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Bad guy

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Yuhuu chapter baru di Kopi Bon tetep harus produktif dan semangat kan✨ Nah apalagi kamu seorang entrepreneur atau pebisnis, selain tetap produktif kamu juga pasti sering menganalisa pasar dari bisnis sendiri. Tapi udah coba cari tau konsumenmu dengan melihat dari perilaku mereka? Yuk ikut cari tau di kelas Consumer Behavior for Marketing Strategy bareng @irfan_agia selaku Behavior Consumer Expert lho pada: Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2020 09.30-11.30 Via Google Meet GRATIS dan sudah termasuk sertifikat lho! Registrasikan diri kamu segera melalui Dhilla 081220673013 - @kopi.bon on Instagram

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⠀ 2020 LIFEPLUS JTBC SEOUL MARATHON ⠀ 2020 LIFEPLUS JTBC 서울 마라톤 공식 홍보대사 정지훈의 인터뷰 영상을 공개합니다! ⠀ 비와 함께 정지훈과 함께 ⠀ LIFE, LIVELY 달리자, 나답게 ⠀ #2020_LIFEPLUS_JTBC_서울_마라톤 #LIFE_LIVELY #달리자_나답게 #LIFEPLUS - @lifeplus_jtbc_seoul_marathon on Instagram

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- Well, I guess Im prepared


#hat #brim #deafult

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- Job (cover letter and interview tips)


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- Relative pronouns

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- Business plan presentation

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How to take and decide on a good Facebook Profile Picture

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‪ - beta website is now live. If you are a #musicblogger, an #artist, #band, #musicpr agency, a #recordlabel or anyone who works within this #music industry, please take a moment to visit the world’s 1st & oldest community of music bloggers, curators and influencers.‬ . . . . #musicblog #musicblogs #musicblogger #musicwriter #musicbloggers #band #artists #singersongwriter #musicbloggersnetwork #musiccritic #musiccurator #musicinfluencer #musicians #musicindustry #musicreview #musicpromotion #musicreviews #musicjournalism - @sociacracy on Instagram


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- any

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ONE POINT FOUR THOUSAND OF YOU!? 👏🏻😍💫💪🏻🥳 #lesbian_exchangeinsta #lesbian #lesbiansofinstagram #gaygirl #lgbt #gay #lgbtq #instagay #girlswhokissgirls #girlswholikegirls #girlswholovegirls #girlswhofuckgirls #gayuk #rainbowfamily #loveislove #lovewins #bisexualgirls #pride #beproud #lgbtcommunity ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜 - @lesbian_exchangeinsta on Instagram

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#Repost @swedishfashionassociation • • • • • • @rewiringfashion is calling out for a reset of the current fashion calendar! Pictured above is a new fashion calendar that takes timing of markets and shows, buying periods and product deliveries into consideration. Visit to read more and sign the petition. The intiative wishes to: Combine men’s and women’s fashion weeks to take place in January/February and June to enable longer full-price sell-through periods, minimise travel requirements and de-gender fashion week. Align fashion shows, collection deliveries and real-world seasons so shows take place just before weather-appropriate collections hit stores. Synchronise next season buying periods with current season presentations to cut back on travel. - on Instagram

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#instagrammarketing #instagrammarketingtips #iggrowth #instagramstrategies #instagramtips #instagramcoach #instagramforbusiness #onlinemarketingtips #socialmediamarketingtips #socialmediamarketing #instagramgrowth #digitalmarketingtraining #socialmediamarketingagency - on Instagram


#hat #brim #deafult

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- Web Development

Top 100 Profile Pics for Twitter Pictures [Best Collection]

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- April 26

Epic face mordor e

How to edit facebook trending cover pic from fb profile screenshot.

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- Making you pay a subscription for basic features

Xbox360mask Pfp Xbox360 GIF - Xbox360Mask Pfp Xbox360 Xbox Pfp - Discover & Share GIFs

Pin de Genesisfranco en Matching pfps | Fotos de alas de ángel, Imagenes de intensamente, Fondos de pantalla de parejas enamoradas

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Project Files!! - I only got 4 pf and a shake pack up at the moment - story share if you can (link in bio) - @gn6rlyy on Instagram

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- Skip Ad Button On Still Image

I 3 my ex

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Tomorrow! - @wobbleandbass on Instagram

Free Profile Picture Maker - Create an Awesome PFP Online

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- Subject selection 🤔

⛓ // ₴Ø₦ł₵ ₮ⱧɆ ⱧɆĐ₲ɆⱧØ₲ ł₵Ø₦ ~ 🏹


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Madame Maledicta live until 9am PDT on - @eardrumbuzzradio on Instagram

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- one note tips

TOP 100 Profile Pics for TikTok Pictures [Best Collection]

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Through user research we gain user data, that could be visualized in the following quadrant. This method help us to understand user attitudes, behavior and feelings. Do you use empathy mapping in your UX research process? 🤔 #uxui #uiux #uxigers #uxd #adobexd #sketchapp #creativeagency #humancentereddesign #uxresearch #uxcommunity #uxprocess #userexperiencedesign #userinterfacedesign #uxdesigner #learnux #designdriven #designschool #useresearch #emphasis #ui__ux #ui_gradient - @atherosai on Instagram

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- Absolutely no consistency

epic face

🌟 4 Quick Ways to Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

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Oliver ♥︎

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The freedom to run your own day is a big allure for many #entrepreneurs. It requires the ability to think on your feet, trust your own judgement, and work independently to get things done. Being self-reliant is a trait shared by many successful small business owners. What does self-reliance mean to you? #bankofhope - @bankofhope.official on Instagram

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- Crypto Money

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- Folks over at Genius don’t understand how bad graphs work

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💥🎩 10 AÑOS de MAGIA 🎩💥 🎉Amigos, les cuento que estoy cumpliendo 10 años de vida mágica y quiero festejarlo con ustedes! 💻Tiraré la casa por la pantalla (porque ahora todo es virtual) y los 10 primeros días del mes número 10 (Octubre) haré varias actividades como sorteos, concursos, juegos y estaré publicando saludos de artistas, amigos y clientes (si gustas puedes grabarte enviándome un saludo por mi 10°Aniversario). 🏃🏻También haré un recorrido de mi trayectoria con 1 post por cada año transcurrido (2010-2020) para que sepan lo que he podido hacer en este tiempo y me puedan conocer un poco más. 🙏🏻Gracias a todos los que han sido y son parte de mi historia, a celebrar! - @afimagia on Instagram

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- Preschool Newsletter Templates

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- Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

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- The pie charts on the University of Californias official diversity report

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LET’S GO!! #Repost @valeisha ・・・ CHANGE MUSIC —- This Thursday, join the @recordingacademy and @colorofchange for our very first Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit in music with .... @harveymasonjr @tammyhurt @iamrashadrobinson @iamdebralee @karencivil @ledisi @iamricolove @rocsidiaz @jeffsnation @tumabasa @j_ivy @diverstar @mrserinharris @kodaklens @barolinne @cueofthegoldencoast @batnib @riggysmallz @mauricestinnett @travis.l.robinson @rkshabazz @jerieljohnson_ @ms_ibest @michme12 And many more! Special thanks to my amazing partner and co-producer, Ryan Butler. ——- Join us // LINK IN BIO! 🔥 - @j_ivy on Instagram

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- Being Successful!

