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Good night

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Werbung wegen Accountnennung| Moin ihr Herbstschlingel 🌾🌿🍁 Heute geht es endlich los mit unserer kreativ challenge #moin_herbst 🥳 der erste Tag startet mit dem Thema #bunterherbst. Ich habe dazu einen Herbstblatt Kerzenkranz aus Filz gebastelt. Ich finde die Farbkombi sooooo schön 🥰 wenn der Blogbeitrag dazu raus geht, melde ich mich noch mal dazu. Wie findet ihr den bunten Herbstkranz? Sooo, und jetzt schaue ich mir eure Ideen an. Ich habe gesehen, dass es schon sehr viele Beiträge sind, wie cool! 🥰🌷 Schaut auch gern bei meinen Challenge Kolleginnen vorbei @wiebkes.crafts @anker_trinchen @montagskonfetti @klickerkram @diysbylu 🌷🌷 . . #basteln #bastelidee #filz #diyblogger_de #kreativ_blogger #diychallenge #herbst #herbstdeko #herbstdekoration #herbstfarben #bastelnmitkindern #filzen #Dekoration #homedeko #dekodiy #handgemacht #Kreatives #kreativität #kreativsein #kreativeauszeit #kreativershit #herbstliebe #fall #fallcrafts #herbstblätter - @ella_mattsson.de on Instagram


Adult Swim bumper

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- Birthday Traditions

Feliz Año 2022

Love you all!!!

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- @meaningful.works on Instagram

Feliz Navidad

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Repost ✨• @drinkingdiningdione 🏃🏻‍♀️🍻 @thebrickbars was literally an adult playground! 🤪🧱 Had lots of fun hanging out in the ball pit (clearly 😂), created some @lego masterpieces, and the DJ was playing some jams! 🎶 • 1️⃣ ball pit ~jacuzzi~ 😂 2️⃣ souvenir brick drink containers! I got a @queencityhemp CBD vodka soda drink! 🍹 3️⃣ DJ booth 😎 4️⃣ channeling @lizzobeeating 👑 5️⃣ my @lego masterpiece 🙌🏼 they take way longer to make than you think!! - @thebrickbars on Instagram

13 Funny Quotes to Keep Fights Off the Thanksgiving Table

Olaf backscreens! :)

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- Happy Birthday

Good night

Credit: @DannyCasale


- all things nautical

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Tonight the music seems só loud- tradução

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- Birthday clip art

Stories de Natal. #story criativo . Papai Noel. Merry christmas #status #natal neve #backgrounds

Cute Snoopy Christmas WALLPAPERS

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У вас свой бизнес? Но у вас нет времени вести страницу в Инстаграмме?! То вам ко мне😉 На данный момент могу взять пару страниц в свои руки! Проведём анализ вашей страницы! Обсудим ваши желания! Приведём вашу страницу в порядок и самое главное повысим вашу статистику и выведим ваши публикации в ТОП🙏 По всем вопросам пишите на WhatsApp! Ссылка в шапке профиля! - @smm_indira on Instagram

Photos from 8 Best (and Only) Hanukkah Movies and TV Specials - E! Online

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Facebook Crowbar -- Corpgear© by #moisesdsanabria @tomgalle @devonhalfnightleflufy - @moisesdsanabria on Instagram

New year

bnha zodiac book

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Eid Mubarak to everyone! 🤗 - @lime.tt on Instagram


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- Balloon Tutorials By Annie The Kinderklown

Feel it⚡🔥🌌💜💫.

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Paris at Christmas

Birthday clip

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- Party Animals

Beautiful blue space😍

Cute wallpapers

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@manga_fan__ wie hast du dein profilbild gemacht - @sailorjupiter4 on Instagram


Not my video!

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Portage-Kalamazoo. Location #2! Ski/Snowboard shop opening October 2 626 Romence Rd Skis - Snowboards - Used Gear - We service all skis. Visit out website for more information. - @unclejibsskishop on Instagram

Merry Christmas!✨

Zodiac Signs Christmas trees!!

