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i dont want to talk about iti dont wanna talknobet networksleave me alonenetflixforget itgreys anatomyshut up

♡︎ ♡︎ ♡︎


var gesture alexander s%C3%B8rloth rb leipzig play it again review the previous play

- Beer is essential

i dont wanna talk about sex nelly furtado big hoops song i down want to talk taboo

- Whos a good boi?

〖georgenotfound ♡︎〗

matching icon 2/2

art obere text shake calligraphy words

- Classic


crazy aditya aditya crazybones aditya crazy crazybones

- Big Brain Meme


Be my friend?? 🤡

chat conversation speechbubbles doodles no

- Priorities

♱ .. ?!


family karma bravo karma family lopa

- It do be like that sometimes

🌸 on Twitter

𝙥𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙩 • 𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙮𝙖𝙝𝙙𝙚𝙫

text bubble speech talk conversation

- Hey gamers

My biggest fear is to lose you

mcjuggernuggets mve my virtual escape

- Me Beast Chernobyl Challenge

It worked for me

Jack Manifold

shushing be quiet don%27t speak secrets secret

- uber eats

I promise to never stop loving you

hpw paige prophecy theprophecy dont wanna talk about it

- Now to act nervous and shy around her 😎😎😎



add plz tmobile meh insane

- Me🚈irl

Hwang Hyunjin

noah beck photo

wwe asuka i dont wanna talk i dont want to talk wrestling

- Just me?

but when THEY do it


- Giggle Box

Wanna talk about SRB2.2

i dont wanna talk about him boomer jenkins wentworth stop talking about him i dont want to discuss him

- Never had a chance to quit being a man

but when THEY do it

intrigued crystal emmanuel team canada looking whats that

- Sometimes this just makes you think

i dont want to talk about this evil i dont wanna talk lets drop it forget it

- Go to bed!

addy’s pic

La chae

silence dont talk quiet shh sunil kumar

- Snooze! Snooze!! Snooze!!!

noah beck photo

oprah touched sad no head shake

- This is actually me

I dont want to lose you ever

he looks so good here :)

claudia zwinken oeklo

- I think we’ve all been there

i dont wanna talk about this anymore andrea barnes sistas i dont want to talk about that i dont want to discuss it anymore

- Five to one

Be my friend?? 🤡

^hella bored

shyam wala advocates baroda

- It’s all worth it in the end though



greys anatomy amelia shepherd i dont wanna gossip about it i dont want to talk about it i dont want to gossip about it

- oh god

nayeon icon

yellow emoji i love you hand digital

- Oah dear Neptune



liam dunbar dont wanna talk about it teen wolf dylan sprayberry

- 2meirl4meirl

smile tommy brown mekhi phifer the bobby brown story bet

- Mud flaps

i dont wanna talk about it sean headshake upset forget it

- Ah shit here we go again

claudia oben oeklo

- Be kind to everyone

i dont wanna talk about it

- Wonder what she wants

about to cry tetona jackson simone graham boomerang emotional

- they walk to slow

i dont wanna talk about it nevermind change subject annoyed dont care

- what else r u supposed say?

i wanna know marvin gaye whats going on song i wanna check i wanna seek

- only men can have CRAZYYYY conversations like this xD

i dont wanna talk about it estv box fighting championship featuring fortnite i dont want to talk about it dont ask

- One of the greatest feelings

chat conversation speechbubbles doodles letter

- You are the best sister ever!

i dont wanna talk about it jerrod carmichael saturday night live lets not speak about this not interested in talking

- All things Star Wars- I escaped somehow lets go!

claudia rechts oeklo

- [MEME] Off-White Type Beat

i dont wanna talk mel monroe virgin river i dont wanna talk about it i dont wanna talk to you

- Its all the same to be honest, just with better graphics and more things to do

boom bumrah jasprit bumrah mein hu na relax

- About Me

i dont wanna talk to ya dont talk to me be quiet shut up talk to the hand

- r/dankmemes just got smacked

canada canada text animated text lettering

- I present, concerned patrick template

switch the subject cameron jibril thomaz wiz khalifa dreams change the topic

- 2meirl4meirl

funny laugh mad crypto swag

- Ahhhh Normies

i dont really wanna talk about it junebug carson the ms pat show i dont want to discuss it i dont need to talk about it

