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- Alt Mediums

Stories de Natal. #story criativo . Papai Noel. Merry christmas #status #natal neve #backgrounds


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Saag Paneer🥬🔥🔥 . . . . . . . . #photooftheday #foodoftheday #saagpaneer #spinach #healthy #healthyfoods #dinner #onmytable #eeeeeats #feed #foodblogger #londonfoodie #foodcoma #foodphoto #shotoniphone #thekitchn #foodforthought #foodpornshare #foodphotos #instafood #paneer #healthyrecipes #dinnerideas #yummyinmytummy #foodphotography #instadaily #igfood #igfoodie #foodgasm #foodgawker - @soul_h3art on Instagram

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Widget idea

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- Little Chef Approved


Life goes on

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- ahhhhhhhhh turkey time

nft artwork from @eduard_ov

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- Celebrating Hanukkah

Galaxy Wallpaper

Retro the Future

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- Gâteau & Sweets

Ilusion de Saturno.

LGBTQ pride flags as wallpaper 🏳️‍🌈

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- Chicken to try

Good night. Moon Light. Aesthetic.


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- blue and white

let Go X Another Love

Smurf on that dangerous shit🥷🔫💀😹🥱🤡

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giving very much universal, time and space


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- Anniversary Cookies

LED Sternenhimmel Projektor - Geschenkidee

bored Billie Eilish

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- gipsy wedding

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- Flint glass

I apologize for not posting in a awhile. #Fyp

Christmas/winter wallpapers! Aesthetic

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EVIL EYE - why do you see this symbol in many households across Europe and the Middle East? The eye itself is not evil. The eye is intended to stare back at the world and ward off any evil thoughts of anyone who may covet what you have, or think ill of you, or wish you harm. The superstition is all about protecting you from harm, bad thoughts or deeds. You could visit my studio and play spot the ‘evil eye’, I can tell you I have them all over the place. 🧿🧿🧿🧿 These ones will be heading out to @thecollectivebeat_gerringong & @thecollectivebeat_huskisson, & @sketchcoffeeandart soon. - @zeyneptestoni_ceramics on Instagram

Tonight the music seems só loud- tradução


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- Christmas

Thai Dye

the fish just straight vibin

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- Curry powder

Orion Nebula | Outer space astrophotography | Photo by Haley Ivers and Sean Haley

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- Aus Liebe zum Kaffee

heart fireworks

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- Blog-it



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Dinner with Chicken Curry Picture credits:- @cupcakeree .#chicken #dinner #curry #fromscratch #indianfood #indiancuisine #tasteofindia #northindianfood #weeknightdinner #savory #delicious #comfortfood #spicy #eatingfortheinsta #easyrecipes #indianfoodbloggers #bangaloreblogger #f52grams #lovetoeat #nonvegetarian #poultry #eeeeeats #foodgasm #firstweeat #foodphotography #instafood - @shiny_kolkata on Instagram

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- How Tos: Cooking Tutorials!

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- @rajeevkumarbajoria on Instagram

Far Far Away


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Odading, kalau di tempat Ibu saya namanya bolang baling, dan disini saya taunya kue bantal. Ini coba odading tanpa ragi dan ulen, alhamdulillah hasilnya sesuai harapan 👌 Selamat pagii semua.. . . . Odading tanpa Ragi dan Ulen Source : chef Davina Hermawan Recook : @food_and_passion Bahan : 280 gr tepung terigu protein sedang 1 1/4 sdt baking powder 1/2 sdt baking soda 1 butir telur 110 gram susu cair 20 ml minyak 4 1/2 sdm gula 1/2 sdt garam 1 sdm susu bubuk 20 gram wijen putih Minyak goreng secukupnya Langkah : Siapkan wadah/mangkuk lalu masukkan susu cair, gula, dan telur lalu aduk semuanya hingga larut tercampur merata, tambahkan minyak Siapkan wadah lain, masukkan tepung terigu, susu bubuk, garam, baking soda, dan baking powder lalu aduk semuannya hingga tercampur dengan menggunakan sumpit. Kemudian, tuangkan bahan basah ke dalam bahan kering. Aduk kembali bahan-bahan tersebut menggunakan sumpit hingga menyatu dan pastikan adonan agak basah teksturnya. Lalu uleni adonan sekedarnya gak perlu  sampai kalis. Masukkan adonan Odading ke dalam wadah, tutup menggunakan plastic wrap dan diamkan selama 5-6 jam di suhu ruang. Bisa juga didiamkan selama 2 jam suhu ruang kemudian diistirahatkan semalaman di kulkas. Langkah menggoreng, siapkqn bidang datar, oles dg minyak, juga rolking pin oles dg minyak Taruh adonan di atasnya,  pipihkan memanjang dengan ketebalan kurleb 1 cm. Olesi permukaan adonan dengan sedikit air dan taburkan wijen di atasnya. Lalu tipiskan adonan sekitar 0,5 cm. Potong adonan dg ukuran sesuai selera sampai habis. Siapkan wajan,  dan tuangkan minyak, lalu panaskan. Goreng odading hingga berwarna kuning keemasan. . . . . @uploadkompakan #ukodadinglampung #uploadkompakan #ukresep - @food_and_passion on Instagram

