmen wir uns den gesamten Oktober in meinem Mitgliederbereich Higher Self Home dem Thema Familienmuster.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Wir gehen gemeinsam den ersten Schritt und schauen uns unsere Familiengeschichte genauer an. Wir lassen die familiären Verstrickungen und energetischen Blockaden los, die uns nicht dienen und stärken das Gute, das wir von unserer Familie mitbekommen haben, um uns so das Leben zu erschaffen, das wir uns wünschen. Dafür haben wir in diesem Monat sogar eine wundervolle Expertin zum Thema Familienaufstellung in der Live Session zu Gast und du bekommst von mir Coaching Input, eine kraftvolle Meditation, ein Workbook mit Coaching Übungen, Live Sessions und ganz viel Inspiration und Empowerment. Bist du ready? Den Link zum Higher Self Home findest du in meiner Bio ☝🏻 Schreib mir in die Kommentare: Hast du dich schon mal mit deiner Familiengeschichte und familiären Mustern beschäftigt? Higher Self On, Baby! Deine Laura Inspiration von @nextworldleader - @lauramalinaseiler on Instagram

This. This is beautiful

2-D photos


- sEx äR FriVIliGt

“All the things you said…”

This your mans? 🤨

logo blue concept asia blueconceptasia

- Im staying away...

Funny pfp

Fnf fanarts part 2


- Beautiful French Words

@p3rc50 on tiktok 🚬

Am in love!!!!✨🏳️‍🌈✨

forsen forsen level glizzyl

Ви навіть не помітите як закохаєтесь у них💜 ⠀ Дивовижні гель-лаки колекції Moon Crush — ошатна прикраса як для повсякденного манікюру, так і для урочистих заходів🙌 ⠀ Ледве стримуєте себе аби зробити замовлення? Гадаємо, що ідея потішити себе новинкою і клієнтів незвичайним покриттям. Саме тому наші представники вже чекають на ваші запити у Direct. Їхні контакти ви можете знайти в активному посиланні у шапці нашого профілю або у Highlights Наші представники 🔝 ⠀ #komilfo #komilfoua #komilfoMoonCrush - @komilfoua on Instagram

Superboy/Conner Kent edit, TT john__constntine

“All the things you said…”

hop on phasmo phasmophobia astolfo

- All The Baked Goods

wallpaper ideas


swap xi

- My wife asked me and my friend to recast the Avengers. We were allowed to reuse current actors as long as they were cast in new roles. Howd we do?

Idk its something

Is she in love with him🔥😍💗

%ED%99%8D%EC%84%9D %ED%8E%9C%ED%83%80%EA%B3%A4 pentagon hongseok feelin_like

- All Black Outfits

ℂ𝕪𝕓𝕖𝕣 𝕪𝟚𝕜 𝕤𝕨𝕒𝕘𝕪🧚🏽‍♀️❤️

wallpaper ideas

hsien ko

- Offener Brief von Jan Böhmermann an Jürgen Kaube, Herausgeber der FAZ

dream smp


micheal and james jon lopez jonmastu

- Today, on things that happened: Heroic HAES activist calls out a fat-shaming bitch.

teen titans beast boy x raven

teen titans beast boy x raven

happy new year

- Grey Blazer

fighting hwaiting yunhyeong ikon

- Guy gets redonkulously angry after Im not interested in him thanks to an anti-gay rant on his profile.

hop on fifa fifa caramelldansen

- An 11 year-old girl was abducted by her father on her birthday and later found murdered. While the police were still looking for her, 89 people called 911 to complain about an Amber Alert.

cronos cronos chimp club ccc moon nft

- with tl;dr

wallez almevreuxbasket alm prob paschal

- caption that!

kept showing up candice hutchings edgy veg kept coming up kept turning up

- Heads up to anyone still using Logic Pro 9 or earlier - old versions wont launch on the upcoming macOS 10.13 High Sierra.


