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Parmesan Eggs: Take fried eggs up a notch

Breakfast: sunny side up 🍳

comiendo curiosamente huevo huevo frito alimentarse

- Eggs Benedict

★: Photo


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- My freinds dinner: Scrambled eggs with buckwheat

Blackened Eggs

fried egg

- [Homemade] Bacon Egg and Cheese English Mufffins


Ramen Egg

broccoli fried egg put on food52 how to

- Sausage omelette


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fried egg

- It might be shitty, but at least its happy

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- Vegemite, avocado mash, fried egg on brioche for my Aussie sheila

Shrimp Pad Thai on the Lighter Side

How to make an omelette

fried egg

- Shakshuka (description in comments)


Parmesan Eggs: Take fried eggs up a notch

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- Filet Mignon Eggs Benedict

How to Make Momofukus Soy Sauce Eggs

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fried egg

- Real Girls Kitchen

crispy olive oil fried egg

How to make the perfect sunny side up egg 🍳

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- Avocado toast with sunny side up eggs and fresh tomatoes [OC]

Pepper Fried Egg Curry

comforting and delicious kimchi fried rice for an easy midweek dinner

fried egg

- Two fried eggs with chilli seasoning, with white rice, beans, and leftover garlic meatloaf.

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Pepper Fried Egg Curry

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- Avocado toast, crispy applewood smoked bacon and runny egg

How to Make Perfect Poached Eggs in A Minute~Making breakfast was never that easy

How to Make Perfect Poached Eggs in A Minute~Making breakfast was never that easy

fried egg

- Until today, seven of the dozen eggs that I bought have been double yolks I cracked these two open and I did not expect one of them to be a triple yolk!

The perfect sunny side up eggs


- [Homemade] Some English Muffins with Lox, Poached Egg, and Crema for Breakfast

Easy Homemade Egg Rolls, Sesame Chicken, and Fried Rice

crispy olive oil fried egg

fried egg

- anniversaires

Air Fried Egg - Healthy Snacks - Healthy Breakfast

Ivan Dixon

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Repost By @nitineatsvegas: Tremaines Biscuits & Gravy Griddled biscuits smothered in ground chuck & sausage gravy. What a delicious breakfast, thanks @zenaidascafe . . . . . . . #breakfast #café #biscuitsandgravy #foodbeast #tryitordiet #tastingtable #foodcoma #goodmorning #unlokt #vegasdining #nitineatsvegas #yoked #sincityfoodie #lovefoodtoomuch #foodlover #topfoodnews #thrillist #yelp #zagat #happytummy #huffposttaste #feedfeed #instagood #foodgasmic #f52grams #bonapetit #hangry - @zenaidascafe on Instagram


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- [homemade] Chorizo, potato, and egg

Crispy fried egg

The perfect sunny side up eggs

leanne lisa eggs sunny side up wow

- Breakfast

fried egg༻¨*:·. ɞ✧

fried egg

- Breakfast

This is the meaning of cringe

Air Fried Egg - Healthy Snacks - Healthy Breakfast

egg sunny side up fried egg cooking breakfast

- St. Patrick’s Day Brunch with poached eggs and corned beef cauliflower hash

Tomorrowseeds - Watermelon Radish Seeds - 100+ Count Packet - Pink White Globe Radishes Shinrimei Red Heart Daikon Root Vegetable Seed For 2022 Season, Size:100+ Count Packet

ITZY on Twitter

fried egg

- Yolks of the day: curing in a bed of salt, sugar, herbs, and bonito flakes (tx Elise Kornack)[704x803][OC]

Fried Egg

16 Fried Egg Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

fried egg cook cooking

- 1/4 of my eggs is reversed

Premium Vector | Hand drawn fried rice and egg

Crispy fried egg

fried egg

- Everything bagel overload

Fried Egg

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- [homemade] eggs with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, jalapenos and ramps

Restaurant Style Egg Fried Rice

Egg yeet

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- Noodles with egg

egg scrambled

- [Homemade] Eggs Benedict with Red Pepper Hollandaise

fried egg

- Thank you Jesus!!!

egg egg ghost ghost egg love food

- The ultimate mcgriddle

fried egg

- [Homemade] Labskaus with sunny side up eggs - German dish: mashed potatoes with corned beef, pickles and beetroot

raccoon scrambled eggs

- @paleo_foods_ on Instagram

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- I made a breakfast bagel sandwich.