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- Flameless Candles

Good night. Moon Light. Aesthetic.

Life goes on

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- Birthday Cupcakes


LGBTQ pride flags as wallpaper 🏳️‍🌈

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Happy Holidays #empowerla - @ncfundingla on Instagram

New years Eve 2022

The Cereal Chef

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Летний пит сфоткал @a.shaga - @piti4ek on Instagram

ארץ ישראל

𝚙𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚝: @𝚕𝚞𝚌𝚢𝚒𝚖𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚊

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XIX — Happy New Year - @citrus on Instagram


Smurf on that dangerous shit🥷🔫💀😹🥱🤡

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🎤#askthepresident ‘Pourrais-je partir en #Erasmus cette année ?’ ‘Zal ik op #erasmus kunnen gaan?’ - @eu4be on Instagram

aesthetic amino theme (2/2) • give proper credits if you use it • do not steal/claim as yours

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- Christmas Inspiration

Happy Hanukkah

Big papa 🥴🫣🫣

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- candles

Snow Blow


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- Bariatric info

Love you right back

Really Hot profile pics I found on Google 🤌🥵🥴

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- 50 Days ....

happy hanukkah greetings celebrate

For those of you who observe this holy day of Yom Kippur, we wish you and your family a meaningful day of thoughtfulness and prayer. May you have an easy fast. - @ncjw_stl on Instagram

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Anacostia Organics is now included in your one-stop for all things Best of Washington, DC!!! The Washington City Paper has selected Anacostia Organics as one of the Top 3 Cannabis Dispensaries in The Best of D. C.!!!! We are extremely honored and we congratulate all the finalists!! - @anacostiaorganics on Instagram

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- Feliz 2019!!!

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- Alemán

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Nothing beats pastels. Pastels add a delicate touch to the decor. Use our Blossom candlesticks in pastels and mix sizes and colors. - #applicata #applicatadesign #danishdesign #homedecor #hygge #candlelight #silllife #stilleben #pastels #pastellove #scandinavianhome - @applicatadesign on Instagram

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- Holiday & Party Themes

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Here’s to workers everywhere who have proven they can give so much to their organizations, even in the most unprecedented times. Happy #LaborDay! - @kronosinc on Instagram

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- *Hanukkah

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If you know, you know. Shout out to our brother @julliangomes 🏆 - @thelaydersworldwide on Instagram

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Today we celebrate our incredible co-founder @todddickerson for his birthday! 🎉 We’re so grateful for all the work Todd does to make @clickfunnels the best it can be! ⠀ Here’s to an amazing father, husband, and #Funnelhacker!!! 🎉 - @clickfunnels on Instagram

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- Baby showers

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The classic ivory range ✨ image - @plumretail #luminaracandles - @luminaracandles on Instagram

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- Dental Fun & Facts

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Frohes Neues! #newyear #2019 #happy #happynewyeah #frohesneuesJA #frohesneuesjahr2019 #dankefürdieschöneparty - @flamminga on Instagram

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- @juless_vanities on Instagram

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- Fifty shades series

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Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our very own Tammy Wendling! This woman is full of passion and love for not just the Downtown Merchants and Restaurant owners, but everyone around her!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ If you see Tammy today, wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎈 - @bethlehemchamber on Instagram

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- Teachers Day Quotes images

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- 3D falimatrica - 3D Wall Stickers

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Spending on youth services in England has reduced by £959m in real terms between 2010/11 and 2018/19 💔 #YouthWorkWorks #StandWithYouth - @uk.youth on Instagram