- 16 e-mails in one day. One for each section of the review quiz he posted to the schools forum. Every. Single. One.

kiratto pri chan prichan pretty series daia

- Assertiviteit

hasher sticker

@vetements_official two tone padded coat ($1,685), @helmutlang long sleeve shirt ($160), release 02 skinny fit leggings ($250), @adidas NMD_R2 S.E. sneakers ($165), @bottegaveneta chain cassette shoulder bag ($3,800), @versace hexad sognature sunglasses ($295), @bottegaveneta rolo chain necklace ($5,100) • For virtual styling, check out the ‘Styling’ highlight & DM me! 📨 - @socialstylistinspiration on Instagram

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- Browser support - what are we missing?

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WORLD HANDMADE DAY . Did you know that today is world handmade day? A day specifically created to celebrate all that is handmade! 🙌 . Every small purchase, like or share makes a big difference to a small business like us. We wouldnt be where we are today without the love and support of our amazing customers - and we cant thank you enough 🥰 Weve made lots of positive changes to our brand and products over the past 3.5yrs - and were looking forward to seeing what the next chapter in our story is 🧡 . So why not make a small business smile today. Whether you like or comment on their post. Share something you love from them in your stories. Or make a purchase from them, big or small. Every purchase and every action no matter how small helps a small business. So what are you waiting for? 😉 Happy World Handmade Day to all the amazing makers! 🙌 . P.s. Dont forget that we have 15% off all name and word signs until midnight Friday! Just use code WORDSAVER at checkout! And remember that for every order we receive, we plant a tree in a conservation project around the world 🌱 * * * * #hunterandlola #shopsmall #worldhandmadeday #kidsliving #supportsmallbusiness #shoplocalthischristmas #shopindependent #bohokids #supportthemakers #shopindie #lovehandmade #mumpreneur #standwithsmall #justacard #familyrunbusiness #bohodecor #kinderzimmerdeko #mumboss #lovcomxautm #ecobusiness #kidsroomdecor #decorforkids #womeninbusiness #UKSmallBiz #discoverunder10k #homedecor #seekinspirecreate #handmadeintheuk #mumssupportingmums - @hunterandlola_ on Instagram

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Блок «Преимущества» сайта студии маникюра. ⠀ Как вам? ⠀ Что клиенты обычно ищут на сайте? Конкретные ответы на свои вопросы! ⠀ В студии маникюра самое главное это маникюр! И если маникюр не понравится, то никакие дизайнерские стулья и вежливый администратор не вернут клиента. ⠀ Так что в этом блоке я предусмотрела следующее: 1. Большая фотография маникюра салона в хорошем качестве 2. Конкретные достоинства маникюра в этом салоне (ровное покрытие, близко к кутикуле и т.д.) 3. Акцент линиями на покрытие 4. Самые главные достоинства в количестве 5 штук, так как мозг человека запоминает короткую информацию лучше. #voina_ui #voina_ui_49 @katevoina ⠀ #ui #uidesign #ux #uxdesign #design #uxui #дизайн #дизайнсайта #сайт #анимация #animation #маникюр #вебдизайн #webdesign #blue #webdaily #work #webflow #стиль #минимализм #productdesign #uiinspiration #uxinspiration #cleandesign #dashboard #uxcontent #фриланс #работадома - @ux_ui_angelina on Instagram

funfunmania kampongpisang lub u love you saranghae

- This is how Google News looks like from Spain. Spain has had a news link tax law in place for a few years.

miss kitty

- Why do clients honestly think this is a worthwhile offer? This is a joke.

kuro kuroshiba

#Repost @dailyjlh (with @report.for.insta) ... Said I wouldn’t do it but I did. 💸 @gymshark just know how to keep a gal happy. It would be rude of me not to get involved in one of the sickest drops of the year so far. #gymshark #gsfamilyfaces #famfriday #gymoutfit #dailygymfits #gymclothes #training #workout #workingout #trainingplan #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #gym #fitness #fitnessinspo #fitstagram #gyminspiration #gyminspo #pullday @gymshark @gymsharktrain @gymsharkwomen - @girls_beatfit on Instagram

pokemon cinderace sobble siblings brother

- Everythings Better in a Sweater

remilia scatlet touhou

- Cook job in Ottawa: $14.25/hr for 40 hrs/wk. Requirements: High School graduation certificate. No experience necessary. And the rest of the requirements for this cook position with no experience necessary at the hourly wage of $14.25 are...