fried egg mix yolk

- [homemade] bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel

egg egg ghost ghost egg love food

- Good Life is Saturday Morning Brunch at Home !!

fried egg runny egg yolk breakfast

- My eggs

fried egg

- How perfectly center I got the yolk.

littlekingdoms egg fried egg yolk fried

Sunny side up eggs on garlic toast ... toast some bread with butter and garlic and oregano seasoning ... salt pepper and finesse 👍 breakfast of champs 😊 #breakfastideas #boozycooking #eggsandwich #breakfast #eggbreakfast #toastwithegg #tomatoeggs #toastideas #breakfastrecipes #easybreakfast #delicious #foodie #foodsofinstagram #foodporn #crunchyfood - @boozycooking on Instagram

fried egg

- Zataar on my eggs for the first time and I think I am ascending

hot art design illustration loop

- Bacon wrapped Friday nights

egg fried sunny side up food breakfast

GET UP. GET DRESSED. AND GET YOURSELF TO MEXICAN BAR COMPANY FOR BODEGA BRUNCH (dine in or carry out!)💃🏻❤️😍⁣ ⁣ @mexbars recently launched their ‘Bodega Brunch’ and it is perfection *insert French kiss*. 😘The aesthetically awesome restaurant in the Shops at Willow Bend will be serving up unique takes on traditional brunch and inventive Mexican dishes Saturday and Sunday from 11-3! ⁣ ⁣ Thank you @mexbars for having us out—as you might’ve seen on my stories, my sweet mama joined me and we tried out several inventive menu items: ⁣ ⁣ Torrejas💜❤️—a Mexican take on french toast—a DELICIOUS take if I must say so myself. This brioche french toast is made with mezcal infused batter and topped with a mixed berry compote, hibiscus agave, and whipped cream. It’s a big serving, but it was the last thing taken from our table as we couldn’t stop enjoying bite after luscious bite! ⁣ ⁣ Avocado Toast🥑—this toast is literally the BEST 👏🏻of 👏🏻BOTH worlds! It’s like if eggs benedict and avocado toast had a baby! It’s a ~thick~ slice of brioche with a chipotle aioli, a generous amount of smashed avocado, topped with arugula, a chia vinaigrette, two poached eggs, and a slice of bacon! This dish made my brunch dreams come true! ⁣ ⁣ Carnitas Hash🥔💃🏻—crispy hash brown potatoes topped with broiled pork that was SO tender and two fried eggs. This savory dish gave me all the texture I love with brunch—crispy, tender, and creamy! ⁣ And that’s JUST the food! The mimosas had the perfect champagne to OJ ratio and their Frozen Antioxidantal was a deliciously smooth way to end the meal. 🥂⁣ ⁣ I hadn’t been to brunch since before Covid and I was so impressed with @mexbars set up—the food was fabulous, the restaurant was so clean, the music was poppin, the service was impeccable, and it was a much needed reprieve! ⁣ ⁣ What’re you ordering?! 1, 2, or 3?? Let me know! ⬇️⬇️ - @allgood_adventures on Instagram

eggs sunny side up fried eggs frying

- Smoked tuna, soft boiled egg and trappist cheese toast with kale salad. (around 380 calories, I would say)

fried egg

- [homemade] smoked salmon and parsley on scrambled eggs and toast.

good morning egg good morning sunny side

- Pretty Straightforward Salmon eggs Benedict. Absolutely delish

fried egg

- Omelet Deluxe

jim carrey riddler

- Having twins and their older brother/sister for breakfast apparently. (I cracked the egg that had one yolk first)

egg cute fried egg excited

- [QUICK][CHEAP][VEG][LOW CAL] Scrambled Eggs with Blue Cheese

frying bojack horseman cooking breakfast egg

- [Homemade] pork tocino with garlic rice and sunny side up egg

egg cute fried egg dislike

- Eggs Florentine with Smoked Salmon made at home.

