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nika on Twitter

ⵢ₊˚ 🔭

supernatural jensen dean

- Beautiful ridge of propagations



denise richards denise rhobh real housewives of beverly hills real housewives housewives

- Some nice shots from my monthly photo shoot

anime vs real life

Handsome Boys Quotes Past Or Future

the magicians rather not no thanks

- New leave(s) incoming!

Anime loved by all 💯❤

s. rintarou | gaming friends - gamer boos

id rather not put my shitty ideas out there tom holland zendaya zendaya maree stoermer coleman jacob batalon

- Tiny goldfish plant is in bloom yaay



kenya moore kenya rhoa real housewives of atlanta atlanta atl

- Stretching at home


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supernatural spn jensen ackles dean winchester id rather have you

#FitWithStyle - on Instagram

Mha Edit


id rather die lea seydoux id rather die gif hell no not a chance

- Carriejune Bowlby and that 🍑

Id rather eat shards of glass than listen to people chew


randy savage cream of the crop

- I’ve been wanting this succ for so long! Ecstatic to find it at my nursery.

Cursed attack on Titan

noah beck photo

autistic child gundam kamille zeta

- No editing, just sunshine on this pretty Cathedral Window Haworthia 💚

things I like that you might after you watch this

40+ Hilarious Parenting Memes To Help You Survive Quarantine

id rather not answer that kenya moore real housewives of atlanta rhoa i plead the fifth

- Hottie😍



id rather not have to do anything eve martin the twilight zone i dont want to do anything i dont wanna do it

Las primeras flores de nuestra enrredadera de Jade del @viverolabonita 😳! Guao. Foc. . . Recuerdo que fué nuestro brother @ervin_jarquin_ , compañero y colaborador del Vivero, que la sembró hace más de un año, y bueno.. ya dió sus “frutos”. Es mi flor favorita!! 😍 . . #jadeflower #jadeplant - @bunnywabbit_1 on Instagram

Anime animate animation art digital characters drawing animatic video TikTok artwork scene animator

HOLAAAA soy suke y está es mi nueva cuenta espero y les guste mi contenido ^^

id rather not say no comment uncomfortable secret private

- PSA: the blue succulent that hit the front Page earlier is called an echeveria princess blue!

girlz ✨

My profile pics (also a meme book)

raul esparza rather not

Thank you everyone for your patience as we served locals all week via instore appointments and instore business. The remaining pairs are now available for those of you that may not have been able to make it by. Enjoy! - @corporategotem on Instagram

k a g e y a m a a n d h i n a t a

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ill rather not talk about this peter parker spider man tobey maguire spider man no way home

- The boyfriend’s Christmas cactus is finally blooming and is beautiful.

yes, im still learning english kinda

Pin by keiji no on Hanako in 2022 | Funny profile pictures, Funny reaction pictures, Stupid memes

justified raylan givens timothy olyphant yuuki yuukicyan

- Cactus- Artificial

Aesthetic anime profile pt.1

andrea ♡s bts⁷ (slow) on Twitter

id rather not nope no thanks rather not grav3yardgirl

- Is this the max amount of ass this blog likes?

Sassy Queen Aristine 😋

changbin 💔

real housewives new york id rather eat glass

- This beautiful echeveria wont stop growing! Its over a foot wide now.

Id Rather Sleep Kero Kero Bonito (slowed+reverb)

𝑺𝒕𝒖𝒑𝒊𝒅, 𝒘𝒓𝒐𝒏𝒈 𝒏𝒖𝒎𝒃𝒆𝒓 𝒓.𝒔𝒖𝒏𝒂

id rather not say alexandra breckenridge melinda monroe virgin river im not ready to talk about it

- One of my paphs had 10/10 buds open up! 😍

꙰╭ꦿ᭣ཻᤪ᭬⃟ᝰꪶ❀ིི۪۪۫۫ꦿ֗♡͙۪۫ׄꦿICON ؏༉🍥꫶᪶᪶̫̼ୂ̼⃜᎒ཻུ۪‧₊RIGHTWR0NG!

id rather you wouldnt the highest ruthless s1e16 please dont

- New growth on my Echeveria since I introduced a grow light

Escapism ||Zodiac story - A/N

yeet better profile pic | Fandom

id rather not say jay dipersia the good fight i dont want to say i dont want to talk about it

- NEW LOVE ALERT: I found this burros tail over the weekend and I’m obsessed with how dense it is!