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About. #mesktransport - @mesktransport on Instagram

eating nicola foti soundlyawake snack hungry

- Grade 8

hop on bbr

- hairmakeupstyle

tkthao219 lengtoo

- Babes Drink Tea.

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- I saw that Tainted Pact hit $60 and I had to go back and see how much I paid for mine just two years ago.

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- V neck Tops


- não é muito, mas é um trabalho honesto

zoey hoshino zoey hoshino zoey seraph euphemia

- Design Job Applicant....

hop on scp

- Eu: Bem que eu gostaria que os Correios atualizassem com mais frequência os rastreios... Correios: Não precisa falar mais nada, meu chapa

love affari pendulum mauka parast pinky bachchhan paandey

- These things are annoying

hop on pikmin pikmin

- Proud yet offended

knighted pepe

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- Legal Blogs

checking phone marine leleu browsing in phone using phone

- Hilde Osland

stonie hungry lurking

- Cashmere Sweaters

lets go ybn cordae cordae chronicles song here we go

- People from overseas have asked about this issue on the sub before. I spotted this on Twitter and thought it might be useful

ffxiv cctv hop on queue up q up

- 2 pin

joshi rechts oeklo

- lazy day outfits

kim soo hyun

- Dees Big Break

joshi klatschen oeklo

- Affiliate Marketing Group Board

pinoy big brother

- Body rock workout

pompompurin vivian kong

- Sanity Sunday: Respect foreign languages


- Acting Scripts

nk7730ce soja soja nk inova%C3%A7%C3%A3o produtividade

- [Haul] Finally ordered myself some actives for my birthday from paula’s choice that I’m super excited to (slowly) introduce into my routine :)

sportbedrijf sportbedrijfrotterdam schoolspoort blij micheal

- [Product Question] Has anyone had experience with this serum clearing there PIH?

nk7730ce soja soja nk inova%C3%A7%C3%A3o produtividade

- anne rawr

cau347 qu%E1%BA%A9y vui v%E1%BA%BB miko lan trinh kenji ho%C3%A0ng

- College

danganronpa danganronpa v3 himiko yumeno himiko that munchy crunchy

- Open word

i wont hop on genshin

- Customers have to enter a 32-character registration code they received via email into this form, which doesnt parse pasted codes into separate fields, doesnt auto-tab to next field when user types, and inexplicably places the final field onto a second row.

talis idle tail

- This site forces you to approve of their cookies before allowing you to read through their privacy policy

slow loop hiyori koi koharu

- The oldest MP3s in my collection... the 90s were a great time.

nice bored hash club

- I know its a screen shot, but its the only way of showing my bags went on a vacation without me around the US when my connector flight was canceled at JFK.

stayc observing curious angry concentrated

- Character Help

tkthao219 lengtoo piggy

stepping into fall...🖤 - @_thefab3 on Instagram

greg smith greg smith baby impulse hl2rp

- My Apartment Likes to Cheap Out on the Light Bulbs (yes, I would replace them if I could)

cake monster monsta cmo1 slurp slurp monsta

- Unsubscribing from newsletters be like


- I have been looking forward to this for years

kiki bouba bouba and kiki bouba kiki

- Languages to learn

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- [PSA] Clarification from Wishtrend re: [IM FROM] Ginseng Serum email

looking around killjoy valorant observing being cautious

Spa Bar Essentials! Good things come in small packages! Try something new, or take your favorite products on the go with these mini sized versions of your favorite skincare products! They will help you maintain a perfect skincare routine no matter where you go, and work perfectly well together to keep your skin hydrated and radiant at all times! #drburgenerswitzerland #moment #travelbag - @dr_burgener_switzerland on Instagram

