I Dont Even Know If Thats Pg Profile Pics

netflixi dont even knowi dont knowidkdont evendont knowi dont get iti dont evenno

b%E1%BB%9Bt gi%E1%BB%A1n%C4%91i d%E1%BB%ABng%C4%91%C3%B9a t%E1%BB%A9c gi%E1%BA%ADn dont mess with me angry

- I was visiting a friend in his town and saw this platform for live music performance in the supermarket.

˗ˏˋ꒰🍥 ꒱ 𝙙𝙤𝙣𝙩 𝙧𝙚𝙥𝙤𝙨𝙩!!

i dont even care idc i dont care whatever whateva

- Took me 30 minutes in downtown denver, trying to find a parking spot before an interview. Found one and was going to get a parking slip when a stranger gave me the rest of his and wished a Merry Christmas.

Icon star // feito por mim

dont abish mathew do not order nope

- Cursed_dvd

what does that even mean whats that mean i dont understand i dont get it what are you saying

- God why

𝑻𝒂𝒏𝒋𝒊𝒓𝒐 𝑲𝒂𝒎𝒂𝒅𝒐

pfft tina fey 30rock liz lemon no way

- Bob Being Hilarious as Fucking Usual


wtf i dont know

- Selfie Thread, but I praise every pic

sophie thatcher becky monroe when the street lights go on

aykdm ayfkm are you serious you serious please no

- Hello Ive just had a stroke

moon knight what am i doing i dont even license driving

- Blursed_Guide

KH_CT/by Jin.null

huh andy bouchard evil the demon of memes what

- Can’t wait to pop this in the ole VCR

parksandrec you dont even know

- Cursed_lightyear

no i dont think thats okay jerome mcelroy south park death s1e6

- Im still not sure how to feel about this.


dixiedo no 2783 dont even not happening

- Turning off the Playstation.

dont mess with the nickster nickster dont mess with him ddos ddosser

- This mew twos face

rihanna i dont even know you like that

- Ouch

pregame kokichi oma

why i dont understand i dont get it

- 18 & pregnant with a OAP🧓🏻

dont even contest me super wog wuperwog

- Both models have the same color but one was printed at a slightly different rotation causing it to reflect light at a different angle

Medícate loca

dont x ambassadors torture song dont do it headshake

- This Baby Salt Shaker

quote- no risk no story

oh goodness i dont even know no comment speechless embarrassed

- The maker of this speaker apparently wanted it to be both waterproof and demon proof.

nicole bbg 😋🤗

idk about that idc annoyed

- My favorite new charger I can already tell

you dont even know what that means principal victoria south park you have no idea you dont know what youre talking about

- Blursed_Mug

© NjoyObs

maik samuel maiksamuel fasjion_ fasjion

- Someone pooping

mitsuki 1/2


i dont even know what your talking about bree washington first wives club what are you saying i dont get it

- Spotted this while shopping today


i dont know whats happening but kanna and sou

- Shave like a what now

parks and rec who even are you craig middlebrooks sassy i dont know you

- Summoning the butter god ritual

mitsuki ☆ ; matching icons!

lesslie polinesia shrug i dont know no idea whatever

- This bath bomb I found in my CVS

it doesnt even make sense stick goldstein reed horstmann ashley garcia the expanding universe

- Why would you scrach your own mirrors like this?

spamton deltarune angry dont

- Someone put up this flyer at my school and it makes me sad but also laugh at the same time

sml jeffy i dont even know idk i dont know

- Candom... a condom for cans that keeps them cold

alexanderlungwitz lungwitz kleeblatt f%C3%BCrth greutherf%C3%BCrth

- Apparently Andy Samburg worked with Sully on Monsters Inc.

i dont even know if it can be fred pye nought i have no idea how this works i have no clue about this

- Looks like Julian Assange has changed career path

facepalm i cant even embarrased seth jones nhl

- Cutie

i dont even know your first name beth harmon anya taylor joy the queens gambit i didnt get your name