Funny Ghost Stories Meme 🤣


bbjc bb20 rather not rather not play dont want to play

- Aeonium. Rose succulent

Anime chill sad aesthetic video wallpaper. Name: blind girl. Artist:popopoka in Twitter

Who Are You

no nope disapprove nah mads mikkelsen

- She’s a bad mama jama and you know irtr

please stop really no i dont think so

- Got my Sempervivum from Mountain Crest Garden, made a hardy succulent winter box for hanging out outdoors all year! Absolutely beautiful this hot afternoon!

𝐂 on Twitter

lulu gifs bb21 big brother21 i would rather not no thank

- Why does this succulent have these little spots/stripes? Are they variegation?

mad disrespectful imo

nothanks nothankyou honeybooboo donotwant

Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser.🤙 - @haliesayers on Instagram

id rather not say id rather not aftershave cuts aftershave cuts

- Long Hair Selfie

die is not what i would choose i would rather die jumanji

💫💫💫 - @itskhrysss on Instagram

greys anatomy april kepner oh i better not i better not id rather not

- Flower Power

uh id rather not no thank you dusty marlow dana snyder

- New member of the gang!

id rather not brandon woelfel brandon woelfel vlog i preferred not better off not

- Bakhar Nabieva

no thanks ani achola grace saif 13reasons why pass

- Pretty colors

id rather not rather not no nope no thanks

- Pawg

id rather not damon dominique not gonna do it nope not for me

- Her red tips though.. 😍

rather stick pins in my

- Baby Anthurium clarinervium leaf ❤️

macho man randy savage macho man randy savage randy mario poffo world wrestling federation

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id rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in my ear avgn buffalo id rather dump

- I love her 💕

i think ill pass jamie kennedy travis welker tremors im fine

- Ausprobieren

kardashian sassy i would rather die

What’s your favorite Succie bloom? These little coral ‘Bear’s Paw’ Bell flowers are pretty cute 🧡. #succulent#flowers#succulentaddict#suckerforsucculents#succulentobsessed#thursdaymood#thursdayvibes - @zensability on Instagram

thomas the tank engine

- Cute Variegated Baby Crassula Moonglow!

i would rather not mandjtv i dont wanna not feeling it i refuse

- ID?

nope id rather not timothy omundson carlton lassiter psych

- Forbidden Pink Jelly Beans

nicki minaj id rather not rapper queen of rapper young money nicki

- My ghost echeveria looked beautiful in the noon sun today!

peanut butter gamer pbg austin hargrave airport cannot think

- They are called yoga pants for a reason...

howimetyourmother killme no fire

- Does anyone else yell “DONT TOUCH IT!!!” when someone reaches for the leaves? Haha seriously friends, don’t make me fight you!

i would rather bleed out mad

- Could anyone ID this?

id rather not brandon woelfel no im good i dont want to

💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 • @misscarriejune What are you training today?! For me its upper body...aka where I can take a picture and not look like a sweaty mess👍🏼 I use to go SO hard on upper body but I ended up not liking how muscular my back/shoulders and arms got. I still lift pretty heavy because I love it, just not as frequently and not as many exercises. For my height and body I prefer to be petite/toned up top while growing my legs❤️ ———————————————————————— #progress #fitnessjourney #muscles #strongwomen #latina 🙏🏾 #shesqauts #gymmotivation #gymrat #gymaholic #gymbunny #strongwomen #femalefitness #instafit #workworkwork #workouttime #gymfreak #gymgirls #bodygoals #girlgains #girlpower #thickfit #gymtime #fitnessmotivation #girlswholift #fitspo #fitness #myfitnessjourney #sexy #gym #strong - @glutes_motivation1_ on Instagram

id rather not no way bad idea kill myself id rather shit

- Gorgons Grotto

willow madmartagen tempting but no

- Ass heaven

im not touching that one with a twenty foot pole herbert garrison south park death s1e6

- Echeveria laui babies sunbathing ♪( ´▽`) Started from seeds, they’ll be 1 year old in April

id rather not stevie stevie budd emily hampshire schitts creek

- She’s blushing 😊

id rather not stevie budd stevie emily hampshire schitts creek

- calathea crocata

mr moseby phil lewis suite life zack and cody i rather not

- 🍑

- Mom: its so fat! Me: I know! Mom: *reaches out to squeeze* Me: *yelling* NO

- My ghost plant graptopetalum opened up its first flower this morning!