pouring ostrich egg frying fried egg cooking

- [Homemade] Poached eggs with avocado and feta

egg cute fried egg stressed

It. Was. Everything. Id been dreaming about trying The Rebel Within from @craftsmanwolves for so long: an Asiago, chive, and sausage muffin with a soft-boiled egg inside. @beatnomad and @tereatsa were the unfortunate ones who had to witness me cry over it for ten solid minutes. #Zomato - @foreveryumsf on Instagram

im working on frying cook egg frying sunny side up

- Poached eggs on pizza.... Courtesy of my friend on Instagram

egg cute fried egg stare

- [Homemade] Canadian Breakfast

make fried egg frying pan egg food52 how to

- Never again. Extra large egg just had extra large white.

fried egg

- These open faced egg salad sandwiches really hit the spot (396 kcal, 35g C, 16g F, 25g P)

egg face good morning fried

- [homemade] egg and potato breakfast

egg cute fried egg amazed interested


fried egg sunny side up egg

- I like a gooey yolk.[2363x1328] [OC]

bobinini cook sunny side egg frying pan

Crab cake Benedict Sunny side up eggs on ginger scallion crab dress with beet Hollandaise sauce. Good food and good atmosphere • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #eatwithgladness #foodwithgladness #brunch #commonpublichouse #crabcakebenedict #savannah #georgia #foodpic #foodphotography #foodblogger #blogger #foodblog #foodpic #foodstagram #foodnetwork #foodnetworkthekitchen #jwuprovidence #jwualumni #jwu #savannahgeorgia #georigaeats - @eatwithgladness_ on Instagram

fry egg on pavement hot heat wave sidewalk

- Made breakfast for dinner last night. Eggs sunny side up, ham, bacon, and diced peaches [2448 × 3012]

camping fire campfire breakfast english breakfast

- Blursed egg

egg egg ghost ghost egg love food

- Brunch cravings led to a lighter version of Croque Madame (460 kcal)

egg cute fried egg love heart

- I was drunk and hungry...

frying egg milky chance rush song fried egg egg for breakfast

- Deconstructed poached egg

karameru cat egg flipping egg

- [Homemade] Benedict Breakfast (with Brontosaurus toast)

friedc egg face talking

- Cheese and chorizo pancakes, with bacon, eggs, spinach, and a cheese and jalapeño sauce. Recipe and YouTube link in comments.

egg cute fried egg angry dislike

- Egg Lovers

eggy egg fried egg pan chinese

- El Dorado: English Muffin, Easy Egg, Cheddar, Maple Bacon, Hashbrown. Simply Perfect.

egg egg ghost ghost egg love food

- [Homemade] Eggs Benny

eggs egg sunny side up cooking breakfast

- Oreo crust

kstr kochstrasse egg fried sunny side up

- [Homemade] grilled blood sausage with sunny egg and roasted tomatoes

breakfast eggs frying pan friedeggs

- Sunny side up eggs are my favorite [OC]

egg cute fried egg dislike

- My eggs ended up looking almost symmetrical.


- Poached egg and avocado on sourdough bread

duck animal white cute funny

- Eieren

isrie good morning sunday morning fried egg

- I give you...a fresh chicken egg in Arizona. Its a dry heat though.

egg cute fried egg smile

- [Homemade] Egg MacMuffins

eggs ovos fritos ovo egg

- Mozzarella pizza with an egg

egg cute fried egg happy smile

- Bacon hash browns, topped with chilli cheese and fried egg

fred flintstone the flintstones fried egg frying eggs cooking food

- [Homemade] Cast iron pizza

food yummy egg fried egg sunny side up

- I cracked this egg and it made a ying yang

egg face eggs

- Jai eu ça dans la galette, une idée de ce que cela pourrait représenter ?

eggs yolk fried egg breakfast brunch

- Egg omelette

cute egg sunny side up silly spin

- [homemade] poached egg, sweet potato, portobello, fiddleheads, radish flowers, stonecrop, rosemary, scallions & shallots


- [I ATE] Scotch eggs

anime egg frying eggs frying pan sunny side up

- This egg froze at the back of my fridge.

fried egg

- Bread Recipes Using Eggs

egg cooking sunny side up

- [I ate] Fried chicken, waffle, & egg

fried egg

- Classy/shitty brunch? Cold, leftover Papa Murphys pizza with a poached egg.