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- Korean Tracksuit


*goes into closet and picks out another black athleisure outfit for the 10th day in the row* ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Shop our all new all black matching set! Tap to shop beauties. 🌸👉🍉 - @cocoonthego on Instagram

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- Customer Photos


- cool stuff

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Our winter collection has landed.⁠ ⁠ From sumptuous outerwear to snuggly pure wool knits and handmade sheepskin footwear, discover our latest collection to keep you warm this winter. #naturalfashion #naturalmaterials #naturalfibres #slowfashion #sustainablefashion #consciousclothing #celticandco - @celticandco on Instagram

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- French language basics

impulse hl2rp good afternoon dog

- rule of thumb.

wrestling jordan preisinger jordan teaches jiujitsu jiujitsu grappling

- Vintage NIKE

war thunder hunder war thunder tank

- My friend noticed this on Wikipedia just now

monika the penguin

- What was that yoga pose again..?

impulse hl2rp half life half life2 hl2 hl2rp

- One of the best short-stories Ive read in a long time.

aeons roleplay aeons mimic mathy mimic happy

- How To Tell Women What To Do (not Facebook, still insane)

impulse hl2rp gmod meme rmfpog

- Barbie Games

tanyabelkova tongue peepo

- I highly recommend reading some of the scripts, theyre written like novels and offer some amazing insights between the lines...

impulse impulse hl2rp gmod admin gmod rp

- Denise horan

pepe hmmm smile

- Grammar Lessons

impulse impulse hl2rp hardbanned banned gmod

- Emma Stone

wumpusscared wumpus

- Customer Experience + UX

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- My 21 y.o. brother spent ~4 hours completing this list with buddies online. Ive never heard grown men arguing about ice cream before.

- Surgeons wont perform elective surgery on a morbidly obese hamplanet? Those healthist shitlords!

- Online Dating

- Can confirm

Product Name: Variable (Message Us For Product Details) Product Type: Lipstick Shade: Variable (Message Us For Product Details) Best Huda Lipsticks for the beautyful ladies💄 Do dm us for price😊 Most reasonable prices and best quality assured. COD available 💵 Free Shipping 🚛🚛 #cosmetic #beauty #makeup #cosmetics #skincare #lipstick #instamakeup #fashion #lips #eyeshadow #beautiful #kosmetik #makeupartist #lashes #skin #foundation #lip #eyeliner #eyes #eyebrows #mascara #gloss #mua #makeuplover #instagood #love #palettes #concealer #makeupaddict #bhfyp - @harshada_collection on Instagram

- [Question] What is

- angel/angel/angel


- Design Thinking

- French Phrases

- #BlackLivesMatter


This past weekend we celebrated 10+ years of growth, creation, and community. 💜 - @elevated_thought on Instagram

- Good names

- Applying Foundation

- Comprehensive General Test for Casual

- A Fat Acceptance Movement I Can Get Behind [Sanity]

How will you pick just one? Our gorgeous new Holly 3/4 sleeve base layers are the perfect top for Spring. What colour is on your list 😍 - @qjridingwear on Instagram

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- Ancient Greek Words.

- I think this fit here

- learning design

- I rock both!!!!

- Luscious Lashes

Douceur de la maille dorée et du délicieux coloris pêche. Un remède à la mélancolie à enfiler sans tarder. #outfitoftheday #outfitstyle #modefemme #instafashion #newcollection #instainspiration #chicfashion #cityfashion #backtoworkfashion #knit Ref. 611229 #blancheporte #femmesonvousaime - @blanche_porte on Instagram

Many thanks to Tom Bourlet for taking the time to leave us this fantastic #tuesdaytestimonial! Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone! #VOXPO #vapelive #vapecomp #vapecommunity #vapelove #vaperexpo #vapevent #vapeon #vapedaily #ukvapers #calivapers #vapenation #intersteam #hallofvape - on Instagram