- Rose gold metallic

- Please, somebody can ID this succulent? Thanks

- Do you guys think this needs some watering? I just got it as a gift

Bootifulity 🍑@yusidubbsofficial 📸@ohrangutang - on Instagram

งามล้ำค่า #ariocarpus #cactuslover - @cactocarpus_mr.baso on Instagram

- So we are just going to age every sneaker now?

- My Painted Lady

- African Violets

as much as i love relaxation and yummy food.. i really missed working out and meal prepping. crazy right?! thats why it’s so important to have balance in your life. take a few days or a week off if you’re feeling burnt out and 9 times outta 10 you’ll be more motivated than ever to get back to your grind 💪🏼 - @cnc.apparel seamless are one of my favs, haley10 saves $$$ at checkout! - #fitness #fitgirls #fitgirlsofig #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation #homeworkout #glutes #glutegains #gluteworkouts #dailymotivation #motivation #healthyliving #cleaneating #bootybuilding #cncapparel #vsco #aesthetics #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #curvygirl #instafit #instagood #instadaily - @haleylale on Instagram

- Echeveria Laui

- What are these succulent props?

- Was one of my wishlist plants, e. amazing grace!

- Stapelia...fully opened

- This flower

- Never seen this guy! I had to grab him.

- The colours of my Graptoveria Opalina are so vibrant right now

- Abraham

- My lime green babe💚

- My mother always had African Violets in the house while I was growing up (US). It had been a long time I had seen one, but then I ran across this one in (surprise!) South Africa!

Red star Bromeliad Dm for price - @darj_botanic on Instagram

- Some are starting to bloom!!

- Cross-fit Astro-Split

- This is probably the most Insta-worthy pic Ive taken!

- Yellow-greenish

- I’m a simple man. I see African violets, I buy African violets.

- Debbie.... oh so very...

🍑 • #kyivtoday#kyivlove#kyivphoto#kyivgram#kharkovcity#sumy#poltava#zaporozhye#rivne#chernigov#nikolaev#odessagram#dnepropetrovsk#dnipro#ukraina#ukraine_blog#лето#рівне#запоріжжя#хорошегодня#весна#ukr#ukrainianblog#ukrainegram#love#instagram#киевднеминочью#киев💙💛#киевдевушки - @kievgraaamm on Instagram

- African Violets Care

Follow us and like the pictures 💜👯 Tag a friend #hotfitmodels 🔥🔥🔥 . . #beautifulfitness #Fitnessgirls #fitgirls #gym #beautiful #beauty #gorgeous #model #girls #Fitnessmodel #crossfit #cute #love #world #fitness #squats #bodybuilding #body #hot #sexy #instagirls#intagram #instasexy #naked #bikini #bikinigirls#ABS #fit #fitnessmodel - @hotfitmodels on Instagram

- This looks unreal ... I don’t know why but it reminds me of bubblegum or Mewtwo. Credit: @succulentbros (Instagram)

- Fit lady

- My Christmas Cactus are in bloom!

- amandaeliselee

- Blushing agavoides

- Funhouse Mirror, Brickhouse Booty

- So fuckin thick

- Her name is Vera.

- African Violets-Small Beauties

A fitônia ou planta-mosaico é uma espécie rasteira e herbácea, de folhagem decorativa e muito popular em terrários fechados, locais em que se adapta muito bem, por sua grande necessidade de umidade.  Atualmente há muitas cultivares de planta-mosaico disponíveis no mercado, com tamanhos variados, folhas pequenas e uma infinidade de combinação de tons de verde, vermelho, rosa e até amarelo. As folhas também podem ter margens lisas ou onduladas. Deve ser cultivada sob luz difusa, em substrato úmido, sem encharcar. Não exponha sua planta-mosaico ao sol direto, o que lhe provocará queimaduras nas folhas. Aprecia a temperatura amena e a umidade ambiental. Em locais de inverno frio, é importante resguardá-la de temperaturas abaixo de 15ºC. Já sob calor excessivo é preciso ter cuidado redobrado com as regas, que devem suprir as necessidades da planta, pois não tolera estiagem. 🌿🌱 . #fittoniaalbivenis #fitonia #fitonias #plantamosaico - @ateliedasfloresbage on Instagram

- Just won’t stop growing little babies

- [Not my pic] Anyone has an ID? It looks a bit like a topsy-turvy but the leaves are upside-down and the colouring is off.