eggs flip breakfast cooking

- When your poach game is your only feature to offer a girl

egg egg ghost ghost egg love food

Sunday Shakshuka & shaka kinda vibe 🍳🍅🧅🤙🏼 Hope everyone has a blessed day! . . . #shakshuka#shakshukaeggs#mediterraneanfood#eggs#sundayfunday#sundayblessings#bbq#bbqporn#bbqvibes#bbqlovers#bbqlove#shaka#bikinisnbbq#vietnamesegirl#asiangirls - @bikinis_n_bbq on Instagram

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- [Homemade] Poached Egg and Avocado Toast with Sesame and Chili Aioli

cooking food joy pixels fried egg

Long Chim day off breakfast on the driveway. 👋🏼😋 #ลองชิม #longchimdayoff #longchimeats - @longchimnola on Instagram

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- This mornings egg looked like a creepy monster.

fried egg

😍😍 thanks for sharing! I yolk up like this by @eatthecapital #dcbrunch #foodporn #food #foodie #yolkporn #yolk #brunch #DC #dreams #dcfoodporn #eggs #capital - @dcbrunch on Instagram

fried eggs talking huevos oeufs

- Kenjis foolproof hollandaise made by a certified fool

egg sizzle cook pan breakfast

- breakfast recipes

food egg fried breakfast

- We made (and ate) delicious breakfast pizza

fried egg

- A Central American dish served with rice and black bean hash, topped with Crispy bacon and a sunny side up egg (3504 x 2336)

fried egg help us sunny side up egging dead

- I Made A Bacon Egg & Cheese on English Muffin.

fried egg

- [homemade] Eggs Benedict

fried egg scramble

- [Homemade] Salmon and avocado eggs Benedict on sourdough bread with fresh tangerine juice.

- [HOMEMADE] Breakfast

- My eggs look like Batman.

- Sunny side up eggs over brown rice. [OC]

- Sunny side up eggs and mayo toast

Start your Sunday with our sunrise breakfast, served with shirazi salad, middle eastern pide, labneh and sunny eggs - @thebutchersdaughter_official on Instagram

- Taught my girlfriend how to poach an egg , it came out waaay better than mine. [2368x3200]

- [Homemade] Shakshuka

- 120 cal per half open faced breakfast sandwich!

- blursed_egg

Introducing #theburger #waffle. Spinach and feta burger with #sofferfarm egg and scallions. One of four #dinner waffles. #summermeals #nhv #eeeeeats #cteats #cteatsout #nhveats #maisonmathis #whatsfordinner #belgianwaffle - @maisonmathisyale on Instagram

- Food fotos

- [Homemade] Spicy Fried Eggs on Butter Fried Bread.

- I had a frozen egg for breakfast this morning

- “Yard eggs”

- [Homemade] Hangover Hash

BIG SUNDAY MOOD: Brunch Etc! Coffee, biscuits and mimosas oh my!! Today’s special: THE TWEEDY! @leidenheimerbakingco onion boule, two fried eggs, pecan smoked shoulder bacon, a slice of tomato, gorgonzola crumbles and fresh thyme! You can come by anytime you want! We’re clearing out the daq machine tonight so come get some half-gallons of frozé for your Sunday afternoon hangin. Shakin’ in our building til 3pm! Love y’all! - @theoverpassmerchant on Instagram

- Made some 45 minute eggs for lunch.

- This airport omelette

- Eggs Benny Friday! Homemade waffle with grilled ham, fluffy eggs and an unhealthy amount of hollandaise sauce. We workout every day in the week just so we can have this.

- [Homemade] Egg and tomato breakfast

- Breakfast of champions

- Fried eggs and tomatoes, on a bed of microwaved tuna mixed with peas and sweetcorn

- Venison Sausage and fried egg on homemade bread with bleu cheese crumbles

- [Homemade] Scotch Eggs

- Gordon Ramsay Recipes

- Avocado toast...250 calories

- Turkish style eggs with labne, pita, and chili oil

- [Homemade] Breakfast Pizza

- Blursed_egg

- New to the sub but not cooking. Breakfast is my favorite

- 17 D D

- Bread muffin baked with 6 minute egg to start off the day.