- This advertising poster in a carpet store

out of word rudy ayoub i dont know what to say im speechless

- The underside of my beard looking like a disfigured back of my head

its like i dont even know you anymore dean winchester

- Or they could have shared the N

that doesnt make any sense corridor crew thats nonsense thats rubbish

- Saw this hero at the gym today

vagrant queen elida nope syfy no

- I dont want to live in this world anymore...

dont hate what you dont understand

- In the outro sequence of Monsters University 2013, during the cataloging of Mike and Sully’s progression through Monsters inc, we see what is most likely Mike’s very first romantic encounter with his future girlfriend, Celia.

i dont even know what that means kendall gray i dont understand confused i dont know

- [MEME] Lysosomal storage diseases be like

i dont fuck with that motoki maxted moretoki getting baked with motoki i dont mess with that

- Different goodwills, $10 glow in the dark professor chaos, $6 peace among worlds Rick.

you dont even know who i am jasmine moore master you dont know my identity you have no idea who i am

- Came across this gem in a second-hand bookshop

nici seiwald seiwald fc red bull salzburg salzburg red bull

- Jj if you know you know :)

you dont even know me you dont know my life who are you boy please who do you think you are

- blursed_nose

i dont give a shit tx2 i dont give a fuck idgaf i dont give a damn

- Facial recording on every self checkout.

name stranger 13reasons why 13rw clay jensen

- hmmm

jsp wtf idk i dont know shrug

- I found and purchased a Dan Aykroyd autographed bottle of vodka at Total Wine today.

i dont even know that words for it william newberry goremiser spl smite pro league

- This should be under Mildly Confused.

idk i dont know i dont understand i dont wanna giora morein

- Stolen :P

dan stevens dont dont even dont start

- Don’t drink the bath elixir

idk shrugs i dont know no idea

- This doesn’t need photoshop.

sasha banks wwe raw talk wrestling no

- Is your baby stinky? Stop by the:

no austin evans nope no way dont

- Blursed Clorox ducks

dont even bother dont care money smell owned discord meme

- omg thats my favorite Grand Duke album

5678things ardianfnin i dont care idc shrug

- Baymax.

dont event with that redfalcon mario maker2 dont even try you better not

- Despicable Captain America

vgp virtualgp erik vizi

- Heinz ad edited models heat.

you dont even know me rosa gilmore the expanse stranger foreigner

- It took us way too long to figure out what the first letter of this company’s name was. For the record, it was a T.

dont cast that spell wong benedict wong spiderman spiderman no way home

- Finally getting the recognition he deserves

even bother dont even bother

- blursed yogurt

why i dont understand i dont get it

- The Road to Enlightenment

i dont even know anymore lmfao

- Continuing my Simpsons run, found this today, boxed for $7. A Homer Stretch Armstrong thing. The kids love it.

no confuse shrug i dont know head shake

- Theres nothing better to rest your head on than a green ballsack

real housewives housewives bravo bravo tv real housewives out of context

- Army of peter griffins my friend made

why i dont understand i dont get it

- Being 49 and not being able to reach the raspberry ripple

chillbo cheebs chillbobagginz i dont even know her 5gifted subs

- The new Hardins

i dont understand casey miller south park s13e13 dances with smurfs

- Natural nutrients...

mean girls rachel mc adams i dont even whatever

- Cursed_teletubby

thats imaginary kyle south park thats fake thats not real

- This bath bomb that looks like the death star

i dont even know how youve managed that busy philipps cameo howd you do that i dont even know how

- Yep, thats exactly where you insert the coffee

i dont understand renzo farzar im confused i dont get it

- Blursed_horse thibg

you dont even know rob landes you have no idea you know nothing

- i was searching for a funko pop and found this gem. funko pop foot fetish art

even if shes an old lady just saying so what who cares no matter what


i dont even know them julie frattis kimia behpoornia players im not familiar with them