- African Violet

- Amanda Lee

- took a picture of a flower in Singapore that almost doesnt look real.

- Found this beauty at my local hardware store last month. Shes developed some nice new chunks. I think its a Pachyveria but not sure which one.

- Euphorbia myrsinites blooming in the garden. love the flowers, so unusual looking

- Asian goddess in tight yoga pants

- Rescued from the clearance cart

- I love the pink/green contrast on this painted echeveria. And those pink edges 😍

- Hardy Plants

- So pastel 😍😍. How am I doing so far?

- Introducing Myself & My Compton Carousel 🎠

- Plant mail arrived! Ecstatic to finally cross off Karoo Rose from my wish list!

- Another one of my favorite shots of my Burros Tail

- Cake

- Cactus planta

- G. Savage

- I told myself I wouldn’t buy any plants today, but then I found this! Wow!

Hoya game strong 💪🏼🌸 . . #PlantGang #Hoya #HoyaPlant #BloomSeason #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #StayHome #Gardening #GardenLife #Succulents #SucculentJunkie #WaxPlant #HoyaCarnosaCompacta #VariegatedPlants #PlantPeople #Plants #GreenThumbClub - @terras_bloombox on Instagram

- Fall colors

- Yall tell me this is real & where I can find them 😍

- Who ❤️ these cute Cotyledon pendens ? 💐

- Can anyone tell me what these white spots on my jade are?

- Stretching

- Blooming cactus

- Euphorbia milii a.k.a. Crown of Thorns. This thing blooms nearly year-round. One of my prized plants.

- Such succulent grapes

- Wide Track

- New growth! Thank you, spring sunlight.

- Moonstone, so lovely

- Legit Check Please

- Topsy turvy and its pups hangin out by the window on a snowy day

- Excitement!

- Who is this mini tree-like succulent?

- Ive never seen a succulent do this...its not a flower it looks like a tiny rosette? Any insight?

- Cute cluster

- Second opinions? I’m trying to identify these but would like some help, details in comments.

- This lady on Facebook is trying to sell this wandering Jew, look how infested with melee bugs it is! This is disgusting. Remember to always check your plants before you buy them from previous owners.. you never know what you’ll bring home to your plants.


- Do string of buttons die back after flowering? This is the first year they’ve flowered.

- Thick as hell

- Epson Salts.

- Ive seen these two types of shrubs as hedges a lot lately, what are they? They are also a bit spiky, found in Northern Germany

- Every day

- Farina on my E. Lilacina...

- Goddamn..

- Hey everyone! New to the sub, please help me to ID this plant :)

Got this set in every colour for a reason😭😍 @doyoueven I get SO many questions about my nutrition, so Ive put together what a typical day for me can look like. During the summer I eat out at restaurants a lot, but I still meal prep every week. My current calorie intake is around 2600-3000 calories, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. I always try to eat at least 2 G protein per kg body weight(62 kgs x 2=124 G protein each day). But very often my protein intake is higher than this🙏🏽 Im going to be honest and say that I dont care about how much fat or carbs I eat, I only track my calories and my protein at the moment. In some periods, I track everything but most of the time I just make sure to lift heavy and eat enough calories + protein. It wouldn’t work for me to be super picky with everything I eat, because I love food😂😍 For nutrition and recipes of my meals, swipe and read on the pictures. MEAL 1. Usually eat this for breakfast or lunch, sometimes I add some olive oil to increase the calories even more. MEAL 2. A gainer Ive created myself, both me and @filippafranssoon use this one when we want to gain or when our appetite is a bit low. The protein powder I use in my gainer is from @awarenutrition Hands down the best protein Ive ever tried😭 Usually take this meal before my workouts. MEAL 3. This is the meal I eat after my workouts. I try to have at least 25-30 G protein in this meal. I almost always have chicken or salmon as my protein source, together with potatoes or sweet potatoes. I like rice and pasta as well, but I am obsessed with potatoes 🥔😭 MEAL 4. A protein shake or a protein bar. MEAL 5. This is usually my last meal, and It is often the same food as meal 3. If you find this post helpful, please like it and save it! My content will be based on the engagement you guys show, so it is nice for me to know what you appreciate to read/see❤️🏋🏽‍♂️ - @amandafranssoon on Instagram

- Are my moonstones going to bloom?! What’s happening in there!