- Sunday Breaky [OC]

- Colombian lunch: fried pork belly, fried egg, two types of sausage, rice, beans, avocado, plantains, beef, arepa, and spicy sauce. This is bandeja paisa, destroyer of hangovers. [OC][1500x1125]

- The Way This Egg Turned Out

I was cooking an egg today and I’ve never seen this before when cooking eggs... - @realjaysonworley on Instagram

sorry to keep the fans waiting for so long 😪. Here is today’s #eggporn, two humble fried eggs with cheddar and toast. - @eggs_and_toast_pics on Instagram

- Frozen egg on toast

- Who doesnt love a perfect poached egg and Hollandaise

- [Homemade] No fuss extra crispy cheddar egg on a pretzel bun

- Chili ramen with frozen veggies mixed in and fried eggs

- Triple double - three eggs 6 yolks

- [Homemade] bacon braised rice with celery leaves, scallions and a fried egg

- [Homemade] Eggs Benedict

- The way this bubble formed in my fried egg...

- A triple double-yolk

- [Homemade] sheet tray breakfast

- [Image] A full english breakfast created in [Dreams]

- Waffle-ized leftover stuffing with gravy, bacon, and a sunny side up egg for a lazy Saturday breakfast. [OC] [2574x2574]

- Made one of those meringue egg things. Looks more like a science project volcano.

- My fried egg looks a little fishy

- breakfast + brunch

- Wife was making eggs this morning and both eggs she cracked had double yolks!

- [Homemade] Tots, bacon, kalua pig and eggs w/ brown gravy

- Papas Bravas con Chorizo (Crispy Potatoes topped with Mexican Chorizo)

- The universe told me I need some balance in my life when I cracked my eggs this morning

- Best Scotch Egg in North London (4036 x 3038)

- Eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce

I just wanna draw a smiley face with ketchup on this dish! #topbostonfoodie #yummyinmytummy #delish #breakfast #eats #bostoneater #bostonfoodie #bostonfood #boston #foodie #foodlover #foodblogger #foodgasm #foodblogger #foodforthought #foodielife #foodies #eggs - @topbostonfoodie on Instagram

- [homemade] soft-boiled eggs on toast

- Poached egg, mustard greens, heirloom tomato, goat cheese [homemade]

Breakfast yumminess from my baby and the garden! I am a lucky lad! - @brad_morrice on Instagram

- I had two double yolks eggs in my breakfast.

- [Homemade] Sausage and potato hash with poached eggs

- [I Ate] Fried Chicken and Salmon Benedict

- [homemade] Lox Benedict

- Perfect fried egg

- S.O.S. (Shit On a Shingle)

- Sunday morning open-faced ham & egg [OC] [1600 x 1200]

- In Holland we name it like an uitsmijter, ham, cheese, salt, pepper, oregano and toasted white bread.

- How to Make Hash Browns (crispy, buttery hash browns recipe)

- Saturday morning poached eggs with bacon, cheddar and avocado on wholewheat [OC] [3156x2809]

- Breakfast Like No Other

Binge watching korean dramas - and all I can think about is this crispy spicy savory kimchi jeon I had @hernameishan. Just when you think it can’t get any better that silky rich yolk coats your tongue and soothes the spice. DELICIOUS. #kimchijeon #김치전 #hernameishan #kimchipancake - @an_italian_in_new_york on Instagram

- A balanced breakfast

- Egg hotdogs with stadium nacho cheese

- What are the chances?

- Quail egg baked inside a mushroom stuffed with parmesan cheese.

- My brunch today. Half a ciabatta roll, ham, sautéed kale and spinach, with goat cheese and a poached egg. 350 cal (plus 50 cal of strawberries not pictured).

- [Homemade]Left over T-bone steak, fried egg, toast, spinach sautéed in EVOO, garlic, and a splash of balsamic.

- [Homemade] Shashuka with Cotija

- [Homemade] Bacon and spinach eggs benny with hollandaise and homemade English muffins

- Breakfast Recipes

The ROUND happiness... Do you agree,or not? #egg #poachedeggs #healthylifestyle #breakfast #hanglahneshel - @hangla.hneshel on Instagram

- ehgs n baykin n tomates on toast

- [Homemade] Egg, Sourdough Toast, & Microgreens

- two eggs over easy.

- My egg looks like the United States. I call it “U.S. of Egg”

- [Homemade] Eggs Benedict with Prosciutto

- PsBattle: Homemade breakfast

- Anyone like corned beef hash?

- Got a double yolk egg while making breakfast today

- [homemade] smoked salmon eggs benedict

- Quarantine, day something.