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- Abstract 3D Renders

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FOLLOWERS TRICK💯☀️💫 . . ▶️Like ▶️ comment ▶️ and follow everyone that follows you⏺️ . . (🚫Unfollowers keep off🚫) _ FOLLOW THEM BELOW GAIN MORE👇 _ 🔥@armygaintrick : 🔥@gaingurro 🔥@gain.withlushy 🔥@sexy_ulomma 🔥@gain.withfavour 🔥@gain_withola 🔥@fadauplift8 🔥@gain.with.izzy1 🔥@kingmarkavelly_daniel 🔥@offset_bn 🔥@osifogain 🔥 @gainwithogachi . #armygaintrick #chuvadelikes#gaintrick#gainpost#gainfollowers#gainwithmchina #armygain #gainwithbundi #gainwithtwigz #gainwithwestandmugweru#follow4followback #followtrain #ifb #sdvgeral #india #likeforlikes #sdvbrasil  #gainwithmtaaraw #gainparty #heislush #chuvadeseguidores #chuva #F4f #sdv #sdvtodos#kenya#chuvadeseguidores100k#chuvadelikes30k #kicksfollowraids - @armygaintrick on Instagram

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- Powerpoint format

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- Whiteboard Animation

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- Crockpot peach cobbler

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- Marketing & Goals

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What about Friday ? See you at ECHOS ❤️👽 - @guyjdiary on Instagram

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- Visualisation

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- social web

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- FontFabric

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Helloooo TikTokers... @heytafso present #tiktafsochallenge buat kamu semua yang suka banget bikin video tiktok.. Jangan lupa ikutan yaaa... Dont miss it! - @heytafso on Instagram

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Save Up to 45% off selected Adventures! Our “Adopt an Adventure” Gift Card Program offers you to purchase your tour tickets at a substantial discount NOW, but travel with us until December 2022. This is a Limited Time Offer you should not miss out on if you plan to travel to Costa Rica with your friends or family as soon as Travel returns and save big time on some of the best Tour Adventures available on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Choose our Full Day Waterfall Tour, our Ocean or our Mangrove StandUp Paddle Tour! There is no limit on how much tickets you can purchase! Check out the link in our BIO & Purchase Your Adventure Gift Card Today! 👉🏼 💥 #SendItCR - @paddle9 on Instagram

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- Marketing Communication Strategy

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I’m so happy to share what I have been working on these last few days: @6ix.club_ the first virtual nightclub! The necessary lockdown has hit the hospitality industry the most. As a full time DJ and agent, not being able to do what I love, share my love of music and seeing people respond has been life shattering. All DJs love to see people having fun, dancing and letting loose. A lot of DJs have been streaming live sets and that’s great but it’s missing a huge part of the party experience and that’s connection!. Why people enjoy going out is to see each other, dress up, feel sexy, meet people. On this platform, not only can you see and communicate with the DJ, you can also see everybody else dancing, right from their homes. We’ve been testing it out this whole week and it’s been so much fun: everybody letting loose and feeling the same vibe. The club is open every night starting tonight at 9pm (UK time) with a upfront club set by @djjojonightcrashers. We’ll have different DJs every night. People can also book private parties. Makes sure to subscribe and follow the instructions for joining. See you there . . . . . . #6ixclub #virtualnightclub #clubbing #djset #party #stayhome #dj #djlife #globalparty #unity #love #music #fuckcorona - @djcharlesprince on Instagram

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Another open recruitment, send us an email to join our team! — #DoubleDeer #OpenRecruitment - @doubledeermusic on Instagram

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Cooking something real nice and big on Twitch. NEW LIVE STREAMS are about to launch. Follow and subscribe today!. ❌❌❌❌ #twitchmusic #housemusic #housemusicradio #housemusiclovers #housemusicalllifelong #edmmusic #edmnews #edmgirls #djmrv #solechannelcafe #solechannelmusic - @djmrv on Instagram

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- This widgets background is annoyingly visible and unchangeable

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- Blursed_Game

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🚨 Last chance to enter our #ChimeInForChangemakers contest! If you know a changemaker in your community, be sure to nominate them before it’s too late. We could send $10,000 their way (and give you $2,000)! 💚 Heres how to enter: 1) Follow @Chime on Instagram (so we can DM you) 2) Create a post on your Instagram nominating someone that’s making a change in your community. Tell us what they’re doing and why they should be recognized. We’re looking for creativity and originality in your nomination submissions, so tell us from the heart! 3) Include “#ChimeInForChangemakers” and “#Contest” in the caption, and tag @Chime in the post. If your nominee has an Instagram, tag them! Deadline for entries is 11:59pm ET on September 27, 2020. 25 nominees and 25 nominators will be selected. Subject to Official Rules. Visit for details. Private accounts need to be public for your submission to be seen. Potential winners will be subject to a background check to claim award. Per Instagram rules, we must mention this is in no way sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram. Neither The Bancorp Bank nor Stride Bank, N.A. endorse or sponsor, and are not affiliated in any way with this offer. Winnings of $600 or more must be reported on IRS tax form 1099-MISC. - @chime on Instagram

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Traders Switch to FX after Central Banks Numb Bond Markets by E Szalay, T Stubbington, at FT [PAYWALL] Link to full article: CurrencyColor com/481 . . If youre an independent trader and you like this color, sign up for our free newsletter. Link in bio: @CurrencyColor . . #currencycolor #fxtrader #forextrader #currencytrading #foreignexchange #fxtrading #fxlifestyle #divisas #mt4 #divisa #forexquotes #hedgefund #fxmarket #currencies #forexnews #tradingview #currencytrader #traderforex #forexmarkets #hedgefunds #mt5 #eurusd #gbpusd #usd #usdjpy #usdcad #usdchf #eurjpy #forex #forextraders - @currencycolor on Instagram

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- hmmm

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- @hubspotmarketing on Instagram

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The understandable impulse of many CEOs in a crisis is to center a transformation on cutting costs. While cost reductions are often a critical step, they can never stand alone. Over the long term, revenue growth has a greater impact on transformation success—contributing, on average, nearly half of cumulative value creation after five years. Click the link in bio to learn how transformative CEOs lead in a crisis. #LeadingintheNewReality - @bcg on Instagram

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- Nclex review questions

you should feel lucky dikhan ruthless s1e19 be thankful

لوجو جديد 😍 دعمكم ليا 😍👌❤ #photographylovers #photographyer #photo #Design #photooftheday #photolovers #photoshoot#photographylovers #photographyer #photo #Design #photooftheday #photolovers #photoshootday #photoshooting #photography📷 #photography📸 #photoshooting #potography #designer #descanso #desing #travelphotography #photography #naturephotography #photography_top  #photographysouls  #streetphotography #foodphotography #photographylove #photography_lovers #photography_aks #portraitphotography #streetphotography  #mobilephotography - @ahmed_design13 on Instagram

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🔥HackIt DEMO A simple game to build your thinking skills and train your brain. A few login windows are now waiting for you. For each login window you will get a little tip to find out the corresponding password, so you will get to the next login window. Once all login windows cracked and youre a Hackchampion !! #androidgame #gameandroid #androidapp #androidapps #playstoregames #playstore #development #developer #gamedev #promotion #instapromo #videogames #smartphone #phonegames #mobilegames #mobileapp #hackit #brain #logic #logicgame - @googleplay_bestapps on Instagram

im good zane ruthless s1e20 im fine

- Domain extension dropdown isnt wide enough to display domain extensions

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As an organization, we firmly believe in the core values that have driven us to where we are today. These include:⁣ ⁣ 1. Striving for innovation 2. Creating tangible impact⁣ 3. Advocating for accessibility 4. Fostering respect for diversity 5. Upholding ethical integrity ⁣ ⁣ #nonprofit #nonprofitorganization #nonprofitlife #nonprofits #nonprofitwork #nonprofitorganizations #notforprofit #vancouvernonprofit #changinglivesdaily #impactful #changemakers #bethegood #donate #fundraise #fundraising #philanthropy #socialgood #socialinnovation #diversityandinclusion #volunteering #values #valuesmatter #givebacktothecommunity #makingadifference #changinglivestogether #diversitymatters #socialimpact #dogood #projecttomorrowca #garnishd - @projecttomorrowca on Instagram

why ruth truesdale ruthless s1e23 but why

- a saham

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- Free Job Posting

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- @kikafuerdich on Instagram