#هرس ✔️هرس کردن رشد گل حسن یوسف را بهتر می کند  حسن ‌یوسف از آن دسته گل‌هاست که شما را به شدت قیچی به دست می‌ کند. به‌خصوص در فصل‌های گرم سال اگر رشد مناسب و مطلوبی داشته باشد، شاخه‌ها خیلی سریع سر به بالا می‌ کشند و شما را مجبور می‌کنند برای حفظ شکل اصلی گلدان، هر دو هفته یک‌بار آن را هرس کنید. جالب اینکه هرس برای این گیاه بسیار هم ضروری است و رشد آن را بهتر و بیشتر می‌کند. . . . @narges.jafari_71 👌😍📸 . #حسن_یوسف#گل#گیاهان_آپارتمانی#گل#گلهای_آپارتمانی#گلدان#پاییز#هرس#رشد #plant#flower#autumn#beautiful - @about._flower on Instagram

- Jade Plant Care

- Feng shui indoor plants

- Update on my previous post; its getting there slowly :) Now am I right in thinking I still shouldnt water at all as its winter?

- I believe this is a Blue rose Echeveria imbricata. Love how it bloomed!

- A lot of talk on the OW Jordan 4s, hoping my new AM1s can get some love.

- Astrophytum Myriostigma aka Star Cactus [1095x1095]

- Abs

- Destiny Stephens

- African violets

- 💙💙💙

- I’ve found my new favourite plant!! (Shh..) could anyone please help me out with an ID? (:

- Greenovia growing season

- Echeveria setosa babies

- My Arctic Ice 🥰

- Somebody loves her new spot!

- Colorful new growth on my Graptopetalum Amethystinum 🍭

- Excited to welcome two fuzzbois to the fam 🤗

- My favorite.

- Tulipaw

- Chickpeas apparently come in a tiny little pos before theyre put in cans!

- Flowers 💛💜

- Reminds me of mint chocolate

- Any ideas on the ID of this Echeveria I grabbed today? Tia

- Any ideas what this is. Thanks

- All things that flower!!

夕方から頭痛が〜 低気圧の影響でしょうか ・ 美顔器で頭をスリスリ♫ ・ ・ 連休明け、お疲れさまです 🙏 ・ ・ *⑅୨୧┈┈┈┈୨୧⑅**⑅୨୧┈┈┈┈୨୧⑅* #dof_of_our_world #dof_explore #tv_flowers #tv_soft #tv_dephtoffield #total_dof #total_bokeh #best_moments_bokeh #best_moments_pallet #infinity_softly #bokeh_bliss #softones_perfection #soft_topshot #total_shot #charming_nature_ #happy_life_captures #j_world_jp #raw_moody #luna_floral_queen #other_worldly_beauty #ethereal_softness #abs_softflowers #angelsandflowers_ #mono_feature161 #sumasumatai_love #bokehphotofan #like_photo_jp #mellow_mosaic #lily - @mikan1992sarry on Instagram

- The lil flaps coming in on my flapjack. I love it

- Forbidden Marshmallows

- #1 On My Wishlist

- Annual Plants

- ...

- What would cause these two little holes on the leaves? Possibly pests?

- Got myself a Bear Paws! (also spot the hideaway prop 🤭)

- Please ID for these! Google Lens is not helpful

- brittany perille

- they’re loving the rain

- My Echeveria runyonii Topsy Turvy is going to flower! I never thought it was big enough for that (its in a 6cm pot)

- 😍😍😍😍

- Air jordan 12 retro

- Looks like fuzz, feels like rubber.

- Finally got one of my dream plants!

- Compton carousel questions in comments.

- My Aeonium is loving the grow light!

- Whats everyones favourite fuzzy succulent, either from your own collection or your wishlist?