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Keep kalm & see amazing world❤️ Follow @the_nature_travel for more! :) And special thanks for support to :- @school_of_vedic_science @mahakal_shivshankar ❣️ Give some time for our work📷📷 ❣️ Like💙Comment💜Tag💛Share!  Send your thoughts & get credit!💞 ❣️ PLEASE SUPPORT US @the_nature_travel ❣️ #nature #photography #naturephotography #travel #beautiful #love #photooftheday #naturelovers #summer #instagood #art #landscape #picoftheday #sun #animal #naturevideo #flowers #mountains #travelling #cute #beauty #tree #travelphotography #adventure #sea #photographer #sunset #night #photo #photographer #pic - @the_nature_travel on Instagram

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- Candle Art

pass the latkes not the covid covid19 covid stay safe pandemic

- Birthday Anniversary Wishes

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- Advent

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- Classroom fun

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- Alphabet A


- Cartridge art

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We hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! 🇺🇸 Our labor style is red, white, and BBQ 😉 #mrchristmas #laborday - @mrchristmas on Instagram

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- Birthday

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- DIY Crafts for the Home

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- Food/Drink Art Direction

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- tupperware

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- Lace, Candles

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- Candles

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- @rajeevkumarbajoria on Instagram

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- Birthday candles

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- Good night, sleep well

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- Amarelo

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- Ree

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- 5 Kilo in 5 Wochen - arianebrand

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- Orange baby showers

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Some local foods we love, in case the reigning champs miss home #raptors - @foodbasicson on Instagram

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- Kitchen stove top

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- 2018

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- Warrior cats quotes

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- candle holder crafts

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ton in ton kerzenbouquet von @esteranderik 🤎 herbstlich angehaucht . #esteranderik #kerzen #kerzendeko #interior #interieur #design #designinterior #designlovers #homedecor #soul #herbst - @carpe_home on Instagram

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- Hanukkah menorah

happy hanukkah

Thank you 500+ followers😍 . . . . . . . . FOLLOW @taste_main_best_ . . . I have reached 500 followers, thank you for all of you for your support. Thank you everybody and this means a lot to me Your support keeps us going. Thanks again!! Thank you everyone!! Thanks u friends!! - @taste_main_best_ on Instagram

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- High Tea Parties

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Floating diya Dm for details - @diwalidecoration on Instagram

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- Candle Magick

happy hanukkah candles

- Ramadan

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- Bday wishes for cousins

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Our Decor collection is now live in our Etsy Store!! Link in bio. 🐝❤🐝 We are offering free shipping for this collection! When you purchase please let us a know that you live local and want curbside delivery! We still have a few left of our autumn vintage glass collection! They go great together with our deco collection! ----------------------------- #uniquedecor #uniquecandles #aromatherapycandles #artdecostyle #beeswaxcandle #handmade #shopupdate #shoplocal #decorcandles #scentedcandle #lavenderscent #santopaloscent #nugchampascent - @thereclaimedbee on Instagram

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- Space Tourism for Vexillologists

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- Rabbi Bagel wishes everyone a happy christmas/4th day of hanukkah :)

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Håber vi ses i Aalborg til @NEU desingmarked lørdag den 16 november 10.00-17.00 Oplev PIECE OF DENMARK nyhed DECO HANG til @neumarked #neu.marked #neu #aalborg #nordkraft #designmarked #danishdesign #handcraftedceramics #madebyhand #christmas #christmasdecor #brass #designmarket #handmade #nordicdesign #homedecor #scandinaviandesign #interiordesign #interiør #indretningsdesign #neumarked #danskdesign #kunst #julemarked #jul - @pieceofdenmark on Instagram

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- Let us adore Him

happy hanukkah candles

- CaNdLe LiGhT

happy hanukkah candle celebration

- Candle Party Favors

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Today is a very special day... It’s Toothbrush’s first birthday and insta-versary! Toothbrush celebrated by chowing down on a very special brush-sized stack of chocolate chip pancakes, but the party doesn’t end here! If you want to celebrate with Toothbrush, post a picture of you enjoying your favorite snack with the hashtag #happyfirstbirthdaybrush! Toothbrush has had an amazing time meeting so many amazing pals throughout the past year, and he can’t wait for all the excitement that the years to come have to offer! 🎉🦕💖 ✧ #ankylosaurus #halftoys #halftoy #learnplayinc #prehistoric #dinos #dinosaur #dino #dinosaurs #toyblogger #plushiesofinstagram #plushiecommunity #dinosauradventures #toytravel #birthday #happybirthday #happyfirstbirthdaybrush - @toothbrushthedino on Instagram