- let alone my gym clothes

wanna play minecraft %D1%8F%D1%85%D0%BE%D1%87%D1%83%D0%B2%D0%BC%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%BD

- I saw someone saying we need more OC about other parts of history, so I tried my best at a French Revolution meme

i dont wanna talk about it jack gallo george segal just shoot me avoid conversation

- Its probably the driver side tire

add plz tmobile loading waiting

- 😂👌🏽

i dont want to talk about it i dont want to kate lambert caroline watson teachers series

- Moms are great at spending mom

aney sri lanka lankanisms animated text

- I edited this meme about cars to make it more applicable to us🤣

i dont wanna talk about this prunella pitz icarly i dont want to bring it up im not talking about it

- You know, I am gonna be okay

taichanbm taichan pekanbaru bang mali taichan bang mali persada radio

- I think Ill eat it now!

omnia omnia youtube omnia gi fs arcade cloud e3 jericho

- meirl

chill kar bhai quiet shh silence please

- I joke about other peoples pain

gorilla no leave me alone atittude i dont wanna talk

- [Humor] It be like that

radio zinka slovenija text animated text

- Potassium filled cunt

sml bowser junior i dont wanna talk about it i dont want to talk about it supermariologan

- Guardians of the galaxy 3 in space New York

okka aidu nimishalu silent ga unte manam maatladukundam sticker 5minutes time ivvu let me talk

- True story

i dont wanna fucking talk about it jen harding christina applegate dead to me not talking about it

- Hmm...

taichanbm taichan pekanbaru bang mali taichan bang mali persada radio

- You wot mate

disney i dont want to t alk about it dont wanna hearit lion king timon

- Woo woo woo, you know it

excuse me blaire night teeth pardon me one moment please

- Hmm yes sacrifice

attitude stuck monkey sad huhu

- Interesting

animated text text its time to overthink how i talk to strangers babey

- Spongebob! Look what you did now

i dont wanna talk about it uninterested shut up change topic change subject

- i know it aint 2017 anymore but still

aria text

- They never stop talking

greys anatomy amelia shepherd i dont wanna talk about it i dont want to talk about it caterina scorsone

- Pals before gals

anna nuvvu atla anodhu anna sticker venu madhav alaa maatladaku lakshmi movie

- A small price to pay

boy meets world i dont want to talk about it jack hunter

- me_irl

white shy bear i can%27t hear i don%27t have ears

- Takin a dive

dont want to talk no talking dwayne johnson the rock jumanji

- me_irl

i just wanna

- relatable?

i dont wanna talk about it susanne sugarbaker delta burke designing women mad

- It do be like that

youre scared of the truth eric cartman south park the passion of the jew s8e4

- Not a stutter!

i dont wanna talk the encore dont talk to me im keeping my mouth shut i wont talk

- This place is a mess!

shut up sticker norumuyyi stop it dont talk

- I feed my vegan twice daily

i dont wanna talk about that not interested leave me alone go away not telling

- Aye pretty much

i dont wanna hear it kyle broflovski south park it so loud covering ears

- Cute fruit

i dont wanna talk about it dont wanna talk upset frustrated annoyed

- Its just so hard to put in words..

cant hear big covering ears dont wanna listen dont wanna hear

- Why not

oprah touched sad no head shake

- 2meirl4meirl

not listening nope no i dont wanna hear it please no

- Something a little different from a sports fan.

we dont have to talk about it kristen bouchard evil the demon of death its not necessary to talk about

- Nothing really surprises us anymore

you dont wanna start with me roddy ricch start wit me song dont begin with me you wont like if im gonna start

- me irl

ill rather not talk about this peter parker spider man tobey maguire spider man no way home

- Anyone else do this

hang up saba mrs whoever song drop the call put the phone down

- Oopss

i dont want to talk about it susie myerson the marvelous mrs maisel i dont want to discuss about it stop taking about it

- 2meirl4meirl

miracle nikki tantrum no i dont wanna hysterics

- Anyone else in the same boat?