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Showtimes Site of the Week: Trolls - World Tour! Created by @rubyfdavies! Congrats Ruby and @universalpicturesuk! At Powster we create the official showtimes sites for the movie studios all over the world. Each week our producers vote on their favorite site based on design, look and feel, and features. We created 33 showtimes sites this week! Check it out at - @powster on Instagram

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💃🏽Viral Fest • Vol. 4 🌎 ⏰Sábado 21:00 🤯Un episodio imperdible 📺La misma hora el mismo canal todos los sábados a las 21:00 ¡Ven a disfrutar de la música y la fiesta virtual que Viral tiene para ti !🔥 🔥Para comenzar un Dj del colectivo @flow.n.gruv , mezclando Tech House 🐵@deepzl, 💣Prendiendo la pista con Moombahton la promesa 🦅@thesoundfeedmusic , 💃🏽Para cerrar y hacernos bailar con el fuerte B2B Reggaetón Dembow del genio 🦁@djbrez_ y la magia de 🐯@djmatiasvergara ¿ Tu te lo vas a perder ? 🕰 Line up @deepzl /21:00/Tech House @thesoundfeedmusic /22:00/Moombahton @djbrez_ B2B @djmatiasvergara /23:00/Reggaetón Dembow . 👨🏽‍🚀Produce Viral 🦠 . #music #lives #liveset #musica#reggaeton #dembow #moombahton #techhouse #djs #djlife - @espacioviral on Instagram

what ernie hudson lc duncan the family business look

#1 - @greenroomaccess on Instagram

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- Android APK

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- Only 90’s kids remember

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Saigon Street Eats has proudly switched to 100% carbon offset for all our energy usage. Our aim is continue improving our business to maintain sustainable practices for our planet 🌱🌻 At Saigon Street Eats we; ✅ Have an amazing plant-based menu range ✅ Compost our kitchen vege scraps ✅ Are 100% Carbon offset on energy usage ✅ Reduce and Recycle plastic packaging from our suppliers ✅ Say NO to plastic straws Every little bit counts as we try to contribute in every way that we can. We hope you all have been keeping safe and well! Lots of love, Saigon Street Eats 😘 #saigonstreeteats #carbonoffset #carlislestreet #fitzroy #balaclava #stkildaeast #savetheplanet - @saigon_street_eats on Instagram

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DUE web design concept - @victawille on Instagram

is that okay ruth truesdale ruthless is that fine is it okay

- sub brands

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- Biz info

stressed out agent brian rollins ruthless s1e18 disappointed

- Erm...thats not an activity

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- [OC] [Polybar] Polybar V10 // DE|Distro Panels // Something Different

go home please tom brooks bruh leave now dont stay here please

- Debut theme filipino

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- Chiropractic wellness

bye pamela bruh goodbye see you later

- B2B

shades on don cornelius american soul on bet sinqua walls cool

- game maker studio

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- First Captcha that says you the solution under the image

fine alright sure okay sistas

- Metalworking & Manufacturing

thats it karen mott danni king sistas fine

- indesign hacks

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- Green

i love you ruth truesdale ruthless i like you i care about you

That new @baddyoosha EP out now!!! #September30 vibe to it and enjoy your wednesday - @mtvbasewest on Instagram

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Which one is your favorite? . . . #sales #marketing #sweepstakes #contestalert #deal #discount #branding #instasale #cc_double_o #spreesy #discounts #socialmedia #shawlcantik #ccdoubleo #business #smallbiz #social #product #butikvendorjohor #vendorboutiquecafe #healthyproduct #vendordiperlukan #tamanbukitdahlia #tech #jualmurah #pasirgudang #deals #butikvendor #vendorwanted #entrepreneurship - @prowebitc on Instagram

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My new remix for @sahar_dj_ is out now on @paradisorecords and @beatport included it in their Future Classics chart! - @theus_mago on Instagram

happy don cornelius diana ross american soul on bet michelle williams

- Linguistic theory

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¡Es hoy! ¡Es hoy! El evento México Siglo XXI de @fundaciontelmextelcel Link en mis stories - @abushito1 on Instagram

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@wwd feature Eon’s roadmap for a Connected Products Economy. In the linear economy, intelligent ends at point of sale — products become “lost” once they are are sold. Lost products lead to waste, pollution and continued depletion of natural resources. Eon’s Connected Products Economy presents a new vision for industry. One where products are identified, and connected to the Internet of Things— enabling brands and retailers are able to connect, monetize and maximize products, materials and relationships to customers. Download and access Eon’s IoT vision and roadmap for industry. #InternetofThings #connectedproducts #circulareconomy - @natashafranck on Instagram

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- Grammar for writing

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- security & hacking

wassup sabrina hollins sistas whats up how are you

O PicPay nasceu em 2012 com a missão de reinventar a forma de lidar com dinheiro, e não é que essa moda pegou? O Pix chegou para melhorar ainda mais a experiência do app. Com o Pix, você pode enviar e receber dinheiro instantaneamente só com o CPF, CNPJ ou celular até para quem ainda não tem o PicPay, 24 horas por dia e 7 dias por semana. 😉 Faça já seu pré cadastro do Pix no PicPay. - @picpay on Instagram

begging sean ringgold junior duncan the family business look

- WeGirls to hold showcase for their comeback on September 6th, 2019.

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- Best Faucets

your fault games people play point it was you you

- Open Source Hardware

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Voting Members of Recording Academy. FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION 1st Round Voting starts in Sept 30, 2020. Deadline Oct 12, 2020. You can listen it here: music #musician #instagood #artist #instagram #dj #guitar #song #newmusic #producer #instamusic #votingmember #musiccurator #instrumental #contemporarymusic - @robertotolajazz on Instagram

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- Porygon Community Day Infographic by Team gtr-Storm

im good tally ruthless s1e17 im fine

- Infographic

strike a pose tessa lorraine american soul on bet iantha richardson looking

- Middle School History

sorry tally ruthless s1e17 my bad

HUJI Cam for Android has been released. (Android Robot logo is a trademark of Google LLC) - @hujicam on Instagram

- Hey everyone. If you are looking for something to do at home, I decided to move our 8th game-jam to April 3rd to give gamers on both sides something to do during this difficult time.