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One of the dishes Chef @jasleen_marwah will be teaching this weekend is Tabakh Maaz or Kabargah - A unique Kashmiri dish made with mutton ribs which are slow-cooked in spices and then fried in ghee perfect as an appetiser or main🍗 Limited spots are available! For more information and to book a spot click the link in our bio ⤴ On the menu: 1. Tabakh Maaz/Kabargah: Slow-cooked Ribs 🍖 2. Paneer/Chicken Kanti 🍗 3. Kahwa Tea 🍵 4. Nadur Monji/Lotus Stem Fries 🍟 5. Muj Chutin  🥣 PS: Recording of the masterclass will be shared with the participants post the workshop. #jasleenmarwah #kashmiriworkshop #kashmiricuisine #flavoursofkashmir #kashmir #kashmiricooking #traditionalcooking #cookingworkshop #mumbai #magstworkshop #magstworkshops #MagStKitchenPlugged #digitalseries #cookingathome #kashmiriribs #kanti #lotusstemfries #fries #chutney #kehwatea - @magstreetkitchen on Instagram

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girlz ✨

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- Blending with Mushrooms


- Aiuto:Attrezzature,utensili, ..varietà !

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- Sweet Bread Meat

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- Editorial Layouts

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- vegan bodybuilding diet

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- Shiny

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- Aubergines

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🅁🄴🄿🄾🅂🅃🄴🄳 🄵🅁🄾🄼 @🅁🄸🅂🄷🄸🅃🄰.🅃🄷🄰🄻🄻🅄🅁🄸 Thank you @rishita.thalluri ❤️ -------------------- Understanding the bitter palate is not everyone’s cup of tea! And speaking of bitter, the Karela or bitter gourd is one of those veggies that has either an extreme love or hate effect on people. So today’s recipe is all about heroing the humble Karela with this absolutely delicious Sabzi for all you die hard Bitter Gourd fans. While it’s quite common to fry this veg, I thought of crisping this up in the oven first. It’s then tossed in beautifully caramelised onions and spices along with a ‘lil bit of jaggery to give it an extra dimension of yum! It’s healthy and makes a great effortless meal in minutes. Hope you give it a try. Note: Feel free to tweak the spices according to your taste.🌿 𝑹𝒆𝒄𝒊𝒑𝒆: ⋆ Karela- 3 to 4 pcs (chopped into discs) ⋆ Onions- 2 large ( julienned) ⋆ Dr Red Chilli- 2 (whole) ⋆ Red Chilli Powder- 1 tsp + 1 tsp ⋆ Salt- to taste ⋆ Dry Coriander Powder- 1 tsp ⋆ Roasted Cumin Powder- 1 tsp + 1 tsp ⋆ Asefoetida- 1/2 tsp ⋆ Garam Masala- 2 tsp ⋆ Jaggery Powder- just a pinch ⋆ Chaat Masala- 1 tsp + 2 tsp ⋆ Oil- 1 1/2 tbsp + extra for drizzle 𝑴𝒆𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒅: ♥ Mix 1tsp red chilli powder, coriander powder, 1 tsp cumin powder, a tsp chaat masala & salt. ♥ Toss the karela in the spices till nicely coated. ♥ Pre-heat oven to 180C. Line a baking tray with paper. ♥ Spread the karela & drizzle oil on top. Bake for 10min then turn down the heat & bake for another 5 or till nice & crisp. ♥ Heat oil in a pan, add hing, dry red chilli & onions. ♥ Sprinkle salt & sauté. Add all the masalas & jaggery powder, add a dash of water(about 3 tbsp). ♥ Cover & cook on low heat till onions are soft & caramelised. ♥ Add the karela to this, mix and cover. Cook for another 5 mins. ♥ Serve with roti or rice. #vegetarian #veganfood #plantbased #f52grams #bbcgoodfood #bbcgoodfoodrecipe #indianfood #karela #plantbased #eathealthy #foodie #thekitchn #veganlife #cleaneating #fitness #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #ayurvedalifestyle #recipes #veg #indianfoodrecipes #healthyrecipes - #regrann - @qualityfoodreposts on Instagram