- Found this at wal-greens

face palm cant believe it i cant even cant even ashamed

- This hotel lets you choose between your room being cleaned or the hotel will donate 10kr (about 1 us dollar) to unicef

i dont even know what that means talia burns first kill i dont get that i have no idea what that means

- My favorite kind of fish

no comment

- Not sure if these are actually forbidden?

gwen i dont even know why smh

- I was such a quirky young... boy?

eye roll ugh whatever i dont care i dont know

- Dance

i dont even understand it pierre cadault emily in paris i dont get it i dont understand what it means

- And the award for the worlds longest finger goes to...

huh rudy ayoub what i dont understand i dont get it

- This store charges more for the white doll

i dont even know if thats necessary david rose david dan levy schitts creek

- This bottle of gummy vitamins has that seal wrap on it but the cap isn’t on all the way

i dont know mariko takahashi atomicmari no idea idk

- This couple is playing an all white version of Connect Four.

dont know other woman i dont even know i dont know idk

- Blursed_hair line

no dont faisal khan please stop keep that away no

- While shopping at my local Publix, I found a container that protects your sub sandwich.

i dont know if that how it works mr beast idk how it works i have no idea how it functions i dont even know how it operates

- The I on this bib isnt capitalized

i dont even know people like that exist south park board girls s23e7 are there people like that

- A Day in the Life at Wal Mart

lemera lem lemdonteven dont even rage

- John Candy and his New York Islanders Cabbage Patch Kid back in 1985. Tomorrow wouldve been his 69th birthday

i dont get it stan marsh south park gnomes s4e17

- This video game seat looks like a scared alien

i dont even know that shanna lisa marissa rachel i have no idea about that idk

- Found one in the wild just now!

i cant even facepalm i cant

- Damn shes big 😮😍

david ramsey cut i dont even know if thats gonna make the cut i dont know

- The Game, Twitter, & Subreddit

inwendo iwgif reaction dont know shrug

- What are you looking for?

- Forbidden yoghurt

dont even get started carol mccormick south park chickenpox s2e10

- Cheap but please dont

gameboyluke i dont even know where i am luke

- not fake at all

flora cash you love me you dont even know what you do to me

- Why is this so funny but scary at the same time?!

i didnt know that aiken chia nightowlcinematics i have no idea about that i dont know much about that

- blursed_knockoff

thats not even worth it stan marsh kyle broflovski southpark s8ep6

- Blursed_vegetales

pg idontknow idek i dont even know if thats pg r truth

- Absolute hairdo unit

i dont know what that means casey frey i dont know the meaning what do you mean

- Who is Tesco targeting here?!?

is that pg i dont even know if thats pg wwe wrestling

- California should just buy everyone one of these

- So I guess Yoda + crack = Greedo

- Blursed baby

- One of the few standing

- Who thought this was a good idea

- This monstrosity of an emoji plush

- -- Alright which one of you did this --

- cursed_bag

- This Chunk from The Goonies action figure is not chunky at all.

- This ball, comes with instructions on what to do with a ball.

- With how addicting pops are, I try really hard to have only have a select few but I could NOT pass this guy up!

- Never too young!

- When the village finds a piece of bread on the floor.

- This NYC cab using its advertising space to show solidarity and say their names

- Blursed... Thing?

- Blursed_whatever the hell this is

- This big face

- Couldnt they think of any famous character with fangs

- Blursed conjoined cookie jar.

- Saw this on my way to school this week.

- Clothing store called scamm

- The gym I go to somehow used both O and 0 in the same word.

- My local Walmart still has a Gameboy Advance sign up

- Just copped the new Shreazys

- Found an awesome E.T. tin lunchbox (circa 1982) at the Flea Market

- Did Preppy read the other 14 books?

- A well-placed display at my local supermarket

- Hair and bread trimmer, what a useful combo.