- Brand Power

TOP 10 SPOTIFY KEEP Classifica aggiornata al 23 Settembre alle ore 15.12 1 DAmico & Valax Move it- 31512 plays (uscita il 26 Maggio) 2 South Rocketz Mik Mish Fr4me Annalisa Raucci Touch Me - 30733 plays (uscita il 26 Giugno) 3 Spatarini & T2B When I m Gone -29240 plays (uscita il 30 Giugno) 4 De Martijn & Dj Marietto Feel My Self- 16150 plays (uscita l11 Settembre) 5 EUGENIO FERRARA & Maurizio Lessi Let You Go (uscita il 7 Febbraio) 6 Lorenz Koin Dancefloor Anthem - 9013 plays (uscita il 24 Giugno) 7 Lorenz Koin Fever In My Heart- 8961 plays (uscita il 18 Settembre) 8 LUKE DB “SATURDAY” - 6366 plays (uscita il 17 Gennaio) 9 Raf Marchesini Keep on Dreaming - 3596 plays (uscita il 18 Giugno) 10 Mad Fiftyone Gian Marco Visconti Tua sorella - 2490 plays (uscita il 7 Luglio) @damicoandvalax @rafmarchesini @southrocketz @annalisaraucci @djmarietto @spatarini @tomtwobeat @antoniodimartinodj @viscomusicofficial @mad51mc @lukedb_official @eugenio.ferrara @djmauriziolessi - @keeprec on Instagram

- 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐑𝐆𝐁 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲

I think its such a positive environment, especially when social media can be quite a negative space @zyper_fans have really created such a positive environment to be creative & connect with like-minded people. I love being in a Zyper community. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- @kateppowell #zyper #fans #communitymarketing #communitybuilding #brandfans - @zyper on Instagram

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Continuing our series of DCP Online Tutorials and Masterclasses, here is yet another exhaustive learning opportunity - DCP Online Masterclass - Advanced Photography Workshop, October 2020 To register for this course, Please visit below link: Advanced Photography 11 October 2020 Sunday Time (IST): 10 am to 6:00 pm Mentor: Kane Lew Happy Learning & Stay Safe! - @dcpexpeditions on Instagram

- Girl Scout Troop

Are you on #TikTok already? If not, you may want to. - @vxmgroup on Instagram

- Weight Loss Meal Prep

⚡7 tips for a better sign up . ✍🏻 I put together a couple of Sign Up tips I always take in consideration when designing an app or a website customer journey. 💰 Add this to your own products and I grantee you’ll have a much higher conversion rate.⁣ ⁣ 🧠 Keep in mind:⁣ Getting a user to register shouldn’t be a requirement to use any service, it should come after they agree it brings value to them, in which they are confortable enough to give you their contact details to move forward. ⁣ We cant expect customers to freely give their personal information without even trying/testing what we’re offering.⁣ ⁣ 👨🏻‍💻 A great example of this is any e-commerce site/app. ⁣ 💡 Hope you guys find it useful! ⁣ ⁣ • • 🤝 HAVE A PROJECT? SEND US A DM 📩 • 👉 Follow @satisfied_user for more daily #UI #UX #IXD inspiration! 🖥 Design & Author: @ux.ale • • 💡 Get notified right away on our daily content, tap the triple dots on the top right “…” and tap ‘Turn Post Notifications On’ • • 👇🏻 Got a great product that needs a design solution? Send us a DM 📩 • • ⭐️ Want to get featured? Use @satisfied_user and tag us! • • #designers #uitips #ux #uxtips #startuplife #startupbusiness #startupstories #startupsuccess #uxprocess #businessstartup #newstartups #techstartup #sketching #wireframes #wireframe #userexperiencedesigner #userexperiencedesign #userinterfacedesign #userinterfacedesigner #webdesigner #webdesigners #webdesign #productdesign #productdesigner #ui #uiux #responsivedesign - @satisfied_user on Instagram

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- Can we get a separate twitter for STW then?

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Hi Friends Happy Tuesday, today we share some UX Design Statistics 💡 User experience (UX) has become the buzzword for many businesses, most of whom are fastly becoming customer-centric in every sense of the word. The website may be visually appealing and has the best content money can buy, but without a good user experience design, it will not be as effective as it should be. Investing in UX design is definitely worth it, offering businesses benefits such as increased revenues, user interaction while promoting customer loyalty, among many others. UX design market research has revealed that these and more have helped in the expansion of the UX design market size. Source: #uidesign #uxdesign #interfacedesign #uiinspiration #uidesignpatterns #websitedesigning #webdesign #webdesigntrends #uitips #uiuxsupply #mobiledesign #uitrends #ux #userexperience #uxdesign #uxdesigner #uxresearch #designerlife - @ux_growth on Instagram

- The day Magikarp finally succeeded at something

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📣Whoop, whoop!📣 Wir sind auf der diesjährigen #Bundeskonferenz der Integrationbeauftragen von Bund, Ländern und Kommunen zu Gast, genauer gesagt unsere Projektleiterin Selma Yilmaz-Schwenker.🆒 😎 Mehr dazu auf unserer Website 👇 - @selbstaendige.immigrantinnen on Instagram

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a guide to plague raves by @techno_pombear - @hdt_hugh on Instagram

Spotify today is introducing a new feature designed to make podcasts more interactive. The company says it’s beginning to test “Polls,” a tool that will allow listeners to engage with podcasts by answering questions posed by the podcast hosts during the show. The polls will appear in the Spotify app, and can be found either on the Now Playing screen or on the podcast episode’s page. The user can then answer the question and view how their answer stacks up with the rest of the listener base in real-time. They won’t, however, be able to view the results of the poll without first participating themselves. Participation in polls is entirely optional, Spotify says, and the votes will remain anonymous. In other words, the goal is not to accumulate individualized data on listeners, but rather give the podcast host a way to better understand their audience. For example, a host could ask the audience to vote on who the next guest should be, or they could ask them to settle a debate that cropped up on the show. Polls will also be able to support either a “choose one” or “choose multiple” option for the answers, to give them some flexibility. Do follow @exhibit_emotions for more updates! Use @exhibit_emotions and #exhibitemotions for feature. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#spotify #music #youtube #applemusic #itunes #hiphop #soundcloud #newmusic #rap #podcast #tidal #deezer #artist #rapper #spotifyplaylist #producer #love #googleplay #musica #dj #trap #singer #musician #explorepage #follow #playlist #radio #amazonmusic #instagram  . . . . . DM for any queries. This post is solely non profitable work, just for entertainment purpose. News courtesy: - @exhibit_emotions on Instagram

#2016CineGearExpoLA @panasonicusa @arri @lacie @canon ™@cine_gear_expo - @iatselocal600 on Instagram

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📹 Check us out on Youtube for more entrepreneurial content⁠ |⁠ #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #entrepreneurmindset #youngentrepreneur #youngmillionaire #business #success #motivation #money #hustle #grind - @businessideas365 on Instagram

- FDR change - Wolves (H) is now a green fixture

Join us, @ileasandiego and @ileanigeria for this amazing program! Just two days away, coming in HOT! Link in bio. - @ileaportland on Instagram

Organic eating, organic living 🌿 #organic #organicgardening #organicfood #organicfarming #healthywealthylife #eatgreen #livegreen #greenhealth #environmentaljustice #environmentalist - @athappywealthylife on Instagram

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I am a firm believer that we are in the most advantaged era. Despite all the bad in the world, now more than ever, we have more and more opportunities to reach success and chase our dreams. Thanks to the power of the internet, we have a blessing in disguise that can be used to generate massive amounts of wealth at the comfort of your homes. Unlike previously, where your only option was to go to university, get a degree and follow the social construct that is modern slavery in disguise, we are now free to become anyone we want to be. With these 6 apps, you can become someone else overnight and transform your life into what you want within as little as a few months. Youtube gives you the power to become a channel and an online sensation, a gamer, a movie director, anything you can think of. Other apps such as skill share and fiverr give you the freedom to pass on your knowledge to others while also making large sums of money off it. We are very much the luckiest people ever, whether you see it or not. If you have a phone in your hand or some sort of way to access this post, you have the power that no one else has had for thousands of years. You have the power to change your life. So why not start now? 🔥‼ Do you agree? 👇💬 • • • Follow for more 🔥 @money.mentality_ @money.mentality_ @money.mentality_ • • Like 👍 comment 💬 and share 👥 It all means a lot💪 • Turn on notifications 📲 • DM for any financial questions 📩 • #successquotes #powerofpositivity #selfeducated #inspirationsuccess #billionaireminds #sidehustleideas #successtips101 #motivationforsuccess #growrich #growbusiness #successdriven #motivationmafia #mindsetmastery #takecontrolofyourlife #selfmastery #pharrell #pharrellwilliams #chrisrockquotes #denzelwashington #chrisrock #neildegrassetyson #neildegrassetysonquotes #jamesfranco #denzelwashingtonquotes - @moneymentalitypage on Instagram