greys anatomy meredith grey i dont wanna talk about it i dont want to talk about it ellen pompeo

- Ill be crying in my room, Peace.

bored david rose david dan levy schitts creek

- UPDATE: Forbidden reposts. These two are both really obvious satire. Offenders will be temp banned.

scooter magruder drinking sips drink i dont wanna talk about it i dont want to talk about it

- Its Taiwan btw

dont wanna

Oh, I love these sudden decisions, dont you #writingaboutwriting #writingadvice #writersblock #writerscommunity #amwriting #writerslife #writers #amediting #writingtip #writingtipsb #writingadvice #writingsprint #indieauthor #indiepub #writermeme #writingmeme - @writingaboutwriting on Instagram

i dont wanna talk about it monique samuels real housewives of potomac rhop i dont wanna discuss it

- Mario Kart is not a game

ugh ananya panday whatever eye roll i dont care

We’re steady mobbin’ out here! We’ll be hangin with the @punksylvania squad this month for some special performance content! After that, we’ll be spending some time with Kurt of @siriuscinema and @duckpondjix at @thelumberyardrecording to work out a brand spankin’ new single and video! Stay blessed y’all 🖤 #TheBadUps #EastCoastPunkRock #MusicRockRecords - @thebadups on Instagram

thedragonprince fabled42 talesofxadia dragon roc rpg design i dont wanna

- Oldie but a goodie

talk to the hand ananya panday whatever i dont care idc

- VCR cleaner isnt a big deal though... Maybe it can purify the lungs?

i dont want to talk about it no comment avoid dodge seth meyers

- This keeps happening to me, so I made a meme of it

dont talk to me yg big bank song never speak to me again dont wanna talk to you

- Im going on my first date on friday, help!

i dont wanna talk about it maurice sistas stop talking about it i dont want speak about it

- Still Sounds Good

i dont wanna talk about it sistas tyler perry studios bet bet networks

- Even better if its free shipping

bucky sebstan dont want to talk about it

- I want my money back

i dont wanna talk abba the winner takes it all song i dont want to speak to you dont talk to me

- Does math for Marines count?

friends i dont want to talk about it joey tribbiani matt le blanc lets not talk

- Mistakes happen...

- SLPT: To get nudes.

- 🏄🏄🏄

- C’mon ma

- ☠️

- Walking dead XXX

- be like bro

- Bernie will cancel ALL student loan debt for the some 45 million Americans who owe about $1.6 trillion, and place a cap on student loan interest rates going forward at 1.88 percent. #NotMeUs

- *Cough* Brie Larson *Cough*

- ihaveaquestionforgodwhy?

I am squidworth - @brad.kora on Instagram

- This hits hard

- A question we must all ask ourselves.

- Basically

- Stoners before they lost their job to rona

- I should clean my room

- me_irl


- Title

- Haha relatable, now cry 😟😔

- Happens way too often

- This one might hit a nerve or two..

- Her nail

- me🧀irl

- Is there a sub for Cosmo & Wanda memes?

- Really though

- Ain’t this shit the truth.

- So it doesn’t get reposted here I’ll post it myself

- True love

- I am struggling

It’s almost the best month of the year - @hairpost on Instagram

- I’m pretty sure it doesn’t

- Meme classes should be taught in college

- Usually when my friend makes a reddit post, the people in the comments don’t say they own the OG post but this is good enough.

Best thing in the world 😍 #weed #weedporn #420 #420daily #stoner #stoned #stonedmemes #cooked #fried - @fuckinfried on Instagram

- Meirl

- Self destruct initiated

it do be like this - @spongebob_memepage on Instagram

- Does make me think

- Snacktime

- Oh shiet ma is woke af

- Just happened to me a minute ago.

- When your summer body is a lost cause.

- Retail vibes...

- Not again...

- I think we all needed to hear this

- I also hate being broke in the first place

- It really do be like that

- If only I could afford these sweet kicks

- dota is beautiful

- i want the strahberry to cum in my mouth

- Stop complaining!

- Making others laugh is a skill in itself.