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- Circo do Mickey

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- Blue

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- Miffy Lampe Mr.Maria | by Schmatzepuffer®

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- candles

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Wow! Thank you to all our lovely followers. We are extremely grateful for all the support of our small business. Don’t forget you can find us online, Ebay or pop down to our stall at Serpetine Green in Peterborough. 🍭🧁 - @the.sweetie.queen on Instagram

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Happy Hanukkah 🕎 ♥️ #lightagainsthate #sharethelight - @hlmichelson on Instagram

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21st anniversary day for @google 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 @sundarpichai @larrypageofficial #google #sundarpichai - @sundar_pichai_followers on Instagram

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- 2020

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- Christmas 2019

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- Kal Penn

happy hanukkah

- baby shower ideas

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- mis flores

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- This hits home

- baby shower

- Best Led Tea Lights

- Button pins

- Happy Birthday Images

- Apocalypse Now Holiday Party


- Cinnamon Queen

- Graduation Party Centerpieces

- diwali wishes

- Around the world games

- Happy Birthday Nephew

- Candle

- Novelty mugs

- Anglais

- Pretty names for your Baby Girl


⭐️ WHAT 🌟 A 🌟 JOURNEY ⭐️ TODAY WE ARE SIX! I just can’t believe how far we have come in 6 years. An idea which started on my desk in my living room. “From tiny seeds grow mighty trees” 🌳 In six years I have managed to take my business global selling in many different countries around the world, bag 5 awards 🏆 stock my items in some beautiful shops, take part in styled shoots in different parts of the 🌍 had my own networking events, made amazing contacts within the small business industry, met the nicest people along the way, sold my products to celebrities, only put my prices up once in all that time! Have gained a following of the loveliest customers who have given me some beautiful feedback and always remind me to “keep going” - I wish I could thank each and everyone of you individually 🤍 your support means the world to me, so THANK YOU. Please keep your eye out at 10am where I will put some birthday offers up 🎁 🥳 🎉 🎈 lots of love, N and L xx #birthday #six #offer #discount #celebrate #awards #global #smallbusiness #life #entrepreneur #customers #thankful #experience #journey #excited - @savethedatebylily on Instagram

To All Who Celebrate...A Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! #gourmetkillerdogs #jewishnewyear #roshhashana #celebrate #friendsandfamily #customerappreciation #southflorida #delraybeach #gratitude🙏 #staysafe - @killerfoodie on Instagram

- The smell of Bonfire seduced Holly to say yes.

TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Yes, we are still open, however the seriousness of this situation means we will be implementing some changes in order to serve our community in the most responsible manner. - We will be changing our store entrance and customer flow to ensure safe distance between staff and customers alike - Production of staples / items that can be stored will be increased. Bread, rolls, savoury pastries, family and/or mini sized items will be made in larger quantities to help ease the strain on supermarkets - We encourage people to order products in bulk, and we will look to provide discounts for this to incentivise less visits. Do you like a finger bun each day with your morning coffee? We can sell you a multi pack at a better price point. Phoning ahead, emailing or messaging on Facebook is also a great option for placing an order. These are our responses to the Stage 1 restrictions, and are by no means set in stone. This will adapt and adjust as we gauge the needs of our customers, and we are open to suggestions, feel free to start discussion below in order to help us know how to best serve you throughout these coming months. We appreciate that many of you wish to continue to support us, and for this we are incredibly grateful. We have determined that in the case of the bakery, a shift towards less frequent visits, and buying in quantities that will see you through for say, a week, is the best option in order to promote the social distancing and isolation measures that have been introduced to combat COVID19. Please look after each other, be generous and be kind. Dahlia, David, Grace, Jack and the Brighton Jetty Bakery team x - @brightonjettybakery on Instagram