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- Today, I joined the people who are Master Ball Tier on Season 10 - Rank | Doubles 🎉🎉🎉

When we started 2 years ago, our vision was and STILL is to give each of you the BEST experience you’ve ever had at a nutrition store. 👍 ⠀ ⠀ We wanted to provide you with the widest selection of the top national brands without any house brands! And our specialty....if you don’t see a brand in stores...JUST ASK US & we will carry it just for you at the lowest price you’ve seen! ⠀ ⠀ Not only do we have a wide selection of products, we are the LOW PRICE LEADER in the industry! We don’t make you research & price match, because we have already done the research to make sure our every day price is the lowest you’ve seen!!! ⠀ ⠀ We are not pushy about selling products and our employees are not paid commission so their only goal is to help you find the best product that fits your goals/needs. Our stores are built for YOU!!! ⠀ ⠀ With all of that being said...thank you ALL for making Nutrition Faktory your go-to nutrition store! 🙏🏼 ⠀ ⠀ #NutritionFaktory #DoMore #thankyou - @nutritionfaktorymurfreesboro on Instagram

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- Club Achievements Concept! [Idea]

- Internet Shutdowns in india since 2012.

Learn the art or making 3D mandalas. Something thats rare to see and yet intricately done. This Saturday , 3rd October - 5:00 pm . LIVE on Instagram. No registrations required. Things you need : compass , paper , protractor , grey marker ( if possible ) , pencil , eraser , scale . #scholar #scholarstationery #scholarestore #scholarstore #onlinestationery #mandala #mandalaart #3Dmandala #loveformandala #mandalasofinstagram - @scholarestore on Instagram

- Bitcoin Cash adoption is exploding. New exchanges added to ✌️

PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE! THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! 🔗 Link in our bio Let Us Dance - Support nightclubs, dance music events and festivals Extend funding to nightclubs, dance music events and festivals as part of the £1.57bn support package announced by the government for Britains arts and culture sector to survive the hit from the pandemic. #LetUSDance The government has failed to provide specific support to UK festivals, dance venues and nightclubs. Covid-19 has hit hard on the nightlife sector having a major impact due to the suspension of mass gatherings. Followed by unclear guidelines and a lack of commitment from the government, this has contributed to growing uncertainty within the arts sector, putting at risk millions of jobs. The government must make clear its commitment to ensuring the dance community survives the pandemic. #LetUSDance @borisjohnsonuk @rishisunakmp @helen_whately #dnb #dandb #drumnbass #drumandbass #drumandbassmovement #drumandbassmusic #dj #jungle #junglist #junglednb #junglists #junglistmovement #undergroundmusic #oldskooljungle #liquiddnb #liquiddrumandbass #techstep #bass #supportindependentartists #borisjohnson #rishisunak #covid19 #lockdown - @drumandbassmovement on Instagram

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Heres a sneak peak at our recently rebooted website and we are eager to share it with you. To check it out for yourself head on over to our profile. #recordingstudio #music #producer #mixing #musicproducer #audioengineer #studiorecording #mumbaimusic - @tank9studio on Instagram

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- @sulfylgrp on Instagram

Feeling so blessed and very thankful for this wonderful acknowledgment. Thanks to @Blackboxtv #tonyvalenzuela and an awesome team of talent ❣️ @welcome_to_daisyland #streamys #nominated #streamyawards #nomination - on Instagram

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- Networks are pulling valued content from streaming services, requiring viewers to pay for the networks specific streaming app.

- @xaiomi.india on Instagram

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Not sure why its been flagged but this video contains the holy grail of success all the reasons why you dont want to spend another hard earned penny on get rich quick scheme (scams) it will be the last video you ever need to watch . . . . . . . . #moneymaker #startup #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurship #onlinemarketing #motivational #millionairemindset #successful #millionairelifestyle #businesswoman #inspiredaily #businessman #founder #businessowner #youngentrepreneur #startuplife - @stylishmenover40 on Instagram

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What are your rules for a successful festival? - @festforums on Instagram

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Know what your customers think Discover vital insights within the billions of conversations happening online every day. Be the first to act on the next big opportunity in your market. Know what matters most A faster path to the answers you need. Whether you’re conducting deep market research, or measuring the impact of your latest marketing campaign. DEMO LINK: Grab your copy of it by sending an email to today! - @rajniwal_hemant on Instagram

Great post here by @scienceforsport⚡ Applied Principles of Optimal Power Development ⚡⠀ -⠀ This infographic briefly details the work of @strong_by_science and @vandykestrength 💪⠀ -⠀ It outlines 5 key aspects to consider when the aim is to improve an athletes power output 🏋️⠀ -⠀ 1️⃣ Maximal Intent⠀ 2️⃣ Achieve the Highest Level of Readiness⠀ 3️⃣ Optimal Load⠀ 4️⃣ Importance of Velocity⠀ 5️⃣ Minimise Fatigue⠀ -⠀ ⚠️ Coaches, do YOU reinforce these principles with the athletes you work with? ⚠️⠀ -⠀ Get tagging! - @vandykestrength on Instagram

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ABI TV PRODUCTION Non stop entertainment 💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Kindly subscribe and like to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL For more update on the upcoming talk show on ABI TV Link In our bio 👆👆👆👆👆👆 Editor @kobbycooper Editor @dolar_arts D. O. P @jasperdirection D. O. P @2_gud_photography PM @obforeigner TV HOST @iambricks_bj @hollandiah_9 @grind_n_aroma @grind_n_aroma A prefect restaurant 👆👆👆👆👆 For your breakfast lunch and dinner Available for all event Contact 0247275878 For more information and bookings - @_abitv on Instagram

Yessss @beatport top 5 House chart. Cheers to those DJs out there still buying music and supporting this 🙌🙌. . . . #dj #beatport #housemusic #girl - @kclightsmusic on Instagram

- Doesn’t let you not get the free trial but you need $9.99 in your account to get it and it’s to renews...