- Picked up these beauties today

Brand: Gymshark . . #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #gymleggings #fitspo #sportswear #gymwear #fitwear #gymlife #gym #gymmotivation #gymtime💪 #gymlifestyle #fitgirls #fitgirl #abs #gymselfie #legdayworkout #booty🍑 #glutes #buttworkout #bootyworkout #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #gymsharkleggings #gymsharkflexleggings - @gym_leggings on Instagram

- QC: Heineken SB’s sz 12 from mango

- Looks like a succulent but grows like a weed.

- From a certain angle, the little windows on this Cheiridopsis light up

- Oh Yeah

- A few pics of my aeonium collection! The last photo shows how they arrived at my house at the beginning of the summer

- My stalk finally has little blooms. Only about 1 cm long but so pretty with a little help from a macro lens.

- The Good Witchs Garden

- It’s so fuzzy! ❤️

Grateful for this rain 🙏🏼🌧 . 🔎🌱: #echeveriachrissynryan #crestedecheveria . The lightest of drizzles came to us this morning producing a really beautiful almost crystalline effect on the succulents from the water. I’m really hoping this bit of moisture will help with the fires and air quality. I’m pretty sure some of my outdoor plants were as excited as I was too! . . . . . . . . . . #succulents #succulent #plants #plant #houseplant #houseplantsofinstagram #houseplantclub #plantstagram #rareplants #succulentjunkie #plantoftheday #succulentsofinstagram #crazyplantlady #plantlover #iloveplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantsofinstagram #succulentlove #succulentaddict #urbangarden #uniqueplants #plantlady #echeveria #succulentcollection #plantsplantsplants #plantshelfie #多肉 #farinafriday - @lilplantboss on Instagram

- That ass 🤤

DM for the price - @darj_botanic on Instagram

- Black Prince Conjoined twins

Shop our unique array of pre-made succulent gardens or choose your own plants to make your own stunning garden arrangement. Mix and match diverse shapes, textures, and colors for instant impact in any size pot. These waterwise gems thrive in full to part sun, based on the variety. - @armstronggarden on Instagram

- Newest addition: baby Toes 😍😍 so Pretty

- Does anyone know what these black bits are on Crassula Marnieriana?

- The top of my Echeveria Lola is looking lovely lately.

- African Violets

- Cutest little blue beans cluster 💙

- I cant wait until these open up

- The first few seconds thought it was a rose

- African Violets

- Big fancy leaves on the Gingerland

- Fantastic plants

- Is this a really tiny flapjack?

- I found this echeveria on Instagram. Anybody know the name of this particular variety or species?

- Something interesting is happening

- African violets plants

- Graptopetalum Mendozae

- New addition. I plan on moving it to a bigger pot (it’s fairly short currently) any jade specific tips?

- Had to dismantle some leggy succs I bought. I present my prop pot!

- Crassula pellucida by night

- Coming along :)

- The Odense flower festival had two trays of crested E. setosa!

- Milkweed is mesmerizing. I might fall Asclepias!

- 🍑

- They were on the succulent table at a local nursery but don’t seem like one. They love water & have grown like wildfire. Does anyone know what this plant is?

- What is this?

- I need 20 of these succies and don’t know what they are. Please help!

- I thought you all would appreciate this baby

- Love this new purple growth!!

- Damn... Mama Leaf got some strong genes

- My first ever succulent had a rough start in my moms backyard it took some TLC but I noticed this little baby today...

- Im terrible with titles, I took a photo today, hope yall like it

- 🔥🔥🔥

- My jade is starting to bloom

- 2014 Succulent wish list

- Im completely new to this and I dont know whats causing these spots... Sunburn? Lack of water?

- Whats this plant? Growing in my back garden in Glasgow. It has quite a woody stem and is about 1ft high.

- Propagated from one rosette almost a year ago

- Does anyone know the ID please? Thank you!

- African Violets

- Could anybody tell me what this fuzzy boy is? I was so excited to see he was blooming!! But the last plant I had that bloomed died because of it, so I want to make sure it’ll be okay. The last one wasn’t a succulent so I want to be sure!!

- I made a new friend, we went plant shopping together and she found variegated bear paws! She let me have the last one, since my apartment has better lighting (her words). Best plant buddies for life!

- Does anyone know what type of Echeveria this is?