- Thanks for having my back, Reddit fam

- It be like that sometimes

- Me all morning

- projet emballer proteger

- Were all gonna die

- 🤦‍♀️

- test meme

Come talk to me about how #AbortionIsNormal and 1 in 3 pregnant people will have an abortion in their lifetime and #EveryoneLovesSomeoneWhosHadAnAbortion 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰 - @nwaafund on Instagram

- Queens University

- and it’s CARPET

- 😩👌💦🍆

- Ok....

- Never could relate to something more than this

- Blursed_SpongeBob

- Bit late on the easter meme train

- funny shit

- Introvert meme

- Can’t wait till I’m still awake in 6 hours

- From @LakeShowYo on Twitter

- Damm this is a weird ass picture

- Priorities

- Large fact

- get the popcorn

Incase you need a #monday pep talk...we gotcha! ;) 💜 @nudiaonair & @radioheather - @confessionsofadatingapp on Instagram

- SpongeBob will make people want to buy our makeup!

- Mods are down, post unhealthy life styles!

- Poor fishy

- But shes on her phone all day

- At least the boss had a good laugh

- Comics und Cartoons

- me_irl

- gotta go dance it out with girls

- Happy Christmas!!

- Imagine breaking a bone from only the 12th story, weak boned fools

- 2meirl4meirl

- Started at the change room now we here

- Usually happens to me during school

- Well that’s one way to clean your teeth.

- Me_irl

- So cool to see Pewds playing horror games again

- Please enter title

- “Tom had never seen such bullshit”

- 2meirl4meirl

- I can die in peace.

- New nurse humor

- Adulthood

- I still think about that moment, it was yesterday

- Alexa play Despasito

- Sad squidward

- We all have those moments

- No comment

- No sleeperino all day

- did i spel rite dis time

- Why tho

- But hey that’s just a theory

- Going out with gamers be like

- me_irl

- Always the solution

- Real-life mayors are dumb

Cant wait for our first night back. Gunna scream WHATS THE WORST THING I COULD SAAAAYYY so loud. Maybe even play Ed Sheeran. F it. Jk, we wont. Well leave that for other clubs ✨🖤 - @decadeclubnight on Instagram

- “Life’s not fair.” - my teacher


🥴😒 - @mrlewinn on Instagram

- anginerr

- But why though?

- I am in depression phase of debugging right now

- Truth.

- Me_irl

- Finally! ⭕️❌⭕️

- Paybacks a Bi***

- This is a title

- Bruh

- We all need a Jake in our lives.

- skeleton time

- Sleeping before deadline

- @therebelphx on Instagram

- I’m on my 4th cup

- This is so accurate!! Me every weekend!!

- humor.

- All the time

- me_irl

- Scary af

- School Memes

- Jingle jingle

- me irl

- me_irl

- The most ambitious crossover

- Life isnt serious after all

- 1% prefer dove

- Beside manner is important

- Relatable

- 2meirl4meirl

- UwU

- This is all to real

- Why?!

- Sadly accurate

- They not cookies

- Can we not?

- Funnies

- Down here in the quarantine sea

- Not the vase!!!

- Dang it

- Meth is for losers

- That is the stench of discovery

- You know what I’m talking about...

- Cure that sweet bacon

- I start pushing buttons I didnt even know existed.

- Bob Esponja

- *home depot commercial music plays*

- I just found out what oxygen was

- Felt this in my soul

- Honest work :D

- For real :/

- Bit too descriptive

- Dont do it bro!

- Bout to be me

- all the damn time.

- Ah

- Me in The Division 2

- Youre not a real Loser

- i am goofie goober

- Vegans.

- Or scrolling through reddit

- how can I help officer?

- Especially when youre not a kid anymore

- It be like that sometimes


- Wash your hands

- Best spongebob quotes

- Salt water taffy

- The side effects of weed

- This explains 2017

- my singing monster funny tree haha

- Uhh.. I dont even know where to start.

- I won... but at what cost?

- Funny boyfriend jokes

- Patrick has set such a standard for us

- Thats how you know its good shit 👌🏼

- I know we follow the recipe, but its not enough.

- meirl

- Get well soon...

- Very true

- Haha vaccinations

- Blursed moist

- 24

- Take me in

- Me irl

- Real ones know.