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Neste mês, completo 30 anos de dedicação ao design. Para não deixar passar em branco, resolvi reformular o meu site profissional, apresentando um resumo, alguns dos trabalhos e projetos mais expressivos que tenho executado durante os últimos anos. Se você quiser conhecer um pouco mais do meu trabalho, visite - @camilobelchior on Instagram

thanks to @beatport for picking Ton Achterbahn on their new charts! @thorhart_music @thorstenhammer_music @albird81 - @frequenzarec on Instagram

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Congratulations to the second Gold Winner team on their accomplished innovation, the “Simultaneous and Parallel Laying of Sub-Sea Pipeline and Cables” project. The approach taken in this project reduced operational cost and carbon footprint, and increased operational efficiency. Share your questions to learn more #NPCCInnovates #NPCC #UAE نهنئ أحد الفرق الحائزة على الفئة الذهبية لمشروع التمديد المتزامن والمتوازي لخط الأنابيب والكابلات البحرية، والذي مكن من خفض التكلفة التشغيلية وتقليل انبعاثات الكربون، وزيادة الكفاءة التشغيلية. شاركونا أسئلتكم للتعرف أكثر على المشروع #الإمارات - @npcc_uae on Instagram

Food Truck Friday Lineup! Queen Creek 9/25/20 5:30pm - 9pm - @azfeastivals on Instagram

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- NDTV Blocked by major d2h providers and is available strictly on request basis . One has to call and Confirm that they would like to watch NDTV India and NDTV 24x7

Have you registered for this weeks online clinical education classes starting from 12pm each day. Reach out to your Business Development Manager or Clinical Educator now to do so. Alternatively, you can DM us for more! - @candelamedicalanz on Instagram

Die Sonne lacht - wir lachen mit 😁☀️ Diesen Samstag gibts lässige Summer Beats von @discofamily_hh und DJ @dazzmusic 🎵 Dazu All You Can Eat-BBQ 🍔🍟🌽 und Drinks🍺🥃 in der Open Air Location Goldschätzchen am See 🌴 Alles natürlich Corona-friendly safe. Wer ist dabei? ►►► Die letzten Tickets gibts auf @eventbrite LINK IN BIO ◄◄◄ Powered by @kaifulodge @agtbusvermietung #event #openair #festival #techno #techhouse #house #hamburgmeineperle #hamburg #instahh #party #goodvibes #instagood #hamburgliebe #weekend #sunset #djset #veranstaltunghamburg #hamburgevents #geheimtipphamburg #bbq #barbecueparty #barbecuetime #igershamburg #ig_hamburg #partymatehamburg #corona #partymate - @coronafriendlyevents on Instagram

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- The Borderworlds - Teleio Station signage

- @earthshakebaltimore on Instagram

What is Granular Synthesis? @kadmyom asked us to make a post on Granular Synthesis so here it is! As you will see, it is a different way of treating the audio that will give you very interesting results. Have a look! #abletontips #electronicmusicproduction #musicequipment #recordinggear #musicproductiontips #minimoog #rolandsynth #electronicmusician #producertips #productionmusic #electronicmusicproducer #musicproductionlife #abletonlive10 #producingmusic #musicgear #sounddesigner #granularsynthesis #synthesizers #musicproducerlife #synths #makingmusic #sounddesign #synthesizer #musicproducers #abletonlive #roland #ableton #producerlife #musicproduction #aulart - @aulart_official on Instagram

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So pleased to see both originals of @tali_muss latest release still climbing the charts on @Beatport a week and half after release! 🙏🙏 . . . . #progressivehouse #progressivehousemusic #beatport #chart #hype #top100 #lowbitrecords #talimuss #yalla #yolumuz - @lowbitrecords on Instagram

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Less than a week out from Amsterdam Dance Event! So we thought it would be an appropriate time to throw back to a track created by two Amsterdam boys _________________________ #amsterdamdanceevent #ade #martingarrix #moti #virus #spinninrecords #spinnin #ultra #amsterdam #dutch #edm #house #bigroom #bigroomhouse #housemusic #electrohouse #garrix #mainstage #producer #dj #electronicmusic #electronicdancemusic #howaboutnow #virushowaboutnow - @edm.times on Instagram

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We are planning to pedestrianise part of Felstead street as a response to Covid 19 and the need for more community social green space and cleaner air. The council are willing to do it temporarily but it’s a community lead project open to all to get involved with design, making planting etc. Any feed back would be really appreciated and if you want to get involved please get in touch. #hackney #hackneywick #pedestrian #cycling #saferstreets #greenspaces #cleanair #greenfuture - @feedhackneywick on Instagram

- We were so close

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- The Hidden Elements [OC]

Place an order using GUJJU B2C mobile app and get 2% Extra Discount APP LINK: CODE:- H9HA Contact:- +91 97245 03819 - @gujju_fashion_world_pvt_ltd on Instagram

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6i will be the first member of our 6 series here. Sorry for the long waiting guys.👊🏻 - @fiona_realme on Instagram

Morgen ist es soweit: Um 13 Uhr feiern wir die Weltpremiere der neue Opel Mokka. Das ist der Startschuss für ein neues Kapitel in unserer 158jährigen Geschichte. Sei hautnah dabei - auf dem Opel YouTube-Kanal! #teamOpel #OpelMokka #bold #pure #electric #innovative #CEO #Lohscheller - @hamprecht_official on Instagram

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Our new Inspired Directions School prospectus is now available on our website and the referrals for students who struggle with mainstream education settings are coming in. To find out about what we can offer such young people, please visit our website via the link tree in our bio Inspired Directions School Our Inspired Directions School students got their GCSE grades this summer. Demonstrating their resilience and potential, 8 got 4-9 grades, half are leaving this year with an A-C in GCSE English and Maths. All other students achieved a Grading with no fails and all received offers for college. This is a good set of results for the students, despite all the challenges they have faced, they are now in strong positions to progress from Inspired Directions School and achieve their true potentials. Thank you to all the school staff and anyone who helped support the students throughout the last academic year. #alternativeeducation #neet #youngpeople - @inspireebp on Instagram

- “Free” games that pull this shit

- Workers Suffer From Wage Cuts and Freezes

When was the last time you had a date night? Let’s face it, this season has felt all over the place and wide open. Now is your chance to reconnect with your spouse. Turn off the TV, find a fun snack to share, and swipe through to ask some fun and thought provoking questions as you “date” tonight! - @kidspring on Instagram

Did you know that Grad Student Life has started a weekly Anti-Racism Podcast Club? If you dont know, now you know!! . . Want to continue educating yourself about institutionalized oppression and systemic racism? Join us for our weekly Anti-Racism Podcast Club. Meetings are every Wednesday at 4 PM ET.   . . Registration is not required. Save these events to your calendar by visiting:  . . Join us next Wednesday (9/3) for our discussion on Intersectionality Matters with Kimberle Crenshaw! - @tc_gradlife on Instagram

🏅🏅🏅🏅🌎 @ozuna 🙏🏼🚀🌪 @auramusiclabel @sonymusiclatin - @yazid.rivera1 on Instagram

Retrouvez @fyrsofficial le jeudi 17/09 à 16h30 pour @lesinouisdupdb au Palais dAuron 😉 w/ @trempolino @stnazairelevip #fyrs #poprock #inouïs2020 #printempsdebourges #trempolino - @viaprod on Instagram

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If anybody is interested in making making money in following markets please DM me 1. Forex trading 2.Crypto currency trading 3. Binary trading #binarytrading #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencytrading #forextrading #makemoneyonline #makemoneyfromyourphone #money #moneymaker #onlinemoneymakingopportunity #onlinemoneymakingopportunity #goelskitchen #trading #millionaire_mentor #jasonstoneofficial #jasonstoneofficial - @goelskitchen on Instagram

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Our goal is to develop each singer’s full musical potential so they can deliver polished and authentic performances across a range of genres and styles. Although were virtual right now, this goal hasnt changed. We use a variety of innovative tools for virtual music-making. ⁣ ⁣ Check out some of our virtual performances here:⁣ ⁣ Registration is open for all new and returning choristers for the 2020-21 Season. We have re-envisioned choral education for a virtual Fall, enriching our curriculum to take advantage of the many resources that online learning makes available.⁣ ⁣ Join today and sing together. Learn more at the link in our bio. - @bychorus on Instagram