- Pillsbury being patriotic for Liberia

🌟MAGIC WAND DIY!🌟 This was such a huge hit with the kids! Each child got to make and design their own wands from start to finish: 🌈 They coloured a dowel as they pleased, 🌈 They chose a shape for the top and coloured that, 🌈 They chose the colours of their ribbon, cut it and tied it on, 🌈 Then they put some magic beads on the ribbons! These have been used for so much imaginary play since making them earlier last week! Every wand had its own special power, chosen by the child, and brought out some amazing play ideas!🥰 . . . . . . . #ecelife #ecemom #ottawamom #earlychildhoodeducators #momlifeforreal #invitationtolearn #positivityisthekey #invitationtocreate #earlylearning #learningisfun #redefiningmotherhood #childhoodunplugged #childhoodmemories #earlychildhoodeducator #earlychildhooddevelopment #earlychildhoodfunandlearning #playbased #playingislearning #finemotoractivity #DIYmagicwand #magicwand #imaginaryplay #thoselilrascals - @those.lil.rascals on Instagram

- Candle making

- Playgroup 2017

- silver christmas decorations

- Feiertage

- bahçe düzenleme&mum

- Home Decor

- Happy New Years from Lola!

- Christmas Cards-Candles

- A - Accessories Arrangement

- Home Fragrance

- Cards

- hanukkah diy

- Tealight Candles

- Kid Style

- Blue & White Unique Pieces

- @mmatsproaudio on Instagram

Happy birthday to our main man @k1ngkyrg1os thank you for all the inspiration, and all that you do! ❤️ - @nkfoundation on Instagram


- Fathers Day

I never thought I would be this age, but I realize now, my life is only just beginning. Birthday cake made by yours truly 💘 #25 - @ohhhjasmine on Instagram

- Birthday candles

- Design.

. . . . . . #photography #photooftheday #photo #photographer #love #nature #instagood #instagram #art #travel #like #picoftheday #photoshoot #naturephotography #fashion #follow #canon #beautiful #model #travelphotography #portrait #ig #likeforlikes #landscape #fotografia #style #beauty #bhfyp #nikon #bhfyp - @urban.pursuit on Instagram

- Happy Hanukkah

- Happy Hanukkah!

- Rotary!!

- Amy & Tim

- Tom & Thomas

- Advents-u.Weihnachtsdeko u.Weihnachtssprüche

- Fall & Winter Decorating

- Diamond candles

Everyone needs a bit of Ibiza in their life 🌴! Right ? More than ever ... everyone needs a bit of IBIZA in their life .. times are hard .. but when you come to the Isla the sun the ocean the freedom here makes you feel happy that’s why I design this beautiful watercolor painting design mug for you to carry a bit of IBIZA with you every day Makes a wonderful gift idea , for birthday or Christmas. Fast shipping 🌍 wide Limited Aurobelle edition only . • Material: Enamel • Dimensions: height 3.14″ (8 cm), diameter 3.54″(9 cm) • White coating with a silver rim • Hand-wash only #christmasgifts #bohogift #ibiza #ibizalover #ibizastyle #ibizahouse #ibizadesign - @aurobelleibiza on Instagram

- A WIRED Comp

- DIY Candlesticks

- Birthday

- Oragami Christmas

Casting spells + praying to the goddess ✨ our favorite candles are back - @otherwild on Instagram

- Christmas

- Duct Tape

- Holly Daze

- **Happy New Year**

Just in time for the official start to fall, @YankeeCandle has launched their new Bonfire Nights Collection. From Haunted Hayrides to Crisp Campfire Apples and everything in between, these scents are sure to transport you back to all of your favorite fall memories. Comment below and let us know your favorite things about this season! 🍂🍁 • • • #newellbrands #yankeecandle #momentsofjoy #peaceofmind #wearenwl #lifeatyc #candles #firstdayoffall #homefragrance - @newellbrands on Instagram