- Fantasy map making

Silla EFE • interior \ exterior • Una silla liviana, que puede articularse para diferentes tipos de espacios. Estructura de caño pintada epoxy al horno. • Encontramos próximamente en @srespacio . . . . #silla #chair #design #interiorismo #industriaargentina #deco #sillaefe #furniture #madeinarg #hechoencba #interiordesign #equipamiento #equipamientomovil #mobiliario #inventariohabita #inspohome #inspiration #diseñodemobiliario #livingroom #home #homeoffice #homeofficedesign #newnormal #lifestyle - @tiendainventario on Instagram

- 111Skin

- Bläddrade nyss förbi detta inlägg på Facebook.

- Hübsche Mädels

- beauty/ hair

- Beauty

- Family

- hot yoga clothes

- White Yoga Pants

- Fitness Tips & Workout Fashion

Fashion 🤝Function⁠ - @betabrand_hq on Instagram

- Unique names

- but what if this galaxy isnt ours? does that mean were owned by someone?


- Kristen Bell

- Body Goals

- The brickwork on the left side

Club Pilates members experience: - A full-body, low-impact workout - Over 6ft of physical distancing and your own workout station - Knowledgable and caring instructors - Countless health and wellness benefits Shout out your favorite Club Pilates benefit in the comments! - @clubpilatesfiveforks on Instagram

- Hur kan vi som ett samhälle låta samhällsaktörer friskriva sig från även det mest självklara ansvaret?

- @winstoncup_series on Instagram

- Thin privilege is believing your doctor.

- Colorful Abstract Design

- V - neck

Noni B has your spring wardrobe sorted with outfits that can take you straight from work to dinner. Pair classic tops with a cute skirt or black jeans for a comfortable and classy look. Shop in store or online today. - @stocklandbaulkhamhills on Instagram

- music quotes

- Makeup Academy

- Womens Activewear Tops

- Fur jackets

- New year, new leggings

The One:💝 1. Brow pencil 2. Browcara 3. Eye pencil 4. Eye liner Branded products😌 By Oriflame Sweden🟣 Delivery all across Pakistan 🇵🇰 DM in case of any query 📥 . . . #brow #browcara #browpencil #eye #eyesupplies #eyeliner #eyeliners #styloliner #oriflameconsultantpakistan #oriflamecosmatics #oriflamemakeup #makeup #makeuplife💋 #makeupdiscount #youallcanjointbt #doyourjobontime #mkeupdeals #mkeuplover #wingliner #pakistanzindabad #pakistanfashion #pakistanstyle #catalog #oriflamecatalogue #consultant #makeupconsultant #skincareconsultant #dealsgap #dealsdealsdeals - @beautivia_shop on Instagram

- words

#kevinmurphy #love #perth #amazing #new - @kevinmurphywa on Instagram

- Aries

- Nicole Wilkins

- 2dayslook - Biker Jacket

- high waist jeans

- Daily Inspiration & Quotes


- Interesting Words

- A Legend walks amongst us

- Leif GW Persson är sig lik

- What a clear price list for a design company

- Spot the Redditor

- celebrating this gorgeous model’s untouched skin as it’s Sunday in Australia already

- Men are not broken. Please stop telling us that we are.

- Essie Gel Couture

- Thin hoodies

- Is this how it works now? 0_o

- Short Messages

- Arrow memes

- Activewear

- @price_mandela_geffrard on Instagram

- The cycle of /r/headphones users

- If you dont give me check-boxes, how am I supposed to indicate anything to you?

Were excited to be teaming up with @artistmarketplace this #SickleCellAwarenessMonth Artist Marketplace offer personalised video messages from UK artists, celebrities and influencers and they will be donating 5% of their proceeds from the videos to support our work! Swipe to find out more #SickleCell #Fundraiser #Support - @sicklecelluk on Instagram

- Cute

- [oc][vim] make your vim statuslinelike emacs spaceline

- My cuñado puso esto en su facebook, me parecio un muy buen punto

- Are Flamin Hot Cheetos really that bad for you? Just because an ingredients list is long, and contains some big long scary names, doesnt mean its immediately harmful in moderate amounts. I went through all the ingredients in Flamin Hot Cheetos and reviewed their safety and purpose.