How to create folder animation in Adobe XD Step 1: First, create the final stage of the folder. Step 2: Now, on first artboard drag papers to the top and rotate a little bit and down the opacity to 0%. Important: name all the layers like Folder front, Back and Paper and make sure layer names are same on every artboard for smooth motion. Step 3: On the second artboard modify the folder front layer as its open and keep papers on the final position. Step  4: On the last stage revert the changes of the folder front as on the first artboard. Step 5: Start prototyping Tag your designer friends I love to hear from you please share your thoughts in comments. #alianas27 - @alianas27 on Instagram

- Investing in shares

We want to take a moment to thank each of you for continuing to refer your loved ones for care at NS. 💚💚 We remain open and are providing the very best personalized medicine and personalized care. More information on our website: Stay healthy. Stay strong. We are in this together! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #naturopathicmedicine #staysafe #stayhealthy #naturopathicmedicineweek #ndhealth #naturopathiconcology #naturopathicspecialists - @naturopathicspecialistsllc on Instagram

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Quick start #Adobe #audition cc - @adobe_audition_ on Instagram

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Tune into our 🔊📲 Podcast link in the bio. We are slowly breaking ground digital ground that is. To show people that our product belongs in your music promo arsenal. Only a few have figured it out and are taking advantage of our product and see the results. Listen in or click the highlights to hear more.. #Audiospec #promovideo #videocontent #mobilevideo #mobilepromo #blueocean #futuretech #marketing - @audiospecapp on Instagram

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01. Tease the trick Tease your audiences with atrick to fix a problem theyre having 02. Prove that it works Prove that trick actually works, for you and for others 03. Reveal the secret You got their attention, so reveal everything from A-Z to build trust 04. Make it easier Offer to make the process easier by offering your products / services . . . Hey guys, Follow us for more marketing, sales and motivation tips For more details, lets chat in DM❗ Let us join and grow together on this journey 🚀 Turn on post notifications⌛ . . . #salespitch #sales #startup #salestips #pitch #salestraining #salesstrategy #salescoaching #salesexpert #salesfunnel #salesforce #business #marketingsocial #salescoach #salesmanager #magento #selling #sold #businessowner #businessman #businessjets #work #network #digitalmarketingagency #businessadvice #businessconsulting #tips #dailytips #productive #hacks - on Instagram

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The best is yet to come! Our team has been working endlessly to bring the best tools to help you get your startup off the ground - accelerated. ⁣ ⁣ Paragon business accelerator is another part to a larger whole within our developments. We have much more information soon to be released, but for now lets get excited! #GrowTogether ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #paragoncoin #paragon #blockchain #technology #startup #startuplife #business #cannabiz #cannabisculture #cannabiscommunity #accelerator #program #launch - @paragonspace on Instagram

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Heres Part 5 of a group of posts on 40 FREE UX / UI Resources and this is another Plugins special! These are plugins that youll use on a daily basis to progress your skills, to stay competitive and to deliver the best UI designs! Weve showcased plugins for Photoshop, Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD. Download the list, start learning, get inspired and be creative. Photoshop plugins: . Pexels . Tych Panel . PathFinder . Composer . Chroma Palette . Layers Control 2 . Seamless Textures Generator . Pixel2Vector Converter . Oven . Free Retouch Panel Sketch plugins: . Sketch Material . . CSSKetch . Pixel Perfecter . Dynamic Button . Lorem Ipsum . Content Generator . Sketch Palettes . Logodrop . Stark Figma plugins: . LilGrid . Mockuuups Studio . Content Reel 2.0 . Blobs . Table Paste . Wire Box . Unsplash . Figmotion . Similayer . Autoflow XD plugins: . Icondrop . UI Faces . Rename it . vizzycharts . Stark . uiLogos . Google Sheets . Zeplin . Maps Generator . Mockplus You can access the full list via the hyperlink on our bio. You can also access the link here: There’s never been a better time to learn about UX. Follow @UXlinks to grow your UX knowledge. - @uxlinks on Instagram

We are staring into the abyss. We have an incredible network of amazing venues in this country which is facing total collapse. We need urgent government support for the live music industry. #LetTheMusicPlay #SaveOurVenues - @fleecebristol on Instagram

Heres Part 4 of a group of posts on 40 FREE UX / UI Resources and this is a Plugins special! These are plugins that youll use on a daily basis to progress your skills, to stay competitive and to deliver the best UI designs! Download the list and start learning, getting inspired and getting creative. Photoshop: . SuperPNG . Pexels . Texture Anarchy . Ink . PixelSquid . Camera Raw . EasyMockups . Griddify . 3D Shadow 2.0 . Local contrast enhancement Sketch: . Anima Toolkit . Align to Grid . Bootstrap Grid . Looper 2.0 . Artboard Manager . Sketch Guides . Rename It . Align To Padding . Sketch Resize . Prism Figma: . ui Gradients . Themer . AutoLayout . Paddet . Icon Resizer . Design Lint . Figma Measure . LottieFiles . Remove BG . Minimap XD: . Confetti . Quick Mockup . UnDraw . GoProof . Copy CSS to Clipboard . Artboard Plus . Bookmarks . VisualEyes . FindFont . ColorSpark You can access the full list via the hyperlink on our bio. You can also access the link here: There’s never been a better time to learn about UX. Follow @UXlinks to grow your UX knowledge. - @uxlinks on Instagram

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Vertical Growth in UX Design! You got your first job as a UX Designer. Thats great! But what awaits you along your career? These are the roles and levels a UX Designer go through as they gather experience and start to specialise more and more. . Its crucial to note that the more advanced roles doesn’t mean better and more important! You can become a great and valuable UX Designer and never specialize in a certain role. This is more of a list of roles that are currently looked for in bigger companies, but you can also become a very well prepared all-rounder, for example if you’re working on your own as a freelancer. . Let me know if you have any questions about any of these roles or if you think some roles are missing. . . . #designtools #dribbble #userexperience #uxd #uxprocess #uxresearch #appdesign #uxigers #userinterface #uxuidesign #illustrations #webdesign #uiux #uxui #webdesigner #uxdesign #uidesign #uxinspiration #designthinking #designinspiration #uxdesignmastery #infographic #usability #sketchapp #adobexd #designprocess - @uxbites on Instagram

ITV America/Sirens Media is looking nationwide for extraordinary singles 18+ for a groundbreaking new @quibi series! THE HOT DROP is a revolutionary new interactive series that features the most desirable singles in America. THE HOT DROP will start each week by dropping a profile of one of the most desirable and eligible singles of all genders and sexual preferences in America. Then, through the Quibi app, the audience can submit videos for the chance to go on a dating adventure with our eligible single. That same week, Quibi will reveal the top three candidates. From there, its up to the Quibi community to determine who goes on the date. To submit or nominate someone extraordinary, please email Cherish at Thx! ❤️❤️❤️ - @castingcallsfortv on Instagram

With todays launch of @Sketchformac version 68, were excited to introduce you to the Organizer Assistant 🛎 Organizer helps keep your Sketch documents clean with helpful tips and suggestions! Marie Kondo your design file to spark ✨ some serious joy for yourself and your team! ...And best of all, its free 🧡💛 Find the link in bio ❇️ and click on Organizer Assistant 🙏🏼 #sketch #sketchapp #designadvice #designtips #freelancedesigner #learndesign #uixuitips #uxchoice #digitalproducts #uiuxdesigner #designtrends #userexperiencedesign #uiuxdesign #userinterfacedesigner #userexperiencedesigner #productdesigners #appdesigner #businessofdesign #ui__ux #uiuxsupply #designstrategy #digitalprenuer #uiux - @sketchappsources on Instagram

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Coming up: @teddyswims404, @ben_rector, @newfoundglory, and @daretobe. To purchase tickets and view more information, visit - @singlemusic on Instagram