- African Violets

- mi plantas

- orange orchid

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- grey yoga pants

Around and around we go 🎠✨ . 🔎🌱: #echeveriacomptoncarousel aka Lenore dean aka variegated imbricata . Check out my growlight IGTV video I just posted yesterday! . And if you love to learn more planty things please join me and @cocoageekplants this Saturday 11a pst for a love 1hr webinar on mini ecology: bugs, fungi & bacteria 🤓 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #succulents #succulent #plants #plant #houseplant #houseplantsofinstagram #houseplantclub #indoorplants #indoorgarden #indoorsucculents #plantstagram #succulentsofinstagram #plantnerd #crazyplantlady #plantlover #iloveplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantsofinstagram #succulentlove #succulentaddict #succulentlife #多肉 #plantlady #succulenta #echeveria #succulentcollection #plantoftheday #多肉植物 #succulentobsession - @lilplantboss on Instagram

- Sun kissed jade plant makes me smile

- Gorgeous pachyphytums 😍😍

- @jason.magicwaltz on Instagram

- 5 LEAF CLOVER. Yes, you read that right. FIVE! Eternal Luck!!!

- Any ideas what this bb might be?

- 4 months old lithops seedlings from

- The excitement one feels when they see new growth ❤️

- My African Violet just finished blooming - what should I do now?

- What is this plant called? Because I really want to cop it.

- I couldn’t say no to this weirdo.

- Got a new baby - reminds me of a hardened detective with a 5 o’clock shade

- Aeonium

🌿🐚🌿 • • • • #photoshoot #photo #photography #photographylovers #photographer #photoftheday #photos #succulents - @sun.ny_photography on Instagram

- fast growing ground covers for pacific northwest

One of the stunning Show and Tell tillandsias at Tillandsia Day 2020, Tillandsia streptophylla x chiapensis from Stan Walkley. Look at those curls! #bromsqld - @bromsqld on Instagram

- Little Jewel has become Big Jewel!

- Indoor shade plants

- A friend of mine doesnt have Reddit, but was hoping you guys could help identify her succulent pt. 1


- House Plants

- grass for zone 4

- Chain of Hearts

- Different Plants

- Another Grocery store save! May I have an ID on my first fuzzy boi?!

- A little love makes the world grow (had to resubmit bc I wanted to give credit to OP, credit now in comments)

- Anyone got an ID on this beautiful little plant i saw in an arrangement?

- Haworthia cluster!

- My sister’s jelly beans are so chonky!

▶️SWIPE▶️ [두잎 꿩의 비름, Stonecrop] The beautiful pink autumn flower of stonecrop also known as succulent sedum. AWESOME.🤩❤️🤩 두 잎 꿩의 비름 꽃이 예쁘게 핀 아침입니다. 아주 작아서 두 눈 크게 뜨고 관심 갖고 바라봐야 비로소 눈에 들어오는 애들 자연의 신비로움 그 자체입니다. 오늘도 꽃 보며 즐겁게 시작합니다. 스마일~!!!😊 모든 분들 행복하소서~!!!! . . . . . . #myphoto #flowers #succulent #pink #stonecrop #sedum #medicinal #edibles #fragrant #happy #coffee #garden #daily #flowerlover #nature #beautiful #fleur #цвето́к #flores #blüte #일상 #꽃 #식물 #다육이 #핑크 #다육식물 #가을 #커피 #항상 #감사합니다 - @versegoliard on Instagram

- My mom sends me update photos on my succulents while im at school. This one is doing so well.

- black flowers

- Some interesting leaves on this one

- Does anyone know what type of peperiomia these cuties are?

- Callisia repens “Pink Panther” has my whole heart

- Plant identification please?

- Atlas

- North Facing Garden

- ITAP of my grandpas flowers!

- Crested Succulents & Monstrose Cactus

- I dont know what she is, but one of my kids touched her. I just cant get over that shade of lavender with that toddler thumb print.

- Aeonium kiWi

- Cacti Flowers & Succulents

- Shout out to the tall ladies out there, those girls who just love showing a little leg.

- Graptopetalum amethystinum starting to push out bloom spikes

- ID? I love the colors 😍

- Bear Paws

- I waited a bit too long

- Aeonium kiwi

- Trail of Tears is thriving! Thought I was buying a ‘string of pearls’ and found this fun guy instead!

- Terranium DIY