- Bye bye birdie

- Tartelette Palette

- Prompts

- The r/AskReddit Starterpack

- Maskcara Love

- everytime I try to unsubscribe, the page goes grey and freezes, tried it several times with several browsers. Still couldnt unsubscribe

- regime

- Book quotes

- GDC asked 4000 game developers which VR/AR platforms are they developing for

- Ad hoc

Невероятно просто и необычайно стильно🖤🖤🖤 Черно-белая гамма Базовые топ и лосины ,декорированные лого-резинкой с силиконовыми элементами ,с внутренней стороны для надежной фиксации изделий на теле☑️ Дополнительно в коллекции представлен велюровый жакет ( мягкий велюр на 💯 хлопковой основе) , безупречное качество и стиль☑️ Прекрасная @liudmyla.nasonova Фотограф @eugeniy_ilin - on Instagram

- Goodsmella

To all professionals in the film, television, entertainment and arts world, join the challenge to post a photo of you in your job. Just a picture, no description. The goal is to flood social media with our profession. Copy the text and post a pic 🌑 Scott Morrison (ScoMo) Josh Frydenberg MEAA #DontLetFreelancersFallThroughTheCracks #NoWorkerLeftBehind #WageSubsidyForAll - @annaaphillips on Instagram

- freelance

- Romanian Language

- On the farm clothing

- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Plot Summary [NP]


- Overclocked EVGA 3090 Ultra Short of Shoving An AC In Case

- Pattern calls for cast ons at the beginning of a row - which cast on method should I use?

- Öppet brev till /r/ubbet

- A few of Europe’s most popular railway route

- Hormonal Acne On Chin

- Now getting 2 Ads per video on YouTube (bottom left)

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- This textbook I torrented has an acknowledgement to the creator of torrent protocol


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- Online brochure

- Biker Leather

- How you equip a new weapon in Anthem (from Polygons review)

- More Series X load time comparisons

- Horse clothing

- The ad is unresponsive, you have to restart the game

Мне не нравится большинство блоков «отзывы»! ⠀ Что я обычно вижу в блоке «Отзывы»? -Фотографию пользователя -Имя пользователя ⠀ И тут у меня возникает вопрос «ЗАЧЕМ мне это знать?». Ведь мне интереснее узнать какую услугу получил клиент и как она выглядит. ⠀ Как я вижу блок отзывов для маникюрного салона: 1. Крупная фотография маникюра вместо фотографии человека( я сразу вижу пример работы) 2. Указание что делал человек ( пользователь сразу понимает насколько полезен ему этот отзыв и читает его) 3. Большое поле ввода ( если пользователь хочет детальнее описать свой маникюр) ⠀ Такой блок отзывов очень удобен для пользователя. Ведь не каждый любит фотографироваться и ещё прикреплять своё фото для отзыва маникюра, а главное зачем. Свою руку сфотографировать гораздо проще и быстрее. ⠀ Надеюсь вам понравился пост и вы посмотрели по-другому на блок «отзывы» ⠀ #ui #uidesign #ux #uxdesign #design #uxui #дизайн #дизайнсайта #сайт #маникюр #вебдизайн #webdesign #blue #webdaily #work #стиль #минимализм #productdesign #uiinspiration #uxinspiration #cleandesign #uxcontent #фриланс #работадома - @ux_ui_angelina on Instagram

- Estilo deportivo

- I live in Virginia and was reading an article about Sandys path. This was in the comments.

- My schools security system blocked me from logging in so I cant see my assignments (Were supposed to be working from home and the website is our only way of knowing what we are supposed to do.)

- apathy

- Calculus 2

Es wird schon wieder - versprochen #wieneralltagspoeten - @wieneralltagspoeten on Instagram

- aesthetic types of people

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- Career


- Athleisure

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- Ad hoc

- The 16 personality types

- Cozy / Lazy days

- Athletic wear

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- Saw some jabronis in tonights Better Call Saul thread.