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What is Flow Charts in UX Design Process? When to use? How they help? A UX flowchart helps you visualize the steps a user takes to complete a task or achieve a goal on your site or app (the user flow). Identifying and reflecting on how users navigate your site will help you meet their needs more efficiently. Make your user flow diagram and tag me #designerhitika Ill review your flow diagram 👉 For more #ui #ux tips follow @designer_hitika ⭐️ Share your thoughts in comment section👇 #designthinking#uipost #uxpost #uxinspiration #userexperiencedesign #uiuxdesign #uiuxdesigner #uiux #uxd #ucd #uxrethinking #appdesign #userinterfacedesign #uidesigner #carouseldesigns #contentdesign #testing #thinking #designprocess #prototype #design #userresearch #uxtutorial #uxexperience #uxtips #userflow #flowdiagram - @designer_hitika on Instagram

Both @tali_muss originals are now charting on the @beatport progressive house hype chart! 🙏🙏 . . . . #progressivehouse #progressivehousemusic #beatport #hype #chart #top100 - @lowbitrecords on Instagram

*PROSPERITY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY CONFERENCE [WEEKLY ONLINE TRAINING]* This is a special invitation to *prospects, invited guests who just want to learn more about PURE* and get better insight on why PURE is the foremost MLM company in Africa right now. Come learn about the *PROSPERITY COMPENSATION PLAN* 💵 💵 that PURE offers. 🗓 *DATE* : *WEDNESDAY, 26th August 2020* *⏰ TIME:* *C S T* - 01:00PM *Cameroon*- 07:00PM *Ghana* - 06:00PM *Kenya* - 09:00PM *Nigeria* - 07:00PM *S/Africa* - 08:00PM Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 387 453 7665 *Note:* This is a weekly event. So you can send in all your prospects etc to join us every Wednesday. *Also note that this training event is not mandatory and it is open to anyone available* 🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥🔥🔥🔥 Welcome to Pure (People United Reaching Everyone)! - @livepure_product_varieties on Instagram

We’re pleased to confirm that we plan to begin our phased reopening of our leisure centres from Tuesday 25th August. Find out more at: - @sheffcitytrust on Instagram

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We are bringing you so many companies you’ll want to chat with that we almost couldn’t fit them all!🤦‍♀️🤗 Secure your spot and set yourself apart with valuable industry connections💪😎, by clicking the link in the bio or visit the event on our facebook page.🥳💯 - @unimelbsamm on Instagram

@sonarworks ¿Qué es? “Reference 4 es un software que elimina la coloración de sonido no deseada y ofrece el mismo sonido de referencia de estudio preciso en todos los auriculares y monitores que utilizan la tecnología Sonarworks SR.” Le informamos que gracias a los convenios entre Sonaworks y la Academia Audioplace, estaremos gestionando licencias del software de forma gratuita hasta el mes de Diciembre (31). Este obsequio es exclusivo para alumnos de las siguientes cátedras: Mezcla Discográfica 1 (MIX 1) Mezcla Discográfica 2 (MIX 2) Análisis de Mezcla 1 (MIX 3) Análisis de Mezcla 2 (MIX 4) Análisis de Mezcla 3 (MIX 5) Principios de Mastering (MAS) Mastering Aplicado (MAS 2) Deben hacer su solicitud vía email a para que puedan obtener la misma. . . . #audioplace #sonarworks #academiaaudioplace #familiaaudioplace #comunidadaudioplace #audioalliance #alliance #audiowork #audioacademy - @audioplace on Instagram

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- Been experiencing this since last night. Ping is normal everywhere except SEA where I primarily play. I have never seen anything like this before. (From India)

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Complete website with elementor in just 44 Mins. Subscribe, like, comment and share Link is in bio😊 #YouTube #elementor #video #wordpress #wordpresswebsite #webdevelopment #subscribe #comment #like #share - @z.a_mediamarketing on Instagram

New Edit Tip #9 Color Coding Labeling your clips with colors can help you work more smoothly through your timeline ✂️ #EditsByDerrick - @editsbyderrick on Instagram

📢Расписание 🔶28.09-04.10🔶 Листай в слайдере➡️➡️➡️ актуальное расписание тренировок в ФК Фаренгейт+ 🔖Сохраняете в закладки 🙌 📍Ул.Героев-Тихоокеанцев, 5а ☎️ +7 908 -451-21-71 - @fahrenheit_plus on Instagram

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Did you know that Communication skills are in the top 5 skills that employers look for regardless of your college major? Consider taking a COMM class this fall! Enroll today at - @lacc_commstudies on Instagram

If we want our clubs back we must sign this! Everyone who’s ever been to a rave, played at a rave, danced at a rave, sung at a rave THIS MUST BE SIGNED! The link is in my bio, or drop me a message and I’ll send the link over!! - @fleur_shore on Instagram

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6 Most Secure Web Frameworks Comment Which one do u use ? .... .... ....... .... .... .... Follow @codingambitions Comment 👉👉 on it. if you like it. If you like this content Follow @codingambitions for Programming Tutorials on Android,Java, React Native,Flutter, PHP, Node.js,Unity, React.js #developers #androiddeveloper #androidography #iosdevelopment #vuejs #htmlcss #codingambitions #angularjs #javacodesnippet #javabootcamp #webdesigntrends #htmlcode #programming #javatime #reactjs #fullstackdeveloper #codingtips #codingbootcamp #frontenddeveloper #backenddeveloper #webdevelopment #webdeveloper #javascriptdeveloper #php #laravel #rubyonrails #cakephp #django #springframework #python @developerspace @codingdays @comment_sense @lovecoders @thedevlife @peoplewhocode @codingambitions @codeparel @codingdays @developers_team @nodejsdevs @thedevlife @meme_coding - @codingambitions on Instagram

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We need EVERYONE to stand with us on this & sign the petition, no time for silence...... Link to sign is in my bio.... - @therealharryshotta on Instagram

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Vous souhaitez connaitre les précautions dans l’utilisation des outils numériques ? Comment traquer ces cyberviolences? Participez à notre web atelier Comment lutter contre les cyberviolences faites aux femmes Inscrption possible via notre site internet. #unionfemmesmartinique #luttecontrelesviolencesfaitesauxfemmes #cyberviolence #martinique - @unionfemmesmartinique on Instagram

Wellicht heb je wel eens de termen androfilie en gynefilie gehoord. Het zijn hedendaags erg onbekende begrippen die op een genderloze wijze seksualiteit definiëren. Ben je nieuwsgierig wat deze termen betekenen en hoe ze verschillen van de ‘traditionele’ termen zoals heteroseksualiteit en homoseksualiteit? Lees dan het artikel in onze bio! #lhbt #expreszo #queer #androfilie #gynefilie - on Instagram

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#Congrats to all the nominees and recipients of this years Elly Awards! We are very proud to be able to continue creating theatre with such talented artists year after year. And a big shout out to our very own Jennifer Vaughn who was given this years life time achievement award. Thankyou and cheers to many more years of outstanding theatre! #RTAA #Ellys2020 - @rosevillertaa on Instagram

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The final events of Pride week are happening this weekend! The parade and Pridefest are rain or shine. We can’t wait to see you showing your Pride in the Magic City! 🌈 - @centralalabamapride on Instagram

Implementing Drag and Drop in Vue Best tutorial on Vue Drag and Drop Image Upload Read Full Article Here: #Angular #Bootstrap #React #VueJs #Admin #Dashboard #Template #AdminTemplate #Design #Theme #Developer #WebDevelopment #WrapPixel - @wrappixel on Instagram