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- Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

happy hanukkah candles

- candle and Diya holders

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- Diwali Festival

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- Almond Butter

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- Carnes

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- Rice Cereal

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- A For Ann

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- Prezenty / Gift ideas

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- Alpha

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- Bowl of Soup

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- *Next glaze session

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- French blue

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- * BLUE *

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- Design » Matchboxes

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- Beef recipes

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- font

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Gajar ka halwaaa😋 follow👉 @moosafir_hu_yaaro Here we are putting really cool content related to travel + food + lifestyle for you. Use our hashtag #moosafirhuyaaro . . . . #food #foodporn #foodie #instafood #foodphotography #yummy #foodstagram #instagood #delicious #foodblogger #love #foodlover #like #follow #healthyfood #foodgasm #dinner #foodies #tasty #restaurant #lunch #homemade #photooftheday #eat #healthy #cooking #picoftheday #chef #instagram - @moosafir_hu_yaaro on Instagram

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- Healthy (And Delicious) Eating

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- The Crowns Game

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- Cards & Tags

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- Baking

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- Crispy Tofu

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- Food Photography - Action

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- Baked Beans & Brown Bread in a Can

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- Christmas Cheer

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- Rose Wedding

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- Awake

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- Awesome China

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- Stuffed Chicken

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- Baroque frames

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- Donabe

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- Christmas

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- AIP fat bombs and such

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- Russian tea time

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- #Desi street food

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- Corned Beef

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- healthy sloppy joe recipe turkey

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- Blue and White Chinoiserie

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- Soupes !

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- La Grande Bouffe

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- China patterns

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- Stenciling

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- Keto Crispy KFC Chicken

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- Hair Pins

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- Apple Recipes

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- cukroví

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- Chocoholic

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- Had these maple cookies on a flight and can’t stop thinking about them. They were super thin, crispy, and buttery. I’ve been trying to find a base recipe to adapt so I can bake these. Any ideas?

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- valentine crafts

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- Brussels sprouts recipes

here comes hanukkah hanukkah celebration festival of lights feast of light

- Aladdin party

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- African

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- Cookie Recipes with Canola Oil

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- sundal recipe

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- all things nice

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- Baked Fish In The Oven Recipes

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- Restaurant Menu Template

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- Gluten free breads and desserts

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- Bordallo Pinheiro Pottery

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- CLAM cakes

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- melamine

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- cerâmica espanhola

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- Homemade kidney beans and rice.

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- Azerbaijan Travel

- Cookie Recipes

- Marianne Design Cards

- Istanbul Grand bazaar

- Arabische Küche ❤❤❤ Arabian cooking

- Cookware Products

Kunefeh / Kanafeh / Kunefe same taste like your dream dessert. Available For Now !!! - @misscafe.seattle on Instagram

- Russian Easter

- Cookie exchange party


- Wooden Tops

- Hat

- Islamic center

- Dinner is coming

- English Recipes

- Food Recipes

- Gateau Reseaux sociaux - Social Network cake

- Linda Wilson

- BEST Food Blogger Recipes

- snacks ideas

- Jewish girl

- Blue

- christmas cookies

- Quilling Designs

- Appetizers

- Antique and vintage jewelry!

- best cookbook Note

- Polymer Clay Canes

- Ornaments

- Bakeware, Baking Tools, Baking Supplies, etc.

- Chia seed

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- Monkfish Recipes

- animal funnys

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- Eggless cookie recipes

- Art work

- Project school

- Rice and bean dishes

- Food Material

- Algerian Sweets

- Bean Recipes

- Bakers kitchen

- Breads Cakes & Desserts

- Bonne Annee

- Bolivian Recipes

- Arabian Wedding

- Baked & Grilled Fruits

- Be My Valentine

- Best Local Egyptian Food

- Chrismas

- Low Carb Crackers

- Baby Recipes

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- 1

- Japanese recipes

- 10) Desk Sets

- Chinoiserie addiction!

- Beign-YAY! (Beignets )

- Bengali Recipes

- Beef/venison recipies

🥩 MEATBOX GIVEAWAY 🥩 I have teamed up with the amazing @meatboxcom to give you the opportunity to win a delicious mid week meatbox! Meatbox offer a wide range of sustainably farmed fresh beef, chicken, pork, lamb and tasty cured meats whilst supporting small farms and UK producers 🇬🇧 There will be one lucky winner who will receive a mid week meatbox worth 40 GBP and contains: * 1 x Whole Free Range Chicken (average 1.6kg) * 1 x Pack Unsmoked Prime Back Bacon (400g) * 4 x Pork Steaks (410g) * Braising Steak (420g) * 6 x Grandads recipe Traditional Sausages (480g) * 2 x Chicken stuffed with Mozzarella, Chorizo, wrapped in Bacon (680g) HOW TO ENTER: 🥩 Like this post 🥩 Make sure you are following @fatfoodclub and @meatboxcom (We will be checking!) 🥩 Tag your friends (1 tag = 1 entry, unlimited entries allowed!) This giveaway runs between 14.09.20 and 9pm on 21.09.20. The winner will be announced on 22.09.20 at 7pm and selected at random. This competition is open to the UK only and is not associated with Instagram in any way. GOOD LUCK! #competition #giveaway #foodgiveaway #foodcompetition #instagiveaway #instacomp #comp #food #foodieuk - @fatfoodclub on Instagram