- Diwali

- Free Stuff by Mail

Memolits is finally on Kickstarter! Pledge your party candles and be the first ones to receive Memolits in September! @memolits_inc - @kickstarter_club on Instagram

- cards #1


- Candles

- Stuff to Buy

- Shabby Chic Decor

- 4th of July

- Ramadan kareem

- Birthday frames

The international Day of Peace is observed around the world today. Celebrate by spreading compassion and kindness. #worldpeace # kindness #peace - @tafe_international_wa on Instagram

- Yankee Candle

- DESIGN LETTERS | Christmas

- Happy Hanukkah

- Birthday Card Lettering & Design

E quando uma data tão significativa como celebrar 70 anos, acontece na pandemia, impossibilitando estar junto de familiares e amigos? Fazer um FikaConversas foi a solução criativa e inovadora para realizar este encontro! 74 convidados de diferentes cidades e gerações, conectados pela tecnologia e pelo carinho que sentem pela aniversariante @enildaguido participaram deste momento! Palavras como intergeracionalidade, distopia, nova masculinodade, feminismo, racismo estrutural embalaram as rodas de conversa e, ao final, como não poderia deixar de ser, cantamos juntos um lindo “parabéns a você”. Foi lindo este encontro, a tecnologia aproximando quem está longe, mas perto do coração! - @fikaconversas on Instagram

Happy New Year! - @erperdomo on Instagram

- Happy 4th July from my boy Marvin ❤️🇺🇸❤️



- Art that I want to do

@duvalfoodies turns 1 today! 🥳⁣ ⁣ So happy I started this page a year ago. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s to just go for it. I’m grateful for the opportunities that have come from this and especially the people I’ve met along the way! ⁣ Special shout-out to Florence from @marianasgrinds / @saysosweets who made this beautiful cake! 😍⁣ ⁣ Thanks to all my supporters! You guys are the best. 💗 - @duvalfoodies on Instagram

- do you like parties?

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#Repost @nadege_mouyssinat • • • • • • Foggy Moment, porcelain,gold leaf- 2020 . New piece for EQUILIBRIUM 09.09 - 14.11.2020 @bermelvonluxburg For Berlin Art Week and Gallery Weekend 2020. BvL is delighted to present brand new artworks by : @christo.daskaltsis @philipphaager @_kosuke_kato_ #masayahashimoto #robertpan . Preview days : 09. - 10.09.2020 from 12 to 8 pm. Opening : 11.09.2020 from 12 to 8 pm. BvL is looking forward to welcoming you! . #ceramic #artcurator #blackandwhite #porcelain #ceramicart #contemporaryceramics #artcontemporain #curisity #design #luxurydesign #sculpture #artcollector #frenchartist #femaleartist #artceramic #contemporaryceramics #porcelain #ceramique #handcraft #ceramiclove #art #ceramicstudio #contemporarycraft #porcelana #céramique #ceramiclicious #ceramicartist #ceramiclife #ceramicsculpture - @bermelvonluxburg on Instagram


ADVICDE: probs don’t go look up famous people who are as old as you. - @jgdevevo on Instagram

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- Today is Rockets 2nd birthday!

Today we are announcing a groundbreaking partnerhship between Lewisham Council and @BhamCityCouncil that will look into health inequalities faced by Black African and Caribbean communities. lewisham.gov.uk/articles/news/… - @lewishamcouncil on Instagram

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Dark days will end soon... lets light billions of hopes together come forward to defeat this darkness 5th April, 9:00 PM for 9 minutes #hope #rayoflight #covid19 @narendramodi #coronavirus Narendra Modi #5april #togetherathome #together #togetherwecan #sunnyday #happy - @bourgeshoes on Instagram

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Wish you happy New year from Coimbatore Media #happynewyear2020 #happy #newlife #2020 #coimbatore - @coimbatore_media on Instagram