O mundo não é dos espertos. É das pessoas honestas e verdadeiras. A esperteza um dia é descoberta e vira vergonha. A honestidade se transforma em exemplo para as gerações do futuro. Uma corrompe a vida, a outra enobrece a alma. #chicoxavier 🙏🏾♥️ - @jojotodynho on Instagram

- Just came across this sick Mitch McConnel doll on FB Marketplace.

- [haul] For I’ve betrayed you, Drunk Elephant and Sephora. Or rather, I’m giving a $20 dupe of Protini a shot.

- cursed_NewspaperAd

- Some wholesome fun. Dont let your sub get soggy

- The Snuff Box Sea Bean is an absolute unit!

- Meet Grziz

- This brandless chocolate bar for charity

- Blursed mirror

- The open lid of my coffee maker looks a bit like Darth Vaders helmet.

- Yet again, an honesty test.😂

- Any guesses?

- Babies

- These display cups are the same size

- This birthday cake

- What..

- This is official Disney merchandise. I dont even have a joke for this, its just crappily designed and poorly made.

- Sorry did I flex with my Shrek soundtrack

- Economic

- Putting Silly String directly next to hairspray of the same color.

- Why tho?

- Its the perfect solution for an extreme case of being single and developing my knitting skills. 😂

- Just because you can put a face on the box doesn’t mean you should

- Mods are asleep. Post hydro nudes.

- A photo in my basics of buisness text book. WTF is this supposed to mean?

- Nice pharmacy people thinking of those who cant read the tiny print on OTC drugs

- Alex Harper. Doggy Ahegao

- The one toy I wouldnt care about my dog chewing up...

- I wish

- This Poundland banner printed on either side of a window

- Seen on Facebook marketplace.... Why

- I think the real question is: why on a toilet seat?

- Who needs superheroes when you can play with post-impressionist painters?

- Wheb paladins meet Fortnite, palanite?!

- This ad I saw in an Ulta.

- Had to double take. Thought I stumbled upon this ladys dildo collection.

- #mildly infuriating

- Thank you come again sign at a diner featuring staff exhausted to the point of zombiness.

- This sticker makes this DVD case look like a spoiler

- Same item (aside from color/packaging). Same store. More expensive item in Baby Dept (other in healthcare aisle).

- Cleanest guy I can think of

- His Sweet Dool

- This pack of purple balloons

- Strange Thanos (found in Brazil)

- Is this cheating?

- This is the last picture of my grandfather before he tragically passed from cancer on December 24, 2014.

- Large is cheaper than medium

- This article deserves a tony

- Oh no... childhood right out the window

- Rescue mission on the way

- hmmm

- Stop with the faces!

- This bird bag

- New DLC car?

- Found this statue at goodwill with my friend

- Guys JJ is pregnant

- Blursed weight

- Catch and Release: How to Strip for your husband

- Definitely NOT a hair brush

- Found an old Christmas present my brother got 1 or 2 years ago

- Some sort of balls... LED... thing.

- I can only imagine why someone would buy this...

- Cuddly Soft Fred will eat your child when you sleep...

- Twice the c(o)stume effort, double the (c)andy

- The product is correct, but the outer packaging is flipped

- Does this count? Looks awful and costs $85.

- Ah yes, the old classic

- American history

- For a target cube, this... is even sadder than I thought.

- Some good news at last

- Look who I found in my first ever pack of Amiibo cards!

- This packaging has Braille on it.

- This here is a game changer. It’s amazing

- Young girl accidentally disintegrates her family while learning to code.

- Intressant

- blursed_slippers

- This teletubby without an antenna

- s6 e15 i don’t know if this has been posted yet but it’s the first i’ve found on my own lol

- CD labels (and applicator stand not shown). This feels so recent, yet so far in the past

- The shirt that’s out of stock at the Walmart in Texas

- How could they not

- 🗿Les nains de jardin n’ont qu’à bien se tenir 🗿

- Big brain kiddy

- So I found notch on a beer can.