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- Beets

- Colors


- decoración con velas

- 8

- Dinner

- Antiques, Books and Such

- chess boards

- Italian vegan recipes

- Abricot

- Cake Plates

- Buttermilk fried chicken

- Food/Drink Art Direction

- Andhra/Telengana Veg Cuisine

- Dark Green Vegetables

- indian

- Lavender & Raspberry Cacao Madeleines

- Beautiful Cookies and Valentine Ideas

- Maple cookies

- Indian Menu Design

- drank

- Pumpkin Bagel

- 630

- Sainsburys recipes

- Curry

- Vegan samosa recipes

- Hand & Heart

- Café Magick

- Indian Vegetarian Recipes

- Good recepies

- Chef Cookies

- drinks of the world

- chatpata

- antique details

- Chicken Mince Recipes

- Christmas

- Festival Foods

- Beet recipes


- Just One Moment !!

- creat!vity ;)

- Christmas Ornaments

- Eid Decorations

- Baking

- All things Greek

- Ideas - Quilling

- Beef Stew Meat

- Wedgwood

- Fifth

- Blog Food

- angela dedantis

- gadgets

- Chef cookbook

- Star Cookies

- gâteaux traditionnels et moderne

- Puffed quinoa

- Beef Eaters

- cookie monster cupcakes

- A, B, C

- Breads

- Blue and White together...

جمعة مباركة 😍❤️❤️❤️ . . . Follow :@king_f00d❤️ Tag a food Lover!👇🏼 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💓 Double Tap If You Like This 🔔 Turn On Post Notifications 🍺 Tag Your Friends 🍺 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #المطبخ_المغربي #marshmallows #الطاجين_المغربي #الطواجن_المغربية #الكسكس_المغربي #البسطيلة_المغربية #السفة_المغربية #مرق #الحريرة_المغربية #التراث_المغربي_الاصيل #الحريرة_المغربية #maroccanfood #maroccancouscous #maroccantajine #maroccanstyle #maroccantradition #marocco #cuisine_marocaine #tajinemarocain #couscousmarocain #سلطة #inmorocco #candy #cake - @king_f00d on Instagram

- Healthy Vegan Breakfast

- Chinese Desserts

- Riveting

- Madhubani painting

- These amazing cookies.

- Sweet: French Pastries

- Art - Craft


- Art Glass

- Ying und Yang

- Mooncake

- arabic expedition

- Colleges

- Arte Decorativo

- Butter masala recipe

- Letter m logo

- Art & Street Art

#cuisine The amazing Clapassade, a great French dish from Languedoc, slowly simmered lamb, honey, olives, and star anise with white wine used as a deglazer. When cooked, clapassade has a slight licorice undertone with a mild sweetness coming from the honey. Garnish with lime. - @chefrobertkirk on Instagram

- Croatian Food

- Arabian nights party

- Sealing Wax

- Bread

- identity, lay out, packaging, graphics

- iranian food

- Abricot

- Edible Printing

- Dessert mon amour!

- Archaeology, Anthropology, & History

- Bell Cookies

- •• cornflower blue collection ••

- Indian Crafts

- Vánoce

- Be Like A Bird

- Batik stamps & lino cut blocks

- Sweet Pongal

- bengali recipes

- Christmas

- Recipes

- Blue


- 5 Ingredient Keto Lemon Cookies

- For the Home

- Color Palette: Blue

- Badge

- mayo 2017

- Greek lemon chicken

- German Lebkuchen, Springerle, Christmas & Ocktoberfest

- Engraved Wooden Coasters

- AG Die Sets

- Cookbook Design


- Arabian Nights

- Hannukah cookies

- Angels & Cherubs

- Disney Recipes


- Bengali Recipes


- @simmer_huang_wa on Instagram

Christmas Resin Keychain Ornament Silicone Mold, Holiday Mold - @shopresinmolds on Instagram

- Tagine cooking

- Cookies..

- Ramadan decorations

- Indian Menu Design


- All Dutch

- Am I Blue!

- Diabetes meal plan

- Food

- Cookie Decorating

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