Весенний опрос!✨ Какой образ ты предпочтешь? 1) Естесственный и натуральный 2) Яркий и запоминающийся - @nivea_ru on Instagram


Em um ano tão difícil, gratidão por estar viva 🙏🏻❤. Obrigada pelas mensagens de todos. Bjos Elen - @elen.sp4you on Instagram

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CLOSED! Congratulations @xokatieessman please DM us to claim your prize! ☀️🍊Were Citrus Crushin on you! You and your bestie could EACH win an assortment of our best-selling Summer Fragrance Citrus Crush! All you have to do is: - Follow us - Like this photo - Tag two of your besties Winner will be announced 6/23 . 🍊Use code: CITRUS30 for 30% off Citrus Crush🍊 . . . Link In Bio . . . . . . #illume #illumecandles #giveaway #candle #candles #CitrusCrush #soywax #soycandles #homefragrance #giveaway #biggiveaway #entertowin #fragrance . . NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Winners will be announced 6/23,Multiple entries are allowed. Winner will choose one friend to get a selection of our Citrus Crush Fragrance! . Must be following @illumecandles to win, Winner will be chosen at random and must live in the Continental US. Contest not affiliated with Instagram - @illumecandles on Instagram

- HAVE A MAGICAL WEEKEND - I hope you all have a lovely weekend and for those in Australia a nice school holiday break! How beautiful are these @juegosocamora stars and wand!!! Stars - @enchantingtoys Wand - @somewhereovertherainbowtoys . . . #magic #magicofplay #magicofchildhood #openendedplay #openendedtoys #woodentoys #handmadetoys #ocamora #rainbow #raibowtoys #stars #stars #learningathome #woodentoyshop #woodentoy #woodentoysforkids #woodentoysaustralia #woodentoylove - @sweet.little.adventures on Instagram

Our people are our priority. As we continue to embrace remote working, colleagues and their families from across the world showed their unity on Saturday evening by switching off lights and lighting a candle for #EarthHour – a sign of true solidarity in support of nature, people and the planet. #StayHome #OneTeam - @kuonitumlare on Instagram

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Have you checked out our Fragrance of the Month candles yet? Find all the rich, woody scented candles in our Sandalwood collection. - - #Colonialcandle #candlelovers #candleobsessed #candlecommunity #sandalwoodcandle #earthycandles #richscentedcandles #premiumcandles #scentedcandles #jarcandles - @manlyindulgence_candles on Instagram

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#vancekitira has so many shades of #timbercandles in blue to choose from! Which one is your favorite? #homedecor #timber #originaldistressedpillarcandle #shoplocal #labtested #cleanburning #celebratelifelightacandle - @vancekitira on Instagram

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Spooky candles to light up your evening 🕯 . . . Day 3 of #fallustratewithlin with @lin_designss 🍂 Today’s prompt is Candle . . . Played around with a tutorial from my favorite creator @floortjesart - @marysdigitaldesigns on Instagram

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- Aroma therapy. ;) Smeell goood.

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G’mar chatima tova - @morriscountynj on Instagram

To everyone in our community observing #YomKippur, we wish you an easy, purposeful fast and a year filled with peace, joy and good health. - @cityofpasadena on Instagram

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Experience the warm glow and scent of our 100% British, all natural beeswax candles... and ease yourself gently into the Autumn evenings. #beeswaxcandles #natural #pure - @london_honey_co on Instagram

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•LUMIERE• • •Yo so I watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time yesterday and drew lumiere since he’s easily my favourite character, this drawing took me 3hrs and 10mins hope you guys like it • •Program-Procreate •Time-3hrs 10Mins •Layers-17 • • • • • •TAGS• • • #digitialart #digitialartists #digitalartwork #digitial #procreate #procreateart #procreateartist #melmations #sealkrew #artysouparmy #foxy_squad #hexgc #disney #disneyart #beautyandthebeast #beautyandthebeastart #lumiere #lumieredisney #disneyfanart - @melmations on Instagram