- Breakfast

- [homemade] shakshouka with eggs ! Made this near a river by my dads house. Only used 1 tomato / 3 peppers / 1 onion / olive oil / 3 eggs salt and pepper. Also made some home made bread to go with it was excellent. Of recipe is needed I can add this for you guys. Hope you enjoy ! :)

- Smoked Sockeye Benedict With Homemade Hollandaise

- Costco frozen pizza, add two eggs, break a yolk, cook slightly too long. Yum.

- [MISC] 3 double yolks in a row today

He got too egg-sited! 😉 . . . . . . #Eggs #Memes #GotEggs #Funny #memes😂 # #Egg #eggmeme #Mom #Kids #Sandwich #FunnyShit #Food #lovethis #eggday #breakfast #keto #diet #meals - @summers_homemade_meals on Instagram

- Food Ideas

- [Homemade] Huevos Rancheros

- Sausage Biscuit & Gravy

- Pulled pork and duck egg buttermilk biscuit [OC][1920x1080]

- Simple Breakfast Toast.

- Real simple late night snack: Four eggs fried in Dominos garlic sauce

- Minneapolis Brunch Hot Spots

- [Homemade] Double, double egg yolk breakfast.

- Sweetbread Schnitzel Holstein, Quail Eggs, White Truffle Shavings and Arugla Caper Salad

- [I ate] Eggs Benedict with bacon

- Butternut squash noodles and eggs

- [I Ate] Menemen in Turkey.

- [homemade] baked eggs potatoes and cheddar

- Eggs Benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce, bacon, and cheddar cauliflower hash browns

- Rate my breakfast:Eggy Crumpets

Birds nest (well, kinda) 🕊. LAST WEEK I WAS RECIPE TESTING THIS SHREDDED POTATO AND EGG DISH. Today, Im absolutely loving how it came out! Thank you so much for all of the thoughtful and super helpful comments on my earlier post. @eddietheconductor @tsauer13 @dinamkpatel @charliecward @msmadeline623 @nicolepignatelli, your notes made all of the difference! Recipe coming soon. #CoffeeAndChampagneKitchen - @coffeeandchampagne on Instagram

- Over cooked boiled egg drizzled with the finest 1.25 hot sauce bottle in Louisiana, ground black pepper corns, and a side of organic nut butter served in a Sporque. Presented on Chinette brand platter on my finest 200 thread count Halloween sheets.

- Messing around with sous vide eggs. These were boiled for 5 mins then cooked sous vide for about 45.

- My electric pepper grinder is stuck on max coarse

- PsBattle: Smiling egg

- Soft boiled eggs [homemade]

- Our eggs after the flock has been eating down our pepper surplus

- [Homemade] Pancakes w/ blackberry syrup

- [homemade] crab cake eggs Benedict

- Moko Loco I made

- When you crack an egg and the yolk splits.

- Beef and Carnitas burger with pesto mayo, coleslaw, rocket, red cos, monterey jack and egg

- hmmm

- My fridge froze one of my eggs.

- The other breakfast posts inspired me to post my Full English. A terrible beauty is born.

- Chaffles Benedict

- [Homemade] Breakfast Hash

How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of it! Did you have a Healthy Breakfast? Let us know while we prepare to serve you! #healthybreakfast #breakfast #mumbaikar #mumbai #breakfastlikeaking #breakfastofchampions #breakfastofchamps #eggs #sunnysideup #protein #fitness #leanmuscle #fitnessmotivation - @healthybreakfastindia on Instagram

- [Homemade] Egg in a bread!

- My first attempt on soysauce egg. It taste really good especially with any type of ramen 🤤

- My yolk seperated itself from the egg white this morning

- Weekend Brunch: Crab Eggs Benedict (353 calories)

- [I Ate] A Perfect Poached Egg

- [Homemade] Eggs Benedict

- [homemade] breakfast skillet

- Sri Lankan Egg Hopper

- Skinnytaste egg sandwich (~213 cal)

- Shakshuka for brunch! [522 calories]

- My eggs look like they are frowning back at me

- Breakfast

- When you begrudgingly log another 55 cals to your sandwich because fate decided to bestow you with a double yolk

- Made shakshouka for breakfast!

- Happy eggs

- [homemade] breakfast nachos with caramelized onions, smashed fingerling potatoes, thick cut bacon, eggs, cheese, salsa and creme fraiche

- I fried eggs with a spoon of water and this was the result.