- What exactly is the Ship It show? I love Tara Strong and Greg Cipes and want to know what Im getting myself into when I tune in.

- Miley Cyrus

- Trying to buy womens winter bicycling pants. Whats wrong with this picture?

- A Few of my Favorite Things

- Fitness Sets (Top + Bottom)

- Gotta love AT&T!

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- Attire- Feet

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- Megan fox face

- Ancient Greek Words.

- First Novel



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- ABANDONED HOUSE PARTY (Just came across this on Facebook. Holy shit.)

- Singaporeans living overseas: you should (re)register as an overseas elector if you havent done so

- Alena Shishkova

- Gatsby theme party

- Resume

[Werbung] [Feature] 📸 Fotograf: @lartyfy_peopleart ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🖼️ Für ein Feature deiner Bilder schicke uns eine DM 💭 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sichere dir Kostenlose Professionelle Lightroom Presets! Auf ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #portrait #portrait_photography #portraitphotography #tfpshooting #tfpmodel #tfp #presets #presetslightroom #presetsfree - @tfp.germany on Instagram

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Algunos subestiman la importancia del tracto gastrointestinal 👉 GI (porque no lo habrán padecido 😁). El suministro de líquidos y carbohidratos puede ser fundamental para el rendimiento, especialmente durante el ejercicio prolongado. Además, los síntomas gastrointestinales como hinchazón, calambres, diarrea y vómitos son comunes en muchos deportes, especialmente en los deportes de resistencia. Sin un sistema GI que funcione bien, la entrega de nutrientes se verá afectada y se pueden desarrollar una variedad de síntomas GI. El tracto intestinal es muy adaptable, y se ha sugerido que el entrenamiento dirigido del tracto intestinal puede mejorar la entrega de nutrientes durante el ejercicio y al mismo tiempo aliviar algunos (o todos) los síntomas. . Este MARTES @nutricion.sf nos compartirá este artículo y nos explicará cómo entrenar el tracto intestinal para hacer actividad física y deporte sin problemas. Los esperamos a las 19.30hs, en vivo (por Instagram Live), para responder sus preguntas y leer sus comentarios!! - @julianalonsorun on Instagram

- Post

- 5 Free Nail Polish :D

- Searched healthline for “stomach pains with chills.” They listed all of these terrible conditions to scare me before the final one being a simple “Common Cold”

- Body rock workout

- Price increase

- Can someone please tell me how to change data centers. I keep connecting to eastasia servers.... What am I suppose to change...

- maglia

- My gender and sexuality is bad-smelling plants

- Some Instagram account layout...

- Gemmas Closet

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- bibi horst Sport und Kosmetik

- Model diet

- leggings design 2020

- Night Vale Quotes


- female workout plan

- Tribeca Film Festival

- You cant fool me, I know hot ham water when I see it!

- uhh ruski guys i cant find anything on the net and duolingo is about to murder me if i dont get help.... which one of these words make most sense to use in a standalone word for combat

- e-Coaching

- I LOVE IT confirmed to be on Yandhi?

- Ancient Greek Words.

Jeder Mensch braucht ein Ziel im Leben #wieneralltagspoeten Poet @matthiassw_ PS: Auch die Wiener Alltagspoeten haben Ziele - hier kannst du sie unterstützen - @wieneralltagspoeten on Instagram

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- Active Wear


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- Favorite Places, Spaces & Such

- Didnt mean (or want) to kill a PC, but sometimes it happens. Oopsie! [OC]

- Nu kommer ryska kylan!

- RIP my bank account

- It took me 5 minutes to find my stereo, these are all images, you cant use the find function

- [PSA] The Ordinary is launching their first ever product with Fragrance. Should we be worried?

- Witney Carson

- So this is why the apple watch is so overpriced...

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- Mousing over to zoom in on this product just brings up the image in the exact same size :|