- Can buy one for $2.97 or buy our two pack for just $6.48...

- I know it’s a satire article but it kind of feels like something Disney would do.

- Is this where it goes?

- Blursed Sad Pikachu

- Tonight when we all return home from halloween. [OC]

- what is this

- I hope someone got fired

- Blursed fish

- Danielle Brooks

- This E.T. collector’s edition soap bar I found in a thrift store

- Blursed _BuzzLightyear

- Zendaya Snapchat

- This mascara ad in which the model is wearing fake eyelashes

- Garlic shamppo

- Which to choose? Trying to pick the right one for my daughter 2b hair.

- My first le creuset find! $4 each

- Honey, I think we should use a different brand of condoms...

- We get our groceries on pallets at my job. For last couple of days they keep putting loose items on the very top of the pallet that should be in boxes.

- mental health services

- hmmm

- Found this in roblox studio

- Sorry GioFilms lol

- They used the same exact photo and description for both the girl and boys cards.

- Blursed Jasmine

- hmmm

- Barbra Streisand DVD I found. The weird cover makes it look like a baby bondage fetish film.

- Bob Ross Action Figure

- Theres nothing in the box, and when you buy it the money goes to hungry kids in Australia who are affected by poverty

- This baby scale…

- Why use this before buying it??

- MIB2

- 50 shades of Gary

- You have heard of a vibe check, now get ready for

- This spiral pattern in my sons hair

- Black face on snapchat

- This trashy prank

- Blursed Animal Crossing

- Got my boss a baby shower gift. I think it’s a great gift. Take that people who say I’m baby dumb!

- Found at a flea market in Asheville, NC

- In Monsters Inc (2001) Sully’s armchair has a hole in the back for his tail

- Shout-out to Widows lovely smile 😍😍😍

- From a company selling period undies - relieving to see normal people

- I just squealed inside Walmart

- [Sun Care] This is an Amazing Mineral Sunscreen

- This Hello Kitty Fire Extinguisher.

- Not a very sincere smile.

- What a monstrosity

- Come again?

- So mad I didnt have enough money for this today 😢😢😢 only 250$ for a 75 gallon tank with lights and stand is insane

- Wth is this???

- [PSA] Eve Lom Transforming Mask ($90) found at Marshall’s for $29!!

- Will I get COVID-19?

- This one should be Luke Skywalker

- #chocolate emoji hand soap

- Heh

- Terrible with money? In loads of debt? Fire the final nail into your financial coffin with one of our extortionate loans!

- Fidget spinner pillow. Guess it doesnt spin anymore.

- Dat never ending neck..

- hmmm

- Wifes pregnant. Time to figure out how to do my own maintenance and servicing on this thing to save on mechanic bills.

- Blursed Bob Ross

- Mommy-baby nose sucker thing...

- The TV channel misspelled Meatballs

- You like grief? Try grief premium!!

- Is this it? Is this design porn?

- Stumbled upon this awesome packaging in the wild.

- Ill have what shes having

- Michael Bublés new album cover is mildy unsettleing from the wrong angle.

- Cursed woody

- Found one in the wild

- Braun Silk Epil Reviews

- Blursed Scent name

- That jawline though

- Wow thats well cool

- Y-y-you u-u-uh look go-o-od

- blursed_banana

- More abs than batman

- Blursed rubber mask

- Blursed potatoes

- I love my coffee waffles to be black and tasty.

- I dont wanna see it with the lights on

- It only took them 2 years to catch on to the “latest” trend of contouring. I feel like it’s actually starting to die out now... Also this shit gets left around my job. 🙄🙄🙄

- This lanterns thats supposed to be an owl!

- Blursed_Body Paint

- Tabloid magazines are some of the worst parts of the media. Literally WHAT does this even mean??? They’re implying that Sunday Service is a cult??

- One of the strangest scenes of the show in my opinion

- this hair product

- Surely the designer had heard of meatspin.com!!!

- The horror...