- my eggs smiled back!

- Flapjack smothered in fried eggs and butter

- Full English Breakfast in the Peak District ...

- Instant noodles I made at 1 am in my college dorm

- The yolk differences between a store bought egg (top), versus 2 eggs from my neighbors personal farm.

Theres no better #TuesdayTreat than our glorious Wild Mushroom Toast featuring Truffle Cream, Manchego, and a Fried Egg on top of a fresh Baguette! 😎🍳 🔜 Get your dinner reservations in right online via the Reserve button in our bio or feel to pop right in! 👉 You will also be able to place orders for Curbside or Delivery via our bio link! #EatLocalOKC #BarCicchetti #DeepDeuce - @barcicchetti on Instagram

- This friendly egg

- [Homemade] The perfect sunnyside up egg

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!⁠ ⁠ Start yours off with this simple, classic stunner.⁠ ⁠ Egg. Cheese. Challah.⁠ ⁠ come here, #kendallsquare or @timeoutmarketboston⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Some limited availability on our Yom Kippur menus, but believe it or not, you can still place an order for Dinner Before the Fast and for Break Fast!⁠ ⁠ Want to pickup today in LEXINGTON? Get your order in by 11am!⁠ ⁠ BRISKET / TZIMMES / CHICKEN / CAULIFLOWER / BAGELS / LOX / SABLE / QUICHE / BABKA / STRUDEL / DATE TRUFFLES / HONEY CAKE⁠ ⁠ ORDER NOW!⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #brunch #weekendvibes #delilife #delicatessen #delibakery #shanatova #sweetnewyear #yomkippur - @mamalehs on Instagram

- Fluffy Egg Clouds, Avocado and Toast

- [Homemade] Eggs Benedict

- whatever idk

- Made eggs benny for the first time! Paired with some french toast with maple syrup for that sweet and savoury breakfast.

- All three of my eggs this morning had a double yolk.

- [HOMEMADE] egg, bacon and cheese bagel

- Yep, just an Uitsmijter.

- [homemade] bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel

- Its just egg on toast... Why...

- [Homemade] Onion Roll Breakfast Bowl

- @catskillbreadco on Instagram

- Christmas ideas 2016

- Farmers Market Hash [3264x2448][OC]

- Shakshuka with freshly baked bread!

- [Homemade] “Avocado” Toast with Eggs and Bacon.

- [Homemade] Ham&cheese sandwiches with egg on top

- Tried to make a fun breakfast but this is just creepy

- First time making Hollandaise. Genuinely surprised I didnt screw it up.

- Good Morning! Would you like some greggs?

- [Homemade] fried chicken eggs Benedict

- My egg came out like Mickey Mouse

- ITAP of Pennywise in my frying pan

- All our eggs this morning were double yolks.

- [Homemade] Inspired by something I saw on r/food yesterday I made my own version. So simple and easy yet oh-so-tasty.

- Homemade bread makes even the simplest of meals feel like a luxury

- This boiled egg my fiancée made.

- My egg turned inside out

- Breakfast Mac n Cheese 🧀🍳 Campanelle Noodles, Pork Belly, Roasted Broccoli, Hash Browns, Two Eggs, Hollandaise - west town Bakery Chicago OC (1200x1600)

- Just an Egg Bouncer. Bacon, cheese, bacon and XL Eggs. Cheers!

- I got a doble Yolk Egg and then I got a second one in a row!

- [Homemade] Breakfast Sandwich

- [Homemade] Savoury French toast (homemade honey butter bread) topped with hot sauce and a runny fried egg

- Just some sexy poached eggs (sorry for the bad quality)

- Leftover stir fry rice, american cheese, and eggs

- [OC] My first attempt at Lobster Benedict w/ a Tarragon Hollandaise.

- [Pro/Chef] Sunnyside Egg on Brioche Toast with Pork Sausage, Smoked Cheddar, Shaved Red Onion & Avocado

- My friends egg had a skull in it

- Hard boiled egg on a bed of scrambled egg with a sunny side of egg!

- [Homemade] Eggs in Purgatory

- [I ate] Leftover french fries and sweet chili chicken chunks, fried with onions and turned into hash, topped with some eggs for breakfast. Getting the hang of this cooking for one thing

- Lunch Menu