Monday is a perfect day for something new. With a big pleasure we present you our new 3D icons for mobile app. The app is about the secure transportation of valuable documents. Please, be careful to the details, there are a lot of small really amazed things. What did you like the most about this design? #design #mobiledesign #mobileapp #icon #3dicon #3d #animation #webdesign #designapp #storage #ui #ux #uiux #uidesign #uxdesign #uitrend #motion #webapp #designer #appstore #interface #designinterface - @outcrowdstudio on Instagram

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Wishing all of you a safe, warm, and bright holiday season! - @rhodeislandena on Instagram

- Sophies 1st Birthday! Such a good girl


To those who observe, we wish you all a meaningful and reflective Yom Kippur. - @vmarkstheshop on Instagram

This super weird year brought a lot of changes in our life. But did it change our ability to take any joy, to have fun and to crave magic?💫 ⠀ We hope not. There is always a reason to smile and mess around😝 ⠀ This year keeps at least two more holidays to make it happen: #Halloween and #Christmas. Lets find something new in old-fashioned traditions and habitual ways of celebrating them! Will the wicked witches have a conference in Zoom?🧙‍♀️ Will Santa Claus wear a mask and gloves while bringing presents to each house?🎅🏻🧤 ⠀ No matter how things change if there is still a dreamy child inside you that wishes a celebration. When candles are burning, costumes are put on and soft snowflakes are falling outside❄️, its time to chill out and unwind. ⠀ How would you like to spend these holidays, dear #friends? Would you like to suggest a way to make them safe? Share your plans with us, and we wish you a great time to have! - @candles_world on Instagram

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I dag fyller @frontlinemuaythai 12 år 🥳 Takk til alle medlemmer og støttespillere 🤗 Ser frem til mange år til💯🥊 #homeofthechampions - @frontlinemuaythai_raaholt on Instagram

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Day 2 #vancekitira Holiday Preview! Excited to announce we will be doing our popular #RitzTimber in tapers! Our famous Ritz Timber Colors in a wider more substantial 1.25 width but standard taper bottom! 4 tapers packaged in a nice gift box. #holidayentertaining #giftgiving #celebratelifelightacandle #homedecor #vancekitirahome - @vancekitira on Instagram

A few pretty colors for a rainy day 🌸🕯 . . . . . #sweetheartred #coralpink #limegreen #caribbeanblue #dustyblue #tapercandles #molehollowcandles - @molehollowcandles on Instagram

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Its our birthday! 🥳 4 great years in the fair city of film and heres to many more 🥂 Want to give us a gift? Sign up to our mailing list and get access to monthly updates on our latest posts and an announcement on our secret new project... Link to sign up in our bio 👆 #film #movies #irishfilm #dublin #moviefan #FID4 - @filmindublin on Instagram

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Yet after more than a decade I’ve come to understand that in Texas, “fixin” doesn’t mean repairing. It means preparing. - Lise Ragbir. • • Posting from earlier this week, Art Galleries at Black Studies Lise Ragbir wrote on How Black Artists in Texas Demonstrate the Spirit of Juneteenth --- ✳️Link in bio to read✳️ • Featuring images and work by Austin-based artists Tammie Rubin, BlackAdonis, Jeff Miles and inclusion of many celebrated names in Austin - Deborah Roberts, Michael Ray Charles, Christina Coleman, Betelhem Makonnen. • Image credit: (1) Tammie Rubin, “Always and forever (forever, ever, ever) No. 2” (2016) 12 x 47 x 16 inches, pigmented porcelain, underglaze (image courtesy of the artist) (2) Austin artists BlackAdonis and Jeff Miles work on a painting in Kenny Dorham’s Backyard, a community gathering space on 11th street, in historic East Austin (image courtesy of the author). - @artallianceaustin on Instagram

😍🍂 Yum! Delicious new Autumn 3-Wick Candles have just arrived! - @goosecreekcandle on Instagram

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